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Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved By The Bell, Franklin and Bash) chats with Chris and special guest co-host April Richardson about why moths eat sweaters, how they all keep healthy and fit and whether he is internet-y. They also talk about his time on Saved by the Bell, what his episode of Law and Order: SVU was about and his new show, Truth Be Told! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Workers in Earnest Pike s number, seven, four, seven I'll be performing in boys, eve of uncomfortable to her to night actually comes out on the sixteenth of October, we their night. Then it's coming up in SALT Lake City and also Kansas City, and then the Phoenix show the date got pushed a few weeks. I'm shooting something that I can talk about, but soon I'll be
we'll talk about it and then you understand why the date had to be move, but I moved it as soon as I possibly could, which would be November fourteenth. So it sir just a few weeks away. I just a few weeks after the date Phoenix Fun comfortable to her go to fund comparable to reduce com for tickets and then also taking the special uncomfortable in San Francisco on the twenty ninth of January, so whether it be for comparable special tickets interval or on the site for that as well. Also fomenters Community Court Board Kevin Simmons Rights. I have to puzzle related things that I believe in earnest community would be interested in thing. The first I published a daily puzzle every day on Twitter. They sought are relatively easy on Monday to become fiendishly hard by Friday, follow at puzzle theory to start challenging your brain and number two everyone does,
awesome puzzle event in around twenty citys around the world. Elam your senses go asked importance. He I was gonna Wanna Montreal, Vienna, other bunch other cities. The venues are different every month and you have to solve a puzzle find out what's happening, but let me another one coming up the puzzle. Another event info is at puzzled, pint, dot com. Thank you very much, Kevin Seven's for all the work you do for the political unity, also PETE Johnson rights on the sound designer for websites, mobile videogame company called Workin Man interactive right. To put our first Major independent release, deaths state and, if you find it worth your while we appreciate shut out here, is your shot at the game. Is sixteen bit style, horror, themed road like bullet? a single stick: shooter do out October twentieth on steam. You can check out the Prescott trailer for which he made the banner metal tune and otherwise generally shall people over to death state game dot com? there you go. I have shove people over hippy Johnson. Congratulations on making your thing. I'm proud of you in there is community celebre
you and they will take everything is well. Hopefully, this episode is more Paul. Geisler, now more positive new show called truth, be told fridays at eight, thirty on NBC and I've cannon known him for a really like, since the nineteen hundreds and finally got him on the pod cast and days is sadly good dude, and I can also say this- you know, met Myers on his honeymoon unaware, easy somewhere, an ice wondering whether something and Joan Arrays working- and so I said, hey, you know what I'm going to ask one of my best friends April Richardson, who else things one in five people live and she is opening for me on the road and applicable to her. She has, had cast called GO bayside where you watch it up so to save by the bell and then dissected with her afterwards. I did it with her. She did every episode to say by the veil and almost all the movies. So as there is another programmes, thereby gas.
And it was great vague, is actually already knew who she was, and so it our decorate. This is the marble Gaza pursued, others pod CAS wit April Richardson. Here's there's pike S number, some forty seven with marked Paul gossamer stock com, Normally you want to sit in it, not normal, Normally theirs and there are other people on the pod gas with me. One of them just got married, and so he is now on his way to Icelandic that's going to regulate and they're going to London, which is now
Is it weird like if I go to regulate in London and my copying one of my best friends, I'm not getting married in Vegas Marital next August? I think you think well we're trying to maybe later that we will see how it goes on to say. I think it's more like I dont forget other trial period, but you haven't even Mary. I you know, I don't know, I'm ironing, I'm looking to check now. You know why I just read the secret: so I just said a wedding day and unspent thirty thousand dollars- and I just feel like this right is gonna just show up right, Do you Member of the last time we hung out. It is better long long time here, I believe, was nineteen. Ninety nine. Ninety nine and I believe you were doing a series in Toronto-
Oh, we hold my c ex girlfriend Jacinto DC. She was on the show you are on the shelf. It was a dick wolves, departure from crime, procedural rights. I thought that was gonna go. I thought they had the best shot of going. It was John August. John Road and dig Wolf. Yes, come on now, John August has written so yeah you get a job, No, I don't want you all that we all look anyway. You talking about you. Just don't look me in the eyes. Most like a gorilla, you can't have quite a challenging if you look at the atmosphere has ever had not dig. Olaf was unstoppable it wasn't me more than just it, but within them now, with W B, could not with W John August and amazing writer, who also just come off, go He came off of go and then he went around ninety emergency aid or Zaire. The ages just finish, go on like this show is gonna be on their forever. Yet it's the, but it's just it is the wonderful
unpredictable nature of television, where you can never feel so, your even for a minute. That's exactly the people! Friends, family of mine Wool Will you workin on out and like all monitor, the giant, Vermeer's premier and repeat all truth, be told the scope beyond NBC. Oh, my god, that's great fantastic and I tried to get to accept Will you know you should use you should do you should be so proud of yours often you're on a network show as I yeah but you know, there's a billboard review on Sunset Boulevard, but you can't ever in this business of feeling you can now. Just go yet backing off. And the reason is because we are. I would love to do that. Right when you just lie. Have a billboard on sunset, I have made. You show a board with amazing people for people who don't understand it's. It's because we're sensitive performers are sensitive and it really hurts when things
Go Billy her end things. Don't go most of the tides migraine working to get that perfect job. You finally, land the perfect job and somebody says, feared: not do that perfectly? Why am I not doing the perfect job anymore? No reason I'm not a lawyer, mood we're Maria videos that guy anymore knows how to anything. You know it's just a data, you, twenty four year olds, don't really prefer yea. What's what were anything, I can do and make him happy now. Suddenly I laid my snapchat it's too late you over there you're too periscope no, mental health is going to help no hard. Certain amount of hearts are gonna win the audience over. It's a really tough business. I mean I I you know with our premier coming up this Friday at eight thirty, Please Dvr early seal anxiously tv on, I don't dvr, what county is no knows they don't care about it. They don't count dvr, we are, they do, but they don't does it bears the gray one day. Rum. Is it if you're, if you're in advertiser,
and you know that we can have my s favorite. Basically I get her years or so the advertisers I mean it. Television is basically it's all. It's all commerce and it really did the ultimate question and television is: where is the money coming from if the money work, if there was a new model where it wasn't coming through, traditional advertising means through commercials and sponsorships than then everything would be different. Which is why HBO Delicate Description Bay servants, so they can demand among already why they made her money. They made their model, so they can. You know there, they were smaller infrastructure. Smaller fewer people decide what's what and they have more of a point of view, but these large infrastructure networks is like there's a ton of people making visions and there's a boss corporations making there's disregard star stockholders, and it's nothing. Made of its and nothing to do with creative beside him, and now you think they are in the business of being creative in you really not. Of making money
Rural secretly, accountants. Well, we're all secretly performing monkeys right. That's the thing: we're a hopeless, while the lovers is sort of like how you know when you do stand up, and a comedy club most commonly club, you're, not really centres for arts there there. This is how we are to dream of this bill drink. Any of this whole issue is basically the same kind of thing where you know television, you're, distracting people, so they'll watch a snug commercial environment by an ratings yak as their their consumers. So it isn't, doesn't really anything you can you know it it. It is what it is it, but you still but someone You been working since you were a child, I mean you have never really start really hard, though Chris had been working really hard. That's the whole point of doing network television. I would like to not work. You know, I love and on a set I love.
