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Now entering Nerdist dot com, hello, beautiful. Tell me how much old live with hello, hello, nope,
some news doing: Doggy Michael Bolton today, there's some other some new weird speaker thing that you can plug your stereo and it will play, sounds along with your music that your pets will. That sounds this country should be taken over. Is it the sound of skis tingling and it doesn't the sound of friction on a leg which to them is fucking, so that's like those are hot doggy sex sounds hot doggies, I think there's a serious or Xm Channel that it's just there's dedicated plenty of room. For doggy sex, and if I now, I think, we've started now The theme song was autumn on a gucci people keep asking me. I keep forgetting to tell people posted on the comments section, and I appreciate that I'm a poor hunts on a duty. I want a good, cheap yeah. That's an eight bit band. If you're scared, yep Kristi Yamaguchi, she was very.
Now she's doing a pit music, now she's doing a bit raw converter yeah they do ice Capades and that's it. You know how these work you put your face on the piano. I mean you know that in so it's not a pop restaurants as a resting. It works like a lease with no wind in double Myers office. I'm usually ashamed whenever I interview camera for Joel. I want you to open your mind and fall into my memories. Is a chinese woman with bound feet? This is we could not show our faces. You yeah now a long way, thankfully really come a long way that for the Chinese, now speaking to is Joel Mchale who's. Here, yes, it does sounds like we're in a warehouse because we've recorded the last couple of these in an office in the Comcast Building, right, the offices are warehouses and a half the room is made of glass, so you can hear the traffic outside a lot of bouncing around, but a nice view. We got the tar pits outside circuits.
Yeah and immortal words of Adam Carola. Only la would make a park out of piles of stinking tar only God, damn la we make an fox said, Marty Croft. That was a he went off on that died tribalism that hate them so much he hates Jim hates them. It's like Hitler, hates them city they cross. Why? Because he Bates Lando lost. He hates Sigmund the sea monsters, he thinks the whole thing is just a big big pile of Retardo and he was not pleased at all by the way. Joel. Thank you for coming in early morning I know I always feel like. I have a busy schedule and I feel like you're, twenty percent busier than I am twenty five, I'm going to go with two hundred I know, but I have a lot of you- have a lot of junk children. Two kids, I have tiny children, so this is and- and for this actually is not early for me, but it is. But this is what was supposed to be an entire week off from community, but now we're working three at
the five days off. So I read your tweets. I saw the twit pic you posted of you guys waiting for your script yesterday. Yes, we we got to first, the script was going to be read at one and it wasn't ready. Then it would be read it too. We all got there at two hundred and then around three hundred we started reading now. Are you comfortable enough on the show at this point to be like what the fuck guys are you still in kind of nice guy mode? I the I've never been more thankful in my life. I literally every minute that I'm there I could not. I can't believe that people hired me to do it. That's good, even a couple of seasons and then couple season they will turn into the desperate housewives. Then you can so matter what you'll never be the biggest dick onset? Oh well! How dare you course anybody? Why did he put it? Other nicest guy in the world is great. The nicest guy in the world and so freaking talented outright mind I knew Danny before he was you really yes from where he was friends with my girlfriend, JANET and and what we I've had she's,
really good friends with him. How did she from did they do sketch? I don't know, I don't know how to do it right now. I think we might have been fucking her, I'm not one hundred percent sure, but but how you know what different guys are friends with hi JANET, my god. Does that mean that Danny Pudi, is the most petite human being well he's not short he's tall, but he's very skinny riddle his brittle, like prince. I wish I was he's not tiny like Seacrest, but it's nothing like a breadstick yeah, but, unlike the receptively, strong and wiring. You say you say that Cico it's a small, but you are you're tall like a building whenever I've been on the soup. Next to you, I feel like a hobbit trying to ride ends the tree creature, like I looked so tiny in comparison to you and I'm so jealous. Take me to the tape
to Mordor engine Yaya fucking. Is that mages rub up on your branch Haram in it one of us going to be on lost, Charlie yeah well, but how tall you six, I'm five! Ten thousand five hundred and ten just undo six feet by zero. You weigh one hundred and thirty five pounds, yeah like one I remember when Chris was two hundred to eat. No, no. I was like one hundred and seventy in the old days. I was once look like it. I carry all my weight in my face and know you carried it everywhere, No, it's really long, but that's an equally distributed. 22Nd is my blubber like make me look fat? Yes, it makes you look fat. That's what I met you. You went from being kind of loyal people. Yeah I was like oh there's that you you were you. Were you transformed when you lost that way? Yeah man I it's like I I quit. I could drinking in two thousand three and one of the things
it kept me sober was vanity because I lost so much weight so fast. I was like wait a minute. This so bad later on later, I realize course I know I was on a destructive life path- life nowhere, but right, yeah, but because being alone is not going to make you that if you're drinking like one thousand five hundred and twenty day yeah they will and they say, if you're, just having like Midori sours, all no, no is it look. Man couple seem as in I'm good, but it was also eating pizza at like four o'clock. There was one time I had to drive you home from the mbr and we you like maybe go away either way for Jack in the box. Yeah. That's that's! That's good stuff! Yeah yeah! I know I was I was happy I was broke so step four in the morning, you're like yeah yeah yeah 'cause. I was trying to start a little fat camp on my toe. And I need some campers and they lived at Jack in the box and that's where I had two now. As you all know, picture of health picture of I've been pretty good health. Now, I'm in pretty good shape, you exercise yeah. I do I do like three times a week for you. I've run. You belong to a gym
I belong to a gym and then I also have a trainer and he trains at I have nothing. To add to this. Conversation is not, surprising, since you can't pull your chair up to the table, I'm sorry and I've just met. You want my friend, I feel familiar with you. That's why maybe this might be for everything about you is that you could say the worst thing to someone's face and it literally bill comes off amazing. Well, they always talk about this interviews. I'm like, like you, could talk to Joel and be like hey Joe and new show, and then Joe would go. Why would I care that you're doing anything? He would laugh because it's oh, never really, I mean interior charm. All charm is, is just an asshole with a smile. That's all it really is. Well, it's also a wide with a phoenix feather inside agree. Well thanks! I guess
