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Greetings all you humble fiends out there. It's an artist pod gets episode number two. Seventy I'm gonna be telling set of comedy joke soon in cities like Nashville, Chicago Indiana, that's not a city but put links in his were we to an american school. But what are we doing set up by the road, so check noticed tat. Come such calendar for dates. Information on that also, the noticed Channel Youtube debt cancellation artist has some are greatly, shows rearing soon and your Patrick Harris's dreaming in puppets nearly, as Thyssen's star talk. So a lot of good Neil Action happening over the notice, gentle, that's weird, my name. Candidates reached thanks to dispense unnoticed by guessed. It stands dot com, so we will say: hey we'll just get a postage meter and then disturber dollar postage outweigh boy.
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page type, a nervous that steps I come and enter noticed, and now this episode it was Larry King and it was such a fantastic chat. It was really cool because I thought I was going to get like thirty minutes with them is like whiling have thirty minutes, and then we started talking, and we really are the conversation and you know his british. The committee was like there's twenty minutes. It was like not argue talking and so It's all aware. A hopeless felt like
interview victory. I gotta do extend his dime add as though that was there was a weird little achievement. Unlocked merit badge that popped up on my mental xbox green disguise. You spin on the forefront of media for decades, and I had no idea really how far it went back and in the end, the circles that he was involved. In a mean, I knew they would be awesome, but I, as you find in the pot cast, they were very relevant to my interests and his. I ve never been interviewed by someone who I mean he really scared of a puppet master. When interviews you cause you, he D, you jump all over the place and other such as opening up about stuff. I had done his show about a month ago, which is on Hulu, accommodate check out. It's called Larry king. Now they put up new episodes Monday through Thursday, and I did it has shown. I was somewhat fun as I got very beginning to my bike ass, the news. I can't stop shaking me, and I let him go any agreement that I guess so
Here it is the notice biogas episode number two. Seventy with Larry King alone, and what you golly rob. I don't have calling capabilities nor entering new star, Are we on we're? Ok, that's why we just there's this isn't like television there's no who started this is why we so time, conscious than thirty minutes, forty minutes, forty five minutes. If we just angle in, why can't we just angle in Angola, world, presumably because in about three hundred episodes, their sort of an average so eager to guess,
we naturally never had to like like stack s on top of each other, actually not a bad idea subdued all time. I know you are We would like the one thing. I've learned in the history of broadcasting podcast or whatever is there? Are no rules like ETA before gifts? Is that but but it is interesting to hear you say that, because you ve worked in so many different mediums where you know radios very structured and televisions very structured yeah. But what I did Larry King show on radio some nights. We have one get some nights: three, some lights for tonight's. We have debates, I'm not yours, nor is there There are no real rules. The only way I had with you you don't have here is we are starting time out of on jobs television. The second time that I went on red time. You went off and yet a break for commercials read, but in the content will be anything and no f bombs. Never cursed! You can't.
And especially now, do you feel worse than oh, yes, the time on us. Still something about While I will read in real life, Cursor Goodwood, dodgy game and getting at the end But, however, it's still rubs me wrong and broadcasting is probably from the school of broadcasting I came from, which is in there. I grew up listening to broadcasting in the thirties and forties and fifties and stuff, the fifties, a broadcasting, fifty sixty. Seventy ladies night needs to those seven decades. It rob me wrong, so I never she's still Rosen. So when I watch hbo- and I see a movie and cursing is on its way around, just ingrained that were here, I think, what's happening, replied casting right now,
couldn't somewhat be analogous to what you were just describing in terms of radio broadcasting in the thirties, fortys and fifty. So do you remember what what what was the sort of buy back then You know like without this radio thing and then all the sudden, this tv fail I grow up. I was born thirty. Three. The oppression years was on television. Product, radio, radio, fascinated me, and I was fascinated me from age five arms all I ever wanted to do was fastened. It by voices. So am I I don't think review will ever be really replaced. Can of television and car drivers that listen, the sun and read still the fear of the mind and I was raised in the age of suspense a tale well calculated to keep you in suspense in her sanctum. The shadow knows
