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Leanne and Steve Ford (Restored by the Fords on HGTV) chats with Chris about how they find it so important to keep the character of the house when they are renovating, how they started renovating houses together and how many houses they work on at the same time. Leanne also talks about working on the show while pregnant, they talk about having fun on set while fixing houses and their new book Work In Progress: Unconventional Thoughts on Designing an Extraordinary Life!

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Welcome to the eighty ten t, podcast number, ten thirty nine, the wizard guitar tour. My stand up to her twenty twenty, its twenty twenty, two guys really in the future and also in the future is the wizard, a charter which is going to a lot of places this year column. Ohio, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sacramento Breyer, Portland, Boston, Denver, blooming, Tin, Indiana, Minneapolis, Austin, Texas, Cleveland National, each floor to Miami Floored, Orlando Florida, Phoenix, Arizona and more. So if you gotta Idee ten t that come slashed tour, you can get ticket links for that, I would love to see. You first dates are at Columbus, Ohio, Funnybone in January that the end of January helium in fairly so come on now. And see the wizard guitar. My amazing guitar there was painted by
friend, Bunny Re Susan, amazing artists, and you should follow her on Instagram Bunny love, rocks L Uv and hopefully will see their one of these a fun date, but never talk about you and the Community Court Board Friday. Twenty, like Dennis, who writes I created a thing, is actually created at ten years ago. I'm waiting for it four based a new Jersey Dennis Pike Photography. I love what I do. I do weddings. I love love. I love taking amazing photos of people in love the best part of my job as the people I get to work with a special of weddings, where a couple does things that is right for them and not because its tradition Have your wedding. I would love to shoot more wedding of the nerd and fan community, especially offer any one imagines. Eighty ten t when contact and you will get ten percent up everything I will a literally anywhere in the world seriously. Try me, and of course I am algae Bt Q friendly, you can go to add, Dennis Pike Photo on Instagram or Dennis Pike photo dot com or faced by our complex, despite photography, Dennis Pike.
I love that you love what you do and capturing love it's important. We had. We had great Superfund wedding that I feel like what rooted in some traditional stuff, but definitely had the filter of all the stuff. We love. I highly recommend it. So I thank you again for being a part of that events. It I d ten t die, I mean it actually does but ten like I've. Seen your point of our wedding. Thank you for being part of making wedding memories for other people we didn't know you back, then the swedish get remarried so Dennis can take pictures of our wedding. She nodded yes, I guess we'll do another wedding at some point again in the future, what renew the vows just for Dennis. It keep it alive for Dennis Pike. This episode is. And a step forward, and I was very excited to have them, because I am a huge fair. You know we want. But here it here's what we watch in our house a lot and with these words.
Does it will just leave on investigation discovery. Now the travel janitors Lydia likes to leave the ghost chosen and an hp tons of age. Tv. As you know, we are amateur, home, restores a show and she tv which you haven't seen yet, if you haven't seen, he has called restored by the forwards- and I absolutely loves Leon and Steve Lord our brother and sister and day restore houses like that they bring back the kind of his or a core element that that that whatever these particular properties want to have and I love the day preserve their history in that way- and I was you preside, they wanna come on and also they turn out to be. The cool is funny as people, so we uninstall Ford restored by the Ford's is their age. She d me show, and they have a new book out called work in progress.
Commercial thoughts on designing an extraordinary life and Israel will, wherever books are sold, but yeah Weekly, like immediately and our friends. Now we like hang out and stuff we're going, hang out and stuff xo I was so happy to have them on whether or not you like or understand home restoration there. So were laughing a ton and do a lot of business absent, but also their some good wisdom. It's in there is well actually, when I listened back. Actually, wrote a bunch down that early and had some? really good ones and Steve too. So here we go The eighty twenty bikers number, ten thirty and thirty nine. With I and Steve Ford
I don't know that you should leave their system of anything. You want. If you can get a comfortable is you are causing? The room is tied. This room didn't exist before was just a cavity under the house, and so I had to track. However, through is upon us, through solid cognitive display the feeling is just like. That's ever that's every day the ceilings in here yeah. Why do you bring this?
because I thought I would like it just would feel intimating contains and they would Punkahs is that if a room is too big its echo, we you have to like it's. U have to really sound insulate the shit out of it, and so I just got all this feels like you just like a little cave, yeah and there's usually when president at a time, and so is now you know like so I pilot I apologize its basis just for people listening, I dragged Leonid Steeple all over the property to their like, and then we did this, and then we did this in like it. We always want the toy toward a continuum. I know, but it's like that, because I'm a huge fate of your show, but that must be now everywhere you go be relied watch
Do in my I haven't doc. You know like well, I don't know the worst part as though I my brain as soon as you show me something a picture or for us the on going in the bathroom. I'm now designing it in my brain, of course, there's no turning back. Don't I'm not looking I'm not It operates your brain doesn't know when the clock is we're not like. I tell friends among you cannot show me the house you might by us. With your permission, I will look at it. I saw how he was wearing taking our email or adding or attic. I like for the record I dont only taken. Sometimes you love, you know my wife and I Our amateur restoration lobbyists have not amateurish. We thought tat. Well, no, but I, but it's for other reasons. Why you one of my favorite choses, because you
so much, I feel like a what most people were due to a property is try to modernize it or they will. You know like well, everything out just open concept which degrees by. But you really the spaces they you and you you bring them back to life, and that is my that's. My favorite thing to watch was very important to me. These these places I mean everywhere, but especially for our continent, had served us so much history. There and these places are cool and you know the honors bought this home. For a reason they thought something was correct. Or they liked something about it? So we go in and I try to find whatever we can keep like their first design method is like are what can we keep, what special what's unique and then go from their cause?