it here that you know a from us. I think people think that I must be in a hole for your. Not though, because you you, I mean I've known, I knew you before the soup and you've always been like the nicest guy. Let me tell you a little little sleep, a little Joel, Mchale story to go when I was doing boo theme comedy at O'Brien, Santa Monica know how long you I'm sorry there is a fire origins. Are there scratching their there's a there's, a fly in bed with a forklift on it that had to come to an abrupt stop? The tar pits are now beginning of transformers now, but yeah
all right down soldiers. I believe the transformer well, a transformer. You just made a sound. You didn't actually turns wool, tired, tired yeah. Well, I met all sparkly, save that and we couldn't think of any of the ideas for another movie. I know you I've had too much better John. I don't have a problem. You got the problem, I didn't see the second one, but I didn't see the second either you guys. I don't see the first one, it confused Maine, but not the story, but just like it's too much going on on screen and come on how about that. But it was like an education that really was just a movie in education. Yes, yes, except with all the good parts but so years ago, performing in O'Briens Joel. This is like two thousand and one or two which all this really awesome,
like before. Anyone really had started wearing like the leather wristbands, with the watch embedded in it. I was like. Where did you get that, and he goes? I made it like what you fucking made this watch and then he was like you know what, if you like it so much, I will make one very well, he never did. But the point is he offered. I did not have her got the leather band I bought other than and then I got the watch out, but it was awesome that I didn't do it for you. That part was not so cool but listen, I probably would still be wearing it and I don't know if it would still be a cool thing to be aware: it's no it's better than you for any watch now. No because I have bird wrists a tiny little bird risks. I know birds have wings, but let's pretend there's watch is for people with bird wrists. They're called Lady Watch is yes. No, it's a lot of those. It is on Tokyo, flash dot com. Yes, I need to shop where Asians shop says. That's I have an asian body, you know I mean. Are you a size? Zero asian medium is like triple x s
yeah. I thought it was an asian psychic yeah he's an asian media. Have you been? Did you, Japan or Japan, Japan or China? I've never been? To I mean I, I can't think NG four was going to send me to Tokyo. What I quickly, they always keep me behind hose attack of the show and everyone else, so I never get to go to, but I really want I want. I also want to go to Korea. Yes, they are light years ahead of us, it's technology and all sorts of other cool, and you just want to be like wow, I'm on this cell system right now. Yes, I just want to be able to be a part of it as one and not yell. At my phone for once, South Koreans are the ones with the these little a slim Jims to work their computers right, they're, a little less the touch screen. There was heard about that. You mean like this meat products. I'm Jim yeah like these little doubt many sausages, so they can keep their hands in there gloves, but still manipulate yeah, because you eat organic material because the touch screens or capacitive yeah right reverend. Why so? They'll yeah selling, like a specific little pieces of sausage, to use their phones while they have their gloves
siege over the I folder works on the principle of capacitive touch screen which bleeds there's an electronically yielded between two foot pieces of glass, lid, organic material that break that field, and that's how the phone knows where touching fingers and they don't touch with a finger because dirty no? No, they have to log on hold, so they use a slim Jim, which is mostly cow. How would his Wendy Williams know about this? I'm not sure she does the lights, her slim Jim, that's on the air. Does she really heats them up? She pulled out a lighter and lights and heat to Slim, Jim once you say after like a it's almost like real food. Yes, I was like real food in your letter that's fantastic! So that's a real, so it's so cold in Korea that eight, not less! I don't know
so called they have to use. It is not even you don't even have to make up a job, they have to use sausages to activate their capacitive touchscreen, because it's kinda true, I, like I like true jokes, the gist of it. There's no there's a real funny guys know Joe, is that the right ring Wilson had known it was like knock, knock who's there apples apples to my father's, alcoholic like there's, no there's no job is just to see the real truth spewing. I don't write. We did that in community. You did for just a moment. There Michael Hall played a pulley of those groups. Who is going to kick my because I defended OB bad and he goes knock knock your balls in my face your face to my balls. Well, I can't even give all the money hey my my fist in your boss. His knock knock, my fifteen. Your balls eyes went who's there and
Then it was after it never mind wow. We don't have that. I can't even remember what I did now. You might derail the entire conversation real anything is all about you. This is going to go back behind the screen. You can do anything you want. Let me see those little bit. There's do with it. As long as it's papers and make sound, I had to kick all the D. Ten people were having a meeting and we had this conference room air like another, and I was like hey guys. Sorry, we got through at nine hundred and thirty. Just staring at me and I was like yeah- we're doing something with Joel Mchale? I totally use your name like a grenade 'cause. I knew that they wouldn't fuck woman fuck with me. If I drop your name Sal didn't make fun of me. That was not in here was the producers. It was all the peas. Is that anything for Joel Mchale right, I'm sure they'll? really did they literally did and they got up and scurry doubt they went that guy. That jumps in front of a curtain. Every week glorified weatherman. Then we both
now glorified I'm a glorified, whether men, but on a on like a smaller feeder station, wet weather, like I hope I get called up to the majors, but I I I've. How did you? How does how does uber you hide around earlier? There was a word. There was a word jam in my mouth. How does you wear? How did you like end up Vance if video my friend Saturday deadline. So how do you? The soup, was really like your first big job. It was my first consistent job in that I got here in two thousand December of two thousand on October and I could not get an agent and I had a manager who was a guy from high school and I got a part on high school styles.