those were hypnotic incredible days of city. By my radio listening and then I would listen. I would imitate them. I've heard announces, say, Jack ARM strongly all american boy, I was this Daily cereal runs a bathroom and, I would say, Then, when I was in my teens after school, go into Manhattan? I lived in Brooklyn and I'd, what? By where there was radio stations and pretend those on regular I'd go right at me they write on for television. Answers all. I want to do so. Was raised in that structure of broadcasting. I wanna be a professional broadcaster so. I wonder what television came everything they haven't? We happened to me. I never down and said my only go. Was severely announcer so I never another go beyond that television game. I've gotten a television printer,
for the Miami hero level daily columns? and then the national radio show either the first national talk show that just came in sight. And came to me to do the whoever that I BC whoever's satellites be seen all over the world. So there was nothing plan. I wish but I was always a professional broadcast, a love. I love the profession. I love everything about communicating. I think it's a great way to make a living. Beats work. I never. I never said I went to work. I never used Last time I worked with I was twenty two years old on the United Parcel truck The assistant driver and would help carry packages in the buildings and then I went down in Miami gotta. The broadcasting and I've never work since. When do you- and when you started Miami, how did you? How did you break into their knocked on doors? I'd look and I went to college
and I just knew I wanna- do it any some realisation small radio station said. Well, let's listen to what you sound like. I never spoken in front of a microphone. He came to me a piece of paper news and I read that he said we sound pretty good and where's more station. We have people on the way up or on the way out, and if you want to hang around and learn, little bit about what's goin on here. First opening do give it here so hungry for three weeks or limit my uncle. Apartment Miami Beach and hung around the station, and one day somebody quit in the general manager came to me on Fridays said Monday morning. You start your own. Show you play records would be discharged, you'll do sports to interview she'll do women news, with all day long fifty five hours a week was on from nine to twelve in the morning and then in the afternoon you'll do nuisance, so I state of origin
can pick up my music. I was just so thrilled beyond. I was gonna be on the radio small little station. Turned it in the morning I was going to start, was may first one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven enough to get that. So warm day in Miami Beach. I got there, what was stated by suitable might never went to sleep and seven o clock. In the morning I picked out o my records and the general manager call me in to his office. Is that why you start today? Good luck, kidneys, and he said This is like ten denying. I go on at nine. What namely the news as what you mean can't use Larry's Eiger? I was either in this wise. It was to ethnic. They will know how to spell it today that wouldn't be true ass. What do I do and he had the Miami Harold Open and it was an ad for king wholesale liquors and Washington Avenue he said there were you be Larry.
Better the Larry liquors? So I said no Larry King sounds good, legally change your labour and then What is something happened that morning is why I asked you about structure. I put you to my music. Music is playing, I faded. The music was less l, darts swinging down the lane and Nothing came out. I turn the mic froze and I turn to music, and turned it down. I know what to say: I looked at the clock must have been like a minute. I have a music player in another common out and I was scared to death and I Actually saw to myself tat, I was wont to do this and I'm scared, and I don't have it and the general manager more Wilson was his name kicked opened the door, and he said this is a communications business dammit, communicate
And he shut the door. I turned on the MIKE and I did, Met morning there Do the same today I told the audience of the circumstance I said good morning: My name is Larry King, that's the first time of ever said that have just been given that name, I'm a kid from Brooklyn You always want to be in radio this. My life's dream come true this morning, And, ladies and gentlemen, for the past two minutes, I've been scared to death, to say, and I was so nervous, but I figured the general manager kicked, opened the door and said communicate better commune And I never was nervous again never doubted myself again, never never lost, because I learned something that day, which many people told me later
Was I learned the secret of broadcasting, which is there's no secret, just be yourself. I was once being interviewed Nick. I saw what, if what, if you walk on a whole at embassy and someone grabbed Sacha, does it Tom Broker secure on right out of the cameras said I was walking down the hall, so measures. Emmi said Tom Broker. Sycamore ledge eminent, never anchored, newscast news cast before the bus again or other people doing that The time because I wanted the Godfrey did it great broadcasters did it, they told you circular, since they were in all they got. You There was a commercial for Pepsi COLA in which the Commercials Pepsi COLA hits the spot. Twelve allowances. That's a lot twice as much for the nickel to Pepsi callers the drink. For you,
