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Some mid-week hostful goodness! The guys recap their Comic-Cons, Matt talks about his trip to Finland and Chris went to Hearst Castle. Also, Jonah auditioned for a horror movie, they talk about going to Disneyland in the rain and more! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Welcome to this here noticed podcast number, seven hundred and seven. I am performing in Montreal this weekend, just for laughs July, twenty fifth Saturday, eight p m the Olympia Theatre, you'll get tickets, it fun, comparable, tour dot com. I won't be in Canada again until the fall, and I believe it's Toronto for Jeff also come out and see the showed much out of people are really know. Some people in Canada are familiar with my work, I'm pretty sure I mean I know at midnight ears up there in the progress up there, but I think that three countries that are often equants can assure over this material show. So if they do great, if not, then I'll make fun of it myself, I make fun of myself. I won't make fun of Montreal for not wanting to come and see me. Therefore, can fall so check that out for governor towards. I come also on the nerves Community Court board. This is from I'll Rick Purcell any rights. I have a package of a host of the fellow independent filmmaker Timothy Plain called. Making movies is hard
We are both innovative o makers, still trying to figure out how to get paid to make narrative films, and this pod case is the voice of the initial maker, who was making their films and telling their stories but still struggling to get noticed in the business or simply get their film seen so that out. Also the nervous school is open for improv, sketch storytelling other company classes for almost two years, and so go there. Go too nervous. Dotcom, slash, school and sign up, learn some stuff learn some comedy. This hopeful episode, hopeful host for wholesale episode are sort of COMECON Wrap up. Zog together matches got back MILAN So it's fun to sit down with the eldest arrives and catch up find out. Everything went for them. You can follow bigger, follow mats trip to Finland on Instagram Picture of what of different types of drinks that they have
their end lefthanded guitars. So this is a wonderful wonderful catch up with the Sis derive his nurse pike s number. Seventy seven host, for goodness, knows me nervous Looks like they ve got back from Finland. Night came from no, not you are mad. Nor John looks like that. Always back from it is. It is rough that time changes rough ten hours. Yeah, that's not! It was nine from Austria and it just flips you enough that you can't that it takes about a week
it override what really gonna fuck me was waking up it. I believe my hotel for twenty in the morning, Finland, to get anything again and in early July. What have they know of an hour? They know they now they now. I don't think I've been in Helsinki, gotta think I've gotta get Yeah and then I was up for twenty seven hours just to try and now, was the travel yeah they fly at Heathrow, and then there was. I was there for six hours. And then you get on the plane some eleven and a half hour flight and the flight crews late because they were having trouble getting through security at Heathrow a man we finally got there, and then we can flew into the fucking thunderstorms,
oh yeah, so we had a circle a few times. Then we get to the gay and then we it's an American airlines flight. So you get to the terminal. A man is not the end, national term and also have to get out, go, get on a bustle yeah a bus station so terminal, and then you have to show your passport ninety five times before it can finally get we do not always aims. Lets you dunce you'd, never feel confident going the re custom lying early side down at how I feel fine in Finland I feel extra find cause they're like we're doing. Say whatever stamp is like one guy there in Finland, where I got start putting supper room blossom over to Montreal was a bummer. It was like. Girls occurs, the paperwork and I know about it. And the like, I had to sit in this room forever now evident alone came in, and what are you doing here? No you're supposed to now? Don't you have let you do have the just relapse paperwork. The people will go away with the discovery your hotel, you're, going to
you're leaving on this day and that your visiting and then somebody Up and don't worry about it and then you'll be fine there and tell him I'm here for the business of pleasure. Did you have fun? In Finland at least it was your days like well, it's everyday from feels like today, Can you talk about what you are doing? Absolutely a pike S wired we putting out with Nokia Business Initiative Nokias during I'll make tat human, so they doing a series of pi cast them hosting for them and went out there to record some, were few Pica sat there with some Nokia executive, some people, I'm finished industry finished There are plenty of the boy and all the programme among the votes I like it, but so is it France going on right yeah. What is it