High school anime Jason burns. You know Jason do I maybe I don't know. If I do networks for Playboy, hey so, but he was my manager and why could not? We were trying to get an agent for the and I got a part on will and grace because you had to be six seven or over. So I went and bought a pair of boots with heels on them nice and it's always like six six, I'm because I'm six four. So I got this tiny little part. Then I got an agent and then they drop me after like six months, because, like you're not booking anything and then they said to me, they said to Jason ago like we will be, we will represent Joel Mchale into your When he's big enough for this agency, that's really nice, but where and then they don't have to do any of the work yeah that was just come along with all the hard work's been done, with the scoop it up there when it when basically when you're successful in a champ could represent you right, we have to do is just that a he's not interested and then throw poop
but then I got a commercial agent and I started doing commercials and I just kind of thought. Well, if I can get a real agent, I'm just going to do commercials, I don't have to get a real job of I'm doing that and I'll just try to do as many of these as I can, and my plan was that if I didn't something wasn't happening within five years of being here, then it wasn't worth it and I'm going to go back to Seattle and
when I go back and weather and traffic going to go back to back, really really pan, and so this is a very I'm no beyond say, and so yet then the suit came along, but it was a pilot. It wasn't called. The soup was called the what the awards, which you'll agree, is the worst title for a show that has ever been it's not great. Saddam will be the what the Hell awards are. You know like what the award some like that, but they don't want to put that in so they just left that out. So the only thing kind of good about it was every time anyone to ask was it's called the what the ward some people go off white. I think they would have to explain to them every time what it meant kind of like the Shawshank redemption. Yes, really wait! What that's a long title. Can you explain it to me? So then TED came in as the new president and he was like this is ridiculous. Any changes to the soup, which was a good move yeah because of the name right
mission, and when we first were on, I mean we. Obviously we were Friday nights at ten, which is was a desert, so we were writing horrible at. We are writing to you guys and and no and and that because, but we it was the cheapest thing that I have ever made so they'd, let it they let us stay on and screw up for like a year and a half I love, I mean I've. I always I mean I'm not gonna lie and say that the web soup business one of the most fun jobs ever it is that it's so much fun. I mean I when I, when I first started in tv, can near was just leaving it talk. Soup and some of our crew worked on his show. So I went to one of his last tapings and talk to him and if I'm full slate like twenty two years old, I was like. I really want this job when you leave and he was like good for you really sweet kid
yeah exactly and then years later I I who, I guess, hosted talk soup when it was in between I use and how right and again like amazing, amazing, amazing and then and then, when you but doing it. I was like shit he's doing it better than we would have. So I was happy that that's not true, it is true, and then now you know, but now and now I got my own little nerdy piece of the pie, I'm pretty I'm pretty happy and it plays into exactly what you love. Yes, guys getting hit balls with things, a dancer gaming. Well, the other part of the network, then the other, the other part of the network, they're gonna, say and gay style and what clothes you engage. Gaming. Yes, a gaming. I know you have it's that fights the fun it's so much fun. I can't believe I get paid to just go out there and screw around to make fun of television and all that I can't believe it, but it's fun! It's been. What's really means
for me is just watching you're just watching them watching me learn how to read: teleprompters no holy Lord seriously, watching the evolution of your career, just going from this nice guy. Who was because you were. You were toying with stand up when I first met you and then I think you because you did so I that'll Brian's thing. I did a total of like five times and I remember at the time you can just happen to be like for the fine, and I remember I remember at the time I mean- and I'm I mean I'm not I'm honestly not just saying this, but I remember saying to my friend Jamie kill like this is really funny engine and he's like yeah. I know and he had like a kind of set it like like mock bitterly like it's like a third time doing, stand up and uh. We were all really amazed at all, so it was fun that you tell me at the time. Well, I didn't want you to get a swelled head, but now you're sort of my boss. How Ryan is our boss? Who is right? We all work for right. We all work for Ryan Ryan is
China he owns Comcast debt. Yes, I catch twenty two catch. Twenty two. Are you never seen that guy in this building, but oil? I think he just like yeah I've seen over like an entire floor. He did take over for hitting the walls. Just comes out like a mist. Yes, he floats around is agree. Gaslight. He really does every time he sees. I I've seen him twice with when I'm with bread boy and just as I, we guys that do comedy are at the dissidents just missed. It is where you go. Yeah turn around for a second you like to do in that he's gone. What happens is that the Brandon Boyd used to do his radio show they used to do comedy for his radio yeah. There are, if he's on web soup and up like the funny guys just funny. Is it on room so remarkable to have them on the podcast there so yeah? There is a point. They were time. He was boy was telling me he was what he walked in there during the commercial Break and Ryan was eating a brownie and then spat it out just so this
Hearing you just get the flavor, no just get the flavor goes. What do you do any like a distance of labor and then play of all? Are you gaze and and then he had him do the same thing on the air, which is pretty good. That's fantastic, yeah! I don't, I get the flavor of a brownie, but they I swallow it and let live in my tummy for a little while I went on the Martha Stewart show and we were making shortbread what else and they had. I looked at the lineup of what was coming on the shows to come. It was all like desserts and stuff, and I was like Martha: how do you keep so trim and fit an? I notice that she would try every shortbread every flavor and then you just throw it like she would take a little bit and then throw it off to the side, and I was like me, she's 'cause, I don't eat at all
you just tasted. How do you remember when David Cross is doing the rest of element? He talked about how there was a scene where they all around the table were supposed to eat a dessert or something they have in carbs yeah, the car? Is it and then they they? Basically all of them were like that, like between take building into a chum bucket like get the out of my system on, in LOS Angeles, it's only in LOS Angeles. This really this really plays on the finest parts of the Hume. Psyche this business in security person. Personal issues wait, wait, wait, image, yeah, it's great, but but you fucking played football in college. What not outta here like I did well yeah I I was really good at practicing. I wasn't even allowed it games. I was so scrawny in college. They were like you bring them around. Down of the sport, can even be in the marching band.