Arthur Godfrey said it seven cents everywhere? I go. That's a lie. I don't want to fool you so Pepsi COLA still worth zero dollars and seven cents, but it's not a nickel. I never, that, so I never lied to the orders until the audience. A truth got a cold saying article You sneeze, I just sneezed it ain't, getting brain surgery but there was actually there is such an era broadcasting where they tried to present the sort of rosy idealized version of Lyon, certain broad those words, example. Ninety eight percent abroad gases were good evening. Welcome do another you're right. I never did that. When I want my first Peabody Ward wishes, broadcasting's Pulitzer, Alistair Cook the M c that they were the hotel New York in about twenty policy. Peabody winners. That day
and he said ninety nine percent of the people in broadcasting or imitators. Try to solve a try to say the right thing? They try to be somebody else, the other, the other one percent is in this room, so I always felt all I did was myself. I had no rules. There was that we had a sign up in the broadcast to the others. If in doubt leave it out. I always broke that rule. I'm I went to my I trusted my broadcasts instincts so I never had assure I said: is this going to be a good question? Is this going to work? What do they think of? Is I never thought of the day? I knew I could in a gate. I knew I could illicit answers from people and what could be funny and I'll? I let the shock for me to the audience like, couldn't make someone like me. I couldn't Strangle. You say like me once I knew that I It might get like me a cage
He's being me, why be somebody else. Why paint a picture this not their paint? The real put projectiles at you, wouldn't when I foresaw, was really awesome for me to get to do your hullo show you I have last and and my my mom might my hands were so excited and they also tell you so help, but something that I notice that goes on the pine camp We usually talk for a while the very loose conversation it just sort of goes. Work goes its very much that idea like this. If the situation were being honest about its very much the guts to that, but what I noticed your interviewing mean, I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but this is me over analyzing the questions that you asked jumped around so much. Like this is how he means maintains control of the iter. Because I never knew where you were going- and I was just answering- and I guess if I were you Know- a high ranking, official or any political person you could totally catch someone will the truth? Is
the answer to that is at an hour ago, All I'm doing is listening to your answer then my mind switches to what next curious to me. I'm intensely curious. All over the board- I love learning things I'm still the same as I was that first then, here I still who. Who, what, where one, why that's, what I'm all about What wherewith, why? The five basic questions Who are you? What are you doing? Where are you here? Why, and I am fascinated at the whole learning process, fascinated by the cure, nay myself out of it, I never use the word I I am my questions are short. Usually once and sometimes to its three this is too long? If you eve me three sentences to ask a question, then that's. Why
like a lot of what I see today. Is these guys on the other interviewing themselves? They just talking about the guests. This approach prop the guests was never prompted me guess is important. The reason for the show was why the guesses there on the whole I ll, be back tomorrow right. I violet that stuff all the time everything you're saying I do exactly that. I do the exact opposite. I am doing it now. I feel, like This is more desert the different around this is this whole. Do you have to be yourself? That's your ambience bets. This part as the new you go. That way. This is more a come. Conversation I'm an interview Not a conversation covers is what we're do know run back before I ask questions. Also is given a sonata is it a conversation is well well a meal a day over the restaurant? In that's a conversation, I don't doubt do that. I'm never done that.
Are you you're able to sort of just lightly throw a ball in the air and then just let your guest orgasm focus lit the ghosts go with it. What you do in that kind situation is do that. Well, You learn by being intensely curious issue. The first of you Frank Sinatra, his pr person said to me: listen to. I don't know how you got this interview. Jackie Gleason got them for me, and I know you got this cuz Frank doesn't do any. But I'm going to warn you don't ask about his sons kidnapping, because you won't talk about son was kidnapped and they they recovered. The net pay the ransom. So please, on that sweater, giving I said: okay, that's fine! I don't have to ask one in the course of the interview we now really into each other. I said to him frank with you in the press,
Have you been bum wrapped or some of it been your fault and he said there may be some who is my fault, but I but rather to take the kidnapping he mentioned? I never mention the piazza, though, with faint Then he told her the whole story, the kidnapping, what happened in the press? Why did that happen because made the microphone disappear. Silly interested in him, and I never said kidnapping so sometimes. Penny Marcia, just taped early she's written a book in her life. She says a bad things happen to her, one of which was an abortion, and they told me before we started she wrote about oppression, One discuss it, she had bad time on. One show only really hammered it so just want discuss it here.
