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Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age talks about knowing where all the best restaurants are, his numerous run-ins with Steve Perry, and his favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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As there is by gas number three sixty four good day to you. I never accord these interests a Milton anymore. Why is there Katy Airlines, Bessie and two no record of off your phone when you're in an airport. How fuckin, dare you nail my life so succinctly? I miss, I got you don't like it When the combat euros, though you have been an thrown a long time now, they're nervous into the many show, before the showed tailgate party from my, Lincoln days give me well. This is the impact of its part out in front of the stadium has of again case full of old Milwaukee, ever it is that Peat Keystone, I think he's don't look like Keystone life when I was in college natty eyes these friends in college that would put on the Keystone boxes of the twelfth arguments over their head after they drank the two
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stands that damn right, it is staff dot com. Thank you for not jump in Cairo, because you're not might listen. Steps outcome is every postal stamp service. You could possibly need in front of your computer Togo, the Kosovars any more for not the exact, possibly need from your computer. Put it on your parcel or letter, and your mail carrier coming pick it up, and you can. I five men go back into your home and catch up game, thrones or whatever it is that you're watching? What did you just make? Europe will face because again, I'm I'm, I'm I'm I'm a couple episodes behind the scenes, yes or no, no spoilers of no spoilers insteps outcome problem that we're doing right now there is, code for nervous listeners, especial offer, no rest trial? A hundred and ten dollar bonus, including a digital skills, to fifty five thousand free postage using the promo code noticed. Don't wait, go to stamp out conflict, the microphone atop, the homepage typing noticed stamped. I come into the promo code notice you could do is right it.
Spoilers and then mail them to me. So that when I watch than I can often be like Twitter advised out, everything can be part of spoiling going to utter. There's like those are. Those are like mean electronic postcards its entire. All right, I'm not going to be built, soon, but I see everything the second at air, so they can. You believe this happened on doktor would like those reforming however, just as they had has damaged. Yes, I'm I'm avoiding all with their roles and also for media until I can catch up a little bit. This episode was Lord Fawn, how own credible with Josh Army, he was amazing. Usually I mean I had it. Hence it I'd heard that he was pretty funny guy to think Dave, growling and filling out when a guy he's fucking really funny damp, like legitimately five, so we record is here a meltdown as we are doing all of our pockets and almost all of them here a meltdown. So here's the nervous by its with joy with Georgia. Now over it's like I always. I gather now go pick it up so
So was gonna call you didn't you know he just wanted to hang out. So here we go North Pike, s episode, number three, sixty four with Josh Army of Queens of the stone age and a million other side projects eagles deaf meddler met suffer grow like a million other things he's an all and talented guy and he's right now in your ear holes start the tape. What tape ever made that noise I want to give it to me.
Star com or otherwise, very my phone. Can I also don't give a fuck me? Can you take Jonesy, get two minutes to be on time? That's right is get, the minutes of Ireland by two minutes. You are actually really
RO the report very able to shoot the shit until Joan Register and when he gets here to work to get them. Mental, come to a screeching hall and then we'll just kind of stare at each other for long moanings, each ballot love another visit, my own. Actually, I challenge you to the whole time you do. Do you bring dueling gloves all around just in case you have to do a people in traffic. I do what I have to do, let's get you can use a rather ones when you do. What you are doing is rubber. One gets powder. Lottery looks again just like challenged someone to do, but I can't I can't you ethical. Of? We have actually started. We have not always yourself close to being late do the Verona Motorcycle and you can ride around and just smack people the face of their gloves and do like mobile dual challenge
Mobile, suggested pedestrian, tells you to do the work, but when I see some on a bicycle, I'm so tempted to high five there, but I think that all the time you really does not always have the tightest ass is anything but not only just because it is so yeah because there and those blown skins, even lemon passenger style, it I'm sort of hanging out the window. I think like. Oh, I like it. I feel a common leggum does my browser like I'm post to Israel. A good game slap or just let you know just like it like a tiny ones. As you know, it's gonna make someone. How do you get it out there already people power causing exploded? A gentle like just a little screwing around squeeze wouldn't know you have to time arrived. Say: you're gone like twenty five miles an hour. You have to sort of be at this angle so that you're not hitting them hard you wanna projectile people and also you can just feel like a dad. Just like you.
The kid you're doin. This is gone great yeah exactly than they rather by them scientifically, like. Inevitably it's like some sixty five year old guy gone green, like twenty thirty years for tat, they were tied his assets. So do we, So I think I think that someone should do that. A tour de France dislike just as between blood transfusions. Tell us exactly this hot hot hot hot may we forget the like handing out cups awhile, I just Go go positively and look forward. It's era, we we, I now everyone's all right at other progress pursued only to replenish anybody, that's strategy or someone with their own transportation on Royds pest They just can find you there's no traffic. That can stop omen. We ve through Algeria record this shit is going well. This is goods of acid rain,
I saw you, I saw you and it's got argument Instagram. You did comedy barrier yesterday, that's us ass! Yet how was it there? Now, as you know, that's the first time see I can I I love to make people laugh about seeing the world right on this, but I just like to talk and have make fun stuff ass, my heart, but you are wearing a rush hour. Three teach as its effect there, it's better we starting with our plenary is Libya's they tell me you're not into world travel. I mean I love it, especially when done by Jackie, Jan and take a sham, jangle leg and then Chris talkers, all. I know him humor imagine being get around him just like the highest voice ever like the words carbon out of my mouth I think it would be really skittish. Yes, like that, what are you
Why you sound always verbal slap letting us not a verbal dual. You know I, like verbal cutting. I would like to explain when he was coupled overjoyed for doing a hundred and eighty seven in his Bentley Jesus Christ? We're not actually that's kind, a rat there have been attacks on earth was others no rush hour. He had movie you're as bad as being governed. By put these be, doesn't committed, don't let him out of here it comes in the desert, has tolerated back around you're the only person I've ever met, who was born in Joshua, Tree Osborne and Palm springs, because that's the place the hospital is right, but I've lived and Josh or, as is gone again, we're gets going grave gray dimension it just given that I as a going grades
was, I know it. I have lived in Josh a tree and an eleven thousand palms and palm dozen palm springs, and I mean to me there's no difference between the towns, because it's just a stoplight Anville thousand legumes only as eight hundred bombs wasn't irritants, bull rats and I've been beached. Alot was an irritating that a bunch of Irishman by the name of your two named their album after the place you were from when they work from there and on all honesty. I was like enough bound, nothin I think, I'd have named Dublin.
