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Laura Linney chats with Chris about how she is doing with the current lockdown, how they deal with de-cluttering their homes and how having a kid changed her life. Laura also talks about her extensive postcard collection, about when she decided she wanted to get into acting and the new season of Ozark!

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Welcome to the identification of a ten sixty three, so a lot of fun stuff to get through in the intro, so I'm just gonna get right to it, this episode is Laura Lenny. Who is red? I mean look did not to mention the fact that she is one of the best actors of our generation beyond that she's, so we're cool, and that's one the reasons why love doing this punk ass, his finding out the people that I'm a fan of already just pay Their work alone are also supercool human beings. We had such a great chat and, with a lot of these punk s done, the video conferencing something I never envision was oh what I talk. People are going to get to see what their spaces like like. You know just war wherever they are in their home, just a glimpse of what their spaces like and we need so much I'm kind of talking about in exploring like there was a point at the end of the podcast. I talked about lit
The passage goes woman. A thing I ordered go our case you're. So I gotta get Lydia and then she's Laura Lenny starts dissecting of other stuff. At my office just tried it's one of the funniest things I think it has happened in recent memory on the are purchased sorting out always got daddy's got that these curtains. I wonder what the reason for so left all that in because it was so fun and but then, in talking about her space ship working out. She was passing out of her home office and had all this great stuff, we were talking we're sort of lamenting one of the things that can be difficult about, like the Marie Condo method, is, if a lot of things spark joy for you. How do you know what to get rid of like some things are very see. I don't need this anymore. This is an old bill, or this is a thing I haven't taken out and causing a long time. But what about things that? Actually the colonel. I don't know what I'm up. I need this does kind of sport joy. So she had this box of postcards and she said
I have travelled all over the world. Every time I go someplace I just pick up a postcard is just a thing. I've done. She does not really need these. I don't know I guess throw away. I go hey. What is in the midst of it? thing: that's going on, we could start some sort of a thing like. Gay. You know for lack of a better turn with his colleagues Laura when he's postcard pals, and what you could do is that people donate to a charity of your team and you would write them one of these postcards and actually send it to them, and then they would get a post. Hard from you Laura Lenny, also universes, knowing that they didn't get trashed like being shared with people who will cherish them so it's sort of like ever kind of wings. You know it, you just love that. So that's what we're doing she has fifty postcards, sir,
there's only gonna be fifty of these and when they're gone, that's it cause. There won't be any more if you gotta, Idee ten t dot com, it's up on the website. Now you can go it's twenty five dollars for twenty five dollars. You are buying a poster the moral Lenny, will write to you and send to you personally and then that twenty five dollars, all of it all that money will go to the charity she chose, which is the actors fund, which has a really wonderful charity. The act respond. Helps people sort of meat needs that they might have in their if they work in the arts, including emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health care, insurance, counselling, senior care, secondary care, as I'm sure you probably know like all of the internet. A business is on pause right now, indefinitely and and many many many people lost their jobs and how much it I'm not talking about like high paid actors, but
lot of people who work in the arts are not high paid actors and they rely on the work that they get to survive. And now that work has gone so We will donate all of the money that comes in for this to the actors fund, and I decided that on top of that I will match those donations offer every. Twenty five dollar postcard that you are. Less than money to the actors fun, and I also will donate twenty five dollars myself to match it. So I don't know in, like a fucking thing all around in a great thing for folks, your fan, Laura Lenny. You could get a postcard from her, so join Laura LINEAR, postcard pals by going to eighty twenty dot com and, as I said, there's only fifty so so do it quick and on top of that Ozark season, three is on
flicks right now, so go watch that if you're sitting around- which I imagine you might be so now, the perfect time to catch up. If you haven't sort of watching Ozark, you should, and you can catch up and then watch season through, as well as her and Jason Bateman just an incredible show, so thank you to Laura Lenny for being just a superb human being, and someone that was really cool and chill enchilada talk too for an hour and really had fought on this by gas and I hope, you're doing well hope, you're staying safe and healthy, and please enjoy this utility podcast right. Now, with Laura Winnie Number ten sixty three in hearing I ain't even
on the EAST Coast or American. What what part of the EAST Coast reorder New York, I'm right outside of anymore you're outside in New York? Where have you been able to leave the house at all? I can I can because I'm on out in the country's others, there is so ways to walk around now that we we left, the city went when they shut Broadway down movie. We left there was the devil. That was a predominant yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't know if I'm remembering correctly to the theatre. Industry does not like to lose money right, so that was the biggest. That was that there was a big sign and there's also
The work ethic that you that you carry on it in the theatre. You know that there is, The theatre also serve a purpose, for you know helping people get through difficult times and providing diversion and all that saps over them to shut down the theater was said, spoke volumes to me. I would imagine there taken care of each other. The theatre community seems incredibly tide, which is probably why the Tonia words are the most fund. Words had been true, it's a remark of all community to be a part of that and you're right, everybody's everybody's, doing everything they hanford each other before you don't try to Japan and help out in new whatever people findin. Were you working on anything worth before this, or maybe I just ended, apply two weeks before, though my girl fighting just stopped.
By the way. This conversation like this will be the breezes thing in the world. If there's anything you want cut out or anything. I want to talk like in Ireland. I thank you. It's just that it's just the previous thing in the world what everyone to feel comfortable- and this has actually been women. It was until a couple weeks ago that we started doing these beer Zoom Europe. Yes, I pernicious, because I was thought no. You have to be in front of people because that's our conversation works brightening actually been gray heat. I had no idea. Let's go, I can see you so that makes it you know Jack. Just audio can begin. Is fine and works in a pinch, but certainly much better too, to see a person space it does, but it also sort of feels like I've done couple just audio ones and I feel like I'm back in high school, where you're just not just on the phone,
and now that Europe about that time, where you were not, festival at all times and if someone called you and you weren't home, you could just say like I'd ever I widen
The message I wasn't up were racquetball society. I do I love, I love hate it. I love hate, how I I think it's very fortunate that were always connected as we are right now, thank God for technology right now there are other times over. I just feel like I feel chip. I can feel it there's a chip in me and I'm just intractable at all times it was yet we are yummy on this point. We are now, but I think what people, what some people don't knows at different parts of the country or feeling very different things. You know he was under a very different set of circumstances than anywhere else in the country for now absolutely lacking here in people's voices, when I call them when there, whether their down south there on the West Coast.
