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I encourage you to go to bed after Ella DOT, Org Ba empty aid, l a dot org tomorrow, about, after LOS Angeles and more about after games as well You can. I believe that, which is why we had to hold this by catch us along because better, video of the events that are pray about. And five. I were hundred people there in a tiny, tiny theatre in Hollywood, and so they had get the video ready and so now believe the videos ready. If you go to back to allay dot org, you might be able to see some footage from this from his chat where our market talked about pretty much everything but also video game? voice over obviously wants one star wars, stuff, but it it was really cause or couple things: the audio, the love MIKE's wart amazing. They were pretty good. but you're not gonna pick up the audience there. You can barely hear them in the background, so it sounds like there's just
islands in the background sums. Some actually were people there and they were happy. I promise, but it's just that they were might also of the mix. The levels were a little weird picking up our voices from time to time, but we did our best to treat that a bit with the with Katy Levine's of post magic. So here we go There is broad chest number, three fourteen: with marketable we shits now entering really star com. We ve gone through the stage.
welcome. Thank you. Not if it really is a matter to me you're what I do want to know what I want to focus most of the talk on on voice over and games and whatever, but but I am going to do the thing that everyone does to you, which is before this are asking you questions you how they related to you in some way, which is, I saw star wars in the theater night seventy seven. My dad took me it's been such an integral part of who I am, and I think also for for a lotta young nerds before that was a cool word at all. It was Lord of our oasis. You know like it really was, so I just want to thank you for being a part of it and for I may have shot your actual figure with pellet guns at times personal. I just nine a mile up. You greed. I always thought our, before got a bad rap right from the get go and announced
and finding all over your desire to say those things. What would you say to our cablegram I would complain about our five d, for that kind of bullshit well filled relay your flags lie. I do I mean I I can relate to and not so much in because of star wars, but because of other that I loved. I grew up. Reading famous monsters magazine in the Aurora model. Kids in my favor will you I was a kid. Was the black and white King Kong just killed me? I mean, I have always said: that's the male equivalent of gone with the wind in terms of an emotional ride for for a kid, because I just cried my eyes out and it was on the million dollar movie. We lived in New York and my mom said why you keep watching it night after night. Has I thought you'd? Be they? Don't we let him stay on the island,
and you know years later, you flash forward to homer weeping over, not specifically king gone, but a giant a booby. Just be you different and so I think it's a guy thing. You know I don't know, but you know I like gone with the wind as much as anyone in terms of historical importance it in its in film history, but- It didn't move me the way I was as it allows anyone Clark, Gable, grasping onto the empire state Building and they shoot and ruin. oh you. Rather, since this right was near the episode, we're homer becomes like a bodyguard for. Oh, yes was called mayor to them I have rights and there was. It was one of those Good NEWS, bad news conversation, because I just I was just love the simpsons from one
from the minutes I saw them is short on the Tracy Omens Corridor and where my agent call she says, I have good news and bad news. What's that she is. The good news is because I've been bugging you for years on love to get on this lovely guns them, since they want you for the Simpsons. So I was ecstatic. What's the bad news? Is they want you to play yourself and which is kind of a double edged sword, unworthy I love about doing voice over. Is it sort of a pity Mises what character acting is, which is you disappear into the care people don't see you if you do know it just they see the character and you know which one of the reasons I went to New York cuz, I knew I could get parts on Broadway and off Broadway. They were character, parts that weren't coming to meet here in southern California. So All I'm saying is the dilemma when you play yourself is who am I
you know I mean I don't have a really good sense of who I am. You know even the way I talk. I removed that weak walking around the house into MIKE is. Does this sound like me, Does this sound likely? This I mean this is, in army. it was weird and you know cuz he then they read the script. I swear to God, it's their perception of me and I got up on my high horse and I said I'd never appeared in my loop costume from what are they have me during dinner theatre for I've been on Broadway. I got a job I does nomination for about ten years ago and MIKE is really get you know get over yourself. It's the simpsons. Of course, use was made.
years of a gay, and I, like I say I mean well that's a good example of turning into a fan boy. This I went to the recording and downcast Lynette Julie, cabinet and all the people of the view that the incredible voices there and I was just awe struck because all of these character I'd known for so many years. I think I was in the ninth or ten season somewhere in there, so they ve been around so long to see here. These voices coming out of these people, you know, is still remarkable to me. You know, because you have such an image of the twilight young people's kids aid to the Joker icy close your eyes. You know I'm gives you know if I said ice energy, its aid. What are you trying to all for you, it would be like ok or turned turn your back. You know I mean just so that you don't have the me.
ruining the image you have in your head, but They were kind enough at one point, as I said well, you know yeah, of course, I'll do it. You know I mean, but I'd really love it. If you could find a another voice for me to do, and they actually They let me play the head of a bodyguard school in. It was kind of parity of cool hand. Luke were you are without a doubt, Was budget recruits I've ever seen Robin Gimme twenty? That guy? In fact, my theory, is they develop the fat texan character Based on that bodyguard guy, but they had one of their repertory people do it. You know I've never gone back. Only did the one you want. I'll help you zoom, listen, leave it to actors to always complaint. I get on this,
Since now, I'm complaining that I'm not a regular, that's just because this is our your eye, no, but I'm just saying in in the way that characterise functions he's. In fact, if you just saw this recent clip of Homer going to vote in the twelve election he's the guy that sitting there saying you know it's it's mine we need to make sure that every american finds it difficult to vote. He's a voter suppression guy So they need a wide mouth right. Winger they go to that character is probably just easier to give it to one of their hugely talented. Car, wider garden and anxiety, and is the list just goes on trust Macneil, just some of the best ways over people around and I've worked with? Oh my gosh. So,
the Great great great artists, and I remain a fan world things that happened to me when I first junk does our do voice over. It was in the early nineties, people like Robert Paulson, rubber, ok and in Japan, and although they would surprise that I knew they were because I'm a huge animation fan and you know I would record a lot of these shows and the only way you could actually read the credit list would be in those days to record it on videotape and then freeze frame. It it would be all shaky, but it has tried to look at. You know how fast discredits guys in its sixty names in get the Red one name. Will you go to red another name. It's gone so I mean I knew these people you know just how now and
yeah, oh, my God July, the wound up in common with the movie. I mean I bad such goodwill with these people that will, in two thousand for I've, been in then doing voice over about a dozen years and united in the budget. To really proper casting sessions. I was able to go around all my voice over France. Many of them start to be on camera again because they came out of television or they did improv or stand a lot of different, but you know they day. Some people don't want give up the anonymity. I know that the Frank Welcome, for instance, he didn't want to do on camera. For me he did a voice for me but to a person Everyone said yes, and I always say it's: the man mad mad world a voice over because what mad world was just comedy and early sixties
Like Andrea Romano said you know, if you have a screening and a bomb goes off each little shut down the animation industry, because everybody, mostly everybody, was in it of a large portion of the most prominent people, voice over wherein it and Andrea Romano, by the way, I've known Andrea for like twenty years and Andrea Romano is had Warner, brothers casting and so Andrea's responsible for
Batman animated series, like all the Bam answer, is like all the other Warner brother, like all that that classic well, when I say classic, I don't mean like Chuck Jones Classic. I mean like second wave of Classic Warner brothers, animation, Andrea Romano is responsible for bringing in the voice, talent and indirectly and she's a remarkable person who, I hope, wins a giant award someday. Oh, she got shuffle of Mps. She does. I watch the extras on some of these dvds. They send me and which it s her interview, our enemies. So that's why you see you talk about a bunch of stuff on there and I want to get a bunch of points. First of all, its eye I buy worked in I've done voices for about seven years and it always happens when you're talking with a little kid when you say close your eyes, they always think it's a good idea to bring kids to record.