we do out there called assuming arena, which is. When they are going, I didn't do anything was soon. I know where I don't wanna hear it. I don't wanna bet it's annoying, that that is what it get me arena. It was in the town of pouring. There was a jazz best. All the same that, yes, we want Siberian is this. Is this thing this festival where the whole time is like state is all over the centre of town? Think of it, it's just for last with a bunch outdoor stages, instead of comedy their debating What what's going on wrong with Finland at the time. It's finished our also it's like sudanese people casually debating its they like social. It's like a solution where there are serious that interesting thing and then just for gaffes, esper, gas and skimmed gap again spectacle just forget it
doing age of his kids before, but I gotta know: Maloney semi, like this video in the rain, is driving by a tow truck that's carrying a bus that has a huge gap. It gets so inside but you know hello, darkness well for asylum as great a yes vote. Interesting. If it did a few days in Helsinki a few days in poorer, and then came back to, Helsinki spent two days and health he hung over the and of the murders, though Where I live now, there's a few of their area of em. They do need Cormac, whose a Scottish but lives in feminine causes. Weissmann, and they have kids and they're all do they want dating tons of Rio. Carroty still works out of Lake Glasgow Marine biologist? Oh wow, like crazy, its flag was
Very fascinating areas are clearly he'd like to finish his wife, none so much like that were not so many other meagrely our face doing them better. I feel like those where it wasn't horrible a total than I am thinking of a ship I'm a guy on getting better. Kyle to laugh at all. These jokes remain Kyle is doing, is MIKE, so dreams I painted well your own drama, but If Israel game retract abilities, like into data analysis, that we just discussed his love of fantasy sports and perfect, had alike, break the system of Fantasy baseball's, that money was fascinating and then we have a feminist everyday feels like two days because of just like there's nineteen hours of sunlight.
So you finish up dinner, you're doing a nine forty five. Now you get the hang of it and that's it looks like that's crazy, so you can have to if you don't keep track of what you're doing laughing. Also I wasn't quite adjusted to the time and there weren't great blackout, curtains and the hotel we're staying link. That would be all right, sizeable waking up before clock in the morning and then just in time for years there. We were we weren't. We were giggling to ourselves that the year Finland, a lot of its agreements like pictures of bottles of thing, sticky. I found then shrinks their fans favour. The thing about it is all just like I was hoping for lay outside man, that's going to failings, give I'm so politically,
pictures, privacy, alot of cool stuff, like this guitars at hand of some basic Deasey Asia in areas like the layer drinking to hire maiden drink and citizens bananas soda. Did you try now when I bought it I took a ton of pictures, but there for me nine. At that I'd love to see some. I will. I will gladly show you why I knows it was an interesting experience in the hell with light. Finnish people are lovely, and may I speak English What did I up on the long flight this time? You know it's not healthy. I stood up to throw them, now, Dago ever you boasting and bragging about ten hour flight. The London get of once like from see. That's like these demands are ahead. Like the last hour and a half I kind of like our kind I gotta go in. My seat was right next to the bathroom there and
not so much about the bathroom as much. It is just the blood, my life and I was very amazing. We did those low. We did those two podcast and you guys were great by the way, you for covering the nervous panel. When I had to go to any other one. I heard it was great and Matthew. We finished the second podcast about midnight, maybe for her right hand, man got in a car drove back to LOS Angeles to his house, goddess stuff and went to the What I imagine that you you drive in you walk in your house. You pick up your suitcase kissed on the head. Just turn around and walk of ours was like that, but she she got up to drive me. Fisheries awesome and but her friend was staying with us and there was a dog in the house but I was not like any. I knew it, but I was in a precedence, Dog Preston ask you beat ass. They were asking me to see beams, so she was the divers just like this pudding,
I was like changing in my office in this little tiny Doug walks into my unlike, but after that, you can only think you already house and renovation of the late already I like what is happening over all the people in their work. As a first knows, I'm worried about you driving, but of all the people in the world, the guy simultaneously desires to Vegas in the middle of the night. I now he's fine eyes. It is pretty that night other terminates Jose. It was a good, a good traffic free drive. There was a little bit a tree become a five were it like went down to one lane while we get it, you talk about directions, I was being the internet offers like suggests. Oversight ray and extra drank is like a got in Saturday, night Dorian, I went to dinner. She left early Sunday morning, she's gone for two weeks now, so sorry for life. Five large ones and then last night spontaneously, Angola, we get to
