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Actor Joel Moore is a terrificly funny dude who discusses his jump from doing tons of commercials to tv guest spots to films like "Avatar". And, why it would be horrible to be "leading man" in the entertainment biz. Plus! Sailor Moon-ism! Take a walk down memory lane to when this podcast was recorded the day after Halloween. Do you even REMEMBER that long ago? This is like an audio timecapsule!!! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Welcome to the Nerdist Podcast number one. Forty eight, oh, I am in London and my jet lag has turned into just regular land lag. So I apologize if I sound tired right now, an might ramble at the beginning of this intro. What alright just woke up again: ok, feeling good, I'm very excited that we're shooting a bunch of stuff for the BBC. America show our year in review, which is going to air Christmas Eve at ninety eight central on BBC America. I'm here talking to David Tennant, Simon Pegg, Thomas Dolby, a bunch of really cool people for the nervous tv specials, so check that shit out. Please also our live shows are on sale, go to Nerdist, dot com, slash calendar, our next show is, January sixth, nine hundred and thirty club in DC and as part of Sf Sketchfest Aunjanue,
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So now this episode of the Nerdist is number one hundred and forty eight super this guy actor named Joel David Moore, Joles, starve avatar he's been a ton of television, stuff ton of guest stars ton of series, a ton of commercials. You certainly recognized him when you see him in here man just an all around terrific guy, so it was really fun to have him on while he's action on Avatar two, so here we go. There is because our of our age old, even more hey, I perked up thanks. You guys you made me, feel all better and crash now entering
stock com- God. I I the late late there well because so we were at a party and then might my friend and I we it was either going back to you know. Zack you was going back to is that you would do that. Well, it was either going to his or right, but we kind of drew straws where we were going to go. I ended up with the short straw, which basically just meant that his sister didn't anybody there. So we all went back to my place and and we parted- I don't maybe five that doesn't sound so bad now that I'm saying it out loud because to me, because I can't stay up past
one or two in the morning we went. I went to Zach's early, but I left to the Hodges yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yes, well, you were there. I was there, but I left it like ten o'clock gag good man, ten fifteen and then went to another party till about midnight, and then I went home, but I did start drinking it for and in the afternoon So your sins are not forgiven and if they now, I yeah- I I I didn't start drinking until later, but we want to, but I it's so funny going to pop out like at when you go to Hollywood parties guy from Portland Oregon, like what the what the hell is going. I go to these things and I'm like and and- and you know like my friends like Christmas- Are- are out there in their faith and their phone and famous and and crazy and cruel. You and then you, but you really realize like how crazy and cookie people are when I have to dress up and they have to like invent shit
yep on Halloween, so they have to do cool things that you have to be cooler than you neighbor kind of thing right now like back when you know you're in Portland, you just have to be cooler than your neighbor, but they're not cool there, everybody's nerds and weirdos, and hippies and yeah, and so ended, but Portland permanent summer camp. This is but I, but I showed I sort of one of my buddies had sponges all over his body, and I said I made the mistake of asking what what what he was. Then he said, I'm self absorbed. I thought that's all and that's also matter because he probably actually is yeah. That's all that's Hollywood. I always try to. I always tried to do the way over the top. So clever costume and they never worked out. I think my biggest fail one year was. I got all this kind of like translucent tensile and hung it from my body, and I tried to go as a halls: Menthol Lyptus, vapor action and
and in your head, that's not real. As you can your head, you think I go, there's no one's going to and the bread the answers right, yeah, no one! So every time you go to some of the like. What are you? Are you some kind of Space Mon mister, no, I'm from the halls commercials with it. I'm clearing out there fucking enough angry. I was driving through w Last night I saw three people dressed like lieutenant dangle. I saw dangle Zack's party now, and I thought it was Tom Lennon at first. That's how good it was. So I text it was it Zac Efron, not nice. I yeah, because I I thought that crossed my second run was dangle. Dangle dangling in front was wearing Tom, Womens Costume yeah, that's by the way, I'm going to send out to Zack right now, because I love him and he that was such a great 'cause. It was the real thing, but real thing by the way he had the Mustang. It was pretty everything everything worked out. Yeah there is that to me wait a minute for you who are listening. We are showing a picture of Zac Efron in the
Santa Domingo? Now that that that sounds like that sounds like a military coat thing, like F runs the Dangle Movin. Well, sometimes dangling when I was talking in general is like I was like. Did you go out last night he's like yeah kind of I you know I was I was in West Hollywood, so I wasn't sure if that was a Halloween or it was just a normal day. Well it it. On Halloween I lived in West Hollywood. For many years you got switched yeah okay matters on a service or even, if you're, just a minute, no actually harming one. This year, Matt Matt's going his Jonah Jones calling is I don't. I can't understand and complaining about his. I live in West Hollywood for many years and and that was parade saying you can't I mean you either have to be the perimeter to get home or you just don't go home that night, because it is impossible
to get anywhere near that area, but it do they have like. Have a thing to that because they, because you know whether it has a parade every three or four days So this one is, is: is there thing going on, or is it just like people know it is a thing and it's it is intense pack I mean it's it's a blast. Is I mean I guess. If you're, you know, if you're drunk or are just are just happy on life or whatever it's it's, it's super, but it's so many people that you would feel like you're being crushed in a compact p, when it's due to like when you're a dude ran up and he was dressed as Superman in there was a hole cut out in his trunks and his dick was out and his dick was all so dressed as Superman. So it was very, very much so very much I I just balls were also little Luther. I saw I saw my favorite costume of the night was a guy who was dressed as a homeless man with
one one percent, that's all we had on wow, oh my god, and I thought that was great and the best customer that in tell another gentleman walked in with the exact same conflict I don't know I'm sorry. I got this wrong. I got this wrong. Nine hundred and ten percent. Ninety nine percent and his wife was his wife- was all glitz and glammed up and she's the one percent, and then some wells walked in as the ninety nine percent, and the story is bad because I fucked it up already, it doesn't matter. You can end any story by just saying and then I jerked off. That makes any story that we've talked about this before what's the best way to end any story that you feel like doesn't end the way you wanted to. Also, I like to use the kind of substance joke and then that's when the Chuds came after Maine, the Judds. I'm sorry, I'm embarrassed, that's from the episode where they go to New York and then homer doesn't want to go because of the bad experience you had in New York when he is there as a kid and that's right over the trucks, though sure the cannibalistic. You
get under dwellers tried the movie Chud. It was just. It was just an eighties. 80S or 80s are late, 70s early 80s early 80s horror with the Chuds firm, and I tried to put Chuds and the we did for. I have c o really, but it's just that seeing that that scene got cut out. This is the if it's like you know real sloppy horror movie from there. I don't know now. Remember jobs not now that you explained the acronym I I do remember yeah, but I did you have a costume the. If I did I went, I did I I I was my my. The name of the lady friend was like a forty cigarette girl and so all right. We she was supposed to have another costume and she totally screwed me because she was must be sailor. Moon who I had no idea who that was, but then Lego is, I don't know gentleman jack. What the hell is that guys named tuxedo mask tuxedo rose the guy with a tuxedo in the rose, it's very literally they disappear. I think it's talks in a mask and he it's a because he has a talk Seto and he wears a mask. No
I do know. I know sailor Moon sailor, moon, very her counterpart in the show. Is this guy named tuxedo mask or something, so anyway, he did you know who you were. I had no clue, it was stupid and I hated it. I hated life because I was gonna say but thing that I didn't know what I was and so that, but then it didn't come in, fortunately think think be the gods and she ended up going is like a little forties smoke. You know likes, they had out sick yeah. Yes, they are a little strange and I and I thought that was great and the, but then I didn't have a a costume because she screwed me over right at the end, and so I thought: okay well hi. I called my friend who I was like: how do I find figure the counterpart to this, and so I called my buddy and I'm like hey Dave, You dress like you're, an asshole from newsies. All the time can I just borrow a bunch of your clothes. You jerk sure I'm not