Sessions and the kids get in there and within a minute they could not be more board. Then just watching adults Melick, that's not the characters that that sound effects is not exactly a process that only to someone it's predisposed to find it interesting. Like you saved a little kid, it's expecting the the impact of the finished product there, sorely disappointed when I find shocking is when people like pants ego families. Here when a wonderful actress in it she's on the Louis UK, show or young now, she's Bobby on Galileo, but this girl has, she could make it a sailor blush. with a dialogue I mean I can't even quoted here, it's just too profane and some actually makes it worked. She's like five four she's adorable and shall say things that you just click It sounds like a pack of cigarettes,
saying is that we do have a people come round like good tourists, Dino giving being given our Japanese, a business man being given a tour of cartoon network. We'd have to warn PAMELA because, especially with kids or Charlie Adler. Oh right right, you know he's amazingly and laboriously profane, just in his direction but you know you have to remember that not every kid under certain ages used to that kind of dialogue, I mean I'm not approved or anything, but let it could be a kid. right well, the internet now road everyone. So I just feel, like I kids of already heard all these words. They already know, I guess, but how back. Does your animation like when you say you're you when you say your leg, innovation or like how far back as ago also tell about our remember. We didn't have a television set, but daddy they should
black and white loony June's those I loved. I love Rocky we go. I love whenever the Disney show on some Nice would show animation. I just love animation. I was a turning point when they did Disney show where they actually showed Clarence NASH, doing the Voice of Donald Duck right and that woman it was doing the Riddick part, but you know I just went out something click that there were human beings behind. Somebody goes to work and that their job the clock on up an area? Yes, I said I wanted. I mean they're losing look like they're having so much fun same with the famous monsters when you say that's how they did the dinosaurs. You know they took a frame and then moved in another frame and twenty for the makes a second I mean it made sense.
I mean I knew I would never have the patience to be able to do. Some of that was bought down my comprehension, you know how they could just need to keep track of. You know if the tail swishing in the Edgewood I mean it blew my mind, but it made me realize it was a tangible goal to be in. Business that either made cartoons or whatever. So I was one of seven children as a middle, an older brother to older sisters to younger sisters in the younger brother. My father was a professional naval officer and I mean I kept to the sea. Yet for the longest time without you know why bring on the ridicule of saying you know, I'm gonna be in them, these in our I'm innovative Europe we have been in star wars, came out. It was kind of hard to hide it from weather, Also. We are always made sure that that I never took myself too seriously
now you're a big deal you're in this big movie, and you know, I think that help me keep a certain balance, their plus that's an unusual example because, like you say I mean it wasn't just a popular movie with just a ridiculously surpluses pop culture moment red mean one point: someone said: stick your head in the theatres allow I've seen it is unknown, I believe this is about three or four months into the Rhine, and I said my head in and there were beach balls giant order. It was more like a priority where they had a day. They they were. It was arm of Iraq or they knew the answer back. They had their fate, moments in it. It was astonishing to me I don't know how
they knew before DNA example the day that it open, which was made twenty fifth of seventy seven. They were. We were working on the sound mix for thee. the seventy millimeter prints were already in the theatres, but they work the sound for the thirty five millimeter prince, and I said the car pick me up and I see you go by Graham and Chinese. Because the movies play and nobody could decide on a poster. There was big arguments over what would convey what this movie was about. Was it heavy and deepen? intellectual like two thousand one or was you know little rascals in outer space, and I know there was a great to and fro in terms of how to promote it.
The upshot is that there was no agreement waiting at a poster. Until I don't wider one. Family fans are no better than ie, but certainly. by opening day whether took weak or a month before. Eventually they think they came over the Hildebrand poster with the guy that look like Luke's, you know uncle, you know with a fantastic physique and six for you know, but again, so there was that back and forth about how to promote so we drove by the theater and, to my amazement, their word lines around the block and I could figure out how that could be. There was a trailer that was playing carrion, I stuck art and we said to the guy. You know in west with similar in this mood it's coming out and about a month I mean. Can you imagine this? Is it's kind of a weird spell? We said it's called star wars noon. We heard
your showing the trailer. We must see the driver we're one eyed after bother anybody and we don't really want you. Let us go in and I didn't ideas or anything I had so so go ahead, and I still remember too, because we never seen any footage up while the stuff we ate yard and so forth. We ve seen footage. I take that back. But my point is that in terms of the facts- all of this, and I don't know if you remember this somewhere in space. It could all be happy. by coming into bad intercourse with the inner caught with this slow sort of message, and they come to the end of the method. You no more vast cutting out of assault on the desert and shots of the wookiee with his headphones, which, as you know,
join that to an audience with no sort of our explanation. Honestly, in seventy seven, where people just art used to see here and they say, is isolation. They go off like two thousand one Europe near rally. try and explain me in there was planetary aid from certain things. I guess you could sword of wedge in there, but even that's not a good example, as they dont think of it really is a space moving it also. It was the action element like you know, like there was such an action element. I would Does one great movie not a lot of action? Well, our action and not allow laughs right, so
and although the computer. Turning on the human, I mean that appeal to me, particularly its memory, but nobody dared to finish this particular story. We see this trailer so yeah somewhere, we could all be happening, and this is a billion like use in the making, and it's coming to our galaxy this summer and there's a huge explode. then somebody called out from the back of the yards common too late night pay me about a week after week. And carrying, I just love each other like it was funny. He got a really good laugh. One of those you know
audience, but you I wish you could attract that died down a month later, lobbies on tv based on what based on what he had just see. There was no way in his mind that could have been a successful moving with just two goofy and they didn't really. I don't think they really singled out ceramic. You know, which is a major component. Just in its do and getting financing and so forth a technique they later used with Marlon Brando in Superman, to give it sort of a gravitas that an ordinary we have had with mostly unknowns raw nuns butter. Again I mean I don't know how these people some people say. Well, the reason there was life around the block of the very first day is: there's a core audience, a people that will go see fantasy, insides fiction, film, No matter what, but, like I say, I mean I don't remember any ads on Saturday and I live- I Only during the rainy ads on tv
their money in a newspaper add. But there were no posters and aid, they did have stapled up lobby cards but, like I say it was one of those things. That is always You said at the time I remember saying this thing will be popular. I think it'll be as popular as the original plan of the AIDS as one of the people. That said, I really think it says all the onus is it even if it doesn't do really well the box office, its can be called movie, meaning college kids, you gotta come to midnight screenings and love it because of the humour, because the robots we're so funny- and you know the cynicism of the Han Solo character and the gravity of ceramic unjust. All of it I mean it's it as it is more a fairytale than it is.
