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Kevin Pollak collects Disney Haunted Mansion memorabilia. ALSO he has a dang popular chat show on the Webs, soon to be the TV/Webs what with technology and all. Chris likes the movie "Willow". Jonah Ray was out. Matt Mira's insurance company is having their way with him after a mystery person beat up his car and removed most of the show's recording equipment.  See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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The low and working to them. It is not just member forty five so really quickly I'll be performing Santo colony at the Edison Improv Edison Taxis, just outside of Dallas Thursday through Saturday number eight team through twenty, that is all and not for the episode of affordable. With Mr Kevin back now entering murders, star com,
workers in an atmosphere of sittings. My left is Matthew, Myra, raise out working on a television programme and couldn't be here today. We are at be lovely chateau of Mister in public the compound the compound and is it is. It is becoming Pollack compound and just a little story before we before we delve into the way the action here come apart was actually protested here couple weeks ago. What you're saying I didn't hear that no end, you never will why's that haven't you were nice enough to come to Comcast a couple weeks ago. Donates couple hours of your time also lost through the zoom age foreign reporter that day and so
so when you showed up. It was like a lesson if they like. Why can't find a report about what to do? I know all. Do we I've been reporting sets a my Iphone voice. Memo thing: let's just do it on that. How bad could it be? The answer is of all yeah. I had proper phone up against a telephone system, so there was a little bit of electrical interference throughout most of the package. A wee bit. The touch, and not only that, but the car it was day of blunders early, one I want to say they are the order. Was there. This is no ordinary. That's where we're in a conference room some people from a program called you drew Hollywood stories decided to wake in the conference room at thy head for forty? They had at first it was. This has been our comes up for forty years, we're like really. They go well now It's more like you, so right off the bat, they were exaggerating their argument to try to escape.
Superiority or impressively so impressively. So so I draw your name work very well. I said, oh I'm interviewing Kevin Pollack in here, and we reserve this room. It greatly part of your last yes and they scattered by cockroaches. Now what later was that they were in fact wrong in the Comtesse Building, where they were in fact, cockroach metamorphosis sands awoke to find himself in the form of a hideous Merlin, and then you are treated by the tourists but we're but yeah for months you're supposed to renew your claim on a conference room windows, yes, and they did not. So they were wrong. If we were right and it didn't matter, it is always a topic of usable. So I to make the cheapest phone call the cabin a pilot Mcnamara and Can we really sorry? I there is a problem, as you can get we know relate yes me like yours,
nice about right away and thanking all place. It was just a show of money. Which is gorgeous by the way just moved? In literally within days, boxes are just broken down and and piled it took up this kind of surprise, because when you feel thirty boxes move them anything while these will never get up right now and therein every I just wanna pact Milady on the back for doing this, and I will job in three days of getting the hell out about. I know you moved in three days. Neither and invite away were in your dining right now and there are serious give you ran diagram. Let me give you a tour. What's in his room, I want there is a haunted mansion scotch set here which awesome. It's got the whole mansion on and it's gonna be like each other glasses have different rules like sixty style, ghouls, there's some type of power from the outset,
about from the sixties and in the shape of a fancy fox with a top hat, is obviously just gonna. Listen, the only his own kind because he's a caterpillar or who sold out They sell he's the uncle Tom Foxes. I would only say that he would maybe fancier if he were using his own tales stall, but he's not then over here you have What looks like something from a set of boardwalk empire, and you like to explain this peace and all the barber chair from the twenties it gorge with it all work metal and the original fabric. Janius how well it plays in the early over my description, but in the mines gorgeous. And what else would you do with the barbershop unto? Yes, but a skeleton sitting in it?
now I know it is also. There is also an area navvy postal over there. The skeleton do you are you a skeleton fetishist of my eye. Sweeter have won the morbid, that's been task easily said after school you ve gotta, hang on to a lady. When will she What would the when the morbid sire yeah about your awesome. Skeleton use is going through the hunted mentioned scotch. Stretching our hearings. I just got to lose a. I actually have this wretched paintings from the haunted mentioned yesterday, the princess Well, I should within before we start like us, and he is part of the broader rob. Zombie has one view: Ridge,
it's got, but he's only once a year for or better than his one be framed in spot lit. That's ended as people walking and how are you gonna have the recording of this room. Is fantastic. That's fantastic well well done. We'll be fans above your house and what you ve done. Digging the mecca works. Yet time to move in and get settled down there. You gonna put a headstone the backyard nice. Yes, a reaction from the other from the room to find a way out, terrifying hanging, women or the painted residual we actually on it, which we
That is unfair I always love when the lights are when they're, when it's still dark and then skeleton in the haunted mansion, but there was always like there's always some piece of Rat guy, who has the yellow, Yes, there is to be a year with American me. Isn't it I think it's. I don't know why, but in effect anymore the child, but hanging the image of the hanging woman. My way passage of wooded just killing yourself in front of family. It's interesting that you said woman, because the voice over clearly states isn't a thousand you could always try my way yet it ass. He does you haven't. I The long black, exacerbated the master recently aspect is that of the world.