well Jody and I literally went over- and I just like news he'd myself out- and I I let I I'm a nerd, so I really went a little too far, so I laminated these how prohibition some find them. So I was like the guy had like selling booze right after prohibition, you know, and so- I had all these like little whiskeys on my side and it was. It was fun. It worked out. It worked out. I was definitely the life of the party anywhere I went I wanted. I want to go one year. I want to actually spend some time. I was going to do tenth doctor this year, but I just didn't have time to get the tenant suit. So I ended up going is Drake from uncharted, but but uh, and then the previous night, which isn't your suit. The word that doctor who convention, I just assumed that you had that suit. No, no. That was a death CBS. Just got that for me. I had to give it back the previous night went to a party at at Nerd King will Wheaton's house with that, the pollen storm and a bunch of bunch of fun folks, and
and I had a. I had an anime fox costume and I put on boxing gloves and I had tried to explain everyone that I was foxy boxing, but no one got it and then I got hot, and so I just took it off but but one year just you then I was just me yeah. I thought I thought I would put little Dre it's on my hair and B 90s Chris Hardwick. But then I know we fantastic yet that shirt we put you in for that story. Yeah and the long sleep somehow like you always had those super long, sleeve or gas station sure my so called life like maybe even the thumb, maybe just the tip of the fingers and then I have my notebook with doodles all over and we could get you an extra chin and you could be Peter Hardware. I could be my fat, fake brother, Peter I but I one year I want to you maybe think of this as a sailor. Moon I want to go with a girl who's dressed up like a sailor, moon and then I'll get some sort of Octopus costume and connect. The tentacle
her skirt and I want to go as Hentai. I so want to go with. Hentai and then just japanese tentacle porn efficiently, dated this podcast. So it's airing tomorrow we sufficiently dated this podcast. What Halloween is they don't like in two weeks are going to trust it up? What is the time I don't know? I've got my turkey costume. I've certainly known your work for years, you've done fucking more you and Jp Manoux have done, more commercials than anyone in the world like why, yeah back in the day, we hoard ourselves out. In fact that's JP. I don't even know if either of us do him anymore, but JP lives in Canada, because the last time I ok do commercials in Canada. He was in a Montreal and he was like yeah. I just moved here I mean Manu, he does have a french canadian name, but he's like it does a lot of Disney cartoons, so he can '
you know such a sweet guy yeah now he's great, This is where my God, there was like a two year: period where I hoard myself out so much in commercials that it that it was embarrassing. I kind of looked like a business- and I was like how do I- how do I figure out? You know how to how? How does a told that this is a decade ago? You know at this point: how does a tall goofy guy get into this business? Well, commercials! That's the way to every. Young actor loves. I mean like the commercial route because it will sit, sit. One good commercial can Save you a year of having to get job that you don't want right. I work at Circuit City back then back when he was considered gives it might kill thirty. I did a best buy commercial. While I was working at Circuit City Circuit City, okay, it was, it was late, always felt like a step above it was. It was like up for to me. It felt like a futuristic flea market yeah. I
I don't know it was like it was it's between best buy in Radioshack yeah right, like circuit city. It's funny. I actually worked at circuit city. While I was in port, I'm, going to call it actually Oregon going to college at Southern Oregon University? I would go back in Christmas time work there and I was going to come to LOS Angeles as we do you know for fame and fortune and- and I was like well how do I I have to I have to like make a living, and so I asked my my people from Portland I was like, so do you guys have circuit city's down there and they're like yes, young twenty one year old circuit city is nationwide, we will never die. We are the biggest company in the world fail. Yes, we're going to put it on the flag going to put circuit city on the planet, and so one percent,
so we, and so they just transfer me down to the circuit city in LOS Feliz and I've got a apartment around the corner. I knew like one person when I moved here slept on his couch for like two weeks and started working at circuit city. Until I book some commercials and then said, fuck you but Circuit city was such a great job. I 'cause. I could kind of make my own hours and that you can you like be available to do commercials or you know whatever you had to do, and I literally knew nothing about electronics at the times. I know thought about electronics now, but not the point. I knew nothing, and so I would just I realized. You know it's a lot like acting just bullshit your way through anything yeah and I- and I just you know, would be like hey. How are you know how's it going? Do you and I worked at like? I was the only white guy working a certain city. It was literally the only white guy, so I'd be, like
you know what would be looking for the record. I really like the Sony television from forty to and from work all that, such a great you know, but this one a panasonic over here yeah. I know the Panasonic is really yes and you're, tired you're, sending the entire summer is almost it's almost like psychics, like fake psychics, where they just sort of psychics Welcome like X, Miss Cleo, correct, you're, correct, but it but but I but I mean because there must be some psychics who actually believe like. Yes, I have the gift and then there are some like it too, who who know like yeah I know, but it you know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna. Can these people. I feel like that. There must be some people. There must be some out there that feel like they have the thing I'm sure they yeah they like charismatic, preachers yeah exactly yeah, there's a few of them, they're like no. No, no, this is real. I know I feel yeah. It's really like a Brown in that documentary Ghost Matt. She was
she didn't think she was and then you know what happens when you pretend too long, but but but there's a certain element of that where you start to figure out how to people and you kind of see where we're going and you can. You can manipulate them enough to. You know full on Voltron style 'cause, I would go to those places, and I would think these guys have no idea. I just as in one thing, and then you just contradicted that any no! No it it and it is a team because, because I knew nothing I would have to like have my my buddy working with all split commissions because they loved me working there, because I knew I didn't know how to put things into a computer. I was a great salesman, but they had they would end up like taking half of the commission because they put in to get them into the computer. Gotcha so be like a whole team of people working on it, and we literally would turn into it a giant japanese robot did you have a digital pager on one belt and then on the inside your building and and then about you, get all the new cell phones. You know the ones that live down. Let's start '
attack like the and they want gold back. Then there was this like the cheapest by the way cell phones are the weirdest, like that's the weirdest transition in the last eight years ever there's no there's no version of technology that has changed more than a cell phone right. I mean, I guess you could say pagers going into the two way and all that, but I'm just saying like the like look at this, what is this spaceship that we have to yeah yeah? This is the craziest thing ever I mean I was uh around. When the cell phone came around texting. What was texting is an engaging years ago. Those yeah, I think I was like no, I hate this. I have to push a button three times: phones, those Motorola phone from like the late nineties, those like super slick ones, but still so you know like it was the screens are monochromatic and if you still had to poke in the numbers and the member getting a colour screen for the first time and then really in two thousand and two thousand and seven it just complete 'cause. I had it before. I got the Iphone,
in two thousand and seven I had a palm treo. I had the trio seven hundred and fifty, which was basically like it looked like it. Look like a hefty business bad ones. Like a fucking break. It was ridiculous, but it was the coolest thing it was so cool. It was like seven thousand dollars under razor and I loved it because you could have like one hundred songs about the razor. Maybe I did that came after the race in two thousand and seven. My razor gave me turn by turn. Directions Iphone still does not. Well now you can get the little you can get the little add by now, but I know it's so ridiculous and I can send picture messages remember when the Iphone couldn't do that everybody by the way yeah exactly and what about copying. I love the fact that I phone, I love the fact that Apple made a phone that didn't have the thing they invented, should just copy and paste, but they've never but apples never been uh. I mean, with the exception of with the exception of like the sort of graphical user interface based platform, which