national science fiction. We got a farm boy and a wizard and a pirate, and you know a princess. It's really seems to me that you have a great of a chance for cross over appeal because they did you know all these studies and they will women. Don't like science fiction, in fact they wanted to take the word wars out of it twentieth century fox? They had a name, the movie contest, while we were shooting it up the on the bulletin board of you to come up with a name that was better than star wars. They. You know that all these focus group to say in a well thirty percent of people that pool with that Hidell think it's a behind the scenes. Look at the Elizabeth failure, Richard Burton AIR, seriously and I get figure. What would be a better time is the first time I ever read the script. It was called the Tse.
The adventures of Luke Skywalker, as taken from the journal of the Wills saga, number one, the star wars? That was the tile surprise. They didn't stick with that one. is there a longer title that not only those of another day, six invisible. Really trying, but the long and the short of it was nobody who came up with a title that cuz a lot of people try. I tried, I can't remember what I came up with, but nobody actually ever came up with the tile like better than that, but that was the story all over. I mean I remember, George went to Mcdonald, he got turned down, so we went to bed, we got burger king and he went to Mattel toys that was turned down. So we got
we were everybody second choice for such an interesting just that that whole idea. I mean, of course, that story is a classic story like a merchant having rights were, who, I am, I know, as you know, raising never have. I don't understand what I read it likes it on my god. This things, a toy box. Everything is a toy of lorries are in a lifesaver whatsoever using those they say you, One of my favorite episodes of amazing stories to use a toy box use. That's right. You were the guy or gather ye ll ACORN, yes, and it was about people's because they know me and they know I'm a collector. They say will that must have been written for you directed by the way by Norman Runnels, the art director on Georgia's movies, but no. It was actually going to be Timothy Hutton and then scheduling
something happened in he couldn't do it so now you're better than well. I was having told the story of the second choice we cannot do is material. I mean it is if you haven't, if you haven't seen a day, the amazing Sars is Ray. It's really it's a beautiful story. I always was kind of saddened by it, though, because it took the guy's whole life or that dream to be realized, but but ultimately to really beautiful story, which I don't want to spoil so so look it up if you find it binding on networks are ever amazing stories, but we're going back. So when you, you don't you're making this movie and my girlfriends dad worked on star wars and we and he did the special export and so a joint extra, and so you know fur for him. He just said you know we were just hang out make stuff in a warehouse. We had no idea that you know I mean when you when you're shooting- it's, like you said, maybe it'll be called hit. What was suavest some of them over some of the feeling from the other Catholic because they have they like after this baby?
I'll go do theatre whatever I like. What was their weapons there feeling? Well, I don't know if I really had a feel for their take on- and I do know surely in England where there's no real reform Point they had Dan dare and doktor who most of them thought that it was gonna be Strictly for children shown only in matinees cuz, they had to again no reference point. They were very amiable about it, but they were all. So you know. I just don't you hearing that after what also, do they add a great sense of humour because they pick up on these lines and. I remember the boom guy every time we do take I'd, look up at him and he gave me
these Any would love you. I love. You know you re walking around here and muttering. we're all going to old ran. All of us might I'm going to override even older than I am going here because they pick up on you now and then to be hard to say we stop doing that, because it will not finish with the sea and I still have to say, but I go to all around me. We live in you're. So many unusual terms, I mean just the fact that it was called a wookiee. They couldn't get over that, then somebody made the mistake of data was a typo and was typed out as Obi WAN key. Which was w way. An Iphone Kay
well done anyway. I'm ok, that's an! why why? What does that? Do not need them near that it doesn't mean in the states, but it was all in confirm, like I say, and there was a real bonding that went on when we went to North Africa and then came back to London, and I made a point of really trying visit p. houses going for Sunday dinner, the two guys Jack Purvis, Uncanny Baker, we're in a group called the many towns, and I thought I'd really like to see see modern day day vaudeville I mean it was still a living.
Breathing occupation in those days, and they said why you ve come along. Keep your mouth shut, so people I know you're a yank and will let you did you do like family club in the afternoon and then you a night club at night. I really love to get there. I mean there's! No. My son was born. We did empire in our first born wife here somewhere tonight, but he was born in Saint John. what in London, so I've always had an you before I went to England. You know I loved the Ealing comedies. I love Peter sellers and the goons Monty Python. Beetles come on the stones me there there's so much love about british culture and then two to go there and and work. There's you get to see the country in a way you wouldn't. If you were just a tourist in London in between you, did we were wizards right, Europe actually movie. That was the first voice over I ever
Yeah did you? Was it something that you were setting out to do or was it that they just say hey? Do you want to do? No, I eat again, I'm in fact after wizards I'm trying to everyone there was. I didn't one series of Barbara, which was called Genie which was the animated version of I dream of junior later, who worked with her with Larry Hagman and said you know, I play the teenage version of you in a cartoon Mumia Abu. Do me: why are you really do you mean Julian? At work?
was a spot on. She did the genie and then, like the big, bear boot yeah. You know that was Joe Besser one of these three stages, but that it was interesting as I did, that one series, and almost to the day it was like in seventy two and I didn't do voice over again until ninety two, when I did that man- and once I did that man, I got the part through my theatrical age, because, as I will again like the symptom, real. I read about it before was on the Erika they're going to do this, apparently with high
low quality, they're gonna, try and emulate the flash cartoons the Superman cartoons, unity was famous for doing Popeye and Betty Boot, but he also did something like nineteen. Twenty Superman theatrical urges to make a long story short. I did a show of art and you know why I realized after about a year, was that there were voice over agents ages. It were specific, leave her voice over. I want wow. I didn't know that because this is, it says the others like this mini bidding war right really had a choice of agents to go to you. Unlike my theatrical car career, you know there was a demand for me because once we find that you do one thing while they once you do it over and over and over again, how can I get type gasped and animation? Nobody can see me, but you know that I have a preponderance for getting.
the villain, in the superior of our two got. I gotta. Stop that mean one thing: that's great about animations you get to do dialects. I mean I never got to do dialects until I went to Broadway. I did the elephant man. That was a dialect I used in Amadeus was a different dialect and room service, very New York guy. You know Ellen Organ directed that I was sort of doing a version of Alan. You can drop interest. Are all glow in the air? I wanna go first stage in the Balkans mark come on. Man is not new God tat away. What are you doing?