Labels entertaining and educational, that's fantastic and I'm going to. Let me go now who doesn't? We can well nigh the annual, but Milady, of course, has the premium no black dates for her. No black outdated is like the black marriage basket. Oh my god, because great oh, no, you. What would you call? wait and it's like music is made of metal like some other projects within the one we made it is made of the original it's a small world, but it also with what he popped up later I don't like you. I believe that, although Rico I guess I heard about Walt Disney Committee someone to create his signature, like that famous. What do you think she was commissioned by an artist genius use of it?
There was a time of is that the other side of that was a story that I heard once run on Ps howling Fuckin Black American Express Clark. I know there are real problems going on world poverty and hunger, Yet again, the spell out of two hundred thousand those ear, but even so, like members, a premium which is not the crazy twenty five thousand, not everywhere with says it. Is it's not that now it's like twenty five hundred. I want that sweet lack American Express card if you're listening you work for American, express my black cod for no reason, and I can think of. Let's talk be the first thing who made a metal them with you technically impress. We'll. Take it moved on sales glaring go I would take on. Everything is a real car I would where and when we are not achieving my neck, when I thought of cruel wants any through one of those things down like. What's it came, what am I
Her Apparently the doctor, we favour neither article. Clearly before we get into the competitiveness of the Pakistan first like to stick, there has been a small part. Tragedy, crime crime against the noticed in that thing you are targeting. I like my arrival about the Mediterranean by running your trapper man, down last week I, Matthew the suit case. They had all the passing on Wednesday. The suitcase shouldn't you call it the football at this point at this point to ask his nose was entrusted with the call the next morning, Matthew Sheepish, all its owner. It's gone some broken. My car is leaves little your little. The first I made was to you miss meant that an insurance out you're the guy
suspicious of the copse. If it says you gonna go over your phone records at random benefactor Yes, if someone broke into Matthews caught his hand and rifle through the Susa hybrid everybody on deck, he sees they re faced me took them, they let all the cords and people they took. The microphone be mixer board three pairs of genes from big and I'll. Never too big. For me, who's going to returns. I do know what they're going to do with their pets, build a tentative others being entirely never aboard didn't work to the microphone concerned. You fuck you guys. You took a lot of broken equipment, you fuckin imagery, thou relation of blank shorts guys and I'm going back Massachusetts for Later began and wish reason Sapphire Matthew. They broke his ignition lock to steal,
As always the worst I just read, every man, Matthews Driveways, very narrowly, get back behind sparkling wheels returned the other locked, so the tow truck driver Kay, and this is a key and I try to get this thing out you heard about it, I'm to put it on these little closer to get it out of the driver. Does he not going to drive tow truck back mentioned certified with different was worth the move, he's telling me to push to anger. The car out of the driveway, it's very tight and pushing no, no, my own strength and much like it in twilight. I pushed into my quarter panel on the front dented also in them the if you ever say much like everyone twilight again, you will never be allowed to dissuade them. It Lee told her I was worried, they fix they fix. It goes to open door and it's not opening, because the court a panel that debt it and he just rips it, and it makes it far
is that it was and now I have to file a separate claim and pay a separate deductible to get that fixed. Progressive insurance- that's not until seven according to put that into commercial low, is among them Finally, separate claim for the damage to try to talk from telling his car use the pan another deductible another there and when he tried to get the hooks underneath the car the front end started become off well yeah. That's so anyway, I get it in another, but meanwhile you might, by a long eyes mighty my business look at that. I had to microphone So now you come looks like it was used it or I draw by last night vivid everything with it. It has as it does not look at me. Total, that's just it's from any damage and you ought to be total. I would love it if they were successful and stealing my vehicle brightens, you that's the end. Is it why half ass it? Why had taken
you're gonna put a bomb in your shoe. Don't you know, go the toilet and you get a break. My letter that your sheet reiterate our committee that we re only like it's good outcome. Would you get those genes? Most fancy makes no earlier than therefore view so let's ships and focused back to work around. If you have any information pays emails, it goes away. Can I have long time a big fan of yours, because you, when I originally sought you good men, it occurred to me like all as a comedian. You can also do rules where you're, not you, don't have to be opened person like you can you can do serious roles like for some reason my mind I hadn't, I hadn't put those two things together. Yet cuz I was still like comedy comedian
comedy roles, and so what was the will? The process like that movie today it when they fan of your comedy? Did you audition for it at that moment, early on when, instead of San Francisco in Paul Riser Parallelism movie dying yes the same thing happened for me was right, of course, he's similar age and it was, he was hilarious in the film, but he was real and it was a draw as it were. So I can appreciate From my when she came in my situation with a few, but I was too being a six week, six episode Summer Series back when there was no real original programming during the summer. I can any one of Iraq Reiner Christopher Gas there I sat to them and they had created. This really funny thing is uniting the shows which really
