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Lin Shaye is back on the podcast! She and Chris talk about keeping up their creativity during the pandemic, what pigeons can teach us about life, the joys and frustrations of gardening, and what she misses most about being on set. They also talk about her legendary career, their love of horror movies and her new film, "The Call", now available on VOD. Also see Lin in "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels" which is out now on the Showtime app!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty podcast number, eleven, no one, hey! Let's talk about you, the idea to anti community events and I d ten t dot com. Is email that you will use to share a thing you made or a thing that you like that. You want to share a thing that you made with your friends, for instance like Jennifer, who writes my friends Christina an cat clock. I have created a thing this Cincinnati, of curiosities, comics anthology and podcast. The comic anthology is thirty. Six pages explore the paranormal lore of six locations in Cincinnati region. All stories are written in illustrate. by Cincinnati artists and include Satan's hollow mermaids of the Ohio River lovelorn frogmen since it had a music hall and systems, will rectory. I think I said that Right S, e m ass, we Ellie systems, I apologise for not having,
the local knowledge know how to pronounce that if I got it wrong and if I got it right, I meant to do that. The podcast is Christina CAT and myself in parentheses, Jennifer talking about local folklore, ghost stories, dapple gangsters and all sorts of creepy things find the podcast on Youtube, Cincinnati, cabinet of curiosities or follow on Facebook and Instagram. Since the cabinet of curiosity see I and see why cabinet of curiosities, that sounds like a fantastic pod. Thank you, so much Jennifer and see nominal have to listen and then, when unable to tour, someday again doing stand up- and I come to Cincinnati, then I'll have to visit these local folk lore EC places for work. let's say, that's a word all right. Let's make folk lore an adjective and call it for glory. That sounds reasonable, thanks for sharing Jennifer events that eighty twenty dotcom. Again, for anything. You would like to share this episode.
Lynn, Shea whom Lydia and I absolutely love Lynn is a legend in horror, films, a legend. She was in the insidious film series she's been in a ton of great stuff and she's phenomenal and everything it she's in by the way, and she was on the pact s about a year and a half ago and told him great stories about how she got the roles in King PIN and there's something about Mary and there was it was it was great, but she came to our house and Lydia idolizes Lynn, like idolize, her idolized circle, here. It was really nervous. Demeter inland could not have been kinder sweeter and so
we all became pals end and we just absolutely like. I said we absolutely adore. Her Lynn is in a couple things that you can but she's gonna tell us off, but she's into newer things that you can watch number one penny dreadful city of angels, which came out in April of this year, but it was just write the beginning of the pandemic in quarantine, and so I think they're, just you know, they're just was not allowed. Things were being promoted that much back then, because everything got slipped upside down. So I think the release of a kind of flu under the radar, but it is available. We got it in the short time. Any time app, you can watch it on Hulu. If you have Showtime connected to that end, it looks fantastic oh that's, pay dreadful city of angels. Lynn is also in a movie that just came out called the call where she and other horror. Legend Tobin Bell Play husband,
so that is available now in the in the podcast Lynn, says it's coming out Friday, but we recorded a couple weeks ago back in October, so it is out now Lydia. I watch it and it's so much fun, you're, amazing, together. I really hope, Lynn and Tobin get to do more stuff together, but just could not be a bigger fan of lens and a bigger cheerleader for her, so Lynn. Thank you so much for being so wonderful. Thank you for coming back on the podcast in Libya, and I hope to see you in the real world soon when that is safe and ok thing to do all right. Here's the idea- podcast number, eleven, no one with the wonderful lynching Andy,
look look here where I'm like a minute. Had I haven't shaven days and wearing your, I do your hands up. Guy get our. This is where we were in the age of like you talk about, the things this year. It's like a be you know like having to pay then to ourselves every time, really that maybe that's not as important anymore it. Maybe there are two important things up a lavish. I something funny I hadda. I had a high cost yesterday, which I thought was on camera, so I didn't. I spent the more I took a shower. I did my hair. I worked for like a guy.
Why make up? I look great with just just upon gas it was just that so there as all dressed up and no place to go literally. So that is the view of this year, all dressed up and no place to go. It does no good didn't. Actually, I do take the bag. This kind of feel good to get dressed up. Sometimes, like kind of you know,. I've gone way down the tunnel. I mean I'm I'm having a really rough time with this, I just no matter how many things there are trying you make it cushion it and make it better and more normal? I don't know it's really as its its acts entered my loneliness, my lack of participation, my fear, it's really played on all the scary part, so myself and then
also came out the other end and really like out how ridiculous I am utterly go. Okay, this is me it is it is there you know: it's trying its trying to find that balance in a situation that we that we can control and also facing the fact that the amount of likes it european control we had before was kind of an illusion, and so now it's like shit well, if we're not also like defining ourselves by what we do and if we're not like what we do, if we're not unlike our careers, wrote who are we a guy like me, I'll get my cat are the ones divining me the most. I mean what You work a lot and you like to work out a lot of different things, and- and I and have you done any productions since gorging we did. I did one day a film called american bogeyman, where I play TED Bundy mother, which really fun
with Daniel Forearmed is the director and a really nice sky was the first day literally that films were being allowed to even have anything happening, and I I was the first day at their first day of shooting and on every all. The carbon stuff was in place with everybody with the shields and the gloves- and here I mean it's just fatiguing, but I was I was so happy. I love the role and I had a great see who just one really law. scene damn so once out doing the work you know it was it was. business as usual and now and then It is now issues that was over. Suddenly you know the the science fiction took over you know what everybody in their so and it It was done very safely milliseconds. You can be. You know with a lot of people around and I did so doing a video game which I'm not supposed to say too much about, but I've. Never