I've always loved the music of of people's voices. Even wise a kick ass. We moved every care. I went to nine schools in twelve years and my dad was a name is always Coastguards closed closed and here the the dialects to me were fascinating, not just to people that lived in our neighbourhood, but the first time I saw Dracula Bela Lugosi, I never being with Skype. Frown me. Why did you talk like outer or poorest karlov borders. Lafayette sort of relief when he spoke and he used to introduce a show called thriller, and I again I didn't know: where is our Morland party? Now Oliver Hearty was from Georgia, I believe and ends in Stan. Jefferson. Laura was English. You know, vessel, but I was a loved I loved, I loved it. I love them
in the movie, saw their movie and that you heard them speak you on the Ed Sullivan show they just said thanks and thanks for having us really didn't see. Then he saw the movie you again wow. That's such a fascinating dialects, I've always loved to hear dialects and imitate dialects and, like I say I never thought I would use them professionally in and a voice oh really opened up. That to use so many die from doing a character now on how to train your dragon is a tv series our northern spin on yet, but they said because I watch the movie when I was gonna go audition for them because they said that caught the copy I got said it was scottish and I can do scottish but it's it's it's not I'm not comfortable. It's not as comfortably in my wheel houses. Some other dialects, meaning is
Linda Scotland, would be the odd scottish person on the crew, but the most of the english dialects I heard and hung out with and in a spent years around. Where were you know, various parts of London? You know EAST then caught me and so forth, and so I was thinking about that. I said you could really one doing my dialogue and thinking I'm sort of doing up and limitation of MIKE Myers doing Shreck. It's not good. You know what I'm saying I mean. If you do Irish, you really want to go to listen to Donald Crispin. You wanna hear real Irish adjective your lazy. You know, you'll, take it from the lucky charms: commercial, cisely diamonds, of herbal whatever you. But if you really want to be a good after you should get tapes, you're gay. You seek out movies from authentic people. The people that have authentic
So I thought well, ok, you know trying to think of it. I think I watch passive glory. I was looking for and time got awfully laid knife. I will This is possible and probably not gonna get it anyway. So I'll just do it and But when I went into record I said, can I do a second take and just do what I want, because one thing I done is: if you rent the movie of outweighing your dragon, which is a real surprise me I'd. An extra efforts can be typical, musical and here it's very original in its approach, including the voices because, all over the place, this guy's got Standard English, this guy's, Canadian they ve got American. they're all washed up together. Even Ferguson, yeah he's wonderful, Christine wigs, but all these people they don't seem to their not striving for authenticity or consistency. So I felt a little you know,
I felt a secure and at least say well let me just do it a second time in a dialogue on more common, with- and I know I get the part, but they said yes do take two was its is a name is out in a space to be a union of short spiral of violence is playing in a date and thinking. Selves is, do they say everybody? I misunderstood. Nobody gets me so I'm doing I'm doing the sparks. the guys on the electrical crew from from the
the movies I did in England and he was very fine. They have such car colorful ways of expressing itself any case you could organise often cannot have an appeal. Why? I was just areas and I was shooting so they last year and by I'm in the ban is like all the sound crew, whatever That's who you really want to hang out with on your crew? Is there the funniest like they're, just cool they just make? earth gather the real people I'd. Never this term of office we drive by and theirs is dog just taking a more a monumental dump on the sidewalk, and then he just turned to set. It goes that dog curling want out over there like curling, went out, you made it sounds charming. I love it. I love you, England,
Australia, girl, lab work by wearing very tight genes is educated, loaded issues really chewing Denham, it's very colorful variable. It is our eyes all winter when she walked by, will that's just a earthy way that middle class people have of expressing themselves and their fun or wherever from Australia to England, to my wife from car mile annoy me to hear the local colloquialisms are whatso fastening, ripe, directed animation. I I've said organ I say you know we have to cover the dialogue so that we don't get riders mad at us. But if you want, and a b c tag. You know you can tweak use your own.
We want to put in your own vernacular or if you take the job, it's fun here. That's what's on the page, I am more than willing to take credit for your creativity, and sometimes you just get incredible dislike. Jim Cummings is from. New orleans- and he added so many things to his character and, like I say to you, if you empower the actor and let them be part of the process, you give rig wonderful, resulting pilot The reason I wanted to try that is, I read about J Wards technique and that was completely is technique I mean I've heard though I were did a show called Cannon with William. On, rather than earlier business days way before the internet. So it would be so impressive. Now you just Imdb the guy, but he was standing idly certainly do that. I knew that he was.
the narrator on marking Bullwinkle meanwhile and fast by Minnesota, disable it TAT night was the voice of super friends many way, while back of the whole of our Gama and some of the nearby school of more sir. You guys were he told us about Friday early evening figure together, then I'll have cocktails. This was like fifty nine sixty and he said with all those people. There I mean it was incredible. Gas power freeze in June RE, Charlie, Ruggles and all of them. That was his technique just going to bring what you can to the table in the scripture found in the first place it was the opposite of Hanna Barbera. I remember we'd be around the table. I'll be cracking up at the jokes at the guys were coming up with just the actors.