This sub bank holding this tuba both start over and try holding his clarinet. Is this triangles heavy yeah I play? I walked on at the University of Washington because the guys in my fraternity, all played and so hi, and if twenty that I actually could not stand being in, but I like the football players a lot and but so I walked on after I was on the rowing, I was recruited to row out of high school, and that was a horrible experience, because there's all this crazy, hey like what I've noticed that the sports that no one watches people the hazing and goes out going to make them feel important or in the football team there were just like. There's no hate you gotta win, go study, the playbook sure they also it's also those smaller sports. They get all uppity. I think, because the leg! Yes, this is a new sport. You like! Is it a lease or is it just that? No one wants to do it or watch ayler shut out
all roll over you yet bad on land night try and they would take as a red eyes a hazing ritual. They would shave the fry I pair. I got out before this happened, but that the first the first red gotta it's call all they would shave the freshman's heads and their eyebrows, often, but all the hair and a pillow. And then there is a display case. I don't but still out the rowing house of the pillows going years, but their full of hair wow. Why would they disturb yeah? It's kind of that's creepy that plays nicely into my plan of replicating a cruelty. Dna are big fans of Thx, one hundred and eighty two, oh one hundred and eighteen daily thx, one thousand one hundred and thirty eight. So then I
uptown and yeah. I I gained a lot of weight, an like just muscle mass, for I was lifting weights like two days two times a day plus practicing. It was crazy. Where did you find time for comedy in there did? I was in college. I I spent. I made little jokes on the sidelines, so they gather kick his ass. He comes near Maine, you funny mother fucker. Once you do, call clip show my great idea, but I knew it was telling 'cause. I got no respect on the football field. I was really good at crying and crumbling and making the defense looked terrific. But on Skype tonight on skit night I killed- and I thought that was the first time- the senior they are the the stars. It seems like a minute yeah, that's exactly what it was like and what what was just with this get the classic football guys dressed up like cheerleaders and
no ok good. I made fun of our dog they're like don't make fun of the coaches 'cause they always get made fun of and they'll be mad at you. You right mate. On now, I made fun of the team doctor. Ok, who didn't merit this reputation, but just that it was always like you might have a broken arm, but you can play right. You know you turned your ankle, but you can play, and so it was always this like you're going to be fine. I can't auction is not something by. Harmful a little headache. Just walk here. I just walk it off. It would be a lot of like giving some error, given some oxygen and I'll. Be fine, it'll be fine, so yeah. So that was the obviously this, so we just were bringing in different players with different ailments. Then we brought in a dead player and he
just alright. Let him sit out first quarter and thrown back in the game is not that funny, but so the first but the first couple seasons you're doing soup. Yes, are you feeling like it's having any culture
packed at all? Are you just feeling, like I'm doing this in my basement, I'd? That is how we felt. When did when did you? When did you start to feel the turn? Because the guy gets two years ago? We did this. We did you started this experiment real, like. I wonder if I were to go to a comedy club if people would come out and see me and I your your ep keeping Anderson and I were opening for you and you started selling out every show. It was like two hundred c rooms, the rooms Sunday night, five hundred c room sold out, and then you know turns in the eighteen hundred seats. I mean like what is that, when you kind of felt the turner, did you feel it did before that? Did you have a sense that that was actually change your life? I know well for one with the first year and a half at Lee, I could not read teleprompter I've you if they
some of those out takes. I mean I, it was like hired a person who could not read or speak English, and then you think at first it really is yeah. I know I am a terrible. I you're terrific. I just called now. I can kind of cold right, fine, but it was really bad, but there was that sense of basement no one's watching. Let's just entertain ourselves and let's see what we can say without getting in trouble. That's always those are always the best, the best way to young right now and I still well. I think we still have that weird attitude, because once you adopt that for so long, then you can't stop thinking that way. So, there's a side of me that when I say things I'll be like no one's gonna help care and then that night, like last week when I was making fun of the bachelor the girl, who said you can land you, can you can land on my lan
ng strip anytime? You want and we were like, follow the red bumps in of all the red bumps and you'll be so yeah I get you know. The standard was a really good measure of that a I will, but I was mostly terrified because I hadn't really done stand up for real, and so I was scared the whole time because I was like I don't know what it is and then you would get up and save me because you're a pro now, but I but the people were, I mean like no matter how good of a said. I've always thought like. Oh, this is really good set soon, as I was like everyone, here's Joe Mchale, it was like the most explosive it's beautiful, like integrators people face is melting, your eyes, don't look at him like fifteen minute they're like bring Chris again. No, not. Where are the clips guy this guy, like people
you've, never seen lines after a show like people lined up, you had spaghetti cat shirts, which were awesome. I need to make some noise getting really deal. I think yeah that was but it that I I did it as like when I first as he was like. Okay, I'm a try. I want this hopefully to do what it did like ten percent of ten years career and if I could just do some, if I just have people know, I because I realize Hollywood. Yes, it is a talent contest, but it's mostly a popularity contest in many ways. Is that you just to get out in front get people to notice you, and so that was kind of this. That was correct. If I can do that just be on tv every week, then then I'll get into those rooms audition for things. There's no question that you'll have careers career. I mean there's no question, there's there's no question. Everyone loves you and it's and and what I, but even the Academy award yeah he's gonna win Academy working. I'm calling it right here, Yeah you're, going to win the Academy award for special get into what is it
we both know. It's like the starters physical damage, chance for a movie parody chest chest to make a funny movie title go. I was going to say as good as it gets to getting good, but there was a silent on the license. The precious the reckoning precious to the clumps, come on you guys. Why? Wouldn't I dairy Eddie Murphy dresses up like precious? He, of course he would do that. Of course he do that he might be more, I'm not a hundred percent sure Eddie Murphy might be. Was that x I but he would shave his legs. She doesn't that's true, but I was saying we always gonna say with all that stand you for the last two years when you were available, because I think I ask you to be almost at every single show and that I would just sit and watch. Chris is sad because of like, if I can be as funny as Chris
then and puts together correctly, then it's going to be okay. Well, that's very sweet, but I have to say those shows worse. There were, there were literally price on the most fun shows ever done, because the people are coming up. Part of the challenge that you face in a comedy club is that you're noticing crazy drunk. You don't know like sunset: there there's a percentage of people and it's it's shipping. Now, a little bit like people are actually coming to see me specifically, which is cool, but I still get groups of people who don't know who I am they just were given free take from the comedy club yeah. They just go because it's going to see comedy yet to go, see you do we gotta win him over. I mean think about comedy. Is it there? You know there are sub genres. It's not all one thing: it's like music. You wouldn't go to a country bar and be like how come there's no rap. Look that up before you went out but anyway, and it's a sport to see if you can throw the comic off. That is especially in England. They do that, but but just the idea that You know you gotta win those crowds over 'cause. I don't know who you are, but you know if I'm opening for you or performing for you, people who watch the soup and know who you are
are already a good audience because they like comedy you know like they. They they have a certain vibe and a sense of humor, and it just makes them fun to perform for as opposed to you know how come you're not had this guy. Some say this to me after show in Texas: once hey man, you gonna be alright, but you should do more jokes about NASCAR and barbecues. I mean thanks. People really understand. Can you hang like it was my first failed suicide attempt. What bar in Texas was that the bar was a comedy club called CAP City in Austin Texas. We must be pretty good. What would you perform in England? I wasn't, I didn't think I was performing in London and two thousand one and their brutal. It is Brutha Dems. I'm warning you if you ever. If someone ever says to you go to stand up in London, we put on a Kevlar vest and it's suitable are
because it is it everything we do. We talk about this last last, but it has yeah date. There's a sport where the audience will try to derail you and it's it's trying to see you recover and they want you to insult them back and it's it's a it's a really like super aggressive. You know you're a cunt, your cunt WU and then everyone goes on. Youtube gets pissed as they say wow, so Obviously it's not like that everywhere. How did you? How did you get? How did the booking work it? Just I went to to London on a solo, boo sabbatical, I was like I wonder if I could drink my way through London and if you can keep up with the in
SH, do you have a problem? I was drinking at museums, zoos. You can drink everywhere there and I just call I just emailed a couple. People from local shows around town, so I did a couple like shows in bars and it's different at people who books shows the bars actually make money in London, though, really and and and the show these were brutal, but especially before I got up on stage you guys like alright, you next time it comes all the way from LOS Angeles, ca, immediate boo, like fuck me for being from here and then so, I'm american and I'm from LA being from LA will, ruin you anywhere else in the country in LOS Angeles and then I'm like. I'm sorry, your dreams come true. I'm sorry that we made avatar for you for you, german. Well what I guess I'm in the light. I guess I'm getting! The candle, but it's you, know everything. There is every single time to what time it all
the bonnet is being closed. I see the pie, these being sown up. Do they sell pies, don't even know if that works works, and so did you win did you make anyone? Did you win the crowd back? I got them a little bit, but there were there were literally people just standing at. Bar with pints just like shouting incoherent, they. I even understand what they were saying. They were just shouting to shout, so it was. Would they give? It is any the british comics respect or they, the british comics were a little more into? They came out swinging really hard right, so they they were. They came out a little more aggressive and just kind of immediately. You know like not the crowd into submission, but as soon as they saw the week-
Listen me. It was just like blood and yeah exactly oh hyena here. Let me let me lift up my thigh, so you can get to the tenderest meat like it was literally felt like that, but it was good. It was a good experience, long way on stage like fifteen minutes, I don't know wow ten minute range of emotions felt like eight hours, but it was only about ten or fifteen awesome. I would like to see that tape. It was fun there. Wasn't there what there was tape of man. I was so Drug Zac, elfin Ackiss was shooting a movie out there at the time. And so I I'd stay with him for a couple days- he was granted asylum. He was amazing. I know who's grown mazing. Well, probably I mean a hinge on him: yeah ham, those guys knocked it out of the park, and I really hope that kind of makes you want them to just
keep putting funny people on and not just like. Here's a non twenty four nice to see someone not do a forced monologue were just sat going out there and do what is your exact funny online right? Like you know the earliest you know like when George Collins was on, he would go on and do material and just it's more.