Our global album double a done deal yogi. I an apostrophe, very push it over the aid and the next. We welcome you and your twin brother, yet ever twin brother, but he's a fuck up. You gotta have like I that's just my inner me. That's how media does decisively on my utilitarian name is Steve, whoever he may be, as is the fog you ve got your brother, Steve aging I told my guide. I love it s great to relieve you could be a fuck up, rather is another good or gain was where we were going to do this thing, Stephen, I and now I don't know now it will save, probably never going to happen but call the gingerbread boys were both Everett AIR and the shows called I heart. The valley and we're gonna like just drive like say, Magnolia, EAST West verses, like Van eyes, were boulevard on another day, and
compare em cause of so many cool treasures and allay allies? Is I've seen a lot of time and I will pay for this yellow inside it again and is instead of instead of like getting releases I want to be really honest like if we go into a pinata store, will just going to be in a black bar people. The auditors over their eyes. So we have to give relief that whenever the story I actually genes, you just do gene in adults, railway use, we areas, we went to the spy shop and we bought these paths that are your rapporteur, so it could be like a little girl. Take you an economy. That is why I am here why our boat up several we're, making sure nobody reserves. Could you please stay here, for too much ass. If surprised. Even if I guess at some point,
How are we doing about job? How he knows? I was well aware the, but, but really it is because you Steve, including to us, I fucking, love his misses, a thing that I simply want to say. I love his vines husband. Where can I get you really regret as they value? Would you by your fucking? Love is vines? Color sounds a little too descends. We, What you said you love someone's tweets before I I know, but vines is relatively new paradigm. I'm trying to get my mouth youth doing. What's vines, I'm out of the loop eyes is basically video twitter. At six,
quality. That is cool. Babies are super fucking funny in the way that the app works is that you probably been in some without knowing. Why have we not just six seconds, and you can't edited, but whenever you hold your down, hold your finger down on the screen, your recording and if you lifted off it stops, so you can make at its and Steve, makes fucking amazing ones Tomlin and makes gray one hardly more unseen. Make some really great ones too. I haven't, I haven't gotten a twitter cause, I'm afraid that I'll do now git Her and Mouth disease he had just as I've said awful shit before, unlike because I'm on pc enough to like control myself journal you're worried the people that you're gonna have to deal with the backlash. Now I'm worried that people will just no no use, it is when people like I've, just like grappled so its way
We a pandora's box it you're trying to keep close by not going on to to eradicate and advising yourselves year box, blows lady inbox tight by stealth. What am I stepsister say issues I keep a tight, keep it right, thereby stepsister. Don't talk That is totally worries about your those on advice. Technically s sure step steps start ups, oh, no I'm thinking haven't, they will have their siblings caused by now we're those one hundred surveying the baby Bay arise. That voting about which what did in Roseanne when, like the two brothers got together, the two sisters. Early dinner and Becky get together with the two like weirdo guys. One no remember there. It is. They were step. It was just brothers and sisters. They worry about that are known and urges the brother and sister dating abroad to such, you're right up so like Roseanne Cosette that show just ended like a week ago has turned its current treaties
Bang Bang through the current, because Gonna go see, Ghostbusters two out, computers are guaranteed Still, I saw the other day saying rose to hot to handle things to go the whole global both of them the controls role in change, my line of gonna laundered, Adios Historiae, both because they offer disappointment or, if you like now, because I just wanted to be vanka men and any ways. I always wanted to be Bill Mary and then I saw them like an science yahoo, but he was going and an end like he set up this parameter where he wasn't that great sides. He just was good at the hang, and I was there I can do this now. Is that his his absolutely I Bill Murray is everyone spirit, animal he's the national treasure, he is a national diversion, they should make an award. That's just the.
Reward and he wins or people that are bad ass if he wins any just gives let everyone golf courses that do everybody of. If he gave an award do think people wouldn't just have the biggest brown. Of all those lady element of your me. You know what I think it should be like the dread pirate Roberts City hand, down the name Bill Murray to someone when he decides to retire and net persons. The new bill Murray that totally, but I don't know who that person is- and I feel that I have not seen any one in the media in the last. You know ten years that, unlike Dac eyes just like built like there's, no one has his energy. You just make me think like a world where were merry free, and it's like the sad when I learnt that sucks the, but it's basically there's no Bill Marietta's, just dislike dark cold, or grey yet totally latest everything's on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Its ways Schwarzenegger all the sudden. Ok wait his quit. I know I'm not possess unquestionable, as I do that
no, no, we have to get up. Have you guys been on skills? It have you been on Youtube and unseen sorts niggers best, it's all just excerpts from sorts and eager no let it be like the top one. Fifty world will come back and then elemental. It's like shit, shit, that's not drink in big losers. Urls put someone else, put some guy, looping like video of him, but it's all just a times. You just makes noises since they learn lessons already but that rapid whole feel so much better than just regular Schwarzenegger scenario. I fear like just a normal Schwarzenegger, but that radicals like Ribbed onions, however boring when he's just like. I can't always or silent. Well, it's not what did the maids? You heard that the board Florida
hundred blog area and Bulgarian is, as great hundred gray see how many there are thirty greatest the other one on also was. I will do better by thirty Gabby associate. The wheedling process has begun as one of its I read a re, he wasn't. There was a things I learned. The homepage. I read it a couple days ago were where they said that short than it was a millionaire, but this time he was twenty two because he had a like a mail order. Vitamin d is allows, and today I learned Our idea is that things I am. I right now has watching alone. I why he's he's he's in that movie? Here's what he's in the longer by oh yeah, just like a huge lackey dude, is gigantic. Like distractingly, so yeah background, you can keep your eyes. I got so regretted as such. When they release Hercules in New York with the original soundtrack way. I was the first Conan is incredible of Korea. That there were music, the way it shot the sets even the way they use him where he doesn't say so much money. Does you like that?