I was saying this to Tom Valleys. Might he these mercosur and this uneasiness data comedian? So he knows what the hard work is all about as well. Love being on a Sunday in creative and I do and what we do for a living. I dont need to get paid for that. We have paid for the other things that we do it taking the risk near the day when we, when we do a show and they get panned or doesn't go any further mine attached to it. Then I have to contradict myself out of it to get the next job yeah. So it's kind of web? I feel like I get paid me. Than the average person is because its heart For me too now get another job. If something doesn't go right, I may have to sustain you fear for four. If every few years and and I've had many times where you know after Franklin, Abash ended last April and work since I've done films, films on pay, but you know you wait. Two for the policies and come up, and you view its fishing. You be put your name out there. They are you. You get
that had they draw a card and nobly dear on a show that dumb is gonna sustains up. But I would just like to give that point we will have to work is hard you get a good syndicates. My people go. My gosh will say by the Bell that down this indication to be beautiful money nor the Saturday morning show it was the first his kind weeding get paid Dick, for yeah. I just haven't television, Mario Lopez, it was a we got. We got seriously both by. How are you not it's on always forever like you are you not on our way of learning and suddenly denial ever brought suddenly like the Gilligan Island, like I think probably on always forever because they don't have to pay everyone. So it's inexpensive, they probably just lock you guys. When a deal. It was your first jobs. Of course you say yes do it, because you never you're, never gonna, be we. U dont go well. This is gonna run forever, but it's because casts like that deal with that that then future CAS or
Maybe we need protection is like you have actually did and we did take the bullet with it. We did take the bulletin, another merchandising, nothing you're doing nothing. She personally ray you check right now, and I am also well aware that the user to have my money from everyone else does it. S like a thousand Griswold Grant weakened. I would. I would capture Jack. I would have no call anyone. We disappointed, As you know, the city it was it was that it was very much the same thing when I worked at MTV, which was you know, you'd make almost no money, I mean, and I don't mean I dont mean a little bit of money by entertainment. Sends me like almost no one here: firstly, because you're, making very little money and then you're paying commissions to shareholders
but you can't really go, do other things and so yeah. That's what other people to understand as I would you locked into a show your exclusive to Russia right so what I D Franklin abashed friend, since it was only ten up so the year. I couldn't work on anything else, besides films, but do you know how hard it is to get some other related deaths near impasse? so you're locked into that show do intend episodes a year. You know, do network television, you do twenty two, hopefully even on in failure. You do thirteen right, You were saying on Broadway, no one MTV, oh I in my head, when it Broadway, I wanna know when you said MTV and you're insane how you have to pay for work? That's how Broadway was I when I did that I was like I'm pain, to be a major best organ, my life. Where would you like? Do you like me right it I loved it loved it. Did you do you like being a New York and in all we did we shot out here? Actually I mean I think I would have liked to have been in New York. I wasn't there were and tv wasn't. Mtv was in New York, The show that I did was out here, and so it was the first
so we didn't it wherever I was even really part of. I didn't get like the cool at sea even really part of I'd even get like this. Absolutely lifestyle of like now, it was one of these is that everyone thinks we're going area that was seen as well. My head of this kind of like a how Broadway I guess it was an ethanol. Everyone was in New York now they were initially, but that is not just not we weren't get down on your yan. Just an ordinary school didn't get picked again almost there, but it is hard to mean you know, but when I look back, I think well. Tremendous job, training and exposure for other things in the experience was good and you know I mean it whatever it is. It was held in ways like it. It just wasn't always look on the bright side. There is cast in Bosnia This gives. The glass is half full. It really is. Of sheer track remit. I can't make my read. This is my that's ok,
tat? My palm it'll be a lot of experience of the sort of thing. Why I mean it is it? Is it takes a certain you know when when people want to become performers, I feel if they can handle that and navigated. It's almost there's almost like this weird darwinian thing about it that if you can survive, then you'll be rewarded, because I being a deck up, a huge, That's why people? You know people do get better and people do. I understand that I honestly, we worry we're. We're complain about the industry in that side of the whole business. I would end in an industry because it's scary is scary, but honestly, like what gives people the right and our business to be. Such bitches think that some people are broken people about cannon than the bidders doesn't bigger than other business, where you're allowed to act. Some of the way that we as act,