at the end of the day. You have to live there, it's two thousand. Whatever you know, you need modern amenities, but still it doesn't mean you to destroy everything right: it's not a precious restoration, but it is it's a kind restoration you're in it and also its you know. It's also just from just a humanity aspect of preserving a story that my wife, came to allay probably six or seven years ago there was a on the markets and the Hollywood hills. I think Ginger Rogers leverage said it was the most charming beautiful, but that wasn't ready to buy house yet and then a few years later came on the marketing and she went back and she said she went in and cried because they blew everything out. Unlike marble and she was like you know. I don't know
by an old house. If you want a modern house, that's thoris per is, I feel, a duty to save. You have to save them. Yes, I now by in and then when you re, not yourself, it's rather exhausting. So we appreciate those clients that are doing that euro. They, I like our clients because they bought that house on purpose. They thought it was weird and interesting and they weren't scared of it. Though we automatically connect about that, but my problems I got very emotionally attached to homes and have to say that, of course, and it gets more expensive than the one that we ran through our it's amazing allow these otter hounds. I think power in the fifties. They shrunk. Ceilings down and the windows and they try to make them more efficient. So we go any reservations. Also, we find you and those that are behind walls tat where life they shrunk, the house and we get to make it better. Just by funny, I'm down dropsy rather just evolves, people up job ceiling.
Because it I can understand why you know, listen in the in the fifties. The sixtys when that aesthetic took over and these types of older, their really praetorian homes, urges old crafts me or whatever, people were like. That's all it's old and grows shrank. Let's just paid everything white and put down We would know aims of fun. New thing they re have, but a but ultimately like almost ruining everything in the process. Could they just didn't care? Yes, but I mean what are we putting it in ten years of like? Why were we think it is that I think this classic, that, like the restoration of classic, Holmes Classic Architecture will act to me will always be in style and because it has survived and again it tells a story and its and it's not I know it there's a little bit of trend with a right now, but it's not trendy
The same way that you know you drive around, particularly in their put up all these glass box. Buildings like these are gonna, look, don't know. Damn now, but they're gonna look real down at a later stage. You suggested by the way is coming back so notwithstanding its after seventy is the town has taken but that's also why I loved his white paint and is it so timeless? Now you know as things change and go with you see a white rumour natural's or you know it never goes out of style. I do like that and that's kind of important to me not failed. Prove, like I teach filters, but it's not always there certain times,
Colors, more fine, the clients, low color or the house led tends to kind of lean towards it, and then you just have to cut a no actually your house. A good example in this place was all white and be boring like it in it needed all that fun. Wallpaper pattern sure you now so it just about kind of letting the House tell you what to deal devotes exerts a pervert were deported to, but then also not going crazy because My wife said something that I was so in cipher, which is in all our furniture is antique, so it off. We know we're all of it came from damn and so sometimes, like our houses, the spanish House Why don't? We should put this thing in here, because it's not really of the house, because I know it you put in what you like it and that's the connective tissue it doesn't all have to be. You know, vanished colonial furniture, wise woman, it in
she's exactly right in ITALY but finding the ballots also of not going to are in one direction, so it doesn't feel like like a matter. You're in a museum or a showcase cattle or cow yeah I mean, and I really believe that fully and if you put a bunch of pieces you love in your home, you will love your home. I think that's. Our kind of vigorous thing that I have learnt doing for the show, but also in real life, is the more people that love their space.
As I mean it's, you know. If you love your home, you leave your home happier if there's more people having the community if it goes forward and forward and forward so as easy as having a pretty space that you're happy with. I mean it's like. I don't do this very well and making your bed. You know these little things that make you feel better at home. You are such a big deal, so we try to kind of peace, stow wisdom as much as possible. Like Stephen, I can't come everyone's house which were so tired. We don't want to vote, we can't you can still Ella still our ideas thing on my website online for dot com. I try to give away as many sources and tips and everything is possible. Tips and everything is possible because I like it, I dont it has to be a secret right. Take it that's great, and it shows that you actually care about what you're doing I mean this. How did how did you
did find you were, you were, did you. I was like, obviously you how to do that business. Obviously you wanna be a kind of We now know really well ok, so I fixed this old one room schoolhouse in Pittsburgh. My first house I ever buy- and it was this- it was already a house, but it was not hadn't been touch me reasons the fifties, and so we fix it up Steve how to fix this place that, while our friend the Skype Peter Barbie from among savages, has banned, he told his bunny, just this random friend, what we're doing his body was casting Vrain. She tv shows, I mean like friends of friends or aids, all about the over beers conversations you're. So They called- and I talked to them fur honestly years before it happened and one time they kept on being like will. What are you doing, o yourselves, to cool, never mind that
Are they give you never mind? You're too, like you're wearing a fur coat or whatever miles I borrowed, the sea was not stevens. What they were doing their paws whenever cable or index the Cairo years. I've been through some different rear balances than wild life. Construction has always been mainstay like whenever round money, and you start open construction again. So try a different career paths over and over and over so says to I'd, told them hey. I work with my big brother at your interested in that and I will call you back. That's a good idea to like jeers. So there is a clear path where I lived only as council and serve