It was a comedy show nominee, so yeah not just likes lock it. That's like. Let's see if we can try to make this person funny. That should be the point of the show, so I so Zach was shootings, movie called below and so they're all these great british actors, and so we go to all these super swanky. Like private gentleman's clubs, full of british actors run look around like either through the school, and you know, whoever else, and- and so we go to this this after hours, night club and Bjork is there and I get it in my pudgy drunken head that I'm gonna ask York to dance and so everyone's well, everyone's waiting when you're drunk you've, no time line. So for me it. This was all happening quickly, but apparently ever was waiting to leave in like now he has in York, and so I walked up to be, are going to tap on the shoulder and she turns around and looks at me her eyes.
Wide and and then she immediately without saying anything spins around and walks the other way very quickly. So I don't even get to say hi Bjorke, but she spun she did go ahead. So in a way you danced with, it was just sort of talk to some other guy. The guy totally cop York me come on up to know that It did happen and then I drunkenly was lamenting about it. Zack taped me, I was just sitting, The couch is like. So you know Bjrk tonight to go really well. It was so fucking sad someone stole the camera, that's so some yeah. Why is it the one then your stand up? This is not funny. It's just sad, but that's a part. Is there yeah? I guess so that you saw a lot about like you love your drinkin stories. You don't like to talk about that stuff. I don't mind talking about it. Just to me. It's so close to me. I don't know what's funny about it. Do you think? Maybe in like another few years, when you get further away from it all, you could stop in seven now I mean I wait for ten 10s of magic number, but here's the weird
you've been away for drinking for seven years, and yet you look seven years younger than you did in two thousand and four weird it turns out. The body was not meant to be poisoned by alcohol twenty times a day easy, but and you and I both, as you have remarked many a time on stage with the perfect amount of mess a pair fan teacher going on several of the hair and the four day old growth on our yes, yes, yes, I it's all part of a look just as we can be doing this over like seventy fast. We are yeah, it's the good diamond soup, the diamond Super Anniversary Box Chris. It remember when we did out she'll your hair looks terrific. I don't grandpa, I don't like watching those boring men until television, when technology can be beamed directly into my brain. I don't want to watch.
How are you watching Caprica I've not been watching Capric I'll. So when a doctor who have not been watching Caprica nominating Africa yeah, I know that you guys want to hear that, but I've not seen speaking of b, I things being beamed right in your mind, you like it, I do like it. I haven't seen it I'm into it. I like to wait. I kinda like me to my my kind of nerd plan as a way to a series has enough episodes bang, so I can just watch him like back to back to back on Blu, Ray or or or streaming on on, Netflix streaming on the roku. Think blue ray. Is
much better than regular dvd. I know there are a lot of things, a Blu ray I do not like actually like. I don't like the fact that it makes the load time. I hate load. Time is low time sucks, but I don't like that. It makes a lot of really great film. Look like video to me yeah and that, and I know that's a setting, but still like I review, suffer attack all the time and I'm like this just looks like video and I want to see like I want to see a little bit of grain. I want to see a little bit of, maybe it's just because when I'm train what I want I want, I want to look at the tv and see let it feel like it's just a window into. What's going on in that, like what's being filmed, I want to make it see. I want to see like a good picture. You know, I see, like a nice nicely lit picture yeah, but that point there's like a lot of like, like you, can see fabric that you never would see before like stitching on that's fucking gay. But anyway you can see a lot of fabric so concerned about that. It's your belt made of dicks that I'm concerned about, but I thought why would you have that? Why would you just open yourself
for feel like you sound like you sound, so well, not you but no I the aisles I like it. Do you ever feel that this wasn't anything that ever occurred to me until I started that'll, never play video game again. I I can't play video games anymore, because if I did, I would never do anything else that struck me too. Well, I got kids now and realize for every hour that play video games. That's another hour of sleep. I'm gonna need my God either our not seeing them. Can I just talk about. Can I just talk about any for so your sanity for a second, because these are awesome and- and I know you talk about this on stage and it's I don't want to tread on a bit of that. Have but Joel and I are neighbors and for Halloween a couple years ago, his son Eddie was dressed like a light switch. He wanted to be a light. Switch was the most Dore gold is gonna, be what pattern which yeah middle. He was a light switch that was, and that was what he had thought of back in August and that's all he was dead set and now he'd like last year. We was a train and
but they do not like. I don't know what was going on, and I should probably check out by saying that it's interesting that he still wants to dress up the trade that IRAN last year was off to yeah. It was crazy, great, as part of is that he's dressed up as what looked like a Thomas train, Thomas, the tank engine which is blue, but there's a number of blue engines. One of them is hand are Hank so people be like hey. It's Thomas means like Hank yeah, I'm Hank well that. But I understand that if someone was like nice tie fighter, its act click on Klingon warbird. Like I totally understand a bird of prey, would you ever get a raise
but to put put to Eddie, that's the same thing like confusing confusing as to train oo. You know I keep that. No one would do that. He was a little sick last week and he was sitting there at the table. He's now just five news like hide so we are taking. I like what he's like my poop is a Scotia surely sitting down there, just like he really odd he's, not a door when I say that, but when he says it is
It's a David is a God. Okay, what's Christian Chris, if you didn't say it all the time it probably be adorable. If I didn't have squishy people the time it would have to talk about it. What I know this is a concern for all of us in your in your health. What's happening now, a lot of Alestra restaurant by sitting on a cake, but a whole extra yeah even went. Do you mind telling the story about anyone with DC six in all my gosh yeah all right? Well, we Isaac ways the second child. We have clearly a boy and we had. We had just brought him home and we were exhausted and with my wife, though, wanted to have our first dinner as a family around the family dinner table the first one the first day and like a this is the four full fight is like what is it just got to be a first day for our, and this is the
the first day. So hi Isaac was in his a little kerrier at the right at the table on a chair, so he was there and then we were all there and Isaac die. Eddie doesn't eat at all. Are the the five year old now five real, but this time your story it, but he doesn't eat, never seen a meat see. It's all is strength, the nutrients from photosynthesis, and he he at this. So I was begging him to eat at one of many meals that I always beg him to eat and so is Eddie. I was like Eddie two more bytes of fish buddy and he's like me at eight two, more bytes of fish and he's like, and then I was like Eddie two more bytes of fish. I don't want to fish. I wanted the Isaacs and- and I I realized