What can we do? I just like Chrome and you like. I know I know my own and the barbarians. What are you, what do you get out of here with our will God, damn it. Why do we have better wifi? And here we steal it? Another. With the internet, not russian, to load but are allow me to break the ice. I need your clothes, motorcycle? I did nothing pavement. His enemy son of a bitch, listen to me very carefully. You you usually your me. Oh shit, I've seen you
were you the asshole on tv right, wrong, I ask you a question is a hope. Bunch of a coming than Miranda have demands it immediately. Why are there I want to say I don't do request. Take do these, do they, God buffering, whereby shed sinew just find the shit's, where my shit, nigger there. There's did you find it is. What's the difference, crying worth every man, god dammit worth I every minute. I wasn't trying to chew it all up. I just wanted you to hear my shits. You just want to have them answered immediately a. Why should because to say please those actions by any request. Let a girl in a play,
You gonna? U yours, ensure and find it miss. They should put some Bain parts and the whole shit Mcferrin your watch, the cut of the Mcbay movie gascons create great every time they would show Mcmahon Clip on the Simpsons. It was part of a Meredith and when they put him altogether, it was a movie yeah. That was, I that is longer. That's incredible, that on Youtube, it's a goddamn winter in a dream, ass, exactly goddammit, that's genius! They were genius. What do you agree? doing now judge what he working on are. You may just made, and I will give you making you have an album now you have as little band link that working out. Ok now heard singles or can be more of them. You gonna do a bunch of single there's, gonna be ten singles there than in other avenues done so were really just having a collection of songs We have a record coming out, but we have to talk about that. I don't care, we can talk about other stuff, I'm having more fun to talk about this.
An hour or weak. I mean we can like a thing about by he just shut the window, a charge Ok, I have a record come out in June. Fourth, ok, good, Sir an acre yeah here they are about what the record is. The first regulation, I judge, is really really rooting out the next one drop a bunch of radio quotes from like shortening bring on the love you baby. You should take you to take a bunch of this shit's unjust, weave some sweet rifts. I took them it's an that's. What the problem is that, as a series of shared view that you do different actors of arm into Sierra Leone so that in future come on. Are you? Are you touring? We are about to do about the start about stern like next week. Do you like that? You know Have a cup of kids, and so I like them along,
I like it was it's kind of like a bitter sweet curse. You, when you haven't done it for awhile ya, think about is going out and when you're out there after. Why are you think about us coming home? Yet so it's it's just it's a green grass. On the other side of every fence. Yeah do you wish that can sometimes? I think I gotta be really fun if you like the turing cancer I do I enjoy being on the road a lot, but I also feel like I kind of would have been more from, and I was like twenty three and it is give a shit about anybody like I gotta get to bed at a reasonable hour. I struggled to remember those times cause. It was just like that. It's just I mean I like. I love that feeling of not knowing what can happen. I guess, as waste Electrical Mexico Alla time or because I will come back with my head, I dont know no or yours thing with, and so am I voice said whenever let go the hotel room door ever since I was eighteen when I first argument
Wherever a voice said- and little did, he know was about to happen to not ruled out where it lay like a kind of bouncing at the thought of what's going on, and I still do that, but the problem is that you get lost out there to have to be careful that no one cuts or umbilical sure, because I tend to get stuck in the now and when about their there. You know nothing good happens after midnight unless your and then you think everything good happens. S a bit like well seen the son come up and then thrown out of some of the nicest in the world. Is it? What do you feel like in the last I mean? Can you nature for twenty one. I just turn for about a week. I happen to have regard that, as you forgot before, haven't now cause, I don't really it doesnt. I thought I was thirty seven for two years of outrageous forgot how old you are. I sell
the beds any inside, I told my wife Brodie I was like be thirty age is no you're not, and I said I am and she's now you can be thirty. Seven eyes like I just was thirty seven, this whole year, and I have to talk to this again, but you ve got a year back yet but up, but I just did it the same anyways just a mega or can I go hand in hand? Anything as you have. You may think. If you please, I live every time. Pirate slime space continuum, theirs most Groundhog Day and there by the way Bilbil Mary Mara, remembering Marie Murmur Murray, Melbury, pretty much lives lifelike Groundhog day now, where he just into situations and everybody chairs of E mails died allies. Oil of eleven may, at this point just be a hologram like him,
He might not be real, he might be summoned. Two dimensional, like you, didn't try to hug that hologram at least a few times to make sure our girl by Israel still big Israel humanely help Bilbil I've ever had ever now, but I would like to stuff to do that that that that somebody, like sure? What would he got? What I would have you heard bill bearing at accidents that guy that leg he would come into the store, unlike whenever I guess we're going on at the time he would come up and drop in on it, so we should always be here. Gelatin case bloomerism mister. I don't think he lives here that it doesn't matter he might swing through bill. Mary just appears. Yet you know they live anywhere where you're like wow, you summoned him, but you can't Norman him there. You can't somebody's. Time more like you can't summoned him on purpose. It's just the need for
try and rise to offer them a lot. Isabel marries, demanded by the largest donor of Isabella, was over. Go you of a boner death, is a feather he's just watching lay other Verona for Bill TOP five bill. Mary of once more in the USA and its number in the USA, Mary three February live a protocol to return of the Son of Bill, Maria elaborate Burma, brutal murder and I've. We'll have a booty, condos booty COD Berrigan Bergen. Berry, Murray S good wherever Buber Odyssey, Norka, though Murray born to funding, but what what's the top five movies homer them. Never not the albums their masters Gunnar Day. What what about Bob about meatball sleep, all its unwavering lay hang on. It is putting what about Bobby me yet
in autumn. In that area is great at it, but it's Bill Murray. We have better choices the yet about. I thought I agree. I think I think King pen is one of the game is about ever has been hair like that ever hear and didn't I tell you to call me Ernie were here tonight: What is it with you there now more than ever at ground one of the big all the besides we're the Buffalo Rome area decided to intervene on data that you're that guy, that's what you must have. You will come to you that, like that, through a real, deep cut cause, they want you to know like yeah, totally know you're catalogue, your besides. You, like yourselves egg, like this, gives me o the song we dug forget about them area. I think probably as I you dont like them, towards the definitive list of my eyes. I have realised that vertebrata, if I thought not I like, but I like it