emotion, capture and all that stuff. So that's been really kind of wild and fun, and I'm just a couple days on that and penny dreadful, wrapped, literally one week before the pandemic. Oh my gosh, and there was supposed to be a second season which I was a part of any kind. Answer no, I'm so sorry yeah. That's that's better see. I've seen that I've seen that happened to several people so several friends, friends of mine, where this user are just freaking out losing money So they just start. You know charting stuff. How can read and there was a sort of his strength, the most beautiful showerheads. If you can see it, you shouldn't China episodes in its. It's called LOS Angeles City of angels, canny, dreadful there for a season, Jai Logan, the original under arrest. producer director of the first three years of banning dread home
the whole eroded and overlooked and directed a bunch of the episode is exquisite is sort of like it's like television. opera away. His writing is is I mean I've. Never really said this to John, but his writing is sort of like American Shakespeare. It's very and you have to say to the letter he made that very clear. You do not change a word or any punctuation it is when it is a new express. in your way. Would he wrote on and is it it is for me, a scary adventure, because I've done much television and its even though it show time it still television? Is there get there in the ready in Europe. I am I hear you did. I was I think I do have my other data by other action. You ok, Do they accede, I know so it was it had kind of harrowing as for me professionally, which was
which I learned a lot. Actually I learned a lot about. My own figure will believe these limited like these seas, Long arts are basically like long ass move. as you know, at their shot like film and choice. Dublin away like there obviously civilized in than itself, contains download. So you really shooting you know again, eight or ten our movie, but it is absolutely true, nature Lane, and I play nazi hunters, its nineteen. Thirty eight Angela, my view this is out out and it never date, I don't know what happened with promotion, what happened with them? It it just sort of wind do the radar, Arbutus Natalie Dormer from Game Thrones place for different characters. Oh my god she's great yeah, It's really exquisite it. When you get my wife I am going to watch the shit out of that because danger. It's really worth that its event, ass, Dick Show and itself.
upsetting, and so in its on this takes place allay nineteen thirty eight. They built LOS Angeles, nineteen. Thirty. Anna sat in Santa Clarissa, they turned the old have long chastity studio into LOS Angeles, nineteen, thirty eight, and it was I'm telling you to the to the end degree, beauty of the sad design of wardrobe. It was the most beautiful it. I says like a mere is like watching opera, almost its is bigger than life, story, a sort of metaphorical and metaphysical, kind of horror, couched within less Angeles thanking thirty eight. What was happening in the barrio with hispanic community being run out either by big business and by either the road companies under the grant of them. errors of the city? And it's just I mean really excited you. You should have written com
before the promotional material metaphorical. Its metaphysical, like everything you're sitting we got it we have to watch, is a big. Maybe they should work already next I mean you know, like If an I adore you and when you came on the pod cast the first seven years ago, you know she was so excited and nervous and ends when she did. She did this move the movie that she do You came to a screening right of course, idea and she was just beside herself with joy, she can't believe win tee. My can so like she was just so excited and happy to have you there and Bush she's a dream. I mean in every way, and not only is your wife she's, also beautiful actress in a wonderful person, I mean I get up to date, and I told this my manager to it. There was one of my favorite interviews ever seeing your beautiful. And I just heard be a Katy,
got a new new digs sound, pretty spectacular, Guide wanted to build a like a more permanent podcast duty. No because for so long I used to have what I was doing. His company central Show- and I had one there in the studio then I will not show him did it was basically just like people coming over to my house. and Katy would have to come set up all the equipment. Every time you really need like a permanent studio and so weak, I got one up and running and then boom. You know like no one goes anywhere so, but I have to say, you know were incredibly fortunate that the way that we live in an era where this technology, where we have technology that can allow us to you, know at least to communicate, with people in and connecting and do this view zoom. So at least it at least we weren't. We believe you didn't have to shut the pageant
down. Now, I'm I'm with you. I mean it's really a whole new mindset of how you communicate and what you can expect from from people and what you can expect from your own a kind of emotions. I'm very, I feel very isolated, even though I mean I can go out, but my mouse gonna go to rouse the priorities. I feel as though you know your butt here too I would like here go under premiers. Now, like am got, your browser has some nuke. There's really there like it or not override the out that, at the very end, your beard, Where do the pair premier? What I like about you, I think I think we're I don't think so
gonna go back a hundred percent. I think all of us are inextricably changed on some level from this, whether the way you relate to your family, your kids, whether you the way you relate to yourself the way you relate to your surroundings there, so we are being forced to examine things we have run away from also, I think and in our busy schedules. So I think there's, really both positive and negative joy, but am I I'm autumn I've I'm on a control? I mean I'm totally out of control. I thought to myself I mean if I had a speaker on, I could really do a one woman maybe by recording their guide dog too scared to Europe. You know you could you could just you can just like a route, you know like rent out an empty theater and then just set up a gear
and then just start doing monologues. You know I just I mean seriously. I feel like you, and I my creative side is- is on fire, but my disciplinary side is is gone, You know what I'm saying I try about that. I would love to hear that, because I have not felt creative at all. I haven't I've. I've I've decided that I'm just gonna giving into like why. I think this is more of a period of study on learning instruments. and learning languages, and am I am, but I haven't, I barely written anything so I would love to hear you know the creative fire and then how that plays into like why, like where the discipline, the lack of discipline, comes in that you think as if any I think, those those a really big questions. Personally, my sense of ambition is gone at the moment. My sense, my sense of self
worse is high. I like might I realize I really do I like how goofy I am, and I like doing that. I have set brutally due respect among things that other people don't see the way I do. I really I'm I'm I'm proud of the truth, teller that I seem to have become I'm very little. answer shop, sometimes to a false I mean where I I just tell people french picnic better or for worse, and then I always apologize. I do I was as our but in terms creativity. I have done nothing creator except my house has been incredible. I've enjoyed being outside,