bargain, and so I was like alright, two more bytes of fish and not let you see Isaacs penis and if you eat your potatoes, let's play with as little bit out that sound yeah I couldn't that was just at once again out of the blue. Just like I don't want to read. I want to see Isaac's penis. It was just yeah, but usually that's been bugging yeah. Well, it's good to talk to your kids yeah, I'm glad to use the word penis with the kitten some weird other word. We have not do what many parents do and give all sorts of other names to their to their your who hot downward facing water bottle and yeah we have the yeah I would. I would choose a just. Let me see little kids, so I want to see Isaac Salinas, the awesome wand,
the Harbinger harbinger harbinger of sorrow, what we sort of crime maker so did master please or six. That's a thing where you take everything off, except your socks and there's a lot of apologizing right, make sure nice. So when I have to thank and apologize to the girl at the same time. Somehow, I'm sorry a three way now I have to apologize to two people sucks. How do I split up the five minutes? I don't know I don't know I want to know if you feel did you have you kind of ease off at all on your show. As far as I've been doing, I've been doing the Chelsea show regularly for the past couple of years. In the beginning, I would say the worst things I could think of about famous people that I did not know wow and then I would always feel bad, and so I had to strike this balance between. I try to be playful on the show, but I always feel like how can anyone take anything I say seriously like do you ever feel? Do you ever feel on your show
like. Maybe I should apologize that person or do you ever feel yeah every day, all the time and well, we were, as far as reality show goes. I rarely pull any punches because all those people signed up right to be on those shows all those people waited in line somewhere and filled out, forms and interviewed and tried to be on that show. So if you're on charm, school or you're on is t like killer shot of love a couple years ago or with the so many different, shows now where people are embarrassed things and then people would be like. How can you say it's like they all chose to be there, so I always like any. I have no problem with that. As far as
celebrity things go, I always de I we have make sure the premise is actually true and if you are doing something so egregious that you actually rise above the horrible day in that Hollywood is already making the horrible sound the huge ball of the horrible this and you actually single yourself out hello, hey can you know, use that term. So when you should make yourself about his, I would much better if you guys, like a win. You small part yourself in Terminator when you get scalped when you web soup to out house of a thousand corpses, then and I have no then uh I feel like then it's you know, weapons free. Then we can just go and also in your case, to like you're helping to keep these people relevant,
yeah giving them what they want, which is to be in the machine and be around there. Yes, I think, there's a lot especially reality stars are doing anything they can to stay relevant and to stay in the spotlight. The problem is, most of them. Don't have the I eight I talent for acting or for hosting most of I ninety nine percent of the time, so they just slowly fade away. What they have to do is get surgery or get you why or something like that, that that brings them right back to the front again and so, but as far as like- birdies out of my own man if this person gets mad at me. If there's a side of me, that's like yeah the reason that, but if this premise is so egregious, then we have to we have to address it, because if we don't then we'll be, then I think
be like a so you can make fun of that. You got you have to get it. There was like looking. Do you like it like on the schoolyard nearly as it were? I would say that on it so interesting about good good good. You know I've become a clone class well board as feelings. The symptoms do soft addition for stuff for you at the point where they start to send. You scripts piled all the time you do for movies all the time. Yeah yeah well, movies are weird because the movie, the movie industry generally, does not recognize the television zones being anything special, which is weird too because, like you know, community, as of one camera shot like a movie, kinda have ya for the I don't care movie executives, do not watch television, they don't understand television. Well, that's right! Name too, because right now, television is kicking in the film industry. Is that it's like this, so much better tv, the movies coming out right now there really is.
I could you know all right now back in thirty rock and modern yeah. I think that I agree I mean do the madman. I mean that I mean, if you put for those episodes together, made a movie a wide once I got Jyj Movie, that or or half the stuff on HBO and yet television is as high quality and as low quality, as it's ever been the it's true that the polarization is both. What I mean literally television and that to me is never been better and it is never been worse. Yeah we go, I l I th Suma will only go that way. The only worry is that a reality shows are so cheap to make that why not just make twelve of those and you'll make autonomous. As opposed to the whatever network. Puts that really show out will then have the money to. Maybe hopefully you know put money into a show that yeah be good. That's like all, I don't
You know it's like it's unfortunate, necessary evil. I think I think the simple life was keeping arrested development on the air for a couple of years, yeah just like yeah. Well, we gotta have this once but now, but when do you ever hear like man? Did you get the simple like Dv Ds? You never hear that you hear you only hear the rest. Velma. Dvds are yeah. My same thing with like wouldn't like wind money. Python was at its zenith at its height, Benny Hill kicked its all over the ratings, but nobody ever goes over that Benny Hill were they sped up camera and they ran around. I think yeah and I think that's the only one. That's the one that made it, but you, let me money, Python is still considered, is Kerry out a chart. Well, it's amazing to me, like you, you you, your community is an amazing feat, because I don't know: if most people understand it's hard enough just to get a show made, then it is hard enough to get a show picked up. Then, on top of that, it is hard enough that the show was good,
because there are so many people who can it up. So I can see a little more along the way that, like the idea that you're on a network and you're doing a show, that's funny- and you get to be funny on it is- is miraculous. Last amazing, too, just got Dan Harmon. You know who is who is Dan is a mad genius. Yeah I've never anybody like him and the roots of others who made arrests of element, the executive producers and directed a lot of them, and they hired almost all film directors to direct the episodes because they wanted it to be different. Looking than a lot of the hand held stuff, that's being shot now, not that that stuff was battered and anyway, it's terrific I'm in the office is awesome, but they wanted to just look different than everything. So they have pulled that off.