framing houses down in long beach for two years, that's cool every day. Is that a career path? It was my group that sets out they said. Yes, then we did a pilot and then a cookie just do it. How you normally would do if we didn't, we don't normally do that sit I'll fix up two houses. Stephen help me on both these homes and now all the Senate. We were a company you now and Steve's and general contractor and I'm an interior. Minor and it was totally winging. Add oh wow, is all about. I always SAM like say yes and take it to say now, so we may. As we went along and lettered like still making it up as we go on. That's really in really incredible. Is it in also it also Canna lends itself to a sort of way. Saying just like well just kind of along and seen whatever happens in being open to possibilities and, and
now I mean, must be so mine blowing to you that people like these pillars of the the community experts? what I'm living? Google it well, you know, I think, there's a way it spent find a kind of sea people getting and appreciating our silent, aesthetic, because there's a lot of us there's a lot of people that, like cool, interesting design, that it's not precious, that it's fine and it's easy and it's easy going. I mean, I just think that there wasn't necessarily enough voices about it yet so we're just gonna theirs. It we're just part of the gang we just like all things till the Earl at spend really fun. I mean HDTV such an awesome platform, and it's been really fun to do it with them you now it is one avoid. The last really is one of the remaining like destination, cable channels that people will actually go. I mean I'd, do it
You just turn it on it like, I believe if I'm in hotels turn it in the morning, just leave it on, and you don't get stress out watching it. Well, it be delayed. The great thing about it is that it's it's like little stakes drama where ya like you know where it's going to commercial, oh yeah, what's there there's a pipe in here, but actually quoting you Steve and then and then your country Mercer, look like eyes pipe can undo every dream, they come back We just wrap it around and it's like you instantly saw the call where they go high, There are big event we you know so without his pipe and is probably something to do with effective our budget and then there's a pause and dramatically is no like. Ok, can you like wow
the crisis, is averted book. It's, although gave out there just riding around the merger in three minutes. They solve this all evil, steeds, actually crag and eight we eyes like well, we are not real world like where it may be. That ages, as if it were like we're, not a real world where you kind of the personalities that like actually fight again, the downright at each other, like Stephen, I probably got into it. May we lit maybe only two or three times with the camera around and they thankfully edited it very well owner. You know I like you, can tell we are mad lands cry onto I mean just once or twice, but just once or twice you cry from happiness to so it's easy is ok. To be fair, to be fair, there's a lot of types of tears,
How many shows are you doing simultaneously, and can I mean season two? We did sixteen we're pretty much everyone. Sixteen projects that lots of them city, yeah, ok, design and impedes way eyes. All Pittsburgh sounds like the ear design and you start wine, and then you start you build and then you're a building than your installing and like you, we just finish. We revealed it and now we have to drive the next location to start the next one unlikely delmore everything starts a week and after it's alive I can imagine, and then you know these projects that would take two years were doing in two months, cheese and that we stop to fell like I always like. We have three like three curve I think we are designer I'm a contractor. I am a Silas inherent make up
but my car and then to be an honor personality. Jobs are right, the right this garden yeah. What do you do? the interesting thing with you know of construction and contracting. Is it amazing to me that it's not simpler than it is in the sense that I rivalry great guy. Now I've Gaga he's amazing and he's grade and he's efficient and he shows up in his these, not you know above oppressively expensive, but it is funny that exactly because people come in and it always blows my mind- really- it's always the Oh, why this? Why do I really do this? I don't know I'm not your contract, I'm not an electrician. Will this to close to this- and I dont know why the last person, what can you fix it? sure I guess and then someone else come in. Why did that guy?
I dont want always at the last guy, fought to undermine all idea right now, it's all about the last person, but you you do you want to see what is this standard? I legal we'll be lots of things we try to do our best for our clients, but you know: it's like a house is a moving thing out: a living, breathing thing, you're right, so just like how we have to cut our nails in their hundreds of these houses are never ending. You now the project is never ever yeah and especially when you, especially when you're working with old houses you just don't like forty percent of the picture, is what you see and the rest of it is like when you open up those walls, hoo hoo, doing at sunset all time because it so we open up the White House and there goes the bourgeois man. She had their idea, however, and I feel that my right around, like now restock spending
something that no one can see right ethically problem now. Is there yeah she's like we're gonna need a double and slay as it now we need a chandelier legal. I've never said double. Yes, very more insulation like how essential insulation doing aid sore you, so you shooting just get there, you managing like sixteen teams of of of construction teams or or is it I didn't know how to get into that. Just sounds like you cry I wouldn't from a group of like basically six guys. I worked with on a regular basis to just a whole lot of people write a lot of common love gone and now it's down there like a trusted handful of people in fact contractor ask. Only one set of great goes up, because when you
somebody like? That's good they're, usually really busy yeah, sir. You know it is hard to keep somebody that's good around right, there's a lot of guys. It is not very good, but when you it's there's also coming to refine abolish the balance of happiness verses like getting what you want. Obviously this this path has been gone. I assume it has been great for for you both, but but it also like that thing like okay, well yeah, I used it just sleep on with strict couch, but now things are moving, but what's the quality of my leg, life and my
I did my mental health and by physical health, and you know like what's the trade off in? What's what you really lie, Leslie amend the last couple of years. It has been like four hours, sleep and Eleanor Foaming yeah cause. We go, we film we work and then I stay awake all night and I personally homeward analyse the whole time. That's what it's like the problem with being a your job is to get my work right. Then you can use, in its also difficult six, but most people when they start succeeding, don't go no. I'm did I'm dying I'm getting Yanza go fuck a cash, for I do that there were in fact we gonna need to figure that out, in its kind of about being with our with projects. Ray is like ok wing into maybe take on lesson and give them more timer. Yo quality of life is so major LEO.