the hybrid Worthing and Non CBS. Why we as youth Morton, haze and begin to show a writer appears sitting in a den talking to camp hi- I'm alright. You may know me from all the family or directing motion pictures, but what you mean knows that have always been a fan. The comedy teams of the twenties and thirty's avenue Stella Laurel and Party in the great check, Morton and Eddy Haze recently, while construction workers were tearing down to foster, to make her a dairy queen or vice versa. They are covered of all filled with all to rivers of the great Morton and haze. We dusted them off percent, one to you each week, any leans over to a projector and says he enjoyed this week to realer sacks at sea and hits a switch in the life of projector,
the screen and then a black and white to realer unfolds as it shot in the thirties. With me in this heavy set a guy great ACT above Admiral As cheap Morton in any little wisecrack inject more was about anyway that yeah so well, shooting that legacy Chris gas was behind the creation of Michael became than abolishing Christa Gus directed sound. It was ridiculous, a great crazy, audition process to get that part but Walter. Shooting and have a lunch every day with Robin one day. He waved his stubby finger in my says, albeit quite talented, standing Cuz. You know what I am and directing my the next movie it was a Broadway play called a few good man. I got crews, and I think we're gonna get Nicholson, play a crazy, colonel, anyways as part of Tom's Co Council that you come perfect for a gun offer outages
Alexander, but aside from its picked up for a second season, he will be available and I instantly started praying for Seinfeld success. I have the occasional didn't right away the first season. Seinfeld, do It did not go. Well, I as idle chronicles. I just had gesture of Enron, Meyer component Chechen Castille and a fine fine juncture programme, grilled him extensively about it and the pilot turns out with cipher chronicles. The first decision was: episodes called Seinfeld at that point. They lost crop of trying to remember and those for episodes were not answers tears was until the second year when they got about two thirds in chairs that they had any sort of. And by the way I asked him. Well get the news go in for a second season of course made my career and allowed me but then by further for the cap,
I said this supposed to been amazing news that you're to follow the best show the best time song me said, no actual without them be the end who the hell would watch cheers in enough as he has our stand in terms of respect of here, the test results were horrible network didn't like us. There was one guy late night who made a deal with Jerry must feel uneasy. We were there and you know it no chance and moving to a great times like that, the it's like the lemmings, going off declared that includes the writings of half the dark so like a pitcher him in your role Well, you know he's done pretty woman prior and he had done coarser shewed, probably career. Someone Tony's o mean today prostitute. Yes, he said among fairly punched him on not a nice guy, so that that's how that figure
came my way and then you know that was really Resnick has were pretty wildly this even in small, arose Chauvelin a very y know a wily. At one scene on the stand and to gives you the best of our show parity of it. If you could, doubts course where they were ended? It plays the keepers. But he's just speaking like a jury back, he had out tat. He had known saying: Cynthia had no menorah jewish think solid deceiving solely now, but but yes, already areas of Europe, we can do is ask how many many want turn pro in many Eddie to Levin yours. So
at that point. It is it is it like wow, this might be taking the next level or or is Europe. It was the case in cash. Ok, you aren't, you are so kind of worn down after eleven years. Nonstop stand up to you that you weren't, you know no, no, oh! No! I was I was God like seven year. All on Christmas morning, every day on the set I mean, I, you could feel what this was and was a hugely broadway success of heated jacket and now everyone was sort of at the height of a game in terms of the director and cast, and it was an Nicholson. I mean in eighteen. Eighty one, I guess there hasn't been a lot of movies, where you had that many stars, all in one fell Madame at work that does not in case you want, but for me what you know
I was the only discovery actor were. The audience was who's this guy. I know everybody else. I've gotta play poker were so. It is really at that moment that I guess actors on the goal of you crossed this and you get offers instead of having to audition that'll happen within six months while yet out of getting shouldn't movie and then it comes out and then it's just an instant huge, huge head and it was always getting offers all of a sudden, which was weird because I was still a character actor nobody. Was that a point down money to this day, and you don't want me number one of your coffee, but character actor, which is all I cannot fantasized about? You know it was instant neuron was I,
so it's ok. I want you to be so. I feel I feel like all the times. No, those eleven years uterus emulate someday man, they're gonna, become meet wicked. It feel that way too, when it was actually happening or only thought of the first and your representative, manager, not an agent when I first got away from San Francisco, whom I read for to possibly represent me. I've been in town three some of you, this woman manager, asian tigers in to her highrise Wilshire apartment. She had me a couple of scenes afterwards she sent me. The acting is not present
the actual african seeming to general. You may not agree with her when she perceived do we mean specifically when you say that this is a really was shattered. So that's all I thought I was that conversation when the few men was ahead and I was getting offers. I just thought of her I realize you know what that was sex seven years after I moved to LOS Angeles from San Francisco in those seven year, she had kind of fuel me that experience had come. That's what I came here. I have a formal training. Is an actor and not really proud of that, but it seems to be true, and I came for stand of comedy and from so many years of being on stage and suffering wildly from hey. Look at me disease. I was ridiculously comparable in front of an audience and it just translate to comfortable in front of the camera Cameron. That's all I had an have. Is this ease in front of the land that it at all