are allowed to know. No, it's it's abysmal and the other problem really is ahead. Arrogantly is you don't I've been lucky that I haven't really had to deal with? It ever mean either, but I see it, but you see it and then you and then you can you you want to say to people like hey. Isn't it hard enough to get a thing on the air? Can we not just The railway, the fact that you would you rather just be sitting in your private doing not myself. I say what we do in Lasher about this time, the hours they will return and what have you been trying to do entire life you're? Finally, you're here, you'd sabre it work your ass off too, to maintain a bit bad behaviors reward. I think what happens is that you know when you're young and when you're in the pursuit of something it's always you're. Always you always looking at the future of being this thing that you want to attain, and the interesting thing is that when you actually start to attain that a lot of people forget to just stop and enjoy the present of it. They still are like oh, but I don't have that right, but I still
that, but also get in fact, because of that I got pretty nice car like you do in ok, you know you shouldn't have problem, not that you can't have problems, but just you know I mean things or if you're working and if you're doing something you like things, are good. You know it doesn't matter if you're making a couple thousand dollars or millions of dollars you so have you stilted appreciate what you're doing and then look ahead in and cannot wish that you had more right, I mean there's nothing wrong with wrong with there's nothing along with trying to plan. You know for the future, are trying to make sure, especially in this business, that yours secure as long as your ego isn't attached to it, and I think that's really kind of where the when people attach their ego to stuff. I think that's where they get super fucked up, but I think most actors, I mean that's that's. What makes a good actor sometimes is. Is that,
J, Normous eager, maybe as long as that it can be contained to the work and not all the external staff. What yeah Bulgaria will? How do you do that? I don't know. I guess I just again, because you know what I'm on set, I have four gets an end. Is it it is chaotic and and wonderful all at once, but it's a lot of work and the amount of work that my wife puts in is is amazing, as we have. This conversation is the witching hour she's, putting them too to bed and and feeding them in and doing all the things that it manages like Euro saint. But when I go to work, I take a vacation. I gotta work and people getting food and I get rest and should make it your hair dine and then the other you want car wash. Of course I want my car wash and it is I envy you get treated so well. I could see how people who can take that to it at a different in a different direction like they think that that's the way the world works.
One sort of revolves around them, because onset everyone revolves around the actors shortens all about. How can we help them get through the day? yeah. Another reason then we're actors, and it's very rare. That you would be honest there were. Some act would be like. I don't feel like doing this because I still feel I give and then the producers are going to go What are you shut? The fuck up, you know I've gotta know what do you get out of this shit? I mean that's. The thing is that I think there are those Stephen Botch goes. That and then why people was he really? Yes, even because he d memory did that David Caruso and on an unemployed, rightly clear so earnestly I got fired the first season when it was a huge hit. That's like Gimme a show. There was a huge data. First season and firing the lead actor rid of me to generate a Seinfeld disgraceful way above the day they got rid of workers because he said I use has been dick? You know there was a. I don't know what the circumstances were behind it. But do you remember the whole family?
yeah. They originally Valerie Valerie, Harper, sure yeah, and then some dispute happened and then she was out and then it begin they brought in sandy Duncan. Then it was the Hogan fairly well fuck it. They got last names list I beg you to answer that. Bowers, barely one hundred anymore, no really than oil. Isn't it anymore now, not so much because will now show gets like to have specific. Then I, like, I, don't like it here. And it really is a isn't. It is such a strange tumultuous time, but I do have to say you still find play a time to get into that jam because you look good my frankie, you look, I don't know how much I suppose we talking, but when you are talking about haven't we exclusively shows I was like you could supplement your income with some modeling. Don't know what I find work a runaway were talking about. I could take these comments. I go to my head. You have good causes. Little figure, you guys Benjy Buttons disease.
I gave you a reverse Irish. Now, what's goin on here, a lot of surgery, lotta work done. That's we're all my money! Also you all the same. I daresay they spasm utitsa great thing. So much ass. I got a live thing at the mommy make over after the forty eight hours, and I are both hating audio, our particular mommy. Make over. It say: that's actually one thing that I wish. I had more time, one when we were in the season I get to work out when I'm not working but the ones. We start the season, the sight all bets are off More than a billion will be able to do especially the older. You get to just feel. Ok and not you know, sleep become when sleep becomes. Tax board. You didn't like I wake up after the morning and go what the fuck does. Yeah, I'm small a more sore in the morning then I am before I went to sleep yak as you yeah exactly like. That is that about sleep number beds, and I dont know what my number is having a couple.