About a butcher when discussing so what I asked was in your book. You read about abortion, yet on previous shows. You didn't want discuss why but can we proceeded to discuss it, for she told me what happened on the previous shows she I wasn't infringing. I just was curious that people feel comfortable with you. I think I think that as the whole single Brandon, how I do that I just know I'm dead Had all my life. When I was a kid, I would ask bus drivers. Why do you want to drive a bus? what am I gonna games. I never want to autographs. I just want to ask questions why you do not like it, but why should I was just people feel comfortable with me because they know- framed letter from slaughter at home, in which, Said that you make you make the camera disappear, one when you have confidence when the interview subject as confidence.
In the interview. Were you go anywhere? You another threat. Another threat, no, and I think that's what most people, particularly you know, because we live in Canada. Line culture and its much more of a headline of someone to be shocked and a situation, and I think most people feel attacked a lot of the time rather than just Ok, farmers with it when, when an interview gets defensive, learn anything she, in other words if I, if someone is guarded and angry the lead it may sound nice, you, son of a bitch that may sound however, the audience not learning anything, the hearing, anger. Well, I'm not I'm not their produce anger on their return, and so I take the approach of love Why did you do that? You ask a question why the word why,
And sincerely asked its very not to respond well, if you're good at what you do like in another. Why would someone, if you, if you had. Some of them love would you ask- and I the wealth of the less you I would ask them immediately would be his watch upon those building without creating defensive, assuage models, but that's a dumb question. A good question is you will come under the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Why did you leave that life right now? He's gonna tell me assume why he left that life. Why chose to live in peace? you see you leave up to bombing of a building, sure rather than what wonder not outweigh the exciting
he may be angry, but not growing. Why? But, if I go that route, why you left the family I'm interested in him? He knows a magician noble poor. We perceive as evil looks in them, coming here says: I'm evil Hitler didn't look there is I'm a terrible person. They thought they were right. So if you treat them like Hitler, one why this feeling Jews. As was why the same question asked the right way so build confidence in and Maya interview subjects this were made a lot of news, and I learned a lot by being my friend: Herbie says the secret of Larry successes he's dumb and others. I don't know me about. My interviews are basically help.
I'm a kid from Brooklyn. I just I just I don't. I don't want worried why'd you do that. But then why do you? Why do you ask them? Why did you kill lepers? Do you think everyone has a sort of inherent need to want to tell their story? I think so. We not, for I dont, think, does in her need to talk about your personal life, but I never knew anyone who didn't want to talk about what they do. I didn't know I never met in that. Do do want all about acting they made we talk about who they divorced and it's none of my business I never met a person in any craft who didn't want to discuss the crap, because that's the course, but they were raised with what they were built with. That was their goals so that you can pay want to share that that you want to share that. So you go with that, go with a wonder, sherry in a rotisserie.
People don't want to talk about themselves. Very few was there one? Was there one nut in all the years that you just couldn't crack that you just like I'm going to get him this time, and you just couldn't just who I love it as an actor, Just drove me nuts, he just Didn'T- want to be either wanna be there. I think he was for some reason he was all yes, no. Maybe why didn't one response I did? It was good to see that goes back to the original there's, no such thing as a perfect interview. There's no such thing as everything became it s all you gotta do is I do you try to learn. You try to read them out. Sometimes you take it I didn't with him, but you can be taken. In turn him around the best example, that is, is an organization called the aces aces afraid of pilots who shot down, More than five enemy planes in war and it is a social model- listen, you called mace
start as America, but now diseases all german aces vietnamese aces and they will fight of Bosnia open a plain alone taking on there, left in the air shooting at each other and have an organization they meet every year. The aces and some as they found they were battles against seizure, Cushats, international, anyway, I'm in Miami and we find that basic meeting in Miami. We have an ACE Miami ACE, no kidding guy was a stockbroker called Listen, he shut down nine german planes in world WAR two going up into the sky, shooting at other plants, and he and beyond. My radio show He was on the last hour sees the last guest zone for an hour he came in. He shook my hand, is head was sweating. He was so nervous
the air was there taking pictures and we had this american basin and I began by saying a wire. Where'd you get interested in the air decided here. Did you take the flying right away ass? He escaped death, I'm three minutes into this, and this guy, just don't want to talk. His mouth is dry. If he's just his hands are sweaty, so I switched- and I said if they were enemy planes overhead now and we had a plane in the back of the station, which was Haku, take a dump. Guess I'm going to be afraid. No When I went right to why you played here, he said I don't know who listening
I know I was in the listening, so what I did was switched the subject to fear why we have fear what create fear and I created a monster body I showed this guy was: do we go from the sky at I saw the light of their eyes. We have dragged a matter station is that it allows up. So I I did that by transforming him. That's that's work I was you I have. I have to do what I had to do. How do you remained sort of kind of agnostic to everything with your Hitler Bin Laden example. How do you keep emotion out of it so that it doesn't get in the way of what you were doing closer more professional. I that's where I stood. I started my listen, professional, I'm, a professional. My I have many opinions vary political I've opinions on Marietta things, but I leave it at the door.