and then on a few men together with his brilliant character, aggregating walk ass. I nothing nothing I'm really, and he was. To me one day he was a great subversive guy May recipes and he said to me you know what you're doing is as an actual method of acting. I said what could I do? testing pluck out, he said knows an actual method, which is less, is more and by doing less kaleidoscope underpinning it touches, maybe more real, less anything he said less is more in the second half of that Nothing is best. Less is more! Nothing is best if you can actually do nothing to see literally, nothing trust me. People's eyes will drift to you what the fuck I'm doing anything boy, I wish I know how to do that. I can't shut Moraine off long enough. I am aware of what I am doing and say well to this day. Actually ever the third take that were going is going on we're doing other really
under this myself Davy was so fucking awesome in the big picture. Do it thimbles Nick, like here the guy say you see was so after all great he saw he was a great later. Why magnetic you do well, nothing! nothing is known ass, the shit it was so anyway, so that was the big coming up for me in them by the way it happened at ninety one lonely to the phone came up your mother was the death of stand of Cardiff right around the bursting of the comedy bubble. Who was the golden age of amid the Ladys had literally met its end as I was getting offers to be moved to drift away. Who stand up for the timing, has forgotten
as part of an eye. I stop touring completely for almost nine years and during which time I did a lot of movements. I dont know Zack number forty one zero five of them by the way, really good So these ask you when you could so much goes when you, how do you know? How do you know like when it ones telling you your brains and you lose your sort of barometer, for you know what that's good and what's not good and people are offering you more then you know how to handle. Have you picked up thing, and we do ever really know or is it is there's always a little bit of a crashing about that? You like that. I feel like success is can be just as detrimental
radically, as you know, like, never succeeded, because you know it's just a different strategy. Success. You have money do you do here is my success. You do have money, my mother, my aligning won't make it happened to the rescue I've made as it turns out. It will tell you look at. It turns out that the correct path, there's no way to avoid doing one ends up to be bad. And by bad work I mean the product is back. We, Don't know because it depends on the director that can defend the lighting. Cinematography, don't have the phone's going to be edited, they can make you look any way in the editing. Is the final rewrite and promises are made and killed and I'm not pointing fingers are not placing blame, but
I to this day with all this inventory as I like to call it otherwise known as a filmography. There isn't one that I read and said. Yes to that, I knew was going to be crap and just did it for the money. There are several that turned out to be absolute crap the script. When I read it was good and at what they were always great, but they were at least good at what point when you're, making a movie it turns out. We not do you realize that this is not going to be great boy every point and It's ok after him, when you get on and now is At the moment she was walking me terribly want a man by the time limit for appointing exactly but there a situation where I was gas and they will Smith as well as the lead,
and so when I walked on the said it was see we're going with a lesser now: Amy Cigarettes, to do so. So there was a script. That red funny What do you red funny? Not as part of what will you picture was saying those words Cuba very honestly, like ice I see this happen. You know ass. I now eternal marine television is much higher than in film, but I've seen it happen where you read a script is fucking brilliant, That was my view and by the time all the networks get their hands on it and you You know you see what started out as in a script is a really smart. You know Your camera sitcom turns into a three camera lack track? Also, on the day, you know when you're sure
The seeing someone decides mirror thing when it was real. Suddenly I always point to the great moment and smiled when one see me I'll show up and they have these giant called source on her place of light but it's never meant right, never mentioned it never pointed to don't even winks, added or looks at each other with a question mark it just is so when you read that spread. It's great. And it's never executed that were somewhere along the line. Somebody says they really need. Somebody needs to roll arise, lay spread, and then that becomes a gesture in that becomes your eye which may well you ve got something on your face. We'll do it yet in the least becomes right anyways so well. I would like to add another version of that is, if you you know, if you, I find or or air or any earlier, that the register
see insane shit going on. In the background, I always imagine that a network primarily we need to get a single that craziness. In the background let people see with fucking going on. Factors in the background, makes makes it a million times if they don't make available on instead, that wonderful, that our edged comic going on, page, that nice surgery or non us. So you you know that was the transition and then the others movie tat. I had we would will you are recovered industry. You played the little brown you're the little brownie. Shall I recreate them off a moment? I think you have to see. How may we speak with you want to make an investment. Are you