I've tried how many number is my wife. Last night I had a way to thirty, which is really love. Anybody has asleep number, but with no like thirty, that's crazy talk. Thirty's really hurts lids literally lay there becomes a bean bag at that point in us. He really cannot, and I thought I was sleeping like that for a week and then also my test bed for my posture some kind of like this like fetal position, but I'm hunched, and I thought when we pump the sucker up two hundred thousand years ago. It was a hundred, I guess Cyril, but I've never had a new form of another or engine play evidently added a bit so from thirty two pumping up two hundred miles get a kicks on a generator and it has the blow this Aaron and my wife is apt to and she does me speeds what the fuck you do in fact have pumped the number. I bet she's. How are you going? I am going to really
It was you I created a hundred, so I got two hundred ice there for a little bit like that, deserve our brains and eighty, so mad. Eighty right now will see. Others goes, grass, ok good was they are produced? you next week and then about and I've gone online, like numbers? I wanted a numbers like: what's what's a good number of her back pain like without having consulted twitter with this, I have not a guitar I made you haven't, even though, every single hersel answer with sixty nine. What I'm really? I would add that it is the hope of number the sixty nine. It could be. The perfect number eight only goes in agreements of TAT five, so that he'll get God reactors you can do with sixty five on someone. You have also on huge Juba, serious question your phone roller. I do ok, now. We re you gotta, go see the onto Roger Hamley browser, but I dont know if farmers even locker,
you gonna go see the entourage every browser, but I dont know if foam role, given the cross border, don't ever user for budgets The former roller is basically a very simple device that made someone very rich. It's basically a small like a rolling pin. Cylinder gets cylinder of foam is like a pool, neural net that'll, bigger, much bigger arrayed in your new role. You you, you, you put it under your back in the new role until you get you a space, we kind of feel like there's a kink in there, and then you just sit there. And then the nap, the compression after it weight of your body over that points to starts to loosen up, and if you do it regularly really kind of opens everything. Like needing Minos. Ignoring your muscles will also help non ripped. People such as myself. It helps anyone, ok get there. I'm sure you do have muscles Everybody is too agenda, but you do have like aches and pains of muscle. Kind of things are only, I guess,
a lady? I dont want to reveal my age and Billig Yeoman old eighty bids, so hurry hi, I'm April at all. They know I'm in pig, physical condition, guys I've zero problem, no ex but that's what happens? Maybe I'll do research on this. You just wake up and you're like a Roma is fucked then I will happen and it allows for like lasted thing at large. I'm when you were a kid is neck pain for maybe six hours right now by recess was it was gone wolverine when you're. Just everything gets here. As you know, with kids. Oh, my kids. If they get a scratch by today's, it's gone Yes, there are, no rules are still morning Arthur Dine, yet our cells are diamond. You just have to get like an old man of their faith. Bulgaria now everyone, What's gonna happen I will get all craggy of its authority coming out the mouths of you. Two guys you are like remarkable
good looking as all the other du jour age like where I grew up and she looked like my parents. You guzzling life, is tough on my client like a real guy ray. It's not that it's tough! It's just! You know there are things there are things earlier, but but the but again the older. You get the more work you have to do just a few. Ok, I like just just to have that baseline of Austria. Oh, I can move freely and like I am limber and I dont have to you know you have to do more and more stuff. Every day take racial Emily. Who do we know about the number of crimes, in pills. I met report, natural elixir discharged Rove. Does it work to the fish oils work? I like the visual that I'm taking a big visual, wouldn't show european. Also, why don't you Less healthy person in a sort of oil do good good brain, June, following its it's great for your joints, are everywhere joints I think, one of the things that helps me recover the most
out of any someone I take as fish oil, but good visual, good companies, yeah how'd. You know which whats a good company. I did my research on it and found. Company of envy, cares of insurance. It's called S. F H, which stands for stronger Vassar, healthier, foregoing. The great company, because they, the fish oil, the the thing about this visualizes created by a guy who is it who created for pharmaceutical strength, and now it's screwed up my natural fish. Create about actual veritable mermaid. They destroyed the Finally, I wish to put in this bottle, but I don't give a shit. I feel great anymore. It's a mermaid, just dying, Discreet Forte, our baby is and what the hell are you take. My vote is taken these guys. Are you one of those like super altitudes? They just eat several. If you came out olonnois like those green things are and what I try to find, because at this age I try to find, I think, we're we're talking of the peace,
home, show that I did- and we talked about this because this is so important. Now we have so much that we are somewhat. Knowledge at our at our convenience in England line and look up what works and what does not work in the end. Although you get it's like, I want to feel better the older I get I want, I feel worse, oh you. What can I do to combat that? What can I do to two to wake up in the morning? I like You like, like of forty one Europe. A feeling I feel like. I wouldn't you say. Thank you. The eighty old building. Take your euro zone hag yeah yeah, I you know, I think I think it is. I think it is pretty simple and I think it's just little little habits that you can get into is the promise, I think sometimes a duty Two. Fifty, like all better turn this fuckin boat around right. Marianne with that due to lie rhetoric or what, but I think, if you just do little bits each day in ITALY.
Drink a little bit more water dual at work, starting stretching his private most important thing that stretches gray, stretching regular stretching will change your life. If you just did nothing else, stretching replied the tenant the day to see don't lock up, I mean you, like you, see some old people better like seventy and they Barely like you, don't move around its you gonna, be there you needed stretch out the joints. Do some exercise. Why not to take anything like you know, you're, a pharmaceutical strength, things like no data, even even over the counter, leave an entire try to limit that stuff. That. Just scares me really a big till pop now you know what you want to take up. Do you know what do you want? now? I would like more dynamic things. Yeah so stretch drink water. You know, try to eat healthy shit. You know that, don't you know, portion control is good. You don't have to eat everything. You know just little bits to, and this is just to help you feel better. You know this is just to help. You feel better in the long it has
the students were on to rid the dude. I Villa Garonne like a new line. I do the talking to give real taught guard shit, no more like it, I'm off. No, I would wish shit, I'm planning, oh my god it as I got you bar where you want more sure. Of course they do you get there. Showing your hands of touch that formulated, issued out sweaters cats. Are they here they would have as it were. To these words they shut out bulls. What I felt sweaters, if I'm not an idiot, if you like, rings that you can then back into no longer here, Mitt mopping up into sweaters eyebrow? But somebody, try right now and always have reserved similar startling load right now is March its water all natural law for recycling. Exactly I welcome all the old. Where do they don't even know
They don't even know and then someone's gonna protests the unethical treatment of moths right you just using them for their sweater shit like that. Then they can just eat sweaters made from their shit. It's a vote. In reality, the mark could just fly around you and circles and then just should assume Does a mouth. He only sweaters has one of the thing Are you write like use unity that they only go after sweater? Has I'm really why why, with the only go after sweaters you're, not only very specifically, what about which we have been through my socks? I don't care if there's a whole sorry, I siren art hanging out the closet right might well. How do you know well I'll data pathetic What are we really did you sneak in my house how you? How did you know that a sweater will just? I don't know what? What? What are you using a suspicious? A sweater will just sit there for months on end. Yes, they have plenty of time to snap gonna, be your shoe. Sox are constantly
That's really put your socks aren't like, but does a move to live for how long I don't know He said months on end like its camped out my clause, but it all, but like a cycle of a cycle of Malta, how did they know to go that same spot? The last mile told them. You know you gotta go. You know where the best sweaters are get can't. Listen must look at life Anybody else with is absolutely amazing. Nice guy, I'm gonna, go the zero. The analysis is bother me where the life span of mine- This is not our undiscovered watch. This I mean it's not long. You know, probably in the coming days egg asked me a couple days, but how does that whole happen one day as ages ay? I think they are the two on it and that for five years, as you are really only little holidays, cause sweaters aren't very nutritious now figured it out, yet there also Fido Eddie
the nutrients. They re stupid moths, give a shit I'll say it. You work in a given region I don't care who I take down, I'm taken doubt big law is a very kind I shall try. Monetary were taken down the one per the money. So sorry I I drove it down the street. Now it's over, it's a reasonable grudging, there's a great celebrated called no stupid questions and answers, and its literally you can post anything. You want right and you don't have to feel bad about asking We regret that I am not going to get us to quantify. Actually, you get real replies. Really you really do its pilot. Part of the ecosystem of that particular separate. Is that people will again really answer you, because you are coming sincerely in saying I know I know this is done that I don't know this, but I dont know this, and people really do answer them seriously.