I leave my ego outside. Did we haven't help Eagle eye nor been successful I know what I do but wounded when I'm on a year. My role is not what Larry King thinks it's what the guests things and then I'm a conduit. I buy as good oceans. The gets through me comes to new areas in Europe, most of their own opinion, and I am able I don't like everybody I interviewed, but I do the best. Can to learn the most I can about the men. I learned that bit by being antagonistic, like at the time I remember, George Wallace form a governor Alabama whose racist later on. He changed in life, but mine and I I we were getting into the racial issue and I he said the something like go he's being wise s and he said.
I assume some question like were more: what would be the devil pigment accidents in black and white war? Have hearts kidneys? I guess you could take a kidney from it. The person black. What's the difference of their skin was Adams and he goes idle I'm rose in the minutes. Negroes at the station and I said well, they own the station there out to lunch. I just challenged him. What I mean is we got into a verbal argue about race, and I don't think I accomplish much later on yours. He came back and he was different him. He had changed I treated differently and learned a lot more The racism is the one cross that I've always. Either gave an opinion about or always annoyed me because
the one thing that I grew up with her when I don't serve the break in my army, I got off the train. I grew up in New York and I thought to forces to water drinking forces and once had White Sidney I drink out, o the negro fortune and I got on the bus to go to my uncle's house. I wrote in the back of the bus and marched in the beaches in Miami when they integrate the beaches, and I ever understood and I never got a good answer to a question from races. Get a good answer today, one of the hair was a difference. What what are you so upset about? Why does it bother you? If someone is black or you The house, why? Why would a matter in your life
All the money was spent. Races Spencer, live at the South South. How to build two bathrooms on every floor for bathroom black one white women will use the same. That's how strong the racism was it. Say it is the biggest insane. Is its sang look race to to adjust? It just so annoys me that I'm understood it. That someone is there has enough. Feeling about someone just because of their color of their skin. If it begs embarrassed, since it is I've, never heard of it, and I ask people never heard a rational explanation. You can't reason someone they didn't reason themselves into a friend of mine made at its source raises are stupid, it there's no theirs
real. If you are a racist, you are dumb back up the grief of anti racism. I guess I ll. Have you never, oh by the way there this is visible in a racism Priscilla Way, were raised near the bean. Rusk was american sector state years ago. Was a southerner who was very liberal and whose daughter married a black man and was told me once said: he thought it is a little racism and everybody. Go to the way you raise and what you saw when you grew up in and he thought he was always totally liberal. His daughter married a black man, he had black grandchildren and he was totally oblivious. He just was comfortable with it and he got on their plane once and the pilot was black and nervous really, and then he had a great himself to say why my nervous and he thought was to the black fighter plane? we also yet a measure himself. Even he had that tinge of it Bobby.