and Joe barbarity right now, let's get back to it. This is what would be the rioters for back to another Flintstones Rock joke. But you know everybody has their own techniques. I was lucky I I mean apparently, Genie was the lash Ojo personally directed Chris, Implement, who I still work with all the time when she directs regular show in some of the things I M doing now. She she was the one who told me that in nineteen, what was seventy one just just under the wire- and I was you not like I say I was at a table- read where these were all the people that I listened to what I was nine years old. does Butler and John Stevenson all these famous voices from huckleberry, Hound and Yogi Bare, and all of that mean you know. I am always surprised. You know the people think oh well, animation. That's kind of like you know:
rate to Broadway or it's so Dalen Oda. True vizier, you know like book principle, you're portrayal, the joke, the Joker was when people can be there, people come up there, we just make funny voices right A lot of you don't go on to say all I could do broad where I could do lobby will come up and say: listen, my homework, and you know or listen to my joker, you know in a lot of times they really are good. You know, they're great It's over, but I'm telling you I mean it's not fair, to just think these people can do
Funny voice no are raised. Ass aim was especially when you I've, never had the pleasure working with you, but I've worked with you, know: D, Bradley Baker and Jeff Bennett and Paulson, and Maurice and Frank welcome all these people and they just the because they're not bound like B. We said by their sort of appearance, because if you know you're just acting and if the actual thing is alive, action thing you're somewhat bound by what you look like as to how you are the character, is gonna go but with animation, and these guys hit all breezy levels in and they hit lines that you're like never would have thought to hit the line. That way that I honestly, I honestly think voice over acting is is is harder in a lot of sentences. Do they have to bring so much the table to bring the character to life and there's a you know, there's so many different degrees of evil? That's one of the question you have to ask yourself
go to any particular job. What kind of animation is this I mean? Is it cartoon e resents, where they might be doing funny Is it right or is it more realistic? I mean are so many different degrees, especially now with video games, where there's just no did demarcation between how you would perform enough in a feature film or in in that you know in the script. That's that's forget. Where did the jargon again? Kevin Conroy was a maid was I am a. May I think when you, when you talk about like people who portrayed Batman Batman, you got put him up there even with the live action, because it was such a lie. Is a year's. My all time, favorite Batman and in my first that animal course was Adam website we did Joker once with Adam, and I was I got a big lump in my throat I didn't know is going to him. We did it for charity,
They didn't tell me, wasn't me cabins: why walked in and areas there? Why ensuring and what we can do Joker in front that bad man, I can only be compared unfavourably with Caesar Romero in this area. Then I would shaved my moustached if I got and got it on camera gig yeah, that's right, these are about them. It would be shaken his above stairs so they highlight. May there is damn you can understand that, even when I was a kid I go, you mean it's not important enough to shave for the part drawback
What are you hoping for more latin lover parts in between episodes? That really bugged me? I don't know why. I finally met Caesar Romero and you know I had introduced myself, although we had no idea who I was, but we just happened be sitting next to a table were like filled with golden age, MGM people. So I seize the opportunity and I did meet him. But what are we talking about yeah. Well, you know the thing is I just come off of a year of doing Amadeus almost a year, we did the first national tour than they brought me to New York, and I finish out my run, There is one of the first things I did when I got back was: was the audition for the Joker I'd done, one episode that they'll this gave makes us no, I wanna be a man, so bad, and so they put me in the heart of ice episode later one anatomy and I have to agree, and when I read the script and what this is so deep for children's cartoon, I mean it's
melancholy and poignant. It was the first Mr Freeze episode. So as soon as I got over the fact that I wasn't blame MR freeze went into premium to breathe, Ok, homey, but that's what I was going to I'm the guy. Pushes MR freezes, the solution. I say I didn't audition. They just gave me the part, because I said wanna beyond it. I guess they were peppering it with the so called. celebrities or whether it and I work in this case Andrea, a major. I was right. The part and say, as I said earlier, let your your gate, geek flag flying, when I went and I met Bruce, ten pardine use the rider one, the army, for that episode and Michael and Sarah who is playing MR freeze and struggling terribly. He doesn't come from a comic book background, he's a passionate actor speaking.
really had been married to her. It was in a show when I was a kid got broken airway played an american indian does a very passionate actor and they had to keep say. That's too much emotion, I would we. If my eyes could? No? No, no, I don't know either planet our planet, so he was going against. His better instincts was terribly difficult for him because Mr Freeze was supposedly devoid of any emotion like that. But I went nuts on I mean another word. I started peppering. The questioner you did you doctor, you stranger unit of clay face to face are yet were there no will answer, you have episodes where this is just a mystery. You know, and I just I blow because I knew Batman so well, and I know this is true, as I just recently wrote an introduction for a Joker Coffee table book and I decided to go back and look at all the episodes that I had done and I listened to the commentary where
Bruce Term unaccountable, discuss me coming yeah. I know it's not the kind of you don't wanna hear, because I mean I just like I said I totally nerd it out on them, because I was so IX. about it and that somebody was finally doing bad man. That way right, I love the atom West One and has its legitimacy all its own, because he had captured that silly side of comic books. but for the rest of us the wanted- and you know the end. Then there was the Michael Keaton TIM Burden Virgin again a good version and so forth price. It This will give us breathing room, we're gonna be able to do so. Many different characters and the stories will be shorter at two and a half minutes. There are more likely to reflect comic book stories than having to profit out. For
two and a half hour move or the Warner brothers. The Bam Inanimated series was sort of the first. In my estimation, the first sort of greedy were of grid. Your version of bam, enemy, intemperance, Batman was was very stylized in comic bookie, and it was also influence. a dark night by Frank Miller. Rankers. Remember me, I remember and the trades when they announced the bad men would star Bill, Murray and and Eddie Murphy yeah. I said they're going to do a comedic, take
you know, I don't remember that at all now. That's for sure I mean I know a kind of want that to happen. Well, I mean I could see it being a very funny movie, but I didn't want them to do you want me put it this way, I'm friends with Michael useless and you can read his book. The boy love Batman everywhere, you pitched it. They could only see it as how Bang bit nice work chum that they couldn't see it as a serious vehicle. Ever an adult uptake and once Frank Miller came out with his version, they started well, ok, we see. That was a combination of a lot of things, but we did follow. We didn't come before that. Nineteen. Eighty nine Batman
gives one reiterate I didn't when I said the first creepers abandoned. I meant like on film or television not mean I obviously I take for granted. The people know that I understand how comic books work, but I just mean, like the visual like the day they, like it Filmer or television version amendment they they just hadn't, really care that way. Yet. So how do you take that? How do you play the job with the Joker go because its bit border?