in my yahoo fixing fountains I become I'm a little bit of a carpenter. I may I love Dixon things. I love tools and I love cracks and crafty things have been ordering painting paintbrushes on line and painting my little boot outside the entering my fountain. In that kind of thing, but I haven't written anything other than letters to people and in terms of actual I realized I was going. I'm sure there's a lot of people were were, writing scripts and doing, and why are I doing that? But my it's it's! I have no idea. ambition. Is the word I'm not at all connected to me moving forward in my career. You know my career is, I hope it's good. I hold idle carry me through, but I you're doing with learning languages. I wouldn't begin to have that the impetus or self discipline to do that
you haven't really, I think, is a distraction technique, though, because that's what you're getting from I mean distraction or not with that, but that's what that's kind of what the thinking was. It was just like. Well, I can't go perform an acute, I'm, not really working in the way that I'm used to working as everything's kind of morphine. Again, I'm lucky that I'm able to do a considerable amount of work from home, but I think a lot of that you know like it becomes a passionate like while just learn. I want to learn something, and so I am compelled to do it. I dont does not really an end game with it other than like. Well, you know If I can't be creative rather than sitting around of being depressed, I'm just getting it learn something because that kind of stimulates the feeling of doing it. Yeah like them. A minus physical mine has to be physical. I mean I realize I may I literally I got so angry. The other day about something I just I don't know what to do with myself, and we have that my name
next doors during your planted. All this shitty bamboo wages in which it is like it is like a virus took my viral. It will take over my house if I let it needs it. And I literally so one idea places where you will you help you gotta do I went up to it. its encroaching on my property and literally for a half hour, I tried to pull a fucking bamboo route out of the ground. It couldn't be pulled out and I know it couldn't be pulled up, but I would The end about I was exhausted. I knew I haven't done anything time. Nothing, not even Well, the really my anger, but I dizzily was exhausted and for me I've never been a dancer per se, but my body and an using my body even in my work, is very important to me and I am a dancer sort of. I am on my feet,
I express myself physically, as well as as vocally or an emotionally really and for me was just I just pulled and pulled and screen amuse. Like crazy person, I mean I need grooves inadvertently. They might call somebody at the end of it. I was ok, I'm glad you came back in the house, drank some water and answered Swimming Lynceus Bamboo therapy, and now we briefly posed to think are sponsor for this absurdity. Eighty twenty podcast Square space Square space- is all in one domains, website online stores, marketing tools and now email campaigns. That's right, you can take Any idea that you have that you want to create a thing on the internet. We say great thing make a thing. This is a great way to do that with square space, because you can take it from idea. to actually building a website with amazing templates created by world class designers.
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I wouldn't marker Adele, who is a wonderful director and who was one of the moderators at the actor studio. I remember that during one of the sessions he said it for an afternoon we talk about. How can you will manifest anger, and how can you manifest is if you want to get angry, try to open a closet door from the wrong way as hard as you can and don't give up that's what this was there with me like. I know I'm not going to get this fucking root out the good appetite, but I m gonna pull away like a doll. I was like a dog and they became a total animal baby. Don't tell anybody know how to like. The only thing that I've ever known to do with within booth is getting out of control is just like the others, the benefits of birds, Paradise too. It is almost until it
you have to somehow like borough into the earth, and but if there's even like a slight bit of the route system, will have enough still come back. It just discovered in that's, like ferns versions are like that to me, when you have a yard, with I mean, and so my therapy, I mean that for me, rather than sitting down in writing something or being created in any way that has to do with my career This is how I this is, how I make myself feel better better. I go my yard and I dig in I plant things or I fix this, sir. I I find ways to where I do other day? Oh, I don't know. I just have all these little fountains all over and I had to go clean all the pumps. It unplug everything yet undue everything and get the low brushing and there's something very satisfying about the physicality of it for me, but I've done nothing constructive, but better, didn't control. You know it better. You that's exactly right! That's exactly right! You can be assured that govern these.
Things I can control and I can't control anything else, so the things that have a beginning, a middle, linen and physically give me a sense of peace while an idle. I really do believe that, eventually the air I mean you're right, you don't work, there is definitely how can you not be changed by something like this for the way that we in Europe are the way to businesses or the way the business is done, nor the way that, like you know, people interact her or what? but but I do think you know you. If what I'm reading between the lines a little bit like your career, is not over you're gonna work. Like people love you, then they love working with you you're. You know just look you're, just legendary like the Eu Air and you produce. You know like you, so I just don't I really feel like,
You're gonna be fine. I really, I hope so you know I mean I love love, love, love, love. When I get to do, and in others there has been some things like the call which is gonna be released, which is part of why we're doing his interview as well to promote as its um. I'm so glad it's coming out now, because this is when we can, I need the the stimulation. You know it's it's nice to remember what you do and why you do it The thing I'm sort happy about is, I know, there's no lying between who I am and what I do I mean I really am that's and I think that's why my characters are successful and some level there is no separation. I really tell I tell it is much. The truth is I have in the end, within telling the story I'm supposed to be telling, as I do in playing with my dog, I mean nothing changes for me and I love the. I love participation and the
I'm raftery and the inner action between what the director of the actor the producer. Thus those screenwriter that kind of community to me is is comfort. That's right! That's my family and on from me cry, but that's it truly. When I still need I miss my family Lisbon family will you're gonna get it back. I really you know you you're. Just such an important parts of this business and such an important part of the horror community- and you know it just if it's good, I really do believe it's going to. I believe it's going to be okay and I believe, you're going to be okay, I think so too. You know I mean I am grateful for all I've done. You know, because in the fans I have had been credible, GINO my manager just sent me a bag full of fan, mail and boy.