aground on those bastards stripes. I think his performance in strength it's pretty great idea like that, it's a classic in it and it's really a bill Mary vehicle. Yes bachelor rigour yeah I've never looked at to have the same. I've never tried to meatballs put a special in any one. I don't think that's a lunatic, big he's: U dollars right, right, solar and wind meatballs. Are we talk? thank you, my story, moaning, cod and it doesn't matter it's kind of a text that is. Are you adding in rules that don't matter matter that was in the movie me Jesus Christ? Someone hasn't seen. Meatballs are weak, but I gotta throw king pin in their became. Then yes kick ass. It came out at the same time as Lebowski, but an I think, people kind of washed over it, but
onto her one of things you do is watch movies over and over new started, lay almost like deconstruct them, and that movie has so many great running jokes that reoccur and like the cast his great is so fucking funny s so good. You know an Amish Boeing, and this was also derek- has labelling, he's an amazing movie, but it's also Artie here it's a bowling centre and that in its art here is not already or just Marconi, it's more colony butter, but a little more. Red campaign is, is Joe, is a comedy fairly broad variety, hitting a balls I knowed will they had their out the gay. Want you three that three great moving around the king pin as their best of that three. Yet, while I mean do you know they just kind of knocked at the park and robot King pin, as is exclusively about bowling, were Lebowski, as he balls yeah, it's just a totally sidebar. I wanna go on so number five we have now the world according
the girl about President James. That's the trailer that we're gonna, goading two it or are we just had It was the lira is less constructed by like how Bill Murray. Isn't it cause if it's not gonna get got a put Caddyshack well but but see that's just an american male standard. There. I must know if your guy, you live in America. Get out of here. Rounding up. I've moved because I'm up, because I think his performance wise with Dahmer, you can do a lot of different things like I think, he's working great in broken flowers, yadda he's fantastic in life aquatic US, this is fucking radical, but it also he's that we did. What do we do when we do guys you we throw light automatic in there just to be tied writer, Throwin Rushmore, I like his character of innocence. I was just going to said button. You know go in and around I want to do with justice and private conversations of an artist get rude judge. This, isn't it We have an obligation to understand what the hell's I mean rush hours on it
it's kind of how he isn't a conversation to spoken just plows over. I plough with Why have I told you rush hour, threes in Paris? Yes, your three times is it or did they just put an iphone by the way, have I told you rush hour. Threes takes place imperatives, Jason Vegas, where does rush hour to take place pair in our hearts Paris Zone- and I warn you ever do it. You know. I always I always feel like off. I had like a billion our you'd make rush hour for now, but but you have given something really insane with it and either like give it to like Bomer with and was Anderson. So they could. Finally do, whatever they want in a movie guys just done out of work
gloves armies like like, like Fuckin, set it in space, which is do something really weird like take a franchise it people know and then spend it in some way. That is completely opposite what they would expect. Get off. My only hope, our three, the fuckin yes right are three in space with lizards, I loved no Russia. Four resides don't you have a billion dollars? You can buy every copyright our three and destroy it and make Russia three hope again more warmly hands by that finally agreed by all the seven copies of. How did you learn it in Paris? Are you it where it? Where are you? Are you travelling domestically travelling internationally on the shore
I'm going international and domestic affairs where they first letter three, I am miserable, would you just so? I can touch the Eiffel Tower were Jackie chance when, when you perform in Paris, please just keep just running thing in the show. Just keep referencing rush hour three. I did I just as much We have you fucking me to wear that we share. We did oppressed or an and was a day in Paris and of course I wore this the whole time, and I was you to intervene, I would say. Are you aware that would wait till the mostly inopportune model, because I'm sadly is due to some desert? I do this press things all hide behind a door. Jump bound by it.
Its power and its funded, like sort of hang the journalists upside down by their anklets broadly almost, but it's probably fun for you to give as when you're comic. They expect you to say weird things, but if Europe a me if you're musician, then they must totally take everyone. I suppose I come off guard all the time out, weird any mother fucker, because you never see it coming out. I mean and an even even of justice, when you get bored, you know journalists, it's down, he just go. Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck is this? They are just getting in journalism paper going, I gathered. I poured journey ass, a great deal of journey, Steve, very good, banter, good bad. I have a steep Perry story which, like to her. Yes,
always than wiggly referring. Please follow it up with a job here, all of the singer of journey, of course, and so I would add my above, but my first will start or house in studio city and- and I was working on the installing the cat, its myself on the contract or size it s third or has it, makes me figure out their watering, the house every day I am it's like those does eggs, you put water and they turn into it. So it's spongy! How it's it's really safe, because you can't get hurt so I'm putting in the cabinets and- and I have the Stena sweating it's hard in the summer time- an almost finished- and I hear while this is an amazing house- and I around. I go Steve Perry. What the fuck did Steve Baroness standing in my living room right next to the kitchen and This is amazing. Man is this place for sale, and I was like no, no, I I own this place and I'm just about finished and we talked for a little bit, not an adventure. I was like Steve. Perry got to get the
gotta, you gotta take a learning how to live. Like a house flight go ahead, you and ass these very wander studio city looking at housing- oh my god, as he West Coast, Bill Murray, while a pair is all coast. Apparently, he does sort of meander likes to walk right, yeah, so flash for three years later, four years later, I'm in Burbank I've built as you building a studio and I'm working on it have my two about on a summer simonov fuckin hot, and I hear I hear of the corner of my ear. I here. While this place is amazing. I turn around. I go Steve Perry. You gotta get the line. He was walking through Burbank any be an early shit. Apparently construction zone is like crap. I think this is where you someone you summon him with their construction, did he's like my kryptonite. Can't you did, did you know you were or didn't know? I know
never got to that. I just I just looked like the construction guy. That was there. You know what I mean and I get so every time I put on my tool belt. Nowadays I look, our real quick. I'm just do you know what I do know summer. You have to be sweated. Yeah said we have to be like all women have been, we listen my day just give us Queens Estonia, here's my damn it. I hope. There's like a bar. There should be a bar instead as any rather contractors go, and they just tells the parents took compares spare you see here. Up when they are building? While this, as a made a lot, but apparently I have a party area function. I've heard stories where he'll hear my friends ban. He walked into this club on sunset and said. Well, can I do lights? What literally for read this is this is no Bush man he walked in, and so they were like. Steve, Perry do lights and he did fall on rock lights and he's got holy shit,