It took a lot of ours but yeah I couldn't when I finally booked the pilot I just didn't. I didn't realize all the I'd gone a couple times like almost to getting on the air with pilots and not- and it was just like I have. This- is getting another pilot, great, so happy, but who the hell knows? What little house you were you there? Wasn't you weren't like the first choice for the the part, because it almost seems like it was written for you. I I don't know how many I don't know what choice I was no meaning I mean. I know when I interview. I don't know if there was someone I was told. I was first choice: yeah, that's what I was told that the that's, usually the kids yeah. I was like right well, the first wrong: why did they get yeah Show runner wants, is always yeah, but now this is going to the guy that played Hunter in the eighties and so friend. Are you for wood to Fred dryer? No, I don't. I don't know what the actual choice list, what the what the order was.
Could you just walk us through who else would have been better in that room? That's what Jonas really ask I just like the cigarette on that sure. If you're from the first episode out it seemed like it seems like resulted in four. Oh well, people say that and I'm like do you think, I'm an asshole no, but when I read the script was like this is great. I think you could this guy, don't separate that don't out just like a real yeah? I was losing for day and Dan knew that guy and I actually in a meeting that guide which based on- and I it's it's not me, but it's very it's very easy to be that kind of play that guy and get to play that guy, like Jeff Bridges, mean that the the dude yes and I get in there I my guy is not the moral center of the show and- and so there was a great guy. I
because so many pilots are written as the you are the moral center of the show, and not that I would want to be that, but it's so typical that it's a thirty something guy who's always wondering why he can't have love every script, and I read it would just like thirty something guy who doesn't can't figure out why AL's friends are happy and in love with kids, and he. Why is the where? Yes, but this is this was just different, because this guy was having again from a completely other things. As do you still feel do you feel at all like because I think everyone look you'll go my God like Joe. It's like he's has all these great jobs, but do you ever feel like does not hidden it, or do you still over feel those things felt from when you were first starting out only like every minute of the day, so that never goes away. That will never go away. In fact, it gets heightened if you care about what you do, that never goes actually yeah I've yeah it, the the stakes, only get high, and
so I guess farther to fall. Now now I was like, oh and now it's on the air, and it's going to it's going to be our next year, what you better be good next year, yeah so yeah! That's that that's you can't do that! You just drive, there's a there's. Just I was just sit back and enjoy what you're doing and love it, and I do love it. But there is always that, like that's going to be s as guys are yeah, there's all abs me always quietly judging myself I'm good. I'm glad I'm glad to hear that. That's just that's just the that's just the thing I mean I'm not glad here, because I know that that's torturous, because I do it and I feel most evenings going into it, then there's a d and you're, probably not. I mean it's probably wrong for me to set, but if you're not somewhat constantly trying to be better at what you're doing you're, not a tiny, and I could look so the upside to having that kind of hyper self awareness is. You know, you're you're constantly wanted you better and you're, constantly working on your crafting you're constantly trying to see how you can improve it and then, of course,
all the downsides are like the anxiety right out the depression, like all that that goes along with. It is just like that. You know that the two have that package, but ultimately I don't know I feel like it's worth it yeah I of yeah I mean I literally- would never. I could not be happier picture. Doing anything else. I think one of the reasons I I started getting jobs because I knew I couldn't do anything else I was had not. I had left to no option open. I remember that my dad was like you, get a back up plan and get your real estate law. Since I was told that my next girlfriend yeah, I don't feel like the back up that it is now I might as well just become a meth dealer and then, when the market dropped that where you like, how 'bout that real estate law,
is now slam. Why would you do that? To me from your father? I got my life. I don't remember telling you that there is one thousand nine hundred and ninety one a joke 'cause. I need some really supported you jerk in the cats in the cradle and the silver calling back out dad. I'm really sorry! Oh that's right click, Lee and just do it again, but now I believe, with all that kind of constantly. Judging myself of what I'm doing, I couldn't happy as hell with what I'm doing there any other any chevy, so I don't want to, but I don't know if I should bring up Chevy is. Is it what's that, because you know Fletcher was a very seminal movie for and my comedy developments in charge was a long time ago. It really was is is still very funny. The nice guy Chevy is a great guy. I ask you this, you can't I mean I this is rude like I should ask you have a chevy, your Chevy is Chevy and he is an icon and, like this legend, and so we're firm, just be walking around the stage. All the time not knowing is line cell,
I'm kidding Chevy, Chevy Chase and Matt get together to specifically not right into the like Chevy or whichever you want emails like now, my emails in New York, let he and he's got a lovely lovely family of he's, got three daughters and a beautiful wife and that he they've been married for like thirty years so but you have a longer. I will be married fourteen, years, yeah I got married when I was like twenty three: why to super cool? What super cool yes and looks great? She looks amazing yeah he's two kids. Looking like that, yeah you live in the I have not. I hit a grand slam when I met her. I married way up, but I think you you you you're doing you hold up your end, all right, you're in good shape, Joel Mchale, not when I came to the marriage with a eighty, nine Nissan Sentra and a stereo, it didn't
leather band wrist watch you not like my home in the stereo in the cars of the Boom box in the past. Yes, her grandma when she, when I was dating her she was. I didn't, have a car at that point, so I was in college and she was like she just drives him around everywhere. She thought I was just like using her use. Is there a for a ride everywhere? They could give me a ride all day. You know from you're like a hot driver that was a driver with yeah I'm having have the girlfriend job around it's a great feeling. So that's why we need the series called the freeloaders guide to learn correctly. I always sat in the back nice. Yes, Barker from the back and then you get out at Barneys and they're like hey there hi everyone Rahma. That is why my work was. I want to ask you before so we can. Let you get out here is yeah hi. My bladder has reached a point. Is that it? Well I'm gonna turn that down.