We recognise that wrecked and didn't go out with it, but it was his first thought. Interesting we'll be examined ourselves. All the time. Will that's an interesting point, though, is: do you feel like you, still are examining yourself. Do you feel like is much experience as you have that you still go home Sundays and go done this or what? What can I do to get better Hoeyer? Will you stop learning? We must will die I don't know everything. What are you learning now? I'm looking, I'm doing something everyday. Every time I open up a newspaper, I learn about things in the world. I learn about people, people fascinate me. I like every time I go to app Pokemon learn something I never learned before I was. I knew everything about baseball normally, so be learn everyday. It's just just people say things to me that I can't Someone told me once
There are more moves in a chess game. More moves, then sambo beach. I play chess. I know that the incomprehensible reasons she's no limit to how many just more Zira. So why is it then? Because I You and I think you're so doing what you do and you're still relevant here so good at it. We just had Joan podcast. I feel it way about Joan Melodious interviewed or less. We love John, and yet you know some people when they get to certain points. Their lives. They just kind of stop. They just kind of wall off. What is it that you guys hungry and an army in one of his most people. Don't older and then go. I want to keep learning may go. Ask for everything. I know that some people I know like that who I, like you, think that's more common, stop learning. They just what they call said in their ways here:
now. We all are a little bit set on their ways said now is what I do me. The whole learning process is so fascinating that, to be totally said to say this: is it and that's the way it is is, is self defeating Stoopin stupid, like like going back to read prejudice, means to prejudge pre judges in the attic. I do not like this no, I haven't tried it out. Do your preacher? Yes, I'll! Look at certain food known tasted saw many out of bed without that either procedure, pretty small in the grand scheme, if it yet correct, but it is, but I still do it so exciting for you, and so when you leave CNN and manure and then your kind of embark on this new kind of digital frontier of your career,
most kind of exciting, because exciting thing, where I was the first to do the national radio torture forced to do it, international talk show taking phone calls from around the world and I guess the internet is new and I'm into the internet? But to me honestly, it's still one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven and up questions not towards the transmission is different, podcast and internet Ngos and satellites, but basically is still too people off this accident, all across all the means of transmitting it is different, you're. So instead of picking up the phone at the house, you gonna walk in the street and have a cell phone and talk on the cell phone. You still talking on the phone it still at the means of communication, so why, I looked into the desert, the transport,
is the adventure, but the doing is the same. I'm not doing anything different than I did fifty five years ago, I'm being transmitted differently chair on the driving them Do you feel like you? Have that thing and you were you just want or need work every every day. So I guess I thought I could leave it for a good, but I do speaking I do comedy shows round the country. I do a spear speaking in Denver on Friday s wicked conventions. Speaking in Moscow did you stand agreed, we send of artists, all until stories I tell stores all my life I used to work and to speak of conventions and I've been by the biggest sales meetings, and I will do so far. Stories in my nephew, the Scots Idlers Broadway producer successful row. It produces that you know where you live in CNN.
Done, humor your life. He tells you tat, you really funny. It's funny stories in you have I have to deliver a punch line. You know timing once what those stores skin don't act and I went on the road and I go on stage coal bear stage biggest, throw my life by the way. The thrilled him interviewing is to go out on a cold stage. Just you and the microphone and two thousand people are there cuz they know yet they don't know what to expect and you make them laugh, and I love making people laugh. I love it would become a cash I've been reviewed. All the great Thomas spend more time with comments. I'd have been I hadn't gotten out of an atomic because you have won the great moment. The atomic has
the nectar, one, the singer stay have moments at that moment. Is that moment before the punchline comes when you know what's coming and you have them, you know you happened because they ve left a ready and that its or gas it's a high. You are building you telling a joke or you're telling a story. You know where the stories going, your weaving this pattern around, we ad Lib, something in it in your at that moment. At the moment little Brett, I'm in the roar. When you tell when you'll. If you can tell a joke until the well and get the store and deliver it well, it just is, and when can you make just just
surprise doll, surprise ending! Has to surprise me! That's why I laugh so I don't. I don't know where you going. This is, and he hit me and delivered right and that's why I like comics, you spend so much time with MEL Brooks Jackie, Gleason like as or Zackie was Jackie was arose now. Jacket was not a teller jobs. Jackie was a meek actor, so he in the coming into a scene honeymooners whose brilliant and everything was he knew. What he was. I backstage once when the honeymoon, as will lie, there were done among the old like live musicals and Jackie Staggers mentored at me. He loved me. He was so to my career did promise when I showed some standing backstage.