They're not mean no. I ordered the worst you're gonna streets and nobody gonna say if the bigger sub read and write my vote was anything read. It isn't so much in this, but like my ultimate thing with any sites like that, I'm so terrified to go, because I always do you think I'm gonna accidentally see gross pictures, knowing I just always thinking when accidently seal you're the picture do Britain is lagging there are. There are some light like if you went to like the Deputy of Sub read it. Are you guys, like? I didn't just scared you line, there's one fifty fifty subsequently camera what it's called might be fifty I camera what it's called, but anyway, when you click on a link, fifty percent of the time. It's something adorable, fifty percent of the time. It's the worst things. I'm gonna die worst nightmare. That's my worst internet now. Are you? Are you internet? He or you might try to be for some of you would have severe. Where were you? Hang out on the internet won't disorder toy. You know that
The whole social media, that of others we ve, had to act. We took at a seminar with embassy. And we see when you become a museum play further, shows a they give you a seminar like a here's, how you we want you to tweet right gram in and mitigating player defects. Let me say that there are no longer hold on. I have left. I have that envy deserve the up, but its heart, I think that's the hardest part of business for us, is to two especially of personally me. Am I I don't look at things. Go, that's a grandma one moment. Let me let me parental done unanswered round me and I had a gram mine, Yankee Goswell. My entire, even easier mpg. Please leave I value for a very long inside blocker enables them. Even worse, even muted, so you, when you ve, been you getting all of
missives. But what do I do on the internet? I mean, I guess now the Jude none. He sang a sound and beheld lot. I you know as many times as I ever get to you. Things and hurried. I do. I writhings I'm gonna go on in all my foot border were my news upper night. I guess news, I'm in information for the kids if there's something I think about it like? There is no question that you can't find the answer to no? No it's an amazing time. We live in a really rather like. I don't know what it's like to have that when you got the Britannica when you get the whole set of those a huge thing for you. You had to hope I never got one, but I had to go to my answer was somewhere between Aardvark and yeah yeah, but I had to use my friends store. I d go to their neighbours and because we don't have one we are spoiled with information. Now we are absolutely spoil with information now Edward
summer. I was and is announcing as they are. We dumber could say. I think it's gonna. Take your parents say: no, will you know your generation homeward, There were a dozen immigrants, you know, but there were dumber, but I think we're more we're more self involved than I think people were able to be before, because you know in pioneer days, if you really couldn't just be sent me, you really did after work as a community sure how you really can just focus on yourself all day and, and that is dangerous, because I think people are have a predisposition to narcissism, separate sort of It's it's a sort of a daily struggle to make sure that you don't get too caught up in your own shit. You know, but I was when I could. I said the moth here, sweaters, great and caught up my own sweater, Ria continue they move
like our families, water borne out what are either mexican slender, but but I as much as I still inasmuch as I get questions like did you have sex with Dorothy? We know which show you know from MTV, which I didn't ninety nineties when I think about people are guilty of they still daily. They were the bells still play down over the amount I post something of a boat, something right now onto her insecure him by the third. Comment will be something about survive about tat about Zachary Collyer Slater. Did you make? Have you made peace, one that I know I never was an enemy of, doesn't mean in this sense. I mean in the sense of like you did this thing lives forever. You didn't really hit picket for her. It like were, you was a real like? Are you cool about it in the yard,
Yes, I believe that the answer to that is eminently do get annoyed, sometimes sure, when you try to your trying to promote something in her trunk of a serious moment on on Twitter, the right move in a wide. Why? Why bother by day. You know there are certain things that you put out there, but it's harmless are really is says. I was the experience, fun or didn't feel like Does it doesn't really you in all honesty that at that time, in my life is over twelve to name Tina. Think as you count in the college or so really twelve to eighteen my high school life, the most formative years of your last formative years, my life, but also the part of your life. Where you're not sentimental about a thing you know you're just kind of going through. Trying to get ahead. You're trying to get to your twenties you're, trying to get to be eighteen to be an adult Take him move out of the house and do your own thing, and so that sort of was a blur the from twice.