And to me I'm a freelancer than a freelancer. My whole life- and I always my I wanted a job that allowed for a nice life. The opposite me like. I. I never wanted by job to be my life right. So what why, when you really want it he shows up is when you're jobs could be like when you are young and you get a job now and then I can go travel and then, when you have to say no to work to like sleep and travel yeah, that's horror at yeah. That's when you know that you're really believe what you said about quality of life and whether you have its ideal as a whole other. I now on the whole season, two eyes pregnant the whole time, so we're doing sixteen houses, while I'm literally found on its pregnant to seven months. Oh my girl, she's, a biosphere,
what's the problem with this is an area where it out. I don't like you, gonna losers, pregnant thanks, a lot better. So don't go Can I ask that we are even if we had friends over and I'm so big but nine months, pregnant and he's sitting there with a glass of wine is like privacy is beneath me. All everyone like I'd like to talk about her honestly re still apologises for that is like I could not believe basis. No, I mean you know the guys. We say something say now. I just part of what we do He defended and said that he appreciated that I was in easy pregnant lady, which
I now I see that I am happy that decisive one. No doubt what was going on with you calm relations, you don't want to support other, but the reason I was happier is, I didn't do demo anymore. They hate doing demo is Steve. I hate it and I have to do it What are you hate about he's terrify like the sledgehammer? flying around? He has no idea in the room you know like us was to get over there and help and it's the worst day it's the worse of aggressive, but also, if you're pregnant, don't you shoulda That's it that's. Why I liked being pregnant
Anna Baby, and I got a baby. I reserve Euro Providential. I thought all really help the demo as ever entered the room. You know do if you were actually there's like I my belly. A lot, but also I have the massive that, like the hazmat, the one recalls the mask of the big one job. That's like episode, one in Toulouse, little DINKY one. If I, I never said three like forces is getting start begging, pregnancy. I think we should raise our gathered loved it go in there, but I now think that, unlike that was a good meal, those good timing, so it did so this idea where you are open to think
Can you say yes, the things at what point do start having to say no to things and at what point? but what's the sort of India is it just to see how far this all goes? Is it too? You know her furniture lines as it would. What is its no end? Game no mean it's just honestly were just hold on for dear life. My that I think this whole past. The tv shows proof that of we just kind of as it comes in and take it as it comes and decide as it comes. I we never. We hardly watch tv, let alone planned on being won, t make sure you now so but net. Then, as you become our successful it's all about in us, they
saying no to goods. He can say us too great. A great quote. No. I've never heard a good court. Nor yet said I did you say you know a kind of being being more conscious of what you are saying. Yes to you, because what happens when you are too busy now you're missing these things, you really wanted to deal. My writing is actually gonna. Go have ever my daughter in us so, but were. I think it is a job that Steve still has been a man but with break between season and spend a little bit of love and break yeah, and I am still driver. I was had to make a living cells doing whatever was compelled to make living here
then now we were still doing that, but I get to do more like only to make furniture or build Leggum billion motorcycle right now, like anything, but now I have a little bit of time between the shell and I want to start showing on their own. Yeah, but there is also the evangelist are probably also a little bit of the soul by giving over his shoulder. Don't you know you didn't furniture. Maybe you should build some and then it's when you start turning, because I it's it's good, turn your passions into its good and bad. You turn your passions into your work, because it's your passion it you it's You put your time into their more authentic things are putting into Robin the bad side is like WWW such for you anymore, really, cells which is different and makes it different computers
oh, I know this was for you, but can you make it a little bit and then you start compromising in another sediments like on? How does this work now? I need to find a new heavy had to take me away from. You know you to be very careful about, especially in a creative feel right so firm. For me, this is creation like I've, just like making staff in any form, unanimity and as a designer is just about the house. Is your canvas right now and that's why you want to do another one in one's once over it? You wanna do another on by, as you create it's just about Canada, sting true to creating what you love and in that field. The song right like, and I think that, just as a specially speaking from creative path is our path is so crooked and messy. Like I always say it's like a ball of spaghetti like people see you, people see us on tv and think of their path to success was the strength
bullets spaghetti like people see you, people see us on tv and I think of their path to success was the straight upward line impressive, like up and down and back again and around in groups, and now we have our book the work in progress book that is out this week and we talk about it. We failed so many times things didn't work, getting fired blowing. It left and right which got us to this point, so why people come down about knowing they don't have to know what they're going to do in ten years, and you know you're, we are evolving and that's ok, but it is also the illusion. The illusion of safety, the illusion of certainty and so hung up on. What's going in ten years, because you want to feel and the great comical part, is it How well you plan tyres are now re life is gonna, go whether you use
you got a hold on. Another great mega relate guy last, when your aching plan, of course, but then the problem is people which I mean. I guess I don't have this brain to understand it, but then promise people, they stay in the safe drought and then twenty years for now they look back and Erika Mann I should have felt filled the blank I wish I would have just do it. Do it now like try to be a photographer, realize you're bad at it. Ok check and off the list to worry about anymore, but that's what I love. That's, what about your show, because that is that vibe about you feel you know we're doing this show. Now we were doing it in five years. We will still be fine like it. Doesn't it just feels like you do, because you love it not necessarily that it's a mega machine there really very machine. Fine. I have a lot of friends that we are not the regulation there, but it also you know it's just
those very much like this is great. This is a fine thing that we're doing for now but were doing getting there. Wasn't our brothers signed man? I really meant that breaking of it down. I mean that it was we're doing a show called rock the bloc which is on HTTP very now, and it's for design women, and then we have like our plus one and steal my plus one on this for but we're going word all doing the same house. However, we want So these other women who I love, it's been so much fun. It's Alison Victoria, Jasmine, Wroth and Mina started the clock in me and there so competitive and are so stressed out and it'll show see of them all and and then about flashed to Stephen, I like putting the light her hair, doing doing what
different rules, there were all day and a different house in the same block of different houses and they're all new houses, though we kind of like it's a blank slate. So it's funny and eyes like Steve, see I eat, like you, didn't realize. How shall I was until he saw how anxious people can get about design comparison right well, of course, as if the stakes are high on your handling, Shell is the only compliment you have given me in a given that, if I had a letter, would I really and is the chief bills misunderstood? I know you simple word shill I'd like that, MRS Lulling, Stephen. You need to stop sitting, you you and saying I feel bad about that lie veal, that's very aggressively, and I know that you heard that before I beg of you might be trying to communicate our most Martha.
Here are some. I feels up up up. Would you put that you know that that idea, is sort of, I think the gold standard for living wages dislike plan enough gaslights. You know now that also funny, because not being upset about those kind of details, is slightly different
how do you do have to get a little excessive with details when you are restoring something? No don't you in a way are now I mean were bad examples of that against those that I I just think it said easy. It's not precious right. I think design is not precious. It's easy going! It's like throw your shoes offer keep a mind. You know, and I feel like a home should feel that way and I'm really and imperfectly reviewed or if you like perfection, do not higher us right away like imperfect, an interesting and special in fields where lived and if its messed up that floors must have been a came that way
keeping I actually that's better than a brand new floor. I a thousand percent agreed. Then you have to it's just about being they kind of connected as a designer and as a contractor with your client rang like we leave. So we make this cool house and abandoned a we leave, so they have to love it. So it's more about them and its more about the house than us, but its dating. You all have a kind of decent portico, already right, runway right, road, but it's, but the idea that it so specifically themed around restoration when you, by the time you come in people, he made the agreement of what, whereas on sometimes but other shows they really is just sort of a blank slate avalanche like it it's. It is really fun to watch Firstly, that the non hosted shows like the guard, the what you're trying to find the hustlers I dont know. Why did just say that like he's dead
health and it hasn't. If people love House had it will it's interesting because you and all the other shows too well I've always life when I watch and sort of may become its late, there's couples economic. You see you used and I think that sort of the other, like broken layer of shows. Is you know, comes in and he's like yeah so Scooby like a man came rumpled like an eighty engine that I like really modern the but I like classical, and you know it. Yes, of course, like the type of house you live in, doesn't define your relationship your height of seed, a fundamental level like will they can't even agree on the process? style like what it should be understood.