when my father sent me on his knee son Sunday, something will happen. It will, the cause of your natural life. I am I love them was praying. Did you over there s? The acts were unit Overton like Rick, and I were in post production gorgeous green spring facility in the world. The ass before bowsprit, like losing first I've lost count. You must know it must be done, stand together in San Francisco, I'm unbelievably grateful- and I had worked on the show two and thanked him in front of cameras, which I hadn't done before the felt pretty good, but he had work with RON Howard before in Gung HO and a couple of other movies at Lincoln on cast him, is one of the brown eyes and then said I really you to Paris someone you can improvise with. Can you pick like four guys will bring
man having to the scene a couple of times improvise with him and then so he put me on that list. The four guy cuz we had done stand up together a very So I thank him literally what led to other opportunities in a huge way, and yet so we, the two of us, jumped around It was like giant stuff. They had built right here. Somebody satchel, although we were hiding by a giant val Kilmer, so they shot the film in Wales and New Zealand. We were so save yourself and then because we were also postproduction wrong, hardwood yellows when he was directed Pictures of horse- that's a horse's tail right there that is swinging by and look at. You guys talk and now. That's how will this is a strange way of acting? Yes, he's gonna get ok right now we're talking in Europe over at the same time-
and then no one day, IRAN had we shot after finally taller stuff in families, because it was just ass one day a run had a family thing and soldiers who could have produced a film, of course on the blue screen facility. The Lucas range course he stopped into direct and instead of the island, he was ok. I just got now see that feels like you're feels like a girl's dating a dude unease. I'd pay wanting blow my friends like a these papers guy, I know people really understand- I mean I know in the county community people know Rig Overton, and you know it meant be a household name as far as comets go, people realise how influential that guy was on so many other comments earlier, who came after him? Yes, Europe is Rick, I started maids seventies. Nearly seventy five ass in the ordinary citizen
I would say, I would say that there are some very things: comedians who lot to written material but you know that whole San Francisco crew of Jerry Kramer and endanger a car, we like Bobby fleeting. Fucking great times what one sentence no company like in a way is there the late said: listen because I'm too, it was Robin when I got I was born in San Francisco and then very young, the family move down in the promise of the suburbs an hour southwest to San Jose. The very first now and then I'm back to San Francisco- rose twenty to pursue state company full time so I've been doing, stand up and says: hey where there were no clubs I would go on during.
The bad guys we're in the bizarre paranormal situation, instead of coming from the great powers, the master on Burma. There really your other friends with or Brian Wilson is regarded as well as it might have yielded so so yeah. It was comedy and says: aims are bigger, going under the bans break rock and roll bar will have any one people know anything: it's the people who go to sea musicians, love to watch harmony in a far more than anything, yelling the ban finally takes a break. Yeah David rocket they love a comment to take it down? Nine someone! Please just start talking someone someone
doubt that crazy foibles of humanity, while I pick it by girls with executive that they can. Finally, here we talk abandoned. Right, that's really was going. There was the girls of dinner together for a drink in the guise of tenders and it was quite over there, but I am going to say that must have been an insane train. Ground it was it was it was he while the other version you hear from guys who started our way. Around a little before me, actually strip clubs and go on? M C savages. In the Sixtys and Seventys outgoing outside it. So everyone thinks we're lost twenty. It was club where
more people, that's just was gonna tell I want decided to its own and other committees to know each other out too good to be true. It was one of those deal like. I was in the farm league and I came to the right up to the majors kind of thing and Robin Williams head from there who had just left to do many and overnight sensation, a giant scale. Until data party was yet when I got to San Francisco seventy eight and then we can president slate and then a gradually class behind us really with rubbish. Snyder, objective Hansen upon Palestine, generous and huge hitters so enable right on our heels. So there was a good seventy years where it was the very definition of hot air
and so there was a credible community that you hear tell you know and to be in the middle of that, even though it back when I was just too impersonation, I had no voice of my own per se, although I from the beginning, we refuse to be like my predecessors, who said. Marlon Brando Random were busboy it something at this. I must have to give them. Some kind of story like one of my early stand specials on the table there was the big scene was accommodated shattered. So. All the before was cool thing to do. My watch yeah. Well, that's resulting by doing is when people say we will. You know was doing you doing, any and all eyes.
Stealing the magic feelings people have towards ship. That's Winkler, you Know- and you don't know anything in terms of that- that bag of track somebody doing impersonation ever so. I shall start off long sought a five seats, so the passing through a cosmic plough. My acting different personalities, version, Jane. And then I would call on stock and he would be revenue from taxes, right and then I will go down in the engine room and is drunk Arthur. Arthur in writing es, I was always a similar anything. I had to have something, and,
I have just turning around knows this angle. You that's all I remember one of her. He was Dennis knows black and white County special from their own answer is like, The cowardly painting payments can you imagine, Jack Nicholson produce clerk in a groceries. Now you I see, support is restored take America's highest paid actor and have them sprints and turnips thirty five on our ears, glad you're fired. And says I dont understand data once reduce their deficits that two topic indifference reference. Maybe this topic preference endeavour. What am I correct but come to? positive.