they still from Xerox or they at least they got permission from Xerox because Xerox didn't they are we going to do with it. What is anyone going to do with this? With the exception of that apple apple is kind of apples. Mo has sort of been, let's see where the markets going see, what other people are doing and then go in and try to perfect it because they did you know, they didn't invent the mp3 player, they didn't invent the phone, they didn't invent, the apple the unit: they didn't that's what they do. They see they kind of see what people are into an then they figure out how to streamline and simplify it, and that's what they're supposedly going to do in twenty thirteen with the apple tell Asian twelve. What next year will announcement when it will be available to consumers in twenty thirteen? This is not actually, an actual television yeah Steve Jobs was has always had always been frustrated with how clunky tell visions were and remote, and so and if you will and two thousand and thirteen used, down with your apple television set, which I assume we'll have some version of os on it, and rather than have to fuss around with remotes, will
go hey SIRI, the you know, let's record this at this time and then go to go to catch, that bad star re run and then, let's, let's watch a you know, what's what's the co report right now, and this is all is activated and serious, like I'm tired of cold, but it's gonna look good. It's going to be a good lookin tv. You know they're going to look great and then it's going to take like four five years to actually get to wear. Oh yeah yeah will be too old to appreciate it. Won't stop us from getting the first generation will get, it won't have to copy and paste. I don't get But I I want to go back a little bit to the to the commercial thing, because commercials really are the gift for actors that keep on give I and a very I mean there was a very definite point. When I said I am, I will no longer going commercial auditions because it was it's there, they're very hard it just from the standpoint of that there I mean it's not like real road building hard, but have to do, but it's
it's emotionally like running all over town on every side of town like four times a day, and there are these crazy cattle calls, and you see a five hundred other people that are your type and you hear the audition through the door and then and then you know I know I was. I never really booked any commercials, who is terrible at it. I was terrible at it, so I always respected people who had that process down. So what did it feel like for you? well, that that that's sort of what it was. You know it's funny, I I did. I stop doing commercials once I book once I did my first movie, because I I for some reason I was like okay, I I feel like people won't take you seriously if you know for it to be a lead in film If you're, you know Hocken like dove soap, right like so, and and and and it's actually true- I mean, don't you guys it's great for a joke enough yeah you try to.
The improv in the commercial edition, but it worked out because you know, I think that there is some verse some of that idea in their brains, they kind of want something that first of all, first of all oil producers want to. You know that I want to bring you to whatever they're doing like this is the new thing you're you're, my candy. I brought you I made it. I made this happen, so I stopped doing him like two years in and I was an even my. I remember my mom going wait, but honey you've never made this kind of money. Yeah. I mean a good, a good if I remember correctly, a good class, a national commercial, which is where the sponsor sure sponsors like a prime time television program. You do one commercial and you probably get paid scale to shoot it, but the residuals could be worth one hundred thousand dollars. That was before my even my time doing that. Well, no I mean
you still could make residuals and everything in Prague, and I mean you could get back and get you know twenty or thirty from from a commercial but they're, not the the thing about it is. If you go back to twenty years, you probably make one hundred grand, but there weren't there were now there's ten times more commercials right. You know there's so many commercials to actually go and do so you're. Actually you know you you can probably make you could have probably made more money when I was ten and it's spaced out nicely, because you know you get paid, get paid on a schedule. So you know like the commercial airs for a couple months, and then you could get a big check in the mail and there's for a couple of months and you get another big check in the mail that they renew it. Then you get another big check in the mail announced amazing. It really does look. That's why that's why the you know you know spec, particularly for for commercial actors.
You know the the unions in residuals are so important because that's that's the money that they were going to live. I I remember my for the first commercial that I ever did was a commercial called. It was for La Times, and I was maybe twenty twenty two years old and I I do and I make like I don't know- for four hundred dollars for the commercial wrenching. He was a local commercial right by the by the way four hundred dollars back then was like you're sitting on the loads of money. That's like three weeks of circuit city were and so, and so I do the do, the commercial and I'm and and they're like you know, this is just a local commercially, not to really make any residuals from it. Will I get this call from my agent? This must have not been a big deal to my agent, but it was a giant deal to manes like Joel so you should come in. You have a shit ton of money, waiting for you here and I had they had sold it.
Now, whoever owned Latimes owned Chicago Tribune and New York, but like all of these other things, and so they like the commercial and they sold it to all these different places, and I had like all eight thousand dollars like some like a ridiculous number to a twenty two year old, It was or how did you blow it? So I thought, but but the the first call I I did make was to my mother- and I said I said you know I I'm walking into my agency and they're gonna, give me eight thousand dollars worth of checks. The schism amazing and she's like oh, my god. What are you going to do? Are you going to buy a car with that? Now now can't do like now, where you're thinking for that cover very deadly aim and that's what you well. First of all yeah. That means you can buy a car, a car for that and and that doesn't even cover like that. Much of has it really has. Is inflation
get us that much I gotta tell you their standard of living is gone, I'm in standard of living. I saw him the asshole, I think, and I'm not going to make it comfortable living with all the nerd stuff. But if someone called and said we have an eight thousand dollars check every day, alpha can be right over like yeah, but no, but this was like, but this was like I was. It was the biggest thing that ever happened to me that that wouldn't be right. Now, if you got an eight thousand dollars check you like. Ok, this is that's cool! Hey when I schedules like where you get residuals from shit that you do sure yeah yeah yeah yeah, sometimes, but I went with that last terminator three residual. What was that I get some hilarious ones like I did a merry. I did two of the men with children in ninety six and and they still air and I'll, get like a two, sent check. Now there used to be, there was a bar in studio city called residuals, and you could go in and if your residual check was under a dollar, you give it to them and then you get a drink and they put on the wall, so their walls were just covered with these, like the postage is more expensive than
and then sending you a two cent's check. But when I was in high school I did one commercial and I getting like ten thousand dollars total for it, and I who the shit out of that I went this is this. Was this? Is this will date this story? found bought the any s every game I could find all every controller. I could find like everything I went to that money so fucking fast. I got a one dollar check once for residual and, like I thought it was so funny I didn't find it bother, cashing it. I loved it. I love her yeah. I don't. I don't know. I don't know that, but then it messes it up because then they have then they have to like. Send you something at the end of the year saying like you still have two cents yeah exactly one thousand and fifty centers dollar, so you grew up in you grew up
Portland Portland or born and raised. I went to school there. We were just there high school. There were we just pulled out in front of the Aladdin no way are you serious, fucking, great blast, let's my old stomping great place, great city with the ground control before where, where is that many years winning I leading party, I I I left when I was nineteen and I went to Ashland Oregon and did two years at or at the CAN Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, and I graduated college to the festival came right here, so I took my first. I had my first wish in Ashland Oregon when I turn twenty one. I was a little bit of a conservative kid, so I didn't do a lot of drinking. I think that, like I, and it up yeah sure happy water. What have you order at so so? So you guys did you guys do any partying when I, I went to Powells. I went to Powell zones like hey. If you have this book this book in this book there, like that's in our annex for scientific books,
the other building voice, is good white guy voice? Thank you. So I guess we're going to have to move your car. I apologize their way or you want both houses scary. How I'm gonna I'm going back there. No Powell's is one of the biggest bookstores in America. It's a very famous bookstore as well. In fact, my grandparents were were were friend, very close friends with the Powells who started the store. The store is basically a mall. It's a mall yeah, it's like you know it's a it's an entire city block in Portland, Oregon of of do of just books and there's levels and levels and better. If I'd like, we have a you have a kindle side here. You know the I pad, I'm I'm the whole. The only thing that I'm thinking is like how long can holes stay a