the reduction in when we read the name last night it rained out and they replaited two o clock today. So I drove the hand I should like to see my comment. I commented on your picture saying, I'm worried about you get back up your time. I did. I made it fair game. I was the became a great seats here right now, in the light of late preventive ages. Somebody come at that on your feet to it. Are you two blue sure, you're tv Hadrava right behind, but you're not going to blue sure. I was. I changed so so fuckin sweaty son. Was this big? You know that's! The thing is because the we went to Disneyland etc with Jonah, Emily and Lydia. Indeed, and there was, there was a- I was kind of bombs first because it was raining MIKE awe of all days. We are deciding on a vast and it turned out to be the best because it was it was the temperature was so wonderful outside and when the rain was done in about six p m
cool, breeze law. It was pretty balmy when the rain first started. It was like this large. They might starts like an everywhere around starts cooking and so yeah, but then afterwards, because when we left the hotel the next day was nine. Seven degrees outside it felt like all my god. This would have been terrible running around. I can't imagine here, but that that's I love rainy some range. Is no end to it, was born in it also leg and made it like an interesting trip. That is when we had our poncho zone. We were just where the whole time, except, I will say, I posted a picture and instagram of us. We roads, California, Screamin, which we thought would be fun in the rain and was so walking painful so fast, around raindrops we're like a little nearer than those that getting the right out here, because it was like that morning it was hailing in an echo park. So it's like these are is solid pieces of water watching shabby rain. What's amazing, is this chubby ray?
so good as a lot of light. Doesn't I was so much fun it and I took a picture of the doorbell to club thirty three one day we'll get up there, and I know it's not expensive. We did that it knows the expensive part. It's just that! It's very and it's what things like it's one of the things that I am working on me like the more that, it's difficult to get it? We're like see what's up there, it's be amazing survivors, Chris Captain, our guy, like so like ways like. What's with the weightless I've heard about this way. He kept them like a outlining at around Reformation programme for information, but I don't know, there's no Disney stuck in a hurry holdings. I don't know. I led a notion. Checking Liddy was there. She didn't say: well, by way of all their holdings because we went to by our waters, says not school, like Namaste,
went to her castle last week right after COMECON, and it was so wonderful, it's a beautiful place. It's a gorgeous Europe abilities are yellow journalism. I mean it's, it's it's a beautiful place where every mishap every piece of that castle. It's like it! It's like a high and architectural salvage, because there are so many pieces of other castles that are in it. Ok, so they build had that property had his dad, his father had it and then he may know started as construction. I think in nineteen nineteen and built for thirty years until he died and then when he died. His last wish was that it be.
Untouched from after he died, so it actually they bork than for thirty years. It's technically not finished, but it's so fucking stunning. Every little thing is something you incredible like. If you had one of anything in that property be like. While look at this your best bet, it's just to have that everywhere he had leg massive leg. He had like massive ship container ships coming in with lake and tick. He's from all over the world, an animal he was kind of deal with, knowing whether they had at their there's an abandoned zoo there that was abandoned and eighty thirty seven, and they had you know like they had. Thirdly, bears and like all sorts of ways. Life and then take em off the war effort and the name and then they then they had they had zebras just wandering the property. Zebras actually survived. So there's a herd of about a hundred z, Where is it s not ass? They ran the property, so we took with
zebras in the morning and then went down. There's a cove Xavier this out of IRA examples in the evenings, any results, and then we watch gray whales, just breaching coves. There was a pretty amazing. What's the what's the caribbean drug Lord our face now that that Vince Chase Escobar yeah, it's Vinnie chases in a movie, this issue many and resign as a reference in our draft, but oh yeah catch published. Yes, imbalance between large man, now sports garage, sorcerer, that's as high a countenance any but like it again, Wahlberg. He had a time like you're like a whole you'd zoo about cancer, exotic animals. When the feds raided his compound budgets
all got out so there's just like the amounts of weird animals in that area, like the parrots NL. Madam president, Pastrana Burbank, because there they come down a higher parlour, I mean it. Francisco, there's parents in San Francisco too near the possibility that transparent fire- I don't know, but the honor quiet, there's wild chickens because of the hurricane. Yes, how can you everyone's chickens everywhere? They were like one of his chickens. Are these because there s no they're, just it's so weird to walk? like a forest inquiry and then just hear a clucking and look up in a tree and see a fucking wild chicken NEA and then also on the began donkeys while donkeys, because of a a place. That's actually how like my uncle died. When I was an around you like, I will die in the cart and because of a wild donkey. Oh shit yeah like to do he lived at the dock, DR yeah it was a big mistake and it's the shame of our family with methods.