And therein lies the postage costs should be as they do in a scene. He comes off for a minute and he says to me there in the middle of a scene. He says to me: I wanted to show was going to remind those who have the italian guy is thirty seconds he said, will go to a modest corn. Now tell him. I want the bowling alleys fifteen Jackie ten seconds Tom. I want the wine, where the term will be there at quarter five seconds. Right I turned around writer, seem at right angles to align wholly wholly macro, but when you get really funny Rickles and I go back reveals used to I used to do a show of competent restaurant, that's where I started Bobby down was the first person. I haven't you, those famous,
browsers to combination addressing Lenny was comes. I got ripples on the end lending both my clear imagines. Notepaper, this levy comes tat- will really Edward now. So let me comes prison Uniform prison, uniform from Rayford prison in the state, prison, Lenny. We're on the radio I have to kill the radio. Aren't you in the prison uniform misses you a friend of mine, smuggled it out and send it to me so you were on the street, the hat the number the holding. Why am I to go up the cops and ask him direction and I like it, I know what the covers thinking is this an escape convict asking me directs now why wouldn't escape convict
Me directions, however, what about a brilliant escaped convict? Who would think that I wasn't escape convent? Why would I back into a river said? Let me get a job so that those moments I've had my life. I've played I've had solely as a cobra summit is in stand up I'll. Tell MEL Brooks Tours like MEL Brooks two thousand year old man, which is the funniest album ever made. You ever heard. Of course, okay. I was worth one of the play that Album Warner brothers send it to me I was a disc jockey, one thousand nine hundred and fifty in Miami they send this to be. They heard my Walker S play this place. I couldn't believe our funny was taller, is not just a breathless with corona last week and more books, we came wonderful,
when the world to me and I loved the man I had a Mamma shows many times and so on. At the meagre worlds, fair and nineteen sixty four broadcasting from the floor pavilion and now comes on. I said to him: you wanna play the two dozen, your old man. So I said to him you two thousand year old, his eyes. I love the mind our worlds fear. What do you think it is fair, those fair and winner fair? fair. We got materials used guy device. We were the first fear we were the first I was at the first. There was an o o thirty seven, six hundred thirty two people came the whole world and you are having, on the other hand, they get their affair. Well, we have no means of transportation, so the fair was at the vote
is at the bottom of the ravine, and people would role in that affair. That was finally attractions to watch him rolling folks. They lie down and rolling but affair. I saw what what Oh, oh thirty, seven or no electronics. What was a big hit at the fair, all burning bush we thought it was arrived, weeds, non violence and As you know, within a born attraction was what Moses, what either we parted the Red Sea three times a day four times on salaries, but he was just while Benny comes out myself. He was on my shoulder night. We landed on the moon, oh my god, and there was some night. Oh my god, we landed armada. Hoping brush? I said well now that we played it doesn't matter. What do you think it among many families? I love them
In my whole life into does he is, I gotta see the moon. Is my favorite object. I have great really so the moon. I love them. Why so? Well, for four hundred years, I thought I had a cat right, a friend of mine, Irving once said: isn't them beautiful tonight. I said why the moon, I would Asia is indeed, I guess, that's the kind of yours you I could believe Roy. I will now, but do you know Look, I know would do I said the man. You know Christopher Columbus, crazy. Chris normal best answer in genoa. The one great that, where the great problem before Drudge rub he did the Palermo, he did the treasure he did the mumble. He was in the one killer, the best Nancy ever so I did the queen
him money. Columbus today give him money to find the freeway ass. She gave him money to take an apartment in Paris for Shit husband whose in those were not made Aleph turn so cursed them one at those he's crazy warships, gonna find anywhere. I said that, doesn't it Cuba, do you remember the day he said the world was round I'll, never forget it. Sidney around. He walks in what is Nick is this vague. Nick, crazy conspiracy grows,
said, ladies and gentlemen, the world is wrongly so I'd left. So far, I split on my good, efficient, acne soul. I love that. I love comets. I love you, my of making people laugh. I love telling a joke. When the job works man, you know, a joke is funny. You can make people live a member making. I've Gleason Sinatra together, one sees- and I made them laugh- was at a dinner. I told the Polar Bear joke which, in a pool of echo's over to his father and mother and says, am I a polar bear, the modest issue, a polar bear, we're all polar bears, the levy passenger up? All that's! Ok, ok,.