Sir. There is a likeness to their voice that you don't hear, and in this area of quotas will particularly welcome, sounds like there's been a culture shop whenever on the phone with someone who's not from this area. Rest everything I have no idea. What's going on world, like you know, in LOS Angeles, were used to work were used to resemble a more. We have more space, we have a bit more stays YAP New York is such pedestrian culture and its. I feel like most of the people. You know, because the larvae will have any tiny little places to live, but that's really just a place. They go a nap and then the rest of the time they're just out in the city and also to be forced to stay in it. Just you know, my heart goes out to people who were in dense metropolitan areas. You know are not investing a lot of marriages. It's my wife said that the other night
What are we to be morbid, but did it the divorce rates gonna go, but I was like a boy who did it yeah, but maybe these relationships that people have there been avoiding. You know yet. You're an end for the better as well. I think you knew turn you look your partner you're like. Are you the one I want to be in the fox always right under the present? Why wanna be facing all this where young people are? You know, causes people to ask themselves some some serious questions and to feel some intense stuff yeah there. Even when she said that there was a little bit of pause afterwards and she kind of looked at me like I love you, you and everybody just like. I can get you a job we're home bodies anyway. Do are you knew if you're out in the country I soon like you probably has social? Are you normally
I'm not a social, as I think I am I'm pretty much an intergroup by nature removed, though I can. I'm pretty comfortable staring at a wall for a long time. There was no. I looked back at I don't wanna be all my husband is not my husband is is as an extra hurt you and he D needs people and he likes interacting, and so this is much harder for him than it is for me. Does he call you like to walk around the house a couple times had no really well, these didn't he's been great benefits it, sir. And then there is also the sort of thing where you know Could just sit and stare at the wall, but then, when someone tells you can't, you know you can't thought, I'd read then also need, got sides of this all sorts of tricks that your mind is playing with you. I have a horse, you, you might just have to run your house
around the property like up here we have a puppy right now we just gotta exercise media. We exercise amending its. He passes out when you were by the way. I love your office and, in my is that a hirschfeld pink to illustration behind your head s it's, it's it's it's not an original is beyond the Algonquin table round table of cool and then there actually is one original which is over here, oh my god, which actually is me from you can count on me and I was bombing them often prophecies when that was done and Richard Gear bought it. For me, oh my god,
it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done. For me, there was no way I could have ever afforded it, and he bought that. For me, that is at big minor nights. Like a double cool story. May I again There is a mass, but I I love it you're. Not only am I like you shit everywhere we looked at in all cases and I have piles do I'm a Pilar, yeah, yeah yeah. Yes, a thousand per said it was. My office was starting to look like a cave with them The latter might grow yeah yeah yeah and I tried to listen to Marie Condo leg. Be joy and then finally, my wife is like I'm gonna go in and I want to start taking sound. I go. Did you don't do that you stubby its, but she did she
started staffing stuff in the hallway, and I realize like why. Don't you bad, oh god, someone sent me this like two years ago as a promoter fuck. So I had to do that. How do you, how do you get rid of your piles? What's your process for that? You know I have to just go through it but I I didn't go down such memory lane you know to takes it takes me a long time like I have this here like this, I can't get rid of it's a box of postcards literally on whose words from like all the trips that I've been on over the years. That's very elbow. You pick up. A scar like this was from this is from the table. Turn in London very nice now, so you just I have another. We need them. No,
we will be voting at like we don't really need mainly presented a shit. We had no extra tough, I would say postcards from travel spark joy because you, basically that was like a scavenger heard. You were that, that's it. That's a big diary of your travels. Yeah No doubt all museums, I've been to these and I went into the postcard shop, the met recently, the metropolitan, using about New York City and the written coastguards, or there used to be like the whole world, There is one whole enormous wall that used to be postcards of the art that you could buy and I guess
His card has fallen out of popularity- oh that's. That seems crazy to be here because of my heart. I imagine the like the president of postcards. It was like this goddamn email honestly we're gonna run under selling one sheets, five by seven cards to mail to Pyongyang. I know my Bessie Berlin, where he lives through turning tide of the culture. We were my best friends ahead as it should. Where she was in a post office and there was a girl who was like nineteen and the girl went up to her and said. How do I make a letter shows like? Are you telling me to shore like a stamp out to the thing, and then you set it as a magic box which had no equivalent of the Victrola. It's for the model cheap. You don't you gonna have written a letter from someone who doesn't like. Do you think it's weird, or do you think it's nice that they always robin
yeah yeah. I love it and I love you know, and I also love it when, when a person actually has penmanship right, actually don't have my hand ranks terrible. It always then, but everyone will get a letter from from an actor whose you know will older than I am and their handwriting so beautiful, gorgeous you haven't. My mother has borders handwriting my mother's beautifully in writing. You have to practice that, though, cause it'll get worse but it has. Its deteriorating was already bad and now it's it's almost illegible with deficits which would start writing yourself. Letters you should write off. Those black getting one of those books that teaches you had to do with it. You know that free trade, it and trace it and trace it. I thought about not doing that. One day we like the great Swoboda, the super wide,
all right I've lie behind it all. I have a son and kindergarten and he has one of those books, and I might you know I might tell someone like everybody retook. It is going to teach. It was like his penmanship, not the improbable, actually allows me yeah. I thought that was my age. It has done to dine with me. I was bored you can just gimme a thumbs down for the day has been rejects. Great coastguards not filled out. Are they just like empty postcards people's lives, their anti postcards yeah gash? It's ok! So I'm getting a crazy idea. What a pity you Laura Lenny! I'm ok, charity idea. Charity idea! Yes, if people pledge you know x amount of dollars to certain charities, maybe for grown a violent virus really, for whatever you hand, write them a postcard attitude.