I'd like a way out there. So how do you ground him in Riyadh wives get into my personal experience with it? Was that after I had done that one episode about a month or two went by and then that my age and called and said the people about me, I want to know if you want to additional for the Joker Guinea, of course, because, like I said the other was do you want to be in that episode and I just showed up or they sent me the script. I read my shoulder. I didn't audition this one that was due to a different and, I said sure now I had misgivings. I thought you know jokers a little too high profile. I would have preferred to do character that had never that is really not settle. It is walked to the front with it audience. Q in five minutes chairs, so so get your car ready. Do they know how fast it finishes story that so I told you I ve been doing
day s work things about Amadeus was Mozart was supposed to have a laugh. There was really at odds with that. You know magnificent music, he wrote it was supposed to be really stick in the cross, salutary and startle. The deities court when he laughed and it was described in the script, is like a brain. He are kind of laugh and one of the things you do in an eight hour week. Situation, at least I do is to try and figure out ways to keep it fresh for yourself and the obviously you're doing the same play eight times a week, but one. Places that I could play around a little bit was the laugh as long as it stay within the parameters of being startling and weird. I could change it, you know, and it was one of those whose it was flexible. My point is, I had an arsenal of a lot of bizarre laughs, in my Quiver whenever, when I showed up to do this voice over- and let me tell you- they had decided to change the actor, so six episodes with Joker were already finished. The first six that I did were dubbed after the fact
hard, you know it. Eighty are b b huge pain in the ass because you have a man in black, yes and you have to come in its its skill that you developing rhythmic, you come in where the fourth people would be or the third deep would be because they said it heads do and yet again your matching the rhythms of some other actor and then on top of which I listen to the tracks of the actor their replacing any was fantastic. I thought he was great. Of course, an inner voice at mark. Keep that bubble. Don't don't talk them out of consider you to play the part, but one thing is you know it was a different kind of skill. There was only a little black and white drawing of the joke at the top of the page. It didn't say-
think Nicholson, which was sort of liberating. There must have been so irritating our genuine one. It was terrible once I did get the part. I I've said this many times, if you're bored with it and make it quickly, when I was leaving the studio part of the Joker is his incredible arrogance. I mean slipping into the weight behind the wheel that crazy car. I love his sense of entitlement and easy genius. He you know, I mean it's just so fund play something that I'm sorry not what he say what he say. Well I mean when I left that first audition, I thought that's the best joker they're going to hear as they live to be a hundred
and they all hire me crazy and then, of course, a week later, when they said my age and calm, so they want you for Joe girl. Oh, I can't do that. Is she worried automated God? You know if it were, somebody did no one had heard the word clay face or to phaser anybody, but the Joker, and even my friends, the ashes boy you're pretty brave is what are you talking about? I would want follow. Follow Jack Nicholson in anything that might differently.
So I mean I want two hundred eighty degrees in the other direction. I lost all confidence. Thinking, there's no way I can come up with anything that will satisfy a character that at that time had been around for fifty years. You know we're forty two ninety two year, fifty seven years there's no way and the fans be the most critical of them all they don't sugarcoat it. You know what I wasn't. I don't even think I was on the internet in those days. I don't think I could have been, but my point is, you know I would read magazines- and you know it trade magazine. I there slaughter me no matter what I do in fact I remember saying about. If you dont bill me just like Karlov and Frank and scientists have question, Mark because I thought, what's gonna happen, ice I'd seen what had happened to Michael Keaton sure They announced that I'm playing the Joker and people think Luke Skywalker point. Oh, please
You know he's gonna be terrible. That's a good place for people does brains to because then, when you come in Euro awesome like wholly well. It certainly lowers expectation. It's not about play its manner, but not the same as the guy who is like those will be tv in a week and then to see that we like. Oh it's, that you know Can you can you? Can you just do a second of Joker Fund? Surprising, oh yeah? Well, the thing Joe cloud breeds of crime in that area, but leaving you he's he's not just I'm saying a mirror, in other words, in each script. I love I liked to pretend I'm playing for the very first time- and I say how is he used in this script? Because he's using a variety of different ways there was apparent, famine. The wheels were my girlfriend runs off with is an ivy jokers in an apron trying to run the house and he's called it clearly. any any looks, foolish
I mean I'm really protective of the carriage. I got really mad when I was in worlds finest. Why I'm getting ahead of myself? What I'm saying is in that case he was played as for comedy other times. Legally. Very sinister depends. We did things that were direct for video or the feature of fair mask the phantasm. You voted. our group places there are and in these video games that are meant to be for older seriously, because you d Joker and in our consisting of asylum, yet else how I wound up to here tonight I mean to my Jacques because I said you they sent you nominative, rob after I said yeah, ok, I've known me for a video game, Werner's nominees- and Annie. I never win back. I mean it's flattering: they get nominated and not only in what was I nominee for abaft but the very Stephen merchant who had beat me the previous month, at the video game awards was up further the Bafta. same thing as I was suicidal with your proposal. He thinks that what it was
I just know one from a very major bays right from all of that. His work there any such a good writer in these such fun actor, but we're all I'm saying is Well, you know in the case of the video game wards I just had to go to cover city to found find out. I lost my traveling seven thousand miles to one Thank you for showing up. We don't have anything for you that so sorry, goggles, It's the lie very old, my fear, my theory method. Is there. You know, if you don't show up, you have a better chance of winning is to my shock. I was coming home from a voice over gig and the phone rang with my cell, and it was all Crocker calling from London, seven o clock here was like two in the morning he was obviously had been celebrating for hours,
anything you want. I couldn't believe it. Obviously I you know, that's not why get into anything is to be awarded in any way shape or form. But I specially thought, since it's a bath, that they would probably want to lean towards homegrown talent. So if he's going to beat me in Culver City he's definitely going to be me and London and but yeah, it's been an amazing for me a character like the Joker has been so satisfying over the years. In a way I never expected, I mean I thought, maybe one parts I played in You are a lot of unrivalled tony huh, an aerial art, Gordon Miller, in room service. These reports that really I love play because you know once you inhabit
them they're. So not you, but you can vicariously enjoy the qualities that are not part of your own personality in somebody else's personality. I never expected that it would come a comic book character that I knew when I was a nine year old boy and and last as long as it as I am celebrating my twenty year associated with that care. In other words, a couple: a gaps when Kevin Michael Richardson play them in a serious called the Batman and Jeff Ben and played him in a brave and bold. But after the original run of the animated series and all of its incarnations, adventures of amateur mom in a bubble. But anyway- and we did talking toys we did amusement park rides. We did all tat,
They had not done it for five years and they asked me back for our common asylum is a kind of fun and rewarding in a way that you that you ve created this whole other character that the kind of makes people go. Oh, my god, it's the joker! Oh yeah! I guess he was in star wars to Sort of flips in a weird sort: well, that's what I'm saying is it if it's so there aren't like opposite ends in one's an icon of virtue was an icon of villainy and, like I said, I always loved and I loved the the the antagonist as much as the protagonists, because getting a reactor from the even with negative that they hate blue withdrawn fruit out you. That's that's a good thing, because you ve
No use elicited a response girl. I feel so much better now about what happens to me on the internet through a fruit thrown out you, when you're playing a hamlet, throw a hand guy playing hamlet. I learned to open it up to. I do nobody wishes which is, but before I do, I do I just like just a minute, which is one quick minute on Monday, games and, and whatever I and now it's opened up a whole because the thing about about vision, animation or film innovation. Is it really we are a limited number of parts available, but with the sort of explosion of video games industry where there is to be my estimation, it's it's every bit as legitimate as any other medium. Now you you have this whole other. We need to work in one thing: that's unusual! As the you know, you re a traditional script and you think. Well, that's a good movie here. That's a good television episode. That's a good play with video games. Is it's the most difficult of all mediums either?