As the driving down the funny vision of what it is. I imagine Joan is uncle, looks just like Jonah he's just my eye. You drive over that other dogs? The irony of those Dorothea hitting another donkey driving, at least in our regions, I'm sorry, I'm John Famagusta, ok, good sort of the area, the statue limitations as edgy yeah, you, twelve letters are all right says without fatality out about it is ridiculous. Well, That is because it was a language that are already and they just like force the stern alphabet, top of it and to sell worked out. What did you do for the week off armies,
every week as we got work on your son of a great, I thought I work some additions. What does a meeting you do for my wife, I urge you celebrate Christmas. There was a big it's big time from an amateur and Chrissy as we go just to see. That is happy. I got like you know, get like a last minute like this they had descended, a guy that I worked with a bunch of G for Gregg Bishop? he was like the editor I used on. Almost all websites sketches yeah. He, like he's like shooting a movie. Unlike his, I hate someone like like the casting kind of got messed up. Would you want to you have to put yourself on tape but like by tomorrow? Governor Jim forming yeah. I was really where request and he did a semi uploaded to beauty. Its other down the casting about go? So that's there. Now,
but I doubt that that was a mouse. There was like it was for a horror movies. Was I too funny scenes, and then there was one like really fucked up saying. That was a real hard to pull me. I was just it's me. It's an Easter one evening away another gotta believe just for them, but like it's like this guy, this weird kind of crazy, mystical Barney takes the shot and like it in plants, a memory of like someone murdering somebody like a little girl, this entity. Each asserts throwing up and like freaking out he's not If it was him or not like it's, this rule, weird thing: amalgam yeah sitting in my kitchen crying and fake puking and sweating. Since what would you do for the movie? What it really then I started to do the addition by a thousand those does it have a house Donna COMECON by the way as a black did you wanna come again for the common good. My heart gets so overwhelmed with all those peoples as having fun
nice in his own eyes. I was so almost overwhelm work this year because I close they were overwhelmed with work at it. I think I took too many panel, but they were all really good. I couldn't say no yeah hi hooking, but we the notice party was really the carnival was really good. Everyone was really. I was so proud of everyone net noticed as a company and given sundry and Amy pullers company and legendary for our noses, the vile over there was really good and positive in nice and people were like it was so Your party, it was overwhelmingly emotional to see every one coming together and haven't fond and people that you don't ever get to see that the hanging out just Avenue and the pod castle really fun understand she was fond of, The panels were fond and yes good time, and we did it with a nervous panel nurse podcast panel, which was a lot of fun to what else did you have to do comecon yeah. I did opened up for my bodies the impression
jokers on Friday night, the panel on Friday and Saturday, fill them for you, I'm a panel because he had to run over to micromanage since funeral remember We did the show their ancestors of premature doesn't want my goal, We did not very long. I wanted to just Ideally, when I would have done was gone in further, shows and left. It honestly felt, like I'm afraid, should happen and I was staying, namely that, like one five day long day to me, it just is always so fast and I felt like you know, One good thing I didn't have to do this year was get up supersede early like it's. I was still getting up at nine cause, I've eyes, which was which was nice. If I'd do any scares the days were so long but It was. It was really insane, and I also just want to announce that dumb. I know I noticed on the panel, but our friend Shabby who runs? many who came on the pike was one of our part. Casket
the wild aggregate hasn't I'm here, but we have been here three year very nicely everything last yeah there. Never my her married say it again. When I bought have Abuja, upsetting, I wanna make em proteins barrier them. Pow, bang yeah this with this. This compound was one of my favorites because it was for some years. I would always like just tryin hustle to get there and then it was like hustling. It's a fine. You know a pass. I would like work for different shows to get tell rooms here just to be able to stay down there and got in there and then go to the Florence over that, but this was like. Yes, I do like C4 orbit. Doc are all these things are like talking to people running around in interviewing other people, and this was the first comecon where I was. I was brought down there to talk about my stuff,