I don't know why have those areas where maybe there is now no severity very do lights because he's not he doesn't single journey anymore the other guy, so I'm having sex with my wife. I look over this is where our cities like, while you're doing great, can, I am sorry to bury a nosegay variegated, You get it you say that no matter where you construction belt, while you're here, what it's, how we do started, these kids won't make themselves. This is the metaphorical hammer building people have time. I can't believe that I had no idea very Parrys, remember her. How does it is areas around about at least eight really here, eight Steve Perry Store upon the three that you just heard now This is why aren't you guys gonna pay gone this year
can. I has that it makes this Lamb dance Sunday and slammed bans, Paragon Billy Convention and full of exconvict who loves DE bearing a twenty eight. After fifty seven of the hour econometric ordinary. We actually always the reconstruction in hopes of summoning another just saw along with my my German Jeanne swords on just pockets. You gotta understand it has to be somewhere. He wants the rents and you have to go into an abandoned house and start doing work and spin around three. I was in safety very that money parry this bloody literary, blackberry, very, very bad Mary, it's the wild places, amazing lay, but those guys this workshop is amazing. You I I can't do you ever think like you ribbon awesome to have
I guess somebody love will find you will live in my mind. You'd gotten in half an hour in Europe can help it. Do you think if I get those guys who sort of live that? What what? What sort like what Joe, whilst describes in the song, whereas like those guys they just don't, are not in touch with reality at all. If you are a rock star in it and that certain period between, like the seventies and eighties, I gotta say I love those moments when I've been. Well to be the guy and that song words? I really mamma. You guys were eighty five it is now our own drive us like, oh, my god, it's so fuckin ran, I think they're. So many great lyrics, Christa, augurs man illegals. What people say, I'm crazy. It takes all my time. We just like that sounds Joe else's obligatory, pretty funny. Guy like he was hilarious, do not know, but also- but I know some stuff about him like the Eagles were like
we're gonna, do a tour. We need to get Joel's. They found him living above a record store in Detroit, just smokin crackings. Hey guys up up up up up up up up another like you need to get sober where you're not gonna, others too. If I go k just is indeed, and then it's like I'll. Just go back to ripen boy. All of this guitar here, that's that's the story of the eagles I reckon back you're, going to hang out with any of the Eagles Joel's would be the guy afraid. Your isp is Glenn fry ever the answer that, quite simply, we had only ever the rotation of four where you send it did. The documentary you gotta be kidding. Henley is the worst of all glad now towards the vehicles of Ali, because I mean he goes it out of that the equal possibility.
You have to have won t go in your band. You have eagles of a vessel or yeah. It's gotta be Joel how low? you already know the devil up. Ok, apparently, he loves eagles are detrimental to because these men boots elector or Jesse use the singer. And so did Bill Murray actually last. I believe it didn't Murray the Berry Murray, Mary Mary this when he was born? I believe he was that south myself, where this year and Eagles death my planet stubs in the day and all the sudden boats turns around and its bill Murray and boots smoking a joint and Amerigas you going to pass that over or what and he smoked weed, and then he stood in the front with the shades on smoking, a joint right front and center cuz there's. You know like five hundred people to the place. You know it's not supposed to be fully packed like a party for Joe Shut, the Ragman or whoever
add up and he dug the whole thing and he was in the audience. Rousing jeer cause. I don't know It's a tuna while I mean I'd sometimes, but can only be one place a one time you you you, you helped found the bay and then I make out when we make all the records boots and I together, and then I too, or when I can, but most the time I don't get to death, which sucks causes the funniest band ever to to play. Do you do just kind of like that idea of you know you play with girl play with this guy, but I could do your own thing cuz. You have just different chemistry with everyone and you just give me a minute and take on too much what I do I do I take I take on too much, and I mean that's why I took six years to put out a new queens record and but it's it's when there's a bunch of really great opportunities and there's really good people and it's a lot of fun, it's hard. Why would you say no in and it feels like all the hard work and giving ash it leads to the next good opportunity of
Funds are do yeah and collaborating as the greatest thing of army. I can play all the instruments. I could do lumber that'll, be all by myself and who fuckin cares. You know just I'd rather be with people like like now yet so, and I've known boots since I was, we went to high school together. Sometimes since I was fourteen We got a diner further three in the morning once really here, that's really cool leaving a bar. We are like. We were hanging out with bullets. Agog guys I just thought you three got now now. How did I get it soon? Allow fuck you guys, I've gotta go that's the one time we hung out without microphone, a bunch of us at a bar than like Eric laughed, and there was a slight we're in this apart. The same Gruber wouldn't talk in the leg. He was a! U Hungary, as I could eat music. One drivers to asked Robert Lecture there. That's the! But that's him now. Yes, Give me a bunch eagles of death, metal yeah, because he'll just he's like Billy givens. That way we're just like
how about you know where we had the entire? I never have a bad time with it. I met him. The first time you went out to a party in his light cause he's like a big brain kid, a hundred and fifty plus, I q, and he went about male magna here. He went out to this party and there's a family of bullies, and I fuckin hated these guys. So men is like four of a man and he went to the partying this one boy pushed him in the swimming pool and wouldn't let him out. First time you ever went to a party, so you got a party. Someone pushes you in the pool. Not looking and then they won't. Let you out everyone's staring right. It's awful this Highschool! Yes and yes, I came into the party and I was gonna meet this girl and I came in and there was this guy The poor and this fuckin bully asshole than I hated. So I came up behind him, took care of it right and, and I let boots I'll pull had you take care of it. I think I came up behind him and said o
the swim party. You know that you are here squared off, and I made him back down in front of all these people. Ah that's good, and so then I literally reached my hand out and pull gesture of my body guard and withered Jesse was yours. He was, Look at his moustache- and I was like: why do you have a Muslim appear? Fifteen years old, this raises you'll see you, everyone will have these soon were. I would have been a bit like the eagles, definitely basin, like what. If there was an Eagles, I'm not your the Eagles really fucked up. I hope he is not here, so we ve been friends ever since, but every once, every ten years a mustache comes along.