Diarrhoea told me once than he like who's the guy you know like. I would see him at the improper sometimes, and I would slip in some thick words and just see what he would do that pretty tenacious. Recognition now pretty connections. They are damning San Francisco away so often now get a phenomenal know, since the more generous keep coming up? Pat on Oswald and Tall tomkins. People spent time, They spent on the Brenner Riper Sans stooped Benson sincerity, and how can you like it like? It really was its. It was a pity, Having said this, I mean I want to stay there forever. That's the thing,
being raised in northern California got as one of my first, but some years ago you were trained to hate losses because of the cell outside the only reason to go was money, the pursuit of my artist who stay in San Francisco and when you're very young, it's like when your five at school, Reading with her take history, allay sucks, one report pointed out with wire, this is one sided one or by the way. I thought when I got here, you guys hated is too we could resolve out everything. You said a anything to dropped off, oh yeah, it's it's not, and he was its own, because we're focused too much on ourselves with any other acknowledgement. Yet all right,
hopefully you and yet so he it was who is dead. The idea was to rise to the top as quickly as possible and get the fuck out an. I got there in semi, aided by three. I moved here. And then you know it's just hundreds of auditions wherever the it wasn't just a matter of no, it was how about anyone, but you was going to get this. And that's how you look little for me. In people your committees were Adrian's, acting class hateful start there and then who's taking the acting against our own right, which what am I? What everything my closet with Poland was falling and I may be recurring. Did he get topic
so I want to know. Are you talking about your trailing office. Hypnotize me I did your become public catch. Oh sir, I guess was it last year now contain anyway earlier. It was somewhat and I love, you like what made you decide to I used to legitimize the idea of Pakistan, my task Europe. Yeah, you're famous guy you, you decided to erase the internet's higher profile and international media. I suppose the bigger impact you have on new media yeah makes sense were really listen to me. Your classics on year on your excellent, more serious whatever it is,
after so many stations, I haven't, got near readier classes. Jack penny show it's all these various Orson Welles anyways, I imagine those guys who came from radio being merged about tat. And gonna want here I mean really, you does it see like that to me in turn of about two years ago, because up until then, Jimmy Party had been doing his nerve. There are certainly a few others from my world stand up world who had embraced it, but I see that many from who had a real profile per se international me the crucial I think was doing on the wet therapy. I think she always made great choices outside of friends.
There is the regular agreed devours that budget the great. No. No, she was she a few it. She was the only one on that show that didn't they didn't let their agent taught them into you're gonna, be the face of this movie like no matter what the movie is like. She took really cool roles in what the oxen. Sadly, she took roles and really cool things, and I love the combat combat as the driving us Sarah, our performance and benefit, and she said that the convention is indeed coming back. Someone is picked it up here, smaller excellent news, some active back to your show, so it was an idea. I went to visit the mobile Jason Calculus at the home of my dot com- and I want to stay there is little time
He studio at the edge of his big offices as to how this too. Well. What am I a quarter drums does this: we can you tube in here, so he writes about an eye before I could stop. Words from coming out of my face. I was saying I think, I'm gonna do a trial run the sense of humour from here. May I hadn't thought of that those words in that order once in my life, once I don't but where the stock came, and he said unfortunately for me how soon think you're typing never go away, calls for seemingly yes I wasn't a couple months together. The infrastructure kind of their already. You know there was a try, CASTOR Monitors. Isn't very professional, certainly when I went to the cabin show its there was a big position the opposite of this.
The odyssey, the diametrically opposite, Linares Private, either through. You gonna win the steward for best Mice Victor Times, because I almost got raked industry the streaming jumped on bigger planning. Almost Germany's finger in my pants and then, when I watch videos like his pants down. That was a to set to work out. What I'm fine but when I saw you vaccination, I've written for you and I was really living, we heard last may we so early. Still stripped down, and now it's been way more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be
and creatively the internet is is thereby because we talk about how the studios network are able to add water, and I think they had water too, to greatness at a genius love. I think that a savant ability to finding at the centre of thing that makes the peace gray and that's where they had the war. They don't just sprinkle way around trying to turn the whole thing was Yorkers. When things are different and unique and original they know they can compare to anything because they think in terms of charging demographic sender- and you can't is, it is impossible to quantify the idea for marketing standpoint of let's just let forty people be funny with the king it has to be a reason, because there has been a mere boy explode cable. Now him see AMC being born Admin breaking bad now, what damn it. You know, you see, shows
branding network like that, so that's happening. At the same time, there is even more freedom actually on the internet to do as I just pointed out, walking in Austrian saying furniture to hand and here we are Where unknown here Google tv you had a television torture. Well, we were instantly on Don T, though, and then people who had roguish in a couple of other boxes could in fact posts up and along with tv, you know, there's a new Samsung flat screen that has internet built into the remote, and that's the game changer, when it's in the river nigh on the same value, is every cable and never and
