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Happy new year by goslings, its thundered is podcast number. Fifty to today's upset with Mark Marin. Coupled with things up the top, though I wouldn't say we're gonna be doing noticed. Podcast live in San Francisco at Cobb's Friday January twenty Eightth as part of ESA sketch fast Drang Normous three week long Comedy festival in San Francisco, an incredible line up this year so go to. Who s f, sketch best dot com to get tickets to our show and see other shows also. I will be performing Stan comedy jokes at zombies in Chicago February, sixteen through the nineteen and then of the punchline in San Francisco again on March. Second, the fifth. So that's all that information and the boys
I picked it up and went over to the cat ranch to talk to Mark Marin just about his incredible success in the podcasting world, and also about being a damn fine comedian. There we go the nervous, podcast episode number fifty two with marked Marin Teen up a good one for the start of the year, is now entering merit star com regarding your job. I love. This we are actually recording is the nervous biogas preside, which ordinary met Myra. We are that layer of Mark Marin CAT ranch we're the carriage which part of it? so this is gonna. You're gonna hear the Soho podcast, but basically,
The clouds are our pissing. The like which I have not seen now, not in a long time. I feel, like the ceilings are crumbling like oatmeal to our louder than you know now. Turning the rain mark, this also by had been right up to my mixer, that where there is thunder Thunder LOS Angeles, did you hear thunder yeah? I mean I know people complain about it. They would your policies Fifty below here in order to allay, is not built for rain. The streets are concave, they come water people don't know nothing works, nothing! Nothing! Work! People I believe it out. I had a dream, but it doesn't matter mark Mare and I'm thrilled at your. Finally, my pack has I did your pride cast pray year ago. Yet we get you get alive, one and- and I once you have. I want to have you on for a long one, but I haven't nothing personal, I own. I understand it works when know. Sometimes I Think I Ike Chris Hardwicke Ally Chris Hardwicke. What am I gonna talk to?
for an hour and then I think I'll Chris hardwoods do know on his own. I always have this idea about you that he's doing not arise he doesn't. There is a need to talk to me. I love tat though I enjoy the camaraderie, I'm really trying to focus grace you gotta understand. I've got to bulgarian electricians in my house that have every right fixture in my house gutted. There are we. You're saying you were everywhere. My cats are horrified. I just put the one cat that I lives outside back outside, so we won't kill the other cats. I've. No idea where he's hanging out, so I feel guilty about that. I don't know if I can trust them, how magical just had to drop off a dimmer switch if these guys are going to install and there's no end to the rain, I'm trying to keep it together. Chris, when did Albert, delivering hardware to people who have magical my neighbour, along with our long with Marie Evaporate Bam, yak up whether people and magical yeah. Of course, I told him. I had this electrical problem and that at the Bulgarians over and he said, do you always got check with me about the workers. I got guys it work for good quality and cheap. My that's all
Are we now they're already here, but there are in my house and they ve taken it most of it apart yeah that because we agree, I said you know we can record this at my house recorder, before you said: hey I've never had this many people my set up at once when you come over here and I tried out and see how our I didn't realize that be dealing with so many obstacles. I e the flood Bulgarians in my home, the things just I was sitting at home last night in the lights just surged like it was. It was a feeling, like I think my house had an aneurysm. That's the only we can areas can be like a violent aneurysm. I would picture my brain would go now and then, and then everything which are and so they are, how smells like toast? That's right, I guess about the toasty smell like coffee I call the twenty four hour electricians. She said she was gonna page, a guy who never call me up
and then I went into a mild panic and then I realized Chrism enamelled. These things happen things people. This is not a not a. I don't live a shack right there. I'm not starving, though I think if, if my smoke arms work, I should able to switch. I understand, but but I wanna go out on a limb here, because I feel like we are part of. The fraternity of obsessive. We minded people and when shit starts getting chaotic around your home, it is on settling unsettling and also a very hard for me to not think that it indicates everything in my life. That is somehow that this is just a day. The archetype wage and just get the attention as if one thing goes wrong. I can do to change my lanes and my lens it just a little bit and ensure not everything is going. I do the same thing somehow I make I make everyone's, whether about me somehow like they, of course. Of course, this is happening. The idea what's happening everywhere, generates forty years causing it's it's like a horrible story about my father. We did that I've told before by in this assembly,
occasion of what I come from. He calls me one day and his wife's name rosy any says to me. He sounded status it what's the matter. Am I not unusual for him to be sad? He goes why just found out that we just found that rose he's got breast cancer and I said that a tolerable I'm sorry to hear. That and my dad says he I know I got bad luck sort of an extreme and as an indication of something but there, but nonetheless it's like with someone else, it's very hard not to see she's going down there not personalized, I'm trying not to, but there are a lot of things going wrong right now, Chris Dear brothers and sisters, I have a little brother who do have little where he took the brunt of. It doubts, but you did the best Goodwood could with me. As many of you know, who have no me for years. It's no easy task. I'm sorry about that. Ok, we're pinging, even the lie of the peacekeeping aligns open our underwater now it's finally happened. Unfortunately, the garage horrified, one thing only whereas I Asia, Russia, Sean Country has decided to defect, is submarine
so we just have to keep tabs on him. If he's defecting the Bulgarians using luck, because I have two and a half or two in the house and your house's floating, we are literally podcasting under like the start of a really best suited Marty. Craft show, just Castro's gets swept away and it is a really bad. I love said Marty grumbles everyone, but that the highest programming? Ok, so someone in a big outfit can come out there except giant puppet is surprising parliament why hello, podcast fantastic to be in a place where you? What, where you can I mean sin, Marty cropped had the kind of weird our in television where they could be high on a beach stare at a pilot, see Weedin go that's a fuckin show. And then it became a show. That would give him a name like signalling, Mignon, Brighton ended. It would become anthropomorphized. The aim of a ball, and while at that level, the viability where I worked at our counter cartoon ones or the guy who ran it, would want to add to promote five everything- and I always said as like- are gonna be a for. The cartoon observes will have an ethical morphine
hermaphrodites nothing yet so, just like a blank space with eyes, arms and legs with eyes, arms and legs. It doesn't make sense as no indeed, I know I feel, like I've been done, the just the eyes, the floating. I snatched her. Usually this after someone takes invisible cream puts a black hole on a wall and jobs rather than the other guy just hits the wall. Of course, the protein gonna get that on your eye, antagonistic away at the wall. The protagonists gets to jump right through another personal physics itself customized sitting on, That's our works magic. We Marin, Etienne, it's been so much fun to watch We think that you can do it like your podcast has exploded, even since I did it just a year ago I mean you, I watch. I watched your shoulders. I kept trying your show for a long time is certain
forests are doing what we mean. Are you saying in a sort of knapsack way that you compulsory check your Itunes ranking? I do I do check it some time yet I took the Itunes ragging, probably once every two weeks. The weird thing is about it doesn't indicate much of anything now, because it is a way to strange algorithm that they want exactly tell you what it is, but I think it's Lou it has to do with new subscribers versus subscribers. You already have versus ratings. And comments or something homage something so that they, because they try to keep the system fresh, but it's up, but that I think the reason we get obsessed with Itunes is because it you can see it yet a liking people go to it. You know you're not, can explain why your number fifteen or something else, because the algarve- it's not it's, not a justified system of rubber right. But if you could stay some are visible you I got a winning. What we need here. We need that we need some kind of credit score. We need some kind of visible road map and and so much of what we do, I mean I was there. I was someone who always wanted to like. I want to
that I always love those montages of like guy builds a thing. Someone accidentally sees it. Then it becomes a product and they build a factory. Then it's a company. They like you, can't really do that with art. You were when you do. We stand up it's because you're the product, so it's very difficult to have to see her at year end to get that perspective, and so we have to take these weird little landmarks, wherever we can get them that that fuckin ratings and hasn't My colleague seeing is that same arc of EU getting old way, you'd like to see the the industry growing around you, but you see I got the clock. Is that great temple at great happened? How do I sell that that didn't used to theirs younger kids? Are there well, just speaking about the rating system, Jonah emailed matt- and I had this this? This is probably the best single comment that we have ever gotten. Someone gave us one star review by leaps and bounds on on Itunes and by the way I encourage you to give us fives overviews, because that counts on a ranking system. It s really important everyone. Ok, so that is the subject of it was yeah uh, butt else, purpose that we were in this episode. He was referring to talking
Oh yeah, I had my probing earlier on. We were report. We are passing him in his hotel, the stand out of a w and Hollywood, and so we kind of research. We were shooting on the show entourage, I've, never gonna. Derives, because that the characters are types of people that I've seen for decades in Hollywood, and I dont like those two paying out with its people, so I don't want to watch their story. And so so we kind of shadow on to rush a little bit, not as a written show. Its courses are well written show, but just the characters that I can get behind. So this guy right, yeah, dot, dot, dot, one star by Martin, seven o four, four December: seven, twenty ten a check this out yeah yeah yeah, that's not it. I've got a tax because now I read this in my head. Is I heard him a check out this pod? They were talking about the tea we shall entourage. Every character was a loser. Yeah are the most power agent in Hollywood, advancing a millionaire actor and who are these
saying this- a bunch of doing a podcast give Gimme a break I gotta think it's underlines that the document does your real marginally like yeah, our he's a loser. He's only be most powerful agent in Hollywood. What are you getting them? You guys you're going. Nowhere could not trying to get a career now. I've, given you guys, are cooler than turtle, but other than that we're done I find that a wider than with intelligent people that they have this weird blindsided, how things are really done and what reality is and what it isn't. It's fuckin ridiculous to me like there are people that still think that John Stewart writers jokes at a time when the writer strike happens. I me I thought I was baffled that people aren't like I'll, see they don't they're just acting their vehicle. Intelligent people really believe. Yes, I am not saying that I was known and unknown. I do like what you are saying about those type of people that seem to have a very specific type of fund that everyone understands involves no money,
in power and fast cars and strippers is not really the type of fun we have so we hate them. Battling without high per person per centuries. Well, because because it is, I guess, I guess, within the entertainment business, it is a very the the that the structure of it is very jocks versus nerds. I mean there is like those types of entourage, guys who can walk into a bar and scoop up for cooked up models. And, and can someone like me would walk into a bar me like how like I very die, I want to make weird references to you know to doktor who in and I will scare those types of people away- Well, let's be honest, grisly by good and United NOM Sidney Mile Chair and on what I'm trying to let you drive your show here, let's be honest there. I think that in your hey day you you ve, had your experience with coca models. I mean you do not do never knight, but ok, so that they I'm a zero monogamist. I've been in pretty much serious relationships. My whole life then I have, though I have had my entire.