Camera there, so the camera than I know this is their best behaviour. There has behaviour and eyes, unlike design, is probably fifty percent couples counselling, honestly its by fifty percent cut was. I am lucky because my wife and I have the exact same, steady idea, exact same added here. If you want to sleep in the same temperature and if he had the same design, aesthetic I've been here really have along. I just didn't. It didn't really occur to me. There like we were together than poor like and what is your Does your wife, like all your weird shit, I'm like notion so the same. We shall have double the amount of weird shit like you, ve no idea lucky. You are, and I thought I was like. Oh my! is taken for granted. Of course you don't make either it away and other yeah, and so it's that idea that the people would actually fight about like oh that shouldn't- and you want this in the end- that is, that does really afraid. You're really,
because your home is like your that's where your roots are, you know well, it's funny to even being on tv. Like so Stephen. I are glad we're brother and sister because of war annoyed or you know you can feel detention on camera, your brother and sister. Nobody cares but I like working with just a little like when you see a couple on camera in their tens. Oh yeah, arising at full, o my god and serious and mapping out all the micro regression men's micro. Where are you can do, and I m sure some of them are like ended it you know Ultimately, it is really really doc. You series- and so it's in other shoe time their creating storylines, but still I can tell like when her husband, like
rose synergy like now. Why would they about that three pillars? The bad I fella, it's not really about the broad, never, but something else. They never result, her about the third pillar and you're, no Roy, your wife, her husband, ass though you don't do that genetic engineering statements they whatever the nature of this, have you believe at the end of a sea, guys gonna write. We live in different, how and also again your siblings, and so it is like it sometimes you're gonna agreed solution. I can already see that yet, but the stakes are like it's not like you're not going to be brought Anne sister any more accurately somebody's cowboy right. I give this like three far away somewhere, glad satellite, but that we can stand- and I am most people
either we have a sibling and get it or they want a sibling and right and they like so they like watching the sibling dynamic, restoration, show again the but we're living there have already made the agreement that they want the place restored or they would ass beyond a show called restored. Rather put you know it, but we also said now to taking on projects if we could tell that they're trying to save them. Oh, my god, I never thought about like we'll, go in and weaken, we mean when we see the place and there's a couple reasons will say now like if the budget is not enough to actually make an impact or if the budget's too high and they're gonna overset price their house, that's not a good speech now spot for them to be an or, if they don't like each other. This is really whatever we do. You're, not gonna, like other how can I help with what the problem? Because you know like each other, yeah you're, like the other and then you can love your whole bs yeah, we're like we can only hope that so far we are this. We can restore the house.
This relationship. Yes, my actually season or like ours that we're going to have a better view. Shobo will bring you in Tibet and dear I'm hearing years ago, but it is a body hey? Maybe some relationships should just be condemned. It member maybe there's no about a veto William Morris Wallpaper, this relationship that protects your letter I don't know I was very faintly does do maybe it does because I do think. However, spaces are a lot more relaxing and their lives that you feel I hear in a Thus getting maybe it does, however, I do like
No I'm not someone that likes watching discord. I don't- and I know that's very big for doc. You seriously should she be not so much an about asking a comment than any other showing just sharing that when Turkey Christina came back after they split up, I was it was not comfortable Frida watch because it's like, oh, I don't wanna watch people like kind of like snarled and each other that, and so I said to someone that it works. You know that worked for one of a family of networks, did the show like tank after that, because they work and they were like no its people, afraid I hate what I hate. When I'm going to have the more you watching that have you were watched it all, what we want and when will you I want to make it an afraid. I hate why I hate will go into more you watching that. Have you were watched it all now, if you want to talk about like human dynamics, people being frozen I see watching their true character, be revealed
fascinating and what a show like that, even more so tells you is that when you strip, while the other stuff away, who are people- and how did they succeed in also like the most chest, beady like braggadocio. Do she guys always tap out before the pointed they spend twenty one days naked at afraid when they know how to make close leaves, they can be closer to leave that just came back and they can only bring one item and its you'll never make any close, they may close are they make shoe their mother make loincloth they make, and and so can you find that the people of Europe- sort of chill the way that you're talking about tend to do the best. I have people who are trying to control everything, and so I dont like my life. It is but it's very hard to remember that, because it every feel so like the stakes of everything and I feel so high, and I feel that now more than ever people trying to control their own little bubble,
How do you know you will be aware that situations right, so I very suitable, the shower life, you don't think Gordon. I only have a wild boar nerve programmes up. I cheated splintering album. I'm telling you but honestly like that, could fuck them up in a way that they would have to get pulled up the sharply as affected tell you what can be given a chance ass. It is. Facts and not like you that sharia detail? It is fascinating. I it's, but I actually. That is why I like she's, we as the dramas so non itself minimal, like when I was when I had watched Disney movies. I would fast forward through the scary part road you know like when the dad
eyes and linking like paranoid eyes, let's just get onto the oil or marketing get on to the next. The good saw you now I just don't I don't I don't like it has entered him it that's why she tv so fun, is like the paint came round. The pink argument right, the pipe right yeah, but it's gonna be fine, but it's all in twenty minutes. It's fine Linda houses have collapsed, you're gonna have to do. I have to say, though, is my. You know our producer marry that Anderson do so also. She said she said I like to think about. You know in every hospital room in America there watching hdtv rain and she's like the lira, like they just needed escape. They need something fun easy Anita, maybe a giggle along the way and that's what we're providing. I think it's guy, I think it's the healthy, people getting along because it also says, like you know, at a time where people
so polarized, and you know this again. The stakes are so like you're, not a hundred percent agree with me. You're beat you know in now like watching, but having people like watch people get along. I think is The final yo like film, you work, However, as you good feelings you know and like it doesn't have to be anxious, not everything has to be an steel and stressful and are now that's one, whether parts I marry birth and bans in like Hannah like we have that's true and that all our construction people- yes, but we have a good time.