like the meltdown of that now is like a really awesome thing like that was like the first time words like. I was going from one interview to the next for people to ask me about my my stuff that I'm workin on, and that was quote allows those problems. My fair report has arrived. Gas is really cool because, like so many years of just like you- and I am grateful for all the like jobs, I picked up in all the things I did, because it was like a blast and I got to go down there and in owned and do suffer like supper was like meat to just kind of its. I go now. This process can asked me about. The tv shows that I worked really hard on something. That's really cool here and congratulations on season through the meltdown. Thank you. I had one. I had one almost kind of bro moment and I'm I'm embarrassed about it, which so it is a generally mean. I well I was running around. I was almost late to everything and indicates the podcast I was just flat out late is: are you know that the panel, but I was muttering, went over and the
during COMECON, there's no easy way to get from haulage up to the level of theatre. It's like six or seven. How well that's ultimate! Well, now ran the whole way I ran so the panel for the podcast, the Fox pale, ended it seven. Forty five arch Darted seventh learning, but there is no way to make it work. The fox panel was surrounded said note, a fox know. Why would I do there? Why would I do I get it by the way, I have to say that to showing the dead poor trailer like that dead, poor part of the fall of the Fox panel was so it's one of my favorite things about COMECON, because I think when people Star wars. Are they see ex matter whenever they expect, while this is going to be like amazing and so they're all they're, all in its supercharged up about but when you see an audience gets surprised by something their level of starting low and then fuckin exploding in so
the lights went out and there was an like a little bit of a filmed message with Ryan Reynolds and like a library, chair like you know like in a fancy tat it in a study, and that was the word- and it ends in it. He appears their own crazy and then so he came out and T J and the director a couple of you if a movie- and it was just the She was so people are so excited about dead porn, so we showed this like teaser trailer and people fucking left to their fate, yeah like their anxiety there had so hard and then they going. I'm so normally incentives panels, you gotta know in the back of your head, like a wall like walking dead, I've played again casino, though, that there are seven. I've got to see another, but there was no plan to play the dead, pull trailer again, and people like and again like we're. Not only concern over what happens here but bucket I've. A microphone play it again
but were so have made me so happy to see also to see t J, but so I ran from that panel. We just it was really. It was really great to be a part of that but so I ran from that panel. We just my sister Michel and then a security guard, some poor security guy that we would like didn't know he was gonna, be sprinting. We ran from the back of knowledge and we're running and when colleagues without there's just tat is just a sea of people, so we ran around. It's something we were not supposed to do. This was this was our fault, but we ran theirs. Road outside of the convention centre and its for buses and you're, not supposed to run in it, because you d want to get hit by a bus, yeah, but we were so late. I mean, like legitimately, When I got out of the panel, I got the text serbian kings. These here so now my mind. He's there he's good he's, gonna be like people are gonna, be upset because work
but neither is shown- and I certainly get document so we could have not really good so worse. Ranging as hard as we can and we're running in the street with the buses and the first, the first persecuting person, air totally doing their job you're not supposed to be here. I knows I run right past her she's, like our right, the second guy, like kind of gets in the way we have to run around me, but he was very. Abrasive. Those tiny Ngos is like what the fuck are. You doing sure like and I go I'm sorry, I'm I'm way in my head. I don't have time to explain. I using a panel and we have to get to banking these until there's all these backs and I'm running so let's go my which just sounds, like others, show any good. I don't give a fuck like that. Kind of stomach Verona GO, who
but you know I know I said I said: don't you fuckin talk just like that asshole, which is the most computational thing, said, anyone this entire year and then and then I ran away. I felt so bad, but I couldn't go back and go you normally Sorry, I just felt a little better. I you allow running away. You said call story breath of monies that usually wherever is poor If I was, you know, like I responded in a conference, he was very confrontational, but but if you like, cable, you just doing his job, you got hit by a bus as on him. Yet Now I feel like I was the dick in that situation, even though he came very aggressively, He was doing his job and I knew how we saw you Joanne over the horizon all really, but I felt really bad afterwards, but there was no, but I didn't get a good look at em, so I could and an eye
