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Lou Diamond Phillips chats with Chris about his cross-country trip last year, his love of directing, his prolific resume, and how quickly his life changed after 1987's "La Bamba". Lou also talks about working simultaneously in TV, film, and theater, and how his love of The Walking Dead lead to directing an episode of Fear The Walking Dead. His new film "Adverse" is available today on Digital, On-Demand and DVD!

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Handful years ago, he Cape was walking dead fan anyone talking dead then end from their going on to direct an episode fear the walking dead but lose great he's around. Peter at screenwriter, a playwright, a director and, of course, an actor. You know I mean it was going back to La Barbara stand and deliver the young gun series, and then slew of really television and lose done syphon horror. in all sorts of stuff he's been done. Theatre are you using STAR get universe? He was alone Meyer. He was in blue blood, sees currently on prodigal son with Tom Pain, from the who was on the walking dead as well. So you know Loo, Loo and his wife are just such wonderful folks and they also became
with my mom when they met on talking debts. I'm so gladly was finally on the pod cats he's promoting his new movie adverse which, available on digital and on demand and dvd. Nice adverse. Also stars Mickey Rourke, the Miller, Sean Aston, so so check it out, and I and also you can look for Lou on Prodigal son as well. So is the idea twenty podcast number eleven eleven Mr Lou Diamond Philips, or all the thing
What is it about man, it's good to see you you as well I just I just we needed Mamma the letter. Do I'd be talking to you. You and I want to give her the seizure and invalid you're so were man. It's been a long. My friend I got my my the doors you by the way like she just thinks the world of you both and when you did
fucking dead a handful years ago. She was just like. Oh my god, you go. need to hang out more. I don't know you know like shoot. My mom was making all these plans for the latter. My answer is that what this is crazy, all over. We do. We need every day to get together at some point. You not just just it breaks in red. I loved you. Are you in New York,
curly in New York City, I still forming a prodigal son. Prodigal son harm our old mutual friend, Mister Tom Pain, so yeah abandoned sir. We started water season, wanted the diverse twenty nineteen or in the middle of it. You ve gone, and I rented a van and drove cross country with INDIGO, whose toward the time, fat, cats and dogs to go to New York City did the first season. There are obviously, in March the pandemic hit rock, I pulled off mattress and we have been able to go back sets
So what do you mean you're, a series of very pretty good place to get stuck weight, so I bet before we get to the all the pandemic stuff. I want to hear about the Van trip, like a van, are like a Winnebago or like an airstream, its one hundred percent like right there in the middle of it it's that company band ago, which read to you, know little Indy Rock band. They go to read the country, so there was enough room for everybody and apply cats. You know in advance, but enough that we were basically packing up. Half a household goods come moved to New York, for what we do is wounded be at least a year? You obviously turning learn so much longer than that Sawa up it was. It was alone. What are your hilarious, Ivy NEWS, Canada Chevy Chace Movie? They will Are you looking at it leaving it at risk. being a real stopping or none at all? We ve got lots of pet friendly hotels across the country and were able to move in a way we get up.
You don't like the animal carrier and we could move on other castle you're out with every single minded to the man every morning and the dog eat dog was why I wanna get cable came up with this whole Leumi out, which we had never heard before, but he would literally sits on a sequence wore out while no one he was just floored by all the sites that you see ever driven across country, there's a lot of beautiful stuff. Anyway, This is the biggest ball yard, but forgot the cat. You don't know how I got it. I've done that cross country trip my dad, my it's not really like flying and when I was growing up. We just did a lot of driving across country
I've done it in my adult life, the idea of it I mean it's. I guess it do pray better. If you have a goal like ok, I'm going to move across country, but just to drive across country just what the hell of it I find that first like day and a half is amazing. Oh my god we're on the road to feel so free and then at a certain point. there's, no, why in them in the middle like when you get in the middle, is just a lot of flat and a lot of corn fields and I kind of started to feel like it was Abe Wallace prison in the sense that you can't stop it's like all. We have to keep driving because we can to stop here deal with it. Here are these falling. That is just like every mile or two there's a barn that looks like it's a hundred years old. It's about to fall down, that's just sitting it so did the psychology of that eat at you or was it the whole time? Was it pretty fun
It was you I was one for maybe I mean you're like you as a security amendment in my get Georgia's such a car, a guy who's, Dick Roche, trips, all the time, the Texas you got any place you're just just coming off college- was a road trip up. So so that's very much part of my life history and an ulcer and anyone who never been through the middle part of the country. She never seen now the Grand Canyon in order that was its it'll deliberately arch and seamlessly stuff like that. We thought about good remembers, and I'm gonna grace land, but you know what I'd do if we needed it gets in New York eventually, but yeah it's it's can gets hypnotic afterwhile, because you don't want the miles. Just still gonna keep rolling pass you, but you do get discreet sets of American.