Got a great story out there on the nervous. Now you could give that a secret as long as I wanted. So now, I'm not gonna. Just you mean the Rob lab. That's all I'm Jonah Joan is art is is like inside. He has an inner rock and roll mother, Fucker, definitely I I know you do too grow. I've heard she sings Applin. I mean come on, let that that may monogamy one thing: but I mean I've seen you fucking things happen and also what I'm saying is it is it they just went to the next day. Is that all the glory of coca models and running around a night clubs? The
the morning after is always ugly. You dont know when the coat of models gonna leave, you don't know. She's gonna live through the night, there's a lot of things that are not the stairway shot. You drove into our hearts, gonna get a painting. I am exactly known. All disenchantment is based on pure horseshit. I mean I don't. I don't really understand how people idealized this kind of stuff, because you live that you lived it's right here, but I wouldn't you I'm not necessarily nerd but am socially awkward at heart and yet so whatever I lived, I unfortunately, What I'm noticing in my life is, if I like people that, like me and in it that's not always the best policy, I think that you should find a little bit and entreated charms to you. You have to go after something, so so my experience, coke and everything else, and in all that rock n roll living was. I saw that stuff going on in hanging around with people. They did it, but I never I never felt like. I was really part of that. I didn't have much game. Ok, so it wasn't it. You know I wasn't live in the life
like what you just said about. You have to fight a little bit to get those relations who who is someone that you who is someone that you saw you're. Like I want that guide. I like be friends with me who how she had dude. I mean people that we know you mean. I mean it's always always been the way with me. I'm just I'm doing a lot of reading on my psychological sickness way. They, I recently went to a break. But my own device that I really am sad that I had to do it yeah? It was just that I realized that my problem is I somehow or another since that you know, since the divorce I thought over the last three or four years at I've magically became not angry anymore and well adjusted. The eye of this thought. This is part of my brain that things like hate you. Maybe I can understand chemistry now, even though I gotta locking up in it. School that, like I'm older now it it should be easy, but you have none of that. She had happened. I think you, but from my perspective in- and I hope this is an insult to this- not what it's like you and I talk every day. So I, like you know, We have to know what I'm talking about. I feel like you have come a tremendous
we had no I'll. Tell you what the question about you when I was younger and I think what what evolved into my sort of aggressive personality that alienated alot of people is that I'm the kind of guy like I I I need one friend in that's a tough job to be done. One friend at a very demanding job and its draining amorous, which is in the rain, does genetically engineered a legend has run, but the thing was is like a date crosses a great example. And we were starting out and he was like a use always pretty cool and goofy and funny, but he was also pretty sociable and seem to have a lot of friends I nothing more than to be your Dave Cross, his friend your back in, like it must have a name eighty nine eighty, eight, eighty nine and I met him in college and I want to be his friend and, and I felt like I Really hard to be Dave cross his friend, and he eventually let me and of- and it worked out pretty well, but but all these people have these experiences with me. They all see me is this really
like aggressive angry needy person and I'm always liking, but we're such good friends and then I realized in retrospect, like I had no choice but you're gonna, basically, stalking me, you aren't Van de friendship. I was emotionally coerced by your insanity but you're the only I and this in your progress, those loans, erika you're, the only person who could attack someone and then disarm them at the same time. Cause, you would say something horrible and then and then reveal a horrible insecurity of your own, Diego our you think we're doing up, there's good fuck and get a life I always say that, because I've been secure- and I know I when I was a kid I feel now, if you're not a field or using a sort of like an emotional rapist well anyway, because you'd take as its all about power, you you manage, you would manage to go in and attack and then also
and then get the counter attack you and take control that do upon summoned. The phasing go help me how happy or a year one we're I'm doing what a reading about that now Curzon I'm starting to understand myself a little better. Now, if I can reward me, these Bulgarians can rewire my fuckin brain while they're here, because you there, be helpful if possible, although the the gift that many comedians have? Is that you you're, so you becomes so hyper aware of everything and every every little thought every little. Feeling every nerve impulse that you it's very did becomes differ? to discern like what's normal. What's have normal like what what is what you just normally have, but you didn't pay attention to before you dont know. If it's right, here's an inhabitant, here's a couple indicators, they're, not laugh, or she's crying
those two very red flags of not normal, released, not doings wars, when it's all the same time whenever it is like the ADI Earth, our workers and better than that, the real She always hey they're, all laughing, but she's crying and I'm the one with the might have happened and blooming Tin, Indiana gravity attic less than a year ago the comedy attic I was. I enjoy the cavity at a great good ideas. Good guy. I you know I I I have to remind myself to get in touch about that Fuckin hotel, I'm not staying at that hotel again! Oh the one. That's out on we are doing my way. I never felt more unsafe in a hotel. My life, aside from I'd, also sort of met a slightly crazy person that I, of course befriended and but there the hotel, take out in the middle of nowhere cottage hotel, the other, and I get a key to a little like how just townhouse great with an additional security. The keys are like these ancient punch, whole keys. I just never felt more
safe and situation. I'm gonna. I me I need to state the Fuckin Hilton in town, I'll, tell you it's it's worth it too. I mean even now, when I go on the road, even if I end up paying out of pocket, I was paid to say in a nicer hotel because it is so fuckin worth it to me. Oh dude, it's like it. It's like that was when those monumental sad thing, where we're like. I was at that hotel and I didn't have a car as to put you not close to any fucking coffee shop. I didn't go shopping to support to have my old stash is shit in the fridge I wanted a coffee in the morning and all they had was like Swiss Miss cocoa packets and some package. Coffee, so am I I'm going make a mocha with this. So I'm sorry Some sort of ridiculous road chemist, trying make a mocha that'll get me up enough to enjoy my day and it was tragic, unaware Gmos, a pioneer I better project of the coffee will bring in more probably back and I'll, be back in four hours. The things that I try to manufacture to replace ice cream, it's sort of Santa I mean that
I make my own flavoured yogurt, I'm not proud of this, but like I've gotten point where I know what I like, I'm very specific, and if I can manufacture something that is as close to the buying shit? I get this trader Jos Plain. Fat yogurt, I put Stevie in it, and I put either vanilla, flavouring or almond flavouring and- and this is really fucked it's not even nerdy it just bizarre when I was a kid in New Jersey very young immigrants have I really love Dan and coffee yogurt? They hadn t made a coffee, flavoured yogurt and now I've I've I've taken my chemistry too, my own copy yogurt. I went to serve a tablet which I have that part of my life because episode of stream seltzer maker and I bought coffee flavouring, and I think I have mastered the coffee yogurt and I'm not saying I deserve any sort of fanfare, but I'm satisfied- and I just want to share that animal embarrassed. I think
Thank you would be doing your fans a great service. If you would post the recipe online, I think people would love to enjoy Mark Marin's coffee for years now. I may not that yogurt I take place NEA, usually trader, Jos or anything. That's non fact. Completely- and I put I Sweden, it would Stevie, which is weird route that I'm sure, I hope that in the long haul, it's not bad. For me, you I know Aspartame is James. Bad people say that Stevie. Is that, like the really organic, healthy people say, Stevie is the new weighting right, but if you get Pierce deviates very powerful, you know it's like blow. You got it. You gotta eat, like you'd, better, do tastes test. You know I gotta go up did you get your cutting or don't kill yourself? Just they would do a small hit and then I take wavering and I mix it into the yogurt, and that's that's how you make non fat yogurt, that's, and I, of course I am- and I know about this stuff I come from a family of eating disorder, show there you go with a there's, a new facts. We never saw commercial for camera. What is called, but a speedier splendor replacement. Splendor
heard causes anal leakage, so that is not something. I know that it's it's important. Look then, but how important is it out all of its bad? You know, like the vessel like I drink a lot, a cherry cook zero. That's my favorite soda right now and I know just like it if you it, but why drink it alive, because I know nobody has figured out why it gives you can't severe just right. You just turn stay ahead of the cancer curve. Wagglewiggle dietary goats, Maeterlinck Jericho? Will the our team thing, there's a sort of like a borderline conspiracy, theory about aspartame, causing similar symptoms and ass, an using memory loss that there are certain people than ever allergic reaction, aspartame and at that traced back to Donald Rumsfeld, who is its rural farmer suit? go at the time that they invented Aspartame and he pushed it through. So somehow its title eleven I mean it's. A big big Canada who goes Exuviae could handle. This sent did