The person I will go back in a pilot is a guy like you know what I was rushed and I'm really sorry that was my fault, so war wherever you are events that security out there who clearly does listen the broadcast, but but I'm I'm a genuine was the chance of genuinely support. I don't I don't. Find a people that way like it's. That was well. I think it's a Dick situational you're on your report and how someone, like that theory, just give you I don't know I was just. I was super stress because I was I was running, send we literally sprinted the whole way? Let us doesn't darted your run to end and it worked out right of almost ran directly on the stage you know is one of the two must have down Pedro fast ran on state aid, are the blog as there was an uva, then you'd like destroy that. Was found with so much fine, but it was like now it is literally run and then just like habit artful interview with Serbia. Kingsley like I was calling
this is fucking. Charlie rose right now I don't know, and I both at each other privately like a world. Libya's best interview really really really we're just gonna revolt like while he was seeing as you are good at like like exists that just like you like expand on this or like two like it's like it was Just like these, you were using these kid gloves to just like put around a zone of it was like a week handle hosting only a leg got into, but you Those cleared a guy like you know, when you're free flow in our committee you know it, but that is why I can fly across the road continent. One looks like, and that was you with question you're like a fifty three by which we will see the face it is making right now. We would see a video that's what it was. I was really it was really good, and in and honestly, when that last show is done, I only had one small panel, the sun,
Craig pen. It was the next day which was very brief, because I didn't have to hope that we were just their reading, an episode of on and that. But when we finish that second podcast just I was so I felt so good and so proud of the work everyone had done and so touched that you know we sold out like three. Stand up shown to podcast Jasmine, that was really Barboza big Theatre soldiers between net the nervous stuff in the panels and seeing you guys down there doing great stuff? It's just I was very. I was stressed. What are those happening? After was Argyle wistful, whom god you like we were really, we do have like everyone It's a nice job and comment on was really great this year. So my dear, it's think I feel like this was my twelve. Maybe it's India GO, but it's in the fucking,
Everything is before we know it will be in those elevators at the Bay front again like we were just air yeah I'll, be in the bay for and over ninety five miles away. The important question is: did you buy any finnish lefthanded guitars now very they didn't have anything it in another way. What was wrong? There's three don't be earlier. Dancing moves right now that people can see it's for you guys sometimes stuff is just for, otherwise, the microphone up to your face, sitting on my left. Thundered dear little gave me this is a prerequisite a book colourings while the cut colouring book, which was a sex that book from the Seventys and it's just a coloring book of just different
majority minors. Yes, it's really amazing. She's great Julia was great, so I got this very like all my God, she's really alarm, agree on articles Yvonne, gay. I it was like it was. It was a good timing. We had we had our our moment, in the tower of tear or just the two Thus, like a riot and Emily, I couldn't. I couldn't do tower terror Glinda, because we had just eaten and I didn't. I felt my stomach felt sloshy enough areas like I don't think I'll but I know I feel bad for like an hour after Rio and Emily didn't wanna do it does not have ever going to ride and Jonah Liddy or above like it's a free ride, so they bus that they both it and the picture afterwards, because it was just the two of them. In and alone Lydia sitting the front Jonathan, the bat corner and looks like you're either a creep. Ghost may I kind of which I would have liked thought out like I was like. I only thought of What's so funny we set as far as we can, but
I realize, like we could put some kind of like narrative joke onto it. Works like me, staring at her it out from the back. Thou have been really funny during the ride I now what's left life really when you boy logistical challenges, joy on it down boy, you deny on oil oil, those please to its cleanest, peanut, Lucy living for peanuts. Now remedy accuracy. Democracies are loose little Peter said the boy the present to group. So Listen. She fucked up right, not seen anything Oh, my god, we started watching Mr Robot last night and people like it. It's fucking great. The first episode like within a minute you into the you're, like I get the show I fucking love the shit. I don't wanna watch any new tv show until ashen the evil that arise from a trailer look, so good. I've watched it so many times so funny way.