Idea, because it goes to charity than you don't feel like you're, just gonna get away re United and that becomes a part of someone else's story about the actors funds to the actors fund. Oh my gosh. I this is the Those cards might actually have a home. We gotta have a life. I don't ever do that. Ok How do I dont know if, if we can help facilitate this in any way for media, we will do that, but I just I love the idea that when he bucks for a postcard twenty bucks for a postcard, how many postcards do you have a bunch? I mean I think, pregnant more than twenty four hours that up to two years, a gentleman ass. I find myself of the job all I'll? Let you do that? What's it's ok, just just just for fun. I know we saw the one in London, but just grab grabber,
and I'm one grab one grabber random one and see. If you can tell me a story about their acacia DES yup, ITALY. You are all aware, I think, Venice, somewhere in Venice off it up. Picture of on. It's gone down. Allow men, another sounds french and nodded, not italian, as I felt its intervention and it's a beautiful picture of a woman space. We were at the museum last year less than a year ago. There is tat you see here is unclear something else that tape minor. Oh here's from Australia when I did a movie called gender by you, some ardor regional, that's really cool yeah, there's dance can I have your typical, more tourists postcards of places large is national park law? One of my favorite cleaning wanna planets
This is one of those places you wanna take everyone. You love, that's gorgeous! You see this things in the end, you're so overwhelmed by the beauty of a neutral, gets Anita, yeah yeah! That's it! I love you too, about driving desire national park is one of the most terrifying thing in my life, I'm sure just cause. The incline is so steep and there's there's a suggestion of a guard rail, It was to the point where I had to get a car. My wife had to drive the rest of the way. Could she does not have that? I think the roman statue from bath the name. You know tat, I love Laurel and he spent the club. I think this letter because of the humming did, how would you do you think you have? What are you? I don't know, maybe a hundred, maybe maybe maybe just don't run. This is gonna, be fun and then
Maybe now yo YO even cause you know. Obviously we at there will be a point where we will be able to travel again, and then you have just a mass. A whole new stagger postcards one hawks have you thought about the first thing, you're gonna do when I think like what they're gonna put somewhere there. It's ok! It's ok to go out and be in public again. I wouldn't I did, I would be hesitant, but what's the first thing you think you wanna do when you're able to bribing I'd like to see my mother. Of course, you know, I think I wanna see my relatives, my mother, my stepmother, my aunt em, my sister. My in laws, my niece and nephew, my sister in law, her husband, I think my mind. Family and then I want to hurt my friends: are there Is your family just strewn out across the country? are we bodies serve all over the place, so it's been bid. It makes it easier for everybody, usually with this. It just makes it a little more stressful
Yeah are you were when you said your introverted, I feel, like my wife and I are very interpreted as well. It's interesting that a lot of performers are personally introverted but professionally extroverted. Yes, yes, I know that it is not because We crave some sort of a connection you think so me like that's how we express, I think so I think we create a deep connection, not just a connection right, but one that's a little more than just a casual right right, and I think I think many of us also feel them in service to the material to the audience, to get on the risk of sounding totally pretentious but to the crown of the art. Right and that it's not really about us but about what came behind us in what is, coming I had a vessel we're just a little
in that then, that dumb the sort of evolution right of what we do. Thank God. And in order to sort of plug into that, I think is certain to bestow a lot. That is such a hard thing to do and that what we have to do as a culture is be still be. The endless is a skill set we ass a friend the discomfort. A great way to put it yeah does a really great way to put an end find every everywhere hersel period I mean, there's always the dirt. What's called dreaded weak three when you're in reversal for apply, three always sucks. You hate yourself. He doesn't want round you you feel like you're, miserable you're, bleeding everybody down should never taken the job they should have and someone else, you just you just don't think you're gonna make it through
and it is a lesson I learned over and over and over again that when you get to that point, you have to sit in the discomfort and will allow everything to catch up the. If you ve been doing your work, it's gonna be ok, but it has to you know it doesn't come together. Miraculously you have Let things evolve, enjoying and then sort of harmonised with each other. Then you have to catch up with yourself. By the time the show up and you're you're almost there, but it's if it's always a shock when you get to that discomfort. It never feels the same. You think its unique indifferent in this is that the work that will prove that I'm a terrible Terrible professional that I need to be sidelined, miss and then you always have to work through it Caesar happiness,
It's still and befriend the discomfort and and just get through it, the witches so interesting because our brains? Well, you know, I always our brains are sort of stratified and the lizard part of our brain, hates the discomforts and actively do whatever it can to not experience discomforts door, but at the same time we don't evolve without the discomfort. So this is this kind of interesting dichotomy of the two sides of our brain fighting each other now and how every time you go through something like that, one part of your brains, like a you know, this is justified It happens not at this time it's real now the other three times and you have had already been a total drama, queen you're in the right profession, for that people have a complete narcissist and a total drama queen. Anything like this has never happened to anyone ever before, and he just and ass the good ass. One of the great things about getting older is that you're you're able to recognise patterns that
Do you have for a long time, and then you either wise up in you figure out how to deal with that oratory down like a thousand percent agree, but I also I do also think that you know the idea that the grappling with the nurses, and particularly because you know when you're performer, you you- you are so inward annual, because your cut your cuts only, I imagine trying to process the world and express the world and yet thinking about how you see the world and how to, and so it's it is like. I would imagine always like getting keeping close enough to be useful, but also at arm's length, so it doesn't like buck up the rest of the said, yeah yeah and it is also it's good. Is it good reminder to remember that other people are going through it as well as someone else might be? in like a real state of discomfort and they're, trying to figure it out there. Just in that place, we're nothing's working and you gotta My little gotta get Malo space right, he's capable of kindness. There sure someone's, listen,
Of their process, you bet you have to respect that is kind of you to think about the things that probably just up ended us in our twenties, so easily yeah, just like any fall apart. Below is ball with all the pieces, so fragile. That is, that is the nice thing is, is to recognise that you know that thing you do. Things tend to most things, not all, but most was due tend to work out the time now, always not always now always, but when they do, they still can because something not working. I can actually be a good thing in the world run sure, and you also only have control over so much ready. You can take care of yourself and that's really about it. Do,
Do you have a deal meditated? You have like a series of Montrose like what are you do to sort of decontaminate the I do meditate yeah, I demand the take up I do that. I have. If I'm doing a play, I have a whole serve. I guess the bitter very early I like to be there. I liked him warm up on stage. I spend time their young so that it becomes very familiar and is for you. Is it about getting as comfortable as possible to be able to, I mean: do you you have you do yeah yeah yeah. And I'd. I sort of, and the way I know I can relax is if I now improved as prepared as I can possibly be, we'll get me took place like want done everything I can do right now: Niger, Do it now we see what happens, but I got
I feel like asters short changed myself or someone else where the player, my castor, then its. Then it's really bad. I mean that's. The part were having some kind of faith in yourself or faith in that things will be ok or that you'll figure it out. That's the hard won two: that's a hardware to get because every year, you have a process in order to have faith in the process right, so you should have to know how to work in order to have faith in their and again not just takes agent experience exactly you can only you only get that from doing something. Like a million terms. That's right! That's why you were your anger and fuck up a million times that the absolutely royally I have been in some horrifically ban productions, aimlessly bad and they were brutal-
and I'm glad they happened earlier on, I mean it's it's a miracle I kept working because these these programmes were really terrible Damn, but I learned a lot. Learned a lot from them, which is that's the gift part where you live number one. It didn't take everything you know survived it. Somehow you better thing thank you! Jesus, Xavier production! Were you kid? There's there's only so much. You can do as an actor in like if such as an unstable of other actors and ensemble of a whole production You know what do you like? Everything was learning at all you everything line right and tar, and then it also makes you just appreciate. Really great work as you know how hard it is. You know that it's not it's not, but I call instant pudding, you don't just Atwater girl like it's a lie.