So when I started a year and a half ago those conversations who take place, you know where a year away from that that thought and amount of Europe in their lives. So I felt like Not since my stand of days, heady days of late? Suddenly, San Francisco did, I feel, like I was part of something and credible like I do working on it is its is an amazing time like like the net, just all the comments that you ve seen who discovered? Oh I can be myself and do my own thing that no one can get their fingers on and and get my voice out there and connect with people in a way that, on a very substantial level. Anyway, when you look at the numbers of people who are why does my dear dear incredibly, spectacle numbers nowhere,
her upwards in seven hundred thousand among financial everything's relative. You know me, then there are others with considerably more, but what? I was mine, mine is just that we just threw it out there and, in fact, coming from traditional media when we started, I said to the internet, many bottle Jason Calchas partner, I gotta higher costs, does what happens when you learn something? If I told you know you can't you he said Dick, you took it over officers, Don't tell me you're there to show you this mark, the ultimate if you build a day well now, but it also its. I think it's also fund will be like this
it gives the ability, like sharing the usually ability to tell other people. Have you seen this thing? You know I've been a part of that in as an actor in films, it's hard to fathom by the usual suspects up about three hundred screams. I've heard that moving never went wider than eight hundred screens and made a scant twenty two million Togo at the Domestic box office. It's hard to fatten those low numbers in terms of the worldwide success of that little shot for five million dollars. So that was all about discovering to this day. It's about discovering. I have twenty year olds coming to my shows, because of your sophomore and calling to this day, and you can't speak suspects, your fucking loser. It regenerates almost every year, a new demographic. So
their eager discovery it turning. Somebody ought to have seen us. I mean how many people take possession of a show like breaking rabbits hilarious, in order to bring about your fucking dick yeah you're worth and Mussolini, where you kill and yet what so, what do you know? What you see is the is the future of Europe greater we're. All sort of argument can be made, we're not merely the first wave of pipe any like the first wave of broadcasting really happened. Like you know, six years ago, but still feel like work kind of on the ground floor, and you know it We gonna be the ones that figure out. I take it to the next level or is gonna, be the second wave that looks at you know it. Well,
are we building the platform figure in itself? It was again talk about discovery not being able to force the issue. The audience built to number that has to be acknowledged, more powerful entities at some at some point. Basically, what happens as why went therapies, Gandhi, Showtime. That's why children's other's hospital went to adults. Why dimensions Benson interruption which played its part ass yeah. I know these at the age of movies. Here we ve never never protested interruption so too, by regular, raised by death is cut up and now on each be overcome
they are, but you know you and I had this conversation off the air I and I've been talking about Marshall Little Bit. I did sit down at the potential. The possibility of this backfire dizzy down with the young Turks. It itunes part can say you know you have to allow us to charge nine cents a ship and is it while you know as a personal stuff comes. I can't believe that each of us is missing and make money that that blows everyone's right. Free, is great. Freeze, untasted nuth, built up thousands of palm cast now by offering them free and that as much as people like the idea of free, they also want their attachment to have value that it wanted to literally by being less they there's a certain lonely sustained come of this assertion.
Conscious relationship between the eyes and we should do free parsed still to this Frisco go Parker. We shall aversion, yet it just happened. Yeah yeah, forty thousand people show to appreciate- and you see all these great comics- to revise its most asian runways usually causes a shower me here and it was greatness, said tire. Forty thousand people, depending on the shelf of his free shop, the com because they paid money, go see. Accident dry up, Thriven nightly basis and the audience at some point. As I explained podcast gas, I said. Let me like it literally when you first, You gonna stay in your any good. You can earn an eye. If you can sustain quality on stage as a performer people. We'll start talking about you and then coming out to see you on a different you will arise
Did you get along is insisting that you can earn a living right, those rules and and then you are now not allowing us to make a living, and we learn tonight, and so we are at the president setting moment in history in terms of Itunes podcast. Our show I'm break this. Officially, I suppose I don't know when this air, so this the switch may have been thrown just prior to this area, but were, are some told a week away from putting the switch and offering to three minute previews of ever show for free offering a half dozen at full episodes for free, and it is nine cents about away for two hours. And then came right. Ninety nine cents, a destiny, is the magic it did. You think, there's a lot of the different term alot of a different part of a different kind.
Mrs Pack has in general the somebody Different models of people are experimenting with. My party has a subscription based model and Marin has, I think, a donation based model and it also interesting people involved In writing. I am any bagration six weeks, and can you believe that I was charging disaster and unwarranted different house actually is a real scandal. I guess but yeah I mean for me. I I probably for the show I don't see why. So, charging necessarily foreign. If we, if we, we spend too video format. We would after because it just like just cause my sanity will formally I'm not I'm not we are trying to build. I don't look at my eyes at the audience and go now signs, but at a certain point I think people under
and because money to give away stuff money, making the whole crew in my own editing, uprooted, a new element which is kind of great but I have a crew that I've been paying out of pocket now for almost two years. Gladly I don't, I don't have to pay them, they all work on other new unit to paying scant neurons dine at length. They ended that will really hurts progressive by way of all their rights. It's on all their residences and they work. Other internet shows for free, and I made it clear to them that I would pay them on a weekly basis and if the show were to earn money on a larger scale, there cut in two that back- and in fact this apple lightens experiment is going down.