eggs men. You know I like hanging over us earlier. Has I don't know what you're talking about play where in the fight like it, if I could just described the rumour in its just like the workmen, were you watch right there, weren't weren't, you weren't, a library, there's its awesome, there's book stacked everywhere I mean look that I see. I see a book of eight men which Soon as some sort of book about the element of hominids, I stole down from the creation Museum. That's that's it. Euralia, those crazy, while the idea that when you open it is, it says, say like thanks Lord, but basically it's basically trying to prove that that day association between men and AIDS is ridiculous. It's basically trying to prove that the ape man idea is false. I stole it from the should never pay, for. I know right that bargaining table soviets it's a book of lie, so I should have very looks just like all picture books. It is a book physically, but it's nothing so,
be free, but its entertaining to know that there are people liking sweating over that going of course, how clear does it have to be the case? We are special God made thing. I don't throw my own fees, they must not be. You want me to write this book about eight men, but I'm not a scientist even better and, as is the main aim of this museum or the other, he was big events or dinosaurs out in the way the palm springs. No. This is why, when anything in Kentucky CARE, remember where it is, but their building an arc there, there really are actually violating scale model. The ark which a lot of people think what a display, but I think there are actually prepare There's an ivory allotted handles Roma Viagra going on building on today,
You know the other. The dinosaurs in the desert, seeing that, unlike the brontosaurus has been turned into a creation, is store. What's yeah you go inside a dinosaur, have any dreams. Yes, I'm all alone, a really big donor, there's a snake, their independence that ain't I've now over ass. Now it's now creation s shop. We can get off like a yell colouring books of Jesus writing, a dinosaur and stuff like that for irony purposes. Right now, I've got a snow globe. Creation snow go with a little dinosaur with somebody like riding it or something I mean. I think that it wouldn't. Let me take on the really why, because What language does not look good attacks on what, with the creation of snow glow, they thought it was going to blow up- and I said it's much more dangerous to be in circulation where people can have Ruth, is gonna bodily, and not only do they presuppose that we were around when dinosaurs around, but that we tamed them like that. Anyone who watches the Flintstones knows. We know that but markets interesting cause. You I had been writing. I was trying to write a bunch of you, know, creationism
material, and then I saw you used to be one night and you pretty much did everything that I would want to. And, unlike while areas during the developed this any further, he saw me do the chunk on the museum- and I don't know, there's a chunk of the museum, but it had something to do with, like the the that I was writing was this idea of your disappear complexity where they say like while this this there's a if they use it to explain creationism where they say like specifically, while this system that you have that exists where you see like your site, sissy and if you were to you, can't reduce that any. Are there like it. It couldn't have evolved. Ok as it is as simple as it could possibly be. I've got a lot of weird nooks and crannies had to be sued, o silent had to be creative writing, and so, and so I was I my point was like hey. You know if you go back in history when religion, politics and and science, where all the same thing, if you just looked at a frog
You would say: well that's as simple as that things going to get. We can't and then you open up going other pieces inside and now we can look at things on a on a subatomic level, and you know so it was just the idea of like you know. You see, certain religious bodies have to keep ebbing their beliefs to meet with science, but it's rare that you ever see the other side and what you said was why are people just comfortable saying we don't fuckin know yet I was a bit so simple. Described what I was trying to say that I gave up on all the material while it out only remember saying there was no doubt you have to write it down. I ended up doing like fifteen twenty minutes on my trip to the creation Museum for my new cd that, like I started, doing Cincinnati and I started talking about just the experience of it and how I thought would be a lot more angry, but really I was so amazed at how, money and and how amazing the museum was that I really wasn't. Reed, but I was like gloriously embarrassed right.
Ensuring about, but somehow proud, because I knew that this couldn't happen anywhere. You didn't, we ve already been funnybone and now is working now I was in Cincinnati at Go Bananas, ok, which was great. I had a great time now to it's been funded, go on the road in, and actually people come out to see me specific Why isn't that a joy after twenty five years- and is it really is an interesting- is an interesting to you that, because I find that the pod cast has brought brings more people alive, shows than all of the tv stuff I've ever done put together yet I mean like you would not so much on me. I think you are actually more popular than me in your specific job on tv at different points in your career, but you know it was hard for me because there was this idea had after doing as much comedy on tv, young cones and mean premium plans are not bring. Binds Bacardi such Roseanne. Take those vessels that, after twenty years of we now building a naughty that I had this idea that not it was only because that America decided
that bag really was in no merit that that there was some sort thought out there that date, that not only was it was warm and have we reached a voter exactly in the verdict. What do you think now? Do you think in the truth, the matter is you don't eat if anyone can manufacture that lightning in a bottle that causes some undertake, offer not take off? Who knows how it happens or why the kids like something or why anybody pops, through into the collective unconscious or the collective consciousness, that I was pretty beaten down by it, but the interesting thing about this is I'm doing in my garage, my podcast. This is your podcast and I have no control over who gets, I don't know, really who's going to get it, but I do know that the people that are coming out No me right. It's not about my comedy, like a lot of times are like some of that stuff. You talked about it before and they start asking you about like what did you ever get how's the cats, so that, log is like there. What are we hanging out with a guy? They listen to once or twice a week,
So the dynamic is different. It's not just about. We want to see your comedy like afterwards, they bring me gifts get box. I get cakes Agri, alot of people bring me very peculiar things, it's great and, and I think one of the things. One of the reasons I mean I don't mean to get slavery, but when the reasons why you're one of my favorite performers is because you managed to do a thing which I I still feel like I'm, maybe ten years away from which is you you manage to put your persona, you, like your urine been book on stage you're as much who You really are I stage, then then I then really almost any other performer. I can think of what I wouldn't say I would try to tell you to. I discourage you from your taking ten years to try to get to that place because Ultimately you know There's a dynamic that people expect a show and that's why he's the performer? So yes, some of that, because
way, I've I've gone out. It is lost like I have no real respect for a fourth walnut and I do obvious we have bits it. I do, but there's not much dis. Between me I'd I've either I've always envy people that have a persona, unlike One is mine going to show up where I live. So to get right, because in my mind- and I realize it more now because of the reading- I'm doing that you all I've really been trying to do is be myself in all areas of my life and and that's what I do on stage so for me that the whole journey was not about. How do I become some sort of weird amplification of my own insanity right, so I feel safe within it. How do I build the clown that works and because- The problem with the way I do it is that every fuckin show is emotionally draining like. I can't I don't. I don't any sense of autopilot. If I'm on autopilot like, if I feel myself, for whatever reason detaching from my audience, I literally say God damn it. I don't want to do this anymore. I got to get into the present. So if that's part of
to people that I level, nor does it it's like. Well, that's just Marin trying to fucking emotionally get present and risk being drained by the end of this shows that the very exhausting way to work more discipline, performers who build an act and ever persona that they can write you might actually after show feel awaited as opposed to interactive, while between member terrio in themselves right right, as opposed to get off stage going camp with. I told him that I don't fucking know them like. As if that's not going to get back Yeah I'll do shows rice, satiate, we're I'm like I'm going to have to say: did you guys not twitter, because it I'm still involved in that situation? it's ridiculous. Tell you, but you managed to. I saw you, have a really good set at the laboratory, one night, which was she I hardly ever worked there, we exactly the reason being being because it is a place where big you, no kind of big persona as prevail, and when you and yours on stage you were just sitting on a stool just talking about yourself, but it was working them, and it was so incredible to make them like wow. This is if I, if I felt like I saw more of this working at the last act.