Right. So when I see something, that's really good. Now I just m in a beside myself with happiness, I mean I'm really in just over wound. It do have one that you have a do. You have a good sort of a theatre, fail that you're comfortable sharing, I got a version or like just a fun just when I look back and laugh at go out. You know Montera, there were several, then they were all great classics I gotta Juilliard and I was cast in like three cloud was kind the signal in had a gambler and an uncle ammonia. You know how to ride out of school in all three were just really problem: and I felt like I was you know responsible for injecting the beast. That is the theatre with a deadly virus. I really thought like classic play. Is I'm I'm just in one bad classic play after another, and this is not good for the cause,
I'm not helping I'm not helping the case were doing closet. The theatre on Broadway, so that was that was brutal. You know, and you You know it and it's bad and you know it's bad and you know you're bad in it and you she asked it was like going to the theatre. And someone everyday handed me a glass of sand. They drink up just it was rule and you just feel awful forever. You just be easily turn to the audience, got I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. I wasted your time, and your money, I sold, I apologize if rule
my heart. My heart starts to raise whenever I been thinkin those production than its bending over twenty five years in the desert. So great those it you you survive, you know you survive it. You you get through it end. Sorry to interrupt with its also when something goes right, then you're so relieved, you don't make it the granite. You download everything were flawless right out of the gate. Then one of two things would be true number one. I dont think that would be because you'd never learn. You wouldn't have a parameter for what was new and appreciate the good supper, but I'll be your or number to your very distorted, and you think everything is amazing and it's not so I'm really you're right, like of all the times to have that happened like right at us yeah right I am I felt like I was being flayed alive at the time, but it was you know
embarrassed. I was just so embarrassed and I just felt awful, but it was. It was a really. You know now that I look back. It was all it all made sense when you started working and film what was the was the guy with the gold to just keep working as much as possible. Was, it says, select specific kinds of rolls, or was it just like why man I just need to. I just need an exit worked, it doesn't matter you I just wanted to work, and I just wanted to experience whatever I could mean, I was open, said to anything I knew nothing about film on television and really had no ambition for film in television either was not in my culture growing up. I just I mean I loved going to the movies. I loved, watching television, of course, but I was never comfortable Cameron my face, remove
and if this is not what I thought I would ever do I really just thought I was a theatre bragton. That's where I would be in that's where I wanted to be so filling tv were. Were the big surprise for me really big, surprise I just with very intimidated by cameras and and the culture. I just didn't know anything about it. I just knew it was different and foreign, and I didn't quite understand it so very lucky, because I had a really smart. First agent is no longer alive, but his neighbors Brian Riordan, and he was just a gem of a human being. And he could tell them where my mindset was, and he very shan't- listen just just check it out. Just now, God you she for this one day, a part in something from one day, so I did, a very small partner will be called Dave and I did a very small part in a movie called searching for. We Fisher. So I had like one day here one day there than I did. I think two days on Lorenzo Oil,
a man, and then he started sending me out for things that were a little larger and just sort of so I grew into it and then, by the time I got two tales of the city, the first one. I just had a ball of logic, and down with that, that was the turning point for me was that show rose like oh, maybe I could enjoy this Maybe I am I won't suck at it and maybe I'll actually enjoy it in, and that proved to be the case and it more the wonted you know, yeah. Why wild you know so with it was that it was great over you. U glanced over what were some for now, so my favorite movies of the nineties Dave Cabin Climb yet
didn't you play the aid that he has a stroke but he's having an affair batter, and then he added that I dont have may assets of it one day, a pivotal role in the research World Bobby Fishers. Also, I wasn't just club in great school. I played travel simply unanswered. Gorgeous just beautiful movie uniform of a isn't that a beautiful movie court that movie is running at stunning movie
Not a movie that I hear is much like a deadline will be a people. Is, it is right now go watch searching for Bobby FISH; rather it is a bad. It's it's! It's like up. Bitter sweet gorgeous feel good, uplifting kind of a movie selling. I look like a baby mother and Baby Muppet Laura money in their. When did you start to feel like hey, you know what you said. You started having fun after a handful, but went again. When did you gonna go? I think this might be a significant
My path, I feel like, did you kind of relaxing to it. You always sort of feel like well. I think I mean I mean a momentum now that I'm gonna work is kind of his long as I feel like working. I don't know I've ever felt. That way. To be honest, I think you get more confident with their ability to do the work, but you never feel like it's gonna keep going well. You know, I think, that's I think, gesture for most for most people with half a brain right, and it's probably just a healthier that way anyway, because then you a brief,
made it more when it happened and yeah and then you're not yet again the danger. I think it's just pinning all of your your ego and everything on something that you can't control and then, if something happens then, having like you know we're all situation, where we literally can't control what's going on in the outside world and were sort of forced to just when it most You can also see, like the actors who had a tremendous of success, and then you don't get bored making. In their work? You know just bored yeah. Tired of being on set their say? the hours they want to go home, their cranky, their irritable there, and I guess there's a lot on a film set that can make you that way, but I always breaks my. Little bit when I see a great actor sort of Rachel
and they ve just been drowned in privilege, road and the privilege. Able to keep working and working so much and then and then they just get bored up there and you can see it. How do you think you avoid that? Just because it seems like you know everyone when you start out, you have this idea of something that you want to achieve, and then you start to achieve it, but then it's not enough and then you want more and then it's not enough and then and then it a certain point. It's like well there's, no more like your it like you're at the ceiling of you know, whatever that kind of external thing is so how how do you think? How does someone prevent that from Being from taking uniform taken for granted and forgot, where people are, I think its human nature and somewhat to drown in privilege. That way, I think it's when someone is, I think it's it's very hard not to. I would think,
I think he are you really love the work itself, regardless of what form it comes in and I think you have to do it for not yourself. Ethical has the monopoly about you right. You know well and then, especially at a certain point, everyone, I would imagine a very credit. Distorted thing happens where everyone's just telling those people everything are doing is great. No one wants to upset the apple cards that they don't care. Yesterday, challenge not challenge the albino. You know they they start acting up and then it's like. Oh, let's let him you know and then there's there's no real balance. I do really think that human beings need some kind of a structure, a balance or even a slight opposing,
to just get the other when their sense of trust starts to erode right. You know when they feel, like they're, just being exploited for the type of work that they do war. People are speaking to them honestly or read. You know people are telling, in their turn, think when they know they're, not writing the trap. The trusts. The breakdown and your spoke to illustrate a Jew, denial way right. Why? Our someone just talk in platitudes all the time, then than you do check out. You do check out. Do you think that's the time when you just have to do something else or you have to like? How do you? How do you think something to find different people to work with different people here? You have to be with like minded people right. Otherwise it will drive me crazy, reflecting the heart.