and and how it will be different people live. I mean, I think, there's something to that urban bubble or that of the people who were not replaced his ally not replaced his nurse. And you get into the American at all and even you like gold roadside stops, became adjusting for me you know of a vegetable stands united, so we'll get applying for lack of a virtual local her wherever we went and encourage a guy? Absolutely I mean like like going across the country as a tourist is really fun, because you really do its work. It's my favorite thing is besides performing is a touring comedian is finding like you know, what's the best donut, what's the best pizza? What's the best local thing like what's the best local antique shop, just like a really getting a vibe for everything, and when you drive and you're sort of open to just discover, you really feel
his pocket. So amazing, like there was some place I want to say, was maybe in Iowa Oklahoma, where it with did just been this town that apparently had just had. This incredible like food seem like in the middle of nowhere. It's just a handful of people. Just decided, you know, let's move there, they converted to get the old gas station into a restaurant and all that- and it was just you know it's just this kind of amazing resiliency of different, different parts of the country, yeah honey and everyone was tat. You don T feel special need that they do something. You know that that is that it Megan that you can only get there all the time. It's true as I like that seed it out. You know what he's either best, copies. Congratulations, you did it that's too much. Do you remember that You talked about drive across country when you re under when I
think about what we would drive across country. I look at it the same way as like prehistoric, like electricity like how the fuck did we get through I can remember you know like getting in the car having a stack of maps in the glove compartment unfolding the my dad and folding the maps just kind of looking pretty familiar with the highways, but you kind of looking and then you get to a certain region and in your map would run out and you'd stop it like a studies- and you would get another like series of regional maps and you'd have to connect at all- and I don't know it just I would like, however, things on my phone. I can see which places or pet friendly which hotels have good reviews where the local restaurants are, and I Look back about to go. How did we not die, even though you know wasn't that dire, but with or without a good news
the Lewis and Clark there now is that both those big gas, you know if there was no more than a few thousand people in a town, barely made them not to mention that about you, man, but you know what I was a kid: it wishes to parents you smoke and I didn't network seek out of the back seat. I get it back up. How do we survive? I don't know you don't need there there. There were things and in the past, the respect. What we did what I know because it the end- and you can still you still see traces of that older version of America, especially if you drive through like Albuquerque or any these places, that really proliferated on the route, sixty six path. That then were kind of supplanted by the freeways, and you know like the what has really
happening- was that you know every kind of small little town develop its own little. There's there's like the highway side. Honeycomb of Europe whenever, like your cracker barrel in year, Starbuck senior gas stations with you know why high and Duncan donors, and then the honeycomb of the little town centres, your home deeper in here you know, tv I Friday their Applebee's or whatever fast food, you no more Starbucks, and so I really as much as I appreciate the convenience and the consistency of that. I also do miss. You know those mom and pop shops and they dislike everything that just was so unique to the different regions and we try to do we try to do not only anymore he's like where's, my Starbucks, you now get a car, but we tried whenever possible. Do you know tat a hip
the local pleasant, like you said man I mean literally I'd be driving anymore. You look, I'm is all look here. You know we're gonna be enough. We we would only set a destination for the end of the day. You know and as we were pushed are still hard, because any the bandwidth was seven days anyway. So I guess you could make it in Europe and for you not driving pretty hard, where you can take your time and Andy. Do you not see that stood aside and that's kind of what we did as I look here yogi? What? Let's stop for lunch? Early on this little place was gonna. Go because we're gonna be in this town ass. She was always kind of needle scrolling ahead of wind up what what I call a little. You know we're coming up. Well, it's I mean I I hate to blame the son. You know like maturing age and whatnot, but my heart, always wants to eat all of the local everything and travel to everything, but especially when you're on the road, it's like, I need some consistency, because
get a bad coffee or you eat, sudden, that isn't quite in the zone of white or body is used to. You know row row row diary is no five. You know like you just can't take too Many gambles. Sometimes you know nothing it's gonna. like all my physiology, we had a twelve year also in others that there a certain amount taking us, there is lacking a wee wee began. We can't stop by you know at the atomic Power Place: no, no, no, no, it's bad did you, I guess you'd urbane haven't toilet at an order was just like we did not. So you know you you take these things into consideration, especially because you know when you get a little the country you go. Oh well, we're just so you were so spoiled with convenience and you go away. There's not a boy.
Ace for like seventy miles, if either, I hope, there's a rest area or it's like or your corn shitting. You know like you just can't there there's no youtube we really get so easily spoiled. You know, I mean hats off to the trackers America, who have figured out yeah right how to really traverse this massive land that we live in crazy. Stop me crazy. Stop, India, I mean we were fortunate and an ignoble. Do it again would do it again, but I mean this last summer there no way, there's no way we can handle going on and not knowing what was going to happen. We just
either we couldn't jumping another van. You know, I hate to say forget, get stuck in comfort wherever a setback for the entirety of the pandemic have now you know, I I I guess I guess the private person I bet you was when you did talking dead and I imagine it was with the episode that you directed a fear. No, I think you just came on bad and then, after that you ended up directing it up a sword. Exactly when I have to say you know, I mean how odd thing leads to another. I was doing a play in Connecticut right that I've written I produced it. I was doing the place and in
every Sunday night, because we had a Sunday magnetic, I would cook for the casting crew and me would watch the walkie debt and the talking tat amazing. Yes, you don't advanced you'll be dead before before we are met, and literally one of that one of the cruellest teddy was another, Alighting director, whatever it is it near? You really need to beyond that shown. Yes, beyond the shot you're welcome sought between, because I think I treated like right at you. And then you like you, she said she grass you'll, need a gamble on the shelf. You treated! That's! Ok! I think you do that. The next thing you know under other jogging get Ya gender, or is it likely event? Nicole round? You immediately see that I'm a super van and was on a couple of times and and then