Pray went to perform mortal here, what's very tricky with that, because it because I know now- and I didn't know four years yet- the limitations of the I do comedy, which is that in I was guided started fifteen years into my of my career was very aggressive. I had that sort of first joke that I knew would pop it open and I'd like stay in and you know- and I was striding around the stage and sweating in smoking and yelling you. I was a big persona by I start to feel very trapped in and I realized like on posturing, so the trick of performing like the way perform. Now it's almost like I liked it. On stage sometimes in just widder we'd be like now and then and people are paying. You had to get them to pay attention and different way than they had. Whoever went before your whatever ten access Joan. That's the frightening risk of doing it. The way I do it is that I have to turn the channel you're, not just with energy. You know like sometimes you try
jump into someone else's energy, like I'm just going to stay at the pace of you guys you round here we go or when they bring you up to music. I couldn't didn't I I can't even fuck and follow the same way and in like so what I've been doing now is literally be, as is confused and disjointed as possible in the first few minutes, just they'll, listen differently, so that when a trick, I warned that lesson an early on when I was in, and I didn't abide by it, but why was first, our non Boston? Was it next calmly shop and You must have been like eighty nine eighty eight and they gave me a five minute guest bought right after Dennis Weary and Denis Weary, you know in his hand day yet whether he did well or not. I was going to just blow the room opened because of his meal, manic, intensity and re so like he gets off, and I tried to jump right into that and I bombs I just felt of. You got it wasn't even that they warn enjoy me, it was like they were taking something from my soul, Rosa vacuum, to the silence, and I,
I realise that you, you can't really do the couple things you should never do as a comic is try to jump on the groove, the guy before you or take us Adam as he goes out again. Of course where and I've done it before, and I think we ve all done that you know like you get up. My guy goes marriages. Remember me and of course I was patent doing at her junior partner, oh no, Those are definitely not. I am again. Last night I saw by saw Pardo. I did the pensions Isle of movies. You have this massive like it was a twelve the elimination of the Leonard Hmong gave. I was like Sarah Patten and Kevin Pollack in Paul additives is like it. It was like a big giant round table and I saw partners like No I'm going to ride. You were gonna. Do the mega podcast! You me mare in Kerala argument, wrongly together doing is like by his worst. I have ever heard my life
never do not everybody on board for the awful we have, because Marta would not be able to talk as much as a particular situation numbing when you're working with Pardo, you literally have to start talking like him, in order to get aboard, enable even tell me why, like you going it, but why? What is that? Why it would be fun to be like a big. You know, laugh Olympics are broadcast. Oh no. Why taking it out of him to add to my impression of him that seemed attacking or insensitive I'd like to say that when the nice guys in the words of our articles, I still do it Chris. I still like you too, but it is not. I love me Ottawa, I am how and I accidentally I sort of meant I met done Rickles at a party the other night and it was an accident we need done
because we cannot appreciate. Ok, you exactly in the bathroom at the same time, I'll tell you exactly how and it's gonna get name dropping. I apologise, but this was just the really do you really apologize? I really do. I have only recently reminded us a few times and I relish answer some name drop. It gives it, but it gives context to the story Ocampo. I won't you don't apologize for something. You always do crises mark jeez. I and inside so I've done, my own podcast, sir. I was I was saying goodbye to someone at this party and they were talking to Don Rickles and was I going to interrupt their most basic, no career and done was like they tell me. You're a comedian like I am, and so he just the talking about comedy- and I was perched at his side like I was listening to my grandfather. Tell of the Christmas story was like by the way I'm working under done. Rickles podcast, I don't know, what's going to happen,
we're going to be. Ok, listen hockey puck, he did not say how, but he was so sweet, but he was just like it's all attitude. It's all attitude. I mean it doesn't matter. No I've written jokes. If I'd known as I had someone five thousand, I go here, go by a real shirt. It's just, The attitude, it's not what I'm saying and means- The guy we're just sitting there with our mouths agape. I couldn't even speak because we were getting. There was absent. That's a nice in count. With a veteran I I wondered whether or not an abuse to Jackie Mason by Rick Newman, who used to own the old ketch, rising, stone, New York named Rob the eye and revenue. Men said a jacket is Mark mariners, young comedian in Mason looks Amigos, doesn't look funny spit, that was the end of that court session, that very shorter holding court in Baroness Jackie Mason does look hilarious, yeah what they, lotta geyser there is. It is a long tradition of people that local areas I mean there were that use that element of a Christian. I don't know that I
I think I'm getting more hilarious working as I get older and only the I dont want not inviting it but prisoners in local areas. He looks Felton YO focused in like just now nerd ferret up there that's right by jumping around we make them on Georgia. That criticism- its area exerting ask somebody will already out. I don't think I can do. I need to apologize to you for anything we get. We are totally good, no we're good. I asked you out to lunch like two years ago and you're like. Why would you gonna going to attack me like now? It's what you like. I feel it. You're one of those guys it's. You know that I respect their work, and so I just kind of wanted to get to know you a little bit better and- and there was just like an either and you are, it would be very beginning your instant response with defensiveness, but then, after that we had a nice lunch What, though, is because, like you know, I'm I'm a jealous guy, you know what can I tell you and I and in John Lennon wrote a song about its arm valid in Maya, but but I think that at some point
like I always decided that you were one of those guys who was always doing well, and anybody who I assume is always doing well. I I take issue with an but then the other is at bury their reasserted, shabby and sweaty in, and you were the person that I came to we were. We were at a party, we were Zack exec, open access have, the July partying Venice. Two thousand three I remember cause I was. I was so hammered at that party that I had called the cabin and passed out on sex floor. Yes, Greece of the rich Chris was a guy. That was the floor, like there's no moment worse for a guy who drinks than the moment, readjust yeah, unconsciously, honest Blake, like I'd like to introduce you to my problem, while I'm in your way, you'll have to step over my problems about workers you're right next to the Euro area. Was there and right next to the couch and and so
made exactly the way. We go your cabs here and was one of those. Where am I like the way I was, but I think we know an hour or so before that that's when I really started to sense like this lifestyles, maybe not working for me guy, we died when I was growing up on stage and just like planking, I couldn't you know like any any any presupposition of o alcohol like being fucked up, freeze your mind on stage it completely empty my mind, and so I was starting to feel like this. Not working, and I need, I think I might need to talk to someone in you're the first person. I came to add that part in. I was like three drink anymore right, beer in hand. Rolling asthma mark is outside shooting people with fireworks. I address you in any way around your neck swords and allows the greatest I'm like they had like ten thousand dollars worth of fire were so excited when they found him to do it. I can stop eyes like setting, which is like a burning she'd housing. Who is that other guy who's next friend the comic a thing Amid western guy tat, portly guy soft spoken, dude yeah, It was excellent.