So gory elixir good, we watched creep the new Patrick Bryce YAP Mark Two plus I saw an that's it. That's a fun one. That's a fuckin, fantastic movie! I loved Love that movie, you don't think I looked about that movie- is that it does shows you that, with the right couple of people, you can just make em in the movies and our and seventeen minutes long. All shot. I mean I don't it's guarantee what awaits not found footage but its shot via like video yeah yeah, but it, but in a way that makes sense it doesnt says only a couple moment like why are they have the camera with them on this moment, but I think you can, at that point it so far into the movie that you're like we saw it, we saw fun fun hormones, I called splinter. That was, there was those pretty fun s, it's about. This. Guy raises teenage turtles. Now that would be so good. That will be so good. If someone did that, if someone that a splinter stand alone will be like worded succumbing to the northward
story every year is going to appear and captain work a civil war, we could but yes, but It was really good while yet but Mr Robots, the great it's Algerians, must be pretty good and watch they made shot on Iphones I heard about that. Do that. Now it's it's category live knows because it also has a transgender actors in it, as opposed to Sis people, playwright, transgender no. We're gonna. Do this week, gonNa Boston, he travelling a ship, it up the Boston I'm holding a man, a man, a man and man, a man made when it would have to come home. Why do I say come home between the two, because we have podcast letter scheduled that I was like. I better go to those paragraphs, because I'm gonna miss some pod castle.
Life, oh man, I feel bad. There come all the way back listening at a hostile and a fuckin counter again, Mr Watson, I don't have to do it. I don't want you to have to travel that wages. For that it's happened. I don't worry about it. I mean it's why it's mine Who's, the other one that is there another one that your schedule for the next interview I'm doing his Monica Lewinsky. That's her first interview since barber walked for white. Ninety Thea, meaning. There's some other stuff that area other stuff. It's happening in them. Yeah, I'm home for a little while, and then I think there I think, I'm going with them, but the wired folks, Pinocchio folks to city I overseer, oh good, which is a legacy wired folks, are great. I'm glad, I'm glad you guys working together? I mean it. I think it's a perfect fit heavy goes worked together. Are you gonna be back for? I might not make if we get Patrick's through and I might not make it for it, though, really
kind of really annoying me. I know that's about let that sort of if it happens, I'm air. If it happens on a Wednesday when there's a hold on than yes, but if it doesn't, then I will be as well to come onto I'm gonna, Miss way you gonna Miss Galvin. We got to where it will, and I both here I just joined the MAGIC castle and will it just joined to so I went Friday night first night as a member of the MAGIC Castle really fun. Yet this kind of parking right, I think so expressway but now at parking CAS, is Chris burglars that several dollars about yet Patrick Stuart one, hopefully of without works elsewhere, and I will be there for the I'm sure he'll be around many more years and will will have him say something you, if you're not here boy, had all maps now. What is it offered? The three or three nine
God as those related to the other you just when it really fast. Well knew guessing explain for me now, hopefully, hopefully above we'll be here for them, yet. Everyone well I'll, only have excellent questions for that guy. Now it s like this month. I've been I'm only home for six days in July yeah only at the house for six days and five of those days. Door is not here so there it's interesting travelling with much. I don't really how you do it it's for long. About a ring. Can you please answer it in time? but we were driver that I'll be out in a minute and then just cut. This part of my phone is about to ring rigour He's going to Canada thought my! I had a rent, a car that I had to turn in. So I just got where'd you rent a car for to drought fate, your fuckin luggage enea. Yet us were made on the throne room. I drove Edward Sugar.
