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Iggy Pop (musician, The Stooges) and Josh Homme (musician, Queens of the Stone Age) talk with Chris and Matt about what it's like to be a rock legend, Iggy posing nude for an art class and farting on tour! They also talk about how Iggy got into music, Josh's life as a dad and the legendary story of Iggy rolling in glass on stage. Check out their album Post Pop Depression and see them on tour! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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He will be delivered. Manny Pacquiao win a large crate with holes in it, and then I open any beat me to death Packy. Oh it's for Kyle Clark, God I gotta get a new mail man. This guy loves his pun. He sure does Hannah Creighton who used to run melt showroom is making a documentary yeah what you making she and her friend Kyle I returning to Russia to find the orphans they worked with in two thousand and seven at a summer camp in profile their lives as adults. All this could end up real sad yeah, but apparently the orphanage system in Russia is completely messed up in kids are thrown into the street at age, seventeen with no money and no education. So there there past camp.
They worked with her now in their twenties and they want to see what their lives are like. So if you want to find out more info on the film or donate to help them make it, you can go to a tiny dot c c slash russian summer. I am so proud of. You had a great and that's all in if there's one person who can get that insane thing made like that is that is Hannah Graham and a Crichton's yeah lady. This episode is Iggy POP and Josh Tommy you're right. Yeah. Sorry, that's the noise of making about this episode. Woo Manny Pacquiao jumps create a punch. You in this looks like it's just a crush. Is my windpipe yeah Iggy pop it? I saw invite so obviously you're here and I invited April Richardson to April. Didn't she didn't sit in on the podcast. He just sat in the room.
Looking at each other and then looking at Ig Nepad watching you guys mouth, the words holy, but he was I mean Josh is Josh is like he's a rockstar among rock stars and he's also like comedian, hilarious, funny he's so fucking quick an I keep pushing him to come on at midnight. He pee smell, good, was was it could not even cooler and and everything I wanted. He was everything that you would want to give up to be, but just both both great guys they're, promoting their I'm into a bowl title post pop depression- I listen to it. It's real good post depression, dot com I did do it is real good, not what I expected at all. No American Valhalla like once, I'm like. Oh, this is different than I thought it was gonna, be addresses that, but a really really really really really fun episode and one of those like what is but how is it I like hold right here, was like what is this? What is happening? I think it was funny watching you the first time you met Rollins on the podcast, and I think that was your first like what is happening
Three gigs in I was like this jobs already is, and then you. I'm showing like a cat. We left the milk out for that and now just the cat who lives with you guys to come out scout is out of that and that's alpha over there too, with the fake mustache on out. By the way, did you notice that you did? I appreciate that. Thank you very much and he was disguised didn't recognize Kate, now entering dot com
that's cool, it's so cool. It really needs to be comatose but come I just. I need a hair sample and it's a firm sample. Well, it's just like jail again on Matt. Yes, I've already done that. Okay, hence the bleeding you have gotten so cash I get in this podcast. I just let it happen again. This is uh this podcast, chinese democracy.
Never comes out I'll. Never do it. I mean like here I go, wait too late. No, it's too late too late too late. This says: what are you? Are you guys just in town promoting you live here? Don't you yeah? Where do you Do you live in a way I live in Miami. You look at my. Are you serious yeah man? That's why? thanks, bro. I know Miami Orchid. What part she was born in. I lived in a well. My grandparents live in Miami Lakes. But originally I think Hialeah Inmigrante Yeah Miami Lakes is they just did they divided the mayor? For you know there was an FBI stand for what silly he was taken, bribes, but then he got acquitted, because this. Aggressors, what what do you take a bribe for in Miami Lakes,
yelling, you know the lake yeah a dislike, isn't deep enough. It was like the work force. I make pulled yeah how long you live there. I don't know by any leaks but how long you been in the Miami area since ninety eight holy yeah? What to go to the opposite place, you could think of well, I want to do goal as far as I can get away with, couldn't go to. Stan. What I was doing right, there's no beach in Omaha Beach, yeah yeah, very famous, not the best.
Not the best little well. This is the bomb. Also, if yes, you got him. So are you move the future yeah? My name is all right. I haven't been there in years my you're gonna anger World war, two veteran listeners yeah both of them right yeah, both of them. Your civil war. Buffs, though, will be cited. So how are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages has been a long time, I'm just but yeah meeting that The comedian party that Comedian Party we went to. I love that party. It's a rooftop party, we don't have to say the name, but it's a rooftop party, what Sarah Silverman's party yeah,
but I like it every year because I'm just it's. You know it's a it's, not a good environment. There's free booze! I know it's wrinkly, that's it for me, yeah right I drink enough for you, you do small. I could drink your weight and your your to your two x me yeah, you're right. I I feel like I feel like sometimes like to. If there were two of me- and titan suit. I get the job well, but I I want to go to the big and tall story where an extra medium, two of you with a trench coat with one of your head sticking out in getting those movies. That's a great idea: yeah. We can finally get to those r or x rated movies that we've always talked about. How is the pressman going so far as I've been well? you mean like doing it or reading it. Well, you should never read it reading, it's a terrible. I read some of it. You know how do you pick and choose what to read? Well, it's just sort of sharing dipity whatever. If I have twenty minutes- and I read some ship for
do you, are you able to personalize it? Are you able to not care about it? I personalized dude, I Totale personalize it and, like I wish death yeah I'll, say it later. My wife, I hope he dies. He dies tonight because he because he criticized me this month, just this right well, but their relationship is so strong. She immediately handsome a voodoo doll and he gets to exposing she's got his barrow bloggers. Like my heart, yeah she's like this, is him in the bang. You know, that's all! That's all yeah at this point then you'd be you know, but then, but then you'd be giving them more. I mean to be murdered through voodoo by Iggy pop would be watching honor for anyone like you're giving them way have voodoo dolls dad taught there just but there just like for company. You know there. I know, but every once in awhile, when my shoulder hurts. I think that mother Fucker is
stabbing me to death Joshamee Little 2X, Josh, hobbyists or somewhere with a couple of his big dull. This would be less phase a big dose of big dogs and babies. Not he's not stabbing any vital organs like a shoulder or back wishing me roughness, but I think you know I think in general, when people The celebrities are going to look at. They go well they're, not human. There are these two dimensional things, but especially someone like you. I think people go. How could that bother him he's gay to be human anymore. At this point, serial will just depends if they need to come up with a new angle, to bother yeah like I just say you know you know dude with a face like a catcher's Mitt can't see That's not really good of bother. You know I'm going to go First baseman zero, but if, but if the guys, you know if a guy puts me in an article about attention, is seeking celebrities to pose nude yeah bothers me yeah, you know. So it just depends. You know
yeah. Well, you're, talking about the thing that you did for the art that are right. You know so, but I think in less they would be willing to pose nude themselves, Thank you. For that be a little anything. Did it bother you when the thing was first announced one of the comments. You know the everybody it's Cobb is a. Alright well big deal so Iggy pop has a big Winky and he thinks ok, close nude, Big Winky, together a really funny Big Winky sounds like a bouncer over. You know, I think, Will Finkelstein's deli or something you need. Some ocracy heard were almost open. And what you do is coming over the door. You need to ask for Big Winky yeah he's got yeah, it's kind of a it's interesting. What types of things poke into your psyche when you know
well, but you know better, though you know it yeah sure sure, and then you just take all that have have a drink and processor and have a go to the bathroom the next morning and then everything's everything's. It's out of it? I was going to sit out yeah right right yeah. I saw that I got, that's which it is those the negative, and you know you know I never thought of it biologically that way, but perhaps the negativity I do fine when I'm pooping, sometimes just like get out of me sadness like I thought it, exercise the demon anyone would do. You can only judge it by do feel better yeah, yeah yeah. Well, that's working! Sometimes you do, and sometimes you like, I think, there's still some negativity in there. It's the tank that that makes you know it's, but I saw blood in my working that's the big winking at that is a funny word is the way it is like the photo.