one fear got new, show runners whose I'll use a guy who knows the show inside and out knows the mythology knows there. You know about the language and sensibilities, and that led me getting that gang which let it be being on the talking that the couch once again as a director will you ve directed quite a bit of it, Listen. I know, I think you do you, I'm pretty sure you must have directed a prodigal son by now. I just did, and I got to do- that it sees the finale and introduce Catherine Zeta Jones to cast off it. Ass dick had got out. I'm coming is a guess starve as well forget whether says so, just just amazing I've, been so fortunate because I've been able to do shows that have such not only Mastiff Andy's but have their own language and their own middle world, go to them. You know Meyer, like more Meyer, exactly in the western world. The added feel what you get,
ages of she also really gotta play was inside. Why marvel you know super euro iconography, and then you go to this real urban DORA. Greedy serial killer, but twisted sense of humour show that his prodigal son, I was absolutely through anatomy. a friggin cast. That includes you know Tom pain and dogma. Young and white machine come on man. Are our shops? Is so dense, even you afraid hearts in a war colonel kick you again also stage the entire cast. You throw the bolder than men and they're gonna score so I was already blessed to be able to work without much talent and then the poor Catherine Jones and I'm coming over. Rachel you're from one way in July episode. Now I was I to Myself- is crazy. I mean
is that is kind of the one thing I imagined for having such a lengthy careers that you get eaten he'd you'd sorted about. It really becomes like a community. It's like you see a lot of the same people. You know it's like you know you were brought your impact simply to walking dead. Oh, I know you also worked on blue blood's too. I did the three upsides as an actor and and the ultimate goal, and once again small world near. I was directing the feudal walking dead, Dave Berets, directed the episode after me and We got no, we got to know each other very friendly. He says you need to come to be blessed disease. The show runner so we said yeah he does I might have to everyone- is an act of persistent. That's great, I think wondered what you know: Johnny an IRA bodies, so I was supposed to direct the blue blood, but then prodigal got picked up
back nine and I had a bow of having done that self and the funny thing is the ages of shield literally came about because I got a phone call. While I was directive, the walking dead, the show runner on ages, if she'll his daughter, this stop performer Humph lucky dead. It s a loose culinary cyrillic picks up on. You should have a one ages of she'll be plausible, eight one of the wages of job. So once again, this is small world I mean literally without the producers of a prodigal son. We had a little bit of a hiccup of casting an arm in the eleventh hour in other changes leading carbureted go what would you think, a torpedo are you kidding me because time and I got to know each other- all the festival circuit you know, and envy of the convention circuit,
not only do I love them is an act of great guy. Just such a solid human beings, such a big part- and I have to say the number one in the coffee Tommy has been an absolute dream He set the bar very high, not only note from his work ethic, but enough is respect for the Castro driven. What was the first thing you directed? Oh, my gosh, I mean that's got back to ninety. Ninety was a a fuel for HBO call dangerous touch that I also co wrote. I was right there in the end that that period were like they were tracks were, were all the rage. You know with the two, names you no kind of cycle sexual roamer, so yes, dangerous. Such was in that in that, in that area I don't get a handful of independent, those lovely watching for hallmark and you know
and for a handful of television won the first, besides, it was actually just had robber joy resting on our shops. Upset about limits. You know I didn't write that down. I acted directed in the twilight zone as well. So what's yours he's been often over a number of years. It's never been my bread and butter, but I will say that I am pursuing it much more than I used to. Ah times are distorted, found my lad, who something that I love doing, but I wasn't going to to supplant the acting you know to do it. But now I look streaming, I'm ok the quality of wine, the quality of a majority, the budgets and he pleased Should I get for episode of television. Far surpass anything I ever got as an inventor film. You know there is every reason in the world to do more than that, because it's just, I think,
our vision is better than it has been in decades. You know why, because it has to compete because what's really happening is that everything is everything is especially in the last year is being basically presented in the same way were watching it salad the idea of tv and movies in short films in internet videos. It's all just cut squishing together on under the more under the name of like content. You know it's like people, just what good that's, what stuff it's good to watch whether its series are a movie or a shorter, whatever it is, but you know what kind of just watching it all the same a way, so it's somewhat becoming indistinguishable from one other issues and ensure there is either as a level of expectation. You know it's like when you call game of bronze tv as they all come off,
leaving release issued about see, ok that eighty eight, yet it technically speaking and say, and then you get these incredible streaming shows which you know I'm a big there, but there there you know basically exceeding older the DAS mixed up unite episodic. You know, you got you ve got nothing like the greens gander organ up area, any other really great. You know that the flight attendant wish. My friend crystal shelling woken up, unites it's a different world and so even threatening my problem. that's? The bar is very high. We're making feature film quality, looking stuff for tv on a tv by involving schedule and ass and know you know, that's the I'm here. I looked at me and ass. You know that's making use different, wasn't toolbox, and now we briefly positively, response for this episode of the identified cast the zebra. So A lot of quarantine purchases may have happened, but what
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because MTV was at its height at that time, the soundtrack off the movie, what it plague, none somebody tv was huge, and that was a period of time where you could go from relative obscurity to being like a massive star. You know, like your life, must have changed thoroughly overnight with them, we want She put it that way and first of all to recover I got some great advice. Early on, I mean like the night before We open Danny about those who played my offer when it was. You sociable is actually the one we set good it s got a Texas in addition, people there, because Danny had originally option story. He easily you contacted about four and a family because he wanted the role, but it took him like fifteen twenty years to get her off.