Someone's calling the set of Wall Street on okay? That's my wife, everything's, fine, everything, Are you talking about me she's? I hear you, but I think when I see that is see, Chris was a pretty good sense of humor, because you, you beat him against the SH, the rocks relentlessly like an orca and a beach seal yeah, and and and what can we, we literally push pause, this weather like one. What to know! Sorry? Yes, Seacrest! I was just asking likes that you took a quick bathroom break. Well, how are you feeling better now so much better there blood in it? That's how you got it. Sorry, Tallman! Your bladder must be the size of a Zeppelin, so you must have a lot of liquid. Yes much like where the Hindenburg crash, when I pee The ice cream of the humanity, humanity, humanity, humanity, just because of burn, though right yeah, 'cause, the burning sensation it burns and then, of course, the people falling off the road
hanging yeah, I it's weird. Why have little like I take floss and I tired by in a little little figures, yeah all right, never camera too Seacrest people seek now come on secrets and I are probably about the same height to be honest but uhm. So he obviously has a pretty good sense of humor. He does and yeah we take him out. I mean we make fun of him all the time, his height and his money right and and and his fame. So you can always just stand on a hundred million dollars and laughed down at you as he does every single day and he's he's got a great sense of humor and I've gone as radio show and he's been, and I I don't feel what we say is malicious and anyway, we really I mean now and he's actually not even that short and he, but we just make fun of him because he's
than me and he's the most famous and Richard and he's like the GE of you know like to n b c when they were in like when Letterman was that's how he didn't take it because he knows, like I really the most powerful person in the right yeah so yeah, that's exactly how we treat it and you take out. You know I'm just Like all those other, you know we we take out the authority for yourself he's a he's, a very guy and I like secret. I mean I don't really know him like. I never seen it is. The guy is the busiest guy an like you can't achieve that level of success without without working your off, I mean I know stories of him before it when he was just doing a radio show like going and popping up on the local news and he'd, like the the newspaper like yeah he'd, show, like an hour before anyone else made up ready to go yeah just like he designed the here that he has like some of the outlook, but you can't get that level without you know without
without work, and I work really hard maintaining it. So I, like him, yeah blood red, had a story about where they had a guy on his his radio show where he was somehow to like save time or you could have like a three day work week and then, but apparently see Chris didn't couldn't compute and it says I but so yeah, he again another job to fill up the rest of the work week. As I don't know, no, you just work this match and then you can just relax with your extra time. I don't understand, are you just going to get that you would have a more jobs? No, we don't have any yeah. He is he's built an empire, so we yeah we love taking him out. He doesn't seem, doesn't seem to bother him too much. We would let him now if he would. Let us know sure you find out yeah. We did a thing where I was on Conan when Conan is first week when he was on the air and Acecr it's coming on the night the next day, and I did, I made fun of Seacrest. I was like when he comes out.
I was like stand up and be like where, where are you look down? There is and then pick him up like a doll and put him on your knee. Don't let him tell you what he wants for Christmas and then just stick your hand up his back. His mouth moves and, and then I got a call that next day from TED and TED was like him, and I'm like you calling to congratulate me. By appearance ongoing instead by the way, is the Father of R Cuphead Harvard is the president of E and he's like? No man Ryan's little upset, and I'm like? Oh no, I said too much is like yeah and then I hang out and then I'm like. What's what's the number he gave me the number of one of his twelve systems and call and the back my mind. I was like why don't just go, and so I called always gonna schedule, time to be upset yeah I call up pay for that by the way you that's another job he's like uh, I'm upset right now from one thousand and fifteen to one thousand and thirty five, and I call his assistant I get past like two other assistance before I get to Seacrest and
and I'm like him- and I know what I said. I say a lot of crap about you and I'm sorry blah blah blah. It was all in good fun. So sorry Mary, then long pause and he was like gotcha. No, I got it just hung up yeah. Well, it was great even for I have to see how it's like he did. He got me good. Yes, that is the ultimate poking when you can get the President of Comcast entertain me to call you pretty good. I know it was a good idea and then I called in tech call me back like I can't believe you wait. For I mean why would I call you what a dork see you later, because what you know, because, that'll time you've been waiting for that call like if you just yes, I like to be able to go. This is what I've been waiting for, that you've gone too far. Call that's most comedians. She felt like I felt like was in third grade, and I had made plans like I did. I did. I did it again here. It goes, but it was a great joke.
I want to. I don't want to do anymore of your time. Thank you so much for coming into the office today on what is a good play: basketball hi, dear nope, too, he's trying to track, yeah, you guys can't see this. I know this has been a very nice interview that so many, but he was awesome. So casual and wonderful people should watch community. They should watch the soup community. Second season, everybody watch community this week, I'm. No, but that's coming up again: no, I get on. I get it on with Katharine Mcphee I so she plays a chevy, stepdaughter and and yeah, so that was crazy, nice for both married. This is really just reality. Acting enacting boner standing character by character, I mean other person
all my pants. What sorry you guys wrote on this? No phone? Okay? Was it up our model for hers all right, yeah that yeah so watch that all right, excellent, so don't kill thanks again for coming. Thank you for having me. So I also want to say thanks for I think everyone hi from Jonah and Matt and Mchale in me. You better watch community, let's say the end. The end humans, thanks for listening to the Nerdist Podcast, it's quick announcement time, Jonah Ray of this very podcast will be starting a monthly stand up, show at meltdown, comics and Holly. Would yes, the comic book store over there is this performance space in the back shows are super fun. There first shows Friday March 19th at eight hundred pm and John will be performing along with Whitney Cummings Duncan Trussell Eric Appel, Kp Anderson, Brent, Weinbach and then also musical guest, the cause
eight dollars and somehow there's free beer. You can find more details. It's Joan, ready, dot com, then Monday April fifth, will be the first of what hopefully will be our monthly LIVE Nerdist Podcast in Largo, in LOS Angeles, our first guest Jim Savage of myth, busters yeah, details on that and other shows all right, of course, Nerdist dot com, hey! Why not help break in our new email address with a question or comment Nerdist dot thanks for listening guys. It is through the support of listeners like blood that you blah blah blah and the blah there were now leaving Nerdist dot com.
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