boy. If you ever wonder, if I ever want to feel good, I mean people right three page letters about what they see me in and how they feel about it and how it made your kid field. I mean it's really extraordinary. The outreach there that the art has in its not just being an actor, I mean we as artists in this world have a real responsibility: work where we're we're communicators in in the best sense, because people can always hear what people say, but if agenda story and a sound screen, they hear it those in otherwise there can be no! No. I don't want to know about that. I don't wanna talk about it. I don't want to hear about that. So we really are richest communicators of truth and away to people and I'm out, I can't dad I'll, never give up. I never thought of it that way before, but you're absolutely right. You know as an actor you jobs too
truth, teller from the point of view of whatever your care. It already was, even if you know, even if it's like, ok well, no, I'm not I'm not an evil spirit. Who is hunting people, who rightly ever I can find the seat of truth in that an end and express that you know in a triple way, which I think is you know what you're talking about blurring that line between your true self, in what you bring to the screen it. It definitely feels like that's kind your time is likely to be a really good. Actor means to be really good. True telecoms, you can tell it someone's not telling the truth, and you can just tat. You have two hundred percent, so I'm very grateful if that's part of whatever that give thing is in all the land eight- and I can do
I'm I'm forever and on forever grateful- and I love it- I wanted in pieces, you don't stop me if it, but if this TED talk is annoying but or if you want it, but I I I just knew the same person who like did all the crazy make up and showed for you know to the fairly brothers for that not audition, and you like you, you have such an inn, Annabelle will and determination that you you know I just. I hope you also have faith in the fact that you're gonna fuckin figure this out like you're gonna. you're gonna be good, you are good and then so I just you know I I understand that it's hard now, because we're sort of stalemated butter, but I just have so much faith in police Thank you, Chris. That's really! That means a tremendous amount to me. I mean really does you're a real seer. You know that you also have a reason- you're a gifted speaker and but you also see under things in a way that a lot of you, no broad
stirs moderators pod castors your own. You know it's nothing superficial and I, feel I really thank you for that. I feel like that's true and if any I'm holding my individuality and like it you know not to me mine's everything that's going on by any stretch of the imagination, but I also do believe that this experience will serve you in some artistic way. Future. We I agree. I think I think that is too. You know the Good NEWS is. Are we hope the Good NEWS is that there is less you what's gonna happen next, you know that really there's so much ahead of us- and I gotta remember that too, because everyday feels like among the first one to seriously Groundhog day. You know I mean there's just as soon and then something flies in and they like
Well? What do you know like war? All that was just something else. You don't be such a precise by routine, and we forget that the sort of forgotten, sometimes that the world has all stop going on and things is like comets your fly past you and they will continue to do no matter what and we gotta keep our eyes and will open too everything around us. Still, you know nothing. What it is. I mean it's interesting, the things that change day you know even on a walk with the dog. Depending on what you see the Europe, your eyes are open. What do you noticing? Who did you? You know, there's all there's all kinds of stuff to keep you wide open to keep the flower petals open in and if it's it's easier to shut down, because it's easier to shut down, it was easier to just
sit in a heap, an NGO. Well, is nothing to do today. You know, sometimes s, that's a relief to I mean I've had days in bed were eventually go, I'm gonna go take another. Now Africa That's not the lazy thing. Anyone like that's the responsible guy right. What's that is in high regard now, you can feel good about that, like you, don't have to feel up before you despise doubtless law slacker, like normal responsible citizens can be you know being alone to his is very like I think about you all families and that being sort of shut in together and how that changes the dynamic of a family. You know we know that people that it's for better and for worse, you know people who are together too much and also there's the opposite. Where you never hardly see.
other in real life, because you everybody's running around like chickens about ahead, and here we are together in investigating people fall back in love with each other to, I think so. I think there's that and being by myself has been again very self investigative units on. I thought to myself. Nonstop Chris unease is loaded, embarrassing, cleaver Lycosa! Stop it out. I don't talk to me Don't you talk to. I don't appreciate your tone. Bell sounded just change the way you're targeting young lady and then I got ok. Ok, peddling! Doesn't it wrong. With that I mean you know, humans are expressive. Creatures were meant to be expressive in Europe, particularly very expressive and artistically expressive, and so you know, I think, that's just no. I think that's normal. I think it's fine well as its help
I mean it is because, because that's how I problem solve also is is verbal. I realize verbally is is one of the ways I problem so I mean I always talk to myself because you know I'm trending when I was married. Maybe that's why I'm not anymore. Do you do nets that sort of virtualization process it just kinda like those like cell therapy. In a way I like a hundred percent out in processing and sometimes things Hearing things out in the air is different than thinking things and once you kind of get something into the world you can cut it understandable. we'd better relieved, the expression, a hundred per cent. For me I mean- and I think that I think I've always done that on some level through you're with somebody often do.