Brown hidden elite ensued suit. You didn't lead in looking for a fortnight or something like that and his brother was Louis and then we're gonna do it for a long time. and it took him that want to get the movie made, but the night for opening the reset we're gonna hit you the keys to the candy store, don't want your teeth, yeah. You know in itself when it because when you say overnight success to me, that's the overnight on a Thursday night not many people know, while on a Friday a few million people have seen a movie about well and anything, I think, even even more so on cemented that The fact that I was on a poster there. I was none of people who believe face together like right away and shot out. I'm kinda man just shot out of a cannon. This is why we did it. We did a year, especially
meaning for the farm workers and that's not me. I love. I was lucky because these others came from beat the Africa seen on the farm workers, unions, fear, which was political It is an insult to fear. And, as a result, I ended up marching with investing foresees the job as the boys, at the you know, intimately involved with a longer lacking causes are back in the day, which is a little bit my way of getting back. You know offer me: what do you know a jail? You know I've been Filipino, but we did is great Premier, wasn't over the Africa. Picking signal was Helen Marin is married to Perhaps it was the producer. Secondly, literature on the top So we had his wonderful dinner in about the next restaurant there, but also coming out of the screening. You sign, I just got more out. I mean here pulling button popping marked an breathlessly
it down next to Helen Nearness it. While maybe one is this. I get used to this and she put her, ask her hand on my arm. She is owed energy boy you'll get used to, because then you think it's! No that's amazing. eyes. So your book bottom goes well, you know I guess of wisdom. You know how I stayed with me. Obviously, throughout the years but have really not always helped me station stay grounded because you know like changed my changed. Massively. You know in a very short period of time, yeah, but then, but there are so many great movies too then and deliver was an amazing film. The young gun series was faint the lower limit by my firstly, and I would like the others the other. That's, oh, my god. That's wanted I'm still around someday, I mean. Is it? Where are you? Are you able to sort of battle?
then do you also did a lot of work in the theater as well. So was there are certain party with its going like? Well, yes, I'm doing these big films, but I also really want I've really wanted experience that sort of intimate type of acting from the theatre tube to write in the theatre to produce in the theatre to act and theatre. You know I would imagine a veto Some people probably wouldn't have been caught up in the Hollywood hype of it all and never thought like. Oh, you know. I really want to go focus on craft in work and you know, and so what what was it specifically about the theatre that having done these three, like huge films as your first remove these? Were you have the presence of mind to go yet, but I also really really want to have this really this theatre experience, I I'll be honest. I got I got seduce and carried away, the theatre for a while. You know me because it did not having an act driver to be a common salary and specifically as an actor.
because when I was a teenager, you know my heroes, my eyes, the people that I looked answered. Well, that's that kind of accident. I wanna be and end up. Not Deniro Chino often swarthy, not blonde haired blue eyed, guys who are the movie stars? Okay, you don't have to be Robert Redford to be a movie star and and and so that was what I was pursuing. I was studying film At the same time, I was studying theatre in infectious. You know so I got away from the theatre for a while and it took years. Men took a few years for me to go. You know this is up now I need to get back to basics. I need to know either the even to the point where She had made me on offer only write books. I always taught this NASH I keep seeing movies it go by those. Why did I see that? Why didn't
Why didn't I read a scrupulous and- and I realise There- you can really, you know you're, a clock is worthless, is where a comic you know has all this great material and then their nest. You know their nests bit of Israel. is only about being famous and being rich and being you know yet yeah you lose the street man, but you don't have to hit the bricks anymore. You lose that thing that made you great in the first place. Well, that's a that's a brilliant way to put it to, because Yes, you do sort of express whatever your immediate experiences are, and there is a sir. I guess you know, there's a certain comfort level that comes along. That is welcome, but too much of it is also detrimental, because we do you know, like everyone,
it's sort of kind of clause, their way through the business in the beginning, and it's like, oh just anything I just want to, and then you know, if you're, if you're fortunate enough to start working, then you know you can get like you said to do. By the how you offer only I don't want to have to go through the audition process, but then, if you get to comparable, you're right that all the sun there's a certain amount of authenticity, because you didn't you, you ve taken yourself out of the dangling and I think the hunger is what you're talking about lightness and with you. You know that DR comes from a hunger and maybe that hunger is to be it can be all The data can be to be the best actor or it can be, as in Citys like just wanting to be famous or it can be like to work with. Certain people are to accomplish Ex wire z and when people do and they could lose the hunger cause they get comfortable, then it's like you know we gotta find someone else to go hungry about, or are you just kind of like you know, or you allow that process to just sort of cabin cats?
Well I mean- and I did so I got to this virus like I'm your hold on hold on. Let's get back to basics, I wonder in olive oil that ridiculous Look at it now. I did the other good reason. just one which was a reinterpretation of the breath, like twenty kosher fuel surprising every word of the sun because of in Amerika work with him got to work, and this was a diverse cast before diversity was a thing showing. but it was the year on the lead and I'm she's here on the broad prodigal son for this in the first season, but it was this great. The end I did it I dont want. Do we present most logos, who were my voice in the film wrote? music. What's like yeah, I got it. in their saunter business there was this weird kind of full circle thing and
binge recasting director sought after production and that led to me being in the king and I on Broadway because, like Why don't you just moving? Oh no he's a theatre! Guy you're doing a bucket, so you know, went into an audition for that and then just just your generosity, the eagle and getting back to the basics of what you're, what what it is to want something in the go after it and had to focus on worth. I edition your courage under fire. You know- which I never would have done. You know and in both of those things the king and I accordingly Those regained changes for me in any undue really just going ok. This is this. Is the future This is how it works, and you know and not getting.