Negativity scene. Every Christmas, every Jesus, that's negative pictures from the from the life drawing thing: yeah: people were they had easels all the way around yeah it look like there were two people, like everyone else, just kind of had a side view, but look at the people. Add the view. Actually there were, and one of them was real sweet a little. She speaks basically basic little old, ladies and it's just sweet as pie, and the other guy Jeremy Deller would organize invited me said you know if you want to have a look at his things, are in progress, go ahead, so I I had a little peek over hers and you know she She drew the flab of my butt needing it in parts of the d on it. You know, with these little curlicue, it's like a curtain
I like that that didn't bother me at all. I thought was really cool. That was like part of the whole thing was like I didn't do it there's been a decline? You know I've sixty aided that things have gone down hill for one I was twenty one sure I thought it was good to document it before I disappear into the you know. Whatever it all so yeah that that was a good, what the little, Are you still in good shape, though yeah not bad, I'm bad! You know you take a look at everyone's drawings, but don't get excited when you go back over there change the art. I can't imagine there are a lot of sixty eight year old people were like. I want to see him, take their clothes off, but you know like you're in pretty you're still pretty fantastic shape. It was a lot of fun in the room. We could have heard a pin drop, oh yeah.
Twenty one of them and wanted me and a two supervisors yeah a photographer we feel weird, let or not weird at all. If like I assume they were off bands of years right. Is that weird? No? No! They were they were. They were a cross section of life, drawings, it's in the New York area, some of them, in other words, were enrolled in that class, among others as part of a curriculum at Pratt Institute to an art school. Some of them were attending this particular academy, which specializes in classical classic Foundations of visual arts and some of them were practicing artists. So one more little old. Ladies and men who are well. I think I would try to
take a class class yeah Jeremy went spent about a month in New York with different instructors, looking for a cross section of the american population. Now I'm older. I realize I haven't drawn enough balls in my life, but I think from all backgrounds in all life necessities. I think that that lends an air of seriousness to it. That doesn't require comments. The comments section right there, in art class, a nude art, drawing news absolutely, and so it's kind of like that's pretty much it to comment on it. It's like sort of yeah you're. Basically SIRI, I was like yeah, it's art, that's what's been happening for thousands of years, yeah you're posing for art class, so yeah like a lot of people have for thousands of years. The human form still going always a winner, but I think do you still feel like you have
the same amount of stamina that you always had. You feel the same. I got the the inner stamina. Yeah is strong. Probably when I was very young, I had too much and I was very nervous all the time with some come up either on my god. Oh, my god, I'm gonna do everything all at once, all right now, more little more, even but the different. It's like a used car, the different bits. There are all these different bits that require special. You know how your car will break your by the side of the road in a classic car and the guy comes with all that, It was your Cotter pin in the missile yeah Carter pitted three doll, apart it all of it so that you feel like so. My invest. Room was perfectly sensible in this car. The dollar run, because all that was wrong with it. It's just a three dollar but they're, not every two. Three doctor Parker like every
by the way I saw a big Winky open for the Cotter pins rate. Mister Carter feel good. Welcome, back Kotter been so kind of like that. You know what I mean like you're. All these different bits, yeah well remember when Rollins was on a few years ago, and he said he used, he thought he had a lot of energy on stage and then he did some show and then you went on. He was like goddamnit how the fuck does he do that he's always in competition right I mean it's interesting to hear- you say when you were young- you were- you were nervous. Yeah made me sort of nervous about everything, 'cause, you you want like sort of puppy nervous, yeah. You know what I mean like you want to do. Well, you want to succeed. You Little odd, you know it's, it's not. You know tire tie a yellow, ribbon or wrong The old oak tree was number one. When raw power came,
this is my. This is my block yeah. This is my life. You know and I meet these people, I'm I'm interested in people. I I remember I I came that year to LA for the first time, and I met these really friendly people. They were called they will. They were friends with a cock cats, but they were. You know a little bit swing. This way, a little swing that way they swing around write an they. There was going to be a record release party they said. If you give us, they were very colorful people. He said he give us three hundred dollars will decorate your party for you. So you'll have a really unique decorations right. So I gave him three hundred dollars, It was on the roof of the Hyatt House. She had to walk upstairs, so I get there and there were turds, involve it a blast,
you need to decorate his hair yeah Goddard Lieberson. He came to that party. This is like is like a guy who looked like letter burn state right. You know ahead of ahead of he'd Barber Streit said albums. We heard zero soul. You know I can get stuck in the store for some time, but now I'm more of a little more cautious in all like I can qualify as an old fart, and are you okay with that? Well, not be like. If I'm, if I'm at home, I just I fart very rarely but yeah I'm out on the old lady farting, all the fucking time, with your fucking presence, giving me the farts today that I have to mix the press with my rehearsal at Edward farting all through her so and then tore the end,
Firstly, you push a lot air as a singer, so I push it in far to give me pushing, does it, but as a counterpart so that I would say like that, like when we played the Cole Bear show we played the Colbert right and we're going to do two songs and when we played the second song of the song, breaking your heart is breaking your heart as soon as we launch into it. The audience stands upright and it was an exciting moment and I never know what the hell he's going to do. So as soon as it's over he's like. Can we do more we're going to play more songs and like do we need? I was like holy shit like that Nrg coming out of you is, is unbridled like I was like it's not our show. I don't know
I got just he was laying there they've got what he had to do. Some feel he grabbed me. It was like we play more of like all my God, what the it. So what I? What I sense is that that cool, unbridled energy, leaping because that's not really AIDS quantified. You know its there's a certain wildness about you, that's that's impossible to control and more like you just go with go with it, yeah and and that's what school you knows, that sort of unpredictable I thought you were going to say that when I approached you that you far did like party I didn't want, I thought I'd share that with you, but it's fine, Josh kind of should just a little bit, I kind of did yeah it's cool, but it was a cool thing, Yeah cool guy things, kids are doing it now, yeah bloodless.