I know it's going to be a real as long as they continue to sell used books they'll be around for quite awhile. I guess that's true. I always like knowing that Powell's is still around. I feel a little better about life about life 'cause. I go ok at least there's bad at least, but when that falls, when that Citadel falls is going to be like oh shit, guys here we go if Powell's goes out of been business? Do you guys just wanna make a pact to end it yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah in here, we'll talk away through it. I don't know outside I worked, would likely are way too yeah we get. If that's the you made me think of a movie that I think you were in what we're users were you in Foxfire? I was it how the hell did you grow? It's crazy that mean that, by the way I was fifteen years old I was I had one line it got cut out and commit Angelina Jolie. I didn't
who is Angelina Jolie by the way she wasn't Angelina, JO, who nobody gave a shit about who she was. I was like in love with uh cheerleader girl, which, whoever you are if you're out there. I tried to look you up on I m d B and I could not find out who no, I can't figure out which one it was, but I remember I'm in a totally out you little little cheerleader girl, because I was fifteen. She was probably I don't know seventeen or eighteen. My buddy dash Mihok was in it as well and dash, and I know each other now that a chemical character isn't That is an amazing name, dash be a he, but he he was in it, and what this this gal was like my eye. She had probably done nothing at that point and maybe she's a giant star, and I don't know it now, but at the point she had done nothing, but I looked up to her so much because she had her own trailer and so we hung out in her trailer- and I was like trying to like MAC on her butt back in the day and mad. Madam acting three women at the MAC in scamming scamming was the other thing that got me aiming scamming. That's a
as weird as a girl would take. The scrunchie offer arm put her hair up and then you'd scam owe you owe you owe you don't seem backing in in in on the West Coast or in Portland was not the you wouldn't hook up? That's not a hook up matching is just like your put. Your guests know they're, making out now. Okay, you're backing to you is making out back in the US was, I put in our game- yeah, ok, might there might be there might be some light, fingering involved with scamming from if you take it from say anything is when you go on a date with a girl, but you know she doesn't know it's a date. So that's the scam. Oh yeah She things you just take it out. You think it's a descant, as when you tell a billion, I am going to unveil his money, yeah. Okay, so there we go daddy MAC will make it as the crisscross. That's a mega mega heavy breasts. Usually Jenny, Lewis. What do you look like red hair was Jenny, Lewis, Rilo, Kiley Camp Beverly, Hills, here's troop, Beverly, Hills, Beverly, Hills, yeah! I would know her by pictures roll through there and see if you
now? I saw a Cathy Moriarty in there. She was also in the wizard with Fred Savage, which is the Nintendo movie right. It also she alley with the cheerleader yeah Jenny, this is also in the postal service with the was he just found out what the two tracks on the right hand, to a I mean, wasn't really a real band. No, no! It's just a clever man to me see it because I did tell him right: okay, wait! So what is Jenny Lewis of Cindy see? There's? No! I I would need to. I would you know who okay? Can we just get Jenny, Hedy, Sarah and Michelle in a room? Put all in listen to earlier, not the first person today, I'm sure million of young people around the country. Saying when is the Foxfire reunion happening exactly Julie Julie is the one hang out of hanger on I I don't So I don't know which one is she's, the one who's down everyone else. That's all the kids she's adopted she's just trying to recreate Foxfire this story about these rebels
teenage girls who meet a mysterious. Stranger should be a sequel or they'll. It's like a big. It's a movie reunion. You know like, what's that, it's a sequel to the movie older now and then we'll have rather kindly do the soundtrack yeah. That would be amazing that it could be this. This had a girl, heavy brass, Sherry Lee she yeah. I I don't know that you just that. The problem is that it's been. You know, fourteen fifteen years, since I saw her so she was you know she was a young girl back then we can remove. Called fire Fox, which is just about a flaming fox who hugs the planet and occasionally crashes due to plug in problem. That's right, already add, ons inundated? It could be about that sticker by the way you know a douche bag right if they, if they are driving a white truck and they have that Fox sticker with them guys guys like if you want, if you want to be outed as a douche bag, put that sticker on that or the Calvin peeing on something. Are you talking about the fox racing? The final? No, it's just an fox, but the oh is the fox
space yeah. It's fox racing thing. No! No! It's like man against racing. Off road and motorcycle dirtbike kind of stuff You have only both calling now and tell us why you got your truck nuts. Where did you get truck nuts and your Yosemite SAM Mud flap? So those are classy might have or the Tasmanian Devil on something or reflective naked lady, and then we could tell me what the obsession with the puerto rican girls that around Lole what their obsession with with the bird was. If you could answer that was one that was to ever was everywhere. Was it yeah? Okay, tough. You know girls wired to two eighty, because it was Panther, either acute things. How specific you thought it was, I don't. You know when I was twelve. That was where I was between. Well, if we really want to delve into the philosophy of Tweety Bird Tweety was a character that was perceived as weak,
but always outsmarted the much stronger like women. That's right right! The cat by the way, who was black, remember saying, I'm not you know, draw your own conclusion. Was Tweety's speech impediment a metaphor for their accent. I think yes Ok, we're learning a lot. I like it. I feel like there's. No, ads anymore. I don't know why, but I don't know where they have to wear just missing them. We're just missing before how old are you three thousand nine hundred and thirty? So we were in Highschool roughly the same same time, not really barely like when I was leaving you were coming in, but in that generation there there were crazy fads. Man was still there that used to put to you, but I, like people, would like suck on some. Yes stuff, like it's overrated. Does the rave scene starting to come other people doing ecstasy? I think that was a ghetto thing and snap bracelets. So I went to high school, where I was the minority an I feel like. I learned a lot of cool fads back then, but I was too afraid to do any of am
yeah, you know 'cause, I didn't want to get beat up or whatever, but but like and the tag on the I like having that matter yeah, but it all came back, though, is like this. If they didn't do that either yep, it did come back and people and then the fifty nine figure the people leave the sticker still yeah the one that the white or white. Now then the room now yeah they don't in the room, but like all what else? The columns in the hair, black or white that Kris that from Kriss Crisscross Prince earlier saying wallets, would try to start the pudding on your clothes backwards, yeah and then, which I felt I missed. The bus on that hey well played was the bomb remember and then in two thousand and fifteen, all the kids pulled their pockets, their pants everyone, weren't starter jacket, the one leg up, the one leg up: cool J crop that to the mainstream: it wasn't it yeah cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by
I mean listen. You know you look at your pants in your leg. How could I wear? What can I do differently? You know you have the pants. What can I do as a West Coast, EAST Coast West Coast, there wasn't yeah. The left leg was in there. I is that, like we've had the same clothes for fifty years, forty year no wear jeans, and then we look at us who are twins. We've got great to you and Jeans yeah, it's like and, and I and I think you know that there must be some sort of a class that just delves into to the symbolism of these types of of of social trends over the pat. You know like watching watching that that those sort of social, those mediums what I've seen lately, though, with kids, just adjust your
driven by schools that sounds gross. Doesn't somebody does you know it's going to say that's better than saying you know what I know just from hanging around schools swimming by makes it ok, they have very, very huge big tons of stuff on their key chains, have a key chains that hang off the side and they just have like squirrels tail and fucking little pokmon things with just a bunch of key chain. A pile up on the side of knows that as a trend, it can't be any different than like a being a janitor. Is a trend like a gender. That's really an enemy. I think it's tribalism like. I don't think it's any different than you know than than early. I'm then early tribes, you know like if you had a you know, if you had a spear, the have a certain number of tales from kills or if you like, face paint or it's just it's it's it's a it's a kind of significant ornamentation thing that forms a tribal community, I think, is what