precious anyone. You know because if you want to do this, that you gotta go forth yeah, but there is kind of a in fairness, though there is a weird balance between not being too precious, but also maybe this doesn't exist anymore, but also not being perceived as like Africa. Have you any? you know, like there's a weird sort of balance, and I don't really know what it is. You know if I'm in baby, made up, I don't know, but it does feel like there is the issue. That should learn to walk. There knows you know I don't know what exactly what it is, but it feels like there is something to that there is I mean you, don't you know what it is there that the old jokes you know about people, even what what the red carpet whenever you knows, prestige, often reopening the tube again, you know I just
You know you, don't you don't wanna, be that person, you know any so you do want to be desire a little pet, there is. I mean, unfortunately, there that that's that's the landscape that you know tell my house and to navigate today and at its in earnest exacerbated by the fact that reality stars are not celebrities, Europe saying so that's celebrated for something else not the sort of sticking a firecracker up your ass. You know but now the path to vague. What's the pastoral riches and and another back. Then strangely enough runs peril, I'll, tell you know Yale, Julie are everything else yeah yeah well, but I think I think ultimately, though you you really do have to get real
yourself self and say like will wonder why one and what's meaningful to me asked what do I guess just follow that and not chase try not to chase too much leaving out that's why you I'll get you one thing: that's grable! What do you want to be famous for cancer? Is free, challenges don't end when treatment is finished. Forgive survivors in their twenties and Thirtys, the stacks of medical bills, empty savings accounts and time away from work can be catastrophic. No one should have. choose between seeing their doktor her keeping the lights on or make the decision skipper medication because they need their families. Yet these realities Is the too many young adult cancer survivors make every day and covered team has added an extra layer of financial stress and uncertainty, the SAM Fund and experts miracles? Foundation have provided two and a half million dollars in grants to young adults across the country, but the knee is greater than ever do to the pandemic. Please join and supporting their efforts by Making a donation to expect miracles, foundation, sampling programme today to learn
or or make a donation visit. This I'm fund dot, Org. That's the San fund, DOT org. Hey it's Chris, with a quick little request for help from you, the eighty twenty community to take a short survey. Very short just want to learn little more about the eighty twenty audience and make sure that we get. Advertisers better the most relevant to you and your interests so visit pod. Listening, dot com, slash, Idee, ten t, that's pod listener, dotcom slush idea, one zero duty to take them quick surveyed is completely anonymous and really helps to show not always that help us, you know keep the lights out in stuff over here with good advertisers, but also you may do so for goods and services that you will like so dead hot listener, dotcom slash, eighty twenty and thanks again for taking the time, are really appreciated and who request rang. Won't yet because also you ve worked on so many
things and you ve got to be on so many I mean your Imdb page is long. You know, there's a lot of stuff on there and move to see how many series you ve been a regular on and good shows. You know like so it's you know. I imagine that is that more fulfilling than happy, just done film or maybe would only do like a film or to a year, but you know when you're working and television there's a much higher turnover rate I was just going to be working at her. You know it's I mean I had a dream. You know: I'd exceeded what I dreamed about. You know when I, when I was young college or whatever, and here I need I'd really, like you know, already board night, you ever three hundred credits to his name. You know herself in the world is different.
There was a time you know like in the eighties. Normally nineties, whatever you have gone back to reformat refugee reactor, you know I, never the TWAIN shall meet now any place me you'll, get Tony winning Oscar winning captains either Jones. Just drawing our shop. You're gonna need so so those lines are blurred. Narrow street was don't television. Doesn't harm is done television, so so people going to work? a good working as national workers, but where the good work is. But I have also started looking at What is the experience in addition to what is the outcome, because the lighting curious that I gorner is is becoming as important in visa who, my working with you know it's only when, when no
liar you know needed to relate to. Naturally, brung is able to do this in a happy to episodes great working, Billy Bob Doctor. I really need with scripts. You know because he and I have indeed been bodies for a long long time you know. I ended up in adverse this room. It's all right now, simply because I was doing a lot of the conventions see a nickels, and I were crossing- has a lot at a table each other any lucid Hany. I'm doing this limit than adults, the Greenwood UP and coming to Asia you're right, you're right. I don't you rule you degree, Would you take a look at it? You know, would only take a day and shown here was already attacks using old buddy, the site. You know I want to support independent, a girl. You know it's not always about the paycheck knows about the size, projects. You know those similar, my my greatest lost. What is happening with independent fills. You know that I still like you know today. People continue to discover because it meaning and everything else.