To eighteen was? It was a blur for me and how did you survive? you survive it and then thrive beyond it. When that can be such a draft for a young actor luck, I guess I mean I'd like us and my parents from HOLLAND. We were not a Hollywood type of family. We will my mother, my mother, honour on a whim of friend of hers, said you, dear sons, Q should get him the modelling, and so that's that's. That was our beginning of our journey. Wow was me going out and is doing print modelling and or print work and modeling fur venom may season and blooming. And things like that limited commercials and then I did the theatrical, workin and eventually got on disabled about. Do you speak dutch incline bait Ah, you know.
Dont at all, but I know that had enough Hardwicke, although it was hard work is English is English, but I think there could. I think there may be a dutch variants night. I think there might be like a hard bargain, like they think, there's sort of hard VIC hard vehicle hide VIC there met them. There might be dutch variant, but its ices big allow more. When my might, we all grown up because it always vote in the house when I think a lot of people realise that a lot of people think, oh, you know we're we're. Amerika was founded by British immigrants like going and they want a Dutch. They went to HOLLAND and there's a lot of dutch than their legs. We there's even in the way that we speakers a huge dutch influence in this as is usual in the way they speak in HOLLAND is, is a lot of cross over from what we say in English to what they say. Have you. I am sure that you had panic, oaken, pontica, Bonica, Bonica dutch and kick start panties our little flat logging on Google
with hindsight. We ended of not having heard there's gonna know, but we were driving through was content. I think sure that's called constant, miss out many minutes so be it. Yes, I have lived in their yoga, HOLLAND of America, but I think that your question yes, but there, but but in in I believe it's Wisconsin are mere ministries. It may be Michigan so there are. There are about signs, for there is wide you write like Dodge. Pancake de jure aren't we have Michigan as a dutch influence to an all emission, and what do you think is the were? What what's the sort of? Is there a core principle of dutch culture that people wouldn't know if you weren't from there there's a core principle, but there are some of the nicest people yet you by ever made of your if you are travelling in European and you gonna holiday. I think when my when my wife and I were dating, we took a trip to London she's from she Scottish, so he took it
to London Justice fool around there and then went to Paris and up to Amsterdam, and the earlier part of the trip was by far Amsterdam adjust the people that culture this or of their the free spirits in their blue. There really really good good people I'd at an answer explained like they're, they're just help fallen and they they cannot explain. Why was gonna some someone said everybody today. When I go now, I don't really, you ve never been no and an eye, but what but foods I said, you know I don't smoke partner go. You know there's a lot of other stuff to do there all right right right under American, but I would rule are absolutely love to go, create history and monitor their very small country, but they there that there too nice that's whether such a small country hated the things taken away from them, yeah, but nods
yeah, the New Amsterdam, the New York, We knew in Amsterdam the huge influence, what Scotland is right from there from the borders peoples and Galicia, which is down by the borders tribal thirty minute south of Edinburgh, I've been stolen. Oh you, having Scallon, Peter Zia, great causes, great artists. Those people are super cool too good. Folks really give also that's what hollan feels like it feels like folks, like that, I just I just you just want to hang out yet dutch Scottish is that good, I'm in a cool combination. For a kid, be dutch Scottish, that's a red combination, yeah! Well, my my our son he's looks very duchies blonde. My wife is born, but he's blind it. His name is decker indecorous.
Dutch surname and they do and then our daughter, Laughlin is gaelic Gaelic names, we cannot at the Dutch and the Gaelic Mammon we're done. Ice for kids were done up. Are you sure Oh, I'm sure, ok, aren't you gonna get less sleep normal can I buy did that the power has been cut. As they say. Let's interests interested in them, What what are you talking about? I gonna get it does a guy we should have more know, I'm saying the horn, but you can't Actually I knew somebody who added that they re they re wired, they did some wearing oh, my god it isn't. A robot went in there with a spot welder area while having to have one in that sounds unappealing to go back. You should hear where you should go and attached to then haven't Rona tat no world in the rue. You should get one of them digs
You know what you should get guy salesmen character over. There are three step to Baghdad, we have started early. I do you to eat it. How do you do with everybody? ain't gonna eat a Dick Karabakh, aerobatics all value. So what's the bait? What's? What is the concept of the new show than you and me shows and all about dicks energy? Didn't I don't feel bad. It's enough rather, like truth, be told to every told it's about Dixon, no, that's about for people to couples. Neighbours and I M really confusing the audience with his won't. I try to think like with the EU.
Simply waited to say with a show is about as its these two couples. Diverse couples with diverse opinions. Talk about what friends talk about no topic is off. Hudson mean when you, when you have friends where you feel support and loved you can have these. Religions we're having now and not feel like you're gonna get judge to two abruptly right, but that's what shows abundance? It sets a comedy on fine, I say thirty, an embassy. Do you like do it, you do put you have a preference. I have a reference, Sir days the comedy is hard drowning in my opinion, has been really really challenging. For me, it's a tie mean it's a rhythm, it's a dance or as with drama you wake up, have a bad day in its beer, brilliant s, genius what you do on unsaid today, but com he needs your full attention at all times and every seen every word
So I have a lot of respect for the people it that are very good at doing because your funny in riffian Mickey! You know it's a youtube. You have you, you know comedy here, but for me my characters, a glass, half full gonna guy me, I'm a glass half empty we realise serious, oh yeah, come on we're talking, do not come up in the slightest Billy yet because this progress been meds up up up up. Now I want to bring funny like really even when you were talking about like you know, I'm argument I am optimistic about. There used to be like this super well adjusted super chill super like you, I won't you fall guy, I'm so cynically seal Michael All in all, we glass half empty at all times, and I think what I do is I try to get to that neutral spike, some policies. I cannot just try to get to the
the new one in that way is oil mean or Pisces. Echoing? What are your hair iconic go with the with the flow and I wanna disrupt. I play a character on them on my show whose all about disrupt in a minute the he's he's the guy who tries to say something politically correct and continues going towards politically incorrect. It is again and like be not just can't not be right and has the greatest point across, and then everybody is exhausted. Everyone to fund character, I was editors, means are more inclined. They have a horse for a body without any other tourist, but I know that media said Emily Foreign Secretaries yeah senators its December during November December November to we- and I think I really know to be honest. I don't really know what my defining characteristic only tourists Torres Osborne May. First, that's all. I know that it means Meda yeah have a tourist daughter. May seventh, is that good or bad?