Yeah yeah, yeah, Dixon and weird images like he was fuckin hilarious. Neither get him. I was married at the time. Never everyone's. Looking like we're like fucking idiot acting, we did some real damage to his. His concrete is very cute. House. You know when you do the firework that Europe is in a burns it would we burns a concrete cousin, magnesium content and yet more. We liked, I think we really thought that up. How can a wash off? I think there is a lot of that. There was a small street small, crowded, Venice street. Just cars and kids were around in the middle of this fuckin firework apocalypse portly but hard at work on our sweaty and confused rear motivator. Although you it's over Rwanda, that boy, you pray, were supper for about five years or so six years me up and and and we talked about it for a second and then I think I ran into you. Let her know a week or two later, the improv came to manufacture, we the sheet. Nor, like look, here's a question where did I, while by requested in areas a questionnaire fail it out? It might answer some questions for you,
whether or not you might have a problem and there, but it was hilarious that you reminded me, like I'm, not just doing this for you this. It helps me too, like help other people helps me. I want you know, there's a selfish aspects for that, because I reprogram, mind, and I don't know, did it help you it did because that was that was that actually the fact, because what people have to understand the context of our relationship. Up to that point was you were very aggressive toward me and so the fact that you would. You would go out of your way at someone that I was convinced hated me to say, look despite whatever there might be between us. I will I maybe you should take a look at this level that made it that that gave it that much more weight behind me as to as opposed to someone who's. My and where it's like they liked, like your mom, complementing you like, of course, you're going to say that, but for someone who hates my guts to go, look dude, you, I think I see some so Clarity is here, and you fight, maybe she'll fuck, and think about this- that you may have been a large part of the reason why I could
drinking. When I'm glad I don't get too like heavy handed with the Asia, because, like me, you chose another option in order people, you don't realize at their other options, and an eye you, obviously what work for me. You are not going to work for everybody, but, like I think I to get you to cover meetings at some point but you're I gotta easier about it. You might have gone to one or two, but like then I saw you like six months later and your I'm running like nine hundred miles yea us out, so you completely replace the alcohol is running thing. I'm like you, a great if its work in pocket. Why is used vanity to help fuel by surprise, and then and then of course later on. I had all the realisation of like oh. This is why I was doing this. I like it, but of those never stop known and are now but it. But it was interesting because I realized about myself. They vanity was a gateway to have you know like, lost a lot of weight right away and I started living healthier, and so the fact that I looked better made me go. Ok now. This is, of course, this is something I should do right right right. Then, then, I said years later through therapy,
I realize, like our thereby there a lot of other, really a more important review, goggly care, pity that yeah I had. I had an amazing therapist. When I quit drinking it was Billy. Connollys wife was, if it was it rapists and, and she and I went to hers, got the new dropping scorecard or you just arrogant about Billy Golly, though I was in no less than that of the reach you talk, I can you ve got a problem. We must deal with this. This is the reason that I went to her, with the reason that I went to her is because, because you know I love, I loved really Conway. I raised right. I know him, but I, but I worked with him once and he was really Sweden. I was a fan of his committee and I assumed if she is, married to a comedian and she also was a comedian. She was on us and now in the eighties hunters, PAMELA Stevenson. She I thought
She understands a the comic brain she still in the game. No, she left to go right, a book ass. She went on sabbatical and like, but but she was the person that I went in to what I was like. It was like two months after the app and yeah and- and she was she just looked at me and she was like you, you look terrible. You are you're, you look awful your blotchy yield you. You look homeless. You need to go into effective beneath it. She's british so very eloquently sure thing. So you need to stop today and and and- and I don't know for whatever reason- just after having talked to you in a couple other people and an just her words like right and I was like I guess I could just do this today and that's that's what it was. What you'd he did. Look it's interesting because, like you want those guys not like me, I give very gregarious and I are gonna- make you I'd, make an asset of myself and be angry in Syria, but like you, that look where you're like a
yeah that look in your? I gave you in a where you were anymore. You I've, disjointed that you get his gaze where it was a sort of your comment assessing your entire life or something you're looking at the battlefield of your life at all times, excellent we're thousand yards stare of war in your head and I'm glad you found it. Billy economies is amazing, when the most intense breakfasts in my life and it the been comedy caused by somehow was wandering around the buffeting the morning years ago in do my one man show up there and I see him and he looks at me. I guess you're the every said Otto remember, but I sat down and neck I eat just radiates is lacking. Where's. My thought I was going to disintegrate, lousy my arm with creating a fact that we have because, like you want, you might staging, and then you realize waking, even when you're in a room watching him he's very huge deal in terms of presence. But that doesn't change when you're eating breakfast with him every, like literally like kind. I think I need to sit at the other table
we're still having breakfast together, even if there is no, even if sad, Steve Martin is sitting over to the lab. I thought I myself we're still gonna try to to end the connection at breakfast. Together, that's hilarious, I do what, when you, what was it for you that I mean did you? Did you rehab em? You talk about that. What what? What did you? Oh yeah talk of eggs, Griggs exquisitely, what it was for me? What what? What? Finally, what was it for you? I wish I was in a miserable marriage. My career was in the toilet. I was doing your small segments for a local tv show New York City, where I wandered around the streets. With a desk of talking to people, I thought it was over what I want the many junctures in my career where I was in a pretty broke, and in my life had gotten away from me. And I was sweaty in drunken and fattened and holding at the comedy, sour and fuckin mission, a wolf appeared like some sort of angel and said I know you your Mark Marin, what happened to you
and am I would she does you look like you're gonna die? Who are you really girl gazelle? You fuck you. Let's get married the ad, when you have proposed a few weeks later. I have, but now it by Yoshi basically said. Why can help me out? I can lead in the right direction like go anywhere you why we then yo course I followed her for air nine years until Abu up and none the less that was the moment I've been in before I was in rehab and no nineteen, eighty seven, eighty. Before a muddle yea it held for a year or so, and I've been struggling with it to some degree, but I never quite understood or thought that I had that bigger problem, our another. She got through to me and I just grab down to her
surrender of her life worth, and so she had to aggressively detached from me and go somewhere else. Did you steal essence I was, I was inhibiting, could probably know I'd. I didn't steal her essence, but I imposed my essence on her pretty heavily high, but I've gotta you by the way. I I I thought the dankert broadcast that you did was phenomenal like an end and what's been using about your niece in all of all of the little podcast verse. Is that you you because some people said like well, why don't you try to get dink upcoming? Your bike hasn't got, I feel like cause mark. Did the perfect interview with him, like I don't feel like. I can you it's weird that what that sort of set some weird standard, that a couple of things happen without Pike Ass, his that I didn't know what to talk to him about, and in I don't
He doesn't fill a very large part of my brain and- and I never was outside of of the fact that that I was quarter to saying this- I e seems did not have a lot of substance, but each has a lot of you very charismatic energy that their kids get a kick out of, but these sort of an empty vessel filled with gasoline is, I think, is what I call them in so many words that I thought he was indicative of something happening culturally. That was disturbing, but I was never one these guys that that gets hung up on whose what widen rather Guerrero, but I I know really what I M going to talk to about, and it was interesting as I get this phone call bill. Bird had put it in his ear to do. My podcasting gave my number. I think it's how worked on walking industry in San Francisco em up, they're they're, doing a gig, and I get this call the phone I don't know what the numbers and I go hello Here's mark its Dane Cook While we never stops really the intensity, and you mentioned that demands like idea that yeah well, the thing is, I think,
listen within like he does. Its homework is a fairly political guy. He, you know he's ease very aware of his image and what he wants out of things, and so I didn't I just quit. Nicotine quit nicotine or two before that, and I was the relatively aggressive with him and it worked It worked at his failure. You, I wasn't calling about auntie, but I think my approach was like. You know why. Why does everyone think you're such an asshole? Like I just asked the questions I thought people would want to hear and also like that. I was curious about, but also I was trying to find something beneath this thing, but he was very diplomatic and I was an ass and what ended up happening was that in in this happens with the water podcast. Despite how much you hate the person I'm talking to or whatever you think of Carlos Mencia, Robin Williams ordained or any of these you've been still, it doesn't matter that what happen? cuz of my attitude- was that, like you, I don't. I never really liked and cook or even gave a shit, but you were Dick and he I thought he did all right like he hit humanized
exactly the word. I was gonna use you! U humanised these people that have become these characters right where they represent them, they represent something bigger and then and then you're able to sit down because number one. I think all these people probably respect and are lately afraid of you, and I must say that they respect you in their slightly afraid of you, and so they just get really. They just get very human and end its end, and I think it s a as a listener. That is the best that you can pass. They do when you're interviewing someone is humanize them and get their story out of them, and I thought great job and it made me maybe kind of like day- and I are really about as material or not. I just had a couple experiences with him that were negative, and so on a personal level. I was like Africa that guy, but but hearing what
brought out of him. Kind of aid me go well, maybe I was being a dick and you he's just a dude for the weird thing that I start to realize like I don't ever set out to do anything. When I interview, I then have a conversation that that that is organic you're. So, whoever I'm talking to you, we sort of forget there on the Mai. Can we talk, but but the thing I'm learning from talking all these peoples that you're the egos of people that have that much stature are going to be fairly daunting. Yeah and even if their you're, acting beneath their ego or they're, trying to be x ray I'm just a guy, and why are you not just a guy I really like, like Leno, address the Working class Dave caught in a machine like, but then you start to realise that they are so like. How do you gave in that moment where he talked to where I brought up the essence same, which somehow another threw him a curveball because he had not prepared for that or I would know that story, and I wish I'd know more about the story, but the fact that he couldn't really deal with it, Why will you were having him with that so hard? You said it like fifteen dive, you're like put Dwight, did you steal
I think we have you like our rights area might write, won't bite, but the thing was is what was interesting. That moment was he couldn't muster up a sense of humor about himself in that moment every time I brought it up, he read did not yet he would not muster up like yo again, did say that our ear was probably it's embarrassing thing to have someone here. You say you know like, as you know, it is just one of those things that of million things that you say today, some stuff comes out. Your mouth is gonna, be stupid. You know like just. I would add that I understood the idea of assets I call it drives drive and- and you know it was just interesting to me that the reason I get hit when it was. It was really touchy and if I get it and it wasn't like it was, that sort or that weird or that you know controversial at a moment but like he clearly set at me in any add intention of it. In this characterizing, MRS Guy standing over Hollywood going, someone is taken my essence.