Come here sounding board to its like. Well, what do you think you know I'm images which is as a couple of your living as a couple. That's actually grow because you keep each other hosted on what what's inside of you you don't just to keep everything to yourself and I've. Always I mean this is accelerated. Sure I mean I really from the men and I get up. I talk to my either my animals or me I mean I'm a very noisy, but it It definitely is away. I keep myself, I cry alone I had my emotions are very fragile and so on they cry for no reason I'm just upset about. I dont even know about everything I also recognised. did? I really am an impasse whatever? That means that I absorb or of a lot of words around me, and that's why my home and so a value to me because my home is, I love my house, I mean
however, I am, I love every little detail every little horse to add that I have every little I have your all my little things around me are because I put them they're not because, operator together or somebody else again just through stuff around and so for me is that's my it's my oars. where's my sense of order and beauty. So I keep those things close to me, which would give me a real bay. It gives me a base. It makes me feel proud of myself in solid, so um I think I hope you're right. I think I think everybody is dealing with this in their own way and depending on their circumstances of either being alone or in a family, with kids or being just with a partner or in a hurry. Also I haven't gone anywhere, I mean I have friends your they get in there and they drive to you. Are they good for them? I'm not I'm, not I'm not that person. I wish I was ever girlfriend she's getting the courage
drives after wherever Montana shall we haven't. We haven't done there because I think it's like wool. Where are we going to go and it also like? Will we have to stop for food? We have to for gas. We have found gotta wear gloves with the mask you guys, like we're being extra. You know like super super extra careful and at the end of it it sounds like dash. You know, for us in this Isn T for everyone? Obviously, but just for us it's like you're, not that really feels like a getaway. Really it's more trouble. It is worth ultimately in you know: there are a couple of the places we we're looking at going and then but then, of course, a lot of people also have that idea, so nothing was really available, and so we are like well, I guess we'll just you know will just will stay home and- and so that's that's kind of what we ve been doing, but you're right, we ve got to spend more time together than we ever did,
foreign, and that is really for better or for worse of Ankara. Liddy is also very expressive in his wonderful in its and so wonderful and and and we will have been ten discuss like dad if, if the year like not the work, happy that all this happened However, since we are in this situation, you know how wonderful that we have got to spend time together window. Or we would have been running off and at like she might running off, movies. I was running off to do stand up and let see each other get into bed, ok I love you. I love you, you know I've been kind of separate in the morning. I think it would have this opportunity to really spent I'm together and talk about like starting a family in and so it it's been s great. Yes, that parts been been been nice in it, and I also think too early or point about being an impasse. I mean what you do your
sort of like a medium in a way. You know it's like you and body characters you you do that by observing the world and re expressing it. So you have to be very sensitive to the world and I think the downside is that it makes you open and sort of when its great, when it's great and it's a bummer when it's a bummer cause, you really you feel all of it, because that's your that's kind of pardoning harmless, but I am Here- and I thank you for I mean that those so a credible compliments to me I mean I, I really also the factory that you call all this stuff regard about me. Thank you Chris. I really mean that your life, your my favorite, me I couldn't let Aegina do. I said I need any other we're having any other interviews about a request made them in the way that it will be like it. You know
for me there there is somebody it's because I really just view these conversations with people that I really want to learn more about our people and like in your you know, like I admire you in your work, and so just the sort of here here. before there was a lie, there are a lot of take away. Then you know, like just being being. Yours embracing who you are like. making the mould figuring out how to go the extra mile to break boundaries like all those all those roles that were so defining that were in what were those times were you just took these wild swings? Could you just felt like you just felt something about it extra and rather than going now
I'm not going to you know you were like fucking. This is this is what I'm going to do and denomination in the will, and so you manifest and created those things, and it's fascinating me because you know there were other people who also audition, for let's say something about Mary: maybe they had that thought, but they didn't follow it. You know- and so you chose to do that for you. You really did create this amazing career in a very difficult business in a dip in a business that is fertilized with rejection, and you know like really just playing on every insecurity that we have and your of your ability to rise above that and and do a man, Work is just like I mean that's a master class. You know like your career as a master class wow. That's it that's a quote I'll take away he held this year. I go back to thinking about my upbringing too, because we are impact
of course, tremendously by our early years and what our parents, how are apparent, see us and they input they give us and now reared which rejection and reward quotient of family life you nowhere and I may I grew up in the fifties unit, which was a very kind of the Betty for Nelson. Then refrigerator were standing in front of the refrigerator. You know you advertising on the new televisions and stop, and my parents were very conservative, but not Really, you know my mother. I realize this now. My mom really wanted to be a real Detroit, He was born in Russia and came to this country when she was thirteen years old. Gent speak a word of english and thirteen was put into a class with six year olds.
grade didn't speak one word of English. She said she couldn't get her legs under the desk because they were made for precise and for a thirteen year old, a few dozen beautiful young girl you can imagine. I can't even imagine what that must have been ended up. Graduating high schools. Making perfect English. She never had a trace of an accident at seventeen years old. She graduated twelve grade going from first grade the twelve great and for years and got a job. She type like a hundred ninety words minute. She learned to type. I mean she was that person and you never really know that when you talk to my mom, you know because you it's just my mom, but when I think about the drive, that's almost genetic, I mean there must be something to that. I mean I don't think they can isolate the gene, and my dad too was one of these people
we'll just took the next step in the next step. He always used to say you're, like a book, a pigeon you put one put in front of the other and just keep going forward and sold. little lessons. He asked another thing is said and done that they get his expression, we're jewish and those who use the expression preserved in good time, which means said and done, and there is still something their haunts me. You say you're gonna, do something you do it whether, as you said yourself or you say to somebody else, you say it, you do it and I feel like the fabric of family, I sort of supported me and allowed me to sort of growth cited like have tendrils you don't growing outside of that fabric and on an island
for whatever that is. I do have a surety about what I want not always how to get it, but once I start moving forward is like pulling the wheat, the bamboo out of the ground, whether I get it or not. I'm gonna keep trying road and most gratefully alot of roots come up again
You can't walk out, there's something you gotta go right. I gave up my all and I'm done, and I mean you have to all your window Holden windfall. That's also something to no good but put there, but the one foot and from the other thing which, as you know, been very close to like one day at a time which is good, but but the one foot in one foot in front of the other thing is: is such an elegant Lee simple way? If, when you feeling overwhelmed to strip all the other stuff away, just go one, you know one foot in front of the other today, you know what can I do today? Well, I can go and clean out a fountain, or I can go to dig out a weed or ignited something in that's the one foot in front of the other end. and thence it one day at a time is different. What you're, with one foot unfriendly other, is active where one do it or emotional, more and more village Africa. I think, and I really that image you know of just I mean I've got an old. You know I mean for real,
I've got an old Europe and I go in and especially this pandemic. I go like where they come from Europe. While I get that broke because we spend so much tat, I spend so much time myself then yet. I have zero sense of my own age. My all all I have a sense of is now I mean that's kind of like an end. I talked to myself to create a joy factor. Often look at all. I have to be grateful for me. I do I just stop it already. I told you my too low voices dams is our right, you're right, but anyone sort of just or not at all, because it is not. I don't think it's about. You know. Everyone's gonna have doubts in everyone's gonna have days or they feel like everything's, insurmountable and everyone's gonna. You know a lot of people are gonna talk to them, You know it's just then what do you do with it once you're? In that situation, you can feel you're, obviously feel it.