Dealing with all the kids are doing it yeah. What is it? What is it that you? What is it that you're running toward like when you when you first start out- and you say you have this nervous energy? As I was reading about you, you said your parents were incredibly supportive yeah. So what is it? What do you think? What isn't necessarily the you were rebelling against or what was driving you? Wouldn't it during that time, when you started to figure out who you were, I do I want to lead the unenjoyable life and I really discovered early on that. I like to play music in bands. I really liked it was really fond of us just fun and it was an interesting puzzle: two how to get the music to sound better, how to get the music over to the especially over to the people in the room so that something started.
Not a minute, the big part of the puzzle, how to get a job. You know so there's all this going on and all and it I I had. I was learning- this by being in a band in high school, I was the drummer in a cover band No, we got a full time job playing in a team club all summer away from home couple one hundred miles from where we lived, so we actually were living the group life playing five sets of night six nights a week with five minute breaks right, The does race started you. I got my first to you a I fell asleep at the wheel. Would you does things started happening? You know in your high school pictures, justice, but yeah
okay, yeah. I was really straight and then I I really enjoyed that and I became obsessed. I was listening to the some albums. There were two Bob Dylan albums in to Rolling stone s albums with those so and they were at the peak of their of I think of over there. Swavvy, Dodd man. Here with him, it was bringing it all back home and Hwy sixty one revisited and the, Chad out of our heads, rolling stones now and those four allergist listed to over and over and over then studying with the stones. The writing credits. That's how I discovered muddy waters and you know a lot of great people so I hit. I was not a complete
Who ya so I had pre enrolled for college in the September and I went back home when I went to college and I was like I was it was just you know, god I I felt lossed, you know, and I looked just like I look now and that was like sixty six. He tells
so so musical, really viable option at that point, for no, it was not very viable at all. So I said: fuck it fuck it I'm going to be I'm going to be a musician and my father was they had indulged me in this is uh. You know my mom probably said it's good for him and it's interesting that surrounded cultural thing, and then I said I was going to do it. My father got very upset and he blocked the doorway and he's a good man very good person and he blocked the doorway said: ok gym. If you wanna do it. You're gonna have to get through me right,
my view, deck kick like it. My dad was a bad mother, so I was like cool okay it all, because I really wanted to do it. You know I would have to take this beating a dead and once he saw that he just got out of the way it was set out. But up until that time I mean I wish we lived there, a very small dwelling at that. We, our biggest one, find the id. When I was in high school five hundred square feet, nine fifty by Tehran, and they rented me a spinet piano which occupied the living room and before that and during high school. My set of drums was set up in their master bedroom. They gave up their bedroom
drive that supportive, I would yeah, they would drive me to rehearsals. Where I lived in the boonies. You know they drive me to rehearsals. Pick me up the wonderful people or the really great people today understand like when you started to break out. Did they understand it or were they go? I don't we don't get it, but it works. Yeah there. They never. They never said anything against it, and there was a lot of I. I became sort of notorious in the area and that cause some problems, especially. I broke some glass in the same town where my dad taught school. Ok and maybe somebody got caught a little bit with maybe cause some problems. You know glass breaking experiments and he had to come and get me out of jail a couple times. She times have changed.
You can't just ship doesn't stand in Ann Arbor, MI yeah that's enough ago. That is enough. They are great people and little by little they you know they realized. I was getting somewhere with it, but sure that I had sure. Yes, he makes quote size problem. You know I'd problem where they did we like, when you were going through that stuff from when you were kind of at the height of addiction did you ever reach out to them or did they reach out to you, or did you call yeah? We they even help you with that I hill dome. I had when I find the really had to do my first big heroin. Kick they they had a friend who were they were. They were well liked in the area. So the there was a local pharmacist who said, don't worry he's not going to have to go to any clue.
Or anything and he bought a bottle like a storm at bottle about the size of this container full of a variant of methadone, and they said you just had tell your son. He come once a day. Just come to come to the pharmacy, give my dose there. No no prescription, oh wow, no clinic! No, nothing, and I that helped me a lot. We Calling me down, we may off show the other day to day knew they knew what was going on right my day. Finally, my dad's biggest. Could Sir look he's a guy. You know he fought to World WAR two and he kept CM. How I performed and how I lived new scratching his head and he was sinking. Is he gay or what so? Finally,
today's sir? Well all I'll at least at least you haven't, lost your natural dry because I was thinking I might have to do so. It was a different much to great Atlantic yeah great man. He really was, but he wasn't too pushy about it news wondered what a specially as a father. Thank you. Sometimes you just have to let your kids go as maybe their own failure will to be be the biggest detour. You know if the fall- and you know you might well you learn that you learn from your failures. You learned like that's, you know nothing. You should seek to fail. We should be afraid to fail. You shouldn't be too down your, so when you do, because that's where you that's what you learn, yeah, sir, and certainly if you do anything in the arts, failure is mandatory for getting good. I mean it's an eye for anything, of course, but your biggest failures of the biggest stepping stone to something wonderful him. Now, how old is your kid now ten for and why have one that's like three weeks old of
We got to just let the move out of the house now yeah right and say you know, find your way. Guys like find a way downstairs. If you gotta get down there, that you, you can't know your zero huh make funny three year old who's, getting all that set up. Yeah yeah, the my his Heroes are even words like quit. Acting like a bait. Well, okay all expect everyone to do I think for you exactly, but it's a that I mean I I you know I'm if everyone knows, because I said a million times a podcast, but I'm a recovering alcoholic. I understand. I understand addiction to a degree yeah. You know dry never got into drugs and I never I never tried anything is it, but at that time was were heavy drugs. Hair was just so much a part of the culture that it they were. I'm convinced looking back that there was much divisions. Shalom.