worked in to figure out not whether or not it's a good part or their good actors or good writing, but whether it's going to be a good game I remember did I did a war varying game? Oh great fertilizer, look, I can imitate you jack when they are no. No, no do your own date and again. I addition like that. Ok, now I want to do it was sort of very clear, niece, witty gravelly. I was talking to an empty chair, but my point is: I thought, oh boy, I'm playing mouldering. If it's a successful, if you know another comic book of character and it's not DC this time, it's marvel. You want a branch out a little bit Anders potential for moving to three and four. So I do this game and I'm telling you these groups are like this. You can branch off and do you know very well what the play once do they can do. Anything they want.
And I gave it to Nathan Griffin to play laser my first and second sons, and then I have a daughter jealousy and they played it. I guess I mean I'd sound about a month later. It's all guys by the way, how Wolverine game looked at each other or don't you gotta, give me straight to be well you're. that bad, it's not again and they were right. I mean we did make a sequel. That's what I'm saying if you're in love. A gamer. You don't I played games when the boys were really small, but just like you are telling me that stage you can get so obsessed with these things. You, oh my god, it's the poor yeah. You know I mean more days from when I started exactly yeah was its it eats up your time. So much so I don't play him all that much like I say I was astonished as anyone,
and on the sidelines did as well as it did because they had not. They had not had good luck with that man Games and my son, like I say, would calm tat, go to join, stick dot, com, nine point, seven. A good legal out of jail, no. You know and like I say you know be careful when you go to the comment section of the internet. You know we call that this stinky public bathroom that you want to get out of it as soon. can because its brutal, oh really, you can. You can get your ego really stoked, but then you can read some Stephanie. A person. I can't wait to go under this message board much people love me. I feel good it also with a game it can t. Sometimes it can take you thirty hours before you realize crap game is They didn't pay off well or to go to on learning. I mean I talked to gamers because they want they wanted to be difficult enough, so they don't beat in an afternoon
There are certain challenges like there's: there's a flexibility, the way it moves in the way it there's somebody known, unknowns and unknown? Announce that it's like You know I've been wrong. Like Broadway, where I all these things I had for sure, and you know flops nerd, I thought I was so close to. Oh yeah Nelson we direct their right, he sure Nelson Riley and it went for anything. Ran for two years around a year after I left for sure we re opening of the question. Yes, so the Brits from back to don't kill me. Actually they just give you a stern look, that's about as bad as it gets really shouldn't go on its website with its unity, and the second was that you did you really oh that this other young lady you're wearing a nerd a shirt and a kind of fat boy, I'm apologize, you may do the kind of the relating thing you said earlier. Please do
name's Luke come on. May twenty fifth come and I did small time it was university, but to play them it s also notes are yeah. My wife is in your old enough. Now salutary aromatic. Aren't you somethin, let me know I guess we can't you kind of touched on it already, but I'd really like to know that what you used to develop the voice of the Joker and how you ve- We're going to do with a little Marcia sees Romero doing the highs and lows you know, or was it you know when I thought about it was more. I remember I used to love Claude reigns in the invisible man, crazy, crazy. I saw I mean I love that kind of greedy delivery, but I didn't set out to say I'm gonna do that
through that and the invoice overlord time you do that sort of thing. I remember doing positive player like our shock job, so I did a mixture of Howard, CO cell with J Leno, and what I'm saying is alongside people won't recognize your bad and pray What does that sound like? Let me see I've ever go way back. Is that a lot of it bag. Cadence. You know over our coasts, up until you don't know what you mean by the so. What I M saying is there's always than you might think you might mixed those characters and people say: oh you're doing Leno and you're doing stuff. You know you buy by doing a like a shade of a character. That's in your mind, of of established actor. In your mind, you come up with a third rail that it's all your own.
with with with Joker. I don't know what happened. I know the first six that I had to do in register. Andrea, remind said what nailed it for you was. The last when you did that you know when we went crazy with the lab everybody got, the children thought that's the joker, but if so was more on a laugh and it was on the dialogue and like I say he can be sorted, origami right, you know we could be he's, really got so many colours and that's why you so far plan. You know he's insane, so you know he's unpredictable and when you're unpredictable you never boring. So that that's why I think he has such a joy to play, and I just want to say to six and little bit more Haven't, I feel, really horrible haven't played outcome asylum road. but but.