It was easy for me to say yesterday also not be another, and Mickey worker and the gas to us was well. Ok, see another very good, nothing yeah, but it's it's also. you know hearing that or hearing about how you got the directing job on agents to shield. You know there is a certain amount of like auditioning for things, but there is also just like staying in the game for a long time, getting no people, you know shown up her work on time, doing a good job and then word of mouth. You know like not. I'm really beats word of mouth. You know when I think about jobs that I audition for and got through that regular track versus jobs. we're like more word of mouth or just through some other. It fits far more the ladder you know the longer I feel like you're in the business than just stare. It up go it in reading for some in getting a call back. That does happen yet, but this
way. You know look at your next. We gotta convention, eighty one, I'm sure I'll, take a moment. This movie our down exactly right, we might not work there. There are sometimes whether on this there is no doubt but, as you said, and having a career, you know you keep moving forward and then every once in a while things exceed your expectations. You know like address. Certainly did you notice? This became bigger thing than I expected it to be. I know, but it was the same time like you said that word of mouth is, is, is major, adding doesn't the mistaken alot of people make because the bad news travels a lot faster than the Good NEWS man? You know we have this because this you know you work on this movie. Adverse this after that you mentioned, or anyone working on the crew could be like the second idea. Whatever then they'll go on to do something else, and in that,
You know it's like all, lose really great to work. Well, let's put him in this that you know like in so it's. It really is about just having good experiences and again following your gotten working with good people in nice, people and professional people, and and and if you're lucky enough to do that and you ve been lucky enough to do as for you, no forty years, that's pretty fucking amazing at me like that is that is real accomplishments you'll lose. My man is still blows my mind, and I said that I go there. I'm really Important. What's coming, unity is like somebody, If somebody mentioned the other day, you honey Cyclades, when you he's running into the seventies like yeah yeah, I intend to do that. You know already burden? I didn't tell you know that into his nine businesslike. That's great! Now! You know I want it. guy, ok, That is why we have the new pick up.
Where are you ready to pick ups, the men, but but you know it's sort of chasing all of them this stuff, though, that doesn't really lead anywhere. matter, you could literally be the most famous person in the world and then some day no one's gonna care. You know it's like that's all these you'd. These stories about markets are really becoming me. You know the emperor of Rome and he would sort of mention all these previous emperors No one really remember me was talking about he's like exactly and you couldn't you know you can. the more powerful than emperor of Rome and within a generation no gives a shit anymore. So maybe just follow your gut and don't kind of focus on that other stuff, but it's just use busy with social media that that kind of attention is so alluring because you know him
it's just a constant struggle with keeping the ego and check l like not being too seduced by those things. That kind of give you a brush of exhort. You know and just kind of remembering who you are and what's important to you and they know exactly because you can you can you can be pulled into the moments. You know that, but fortunately for me I mean you know them. It's always been about you. No longer, it's always been about the big picture. You know hand agenda and is also the older I've got the more. I realize it's you it's about life. Do you being a dad and that you are having a family in and cooking and taken out the garbage and stuff like that. Any yields have book out as well that I tabled my wife, Yvonne. You know early church, and then she had done these drawing back in the nineties. There were these mega style, japanese, looking towards drawing up about the tinderbox HANS Christian
RO, we were getting, I saw them. I thought why doesn't make an incredible movie, and so I wrote the screenplay rely. nobody's gonna give me that much money to tobacco as I live in an office We set about doing what will it till ten years you know often In writing. You know my day job kept getting away, but were just committed to this idea. We're going to finish this book one day and you know the pandemic actually helped where I could finish the baby at its rights and everything else. You get video restrictions in yeah, you're, amazing, their headed in the book is always done incredibly well, it's called the Toolbar soldier with Europe, but my point is that it was a commitment to something that I want to see through to the end, and it wasn't about the instinct. application. You know, ah what it was about honing at an end.
Visiting at an and keeping alive, even as it no one into war. You know there are. example. I did that I saw it. I will come back around an end is like what you said: man it's it's up. You can get caught up in the minutiae of things and end the trauma of all this. This thing happened nor Lena whatever and unjust. Do you know what is part of the journey, and you know this this? Would this too will pass and keeping up active on who you are and where you are in the world in on it, you still talk about it. Not today we people who get rather oppressed him much. You know really get looting forward themselves it who they are at the moment and they're the ones you gender fall hard. When you know nobody spit intention for a month well and and also if you start to become suspicious of anything that feels like instant gratification, You know it's just that when you should be working where it's like. I don't work, just get you
gold. I don't know the Barcelona to play a bunch of video games that feels nice and listen that it's good to have been silent. Now has its price, but but it's just you wanna, be able to just keep the balance either Like strike the balance, and especially when you been working for some odd something for ten years and you ve written a lot of stuff in written, plays and ridden screenplays and How do you do for people who are maybe stuck in the middle of a project right now, a long term project that they don't either I don't see the latter out of it at the moment. How do you maintain your passion? How do you maintained, especially given that time you change and evolve as a person? So how do you even. You know infuse who you are like. Maybe you ve changed a lot from when you started its are? How do you have no went to keep going. How do you know when to just let it go? How do you know how to keep your passion for it? How do you do that?