So settling Reynolds Mercury and I feel like he's the mustache for now enough for this ten year. Brick he's gotta starting knows he's got it. Can you think of any other good moustache and a government offer means gotta good mustache? I don't know this, isn't parks and wreck yeah, oh yeah, he does yeah yeah ran Swanton Muslim, and so on rising on. I really want to kick Roma stash. You guys can note if you want, you can win. If you would let it go and have a magical, Dick weep up as much wiener you ve got a whole. I need you need a collection plate, but it just like. Please don't leave me. Please give that guy you, your frankly wrangler because you have like lighter color. Her you have to have a beer has be big. Yet have a big must, but my my face my face hairs.
Dark doing. My higher and writer my face here is not always. The latter is not always the where errors can ass. Yours connects right, viminal, metal, Bessie. What we have Thinking you just put your tongue out eventually arrival weirdo gap in the middle. There never really grows. Psycho, reverse Hitler mega exactly that's how on racist I am yet shared Le Havre tells unguarded fiscal comedy would be to seek agar chaplet mustache It was to happen to me. I don't you think. That's kind of he's really took that away from chaplain Nature did. While the old, yeah really, the way I was going to iron out. Let us put our wires white thou. There was ass, yet a bet he had a big picture, a chaplain and a huge aero going to his moustache. If I personally get back any he had had, I moved to Poland yet totally. That was on the work, the warm out of their money where the fictional Island of Atlantis was mustache.
Ran around Mcnally. That wasn't a fiery complements that yes, there was a very stylish common must, was the other guy brother of GDP, Alan. He has used the reverse yet materials you had to get you to have it like. Yet a innately grew. He grew Answers down like passes to like while you really put a new spin on the, but actually you know Gigi Alan's First Ban was called the jabbered their great and there are fucking one colleague, the Buzz Cox and an end. Like we used to cover a couple of their songs. I beat on me and what was the one he was a german arousing around yeah and I'd also like there's some early radioactive. Of Emory hasn't quite gone too, like Hague aborting go fuck, your forming a shit. My had an answer like US alpha. He hasn't quite cross that yet How do we already see sulphur? Well, he
as a visionary did attempt to blow himself up before blow it up. Was you when they buried at me with a spoon we didn't wash his body yeah, they left the meagre. While when you're bans called this, I'm fucks, I slept at. I slept at a friends house at the night after Jelinek gum Fucks slept in the same house you. So I slept next to the mattress. With my head in between the night stand in the bed cause. I thought that was the only place where they had. Routinely circle jerk, which I might really people do- that a while guaranteeing legal basis was us into just jerking off I'll, hang out yet he still is not what they like no all the sick. As I used to hang around the dwarves before I balancing lag monsieur before lagging, I had to good. I know you couldn't you someone had to see who is a key principle. He was keeping his own
I can power in a pool had in fact, I walked into his dressing room and in front of all his friends just sort of humiliated perverts, while waded out of that play out what what what it did. It didn't play out very well I'd, rather even not talk about it, but just so you Just you get older, you been served said, oh my god. Sometimes you have to do stuff now, it's a waiter, That's the Chicago somebody out there leads to stand up for the well in my case is just telling it the net Heaven. What can I say when you are ready character there, dear anonymous I'll, show you will yours, Thomas and also the return of Julian Circle jerking, and so I slept alongside that matters. Just sort of it feel like this only play so they wouldn't argh rope at, but I needed
it's somewhere you're out of it here just outside the sprinklers out. Well, it's like a would have hit the mattress and then an area on the four with the Ark Dissident you didn't think I dance of ballistic horrid outweigh the dagger in there just as much geometrical like string row, I like to think that right, where you fell asleep or all these formulas that you wrote on genocide of addressing with my own seem, India has a way tat sort of thing in real black letter. Just really do math the road map, my friends in South Africa, how they they put show on for. Well, I, with distinction between south and now ass. I lay down over the different city jail warning that Lake Tahoe Innovative, but they put on a chauffeur, was the willows, and so was it will stay at their house and they had it like those a cargo and pick up wisely like early in the morning and the like are here's, your room was any, is, I beg you anything those weedy spreadsheet. I've been so there were just like it's after shows our bones parting and he just in the room and that might be all pass out in their wake up, he's already gone,
So the guy goes in the room. Where was it was saint in all the put furniture and everything in the room had been pushed to the edges of the room. There's a pile of shit. Mental there, oh no, oh, no, you gotta leave a tip the way. You know how I got on all their there's, something to true like sort of perverse people, rock and roll people really are like Rocky Eriksson, who you know is just on another wavelength out enough shit. All of the room is another way like, but it certainly on a different wavelength out of it. Well, that's a Wesley. Well, as Van knows that he's on another waiver you're, always regardless of of where he poops rundown Chicago yes, dear receded Yola. Now I didn't because I You know very well that the first of all every show got cancelled because there was a time when I was gonna go see, Gigi with Nick our old baseball Nikola very still and and it got cancel and
so he was never really able to play and also by then it was just that it wasn't the same. It was just like, You want to run the risk of having someone rupture on you, I'd I'd, I'd rather watch a video of Todd. Philips is a first document area was called hated and yes regime and school. It's great! That's at once. You see that's like cool. I don't want to see yet ever never won an and also to you, you sort of. Last record. He did. He finally got some money and he saw the last g G. Alan record is great actually than the murder junkies that really I figure we ve never bothered, but that I don't know why. I now to tell you about a half should, but I mean for first sort of like a rugged avant garde, punk rock music, it's the most punk. You could get yeah sort of you know in and that later time