I was too hard. There's there's too much to do under difficult circumstances and you have to do with like minded people. Well, that's. Why think then? I do. I think the meditation stuff is important, because I think you kind of have to get to know yourself and be comfortable with yourself in order to even have the awareness to make a decision like. I think I need to be a different people or I get. I need to do ex wires, ie to reach and all, yeah you're, even if that stepping away from a lot for a while or whatever, absolutely and then also to get rid of the desire to not punish the people who are not like me, don't you so resentful. Will there really you can be really badly. People can behave really badly, but their lashing out themselves really like that. They're just get angry and anyone who steps into that. That's why I asked radio
get it in their soft low thing that comes, and now it's just a joy, fortunately, for me, I've been I've. I've had a few situations like that, and no one in this business behaves well a hundred per cent of the times. I certainly have days that I wish I could take back I need a stepped in entered, didn't I myself as well as I would like to, but pretty pretty much most the time I've I've been. I've had a good time. Is there anything that you do like ones who do this? For me, I don't care if any one sees this thing or not. I just you're really spelling out of this area of absolutely. He nodded You responsive material in ways that, like when I, when I'm reading a script for the first time, if my the rain turns on and if I said
working on it involuntarily. Before I finish reading it, then I know I just have to do it. I just you know, doesn't matter like I should do it. If I'm already started working on it by the time I've reached page twenty five. Then then you know I have to listen to that. And then I imagine it at that point. You sit down with the director and have a chat, and just see like. Are we on the same page to this kind of makes sense? I probably should do that more than more than I do, but most time I'll just go with my got, and And and the opposite, they ve been times. I've read script that are not so great that there's a whole lot there that I can. I can't my way and I don't really understand it and still say? Yes, because the people are so fantastic. Well, that's that's enough! Then! Yes,
politely and if it, if someone is willing to work with you, you know than that. That goes a long way. Yeah yeah, I think it's probably just the trick of finding whatever that negative women systematic under shit, finding that negative and what its utter yeah. Section there's like usually there's some intersection somewhere, but knew just completely understand tat. You might not even be able to formulated in an expert sitting in a way that that makes sense but there's some understanding that you about either the story or the character or the narrative. Are there something that. That makes you learn something doing us read. You know like this war.
This will change me somehow right, I'm not gonna be a different person on the other side. That's one way to think about it, and I also thank you. You don't like the got that you have you earn you earn your got right, there's probably like point: one percent of people are born with some a genetic preach. It's like a confluence of astrology and genetics and something I just know their shit and their super. But in general, like most mortal human beings, we like we do have to earn our gets through trial and error, but high Like how do you know like how do you know you know what, when it's, when it's your got? Talking are like your ego, springing disguising itself. Is a guy like how do you had? I think you know what you know and then you and then it's always a bit of a gamble and you all
have to now going into like what this could possibly be written in realising that you're saying yes to this. And you know it could be like it's a great script, but it's in walk in Louisiana and it's all lights, but you know you, to be here, have experienced, and you know what that means right, what that means is all night long in a swamp with mislead the sizes, the size of alligators, you know, do I do I really but to do that. But if I say yes- and I know what I'm getting myself into, got it again, that's where experience pays awful over and you ok. So this this director is known to be a screamer, a younger, but he makes a beautiful great things. Is it? Is he gonna all of a sudden babe friendly. You know a puppy dog around me now he's gonna screaming around me too is that work is not worth it.