Like on time. English ethics, I'd like to get work every day like their showing us choking on tv, were not actually jogging each other revoking until like bids vine, the camp right, you're right- I'm not really Steve lavender Eric then fly out, and then this season they showed us talking. The camera law, which was surprising, is usually, I think, like area for point of relieving the camera, their cutting it right and they did it They noted era is now it's like all the fourth wall is down. Oh well, that's that's enough, though, because think it also television waters are set We now they know that their recruiting know there's a sound guy. They know you know, so why not kind of that me as one, because it also just like you watching the present. The house, but you're also like watching the process of the process of the thrust of the past year. I now and then we are like we have then this kind of aid to the obvious nine. These, I feel like all our jobs go back, so
p S big adventure, three of eager, see now or like we're just talking everything Barker at the prices rates? We are all these jokes were doing that gonna go to that are staying in the show. I love those references and we are also like film memorabilia collectors and I manage require steep Martens, Amigo pants from their house now. Yes, they fit me for they were acquired Stevens a meagre. A guy knew we collected been awake like film like props, and seventy was like. I have I, You got your sweater. Didn t manage to have still challenges. Burns Pants- and I was like while Take Steve's, carries no thank you. I thought you were needed. One air. You know the other lads available under the other one's got sold to like a bar who it was like a three Amigo
deemed bar something where's, whereas no actually we around their sound stage today always bankers, there's railways, there goes. This includes the way it is founded on. It's yes, and I don't have it here and I'm trying to figure out the best way to preserve daddy. Scared you put them in a big shellbarks. Do I put them on a man get like? Are you aware that I mean our cardboard cut out and have covered? I just I just wish. I had more ice when I had the rest of the avenue. I just have the pants. I don't know where the janitor were eating. Caesar had anything out now. Where is searching for who knows we we always like we ve. Now we like someone, if well dear reference to three mayors and don't get it yeah like out, will be out I'm an answer and I pray that person happened even on our show. We were thinks I'm knew each other amendments.
What you say about their own pace. We said say to each other kind of God in advance are deeply. He despatched the sea and the related. Oh, we knew we love. Yes, we have all the same. Humor like we eat. When you grow up in the same house. You watch the same stuff. You know so that's gotta. How were some panicle, our selves and bank wills I think you know now at issue tvs been on for so long. I think they really are like a. We need to cultivate the personalities, because again they re the rumble exactly in the more people, what you're shows the more they want to get to know you and the more they fall in love with you, guys and soda. Yeah so because you really do become, like you know, like their pals like there
answer their guides in this in this world and end, and so I think, that's important, but it's what was the like? What's the sort of arc of the the wasn't your journey up to the shower yeah yeah, so we wrote this book. It's called work in progress because you know you're doing a memoir ashen near like thirty forty sell its. Hopefully it augurs well. This is just the beginning of our story right now, but it's kind of its about. How He got into hdtv the story of that is there, but also just about like how arse art path and creativity has got us to where we are and not being afraid to fail, and we ended this amazing childhood. I think our parents always can inspire us to do whatever it try whatever in
were afraid of messing up. You know, messing up is inevitable. It's just going to happen and that's ok. So we talk about that because my biggest thing is how the current inspire people to live, happier and easier and relax. You know wrote that enjoy it. That's really good advice and its simple advice and its vice that's easy to forget right because I think especially as as we get older and you you know, you want to sort of know where you're going and so the idea of like because there's like three or four things that I want to do, but I've I'm over thinking. Well, I can't do this, If that doesn't work and waste and all that time in that direction, and then I don't like him back pedal and then I've wasted a bunch of time, just even thinking about wages, which is a waste of time to say it's a waste of time right like it it
a guy you where you are it doesn't the path is so messy and what? If we just accept that and we're good with a night, but I mean you think about anything. We talk yourself out of the more I think about it, the more you like other people and Jackson. What you wanna do is easily it out of trying something or being who you want to be at the end of the day, Saturday Sunday said the girl for it yeah and if it is, you know, if there's a book called the subtler back, giving a fact that I talked about a lot on the. I guess that's kind of the ideas like well, things are messy, so if you accept that yeah, then its, then you kid when you get hit by a car, if you what's coming, use tens up and then it hurts more. If you tell me, you don't know it's Covey, I can rely on you totally fine. You do a job well done and you walk off. So that's about life, just like don't you ever forget it,
so you're well by the kindness of this podcast is in your in your ear pods and your will crossing the street nothing attention and you see a car coming discolour, look up any I do not accept advising counters legally. We are designer, I find that the ivy like like there's a chapter in the book that says, ignore everyone which is literally including us like you, that everyone will give you advise on Trans. Everybody will give you invite. Everyone will comment on social media, ignore them you now in just do what feels right in good to you and in it sounds so normal and people need to hear it over and over again. I it's very important to me. I feel, like you, don't Julia child, then, even though she could cook until she was thirty six years old men go to pick up a paintbrush delusions, twenties Robert Frost didn't become.
Like you is it in an atm that people started carrying the Franklin Right falling water? He was retired, he came back from then again. That's also like you know, that's also about being like result, oriented and trying to control the result of something, but in what would you say to people who would go Oh yes, it's all well and good. I dont know what I want to do. I don't know I can't I have no idea, I gotta think that's the euro but you just do serve their does deal. Do my master wherever it is another failure so far since new working for me and he also balls alive. You know, like you eyes, in fashion, which turned into fixing up at how such turning people common said. Hale, you design my house. I called my friend Daniel Cutaway design how,
designer, like I just kind of it always. Is this never ending evolution? So what happens? Is we got a college unresponsive pick our major and not supposed to be what we do road? I really am totally like presented acquire with you, you ve seventeen jobs. How do you having chosen you, do just borrowers? My current life goes to be a voice over on illegal movie, I gather my money back, let's go, critical. I gotta be as well as this is the best it is now here now is rather out of every one of those words those Witherspoon I mean, obviously, of all the people that they should lead to a cabinet.