Some door, quietly opened at the highest level to allow organized crime to swamp the country with hard drugs. Minutes about nineteen thousand seven hundred and seventy one was when it really actually musicians to write. You know it's like I like the, but it was everywhere all John Lennon should not be in the country busting people, it's like it feels like there was met, perhaps that door of like get to additions high get about out of it before that. It was more like you know, forbidden dangerous thing, even have a joint or something, but all of a sudden man that stuff there's everywhere and it was cheap in every com bag, every lowlife had it TIM was
offering it to you, and I and all things changed. I mean it. It made it. I understand I understand how that could proliferate, particularly in a community of people who you know, look you jump around the stage for a bit and you go, back in your just in a hotel room alone, and you still have this well energy yeah sure tough to deal with yeah right. I was taken a lot of when I not when I first started. I used to smoke a lot of dope before I went on just to call me down, but as I had to keep doing it more and more and try to keep the group moving for which which wasn't easy. I started dropping acid a lot before I perform it all in that that really takes you to a point. Are like a nice security. Blanket right. I would've.
Buy Heroin now curl up in bed. My coffee in my area, please yeah. So I think that was something to do with it too. That's tough hard in her psyche and it's usually cut with a hell of a lot of speed. Anyway, you know the the street stuff, you know. So do you ever think about those days ago? How? How did I make it through that? Well, I I don't sort of do the how maybe once in awhile this little. Why comes up for Saturday? What is the? How does work it out so yeah like that. But I do have you know very decent memories of some of the some of those certain things that I managed to be a part of your own. My my life in those types. It's not all bad, but the the discomforts, which were were tremendous,
very tough, but only in an interior way. You know most of it from otherwise. I was free. I was doing what I wanted to do and I was getting in touch with everybody. Yeah? So that's pretty cool year? I just didn't think about things like houses or cars, sure bank accounts or anything like that. You know it's probably best yeah. It was better yeah it that stuff now would flood. Well those things of the anchor of the boat anchor of of making bars
yeah I mean if you're, like kind of better get my house payment together. This next song is about my house to compound it is one of the big problem until the song Footloose was great and I think that's no good. Can you log into just a refi? How do we sing about being free while not being free, I mean? Is it do you is, is there's, do you believe in the idea of or not believe, in the idea of Marshall Success and if we could be, if you're coming out of a punk scene, but then you start to get commercial success and then is that bad or is it good or is it now fuller, and how does that fuck with your head? For me, it's been good. The way I feel is it's clearly known that I was just for many many years of variously, as homeless, crazy, roles in glass, vomits, on the
but that all this stuff- and so it's great now, if I could like, a whole lot of dough and nice houses like dude, things and I have little jammies and stuff- that's alright! That's you know, that's how I feel about it. I mean, I think, that's actually the most punk attitude. It's not giving up is making stuff happen without giving a bug, and I think most people who you know are sort of human than there. Ok with that yeah, I don't I don't care, they don't have to be impressed. Yeah. Is that it's just that there, ok with all the stories ever heard stories about you that that you know aren't true, but how the fuck did that get around you know. I suppose I suppose I have account. There's no nothing is popping into my mind at the moment, but yeah there's, there's always the legend. You know like the legend of it'll spread. One time I saw unfucking snake on state. No, no, you know
Well? Actually, the real item of gold, I've never been rolled in broken lash actually says: all that happened was there was. I was playing a tight club, it was MAX's Kansas City and the ad that particular place in the seventies. They serve the cocktails in these, sir to goblet shaped glasses. They go down to a little stem and then there will be a very thick base. You know so they won't ship over, and so it was someone's bright idea that the audience was all seated at little cocktail tables and they were all fucking critics too.
Everyone I got out of state. I was blinded by the reflection from their spectacles right room polish electrical throughout it all, and so Paula did away here. You know maybe a little stall door. Eight. Okay, add add. I think I either went to do a stage dive. Although the stage was all the eight inch but that's what I do- I mean I would say just dive right or I tried to climb on the table. I can't remember, but at any rate somehow there was a glass was broken and it was on the floor and I landed on it. By steak? It was just a mistake, but the way I am I got up and I
to do the salt, and then I noticed it was, is pretty serious gasket. It's like squirting, like it's like a red asides, PD called over there. It's just a it's a bad after the blood is where to go, but it it was like, I was gonna. Stop it wasn't legos, they say. Oh, oh, you know, so I just did what I did and then the night went on That it went on and on the night, but they didn't roll and broken glass. Actually, what I did was I went to a. I went to someone's apartment on the Upper EAST side, who were the roadies later described in interviews. I couldn't believe it believe it. All over and she looked just like Lauren Bacall
I wish him away in her chauffeur driven Lebo at all. I remember is that there was a big fish bowl full of qualudes on the coffee table and I remember reaching out my hand out in the next thing I remember I was crawling on down 81St ST. Try to get to Lexington walking home. I could but add that it did somehow after that, so somewhere in between. I think I will. I think I went to a hot. Hello, on Alice Cooper's, die Immer seven. They get in a word, but I love the idea of being on all fours trying to hail a cab. You raise your arm warning, I you know I I was offered the well, I'm sure, we'll all the quaaludes way, yeah yeah son,
but I didn't roll and broke a glass the story is much more yeah, that's funny some of the stories that he shared with me too. It's like wow, that's actually way worse. Didn't really cover it pulled out all. But that's the first time that's ever happened. You know, 'cause I've had my own experiences of being called certain names and doing certain things and yeah Traditionally, the story gets away attorney, warned me Torias yeah and not not not to the extent you have been, but not willingness to do whatever it takes. You know whatever feels right, but what's interesting is hearing his stories. I every time I'm like that's way worse than what then it's absolutely worth The one time you like yeah, someone said you ruined my house in Monaco. I'm like well, I'm sorry, but I don't remember that I apologize
it's improved. I've got one of those real Bellevue store. That's your story. When I was like wait a minute, you ruin a house in Monaco. What the hell are you doing? How's it Monaco it was in it was in Haiti. Haiti, that's totally different way different. Actually, what did you ruin? I don't know they say I ruined it. I think what I did was they all start with him, have you ever known. I have a little of the of this to me. If you ever on, the kind of person sometimes are a hoarder, some major just already, but they go to a place and they have to start rearranging all the things him and hung up the little things about themselves everywhere. Until suddenly, it's just
looks crazy. Maybe like a string theory like that, yeah just rearrange things yeah. That's all I'm going to set this across the room yeah, but that came back at me like you know it was like. Eighteen years later, I was completely respectable citizen. I was doing I was doing rock the vote at virtually the rumor that sees somebody to wear, but just came up to me at a bard Chelsea is your role and are a hot. I'm just going sorry. I got the boat, yeah yeah so it all right, you're Congress we live in Haiti. Forget it lower Haiti. Well done, do you do when you, when you hear about these?