frame kind of post hard core the every year. There is a great part in that hated documentary words like they go back to his like music teacher in high school and then a play like a obedience on it. The one words like a fucking with AIDS. I fuck everything like everything, affects my that TAT S. Just like this old man listening to me because I got it, but I don't understand, I don't know How do you, so you taught him how to do it in a different reality. For that really like it came to the area of common one to nine seven eight. That count is wrong. I think that with this took a really doctor, I gotta go
don't get in there? What are the three most? Our three did. Anyone know: what's it bear? Not even the French is there what every rule would you do that when you made your apples? Is there anything that you put on their rear? Like I'm gonna hide it? You put like weird Easter eggs on their just, although tries I mean I I think you know most people listen to music, the way to the bank or something or whenever I get that in other running errands or are they listen to music all the way to the bank? Our baby? That's just a chosen. Veal is the etymology that raise actually apparently came from Liberace. The first went to say we laughed all the way to the bank. My baby boy did you anyone watch by what it is like an acid, so maybe I did I get every award for his his role and I'm all rob low adjust the, whereas ain't it my colleague everyday, just everything that all the corners or frosted almost
things like in the home of its just its literally Lytton lit by candlelight. Ours is shot through its worst geek crystal sell guide, watch it says they get there s a lot more, but I I love to make music for someone. That's listening the fiftieth time, and I want someone to find something there. Just should be this trail of Brugger Breadcrumbs is not so simple to get too, and that feels like the minimum obligation like. If you get to play music and that's it,
do for a living? Then she knew just like that. Be the minimum obligation that you throw down in Trier harvested to make it really honest and gnarly you now down there, because there's also there's plenty a plan of manufactured stuff already. You know so weary got those covered. You know and I like Britney spears as much of the next guy let us just like, and also the next, the guy. Next to that, guy out all lighted there's only like this circle. There is an error and there I am in the middle drying no, no, no, no, no need be careful with another ship in the middle do not get it! I'm next to the bed, one! When the lights go out, an orgy be very careful what you reach for the fact that no lights, which that's it
japanese, pillows. If five guy, if I've you do like Haiti Wanna make a cinnamon rolled, don't do it, don't you guys would make a hell of a certain. Is that from its, whereas about yeah yeah as yet, as I speak, replace a temporary tell him that it cinnabar cinnabar ore. Is that what they call it I don't know, set up a ban on it. What do you do the rest It is going to invite desirable. We want to bring about any more. Is that what we do here in that area that was going what're? You gonna do the rest to highlight here by growing Glenville Gallery. There is but I've of us, one lovely lady and ten cameras. That's ok, Inside each year do we have just if we can make it
Quality show about just going to get a cinnamon role. That's collating the melee, I'm tired, now I've sort of blaanor, but that I think that would be good show actually right, because this is a city of secrets, so the best restaurants in Vienna any moves. The. I think that every time I met in asking by like a place, it looks like shadows. I you know, I don't know about that place. What, if I was a gotta found out that that places amazing bullock, does a place called Uncle Andres in its on more park and like it's right next to this store that they always film does for a supermarket and in its uncle address it's in a little minimise as the best fuckin barbecued. So goddamn good, really you order it and it takes an or for do, come and even says, issued a called one or two ago sooner year, again Uncle Andre an end, and it's fuckin wonderful. Now. How are you supposed to figure that out? Because allay is just vast and sprawl of like that in an like there's, a great cowboy storm.
An ice has got good shirts and boots. And oh really, I no secret I think- and so it's like which street wins out. I mean if you were, to go up and down a saddle Ventura while but venture doesn't count because it has been explored. It's it's an arguing, snaky, they now concern is just a camera. It's just sushi and drunk change. A couple car Jerry Valley, but its is allow its value, about a the bread, Moray Jaruzelski figure them but the, but the idea that there are rednecks not that far from like this, so much about others, rednecks like three blocking where I eventually, but also, but there are others boot stores like inventor event, eyes. Receded, was
I learned that growing up in the desert. That hillbilly is really just a state of mind like when, when you're in Josh, Audrey or Audio Cavallo really- and you go to Walmart there- you are blown away by what is really occurring. Like I love forget, like there's a dude wells, here at this long. Malta was so malady and- and I just thou, hast fuckin maize in here and and and hidden Mom had a an air tank, we note with them, another and the cane with them for medical feet on gas. Yes, and he had a flawed his his his sleeve, the ship was cut all the way down to the very bottom, her for the sleeve and then all the way back up, and he had a head on in it. Some trucker haven't had some crazy moustache and I was about
ten years old and he was buying all the cold medicine is reasonable. He was probably not feeling good at and that a member that the pharmacist as if my mom is- and how does pharmacists goes while you must be real sick and he goes on stock up now. In hindsight I know he was cooking, math, yes, and about. I remember him bill. I am stock enough and I thought well, see from and he's from their light as they Alexandria very by really southern exists, hillbilly! It's this is the southern California celadon. That really matter you know. Is that just well, it's a very relaxed way to talk that access. I does not work. Following a milder, yet they could just be locked up and ugly. I accept like every time I get drunk or does every morning I find myself working languages like any of my wife from Australia to so they say reckon Alla time. So I will you Gonna do this morning and I find myself gone or the fact
my view that just hit areas like there was there's like a biker bar at the end of San Pedro near the cliffs, and walkers campaigns disappear. Like you Dennis just like that, we want that may be able to examine. How is like barely stand like its isn't, that made them ready. Sir may I think that is devil bags in their pockets of everybody everywhere. You know, there's like pockets of history. Is a nice nice pockets pleaded. You also now will certainly in a city of so please view Those who had people just in Scotland and there I go. The population is five and a half million with God, damn it in the entire country of Scotland, there are five hundred their fight, five point: five million people, LOS Angeles? That's. We hope that has got, and also the size of LOS Angeles County, bad debt, but there is also no it mean its it take.