It's weird like the the in your excel hipster. Girls have really embraced an indian styles like it out of you knows that they have a news like that: the raccoon tails or there's like the headrest stuff. The feathers in the hair. Yeah there's been a lot of that. I just I just I just like the idea that you know for the last thirty years that at shoes have been going crazy and and the asian Tattoos, or like nuts right so like you're, going to we're going to at some point, have a bunch of twenty five year old men and women out there with like tramp stamps grace is damaged. Yeah yeah there's there's an asian tattoos and, looking after explain what the ship all the stuff that I don't have to remember, we're gonna have to lift skin because they're gonna look like old axing equipment stretch it out. It's like this means integrity. Just like the old globe. Did you did you see that with the youth oppose the tattoo of bye, bye? Okay, gold plates? No, I don't think I think this was Bob Cackle
operates, but it was basically, it was a. It was a crash cymbal on a stand with like a FU, Manchu mustache. And it was a chinese symbol, yeah yeah yeah I feel like that- was bobcats, but I'm not one hundred and has a great tattoos, and it's like fancy kind of script on his right here and it just says. No regrets Furman Furman for the longest time was trying to get the chinese symbol for shoulder which he was going to put on his shoulder, but then then went into Germany, seventy tattoo. Still I don't I mean you ever I've. Never I mean free. I thought it means like I, because I really want to be buried in a jewish cemetery. I'm not jewish, but I just want to be married and buried in one. I want also want to be married Marid. I always I never I don't know I just never it just never gone, I'm not cool enough on the fence, then, probably going to get one soon
related. Now is this attached to list room right now he's going to? What is that you can almost see it yeah, it's a jackass, penguin us so that we can take a special. What was I mean, a jackass penguin, it's just the type of pain when it It's really called a jackass paper. They actually they're, just south african penguins, now they've now just called, man that really yeah there's nothing to it, because there penguins, who believe in apartheid and I'm sorry that If you're just going to be cameras, this we what we were talking about Fox market member, I didn't answer your question. I was just I was just I. I was saying that to that Fox fire was like this group of people that we were going to form to that area anyway, but I I want to talk about. Did you ever do stand up, or did you do? Did you sketch or anything right? I never did I mean I took a class. You know a couple classes with anything come out with someone from Chicago originally set second city and- and I just never at that point, I was kind of more steadily working,
so I just I kind of had found my route to to want once I did Dodge ball, it will kind of open. I had no, I hadn't done anything before that right, so I kind of went from commercials too. We had no idea couldn't I could not get arrested early in in this town. Like I couldn't get up coast to shoot. Someone in public yeah select, you get a you get off yeah you never get arrested, yeah yeah yeah. I actually live around the corner from where the whole Robert Blake Thing and that's what I think the entire like. That is the epitome of love that stardom right now I can like all you know now: it's now all you have to be as american and you just get away with find Inox like you just you just you can do whatever you want in life at this point and it is long as you and by the way, if I'm going to kill some time to go to another country to do it
Well that didn't workout for a reality. Show producers yeah, that's true! You see, I don't, even God, damn it. If I was not famous and I'm needed to kill someone, I would take a flight with them and kill them in another country and have it go on because then America is going to get your back man. You can't you can't with you know, are Americans overseas. We get up here. I mean how does a man for it? Maybe she didn't do it. I have no idea, I don't even follow that and I think about the case. Maybe maybe it's like all you know bullshit and she should have been there in the first place, but or on trial in the first place, but I'm just noticing that, like that, like it is long as even in America as long as you just get on Fox news. You're going to get off. If you can just make it to Nancy Grace, you will get off. I don't know enough about the Amanda Knox case either. I would see it pop up on the Google NEWS feed and then I would go I gotta work. This looks like this looks like a job to delve into all the details of this case. It's super crowded looks depressing. She looked at down the rabbit, hole, yeah exactly right, but in the intended,
ok she's a very pretty. Ugly girls did not get off as well she's everything I know I don't know. I don't know any of the details of the case. I don't know if all the evidence is circumstantial or if the evidence was like now It was like a Casey Anthony thing like she really should have been approved, fully ignored. I actually think it was different. I think that that one really was a guy kind of going after her and trying to blame her for something an italian justice system is a little bit weird and so it into the criminal justice system did not is a through a distinctive. It did the people who it is that the deal with that dole beautiful they don't actually do their own language. They just do a bad eggs and a seniority Mccullough pity bumper would like a pizza on the trial. I make these jokes because my mother is italian, so I can uh allowed to write italian Italian. It makes it makes me half yeah half watt,
Anglo much. My dad, the angry angry, my dad's. You know that the hardware side of the family is scottish, northern English and then the percent that it should be for two and the percentage side of the family, the American so my great grandparents came over to Ellis Island, but but the for Chanteys yeah there very italian fashion, Ellie Ellie 'cause. It's got such a nice role to it, affectionately anything with yeah, it's great, which means little like that's. That's! That's how you dominion ties. Something is put the at or a a let like that. So you make something little so like axes, yeah, yeah yeah and they do it. All I was like, but read, though, is a little little burrow. You know like a little little donkey, Delicious delicious, which you should enjoy. And at the end of the show you know, even though we say that at the end of this room, but then
So you work that you worked on Dodge Ball and then and then and then avatar. I want. I mean like what the in I mean you're in the biggest movie ever yeah, it's crazy. We I I, I think that we were all confuse going in, but we can you know, then the nice thing about doing a movie. The where you have no clue what you're doing the entire time, because it's all in one guy's head and he you know the guys, someone it up it just it is basically taking at you know this entire world and creating this whole thing for two and one slash two years: you're shooting one movie, which is the crazy at six p dot m several most shows don't even last that long, but you kind of always sit back and go okay. This guy's got a pretty good tracker so. Whatever we're doing here, hopefully will work. Now we did. We did not think that it was going to break his old his previous record. How could you think yeah I mean that's like who I mean. Guy James Cameron is, I have so much respect for that guy because he
you that the technology would catch up to this movie that he wanted to make, and it was sort of like we're all in or not doing it and did it he was set. He set that film up so high two for sale, I mean like not, he didn't make a bad movie. I just meant that the amount of money that it costs and the hype that preceded it was just like nothing really ever lives up to that yeah and did it and it was a like a crazy grand slam home run. I feel like these days. You can't beat hype, you can't you can never be the hype so like I went and saw DR yeah and I didn't enjoy it because the hype was so like you can't it's almost bad took for a movie
in ways. Yeah. I thought about people that sought. After all, the hype went out yeah. I didn't see it that or that original weekend- and I felt like if I had seen at the original we come. I wouldn't hurt anything same thing for me in Dunston checks and I'd heard everything leading up to that movie and I would actually saw it when it was like that are up to the high cost of food. But avatar was so I felt it made it. I had so much. I I got such a a spiritual for James Cameron of like this guy had a vision she sought in detail do years before and he made it happen and it worked it's the perfect nerd story for her for the fans here, but it but it you know what what's fun about it is that I walked in in the two over two years that we were shooting you cut. I kind of watched the graphics turn so so you're doing motion capture is so hard to explain, but it like, if you, when you're doing, motion capture, he had an actual virtual camera that if he pointed it to toward you
and your in your motion capture little dots, you know you could see my character. Yes see my my avatar yeah I've seen that I'll am yeah so that those graphics, those are just placed graphics right. So they're, obviously that you know it's not what you would see on the screen at the end. It's just so he that he can understand and see the world, and it's really sort of you know, gives him the ability to kind of look at what going on as opposed to just having a bunch of people in a room and then having to do it all later. He wants. He wants to know where the tree is going to be. What will you know what we're grabbing onto like? He were interacting with all of these things might use just a big giant open grace stage, but the graphics were the craziest part about it. It was like walking through fifth, twenty years of computer games, you know, are, are starting from from computer games going to video games. Like you started, we were in like Commodore, sixty four graphics, and then we got to like nine ten