You know there are a lot of mine for practices. It say like listen if your bodies trying to feel something just allow yourself to feel it live in it for a minute and then What do you have knowledge it in and let it go the more you fight it, the more it holds on and the more it kind of you no holds holds route and it is, it is its whither. They like a lion. became like a lot of horror films like a lot of specially ghost stories. Words like fighting fire fighting, just acknowledged the spirit you know like, and then it moves on. You know like just live with it, and so maybe there's something too to that too, that it's ok, it's ok. I think we want our lives to never feel uncomfortable and we want it to like a hundred percent in time to be like everything feels great and you know sometimes it's ok do not feel great, but it but just like it. Jeanne it and then letting go. That's what well also people say you shouldn't be hate. You shouldn't be angry bullshit
I don't buy that I'm allowed to Gypsy. all the way, I feel an express it, and if I pretend I don't feel that I think that's what gives you answer. I mean, I think, that's what's that you eat. You turn stuff end yourself, that you don't like knowledge that you feeling, I think, is bad for you, and so I am all for acknowledging my own sense of hate. I own sense of failure. I own sense of any. I want a part of all those things and I It is an artist also, those are valued for me to be able to really own and to really be able to express- and I mean about owning those feelings amidst and an that's. That's part of the you know, that's part of your human experience. You know you're you're, feeling all of it not just for your own personal sense of of you know well being and expression, but again also, you know like, as because of what you do. You know that you do you don't just
play one type of role you play. You know like there's a whole scope of things that you do, and this year we all you know to be able to really acknowledge all the human emotions, basically without censoring saying this is not good for me to thank, for this is not good for me too, you mean just stuff like. Oh, I live on small street and these workers come up in their driving, like thirty five miles an hour on curves in our name with my dog I mean it unleashes something in me. That's almost crazy anomaly that I saw the sites that lit the same thing happened with us. Were we walking down the street. There's not a lot of sidewalks where we live, so you kind of have to be just the hub, the colonel, so among people no whipping around the corner. Lydia's like what you know because it's dangerous. I chased the guy down the street. Oh my god, and then I thought in as running I'm going. You shouldn't be doing this Linda, because people have guns in their blood compartments and I mean asked the truth.
You know I mean you see what's going on in the world and you shouldn't a little picture. Let I can always hundred pounds each and not be running down the street after you. I see a six point three guy in a sports car, but you know, but I understand, because it's like it's, it's that's putting people's safety might easily avoidable thing. Just like don't go weapon of having curves press. That's not voted. I borrowed parcel of what we have He thinks there so everybody, and literally when I went tearing down the street like that, and I'm, u sure her me. I mean it was. I was a little bit nuts and they use a mother fucker I was at least every every upset that I've ever learned and he got the car. He didn't tolling Norden, which made it worse euro.
This like pretended and hear me, and I was just fuming and I thought well. This is really bad for me, but then I thought no. It isn't. This is good for me. That is good for me that the debt to let this you know because my hand expressed it. I would have been holding it online and you're also standing up for something you believe in and also your right. You got your just right, you it's! You, issues like the person is cause it's interesting on industry s again we have no sidewalks either is either people see a diagram person in the middle of the street was noticed them yet and they even if they're coming, ass. They slow down like knowledge, you and then maybe they speed up and go away these guys. Don't you acknowledge you like, you, don't exist and that also a trigger someone who totally ignores you and pretend you're. Not there. I mean Oh, my god, but I can fly.
That is not good, apply at least know. I was here for the way you so you're chasing after this person. don't give a dog, and at least a guy with me she's right Arctic. We're gonna, do what what what kind of the dogs bark laughed a little carrier where she wears yeah. I can see that in final picture, our genes, she's a cross between waiting she's, got like last observation to anarchy. She's got these long lashes she's about three pounds is making full of a funny picture. few picture of her and she is totally non aggressive. I mean Jesus she's. Did she loves people up here is a picture of you can see it better to handle, but maybe in a moment she was like we're gonna take this motherfucker down you get looking at me like this good. By doing it was actually very satisfied by the Lily Fukushima
embarking on those you'd look here. It was ok, ok, let's go! Let's go! Let's go over the joy of us really just ran. You know the whole street and none- and it's usually you know these people who were the only ones Obviously, there's is a lot of workmen who come up here, there's all his construction going on at the end of the street and somewhere else on the street, and I mean I am usually friends with her guys because we see him every day, but there is a group that our just unacceptable, but in my opinion it has to be to beat the way they treat the people who live on the street. That's the only thing I would say that vessels are threatening to your community. You know, and it's like the idea of Europe was again somebody get hit by a car like this. Didn't have to didn't have to happen. Just there's. No, we just take it easy. You know it's like you acknowledge another saving, you know
two seconds, I'm your commute. You know by going the speed limit around a curve and a neighborhood verses trying to just whip around. You know given the current crisis, the guard, but to me it seems like you're doing all the things that you can do. To get through this in your your having emotions in your acknowledging them in your feeling them in your expressing in them and then you're putting at one foot in front of the other. Like that's what the fuck ups are we supposed to do. You know like it's not in you're walking the dog and you're you're, gardening and you're still like you know, and this is technically like your promoting a movie. So this is, you know it's conversational, but it is also technically what you're doing work. So that's good! That's that's, productive! You know right away. The car which integrates actually I'm here is a wonderful home, is in itself a little horror phone. There would have been bill
me and told him down. That was actually a really great idea, because originally the script came from my account by managers on Randy Good when who had the script from who lives in all the high thinkin Patrick Stabs, who was the writer had this script in so he gave it around. Who gives my manager did did Gina Rouleaux and there was a role for our role for me on it, and it was very different when we the original script on it was very heavy, uncertain this woman being and I'm again I'm sort of way. I look for the humanity, even in those supernatural, so to speak, so we kept going through it and looking for what I kept looking to see, what was the core of who I thought this woman was and it's sort of your conversations and am gravely to Patrick who is a wonderful writer, but also great, listen