Neither is it just struck me as interesting that that he couldn't he couldn't get humble about it right. I just I sort of remedies that he wishes to bear as by that he was just like ok, I can't I've used very nice. He sent me a bunch of coffee the liking it like a semi. I twenty pounds of coffee cause I'd offered to give him some coffee, Godiva Coffee, sponsor any invited me to his house, and I really struggled with the idea of like Maybe I should go redeem cooks out, because I have this idea that yeah he's got no friends. That you know that he has sycophants around him in. But I go in there and he never call me back. I wonder, do you have because I am shudder, I'm sure wasn't your intention, but now that you ve sort of you, I think you ve sort of established at least some part of the pod cast their. There is a little bit of whistleblowing or two,
in people, the task. Do you find that some of your listeners are more aggressive, like some of your fans are little more aggressive and you would prefer like a people can't you chose Yeah? I would have to this. One do not told filled the fuck himself in the face. I like now I'm trying to get across here a lot of a lot more of what happens in my listeners. I get. I get a lot of people that that tell me that they thought they were crazy. They no longer think I'm create their crazy. That, like somehow I speak to the inner workings of a brain that my belief, farms in my monologues and stuff is that most of people's energy goes into just getting by and you're getting bind the relationship getting buying their job, get just give passing yet keeping their shit together, so they can't really honoured the kind of existence We desperate monologue that goes on in our heads, so I to share that. So I get
the emails of me of people like I thought I was losing my mind and you think God you're out there. You really helped me through this shit. I thought I was alone, so I get a lot of that stuff which is very rewarding and actually the guy in Bloomington. You know MIKE my people are a lot like me, some of them anyways, like I told pretty good their Bloomingdale and add Jared comes up to me after the weakens us. You know you did really well it ticket sales, but I've never sold more single tickets. And you know that's my ok. Those are my people in another. Guy came up to me. Wanted the comedy sore and like I saw that you were going to be here tonight. I tweeted here something like I changed. My plans because you're the Fuckin best man when a depressive and when I'm depressed This was an ear cds over and over again gets me through it and one wired for that and we might damage manic depressive in he was my first audience I mean I was a kid that my mom would say: go upstairs and make your father left you're the only one that can so I'm wired to connect it to certain people, but that I mean obviously that's not
all them, because I've other fans that, because of the men, see applied gas and and and dane- and been where, where there were really issues to be talking about that that we are speaking about issues the committee community around around stealing, you know in a round sort of like the other reputations at these guys have- and I dealt with that and then I saw I've been still are in and then in a couple of guys, regular breezy on Stiller MIKE. It's not sixty minutes Agnelli, I'm talking entertainers area. There is no indictment of still I got. I got that in the room when we first during the past. We were, like you sure, kiss your guess so I want you for an unlike what but they're my friends what I bring them on and try to make them feel bad were just having a conversational there's a delicate line with that stuff because, like in the circle you run in which I think is a little loftier than the one I run in just because you have more friends in in in the larger now know. What's what circle do I run a? No? No. I just mean that you know you you have a lot more. I think you're, real friends who were visible in show business
you like a little. You want me to pull up the fuckin near your Europe is not like that- yeah- ok, Mr Werner, so? What can we give John Hammer Buzz? I bet you have his number on your phone, but anyways. Yes, we can call Julia Roberts Zombie on our patch him in all right now, so no by all, I'm saying is that, because I had this issue went without saying or wants is as comedians you're depending will accommodate you you what kind of comedy you do if you're gonna be a cultural critic that the the indicators of culture that show business represents is most of it in American. So at some point, you're going to be in a position to attack a guy. You know right and you're going to have to sit there in and then you'll sort of deliberate over that, like you know, how do I you know who I want to be
and in this is something like you. We want you wicked someone again dissimilar, it's all he does and because of that, you not always won the best comics in the world, but he's a relative pariah right. So so you know you were all conscious of that, so I think when people say you're kissing, someone's ass its only because you there's a politeness element that we maintain in some in some what's the word and in some instances that that is, is its community etiquette. Into into people who are just listening their liking of the fact that there your team, and there like. Why are you not on my team- and I don't like that guy, but in our world, it's like what we're doing the same business. Again, and but also I just don't- I don't I don't like people to. I don't like to feel like I'm responsible for making people feel about it everyone to be happy, and I have my mommy and daddy fighting one. That's. How did you know that you're co dependencies you? I go your own probable that you don't like. It does agree with that, but I loved you know what
when I was I was in New York in two thousand one working on a show, and that was there was that there was a lot of drinking going on at that time and and I remember I was doing- sets around town and I was how I would hang out of the company seller cause. I lived a few blocks from it and, and I said to someone my colleague I am going to give the commission some was like do don't even fuckin. Try you will never get in. There is a close knit thing and then go back table the back table back table of jelly like you and Geraldo, we all Holloway when in it the closure of european origin tableful vessels on purpose. And in there going to be a run you through the ringer. I am still, I still get more shit and I can ever imagined possible when I go there. Did you feel like? Did you feel like? That's all it's happening there, because you were on your on the other side of it.