I've never bladed, either its mind, you guess they were you able to mean, as as ever and ages, the voice gets hold it lower and sorry we able to a rigid approach it differently when you did the game. Well, the first of all When I saw the drive for the game, I said clearly, this is not the models from the enemy. Version which even that had undergone gonna change. remember when he lost his pupils with all black eyes And no red on his lips. I, like the ring design better, but that's not my car when I saw the new designs- and this is really nasty looking if a looks like almost like a gothic horror novel- and this is even before the sequel where he was dying of a mysterious disease
and I asked about that. I said what about the voice of media because they were they want me to do the video game it wasn't like. I was additional anymore now Kevin was in so you know I merely they're, just Doin Kevin Conway's doing it because he's my batman and there's truth in that in the in the fact that that's a very thin biotic relationship, the two of them and I love Kevin. He has read a comic book in his life. You know- and I've read to me
So were a great team and pardine was on board. He was riding it's all I, but they said. No, you can go is dark as you want with this one and he's I obviously probably the darkest in the sickest of the market's remember what we're doing the cartoon people say. Why don't you kill more people and we have standards and practices which is the sensors. It was meant to be a cartoon for children, so the Joker was all bark and no bite in the area in the early cartoons. Three talked about game, but he really couldn't be lethal. As some of the older fans wanting to be until these games nice to meet you
What what is it cruiser? That's that's my thing. That's the thing I made up. I did what are the others, so nice yeah that notices my company thing their partners. this. Is it we're doing it yet? Is the progress you fucking on a podcast? Oh my god. Said the effort. There's like a twelve year old right there the internet. Right, please tell me this wasn't like a Christian De Camp trip. I will never come to Hollywood again so sorry
Listen don't swear unless you want to seem cool and older was foreseen it. It's not Luke I'll tell you that highs Chris greater by his way thanks very much. Thank you very much mark people must get really overwhelm to beat you, but is there a famous person that you ve met the left you tongue, tied with admiration, too many to recount, but obviously, when I had to get over with ceramic and He invited me to lunch before we start shooting just so. I could meet him and he's he's laurels. Will, the doesn't mean he's is just Everyone will be more, but now really able to accept praise. He doesn't want to hear about this. Talk about your real,
You want to hear about a dog food, commercial six months on general hospital. I mean come on, but yeah. I was hard for me because I mean I, like I said to him in the lady killers in the lab and her heel MA bridge on the river cry? My mom is a huge alleghanies fan and we can see older movies in the movie theater goodbye when you're on Bates. They change every night they run classics but yeah. I remember of so many times. I read a scene once with four play: Henry Fond: his son on the Smith family. I just couldn't do it. My voice was wrong. I meant George Harrison. I said if I say hello to cry like a little girl, because you got that lump in my throat and I managed to get out. You know. I think it is a great music into use great,
what he said to me. So I will, I believe I mean actually died and Gandhi Evan right there. It's I soon. I think you say Cedar politically someone in your position, who has that all the time is that I feel like helps you sort of understand where people are coming from. Exactly like the fact. I think it's really important for anyone, no matter how, since a success when you get to still be a fan of things, cars are not getting, don't gets don't take things for granted, let things be fresh and news as best we can and like. I. the blood times. I totally get what it
Is that motivates the kind of fervour that some people have, because I understand from not not four star wars, but rather thing. So let us have a couple more questions. What I will fight you lose our talk. Ok,. They were. What what have we just do a couple more if there really fast? Ok, ok, I'm so sorry it! This is a unique opportunity for me. I just guys what you say: we lock the doors here all night. I want to go home really besides me, but I will I will be here all night. What is your request? I thank you. You spoke about your inspiration behind the Joker, but what about some of the other video games in its full throttle wing commander own a few this and what was your inspiration behind those? Did? You have
free range with them all with mortar, to walk the full throttle. I remember seeing a drawing with an ice cream. Three boy sooty was, I think, from the south. And I sort of model them after Sidney Green Street. I love of character actors in all black and white movies, with wings Under that was more of a straightforward, you know protagonist wrong so I mean I was sort of doing my version of a gritty. Lee man. I was really glad he. Let me girl beard for that. Is that helped give me more maturity. But you know ah love, as envisaged stepping off points when I say Claude rage, writes a city Green street, not really imitating them is so much as I might take a key
from them or or a certain kind of approach that they and their influenced by them more than imitating that, but I love those old black and white, movies. You know I mean I did a character called Larry. Three thousand on Time squad and it's like every category I've ever seen that said the queen, yes you're, mad, did you know, I just love, and then there was a character there used to be on the rock in Bullwinkle. Show that had that sort of live. You know that thought of undefinable, I don't know, I think he's had it been t, but I can't I can't be sure now would leave with time squad. I was play. I gotta review. That said, have a plays a robot, that makes see. Freebie look like a teamster
further, I told Anthony the areas that I thought you know what's so funny about that. The people that speculate like that, how can a robot be gay? I mean it's just it's it's an oxymoron, their machines. So that's why I was so funny in the first place, that's probably what maybe be able tree to go so over the top with their character, but, like say it would be watching like Betty gave his play the queen and wherever it was, you know, artist, s ensure or any of those all character, actors that again dialects it stuck in my ear forever. What more one more question? What is your name and thinks? I'm Christine High, my camera, I Christine We should not start work. Yes, I was wondering, do you remember your addition for it? I sure do not experience. Let's hear it well, I mean very quickly very quickly. I only got twelve pages of the script and when I read and I couldn't figure it out, I said this is like a parity like a male Brooks thing, because the first you told me
It was Robert England. He had already been upward and he didn't get cast. Is Robert. Glinda. Did you go after that? The movie Lucas's doing? I think I did graffiti said yeah he's doing something like Flash go. movie is light. I wanna for I didn't get it. I suppose you up work of HANS all solo and I go now ass, your agent, so I want to make a long story short got a in the mail, twelve pages or so and, like I said I could figure out the tone it. You know, there's a line in it that I remembered all these years later exists in this green. Does I later when down? I did a video screen test summit told me. A month ago, the guy operating the camera was Ben Bird, who one of the only person who want an Oscar for his very first movie, which was star wars. Each got that sound anyway and an Harrison was there,
You know plan solo now I knew him from graffiti, and so he obviously new George. I can't pumping Georgia's that Georgia's is like, like linked to speak. I kind of comedy ears. It serious areas with. Let's just doing will talk about letter and I'm I'm you know, I'm a union seemed Harrison as it is, isn't like men like making fun of it. You know like satire, I said: ok, thanks truly one of the what underlies I'll, never get it, because, if not in the movie, this line was in the screen. Play Ripley originally and we never filmed it by the time I got that it was written out, but it was
were in the cockpit millennium Falcon. And if that part, where you know he's out of a that's la mon. That's that's a stage now. Obi WAN wasn't in the screen tat. So I guess Harrison said that line and and I- and I said you know- I said his ease character- was of a mind than that. It is by the bargain but they're. Turning back out of my side of the bargain, and here's the actual my, but we cannot turn back fears their greatest defence. I gotta be, security. There is any greater than it was on acquires solace and what there is most likely directed towards a large scale, assault. I just want you to think about it, because I was saying I
figure out whether this was the send up or satire, because I mean I think I can do called the line. But we can't turn back. Fear is their greatest defence words, people come up on on the side of it are so scared that they'll turn away. I got that so far so good, I doubt if the actual security there at the death star is any greater than it was on actual I or solaced to be ass, made up names, small, you know whatever Plantoid, sir, it doesn't matter. Those are acceptable, nonsense words in science fiction, any graven wasn't that words are and what their is is most likely directed towards a large scale of thought. In other words, we could slip it It's not like we ve got our armada, we're not shown up with fifty ships just this little round one but like I say it, intellectual
it makes sense of it. But how do you deliver that wine and make it sound like it's something? That's coming to you? For the first time I mean it's as JOR El Harrison later said write this shit. You can't say it again. Please help me thank Mark Hamill, also backed up at the games. Go to back to La Org, will you take a picture of us up here? Please, and can we just? now leaving noticed dot com you're worried this episode of the notice. Podcast has brought you buy stamps dot com go to stamp. Stockholm click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage. type in notice for a hundred and ten dollar bonus offer, including a digital scale and fifty five dollars a free postage that stamped out come enter. The promo code noticed.
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