The grant- or it should be a fine Roger car? But if we can have luggage relative, you can't brings great room no, but it's a g t too grand towards meant to be driven long distance problem is you're gonna, be staying for a few days ago. Bigger trunks bay. I mean you know it's like you know, covenant chocolate! rose, was over over one squeeze squeeze Yeah man, all I need is the cup holders, pussy jargon, pussy wagon talking's, shoots of robes in that trunk, Yo White, robes, ropes, oh my god, I rent and avoid Miko it. Besides. I party out I love boy,
I love with much out of them on then I got say that right, I've years have them. I have. I got dinner with him in his sister and it was like great hearing all his sisters point of view of the stories, so In a that picture of him, crawler for us, This picture, Is that those who are going through This picture is reaction. Everything is the best Well, never again! Well mixture picture picture nine, these early nineties.
Ladies night crawler, that outfit with the red black and then picture child emit outfit with his face completely painted blue striking as something or other kids school, not knowing what the fuck night crawler. As you know how it does everyone children are in any event it is. I have seen their pictures so many times, and workers like everyone's while deal just send it to re mental images. Pictures spoke at sea, but then, like a like, we're, hang it now and then I go on with the systems. I hear you're in that picture to what are you rest, as issues like, oh, I was fat, yonder or your borders occur geez, I guess it's, be more embarrassing, but we're gonna have because it can promote,
reactor reactor great though the Huns Mercosur done yet on both Brad like rats. Even Your comment on the paragraph- and I guess it's it's great things- coming in! After all your travels into a wholesome Matthew problem, I you you know how I travel that much I dont know I think you get into a rhythm, but when you break the rhythm canna gets a little hard to get back onto it, so it is by its interests. Thing like. I think it's just wasting be home for a few days between things here based on weekends viands, just going like its bleeding into every second. That's I've done it before you like fly when one place to do a thing, but you fly to another place, do no thing and then back to life by its gnarly yeah. But you know it's a racket, but our back its worthy do. I feel, like I, figured it weird email from Birds Amerika about my flight to buy back from Boston where they just
Madeleine Virgin America. Do you want to just make us America I was gonna, be like man, we get America lay to emerge in America plane with a pair of glasses, with tape on the Middle EAST an ogre knows it in the end, it turns out. That Virgin Atlantic was the right girl for a said. We forget it, I just booked a regular ticket. They sent me an email. It was like hey bid on an upgrade bid bid on an item. So that is only have you fighting other I dont now I don't know if it's like what are they doing liveliness offer me. We have grave, I don't wanna bid pavement low volume. Also anything about it too, is like they're like for my cabin select, which is, is a virgin gotta get those huge
The money, because it's Michaelis you seem to have opposite sides of the Big Bang Ivan Select- is worth the ridiculous extra money, yeah you get more room, you get more leg room which is great for you, but you can also atomic either over seventy five bucks, never heard of his tears. The other thing he had all the free food. You all remove his you want, but that's how I like that flights I place through like three movies, I write when they sit down. I started movie, I get three in unexplained, but the movies no like a three them working small minded, my movie watch upon those. Who is the thing that I don't know it's like. If you bid sauntering, they don't tell you that we are sitting in the middle or what so I could never the middle seed suddenly. Windows the next moment a middle say it I'm just gonna on a loop play, stuck in the middle of the robot delicate, and then just wait for someone to switch with me. I think I ve actually steelers we'll who were making fun of Bob Dylan, yet led by June
effort? Oh shit, really, you know guides that that's all covered, quite embarrassing, no leave it in. I think it's fun it. Ain't dj, Giotto re DJ child touching the how they wrote that they made that song to basically like tease Bob Dylan. Oh well is the story that I heard so that's what colonel dawn? That's why he's doing that was which I reject Rafferty shut like when you only passively lessen the classic Rock, as is the kind of a sponsor get at it, but I think a lot of people think that the people who even the people, who don't think that I don't think they realize what the backstory, so they like my fate it I get gabble isn't worth it comes about violence on average, a pleasant way doesn't compared to my favorites free fallen Last ancillary than you know them now leaving noticed com the second pillar.
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