So you just have to really think things through then you have to be like. Okay, I'm an employee and I said I would do this, so I have to do my part. That's a good way to think about it. You because you're basically you're doing all the pre work to set your up here, success mentally in your own head, like you know, rather than just but just jump into it. What happens if there is an element that, but you still gotta, you have to know what the agreement is, that right and if it's a low budget movie for two cents, teetering on the brink of coming together or not? You have to know what that means. Production lies right and what that how that production is gonna go go in Lisbon. You go in, would like all hands on deck, wanting to help and that's what you signed up for review. So
then you don't have the right to complain, and you know exactly what the result of this sort is got yelled at me in the mosquitoes your big like yeah, you, you knew that that right, but you knew that going in, but I think that's probably where why the theatre training is so great because you you just have to make when you're the theatre? I'm I'm not a theatre purse? I mean I've, never really done theater, but it seems to me that Ya'Ll just figure it out. You just have to make it work. As you don't have a choice you have to make it work one way or another trip. Yeah and you rely on each other enough. The one thing that better has that there are two things that the theatre has that found. The television do not, and time is one just like what time does the it is. It is an element within a production that you can't. You can't force it. You can't
generate the results that time how time works on you and works on a production and works on a performance, and you know what it does and that in the ingredients of everything there sat and then there's you're, all interdependent, and you know each other really. Well whether you want to or not you can, you can barely work with people. If you're on a long running series or if you want a movie and women, there be people who I've been in movies with I've, never met, you know. So it's it's. It's those the two big differences for me that that is so interesting, as it makes me think again like why the Tonia words are so fine, it's like because as an industry, if an unsuitable, let's Sylvan television is really more about like the individual, focusing on their own. They like to you know I was here. You have to do scenes with people, but I mean in general. I feel like it much more, fosters icily
Bellman television read the community like like they were all in the same boat. You know sometimes sometimes it sucks, but now that we're together, that's right and there's a real respect and generosity that everybody in theatre has for everyone else. Could we know how hard it is like eight shows a week is no joke But no one knows what that is unless you chose a week for a long period of time and theirs tremendous amount of you, no good, well theatre people are so happy for each other when they do well, you really are. They really are and some? You know some moving it always it always has been in others. This there's this great thing that happened, the theatre when you're shall opens every other products. On Broadway sends a notice to your feet. Saying happy opening up and everyone signs it.
We have a whole wall of the entire like Broadway doktor- is up on the wall and the entire cast of every show has signed like good luck, good wishes break a leg and they need it and the Mena how this might be a crazy. This might be a crazy swing, but go with me as much as you feel covered get it I'm with you. So the idea that, because theatre can be so tumultuous, you know the ups and downs when everyone gets through the discomfort together and as a result, there is a come robbery in the community and its also athletic you. Of course you know emotional, Ed, physical, absolutely, but you all go through together. So as a world as an as an international as a species. Right now, the going to this fucked up uncomfortable thing, this thing, yes, is it? Is it possible or is it too? I don't owe Pollyanna to hope that what is on
Other side of this is a stronger sense of community, because we have open to this fucked up thing together and we're all sort of in the same boat. In a you know, we're obviously the stakes are incredibly high is part of it. Gonna be like. Oh, we are we're not is divided, as we felt before were actually work were much closer. I hope so I I hope so a kind of doubt it, but I hope so yeah yeah I think that people in New York will be bonded in a way. I think, all the hot spots the people will be binding, but then there are the conspiracy theories, people who believe that nothing's happening right right, railroad. You know that's very real yeah there once people out there who don't believe any of this is happening right and you know I think that causes more of a rift
the rift rape, women when you see scientists being doubted in Shame on you
when you see doctors being the little, then yeah. That's that's not good. That's me just feels like internet culture, Europe mean where its there's going to be a they're going to be haters for literally everything, yes, but the, but I feel like the majority of people you know separate from the sort of the extreme outliers, because I do, I think you know what social media excels. That is elevating extreme points of view, and so I mean much in the same way that you know when you add enough there still the grocery store anymore, but when the tabloids are enough filled the racks grocery stores before the internet. It was just all these crazy, tabloid stories now that all these extreme point of view, because that just so newspapers and
you know a lot of the social media stuff works in the same way, and so I try to take that with a grain of salt, because I feel like can't, but that's it. It's like this many people, but they're just loud, but the majority of people in it does do. Is it it. The little expertise you and unfortunately it influences people who make decision those who are trying to make a lot of money right. I will go with you the lowest common denominator. If they feel it's gonna, make them more cash right right. Right, read your culturally. It has. It erodes the culture it roads a a logic there. You know and I'm not saying all of that is bad and and I know that there can be
sense of leaders on with with expertise, but I think it's I think, culturally were in a very, very dark place. Shit. I'm really thought I had a good comparison, but now that I'm done I'm talking about it's like it's not the same thing at all, but I wish you were right. I and it should be that way it might be for some people who, for some people be for some people and, let's hope legitimate, is yeah now, but I think We are in such a strange, precarious place as a culture
and as a nation, would you just if you're, not thinking globally mean just America? It's it's uh, it's an intense period of time for something like this to happen, but hopefully it admits obviously is a very difficult discomfort to embrace. But at least you know as individuals, maybe we can all do our part to figure out and be reflective. Then you know when things are good again, when things will be, you know things will normalized. How will I contribute and how will I be a part of that, because I think it so easy to go out there doing this or they are not doing that, and sometimes you forget, like what am I doing What am I contributing yet his each individual? It really does matter yeah, because people are made up of individuals about the people there like y know, who
are reactive? They just react so that the people who really who react in a big way, but actually don't do anything right and then there are the people who don't react and do a lot, and then everybody in between. So it's interesting to see like who at the time moments like this. Where you do, I think part of your care. There are exposed, whether you want to be your not right. Why thank you divorce I didn't realize it turns out we're assholes together or are the opposite. People well, we'll make full commitment to each other. We, like you know your character has been exposed and I love it up. Your ass
serial killer serial killers, like that, it's like that that I mean I say horrible, but it's like a horrible great, the old enough to remember the other Rupert homes. Peanut The latter song, where remember that time, we were always tired of his relationship, so he writes classifieds, which is something I used to do on tender. Basically, I gotta tender which in this as you do yeah yeah, whatever classified ads, you don't get drunk of each what's gotten typing right was buying a newspaper going into calling number them like Klondike Barbary to why hello right yeah, but in the song, he's looking for something
he made a minute, I believe its own lovely lady. This is the only lovely lady actually sound all year with Justice Board and fed up with him is he was with her. I don't think they should ended up together let's get out of here- I mean he had no time in the conversation were there any due to their like wait. A minute you're trolling, the classified ads were committed, fuck you, you know what I know hence, as it were, familiar right like that of the doktor go, take a test, you son, it will go to gather around work. You know like the closer to that song is like theirs, in other words, that he'd never finished dealing with the aftermath of Ben almost cheating on each other and possibly had been me the entire time here, but they seem
Groovy couple couple. Well that not to go on to much of attention, but that I was back. I rolled like a lot of weird pop yacht rock novelty songs. Germany's other less popular song was about answering machines and it's it's it's a weird song, but it's about a guy trying to ask a woman to marry kids like right when answering machine came out. Yeah yeah in the course of the song is so it'll just great on your bid. Just like takes you re like a black of parmesan scrapes it you can't- and here I can't cannon here, but if I am so sorry you have just reached my head so ring machine and the whole by us all.