in a great collaborator, and I have to thank him immensely for putting up with my all my thoughts in my ideas and incorporating them, and I Jeffrey rhetoric who produced the final destination series is one of the producers as well a really good team, and I worked with Timothy on the final wish, which was a movie. We did previously the Jeffrey that also did quite well and so what we kept looking for or when I kept looking forward the humanity in this woman, and so it sort of became a somatic lie about bullying, because it's about this woman were lit and her husband Tobin Bell replace my husband and when we got it was Gina. My manager, whose suggested token- and I got all I got there so perfect, because we are both the children, James one only now, and also its just like you you're you're, both to so lead
there it is like, oh, my God, the cave them together and labour and totally different tolerably different worlds in all the world. of size totally different than the world an insidious. But it is ironic James, want only when our group were Tonga resent responsible for saw an hundred percent response, offer insidious, no here to actors who had never met and so on, and he agreed to do it and became a little bit more for me about this woman who she ran Timothy added the sea and that she ran a pre school and there's a little girl. The disappears is kind of a murder mystery in a way and Edith. My character guess blamed for the for the kind of them they think they. These kids accuse me of having killed her basically an inner pretended. I am in a whenever we did with the body, etc. They never found alone,
oil and dumb over a period of time. They harass major such a point at one of deterioration and instead of me being in my head, instead of being a which you know with chanting. I'm doing this thing that the deterioration that these kids the deterioration that they bestowed on her and she got lower or lower. She kind of went to witchcraft is something anything to help yourself kinder and and and is she is up doing bad things to herself, and then she does come back and give the kids there come up ends. So I really get to play. Evil you evil that has been spawned by bullying
that run that she's been turned into this evil person? This mean person, you can say: she's means not so much a mean is just she's horrific, but she's had it and when she has the opportunity she takes had revenge on these kids might like the guy in the sports car coming recompense weapons, but like because this news, this he's already out right, it's on Veo D B s coming. October thirty or so what's today tomorrow, and yet so by the time it goes up, it'll be out, yes, so is on all the platform,
Why don't you? I don't even know what that means to beyond has been assigned you no sound of the OECD and on Digital. Actually, Timothy wrote me: what am I supposed to say that the paper? I can't find it because he wrote me a thing. Let's see from Timothy, it's gonna be ok, you will be Friday. This Friday Apple TV, Amazon, voodoo its view. Do you, Google, pay, Google lay fandango and not fight, then Dango now and the main digital ones, which will be on demand as well for tv, do not feel all the places its another bit in other places to all the place, that's better, and we can't wait to see it. You know that when this one is part of us at all Linz gonna zone, video Linz gonna come back on the package. In my view, Tobin balance. She was just like your mouth dropped. My husband is great and he's got he talks about this one. We had little package together yesterday
he's got this one scene in the middle of the movie. Witches can be very long, a lotta pages, basically, which is our actor finally goes other pages here to learn and baggage and it's a very beautiful scene and he he was really lovely work with. I again we had never. That and we didn't shoot out at all. We, we had a couple very lovely scenes together, there's one it's not in the actual film that I kind of miss, but crux of the relationship is their end, and I think he really he does. He really had turned the film. thing very elegant also is a very elegant guy in the way he conducts himself both uncertain and then the characters you place even evil of it ass. It were and were very excited to see. It would definitely going to see it actually by the time this goes up. We probably already seen it. I know what you think. I think your just now, just between
Many of us are definitely I'll show you a text, but it, but it just has, all the elements that it's like. I can't imagine where love it and you know like we get very excited also just you know like reminding you that what you do is is helpful and impact of the people you know cause. I feel we ve watched so much of everything, and it's become like really are nightly ritual like well. What are we gonna what're? You gonna watch together tonight, and there are some knights were we to sir scrolling through in a horror movies. going out. We saw that we saw that the add ons that and so, when there's a new that comes out like holy shit, you know tat our friend Where did you hear in Rome for red? Did you see this other fell? Might I did oh yeah what we did with the lady with the guy who rents the room, and then it goes. I yeah yeah, oh, that was great yeah yeah, yeah yeah,
as you know, just as a very small film that energy move that I produced it yeah as well, because and I really that's one of my favorite characters. I've ever played. I just I love that character and I love the story to. I thought it was a dumb to get also that's just kind of always out there, but this this was special. A Timothy is a very talented guy, really smart, director and great war, he gave me a couple moments, he gave me in a where you're in the middle of a scene held you say: do it like this and I'm sort of the directors dream, because I'm very direct double you know if I'll, do it I'll try anything in this kind of like I'll I'll, do anything basically and he really unlocked some moments for me that were really beautiful shell. So I'm very grateful to him for that. Nobody was particular like Lydia as a because I think that
looks to your career is like the model of the career. They are another she was like so blown away or by proof. making room for red because it really is most of it. Just takes place in this house like that, this house of this woman, There is really no money and just a core of people. It was an hour late, department, were two guys who sell a fake a thoroughly during should they be standing in front of the likely there was nothing toward they didn't have enough collapsed at clip on those really end, but it just shows it sort show you. This story in character. Still that makes something important in an end resonate due to the audience, is not about the biggest production or the biggest issue that unless somebody tell them
as you know, you really can should and will be on your Iphone. If you want to and make it work and have no money, and if you got great ideas and are able to execute them with in good faith, you you can create almost anything. You know the good side of a charter for like it's, it's a beautiful. If someone knows how do you know, I think everyone sort of patients themselves is like a on the photographer. It's like. No, your picture. Take her become architecture Jane, like demanded. Photography, is very specialised torpedo like a gps, very specialised, like that's that's about, shot composition, not like angling year, hand in the right way,
right right or by the way, Pablo Diaz, who did the cinema type Retriever, Timothy and in the call it always works, which at least on all Timothy's movies? He is brilliant he's just the best best best hand. Him at the interment is also really great with that of knowing shots, and when you watch it you'll see you you'll see what he did with camera and with also color composition, is very dark. Film, I mean literally also very dark and lots of red the greens, it's a very cold fell, and you realize how much those elements plan. The viewers emotions in people think it's just about the acting in the story, but it's not I mean when you're visually. We are so impact and manipulated by color composition. Sound. Of course the music has a huge
impact. Also on the way you experience peaceable a piece of film back on its feet, prominent in Timothy's movies, because he's very involved in in the picture and what you are creating two impact, the story so you'll be happy away. I've just been eyeing the whole conversation there's like some there's, a really cool open.