Do you feel like? I don't think, I'm that rock and roll anymore well, but I I I honestly, I don't qualify like that, because I think of the willingness you know I I I I I I what I love is the willingness to pursue your self. You know without consequence, yeah. You know and How this is we don't work in a bank right? This is this is the job if you are willing to like you know: Machete Jungle go you know, and, and- and I love that and it's inspiring to me because- and it's also, it also helps to make me feel better about what they didn't, because it's because I've done some things. You know, but friends, but you know and like you know it's like you know the thing truth is you get thrown out of a few places you know like well, I thought I was a side of the house. Sorry, you know yeah, and but also you do some things on.
Stage and you you know that's what that took that night. I'm sorry did that, bother you just yeah. Sorry I will you still own still basically have to mean in a lot of cases, you're playing the same songs, played for years and years and years, and I need them to be real, every high yeah. How do you know that fresh and how do you stay in the moment? How do you? How do you, but also as if like if it is separate myself from yeah? I want to be a good person. I want to do nice, things and make someone happy and I'd like, but then also when it's time to do that, it's you turn off all the lights in the
in the house of your personality and leave the one light on that, would walk up and do whatever that is yeah and and and I'd say, I'm not responsible for whatever happens, but I'd like that's that. That's just that one room in your personality. That's the person I would walk out you're out and- and I don't and I'm not necessarily in control of the person in that room all the time and- and you know, and I'm not sorry about that at all- I it. But in the daytime one dot. The light in that room is often the other lights are on. I want to do nice things for someone and listen to them and and be cordial and civil, and but I I'm not always in control of that room, upstairs the killed yeah. Definitely so how do you? How do you? How do you keep
something fresh in the moment. Acted I do with the singing it all. I think it over and over he's a two twenty two it is a doggie covers here is still the dog. You got a dog thinking about the dogs, one still someone always leads you that's why one make a new record yeah. So made a new record of different stuff with some fresh blood. You know not at all what I expected when I started listening to it all the different. What I expect it's great, so that was one thing and then all weird we also do we we place on my my charge to gather but we're playin many of them are there songs that either have never been done on stage so long or not very much yeah. You know a whole record of flamenco style carpet,
Finally, it I forgot what it's kind of like flamingos carpenters I think about her cheese, fucking, amazing. That has to be it. Let's bring it to the forefront which is well kinda. Reminds me something I read about you, seeing the doors for the like, seeing the doors for the first time. Are you fanning the doors? Yes, you I was well. I was a qualified fan. I listen very very closely to their first album. There were a lot of good things in it, but because I had already been in bands and made records myself, I could tell how many overdubs had been used and how much it had been worked over in the studio to make it to make it gel. It didn't sound yet like and at it didn't sound quite actual, but there were things
then it whoa, you know the vocal, the warmth of the vocals and the way the guitarist left space, Robby, Krieger, the way, the sense of spaciousness and romanticism and the guitar. It was unique at very strange band. Make up a batch flamingo. The drummer real, been a drummer and been a densmore played like a jazz drummer, as did Charlie Watts to In other words, when he hit the symbol, you heard it being being being being being being being being here at the beauty.
Symbol and name when he hit the scenario properly, whereas Ringel, who did this great ruin things for all drummers? She start invented something called the monkey grip and that's regroup. Ball sticks like a monkey groups of banana right and you just start beating louder, louder, louder right, but before that proper drummers should use the parade grip. You have monkey on one handed out this. You do this yeah, he flicks his wrist. Traditional grip, like a chopstick like you like you, can use a chopstick densmore plays that way a he so because of that, he sets up a beat your your your tollways Tappan. Your blood, starts to wiggle little bit, but he's not loud show. The other musicians can call me on and create atmosphere.
And I was really interested and they all said they didn't well. They are absolutely abject Lee terrible the first time it was so terrible eyes and I was fascinated with how terrible they were. But then, by the time I saw him the second time they came through Detroit after the second album. They were totally pro. They had it down. There's a big sound. It was great, maybe quite as much fun right. Yeah, where was still falling, it was still cool, but it wasn't like. So I was in a little field house basketball place where they play college basketball and they're just set up a little stage. Forum was homecoming. Dance for It was all the big credible guys on their dates and everything, but the public could come in and I went and I had a little date. You know and the we got near the stage in the band came out,
and they were going to start playing the intro to it was soul. Kitchen do do do do do do, but you noticed that they had these. I think they'd gotten an endorsement from some amp company in the shocked, they're, either Jordan Bostix River, though, when I left a system they might just yeah yeah. The only good thing about a custom ramp was it had. Nada hide talk, good, rock and roll, and it's not going to cover up how or will it was yeah. So the the the sound just didn't they didn't have a good sound system. They use a little column speakers that is so just didn't sound, very good. It wasn't that they could employ images, Sager Wimpy and then they they played and played and played and nothing happened and find the closest guy and he had on like go.
Black leather, rich costume for straight Hollywood boulevard. You know with those little pointy boots, big ruffled shirt. He had a Cheryl oiled and look like Haiti Lamar, and he was he was his pupils were big black pupils should all and of he lurched to on this stage and made like these gestures, and then he began to sing the song in a feminine falsetto wow. That clock says his time to clock at the guys that start getting bad right. So, finally, he did- and I've done this when I was stoned in a shows to him later in life on LSD. He just looked around. He said uh, not that one. He points it. Robbie Krueger, my man, my man,
play the blues, and so they started playing uh, so bluesy number they have lower back door. Man yeah one of those like they can't remember an is doing all the things that drunks obnoxious drunk is it a bar like put this. Are we are going to every hey? This is my bad. Yeah, but he looks great. You know you would just want to take him hold. You know it looks awesome and the guys are getting mad. You know this is due, but is this guy? Is he like think this is a joke or something you know, and so it basically was a failed gig. They did they manage to play with only three thousand and forty minutes. I think they played as long as to get paid
as for getting closer and closer to the stage and finally, they just skid adult only set in my, but I was so I I would thought, will okay, you have no more excuses about you. It's it's a lot. How good do I have to be setting the bar in a certain level. I think I could hop over that thing. These guys have hit record all right, but it's funny 'cause, my dad saw the doors in DC and he said oh Robbie or you know, Raymond Zurich was great. We played organ with two hands and I thought that's gross, but then he was like in Morrison was just wasted him, but I remember thinking wow, that's cool man yeah. That seems that seems like my jazz right there. I wonder if you 'cause, I'm sure when you're super fuckedup. Obviously your perception of what's going on is it's amazing print. So I wonder if you know Jim Morrison had lived and then they'd showed him
performances really remember it being that way was much different in my head. It was so that there I thought it was weird. There's a really good one of me on the internet. It's performing the swarm Bang Bang is set, a german television show called bananas, and it's in the early 80s, but I don't yeah. I got there in they or being. Banana are so I think it's bananas and decided band. The first line in Bang Bang as young girls know what they're after so they found a bunch of virginal. Looking young german girls like sort of like in one of those terrible
It used to make back in the day, but they were all in diaphanous the not day after they're all angelic, gowns and the date arrange them from the call list to the shortest in a choir hope behind me. So the shortest ones were. They were just little little girls looms six seven year old girls up to These big brunhilde is in the in the middle, and I sang the song and I mean I was pretty bad at that point. I had no front tooth. I thought that was cool bad news for you. It was, and this ruffle shirt and I'm making all these jerky movements like this weird jerky dance movements, an I was trying to be just as well I'll, try to be as
because I could be about this. You know what I did it and the girl who they're all kind of the could it be like it all it all as they were. Have we thought this was the difference. This is but none of all that with them in on this, the photo was not a my mom is not appealing oh, no, it's a kind of show nine Josh. That was a kind of show where they have a guy on the side of a guy with a clipboard on the stage, and when you finish the song, he points at the audience of the I'm not exactly sure how it yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Clepsydra you'll class open what, though, but those moments actually become the coolest moments like it there's there. You know you watch the Tom Snyder show. If you go back- and you too and your mom where you're out of your mind and
Pil moment where they're just talking shit to him, the entire time saying it's a fucking company and refusing to look at him and all that stuff are the two most watched ones of the top of the old Tom Snyder Show, and it's kind of like you're welcome Tom, because the moments where you're willing to just do whatever yeah I like talking, he was- some of those tall guys who doesn't know what to do with it. Just keep going always happy with always bending over and try and he was really nice guy We has to keep going yeah have you like you know? How do I keep going here, I school. What what? What do you is that who do think is the worst decade it was it for 80s yeah I suffered through the 80s, and that was in the 80s when I was performing that song with on bananas?