Those were the next day. I am. I apologize. I told you yesterday you're a polar bear, we're all polar bears. This out. Ok comes back the third day, man you gotta, tell me, am I a polar bear? She's, listen son! You drive a minute. Everybody here is a polar bear. Why you bugging me because I'm freezing now, that's funny. You tell it right where you space at the right, that's funny the polar bear. Job just words, You, cracked, objective, Gleason him all frank it on the table and you know they're gonna tell him again known the Gleeson Autism mother. You appreciate this is stand up. What amounts to a stand up a double mass police and says I left to go see him So I go jaculation seaworthy I'll, have you heard about him and what he was
very nervous stand up. He was a writer and an actor, but he was very nose on stage where stick his fiddle arrive at the right things to say he was a positive step so I thought I'd lesions. My would work. So what he's telling a story? He said it was was October and I was- and I went Hunting and I saw a moose and I shot a moose and I tied the most of the side of my car and I drove into the city and the most woke up What do I do I get alive moose, and Gleason leans over me, Migos Halloween Toy said
is now when he then says it's Halloween and the Gothenburg I haven't accustomed pie. I take the monks of telecast on putting the moves. Mingles strangled pretty good. They have a customer contests best custom. The gaubert came dresses amongst the governors when the contest the moose finishes, secular, they, tangled with a little, are the most robs down a gradual. Take them up in the mountains shoot em again it was the Gilberts. I started a goal and that had the bad news is on the New York Athletic Club, which discriminates against Jews little, but I know right that was so now said that ashore on backstage. I said to Jackie. What'd, you say outgoing, and he said why do you say was up over. These are she's a coward,
sherlock right. Why do you say what was the relevance and October Moose October Costume idea view and Jackie Gleason and Woody Allen in the same room, almost mouth, my brain, like those other, stories that a comic wants? I had that life I had great times with lots of comets Rickles was one of my favorite. What time people that measures lovely man, I met him once he's a sweetheart. I have a daughter named Kaya, then she age when she was born Rickles call me: was it set a kid retinue I seen with those new things in clubs. You watch them over the years. He that Bob hope in the audience Bob Hope is a big in war, and so the way you do it were driven
so swimming wouldn't harm a fly here? An ILO embassy exact I've never seen him live. I've always wanted to Madame Pre walks out that ban plan kisses women. These great goes look, I can't everybody, but let's put it we're all human beings and world shame in flesh too gentle black asian Porter weaken. Written area that you can say anything at all. I get away with all he's, just as Thomas live longer I believe there is reason for that. I think of you. Make people laugh. You have a better life. You have a good life if it is in your life, you make people, I've known. Him judge burns ass, yours burns. Ninety nine years old
I want right is the first one to get even did do you have to go? I gotta get forty argument as we did for. If I may, I thank you for presenting this whole time. I never even I was I do comedy. I do lots of things. I'm a renaissance man. What else is there anything left that you'd that you still want to do. I think the last thing I'd like to do I'd like to do a Broadway play, What I would wander from one life a week, but I'd like to the twenty two movies didn't comedy, and I've done radio television read Newspaper Council written sixteen books I like to be, play, probably meal Simon Comedy Yoga, maybe the odd couple of it was funny and I'd feel itself.
Asked the interesting. You say that you are a common good appreciate this Jackie Gleason wanting to do as the outcome of the work in our states play, and he goes a perfect Tommy play just really funny. He loved it and I said you're gonna play asking why. Bigger lives. He ask you this way. Jackie thought asked as a one note character, brazenly Felix subtle, maybe pamby, MRS wife, any watch off it as police and use the work of Carney conning was funny, listen, we're off him and if you like, working off someone, you could be funnier being Felix. Felix Sissy, Felix you can develop see ask is very well written buddy.
One note ask as a slob is Felix his tender he's before his loss, things university. He just! I never even thought. I never even I feel, in it, I never even thought about you think the honeymooners is Jack. His show, but he's in thing. Without art works of art. He thought about everything I he. Let me a tender writers meeting for animals and there were a great script adopt as sensitive jack you're. The script was: It was during the depression and the during the depression in New York. They would have read parties if you couldn't make your rent, you throw a party, you supply the potato chips and pretzels people bought wine and liquor and when they walked in they draw me and kitty and pay the rent with was gonna go red party. Ok, so he has his horse grimly right the script
and a cramped deserve at his word. Potty Jackie's ended. The throne. Laugh lies our Jackie comes into here the script and I'm sick man. They read the script for Modern Martos Guide, Jackie's Lapham public does funding that's funny to can use any of. Why. Random would never swollen party too much pride. He wouldn't the honeymoon there's a phone, so every gag has to be said, writers didn't have a phone, you were common, engage offer phone, please come to the door in their way into the bedroom, never saw the bedroom and therefore I gotta go. Aren't you gonna go clicking? If you're gonna amazing my pleasure figure, doing. Thank you, my pleasure, upon cash, I made it more. You'd die did it. This was the last thing I wanted to do now. Leaving noticed enjoy your com,
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