Momentarily one. I can't wait to sit on the sidelines. What's worse. For No, it's great Thank you. Feel as bad as I should feel for not hang you John but I thought I would love to see you I feel just a paradigm shift in C c long. I says in the Bible Ass guys, I'm not that this. My first effort and the little audio thing a record at the end of the two three minute preview record, something saying that produce pretty great. Wasn't it if you want to see the entire two hours,
All you have to do is go on the homepage. There it says length and underneath it says, full episode, just click on that and you're on your way and the reason that I'm asking you to do this is that you know I might need my Crudup to act like it matters and you can feed a starving, podcast crew by. By covenant. Ninety nine sets its way, rather than ever that part of its unity and a high fidelity where Q S character, like tells those young kids like all right, we're gonna, know you're gonna be late for you like me. He's gonna get you some big bang receive news like we're, not there yet, but I think the I think you're hopefully, but whether Europe is the honest understandably and that training, you guys at my, I was trying to deliver a consistent quality products. I want to spend no ganis and I built now there's a network this weekend, dot com,
we have like sixteen shows real held open casting. Instead, you wanna host your own shop and someday the message I haven't got this weekend movies and this weekend music. In this weekend video games and expanded. This weekend, Madman Jamie Miss Macabre two thousand ten house, along with you, people and they will not series went on I it is a start doing this week and walking dead and there lay a little later. The body scratch, not mad guys rose and eyes, but but the mad men, are literally mad with zombies right, that's how that would work landless, let's buy or sell Kyoto less worth ruins! Johnny. I love to each policy later so the massacres in the park as agents of nano them down you gotta bring the funding. Is I've just been yet
I didn't say the word pussy now always wanted. Rate and you're you're. Eurobonds meant in sixty Scots use, dressed like a fox staring at me, his arms about a fact, discipline. Writer. Oh no, look at this, I'm a fax number waistcoat and at TAT time you better? So can you feel, like you say to me? No one here uncharted. The apple guys. I said you know, there's guys in line behind me. This isn't just me looking out for me actually trying to form a union, and you just don't know it. You know, I don't want people to leave the framework of items and you shouldn't either show the subscription model and all these other models. I can do that.
But I think I'd rather just stay here at the Itunes. I don't think they would want people to not go off site. You know if they have the ability to to profit but I will see minutes we also united Protocol that dog. I can't wait for this. I would love to I loved. You should come back on. You know like for five months. You know like after that efforts. Can you get a good picture that point, and I expect you know you have various numbers and mine in terms of what you do not belong to it. I dont want to alienate, has people email all the time and tweet all the time, I just discovered your show: do a thing really fucking dead man is what the whole upset Appall talk is wholly FARC and that's that has been its own reward and will continue to be its own reward and the idea alienating. Anyone is what you want
why you're having trepidation yourself and make me most likely continue to yet Gold is just to get to as many people as possible so that people can see large shows and what we tie over as if we ever we avatar anything on the show it would, it would have to be like we're. Do it had to be an extra thing like we're doing a video ass or Maybe at some point the life shows that reduce intends Alardo become a bonus episode each month retard just so that I can pay people come on as if it were an actual talk show. While that is the other thing, you know too, by the ways, as I said, notches, take care of my crew, but to build out a more substantial type of show that you, get from cable or television and that ninety nine cents, by the way again raping in the building of Iranian said ninety nine cents sterile
to me? Well, it will become interesting if you get us all for three minutes about two hours, so it would be interesting to see where people start to fall when you know a butterfly Cassidy, like surcharges, then five dollars a month becomes like WWW brothers of you asked where we going leading away the generations that yet or that the one behind us so I'm making the first step into this yet, and I want to tell you that I appreciate the audience that maybe just a resounding go. Fuck yourself, right or baby sitting here, six months from now and you're on my independent music level at apple, because that's the only way to get and was table will be made of gold. I dont, I don't envision, building out that this weekend, com networking and have
and beggars do is talk. Show desk will be made of gold that might be made of a black American Express Lack of American Express look at how we ve come to the end of our hour, but I love you know, I think it has only just, as you know, is a legitimate performing continuously in an really taking this medium seriously. I think it is a wildly valuable medium that most of your team of business overlooks podcasting one of your mom's basin and not others these are giving substantial numbers in reaching a substantial number of people more. I mean like proper I'd, be early days. Radio you know, but now we'll have a choice to connect with the content they want. I I I fascinated by a process with all this, and I really hope
I really do- and I want to- I want to talk to you about in a few months and now I Come back on the cap health check whenever I will happily come back on me. You know I do take great joy. Having not just comedians on cleaning that represent a different jenny, in my own, because it happened like having new people, my own generation, and that's it? enjoy for me, but I am I will return the compliment saying our future. All that's us. I will come back on anytime. You have time. I love. I love. I love me some SAM Levine to write SAM Levine is Switzerland,
we can say with some points- was the rigour and for this reason there is an episode, is long overdue. Will rectify that any came about. Thank you so much met Myra, thank you being here, maybe in regard to re headed work. I hope you refer. I hope progressive insurance doesn't continue to tear extra souls into your body and the like your rates, your policy that is needed within the bank has about. If you was a ninety nine cents to show you can get your shovel That would be amazing. No, we say how it might be out of the Eurocrats position boy you again. I think that it is important to keep them under foot. I have hit with its owner
dear, I heard all that we wish to enjoy burrito now leading noticed. Com.
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