I then is good thing. There's their strong willed kindly to govern. Is why Mamma you like it way Torah Sore, yet it like a bow. That's not good! Now, although I didn't do it run to astrology ever do just you know like Myers, Briggs and Lady so it is really sexes April. A lot of us have feelings and we're in a sensitive things. Ok, so just because I just got that dick remember I have checked and now the sight of I know I did last April better ass, you. Back, I give it back. You dig drawback in the bag I don't see how eastern fundamentalism I haven't been able to adorn our My colleague is: God knows that I don't know. I thought I had a partner now what itself gives our image? Oh, my god. They d hypnotism and happen.
His men believe in ITALY, the cock was gone and he came out of a thing infallibly that he'd When I listen to this all the time re run up, and then I dont then, to put any very brilliant I've been how is one of those shows that whenever I hear it on my god dammit one- and I listen to this all the time re inside a grown up and then I dont end up with any very brilliant I've been such a fund for you have you done issue I have not. I dont think I will ever do is show I have too much for him? I have too much respect for what that show, You know it's just I yeah, I'm a man by the Howard to me is a group of idolize the guide and been bought his books in and then things were added and I can't be on their show. I'm doing the rapture next week. Ogres I'll do- and I know Gary and some guys in We know that that's up I'll do, but I don't wanna be in front of her Would you be worth legibility? Bang into those checks
because I'm totally openness in up it is, if you know the there's, no there's, I don't feel like I've. I've I've made it to be on his show. I don't think I've I've. I've earned the right to be on a show. This is made because you're not a drunk little person, pretty much praise for pretty much ok cause. I don't eat, might shed a little cell dear. Power of Nano Mozilla dig. Howard also do what you want, but what do you need that now? I just I bet you do. Is gas Manila, I listen to his guests and I go that's it that's. Why that's a guess that would like some rings, now you're being like he would let you off to bring it out of me. I wanted to give it to me. I wanna, please Howard and we're gonna have to point out the hard on you. You don't want to be like you, you said enough, Having editor was ever you you, you ve said enough here he's that
I don't know. I just say I really thought about your low self esteem was really talk about that. Some odd man see see and you you didn't think I was a girl. How do you know what I know what I do understand that their there there I can understand being the position of you no kind of rising, something so much that you're, like you know, I don't know. If I need to be a part of that, I didn't. I really dont need to sew up here and there There are great enjoy listening to enjoy being a fan. You know, and I enjoy everything about the show, and only two beyond it suited to say, like I'm not I'm find his sword. If they ask, would you do it yeah? Exactly? I honestly probably really reality, however, Howard here's this in areas like not really want you beyond it, and you say no, thank you. I probably not
I know that it would do really wealth already. I look at it from that. What amount but ideas in an hour when they tell you they did you hear that Damn India did they they pray would have a part of that, but I will go and reluctantly. I just feel like a more cablegram shall be fine. I'm good without an that's, that's gonna, head on and on the real threats party or morning routine, assessing the Howard yeah. It's gotten shorter cause. I now I live. I live the valley and I work at Universal, so it's a very short drive to working up in Valencia when I lived in the valley, and so I had a longer commute very short commuted a very limited time outside the candid do the app right is never so it's good when it's part of your ritual morning of like this is what I do every day in the car, and I listened to the mountains it all worked out a lot easier, but I think I think you know if he does ask, I would consider doing and I think making you go in for me. Just gonna will
we look, it kind of alike- were white guys like us, you'll never get. However, no yeah never know I would say maybe you're We handsomer, I dont know I get buried my I honestly, every two years handsome right, but even the today was April. Thank you. A handsome dick April handsome from a very distinctly realism engineering regression. Yes, if a guys, if a guy said, do you have a handsome vagina, would you would you take that as a compliment, or would you cringe? Those are my only two choices. What was it that Ukraine, Georgia alone, or would you take it as a girl that way? I think Emilio, laugh, ok, and then I just I don't I just really why? Because I think any if you D say straight forward even take our handsome. If use you have a pretty,
vagina, even Bialik. Why are you saying some of the reasons that somehow going listen, if you haven't nobody's ever said, is the reverse? Also, maybe its growth no or no, but They know what the word contact like if you say that the heat of the moment that's weird of your videos and, unlike you, really heads yet like why and then, but I think, even if your while you're like boning, if somebody said that Where do we on handsomer pretty right now, I don't think we're on having any Regina is not like heat of the moment. Ha or disabled women, it all right, it's very clinical. So I have someone said like you haven't adorable, If you like, I don't know how. I feel that a good know that Hungary has not girl. That's a good idea, but pain as even I shouldn't you be like why shooting p George you're. Only those are all It's u dont! Jovial peanut! You have you want anything! Anybody talking much happiness. I love it. I would like the guy, I wouldn't. Why haven't you and so angry? That's it you're! So angry he's very friendly
the vote will be at you know like we can be friends. I can be friends with happiness, but I I really want to shake his head. I was wondering: is it of all of this you, you would not be that I will just go why and then I would say what would have happened like six months in a relationship without really deal stopper. No, I mean depend, have talked talk about today and it really sure because of you, no way, another deal, rigour right, but I'm just saying like it so clinical that I would just be that way, but it was more than Fremont. You will have our dry hello. What's Morgan Freeman obvious wanted to say that I accept that eurozone views. Regal B. I got ok. I can't turn this down.