Feel it. That's how you obviously wages read into that. No no honest, we, I never was you really integrated, is one of the guys. Here I mean the woman who now really runs a place. They literally she would put me on that stage and give me spots and tall. She saw my HBO half hour that, like you, I've been doing comedy eight or nine years, all my friends work there, but she She also runs a room. That's it! You really have to work there. You can't you can't fucking Udo around in that room right it will. It will get quiet, really, quick, it's it's a room that is so humbling that you I can go there and still have a samurai one off saying- and I know how to do this right at me? I have been doing this awhile, but there, but I was never part of this core group and it was always very clear when I'd ever go to New York and I in I'd, say you're putting spots and she'd be like I do. No you're Geraldo is here a talent in town Mart coin is back like I'd, be guy that, even if I'd come out of ten from out of town, I hadn't been there for months, I get one spot,
on Saturday any resort to what I used to really want to just get your to two or three on Friday, three or four on Saturday, I could just hang out and eaten You have a nice time in Europe, but I was never that integrated may be for a few weeks. So that's amazing itself too. So amazing, the perception that- and I think you like what you said to me before about all the third- certainly run. I think I we always have these ideas of how like where people are with you know like theirs. Relations with our group's but then most attentive. You ask them like really thought. I was a part of that thing. I'm not a part of that thing. I am really nobody, those people, I'm no. I mean I hung out there a lot, but I was I never felt like you know like. I can always go seller Nay, I am work you. I never really thought that yeah. You just sit around there a lot, but then it got to the point where it's like I've been doing this long enough to where I I really have to you know why do I got to put up with this shit feel what am I going to eat like I'm, going to sit there with a bunch of dudes where my peers and yellin and I'm at the certainly the same level they are and I'm doing the the the other one thousand two hundred and thirty on
and I got no other spots- want to sit there and eat and an entire I can go now not just go on and I got one just got one. So I stopped to what what's incredible? Is that is that whenever I go to new york- and I can do like two or three shows in a night like all- that's right- I forgot there are places just causing delays is just is almost. Is almost like a barren wasteland of I just here I'll go to the communist or even, if it hurts me only because you know it's not cool. There's no industry there, and you know you just get out there and swung out new work out and then I'll go like ours. No alternative rooms like I'll. Do I'll do tiger lily I'll do shows that people ask me to do sometimes, I'm just book an hour at you see beaches to work She had to find ways, and now I gotta lotta roadwork coming up. I just take my new city in Brooklyn, but a lot of the building, I'm doing care where it is. Yeah anymore and I now- or go to the improv near. I never
the last factory just cause? It's like I'm just at a point where it's like I'd with this long without them, Why do I gotta jump through hoops for Fuckin Jamie Messiah, who, like acts like a douche bag? To me every time? see em for reasons aren't even understand. I want what do I gotta do, therefore, or maybe just call him a douche bag, so maybe I say acts like a judgment very acts like only because he is now just hear what Madrigal and imagine you re introduce me to masonic I've. I've I've different points in my career. I've worked there on an otter, Andy because you know, Mark Merida, keep telling him what a great cloud this isn't methodically yeah you keep telling him what a great joy I mean that maybe you'll come true. That's clearly acting like I did say that I chose to stay here on an epoch. Essay he'll never listened to that. He acted like a douche bag and I think clearly that indicates act which is fine, because I think the last time I went out with a laugh act like once a year ago.
Maybe it was just bad as I remember it, I'll go up and and just and have set that just feels like I'm trying to walk through a swamp with ankle weights on what yeah, but that but see that's but see what you just said. Walking through a swamp with Ankara weights on is good training, so I get on some level. Will let me tell you why, though, when you hear the now the last summit? What always happens? Is I end up going up like the last time I went up it? It was Dahmer RARE was doing to show ya Thunder in philosophy Goddammit, Gama rarer was amazing of down the hill. We get it long. It just hold over quickly. I gotta make under that. Yet they podcast to the very end through is getting
as an under rubble. Their removing rattle gaze work Jody. Ok, no major! This gets uploaded before and so a mark you don't have to use your router cuff anymore. It's like a good managing it, just as I have feeling in my leg again things ass. What have? I was less everyone up. There was a product two years ago and Da Moreira was what was their hosting a Tuesday night, showing you like a come on down. Dude it's fun, so I show up within a comedy. Judge now use our carriage. He wasn't. He decided not to show up that night, for whatever reason, for my name and on the thing yet so they were like Bulgaria weighing up, though, obviously go up it like midnight on a Tuesday and and endangers up, and then he does like an hour fifteen. It like you, just showed up and ended in our fifteen of not really anything. He was kind of fuckin around and look at me time by the time of it.
It was like almost one hundred and thirty. In the morning there were maybe twenty people they're spread out. They keep all the lights on to the laugh factory like it's a lecture and it was it was just awful like I had an awful time with a thing what were I'm at now and it's like look. There were times in my life worthy of being and working in, the private show important me working at the comedies or so important me working thing. Yet the comedy sour, like I just that's all I wanted, and and in the end there is far too me that still wants all that, but the truth, the matter is you I have to acknowledge. My place in the Fuckin business and and no matter how much I want your carp launcher or or to be able to. Work regularly at a place. You will a world full of new twenty thousand comics in everyone's, got their agendas. There's politics to the business or club politics and everything else, and at this point my life
I know that I can get my work done in any number of ways and I cannot be hung up on that. She had any just hurt my feelings and my fuckin pride to be. You know to be expected. Jump through hoops are to be underpaid and it just like when it really comes down to it. I just say to myself I've with this: without it is it's going to make. Yet why am I fucking allowing myself you voted to go through this relative. You humiliation. I paid my I can do is well and now now you now you're in that sort of camp of people who are just kind of carving out there, their own thing behind. We, finally, which I think is you know, I think part of a hard thing- was that you you you do developed and you were at a time where comedy was sort of the live. Coveney was sort of the kind of dying down a little bit. There wasn't really like. Now we have, we can easily promotes up to people and put stuff out in the world, and just didn't have that in in- and I didn't really do it until you have this started to happen, I had no idea how effective it would do. I remember the three of us right, assure the house
those that little sorry. This is, I think, there's money. In the night the George Carlin died actually really might have been, but like a member like a Christmas on station, we were talking out inside and ever you were having one of those partner in freak out It's like you, know yet a complaint about something banana and I was close to you. It is like you're like it's ok, I know what I'm doing man my fucking careers plateau. If that, if that without thinking, I got nothing and the works a gag another going on then like cut to the other podcast can start that amateur pure desperation. Any time I've made any sort of movement in my career. It's been either out of, like all consuming spite or or absolute desperation, and it was not like it wasn't some sort of plan theirs. I gotta have this fucking works. Is I'm gonna lose my house with us like Neil you, you under similar circumstances, you started. This bookcase was as I personally like, fuck it. I just want to do my own thing: yeah yeah,
factory in and I'm it's been one of the best things I think I've ever done, cause it's fun and I, like it and people any found your place. It's weird thing is that like, even if I started when I did I'd never fit in ever yet I was always is this sort of like Marin's? Does that thing he does yet so it was never. I was never an easy fit and I never understood that comedy was a business I just I expected like. I just need to go up there and be seen and express my full a city of life and everything will unfold. I never thought it was important to be part of a group of comics or or have relationships with people. On the other side they had to be a marketer or marketer. Good relations with club owners, re or or or respect the staff. I was completely self involve and it's a gift. I mean, like I dont know what would have happened if, if my podcast, you hadn't you if people hadn't liked it, I don't know what we're
would be with a yellow or what how I would feel, but I do know that I put in the time to your. I know that I'm capable so like. I know I paid my dues and it's coming from a better place. So when anyone asked me you know, I really have to sort of think like well. We need a you to do this for, for someone or what the fuck is that do I really need to do that in any situation it s, not just money that that so many, so many of us feel like we're not where we want to be or were not we're not doing well enough. What even last night at the spit disturbance and show Pardo and I were like they see a duck started. Introducing everyone. No patent Oswald crowd those Fuckin bananas, John Molina crowd goes vulgar, bananas, Sarah Paint, oh Paul, F and then bright and in part I was up next. He was like now watch the applause die and bony went out, they fuck above them, and it was just that with such a perfect moment whose Josh Molina he was on his on sports night in the West Wing and peace,
he's a back really funny? Guy nice guy, we're partners like he's a veto on the funniest guys alive and he's a little nuts with the insecurity in it in? I think I am as well, but but the interesting thing to me I'm completely bowled over that that people like dig this thing that the dignity of my pakistan- and it's like I had no answers- No I'm not gloating in it I'm just sort of like? Oh my god, really, you listen, because I think, but because we think what shocking about is because it feels like it's a maybe it is because we, this idea in our heads of well. You know when a large studio or company pays you to do something. Then you have a job when a thing in a career there, our parents, and because we are doing something. That is something we would just do anyway. Just talk to people about shit. That's injures interesting. It feels like we're not doing anything an end your who you are
you're, just as purely who you are as possible. So when people respond to that, what their, what what is really happening, is there saying hey, I really like you and that's weird to take you like that. I feel like I'm not with anything whenever that's it that that you know. I know that if people listen to the park ass, they do know me, and they in that like this is the first time in my career that I've actually been able to be as much money as possible. I do disagree a little bit that this it's it's all a work. No, it is here I mean it's, it's my job at the podcast, but I was doing it big that freedom we have and that you have all these we're choice. That you never had before any of this audience, I never had either. I don't think I've ever had this many people, you know you'd, have direct access to yeah yeah on a regular basis and send me things when you? Where do you think we would be? Do you think you think insecurity is necessary. Do you think it's unnecessary motivator? Do you think it drives us they now? If we didn't have it, do you think we would still be? Why don't like I'm trying to figure out whether it's like? I guess
security or some sort of you. I don't. I don't Jack. We know what it is in an I dont ever feel like when people say that that a comedy is neurotic arts introspective or its two Hetty its I I don't feel like that. Guy I'm being in a very uplifting and and and- celebrating life, but in terms of my problems? Where would I be without my problems? I dont know because I get to that point like there is a risk of a few weeks before this relationship, I was intended why I was getting a couple email saying like Marin's happy and I don't know, what's going to happen to the podcast and and of course I said, I really think there's trouble around the corner don't panic, but I dont know myself to that same standard. I just think that the insecurity I think everybody wants to be respected. Everybody wants to do well at what they do.