Pack more people in theirs they wanted to, but I'm not stupid. I know it's really. They do the fry everything rolling, Greek God, Scotch eggs right really so good. I deprived of water bottle there and give it to you there are some whatever you here you go. I heard the others. I wasn't a chemist with I'm an abandoned biogas is out of the grand Morrison. Who was just talking about how everybody in Scotland knows that their slowly killing themselves with fried food and adjust. That's the that's the mindset. Scotland has like fuck it. There was a sharp seal. That's very desert! Do it does very hillbilly. Do is that just like we like there's a Hannah was dealt with. No, this is five car dry
can turn cards. You write that it was the hand your Duncan evermore. There's a whole second stage here, mother harder than that. If there is a fucking, perfect diseases like someone playing cards like nope, be happier, this word is just yeah, but it's M Prairie you now that we're doing other hands as well and we could just keep on Gaza, but I'm so I think there's a certain like- and I also think like in lots of these points this, especially in America. There is sort of like it was a verified sheriff where you know cause. I, when I were I write group, you didn't really talk all the time I got it. Just was just it's kind of there's a little bit of a scary overtone. Were you know the, and so I think there's, but I also think that Hillbilly Miss is very honest and you know you see.
And absolutely, and so I think, of I've always been oddly attracted to that and proud of it, and also ashamed that like or like drawn to it, because it's you know it, and I'll take that over, like what it may redneck is your friend he is he she is able boil friend to the end- and you know you never know really universally Nelson until it goes wrong right and an them Sometimes things sums gone wrong in my my desert. Peeps have been like we're here, and I think that's that I dig that you I mean that's. The extra the extra to hunt palms or love. Yeah did that fill out. There are by love, love happens, they just out of the ground at Eu Level, as it is already plays to work, is only please to play there
plain pantheon areas. Pappy inherits, you know, as is in the last you know over many years, so not the Morocco I'm gonna play their here. Are you really yeah? That's where the moron go? That's where the let's go. Yes, I will drive by Magda and no one ever you know how many times in my life, I've wanted to spray paying out the go just containing all the way. Gets Morocco Valley has just like my, but you know I will once again its whether things were sure it's like being trapped, The Deva lynched movie for the entire time in their pleasant, but David Ledges, school yeah, yeah minutes it's. I am I right
I'm proud of how weird it is its. It keeps people out like like a security system of bizarre. It is maybe that's just sort of like the outward that's almost like a hologram, but if you're on the other side of it, people just totally normal like they just they keep that wall observed no odyssey their fuckin. We're ok with further it's like you know: people go to Josh Traveller weaken and it's wonderful and like I'm in a move here and it's like I'll see in six months, I thought a ten go. The other way you know him him are you like a summer happens. There's these there's these. These bugs occult saw periods. Like a giant white aunt there like the size of my palm and there really aggressive, and they don't hurt you, but there so aggressive. If you flick went away, they turn a guy, like fact, closure at a charge, and you can step on one of the San. You pick up your foot and they just go through dusted off as we like.
It's terrifying easiest our deal with all that stuff out there and you were on the fringe of the desert wilderness in every way and that's what makes it wonderful as how it chases the normal person weigh its that's. What makes me proud us like gold boys Siena, very some change them away with your weird desert. People are very specific. I've spent a lot of time in Arizona and and and is well in their it's just a very specific kind of person. We are, we always resilience wherever we are breed of people in the italian version that lives in a place that no one should live and it s not less speed. I certainly did react leaders too. If it were you the guy starting up on all the goal that is, and I beg to differ for now. I I've had my runs with everything, but you know it's a certain brand of people that is out there.
Of. So how did you manage to stay a pretty level headed? Well, I've never been in the peer pressure and I've never been into that. And I don't wanna be owned by anything either while there I was in the peer pressure. That's very fond to give in to the great french persuasion is peer. Pressure was the rush hour three. I was unfair. That was in Paris, art, because I wonder if I wonder if someone has to do with the fact that you're, a big guy- and so you do not just not in IRAN as a young, person. You're does not really that intimidated by anyone, because no not if I have red hair and so learn to stay or run in our minds, which is the two original sports running and staggered Evan an I. You know, I think anyone who has read error or something like idiosyncratic about their look, go through that thing. You now are you just you deal with that an and you have to figure out what you're gonna do and so
and but it also endears, you have people to go through that situation. So you kind of immediately empathizing go I'm ok out now, so I have my own sense of justice and I don't let anyone for that are, and also shit like you know it heels on the outside pretty quickly. So you know, but inside it can be tougher to heal. If, if you don't be yourself, you know you also justice, glared, bribed internal bleeding yeah, I didn't hurt he only much tougher here, let me show you get mad dying. Where do I put this genitalia everyone. I wouldn't rest. Oh, I see that while we people malleson I get this flying ale. Here's an by wiener, jokes, Weiner, jokes, it is an unfortunate happens to quit. Crying liner jokes, my got caught up:
male no apparent in again woke up in again now is written. Now it is when I was in the king missiles, detachable penis, listen to it with it, or at least that this is about this word about an hour. Josh befell really good thanks for today king it for me we'll come back and rehash of albinos back anytime, honestly. The shit's refine, but we just like let it play. Should we just let the shit where's the edges eyes is or what yeah this is. A great sign off judge had an album get it yet, whenever its call for farming Gotham like were some point, ten of Ngos. It's like everyone Desiree via an ill, give I'd like to leave you with some shits, enjoyable, shits Bruno.
There's gotta to be recorded by Schwarzenegger, not you had in sound like you appreciate those comma. That's no way. I'm shrapnel I won't let you edit this out. It's bullshit should not. Think of what Q Katy would kill you blew it, let's get some learns employers to tat. Did she blood or did the phone blowin gets? It do I mean really, we did all the best ones. I think you lost it. Right. Well, you know. Look at us just a lesson in life everything goes away. Plan and you don't believe a girl, and I see no reason why we can't just find it later and edit at the end. Ok, that's not gonna be real Chris. What's this,
guesses about being read, not real, you're, robot oh shit, I'm alone empty building, very steep irregular I got a nice guy, solar power games and you didn't like it address bar guesses. Amazing. I love my god. The thing is amazing. Twisty very peeves Terry hurt us their curve staring. Oh, my god. Those up those bottles are amazing. That is an amazing pile of euro x. You got over there, you're taking illegal in restaurant in works, peeve curves tearing her very what an incredible set of
arms you have. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I think you're a near sighted. This was just just what is it not just one? Actually, just one now I'd like to set you can find it. Alright, JANET imposed and focus get out had always out of her that shit There is a curve stereo later staring said so now leaving noticed com,
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