I go movie, it should be a builder elder brother thing. Right now I mean come on, makes all the sense in the world so that what is that parliamentarians, your next career of what like voice over severe yet most Steve Life, an extra in dream grass, what yeah The same has many background thing. I did for a few weeks of email aid for any houses and back That's a whole plethora of Belgrade is, of course, a plethora. Airhole his whole face was undue girls. It was just his face. That's amazing, thereabout. I have a second vote. We were like we were Clapham, weird, sharing knowledge almost entirely. Five hours for the last twenty minutes. It is right that a panel my face so now you would be so when you you appearances places or if you do toxins wherever it should say you know
The forthcoming cream girls with budget that has to be in your credit now there's no Basle rules when you're in mystery, the Pittsburgh and there's like a scene there, the club and Steve six, five right so steep day. This scene goes like the Ladys talking it's a sailor, Miller Grain. And still just bought thing behind like out next shot he's over here, John Mirage of Honor for major Eu Asia revising directly behind poor little things are really fun. So she watches your show. Interest gets. Is uneasy feeling and understand that guy ready. It was able revolution. Peace and, like you, know, and and be able to address this finally out all these years, but it. But this idea, Moving with life is, is it is it time tested you know
Why is failure such legged dirty word to people? I don't understand why we are so bent on. I can't fail cause. I always liked by favorite quo is Einstein me said the fear of failure kills great timidly and I always try to tell people that, because you look at it, you're you're not going to be a creative being without trying things you know like year can only get as far as somebody else's tried. So if you want to keep moving forward in pushing for us, it's in design, you're you're not going to be a creative being without trying things you know like year can only get as far as somebody else's tried. So if you want to keep moving forward in pushing for us, it's in design you now, if you want to try new things, you have to view down to mess up Roman, like you make yourself nervous, I wish I'd say I have never. We ve never done it. Checked where there was an appointment as like? Oh no. What could we do? The light comes in it. So massive, unlike
We ordered the wrong, and then we put it happening. It's perfect yeah give we really while our wish that you now and those always turn out to be the best thing you are, but it's also, you know it's a view in the story had been failure. Part then that was that story if you are able to move the end of the story farther it's like all. That was just it away, half the audio young. It really was a tall open the door to enact what you are meant to be doing while you it sounds like you have the right mindset, you have the best healthiest mindset for the entertainment business, has it can it's very alluring? It very much you know like fee. Ego and all of the bag, parts of the brain and the bad part of humanity. The wanting more than being defined by what you do and not where you are like all that shit and so being able to like
Well, you know if we didn't do this anymore, we still we fight like that of the best, the healthiest place, to be what I mean it's going to and we're not gonna be on tv forever. In our I told him like I was an entire design before the show and I will be after you know until I become a songwriter very same year, we're just enjoying it as it comes, and I think it spend this incredible tool and helped us talk to more people, and I love that inspires people. But it's I'm sure it's temporary, you know, and that's good, that's ok doesn't mean it didn't happen. Yeah, of course, and again we, the nature of life, is temporary and ate their even like you know, there is research. Now that suggests, like our brains, have appeared, active coding and then that keeps us from thinking too much about our own death, which of course, is evident right. We bother we,
we shield ourselves, where it's like. It happens that the people there still harbour branded like over that other people. I think everything we do: temper think temporary. I wish it actually. It sounds morbid, but its very free, of course, Zero is actually a great way to think and China the whole keep it loose re it is, it is if you cannot relax and enjoy as it comes. It makes things much happier you because it's you know obviously good things and bad things, yeah like everyone's gonna- get bad news at some point in their life, and so, if you and I say on that thing of good at this, but you can either stress about all time and you're still get the bad news or you can now not yet you know Would it not be miserable for that link the boy? Maybe we are only going to one way right, but if you're wearing
now the way you're gonna die again, and I a hundredweight yeah, exactly like we're very creative beings. In that way. It's a word of thanks and I'm here now, brain can get to creative anything about these things, but you don't worry about those, that's what it is. This very thing that sure there are people who are like hypochondriacs, which you know maybe units points in my life. You know what it's like. I did on the cream. But I have this weird more because this, like no you're a great story, teller, Junior you're, just telling yourself bad stories. Oh my gosh are totally against the. What have you just turn into a good story? Yeah, like I think, of all the good things that could happen to re people. Don't think they're gonna win the lottery, but they do you think they're gonna be in a plane, you well! Yes,
Has it you know get. I think part of that is that its survival awakens that sort of a major survival thing where its. If I, if I picture the worst case scenario, I am preparing for it, which of course is not entirely can't really somebody's going to prepare more so we prepare ourselves for good scenarios, because in our minds it's like oh well, that'll just be everything will be easy and fun, but the truth is like you're sort of the were talking about in the beginning. When good things happen, like you get a oh yeah. There is a lot of. There are a lot of things that are just like, which is crews and now no ray. It's just another can of worms yeah. It really is, and it's a really lovely lucky worms that we're having and were in that, like it's still a job at the end of the day were so working like, but also find a job you like and then its
one water reversal. Actually I have my favorite magwitch I'd like I don't like jug, and I have my one junk magnet says I'm only here today when they lottery. So if the use of every her like drinking I get such Emily or delay when the latter have been opened lottery. Winters aren't even leg. I now bigots messed up because it just totally that's the way I will test the drivers. Similar things do I do now fallen water browsers. Do them in more cash, I don't, I give you figure it out. Sleep alone had somebody like that. There's like out there there's a casual Steve from the ice. Like is largely green eyes like I would You ever anymore. He's got one a hammer may take casual Z. Next book is called casual
began to gather all the world's casual need to think about casual Steve MAPS. Three languages there were like the sleeping on a bit bag of hundred dollar figures with the most important thing to the Ford family. I'm realize that our common theme to lie we lights. You're lucky. They believe everything else is better you're, absolutely right and I have been, but I can't see more likely for hours at a time like yeah. That's too, I don T think there s enough time. That's a lot of think at every time. My eyes pop open, don't usually sometime between two hundred and forty five and four in the morning and I wake up and I don't look at the clock. You know what time it's going to be in icy, like three hundred and twelve German, you know and then you just up and you get out and like many