He's trying to ask this girl the marry him on that keeps cutting them off before it gets the n third cementite yeah, exactly the right, yeah yeah sort of Havana neckties lad. Yeah. Do you sort of feel like when you had a child? Did that kind of put things more into perspective for you as well to that with that help? Can a click some stuff into place as well? Now I think I was so I didn't think I was, I didn't think being apparent. What's gonna happen for me, the right sort of more and that, given that up- and so then would it didn't happen, you know them
just an overwhelming sense of gratitude to her dad and I was so ready for it, I was so ready for it and everyone kept saying your life is going to change. Your life is going to change. I was like good. I'm ready for my life to change. I want my life to change your. I can remember being you know like await with my son at four in the morning and he wasn't sleeping wealth this period of time and again I can member of the hearing people complain about which is understandable and I don't need it. Not. People complain about nothing. It was late when they have a newborn, but I was so grateful to be up at four in the morning with an because I really didn't think it was ever gonna happen, and so. For me. It wasn't I
Do we have that moment? Were everything changed? It was just a profound relief, isn't isn't. The right word, but it was just stay on something just fit into place. Finally, You know there was just a missing piece and adjust. It just fell into place and dumb. So it's it's been, has been wonderful, that's great! Does he understands the vicious report? I feel like? Are you presenting this like it for some of it asian kind of is that you now he knows he knows me, MRS School. He six now so we're home school languages, a chap and learn from us learn from their parents looks it. Like you want me to do why, but we ve been but having a good time with an he's done. Nobody,
there's a virus, and he knows that you know we have to stay inside and we're we're very fortunate were in a very play. So it's not it's not a hardship for anybody who, where we are right now, so MRS his friends, and he sat about that you're about anything. Loving the time. Just ass. He also has no understanding of the real chaos and stress that this, nor should he you know that this is globally causing and the fear of the unknown about what's gonna be on the other side so he's he's so happy that it makes it easier for us. You know that's good yeah and he keeps us on schedule. You know I'd, be sleeping till eleven and wake up depressed in freaked out, but you know we're up at seven and we make the breakfast and then we go to home schooling. And then you know, there's math and there's reading and there's this. Then it keeps us on schedule, so it's been and it gives you out of your own head too, because you kid focus on without.
Now stop now, when you gotta keep alone, all human, absolutely up at around yeah yeah. Have you sort of figured out like these? Are the windows he's very active from this period to this period? You know, like you, can take a nap here. I can go off into this. Like is it? Is it really is, very, very regimented, well little regimented, but you know the minute he has to sit in a chair. Do work into starts. Yon appeared, thought about range, gotta, get the wheels moving, let's get the mental wheels going until it. You know what you think is great about. That is how how often do parents get to see what their kids are like at school right, no instrument, you're you're, seeing a window until this is how it is. That's right. That's right yet another surprise you how they're really self much more far ahead than you think they are in some things and effort behind and others
So it's a wonderful way. You know having this time. You do get to know your kid in ways that you, but you don't. You know what this is. I think a kid probably would have fixed a couple of Rupert Home song. I think if they had a kid that would affect those in the blue knows. I dont know webs of fixated on the time now, while we can write a whole level, there could be a whole thing, but it will be really fun is a play based on, but like a really dramatic like really deep dive, color soul, rushing like what the place starts with that song and then, but at least starts. You know where they are now yeah with with where they are now. Maybe they catch it may have been separated for twenty five years and Arabs
their drug attic son is brought them back together for some reason or something I know we're making jokes, but that feels really good sounds right. Doesn't it yes returned the pickle artisan, maybe maybe it's family. We get a rehab, the my parents, men under very strange certain my pride. I was born in a very strange, certainly as regards rather gap during a reconciliation. Europe yeah. It seemed to the reconciliation of right after that sound with son, but the kid doesn't fully understand, or no some newspaper gotten back their know how that worked Ray. I know it was like to really understand how it works. Anyway, if you're writing anything while in isolation. This might be a fun thing to be to work. I don't know, are you riding anyting? No, I'm not a writer. Did you ever that you wanted to be. Or did you always know now I right I do right. I should I that don't write. I write. I write speeches you I'd go round,
some speeches here and there, and so I do I do that. But my father was a playwright sign, serve thought that was his world and I didn't really didn't really feel the need to deepen their raised have never say. Never, who knows read, but am I really love what I do? I really do and I'm not done there like? I don't. I still feel like there's so much more to learn absolutely so much more to do so or not I sort of dont might take the time away from that. Another sounds crazy, but no less agrees it all. In and again you know its appreciation. Curiosity, it's just all those great things that they keep it fresh to prevent you. Do you think you would recognize? What would you be able if you started it, doesn't sound like you ever will, but if it isn't point you started to get that boredom. Would you be like AIDS?
I'd I'd be. I need to do something to stop away for liquid. You recognize a little while to those moments I've had my letter, I'm like I gotta stop, or I can't do this in this type of work. I can't do this anymore, you know so I have moments like that And then you do have to serve just like take a good hard look at. Why are in this situation, urine what Much you're responsible for an and then make sure it doesn't happen again. You know if it keeps, if you get into some pattern about about that in the new just constantly hitting your head against a wall. That's yet look at yourself a little deeper. I think, but again those at the moment the discomfort that help you have, hopefully some sort of a break for or some sort of solution or some sort of Rome.
You sure you would love to do a little by the way I should one hundred percent mention that Ozark is now that people might imagine. People are watching. Those are because
everyone's stock. Everyone, except at home, on a couch everywhere, end like running, and it seems funny that it's it's such a beautiful time to be at home alive, because there is a wealth of amazing things to wash singing absolutely absolutely. You know whether its Netflix her age, be our the criterion. Collection entered, you know, Turner Classic movies. Are you know, there's a lot at your disposal? Yeah? Yes, if it has a lot to say, also came out a couple weeks ago, so people can already see it if they haven't yet, but I would imagine most people probably probably have had inequities. How did you when other came along and rocky it's gonna, be a sin?