While machine and you're better than you do my house. When this things over love to act, I see at least to machines. There may be one of the Lord of the rings. That's the one in the environment- and this is an old sixteen- that we got an auction theatre, we unfamiliar company, when I first we first when it was not my husband actually and there was a raffle- and this was one of the rebels. It doesnt work right now, like South am there's only one guy that that I found in our label can repair all pinball machines. I still goes number somewhere any fixed as solid work, and then it went out again and the circuitry annoying think you can get the circuitry anymore or something I am. It was Sunday on somebody who can still picks it repair. It is a great old machine. I mean I do know a really great arcade guy. Ok, if I give up give you his info and I'm pretty sure he probably
it would be able to meet. You know like under, like when things clear up you know, and then you can have people come to your house. You know now, ok, I your answer that and I will and you guys are invited regeneration as possible. That would be so wonderful. I really you know. I just can't expressed you enough. What a joy is too to know you into a gun to be you know, Fred friends with you and in how meaningful it's been the Lydia to- and you know like you know, I do say everything you're feeling is is is is understandable. You know, and its and it's ok in and around it sounds like you know, like the way that you're talking about how your expressing on its hands like oh yeah. I think that that sounds like the healthiest. Why wouldn't you
I do love a lot also. I mean I crack myself up in a positive and a good way. Another little boys needs is, go, go, go and you are keeping you remember. My dad's put pudding pigeon put in front of the other in the destruction of pass? That was the other thing used always say. I've got a lot about my my family during this time too, because I haven't seen him for a lot. I met my brother's still doing fine he's in a word. I think, and I go there for Thanksgiving I'm a little. I am a little. You know I'm gonna. I still want to be careful about family gatherings. How many of us get together.
Because I have news is alive and Sierra Leone people coming from different places, and I want to stay well. I just do not one. I catch this thing in order or it'll be a carrier of any kind but will see. But anyway I am. I am I adore you. I mean I have so much respect for you, Chris and I'm an I'm. So excited that you like me, are you kidding? No, I I just I wish I could give you a hugging. Just tell you that you're you're, ok and it's gonna be ok, you know in and that others are all those feelings
you're feeling like all of them were, are understandable and ends in, and you know normal and you know it and I think I think you're doing all the best you can do- and I am you know my take away from this- will be the image of a pigeon just putting one foot in front of the other. You know just like you want to get just take. The next step is to keep got it. There's a curve step I'll walk you get there. When the comes up again you step up and then you can go to get going now, it's a beautiful, it's a beautiful image. I thank my my family for giving me the support by leaving me alone to do when I love and then really part of a day. You know they left me alone to do what I love and just kind of watched it happen, and
They try to manipulate me too much, even though my mom really wanted me to marry a guy and live on the street down your down the street from her in Detroit. That was when she would have loved, but you if we allowed, you knew. I was on another thing and I think it's important to get that kind if you can t get support from your family is, is measurable in terms of giving you confidence that you are making the right choices for yourself. Well, that your mom and dad. I worry your figure appreciate your strengthen openness in enforcing, will end, and you know I really hope that her. I do hope we get to see you in the in the not too distant future. You know I mean we set high she's she's in another part of the house. Right now, almost who's gonna.
see if I could get ever come up, but she might be. I should not actually putting an audition on tape right, nor on tape. When we say tape, tapes just got a thing I, but that's just what we used to call it up, she's, putting it on tape, he's doing gonna, take your story he's got the all recorder, though, that you guys got here. There's like a bill. He'll to real and she's. You know! No so she's you know, but she obviously she says high too, and so you don't want a war we'll just nobody from time to time. don't say, Heinz you're doing I was just going to say you know we don't have to do a pike has to do with. Thank you, Chris Seat, any dreadful you can watch it you'll. I think you'll get a kick in these. It's ten. At the sound absolutely without Showtime. I dont know if they still have it running, I'm sure they must Europe. This wasn't that long ago, an arm
And again I appreciate is thank you for the support and and real love. I feel from you over my my career and everything, and I really really really thank you. You're just wonderful as well watch the call we write out out. It's out. There was yet you'll won't be sorry, you might be scared, but you won't be sorry that if we do come to your house, we will drive responsibly around the curves. Out out is out. There was yet you'll won't be sorry, you might be scared, but you won't be sorry that if we do come to your house we will drive responsibly around the curves. Ok, where less you that love you guys dangerous figure! Lynn, ok talk to you, so I I I can t seen incomplete.
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