I have always thought that I go. I go in the guest room because I fidget too much Lydia's a light sleeper. So I go the guest room. I've put I'd like a twilight zone Just gonna sit there, which helped Cecily Nobel Prize. I watch when I was a kid so it just like it. Where he got away respect his piggy divided on no way. Episode of the dwellings and then you can only move is pink. You twilight that he thought he could Oliver this pinky. Oh God, that's a nightmare. That is that is lit? That is a name you. I've got a disturbing zone. I looked it up I feel like I've, seen every episode of Twilight Zone and I don't remember one we can only move is pinky. Other offered. Hitchcock, there's others conference
since there is our limits, their rights during the night gallery and seventy, whichever one it is still disturbed by it is fair, very yet will Maybe don't wanna come away like your big wait, a minute As the beggars who's going to receive your book is past me. The big game over got them. They would build an eight minutes, irreverence devised baby. Why do we always have the boys of the pinkies as we saw with the IRA, is earned him down and somebody suddenly. I live ideas from HTTP like for abortion,
oh gosh, I think there's so much good content it so weird you should just do aside used to do get on the side but now about why not I now added to our less was the stuff like we did. You will do it. I got any time. You know I first of all I was a fan of your show. Now, in a fan of you is p boy, you ignore you, I guess more or less active way, nor because, I got a sense of you on the show and I always Bela golly seem really cool. You never know. You know what our vision and can be very crafted, but you know my other than other people. I don't like. I loved her. Jonathan, they are generally sweethearts, but you know like there any Jackie Series on television. Never know it's like a crafted. You know bang, but but you are like eventually cooler than I even thought. You were thank you, so I just evasion
Really what you do. What I appreciate your philosophy, enable people get the book and you know how far to the next when winter, are their new episodes soon of the Shell tv activity tbd by a lot of talk about it? I dont ever talk about it but were around I'll say that ok you're doing this show about they had arrived. The blocks are right now cell and then spend pretty fun and weed. Britain Matters, national data, really bunch thing was incredible, sell all kinds of stuff. A time anyway, I've good good and then any sort of parting words of what are you, well. What are you excited about in your own lives? You, your billing, virtually red, restoring motorcycles is that there are some projects. Personal project gets in person. Projects done you. Allow me time. Rain
yeah. What about you love me time? I got stuff going on which I am so excited about, but I can't I know, I'm sorry I'll call you back on this. Yeah I'll give you undertake, but also you know like it's I'm sure having it Having a baby has probably been the best. The best thing that he's out shall that's good she's such an easy battle, she's Joe, because your chill I I'm so glad because wages we just hang around and smile at each other giggle. I gotta get more chill before we have kids. Yes, she doubted they. They read off your energy yeah. You know that you are, of course they just legislating shell she's show. Then you got your Lydia's Lydia's totally jail, but it's also were you know, just snapping solid, if other
You know what I learned honestly pipe years ago before babies were even in my round. My friend was like my baby wines, all the time and a higher level of like a vast paranoia that I've ever seen mainly really stressed, and I loved it s like I noted in it with them. It is the best advice. Do you remember gay waded out, so I do that. I got you do I learned a lot since, as you like, a bad idea does anything Oh my gosh arrive sways. My baby,
governing months ago to the emergency room. I don't know what changes are reared where they get. This done wrong, something wrong with me. Those kids this way when little ever fall, shook her head and shall look at me, and I, like your style guy, just like I'm so that's great you now as it was like a yak as it gives. If you do that, then they get condition to yeah yeah. I can't get attention. Yes, I'm supposed to its funding, we're all at all. Like mine games, yeah yeah yeah! Well, I can't think enough for coming on the show, our congratulations on the book and death time you want to come back and we want to know about his ways around back to my baby, I want the dangers. Eyesight bore the shit like just talking to you about all the renovation, something we're doing We can do when you talk about wages. Let us talk about you.
Gosh no one's ever this unprecedented. Second, our do you feel moulding minorities these and crying and near renovation. Will you have a good thing is that when we first started during this ass, I ve started doing some self a minute and then, after a while now because we I didn't want. It would not be too much to go through and strip off all the paint for, like yours, layers of paint on all the wood and like we'll just foe words, and then after is like an hour. I now to say now. I ve got to learn the hard way allow times like we Steve's like that, he's so good about like. Let's do it the right way now and then let us try a solution, you know, but must the time did not listen,
the time her hearing Mr Gaubert's I've used. I said my dear you destroy you, get used our Eastern too early to give us to my second tab. You kid would substantially oh, no, it's easy it, and I guess now in your own experience designer as you are, you get better at kind of going like. I feel like. I know how this is gonna, so maybe we'll take it. You also. I have done it aversion I made an indifferent, might have done this like ten times over it. I know it's hard work, the rail, but then So, as you time extremes, Macgyver steers the Macgyver of deadlock like construction, good anytime, I say: can we do this? He says now like he gets writ he's really adamantly says known, and it makes me mad and sad at all
all russian, but then I now the next day how come another? Ok. So this is how her there's a lot of time every down everywhere. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, once the now, but any idea, ass, the next eggs. You there's not a lot of time. You say yes, yes, he said you may say now into yes, you're able to sort of craft. Wait till I get away young, which is like that. I think the way that he needs to come up with IRAN is yeah you're right now the eighth working right we ve had a plethora of funding, but really the psychology going on here is a plot there, Next, we have two rivers in my little buttercup as a swede is small I do That is why, while
These papers and you- and I am in the sweet by dear little Buttercup, who, with their eyes TAT sweet, a dream come true. This is like right, other dancing about. Only normally, if someone's that's can be for the Arctic. Do you not know better way to end the podcast. Don't makes people listen to that. That is definitely saying in one hundred percent. Normally, if someone's like, I you know, I was we train of thought. This is one hundred percent last Natura, two thousand area, unsteadily guide.
Hey guys to NED neither lands appetite bad. I intend incomplete.
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