You know it's interesting man because, as aren't here we were always the organism. Kurdish unanimity is the whole fraud in german day you know I'm not good enough, for you know how to other people see me and you you you get. This will all be aware You know you reflect back on yourself. I declare his is the one is the people who have out I'm the best these dislike read as I was able to take another look in the mirror, but it is It is about developing an honesty with yourself. Even beyond that, though the balance is knowing that you got enough here, no image deserve this. You know, and if you want now that you earlier you know so so we, especially with the writing, is ongoing and, people go overseers. I got home. I suppose you because I have real, for I have friends who are like secondly, the singers. So I wouldn't call myself that when
oh you're, good writers like well, I I happen to be friends with a couple of new attempts by selling off herself. I've got that put things in perspective. For me you know, but I I can't read something that I've written work, look at it before give it to me: that's that's pretty good, there's a reason why, in doing this, you now and then and not being self congratulatory about it, but at the same time, having false modesty is no magnanimous good, an iron this you know, but it feedback is a good thing. I have to say cripple who wrote the law mired in Davos continues to them series was based upon and then I'm just missed. This will Jellia knew tat. You see such reasoning with other flight attendant both to those guys are friends of mine and gave me such not just great advice. Budget support sank this good man, you gotta, finished as yardstick. What this you know,
and so you got it I can't get to down at the moment and give up. I mean it's like people whom you know well. You know how I become an actress about noon. You gotta work at it. You know, and you can't you can expect to be movie. You know the first Sonny you enough for an audition, you gotta to develop a thick skin wearing another rejection cancer. You personally had it still off. You know, but you have to look at the big yeah. Now I need some people go away. I took an active less than you know How'd you get on a tv series time that stocks are not exactly what they look like within that. Wasn't there passion because you get to say things stand up, it's like it's it's! If, if you were to look at it from an outsiders per active. It would seem very, not rewarding for quite a while, but there is still something about aware, even if
a bad show or you know. No one pays you to do it for years. Something still says yeah, but I still need to get up there and do it and then I think that's kind of how you know that. That's that's, maybe, where your passion yes, but also that idea of deeming it a worthy if they like. No I'm I'm worthy Ike. I know I can do this, but all is you can avoid being Turkey as long as you're always open to learning. You know, as long as you're open to the growth process, those two things can coexist. It's not not one or the other. I think I think it can be so easy to be self deprecating, because you don't want to be a difficult don't wanna come up, is arrogant and its again, but it still ok to be report. We want to know I'm I'm good at this. I still feel like I always more to learn, and I think that's the key to keeping you from turning into
that's all being open to listen and open to wear. But once you feel, like you said like what you feel like you, I got to think big. It adds like shit out, I don't know now: learning and the internet Any idea. What, with with the dominant any replies to my acting to us, like you know the first time I got cast his dad, I share the need to stop wasting diameter and it is being lost. Who you are you know you know, I mean the unprofitable on person the gas and is like yeah. Ok, I'm not crazy Ongoloo! That's that's fine! I guess I'm ok with you in embracing there and in saying this is what I bring to the table. This is this. Is my function within this peace, a story time you know and end up not trying to pretend it then you know you're you're still the only actually you often, although you know
I get to be a love interests on the show. I you know, I still get you don't use bad guys. You abandoned Tom cruise D heard these duties. Why so being Mason too? You know it's like. Finding that you know it's a sort of finding the right thing, no one can ever really tell you who you are or what you should do. You know I mean it's. I know the business does tend the sort of pick and choose and put people in boxes in certain ways, but at the end of the day, Like you said, you start your starring on the show you get to do all these things and maybe before you did that there would have Someone had been like. Oh no you're, to offer this like nap, argue about. You know, Zachary you just kid. People are always quick to tell you what you can't do or how things are quote done yeah. But that also means to me: that's always a signal, a hot. That means there is room for innovation, because people have decided that there are these walls up there.
doing that because kind of being lazy and going well. I don't want to have to think outside the box. And so what always comes through the push you, a box me. You know something that I fought against, went Eric Rigour, you know it's it's why you know I've done I buy in comedy in horror and drawing an end and, thank goodness, be rewarded for chemicals, mighty retraining is like I've been interested in all of these things. That's why I write this wired. You know I wanted to be a storyteller from way back when had not just you know, a movie star, whatever ignore you. I hate that time, but you know that you know that thing I mean the people who just art like carry films as major stars, there's not a lot of em to merely that sounds like a very confining Emmy like yeah. Ok, fine! You know they make.
shit tens of millions of dollars and nay you know they do big budget movies that everyone sees. But at the same time I don't necessarily feel like they have the free. To move around the latin shift and make fun choices. It always kind. I asked to be within these certain confines. Well, if you veer off too much this way, then you might, if you're afraid of losing that the new yeah come in service as regards the having a career like yeah, you could start a movie. You could do a low budget, India, if you want to you, could do a tv series. You could do a commercial. You can direct a thing you could you know yeah we wouldn't get when you look, your career, like what an amazing journey to get to do all of those things and not be confined by any sort of fake email constraints of well. You I have to do this and it is with me this is because it is the fear of the fear of losing something, as opposed to the excitement of gaining something right up
and ass. The thing I don't know man it's it's here, but it s different housing in everybody's. You know satisfier gratifying. why why different things and avoid shrewdly back some Eu you you said earlier on defining what you want. You know, and I think that's that's what young people are. They don't really know what they want is yet again and in some respects. Ah, they see an end result. Cable. I wanna be an entrepreneur. You're! Ok, What do you know I want to have a line of zero. Gender issues are uploading line in a sense it everything. Ok, what are you gonna duty yet that you know said also, do you know it's like, I think, a lot of times they sort of flashpoint So then you know I either on the bow of a yachts, winking club, martini glass like yeah,
I don't know anything. Anyone who runs a fortune. Five hundred company has a super chill. style? You know it's like it's like you, never stop working and what that does too you emotionally what they can do to the relationships in your life- and you know intimacy like just not having- and I don't know if you know like, I don't think I think it's nice to Just- have the balanced life where it's like yeah you get to work, but you get to be with your family. You get to travel, you get to ride. You know it's like that to me seems much more enjoyable. Then you know
thing you do. You know it's like every choice you may could take a company in people get me out of work and then you'll never work ethic got. But what you said was very profound about. You know the focus coming about focusing of what you're losing, rather than what you're gaining it's like, they're, afraid of losing an adult everything, as opposed to looking at his like yes, but it's the opportunity to gain a new thing, and that is the process of life. The hope is if we could just shepherding being a little bit. Sometimes I got what his job well aware. This thing it's like, yes, that thing may be dying, but that means that it could fertilized the soil for something new and exciting to grow. If your open to that, if you're looking in that direction and aware see those opportunities, doorman, Everson upsides. It's funny you on my hands, conversation to ah it's like some of the politicians these days? I want a beer off too far into this territory better. You know
they're so afraid of losing what they have their power, their position there No longer do the right thing: they Egypt, at least resistance, and will even be hypocritical and end up. You now change their values too. To accommodate you know what they perceive as far as was necessary for them to stay where they are. As plastic. Wouldn t you not be productive vote. That is that the idea I mean that's the key term in general, the path of least resistance, ya know because we ve, I think you know the ego once the path of least resistance. You don't wanna, have to You know, and so in your own work when you're writing a play.