remember watching the lowest point I hit in the 80s was, I think, did I not have to open for flock of seagulls? Did you really the peppermint lounge? I think so, and I was so upset I've opening for pop flock of seagulls this. This I've got to do something about this. What will I do? How will I steal the show from Flocka Siegel, so I called up the road. I said I want you to get some four by sixes. I want you, make me a big cross and then I'll come. I want green paint, so I painted my face green and dragged this enormous cross on this. I would I do the stage in the
peppermint lounge people just scratched their heads. You know like I did it. I got everything yeah they'll stop listening to and I read this will not only fight back from the bottom and destroy the stranglehold yeah. I have a five by it all, but my potential listeners, so it was bad. You know it's funny that you know it's interesting here is. That is like an exact answer for like what are you rebelling? Get that something you just rebelling against moments, like whatever is in the moment that you kind of feel like I would yeah absolutely absolutely yeah. Well those moments fading, there's a new one coming. You know, I think, there's a there's a sense to the happy of where it's like, okay, that one's
finished for bands, so this new thing is coming in plus, like Bin AL and Boring comes in waves. You know it's like you. How do you stop this next wave of total boring trash? That's imminent, you know, will also just having survive so many different forms of media consumption throughout the past five decades is a good choice of those who survived. Yeah yeah, I mean just you know because it is funny you talk about flock of seagulls and of course you know now you know I ran you might know space age love song, but it does not, but I don't I'm sure, maybe they still tour to to a degree but somehow Guam, Guam yeah at That's where you snakes on the plane. How are you, but how do you navigate each each iteration of the business in each each thing? That's popular with? What's going?
with people do not even think about any of that stuff. No, I do. I think it's important. Be aware of what other people are doing at you, no matter what I think of it. So I am aware of it and then it, but it usually provokes a reaction. Yet with me, that's that's how I react to it. I'm not going to join up yeah. You know that I'm gonna react, you know about in some cases. You know I did yeah my agent lovely Lady twisted my arm and got me to do american Idol and I didn't want to go- do american idol. But then I thought about it and she said Iggy. This is a big would be good. It would be good for you really You know that this is not going to be good. For me, they're going to hate me, you know, but it
Finally, I said oh okay element go. Do american Idol be the gas Guy right yeah and they gave me a nice young band from LA back me up. Let me choose the song and I was all revved up to goal. You know so I got out there end date stage manager pointed and I started the song and we broke it to what I was going to. I was in the they cut it because you know sometimes, like Ryan Seacrest said and done his hair or something and then he iterated heat or just the theater adduced, be by saying I don't know I ready for this, but here you know 'cause he'd seed a little bit, so it was. A fish out of water there, that's for sure, but
But on the other hand, someone that loves infiltration is one of my favorite. Well, this ship hobby infiltrated like I had filtrated american idol. I like to infiltrate and eat from like the good cancer from the inside out. You know, because I destroy you, you're, nothing but facade. Now. You know it's just a crumbles. I I don't. I don't mind shift like that. 'cause I was the subject of a CBS poll the next day for the american people. Do you think Eve Hop was cool. Did he make a fool of himself? Seventy five percent full! So that makes you happy overfull yeah I like that, but twenty five percent- that's a lot of people.
A lot of people right now is what you think about the quality of the people voting and although I know that I'm aware of this, but you want this and you want those low quality people yeah, you want those looky loo. These herbal yeah, okay, yeah, you want them to. You also want those. You also want the the bad people the people come for the wrong like the trump they have. They have to pay. Just pay the goddam money shut. The up. You could be bad, you could be the home. You can be ugly, I don't care how just as good as a cool person. And I will treat you the same yeah clubs, that's the job. It's a burger
I found you have to get everybody the say burger. Is there a distinction between you and the guy on stage or do or do you see? Do you see Iggy pop? Is this separate entity or is or you him? I think we call. We call habit the same body mmhm on item, not sure how that you know. I mean when you're kind of walking around home, like what do you thinking about often Iggy pop thing. You said, and I know what happens when I'm doing that is like what am I doing. Where is my glasses where's, my phone or my us? Must my wife will say I'll. Ask her question to say I just told you that five minutes ago I was there, but I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking about.