And not knowing that you're doing well or or my bigger fear is like I get to the point where it were so I am going to fuck it up right ate like I'm, not so much the sabotage Jean right right in that there is theirs. That like. Why did they? The screws, gotta turn and they're gonna stop liking? My dad had that my dad had so much of that when he was young that he's develop this idea of it well, every time some good happened, something bad gonna happen like he connected those things together. So was very hard for me to be happy It is why it will yet, but I think that, like I'm trying to get away from looking at everything, black and white in the audience at like in a life, you never know really what's gonna fuckin happen and in a lot of times like it's very easy to get you to get the insecurity reveals itself. Where looking comments in doing this, and then somebody says something that troll says some that obviously they know you well not to trigger a sense of insecurity, and then I gotta talk to a friend. Do I respect, and so did I
I just know right now, duties just fucking with me, but it's kind of true right like I want there's some party me that wants to feel that kind of, like you know, tat, you feel that anger, Viking, a fuck you I've been in. I just I just now make choices around that gin and not respect my instinct. Will you can be in a room of all manner of a four hundred. People are laughing, and you see one guy in the fourth rogue who has his arms krona Robin. What's that guy problem, when you don't throw, we think it's with you, but they could like. Who knows her cat could died that day, like ninety percent of the time, what they're doing is there not paying attention, because whatever their fucking life or whatever of burning house they just walked out of to come to your show, is still prominent in their head and then you're risk factors? Why why? Why should there like that, when my mom- Am I gonna fuck? I had to talk to the audience. You know, but a little bit and you're not make you you figure like it's like it's like. No, no matter what happened
They should be good enough to make their collaborator. Then you choose to talk to them. You choose to engage a stroke, the troll you choose to do all these things, the really it's it's really Eddie or control, but yeah. If you can get a roomful of people to laugh at his pain publicly, then he really achieve something TAT means you're a great gap which, if we decided that we as I always think- and I always had you and mine when I thought about this, because I would say I would I used- and I think I said this on your podcast less time to where I said, I think good comics relate to the audience well, but great comics can force the audience relate to them, and I think you said you'd, it's not about forcing any one to do. Anything was what was it well. The thing is is like what I start to realise that in my mouth, when it as I get more vulnerable and stage, is the best it can happen. As you became you. Can you ve become sort of a group mind like you know, I don't like I'm not looking to get high on laughter, I'm looking to be heard and seen and feel that
connection that we have. As you know, an indicator is obvious laughter, but sometimes what my shows like I get it a weird sense of warmth and then, if an audience member starts talking to me I'll have any problem talking to them, because in that, man, you know you're going to be more vulnerable than you're gonna, be in anything that you're just generating in your head, so you're alive. When I got up stage, the best moment is when I think somebody said something in the room like a lot of times. I think I hear things which is fucked up like you. It's only just say that I'm an asshole and it's always like you're, all right it outright. Twenty minutes and I'll get a stage, and I know that dude was talking to those waitress in and he was asking for ring called an asshole in you, and I I just did twenty minutes ago as if I'd been called and ass, all good think he'd in order get off the stage workmen were they re drank, though that's on some menus comedy close. It's a little bit of remove cigarette ashes, so the pitcher bill Hicks there, where that is. That makes no that's my first promotion. Are you serious
last as your faces mostly covered up. The other was wise. You John Lennon thing with the like. Yes, sir, if I got my my hand glasses on my head, my real glasses and my sunglasses. That was my very first sort of the comedy shot. Where you are, you are you fear, or something on Twitter, he was like be honest. People has been x x really made. You laugh and I back- and I was like yes, of course he has he- he wrote the joke about why he was. I think it was on revelations or something where he said he talked about. Why he dated nineteen year old girl, where he referred to her vagina, as a wisp of candy above a paper cut yeah. Then, when you ve got up her over her her something about her, the Burundi of her ya, like wing illegally or by like winking like a rabbit nostril via, which was one of the most brilliant does he have to. There is now a course and accident. Where do you as our curiosity? Where do you think he would be it? Had he not died? in terms of with this whole digital revolution, and I think he would have had the audience he deserved and- and I think he would have you use he would have done.
He did, which is shine. A lot of light on the near the hypocrisy and and also the Lee was a guy. They really could elegantly speak truth to power in a very vicious beautiful way, and I think that you would have just given. Continued to build, that. I think that he would have been one of the only people alive backing you have really assess and take on in New York. Eloquent way your how we are all being fought right by by the powers that be aiming at. It's a shame. What happened here because obviously because it is crazy idea needs to young by that his voice was a sort of a is real life force. Real aid was like a sort of force, a name
Andy. It's sad yet, even if you didn't laugh at him that he had the great capability to make, you completely shift your perception of something and- and I think that that is the real sign of a great satirist or a comic gazette hey. I never thought it out like that and holy fuck. That makes sense and like you, he had the capacity to blow minds and- and I think that your that's that's lacking- I mean you would be thinkers mine dwelling is really is that how do they can't get across the pool with those shoes yeah like or whatever? And so you do get exactly yeah. He was a mine blower and you know- and he was a fuckin brain raper, and that's that's good. Why think? Also? You have two context realise what he was doing with the air of it. He was doing it in like he was. He was the complete, complete antithesis today. Like comedy boom, you know like all their lives, but the thing was is like his type of voice or you.
When people say you know is so be of people who do what you do like. Not that I do it. Hicks does, but there there there's a certain path in comedy that only a few people will take because you're, ultimately it it's not the fast path. It's not rewarding. You may not become a star, but you have to honour your boy. It's in your heart and so like whether or not eel comedy was whatever it was at that time. No matter what time your hits would have appeared on the scene, he was going to be difficult for a lot of people, but I think because what you're saying, because of the ability to define your audience into utilise self- motion. It would have been a lot bigger but yeah. He was in a kind of class, well yeah and I think and I but but what I think, what does make? What I'd? What does put you guys in the same boat is that there is a difference, but Like I find myself all the time like how do I write his finger on the end of his bit, which is an entirely different approach to poverty, which is how we gonna go up and talk about things that are real and true, which is different, but Hicks was. Mix with great writing singers,
I get out and in a way in his way that he was great at turning a phrase. You know I think you can see some of his liking. He had a style of lyricism. That Still I mean meeting patents got a little bit of that in the way that you know you take words and you kind of your build words into like some sort of revelation explosion. Judges is lyrical thing that, but I think he was a very articulate, meticulous writers. I think you give yourself a short shrift on that that at an inn, yeah that more so the mean all certainly fly by the sea to my pants, more often than I will composed something because I'm so like I I he mediate, but but I think he definitely wrote the fuckin stuff yeah yeah well we're about we're about at the end of our our actually word, but about an hour fifteen, which is perfect, ok Herbert democracies that have had
do it is our theme song raining everything we say something about and enjoy burrito at the end of each contest. Did you just going to say I think? Maybe I did you bring worry us now it and bring reaches its. For we had very others before he came home. We got it now and joy them. You didn't enjoyment. Now, at that Senor fishes in as good how you should get you gotta go to a cow upon cholera, cow mexican tests are literally going to enjoy your burrito rise. Thanks for having me, I am presenting a road that you, finally, that we were able to get you wanna thanks for letting us use your equipment, and you know honestly, if you ever have a fall out last minute. I Will I would lie? Will I don't know I won't do it did? I will do anything I just what you will do it how does it have to be a fall out. Any listeners that I'm sure most of our listeners already listen to the deputy of part they like. If they do, they really should check out the entire catalogue devotee of pod. You can follow Mark Marin may our sea and air
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