Hey when you're writing a movie and you're stuck. I love to ask writers this question and you're stuck and it feels like Fuk. I don't know what else to do. I don't have you know? How do you avoid the pass of least resistance, which might be just you know, throwing it away giving up doing something else. You know, and how do you know when to set something down? How do you know when the path of least resistance is actually productive because it kind of helps you recharge, like? How do you know it's demanded you now place. If we can figure out, obviously bonnet be enough. We be those guys in the cap reform. it's yours. It's I the political answer. You know. If I'm sorry, especially in the writing. I pulled away. You know I gotta go readable, a lifetime's work out. You know him.
How can I actually have a day job in wrath? Lord lines? Do that sort of thing in saying shaven, all that you know kicking contributed were I'm no. So whenever like red it uses, are flowing in one area, it helps in the other areas, so all which is. Why is strangely enough and I keep a pad and the computer on the set with me, and I and before that I was actually already working on the revisions of the tinderbox prowess, filming prodigal son, you know and you won him wash the other like Zambia him into the german annoying years, but I gotta yo them out. I got the straps. I got the whole thing about not there but I know that I have to give the. indeed the seed of an idea time to draw eight or marinate or whatever, and I go off and end once again. Its is weird. it is very much is a difficult thing: get produces flowing dozens. What
get the blood pumping you know and- and it just seems to spark you know solution. Fortunately, I don't have to wait too long to figure out. You know yeah Anna and I do think physical movement does sort of create mental movement to even just like walking out you, know, get a little son, you know like walking the dog or whatever anymore it can just sort of unlock. Is you can really get frozen? You know in Europe everything your body is telling you. This is a gratification thing, don't get up, don't go outside dont want commander, that's not gonna, that's gonna be uncomfortable, and if you could somehow oh yeah! I know what you're saying brain I'm going just do I'm going to try it again. like when you get out there like this, isn't so bad derived and then afterwards it go, my god, I'm so glad. I did that, and also while I get there
just no reward of life, but the rebellion he told him impacted. Do it. I didn't have to listen to it, but it's a photo because like you, I mean ok, let jokers force while because ethics, you forced it, he writes I supported yet our attack like ask if you try to take it up right, I mean it's, it's just it's you you wanna, sometimes just let it let it breathe, but also you know. Maybe that is just sort of in your mind, rather than just putting it to bed forever, just going, I'm gonna, let the sin. While I go kind of moved you something else and then often times when you when you fight against you know, like I gotta figure this out, I gotta run your brain. Just gets more nodded nodded and then, when you just let it go. Oh, my god, I the solution came to me and I, like I was in the shower. I was in the middle, the NY around on a walk. I wasn't thinking about it, then all of a sudden to Piazzi disconnected you. Why did
see that before was right. There, the whole time get. You know you let the subconscious yeah yeah! Well, I know that your time is limited. I I don't wanna keep your day and are you shooting today, article hoarsely, I did. I would yesterday and I got a couple of days off. Pretty citing, remember doing a route now Mars? Suddenly, great all that's fine. What a great way to distract yourself exact, in the world over Brianna. You anything else when someone's drilling into your skull here, that's good is it? Is it going to be extensive? Ores just like just a little bit of I guess. Every rule canal is extensive. I what's my first one. So among the website exciting, healthier gentle. You know I mean my god it's what, if what, if a new experience you get to, have
haven't seen you gotta be open all of it not as long as then you can make a deal with. You suffer ego. Ok, this might not be fun, but maybe I can Use it for something you know, you can put it in something. It's an experience that it's the birth of a new experience. Will people should know that your film adverse it is out March? Ninth at Lionsgate like you said it's you and shone ass, an Penelope and Miller and Mickey Rourke, and you know Lou you're, just the nicest my mom texted me how much she adores you other issues that I love you so much ass. She knew I was podcasting you so you know. Please tell appreciate your wife. We. high animal when you're around and it's ok, and everyone, as you know in the house, your vaccinated, you know like, let's see each other,
have a me, I always enjoys an eighty percent and look forward to our left. Lydia's were excellent. Thank you so much Ludibria thoughts we don't my body in some of the audience for all who were just in our homes. But I wanted to give it like a real in studio, talking dead style experience, uploaded idiot it up that way. Our aid your hugs, take your political campaign. I said hello and down to see said I'd rather the end I ii and iii incomplete, you alright.
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