Sega Genesis, graphics and then you know game, cube, graphics and then, like literally all the way up to it. You know to like the first Xbox graphics that were different than this new hd xbox. You know graphics, it ultimately was the way to like the history of what we were doing was kind of in the progression of these, of how good the graphics, Scott and the better, because my by the way, what they were a lot of this was being created as we were going rice is how brilliant this man is. He didn't
everything together right from the beginning. He had it all together, but it was, but it was. You know, like the cameras that we were using for the live action side. These are stuff that he and and pace had built and had created for this. You know for this. This movie and the cops were coming out of them and everything, and then you know a a month later there were. There was like a shell that something this was all just kind of being. It was very free flowing it. It honestly it's the most artistic version of technology, I've ever seen because it's it was very free flowing. Everything was just kind of like putting it together. Like you, you know you would just with just well, even with the the pointing this virtual camera thing like the idea of that was very artistic. If you're going to do this, big technical nightmare of a thing he's still able to gain quality with whatever he's do,
you know, he's still making sure every beat is the way that he's he's interpreting. You know this the story and it's also a testament to just having a vision where you go. Well, I'm not going to I'm not going to kill this idea before we even try by saying but there isn't the technology available. I know what want to do, let's, just let's just do it and we will figure it out and and then, when you want to put yourself in that kind of like stream of action I think you looked like you said. You know he figured it out. It's like well we'll build the technology. I mean to have that much of this in two who have the artistic vision first and then go we'll just build the technology as we go along and then figure that out. Thank you. That's a whole other level of it's not just walk into movie and going now. We got all the cameras point these here and there it's like. We have to invent the fucking cameras to shoot. This thing but I'm making it my dad celluloid. This is all brand new, so it was all it was mostly with the exception of
lab interiors I mean I've. Seen was pretty. It was just all just motion capture, Sigourney Weaver, about all, mostly I like, I really don't have our own set notes and by the way, one of the one of the greatest people that I've met in this town. I think I feel like there's certain people that can be divas like like. If I were, if I meet somebody, I'm like yes, you have a you, have the right and responsibility to be a diva, you have, you have earned it in one and she's one of one of those people, and she just happens to be like the most down to earth like chill the most. I think the most talented coolest, I think, most talented, successful people don't have anything to prove so, like your your Tom Hanks is. Do that's one of ever met, but I just get the you know. I assume he seems like he's a great guy and Bryan Cranston's, a great guy and Sigourney Weaver's like these people who are just you know, there's no, there's pretense that anything to prove they're, just they just do their work and their sweet, the middle people, it's the middle people us,
because we're in this weird we have a total a ton to prove. I should turn to prove it and if you don't have and and if you're working at Circuit city, like you, there's no there's nothing to prove, because I you know, like your, you you're, just you're, just normal and you're, just doing your thing like you're trying to get into the business. If the people who work in the business all the way up and tell the people who are making ten million dollars movie right it just right under that yeah you're, making good money for per movie or good money on tv you're still like. If you're on tv, you want to do movies if you're on in movies. Well, those tv guys are making more money. You know like if you're always trying to prove and tell your Tom Hanks and you're like I don't care, I could do anything. I have a family, but I I just I had the pleasure of working with Rita Wilson, who you know I I was I mean Tom Hanks is like I'm sure for you to like were growing up. That's
your that's! The idea that you have you know because he's not the he's, not Brad Pitt. You know not, and I and I I'm I happen to be a Brad Pitt fan. I have nothing against him, but but you know he's not he's of Tom's against the grain and he worked against the grain and he's the biggest. You know one of the biggest of movie stars out there, but he's in a traditional you don't spend and for guys like me and Chris, you know that that's kind of you you look up to that big, this sort of goofy white guy, the goofy one exit exactly how many times have you heard this when you're going to four role, Joe they're, just looking for more leading man, but but by the way I'm gonna stop, but is big. I know, but I I just said: okay. Well, I'm just gonna play the general all the time somebody the friend rose. You know what I'm going to work more than the leading pen, because there's more friend rules you can know that, but leading men.
They have a certain they deteriorate at a certain point to come and go they cut, they come and go and leading man by the way is it's the it's. The same sort of weird I deal is like listening. Ok. Well, I don't have anything against Blake lively. I think she's adorable, I heard her dad was MIKE the only acting teacher I ever had in the early nineties. Her dad Ernie Lively was a wonderful guy but I watch green lantern, I'm like Blake lively as a fighter pilot really really, and so it's like the id deal of the leading man of the leading woman is just so unattainable hot that you know like when I would hear, you're not leading man like yeah yeah. That's like point Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh one percent of people yeah. I know it's it's it's silly, I'm I'm! I'm and I've sort of bounce back doing up. You know. I've played the
lead role in things and then played obviously a one of the leads and all of it, and I think that there's there's fun in being able to kind of go back and forth? If you're leading man you get can't necessarily play that character? Part! You know you are what you are, which is good. You know I want to I'm going to switch bank accounts with Taylor Lot, but is he elite and at this point it doesn't really. He was a leading shark boy, but I definitely think that the sort of quirky funny guys you know they may not. You know but it's like you know. You may not necessarily score with, like the young, you know like the nineteen year, girls who want the bad boys, but you don't want to date them anyway but like, but but as butt's, will get it as women get a little bit older, I think they start to realize like now. I kind of think I do want the guy who's little intro. Effective and funny, rather than the sort of empty shell of that that face. Yes, that is why we get laid so much weight, but we do damage
formula have used opposite so when shooting avatar, really two years yeah, you know, and so we're doing. Two more of them we're doing a back to back. This is no secret. This is all announced so, but but my assumption is that because we have all the technology that we're going to be able to it's going to be a short opinion. It's not going to be five years of shooting right, we're going to be able to kind of because they're back to back and we have with the world is built an and the tech Allergy is all there because we sort of went through getting that technology to what it is. You know there's going to be, I mean it's not going to be short, but it's not going to be uh as long as I I think, the first one. This is my assumption. This is all it's all still in gym, head- and he controls
entire every- you know idea in principle of of anything. So I'm tall, I'm speculating as anybody would be at this point, but they destroyed home tree. I saw it. I know I know, but there's so much. You can do on that. Every time James cameras come on attack of the show, there's many many home trees other not even, and we met him. Yes, forget that they're they're like well. What are you gonna? Do your scanner with a tribe. You know I mean there's there's we do you. Is there so much that goes on in that movie that you forget that you've we've introduced you to Tori Apes, it it it's not a home there and it's hard to get a. You know I that he actually did a good job of dipping into the oh, really, oh, really unbelievable. He said xylophone fanaa
so he loves the Marie to get. You know you're you're dipping into this into the world, but if you spend too much time there then you're just like thinking about that you're, you know you're taking a story from this world, but you I mean you know the the the the ideas that could Tom and I wish that I could tell you anything. I wish that I knew a lot of what was coming up and but it, but I don't so it's not like I'm hiding things, but you know that it's it's expensive. You can do anything, you I want you can be in outer space. You can be in the water you can. I gotta say I had always heard stories like oh Jim Cameron, you want to be on his bedside. Every time he's been on. Attack of the show he's been fun.