Do we first? I want to know if I want to do a series, or did it take some convincing or you just immediately thought. While I wasn't looking to do a series, I really didn't wanna. Do a series at that point and I have always really like Jason Bateman and socially bury the tiniest, tiniest amount but return. I saw him always really liked them and I always had a suspicion that there was more there. Then he had been doing you meet someone who is known for one thing you anything of they can do a lot more than that they always felt that way that should grant as well as his Deeply talented and I saw how he works and sometimes not here at the moment, and I was like there's, he can do a lot more and so I ve been so happy for him over the past few years to see all the work that you grants been doing. Some spectacular and- and I felt the same
about Jason. I was like he can't. There is a lot there and and so I was You know so happy to see that he was gonna jump into this. Knowing that real, you know the main reason he was jumping into because he wants a direct and keep directive loves that it is so good at it, but it was whether situations where the script I saw the script in the part was really not great at all, and I Jason, I talked in an eye to the show runner Chris Monday, who is an exceptional human brain and a great shout, and, I talked to him for a long time and it turned out. We went to college, we would do the same college, same time but didn't know each other. He's not find an he just? I just trusted him
There is no reason for me to trust him, but I just it and and thank God I did- and it's been it's been where the best jobs at ever had in my life between Jason, our leave producer, Patrick Marcie and Chris Monday, the three of them, but they are just the best their jobs and it's it's been Heaven and I knew right away. I was like oh boy, we have all fallen into a pot of honey here, and this is sweet as it gets its last. Did you have experiences where the crew is great and his great you're having great time and the works sucks red, and then you have been. The other jobs where the work is, oh good, but making it almost killed? You and you come out bruised and bitter and upset than
all traumatized. Really. This is banned, just amazing all the way around. So we are- and we know it like. We know what we know how good this is and word it's just haven't really is Love going to work every day with these people, it is pretty incredible how, in the last ten twelve years, this new sort of sub genre of like serious. That's really just a long movie like it's not gonna give what a series is right, the line that everybody has not making movies all the film people have been have merged into the television world right. You know all the
There is a set of photographers, the designers, the producers that so its hand to evolve. If you're gonna have people who are accustomed to working in a certain way, you know the culture of television has had to make room for that and change an end. They have and you know you have places like networks, which is no. You hear what a wonderful company they are to work for particular artistic because they they hire really good people, and then they let them do what they need to do. An and ass, very unusual- and you know, Jason and Yes and Patrick, created the show together, and you know it's just It's been wonderful. Well, this has been an absolutely wonderful jack. I an
Just flew by zone yeah. Just like you just like that, I feel like we ve done some great life stuff, also a postcard collection, where you could be a daily situation in the night at leisure. But it's it's just been such a plan to talk to you: a failure. I'd really like I'll I'd like when I get to meet people there already a fan of, unlike in their fuckin cool to banks, it just a nice. You know and up a boar, my wife with it just going on, and I like your leg. If something comes on and some of them illegal others so great, you know they do this this. This isn't you go. I know, let's watch the movie, you know so, but, Is this being so pleasurable aimlessly there? What is she she's downstairs? Can I say hi? Oh yeah, I got money, fishes, I'm gonna go a middle ground.
Life to say: hi once they austere, austere your office. What can I learn? Oh look, there's an alligator mouth back there. And there's a green blob, I don't know what that is at the tar. Guitar cases on the floor and old typewriter looks like an encyclopedia behind a glass book, cakes, maybe a portrait of a relative for just a creepy old looking person who knows or lighting aid knows she's covered up? She was walking our puppy. We had a puppy like two weeks before all this happened. Sweet yeah screen will have time to time to train the dark, but we have yeah, but we're trying to the interesting part about. What's going on, It's like to be without us, that's right, yeah! So he started. You know he gets have a limit of separation
This great you'll have tons of time to train the dog, but we have yeah but we're trying to the interesting part of, what's been going on lately, is we're starting to realize like oh, we need to isolate him a couple times a day. Cuz he's not going to know what it's like to be without us, so he's starting to you know he can have a little bit of separation anxiety, but he's only three and a half months old. Doing very pets now, a six year old is enough. Like, maybe, and I'm at the point now. Maybe we can add a fish judged my son wants a dog, my husband once done Y. No, but now I have to say it's been an amazing distraction. Jammed work yeah at first it's alive.
Why do they saw the puppy is really starting to lose them the opportunity to start to go he's real he's a very he's. Gonna be an enormous dog, swayed, wasn't name who, as a result are All tar believed them, as we know them after the fortune telling machine, and
exactly, but that is a worthy dig. It's fantastic, a great name for a dime. That's been so you don't like. We do take him on where we put the masks honor. We take him for a walk around the black and if the commands of tar like I believe we sound like what the fuck is older, but he's he's an otterhound which is like a cousin of the Irish were found so he's. Oh, my god, he's gonna, be here she's already like almost forty five pounds and is threatening us even ass with legs. We're gonna have a bus with legs, but damn you know he's he's a real sweetheart and I didn't when you sit down
seven gives a structure is we have to get up at? The studies are from saying like Y understand, because we have a puppy like don't equate a puppy with a child is true. No, their children and dachshunds Doc suits and its true. It's true, you gotta see them in your constantly looking at. Are they okay and everything and absolutely the same thing, and we've already started to identify that. We know that in general, be a pretty lazy dog but after he eats there's, usually a of about an hour where he's uncontrollable and just have to keep distracting him. Just like put a give him a bone or chew. Toys are given miss or take him on a walk, and then all the sudden he's out there, like for kids, nine p dot m he's out for the night, so sweet. I know
and now here I hear- avoids cabs earthly german Lydia High nice to meet you Lydia Lydia. Your husband was talking about you with such glowing turns out like we're. Gonna get her mind being trapped in the rise of me for an unforeseeable, nodded, Isn't it anyway like this is not a tremendous shift in our schedule, like it's sort of like you said like that, just the idea of not being able to leave the job but attorney general. I know a guy, I decided. I know you can't get her.
Not right now not for the neck, not for the next two weeks. Don't go anywhere may of the public. I think you can get an answer. You know it's no he's into their aquatic dogs, and so it is very fine with being where a great deal to get your goloshes gonna go to take a walk in the rain. Well, thank you. So much Laura. I hope you have a wonderful rested, a Dane stay safe and healthy, and Ngos are really pleasure. Talking to you thank you for having the unlikely sobered nice meter, but I intend he's getting complete.
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