Hand on the same switch type of guy. I want to buy a different character. I want to do a different kind of thing, or did you all just see it as pieces of? Well? I think I do. I do other things on dorm room. It mostly is interesting. There's something about the Iggy pop thing that is so real bus that it causes others to ignore the other things too. They just all we all. We all pay too much attention to that. Okay, he say good ice, balloted, Franta, Fred she Sega so doctor saw well. We will
results. Come back to see you pop the right eye. Is glass cut yourself yeah, so you know it's kind of been a ballot during with his glass in your chest. Yeah, I don't really. I don't really make up plans or anything, but but I'm just really interested in awe. If I was quick and funny, I tried what you're doing what you Do I try a podcast and I answer yet, and I also like I think I had to do that anyway. Alright, I like I'm, not I'm not any good at basketball. You know, so as it positive short. So that's no good all right there. It you right there yeah right right right or it's bad as what could a short spells due to pay. I was
green and drag across an estimated I've made an album in ninety eight called Ave B, and it was much different than the sound that people associated with me in the marvelous in area. Dight, witty reviewer, for rolling stones started out by saying: ok, look I get it! This guy is tired of being a spaz. But this still would make it. We give it two stars. You know right there, so tired of being spent it tired of being a special so interesting. I feel like there's this double standard. This weird expectation is like as an artist we're going to keep putting stuff out. People expect you to push an envelope. They expect you to try different things, but they're not I weigh that exactly. I know that the other way that I don't know, but just not that way like how do you? I guess you really don't have any other God than just whatever you five
I feel like doing well, you said to be a little like I. I wanted to sing solution, alter songs and I could just picture it. I said that much of a my gonna get support from the industry or the public in America, all Iggy pop,
up is going to do the American Songbook doll yeah. No, so I snuck off to france- and I just did- I did a little record- a got it funded and released through a fashion website. Guy you want to get involved in music and half of its french. French balance is on the french and half of it is old Sinatra Bell Konto and I threw Machel by the Beatles in there because it's french and English from right I wanted to meld. I I saw a connection between the two feelings, as a nice will record it. It's not. That is solid. Come I'm not cruise, alright, even ROD Stewart, but it's a nice little record. I learned to sing better by doing that record and help me.
When the direction that we got two for this record, but the thing I really liked about it was after it's been out a few years. I did a show rock show their. You know, hard hitting balls out, show an guy came backstage. He owns a string of wine shops, upscale wine shops and he said you know Iggy pop. I have your I order. Your album operate twenty five at a time, and I put it on the counter next to the wine and it always sells out, and then I ordered.
Five more and now was a great feeling for me, yeah be with the white and the cheese everything you would see that day. While I was I was why I was I would know, but that's a very nice thing and and your you you're talking to people, you know all not a lot. It not enough people, speak French they're, getting worried about becoming over calm. Those nice for them or somebody log Xing some of their songs, even french, and give them a chance to say you are french is terrible, Yes, they will what I love about the French as they they mandatorily and in inject art into their lives and their cultures. It's. It is a part of everything, and it must be this way, whether you like it or not there. So you know there's this allotment of like you must be cultured and you must receive this culture, or else you know, and
and the world gets better. When you do that, when you, when you have this emphasis on art, no matter what medium it is, you know there's this great emphasis there and that that I would be into if we took a cue from here and instead of cutting art out of that will get rid of that we don't need. We don't need that yeah that doesn't yeah, sure leveling looks cool but whatever, let's just you know, so I like the emphasis there there, what do you the most, when you can't when you think about everything so far, what do you, the most proud of? Is there anything that you're kind of the is like whatever we did together? I mean I regime that produce right. It was the first. It is a bad elders, Wolf, Bargy, cheese, logos, directors, baby baby baby. I mean I remember, being high on acid in a surfing down a blow job found that, with this record with Josh Tommy has to be,
Clearly that trumps, that big, you know I did- I usually go swimming. You know that big fountain Warner, where we'll sure in Santa Monica yeah, the Bush I used to go see is that the war but I would I was very poor here and I could I Didn'T- have a pool or access to the beach. I would often I'd go over to that neighborhood when nobody's looking in I don't know which swim around around his shirt. Restroom honey. I just saw the funniest thing. I think I said I keep up swimming in the fountain very proud, very proud. I did that. Really cool idea cutie to buddy over coffee or it's only about fourteen inches deep, is probably never going to die,
I think, if anything that you've proven it meant a lot of things that you've proven is that you cannot be killed in inoculate. That's why? I that's why I'm here to learn? I'm just here to learn that following was a step up from Beverly Hills, he's going to take his thumbnail in slice and just pour the blood into your mouth found a village. Now you will be born well, let's, let's do this not died, sort of be like yeah. Let's do this yeah sure I've done everything else. Let's try this. Why couldn't this work? We might as well. Do you do your friend call. You iggy, like: are you a guy in your life yeah? More and more, it used to be gym and then it got to be. There was a tipping point when all of a sudden I'd been iggy longer than I've been jump, and then it all Tipton that everybody just called me again. That's it you're fine with that yeah just before wrapping it up. You know there are two people in here who are hardcore music experts. My friend April at my friend Kyle, do either of you have a question that you want to ask since we're.
Yeah yeah, if you love you're sure by the way. Thank you so much. I actually I'm curious because I'm a big new order fan how that collaboration came about you being on their latest album. He you're a big. What new order oh yeah, yeah yeah, should I don't mean to stomp you the idea for the song. Yeah? It was pretty much by email. You know He just sent me the the you mean the last one, the one the most recently this formal. I knew them. Okay, I, Madam doing but the Tibet House Benefit Carnegie Hall. Fit Philip glass called me. Is it well? I've got I've got these, you know, although there so the british band new order, they'd really like to do, songs with you so and then me and Bernard corresponded, and then we had a call and when I ended up singing some songs with them and we got to know each other a little bit and so then he just sent me
I wrote a poem. Will you say my poem and I said yeah, I see your point and they just sent the they sent me the track and they sent me the phone and I spent about there's a cheap job. So I only spent about a I gotta spend about four hours. Internalising his lives a little bit an he had. He did a demo so to get his rhythm and then I just went in and cut it about six times, maybe and send it to like that. Ok, oh, so you guys aren't even in the same room. No, oh, ok! We have been in the same room right really met him. Come on I did a lecture in for the BBC and Bernard came in England during the
just station of our relationship, and he asked a question about you know we don't we really need to stop these people, who are stealing our music with these computerized devices and they have no soul and blah blah blah All we need to do so, and I said well, I advised him. Maybe he could get a job like hosting a tv show yeah and everybody I had just was perfectly sensible to be. I would love to have a job hosting a tv show and I was hoping there's a show about wildlife in England. I was hoping that Bernardin I could co host someday, like my idea, would be. The Bernard could take me to quaint little english places. What's the country file