Awesome and like me, and made fun of himself and jokes and he seems like a cool guy. Yeah he's just a big nerd like like you like. He says he loves what he does and you know he's. I mean, of course, when you're, when you're walking into one of these jobs, you're you're, you have speculations and ideas of things that you've heard along the way. But you know I've been on movie sets where within a couple of weeks. People were screaming at each other and you know in two one slash two years: there was never any issue and that's kind of amazing two one slash two years worth of work for especially you're dealing with a guy who's there before everybody is there in the morning, leaving after everybody's leaving at night. You know it's was one of the most admirable people that I've ever met as an actor How do you do it almost feels like there's a new breed,
or at least a new mindset of acting? But maybe it's just maybe it's just like like theater, where you just were you didn't have? Were you weren't, immersed in the in the scenery, but just to be on agree to basically have nothing but one color in every direction and little dots on everyone and but but you still have to create these these these real moments. I actually liked it because- and I and- and I noticed I haven't done theater for awhile- I did. I did a show at Laguna- Playhouse, that's the last thing I did was probably seven years ago, I'd like in it a little bit too black box being back in Black Box theater like a small, because really all you're you're, imagining everything you know if you go see a play in a black leader. They don't even have a set. Really is a few chairs and you know maybe like a curtain and the it okay, the idea is you're you're in a hotel room when you're not whatever, and so that's really what we were. We were going with going to giant stage and the idea is you had to be in this realm, whether it was home to
or wherever it was, and I like that- and I think you know especially for like sewing and SAM with these emotional intimate scenes that they're doing in these ridiculous outfits. It really kind of helps because look the jokes over after one slash two an hour being in these outfits, We all look the same and I'm so who cares right? You know it it's weird to put these funny little- you know- suits what they look like. What suits with helmets. We want like drunk, try, athletes or something, but, but you know, after after a day, you're you're over it you're just acting and and there's something really freeing about about it, because you don't have to worry about where your lights are not having to hit 'em mark, it's very free. It's just kind of in this world and just Green Bank, simple, Green Box, Theater Green Box, the other, the supplements green, w good upgrades that
a great play. Actually, if you came out- and it was all green- you have those on- and you were just you were any of you were the play was that you were shooting a thing that that is true. Back in the day, there was green screen behind most capture. Wasn't those they're not in this is there not in the now now we never did agree. I mean we have add a little bit of green screen through windows, but it was always the right exactly you're, just you're, just capturing your motions, half a big giant, gray, yeah right, that's right, because I think it could be purple. It could be that I mean they're they're, not star wars, trilogy they're, not compositing. In anything, they're just taking you and and and and try and basically pulling you into Tron World, so there is, you know like this, like this rig the you have above you here, this lighting rig, instead of there being lights, there's like two hundred and fifty three hundred infrared camera. Right right, right, right, cameras are gratar. Looking at what's going on
cap capturing all of it. Yeah yeah, we're moving and so far my finger is. My fingers are moving back and forth. It's capturing that as data pudding it into now we can see it live as well, of course capturing it as data put it into a bunch of computers, and then that those computer, you know that that information goes over to Ouida. Who den does is all the work and makes it look like you- and I are here. I don't know why. I don't know why yeah, I you know. The funny thing is. I do understand how motion capture works, but for some reason in my head, like oh yeah, no there on a green stage in the background- is key. We're not king thank you. You're, not voters you've seen of the lab when they're in the lab, seen in like the ready with his name, and they have part of the lab building, then the rest is blue right, yeah, that's the light using if that's what we did in New Zealand, we shop, you know part of this in New Zealand and that that's all live action, there's very little green screen, but they're they're, you know, was
through windows and stuff. You know like it when we're in the lab. It's you know we. If you see a window, it's then you know obviously being Compton too the advertised to to Pandora. You must a lot. I mean the first time I ever saw myself that I ever saw a voice over. I did for a cartoon. I couldn't I was blown away but to see the the c r yeah for the for pretty funny, and I I I think that my avatar plays really well because of I've. Big features: a big nose, big ears, like you, don't like it really looks like me, there's some avatars that I think looked more like their purse and and at the emotion was always there, so it didn't matter like, but but there's some that just looked more like there are the person I think Sigourney and I really had the we have the features to make that work. Yes, she has the prepared pretty beautiful features. I have the big goofy features, so it works for it works for us, but I it you know there you have
it's nuts, and especially in the world where it's even different than a cartoon, because you're capturing every every time my eyes move every wrinkle. On my face, you know when I scrunch my face. All of that is captured right, so they're taking every piece of information and putting it into that. I I you know to that avatar. So it's not just like they're, not mocking up whatever you you know overall feeling you're having they're just using exactly what you did. It's almost just like taking your exact thing, the way that you acted it and put it on to future future will just like just like a Angelina in Beowulf Future film, like doesn't matter if she's sixty years old, as Mo Capper and then like up. She looks twenty two yeah. I hope not I don't want to I I I think that I don't think it's ever going to get there. We probably will you think man there were we're just going to come into rooms like this? I don't think it will be. I don't think it'll be that prevalent, but
will be another genre. Just like animation, computer animation. There is that there is a movie that was apartment, a cabin in the world, more notice. Yes, that's always on the tip of my tongue. There was a movie in the early eighties. Maybe seventy nine eighty eighty one called the looker with Albert Finney, and that was the whole with the plot of part of the plot of the movie, was that actors were scanned into computers? answer and that it was there was the way that there was a very analog approached what is actually happening now, but there was a whole murder mystery and it was a weird thing, but I love that were ahead of its time ahead of its time, the liquor. Probably not a great movie, but I remembered as being great they haven't seen since I was a kid and remember, kids are stupid is awesome. I you know I feel like. I feel like that that there should be nice. It can complement the live action actual future world. There can be fun. Events, I feel like avatar was more of an event that it was just a movie
But if you do this over and over again, you know first of all they do they make other motion capture movies and I'm obviously biased, but I don't think that they have the same effect that some, like I mean you, take that long to do something. You hear that harbors a magazine. You hear it a lot of these, but I love those movies is nothing else and those movies. But a lot of some of some of these to capture movies are made. You know in thirty days or whatever right we're talking about. You know close to three years of actual. You know, production that was going on and and and then think about all the years of technology to get to finally being able to make that production. That's a long time to put into something you know you almost you must deserve to seven six that would have that could have been. I mean again, I just can't fathom if it had failed like that, would have been. That would have been the titanic going under I mean it. Just would have been cut throat, island in space. It was
or or Howard the duck going back tears America's. But that's right, that's crazy! I tried to watch, I mean I want ten minutes. How are they look good and I was like how bad could it have been now, even seen in a long time. So it's not good. That was, after back to the future, I think it was the next one. After after back to the future, is a lot more swings and misses? Then we realize I mean listen. You know what I respect the shit out of the fact that he tried to do a re cool thing, but it just was. Well written in there, a lot of like duck ponds in it yeah. What was the story? What why were? Basically, basically I mean it was. It was based on a comic and Howard. The duck is in a parallel universe, that is an egg shaped world which, if you want, send anything about gravity or just the dynamics of planet. I mean it's just it's just doesn't even make sense, but it's fine. It's comic book, and so he gets sucked into our universe and then there's just this all weird, like half assed explanation of how it happens with Jeff
Jones in these dark over lords of the Universe and Howard is basically a little person in a ducks cute and he's very widely, and he knows quack foo, which Mars is just like it's so I mean Lea. Thompson was hot as shit, but but the rest of it was just like Oh my god, another another quack pun, just because a species or a thing lives in a world doesn't mean it's not like jetsons Flintstones, where everyone's going to have their name. That is tide to that era or what they are yeah. I'm I'm Chris. Hard flesh like 'cause, I'm a fleshy person, so my name is but speaking of hard flesh, though, did you see the avatar porn parody now you can see the avatar porn parody. What is it it's? It's just it's apart. The whole series of you know this. This avatar, for the same thirty rock this or whatever this
so they made an avatar porn, pairings, okay, I know exactly which Norma yes and- and I and I I watched- I watched a couple because I was fascinated by the body. I wanted to see how they did it. So I watched avatars Simpsons and monsters, because they were all body paint based also so so even the Simpsons one was live action. I think yeah. The sit in the Simpson ones are really creepy, because the people who do Marginal Moore's voice to pretty close approximations, and it's just like it's just like watching your aunt and uncle, which is like I mean literally. She did this I apologize for. Anyone who was language, sensitive who's about to hear about say be would be listened to show if you were but there's one part remarks. This is like how come eat my like feel ill. It's so nasty, but I think the color tinted those people in that one. But whoever wrote it it was. They were definitely simpsons fans because there's like a mole, cookie, Quien, Sub
sub story, but anyway the avatar one, that's it they did as good a job as could be expected, but they don't. Do the paint around the genitals, so that takes the out of its right. And and then and then, and then they just start sweating off the make up, and then you just say like these splotches everywhere, but it's funny I mean like, should you know check it, I think you should be in the next one you should come over will watch it together and the monsters one was so gross too, because the guy was doing a great Herman, Munster and while he was lily, they would cut to his face and he'd be going good. The you'll never unsee it yeah I don't even understand that why? Why would you like that would ruin? These wonderful, like you know, shows
every time I've ever. If I watch that every time I go back and watch the Simpson's hubby thinking about the porn, I know I know it's bad. So what do you what's? Next year? so you're working on the next couple. Avatars yeah and then I have actually have a movie called when you have something interesting going. I mean she's really, except for the biggest movies of all time. I have a movie called Janie Jones that just came out this week It's in New York and Seattle, it it's in the theaters, but then you anybody can get it on video, the I tunes called Apple, all that stuff, it's a wonderful little movie, the Alice on Jan of Allah and Abigail Breslin, the leads of- and it's me and Brittany, snow and list of issue, and it's it's just a about this guy who he's out that he has a daughter later in life and has to take
her on the road of his flailing. You know almost washed out band that he's a part of, and it's it's just a great little p, it's just a great it's it's a really good movie David Rosenthal. The the director did a great job. It's actually based off of his life, and so, if you are hearing this or if this is gonna, be airing soon yeah check it out. If I think it's like, like, like seven bucks, it's sort of a paper moon meets Hashes around with little family affair me hands and- and I I have some some great stuff coming out next year- I'm I was in actually with with Blake Savages all of stone's new movie and he is to light the Pelo enough, Joel Jesus Christ dude just just you know, just I I am a good I'm I give a a blowjob job that the nerdy kid from Portland makes good. I mean come on.
There is a meteoric, and that is a may. I mean listen you, but you have to look back. You know, as you sort of look back at the history of your career, you are, you can certainly must know and We need to even tell you this, but you're doing the right thing I mean like you know you look more personals than anyone else and then you kind of jump to like the biggest movies it's kind of you must sort to feel like. I think I did make the right decision getting out of getting out of Portland are getting out of Portland and then getting out of commercials. I don't know it's funny like when I was doing, and I was like aw. This may be the worst decision ever because, like you can do commercials for ever writing it's a risk that is our. It was a rescue to follow. You want that. Doesn't necessarily, but that's the thing I want to hear. It was gonna, be happy you like and want do commercials, for I would rather like done dinner theater in Portland. You know cuz at least you're kind of acting doing other. You know something else. Besides, just hawking
serial, follow what you love yeah, so that's so it, and that was obviously so such an honor in such a pleasure to work with. You know one of our best directors out there. I think that his his work is some of the coolest and creative that has got you know in the last thirty forty years. I'm so you know what, when that all came together, and I was honored to be a part of it that that was really cool. I actually took picture with him. It's so funny like never really done that I'm sure have pictures of Gemini, but just randomly, because you know we had to do event stuff together, but I like looking you know after after it was over, I was like. Can I can I have a excuse me, Mr Stone. That was a cool. Is it cool if it was like YO give me a pic
Makanan ITALY, because my damn over so I was I I did. I actually had to dress up in a cheerleader outfit, because I'm still trying to figure out who that girl from Fox fire will has yeah. I was, I guess, did you will By the way, Oliver Stone no need to change the name of the Flinstones Universe. I just got Oliver Stone Rock guys. You don't have that rocket. Sorry that I got he's right, Joe more rock, that's because here on the on the weekends we have sensors here, The weekend. He's he's a tireless worker, Adam Sessler. There in a t, shirt and jeans, and so this is that's coming. Everything in the fucking in in in in the nerd room, you can go to work in a t, shirt and jeans in a snarky t, shirts and fucking. In ninety nine percent of what my life I can be in a t, shirt and jeans like when do you have to do? What do I have to dress up they're going to go to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce too, when I have to go to any kind of
you're doing you can just tell, but you know when you have to go to I guess is when you and then you have to nice, lady out, that's kind of all the only times you have to do it or man doesn't you know either one we're not yeah, but I yeah so over stone and- and I have a with the reader, the movie that I did with Rita Wilson. It's called utopia where I played you. Finally, this knows comes Yes, exactly utopia is going to. Finally, I've been waiting for this he's, not jewish, but we'll see in Jewtopia. What to do. Topia so and and and and we had a wonderful cast, my fiance was Jamie Lynn Sigler, who is yeah full and and a great a great gal. It's work, Tom, Arnold and I'm sorry, just there's so many of the Jews. Jon Lovitz and Tom? Arnold was her father,
okay, Cameron, Manheim was her mother awesome, and so we just had a and an amazing cast to read was was my mom and it was just it was fun and, and they were they were all image seen Those four people in the same like scene, is just like what that's the that's, the classic comedy in classic Cameron. Manheim is, funny I've never kind of. I never really. You know new. I mean you knew that you could do comedy, but the it it's it's it's it's fun, so yeah there's some good stuff coming out and then I get to go. You know I'm going back to Avatar Jim Sweet well we're at the end of our show, but thank you for coming on Joe, especially after after a crazy night, Halloween antics, not that crazy, I'm just old now, so it hurts more you're, not old, I'm older than you are, and I'm not ready to admit that I'm old yet so we're all young young forever. You extend words once you stop drinking yeah, yeah Benji
button ism. Everyone thanks. So much thanks guys. And I already now leaving Nerdist dot com enjoy Are you a burrito? This episode of the Nerdist Podcast was brought to you by audible, go to audiblepodcast dot com, Slash, Nerdist and sign up today to get your free audio book.
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