old country file an I could be like the american gold wow. Oh my god right. I would watch that in a second Bernardo, make like a buddy cop. Cars are very well. He hasn't even personality and nice vocal delivery. So I thought she could well see this church has been here since the 13th century is inhabited by bat. I could go wow, be that guy that tv show, but it, but he he he didn't pick up by that. I just got the poetry, come on Bernard, get on it one step at a time. World needs this show to happen. How do you get to that went? How do you get to the because? Because of your energy on stage like what, when you're not feeling it or you feel like you're up against the wall? How do you force yourself into that place? Do not try news. It is so
Terror, the fire, the fire, is a lot of people in the room. Yeah Anna I mean the ship. There are people there, hey, you know what the people there, so you do it is. I I prepare for a long time on a showed. It takes me quite awhile to get it up any enough, as I headed out as I get older, takes longer longer more war work. Get it up. That's the way it is. I try to do my best. No I've modified it'll are less stage dive. Malmo
insert some more even delivery. Just different things: less screeching. Well, you can throw Josh off the stage he's rugged he can handle that lawsuit. Kyle. Do you have a question yeah sure yeah? Ok, man crushes twenty members first of all. Fun house is my favorite album of all time. So thank you very much. I just want to know if you touch on 'cause. I've heard a little bit about how Watt ended up playing with the Stooges yeah Watt was one of a group of people included, Thurston, Moore and hi sing. A remote honey mark Mark ARM
and the guitarist John, this song from Northampton Dinosaur Junior J J, these people arm and we're real interested in rod at a certain time and canyon scout and they started off, do in different, can differently configured gigs where or what and Scott and RON and someone else will go out as a band to play. Festivals or RON would tour with Jay Masters and they and do the encore, doing stooges songs this sort of thing. So that went on for a couple of years, and that led me that put me in a place where I could try to resurrect the group because they were out there to so. There was less differential
between need the flow of what we were doing and then, when it came time to figure out who's going to play bass. When we actually go out and do gays, we got offered a big gig at Coachella Watt had earned, he turned his place 'cause. He was the guy who went out there and slogged he's a good guy, yeah, so that that's how you know, besides playing speed, mariachi under the band name, Cotter pins, Sattar visit out of it. I don't know where that is canceled for those things always made a pressure, and I hated you know I don't want. I don't want to spend my life dealing with a Connor right. I want to do something else. Mr content. Tab is the guy, so what it, what what else you do have a slew of things that you still haven't done yet that you,
want to do or is it you take a moment to moment? What do you want? Do you want to things? I want to do a probably never going to get to Do you know like I would like to run away to? Greg. Why and create a kind of a small culture, something I think I think it's still it all. Yes, sir okay model, it's a big like that. You know, or maybe like just it's live out my days in a little apartment near the Vatican sipping. Coffee and visiting this chapel at one eight pm and latin and Graffiti Ing Bernini's seat over any these big columns there in the in Bernini's piazza in front of the Vatican and there's really
scribble graffiti? All over that I get like two graffiti on those and just be like that. You know, I don't think I'm going to do that either. There are things and I'm not sure what I have. No, I don't have any plans really what I you think is the best thing, a person as a kind of one. Is that what you think is the best thing a person can do an artist a performer to try to. Governor who they are like to bring out who they are figure out, what their voices the point of view of them. You think you have to recognize the big three, which is your self, the people you want to connect
two and then the society that is around surrounds you. Both you have to recognize and balance your you have to communicate with those three. You have to be there and also to deal with those three. You try to balance it. Respecting the society or trying to shake. This is all just be aware of it and decide okay, I think today I could get away with the little disrespect it but baby, but gate leading not ahead at dinner. Be nice. You know as well as a study the state I bid dial a little bit of it. So be it! No. We aware of it and then work out your strategies, but I think
have to be aware, you know it's not like all week could just live there shouldn't be any money show I'll find a way to just live completely without no, the writer there's this stuff. There are these ways that things have gone and there are things that people are going to say about you and all that, but that shouldn't be the whole game either more. You end up as one of these suicidal, billionaires right. Actually you don't hear about suicidal bill familiar of 'em. You know people, but something a lot of we'll make a lot of money and then they blow it. You know because they don't listen to themselves anymore and then also you've got to get something from the people. You actually want to connect with you and I and that bit if, depending on what sort of Can you are now? If you're that mean Guy who charges seven hundred and fifty dollars an offer for
largest rally yeah. If you're him you want to connect was were suckers Israel, but if you're somebody else, you just want somebody to give you a hug yeah yeah, one of the yeah, the idea of the when you I think, seeking to many external things to fix you. I think that's what well look. I made a million dollars now what you know well, I know I did not work. Why and why. I thought this is supposed to make me now. I feel worse. Why are we if that didn't work? Do you do you were Amber was there one moment on stage where you said I hop Diss Iggy or was it a slow transition? Did you have? Did you discover it over time or did what did something? Click at one point, the second gig we ever did Bmo. As of all it was the first. The first time I did lead vocals, I thought
yeah, yeah! Ok, you know, I thought I thought it had something going on yeah I'll do the first gig I was trying to be an instrumentalist still so I had. I was strapped into. I had a guitar slide guitar and I had a pair of golf shoes hooked up to uh piece of galvanized steel? I was standing on with contact bikes so that I could scat dance and play at the same time
and I was also seeing me in my golf and I thought well what can I do look interesting. So I made up afro wig out of a shower cap and heavy duty, aluminum foil. I made it myself with curled it as a as white phase and I were a mature to dress it, so that was an interesting performance for that by that. Actually that was just too much deal with so the second time I just went out barefoot jeans, no shirt white fish, and that was a look well known. No approach was to dance and scream and
awful. While the guys in the group plan, the instruments played these kind of droning, refresh yeah and then the third gig a ditch, though I you know, I didn't realize I shaved off my eyebrows for the white face you need. I broke the reason we have you know. Otherwise, you just just like. Surprised about everything you know: yeah he's horrible stisser by side as the sweat you know, yeah yeah just went right down, you know it's a thing: you'll learn yes one learns when one shapes brow yeah exactly outside of Josh Hami who's. Second favorite collaboration, Josh, if you want into I'm one two and seven and that's the way I am I go I'll, allow it like a care radium. The did a lot of good people yeah. You know David Bowie, Steve
Jones Shrews, Steve Jones Georges owns a gas is Instagram, is amazing, Anyway, it's RON, Asheton ill. Will that's great lot of people. Well, it is, It's been really great to have you here. I really appreciate coming in and fucking around and Josh hobby. These days, I'm going to convince you to come on at midnight you're going to bring Dave Grohl on and you guys are going to be funny head to head yeah you're, going to take him down. Of course, the challenge has been laid grow. All the challenges been laid step it up. Yeah, that's what I'm saying alright! Well, it's good to see you suppose pop depression March 18th is that reserves at the date March, 18th, post pressure, it's good to see all right. Chris man come up with bleeding. Stop the bleeding stops for you judge. Oh yeah, you left the sample right yeah there go signed and delivered fantastic.
That in there never wash that enjoy your burrito everyone. Alright, now leaving Nerdist dot com, Are you a burrito.
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