Zira. What was your weirdest guess? Star experience, I'm sure I d be page, must be like a hundred credits. Long, we're disgust her I mean you must. If you get, you had to have a couple on orders in there somewhere. Did you do any jobs, then why pity new stuff that I do not think that we can. I guess start, I know that I guess are on rather lawn order, one than I do for you what it is we who are you all non order? were you, the murderer was the murderer. I was a porn star Who says right. I was a porn star who did a straight three guy Porn STAR
but I did some bareback gave. What episode number is this I might need, though I can in two thousand so is prior Netflix. It has to be because I actually was with Elizabeth Banks and was with banks, play my life on it, and you are three warrants our support certainly repatriated gave her. Hey, because my daughter, it was sick, sure who kill an order, did so traumatized all thy rip the headlines. You really know no within four was a positive thing that you garnets, did you contracts something in the porn world and then bring it home to your wife and a no? No, it is just one of those episodes are like Levering, worked out, fine bunk bomb, Yemen. Ok, they know without interrogated, I remember being interrogated by Chris Maloney and being slant.
Against the wall. You know my arm twisting erroneous are making those are magnetic, but what you are prostrate on freedoms, rail industry, there's no observer! Chris Maloney s wrestling you I am watching this when I get home first of all its agenda on twitter people say. I owe my guide our paws on his view. Always when you know you're about to get another like twelve sent Jack you get those men, Josiah marrow children, you're carrying, said Bingley, think that your life is infinitely more interesting than mine. If this is a blip, if you're like, I can remember the deed of the time I made a gate isn't working recently was a child. I know for thirty one years you bring it up of Katy. Just go out at a man is shot in the side alley outside of a gay bar, but survives and taken by aiming to the hospital so he turned to be married to his wife. Does not know about his gay activity,
the young man is marked Paul. Hey. That's me, as I think those are called activities only admitted. Oh, I was a victim. You are a viktor. You give a victim U S view also, then you probably have to confront your wife later and let her know what you're doing on the side to related you get raped by police, yes and shot those very bore added. Yes, we're the reason why I believe that police learned the man is a poor answer with his parents blame in their daughter in law for getting them into the business and by the way my porn star, wife was Elizabeth Base. Love for answers were their child. Severe health problems and add to earn money aside. The man agrees to work at the competing gay porn company. They are we out of the porn business, but cannot due to their child medical bills and then somehow get shot by the way. Just as aside business, if you wanted to start upon
there was a mark, Picasso reads: law and order is at war. At I mean I'm the third act like people. What happened only remember Now we need to watch it also what headline with his ripped from? What's the real thing that this is based on, I did you remember. We're all gonna want? I've ordered like the second? I get home. I beg you it's on network, because you know that a port MR gets killed in ITALY, but actually it was, but how did I did? I guess I got shot the right. I did get shot. I'm being injured. The gazillion is at all that we can as backstory that the funny thing was Asia do motorcars ceremonies, nor is here the parents
How are you how I prepared for this role at greater? I remember us greatly. Guy is in a motorcycle accident, but about a day before I left to go to New York, and went to. The e are genuine tried not to make a big fuss about it, but I was pretty fucked up Ben harm problem head night. There was none, now for a good five minutes, so I was in in bad shape food in Europe to do his raw, remember being on some good meds. Number one Chris put his slay up against the wall. That is real power. Oh and in May, when it when you do that, but I didn't want to tell the producers at and want to tell him that I was as pre her itself professional ever the professional and we put all its all for the work of the craft. Me. I was a thousand lappin during the filming that I remember selected and resilient numbering allowed right, but you don't honestly with an old woman, a majority of us, as I remember a lot of observers from Nypd, Blue and remember lot of episodes from Franklin about the way,
my brain. Has the kind of work is apt to ingest and then put it out like a moth see how nice overlanders areas as a perfect analogy, I totally get it to make his shirt moth poop that's a banner reason or you could you say this is made of mafia like sweaters, or are you just more proof that Romania has wider should say relay drop like you still here. You better I'd never dropped. Like I just say my drop drop me like I'm sorry guys, I've you're the one who would pick it up society. This extension I didn't mean to I'm sorry, I'm sorry to be cool This would assess. The sure is a sure, replace it here here Here's money, I'm on Amazon right now is a legacy on environmental, be here by to Morrow. You know what a lot of people bought. This also bought some other stuff, I'm just getting you that's up to and then we'll do about the eyes for dropping it places. Her wish list is support you but you're going to college. Please just like me please
another way. What the world, while the waiter like me, yeah it's over mutations, because that's what it's all about! I guess it away once and for all Nobody likes this without even areas even Ober like I can't even get a can even take a ride without I work for them, wars and not out like a week or two ago there you, I gotta, worry about about two months ago and it changed my world somebody's really knew how bad I asked the guy. I wanted to know what my radio, you won't tell me yeah my saying they were like we can tell you in unlike, but what is this? already grasping I I I was in your. Years ago, and I was out with a couple of friends in one of our friends was really drunk and- and I called the irish trade with, and so I call the uber and then he started getting real and not just in the car, and I started like
we're right. I guess you re attack on your own. You ride, raise wise me when I was in your reading. No, I don't want my reading, even though it either I mean I can only assume I've never done anything but sit totally quietly in the back So what has been happening boring yet one? But yours happening. Lilies. I've been ordering the router and then I get kicked off it. It is like it, it kicked me to another. Drivers, they drive turning you down, I'm wondering you know you I've never done anything wrong. Mama, I'm a Pisces to handsome. What's that, if you're on a one that are true. I don't always look like this. Is a mask teams later wants to what a guy their dna dammit. Later you ve got a funny that son
oh, you we're. We did the did his show added extra and similar ones like a nice guys, a nice guy isn't really good guys that whenever we get together and you posted on and serene and twitter people just love it. People, I Gabriel really Syria, I did now. I saw that you posted in like it will I favour did it I just now fall When Instagram, though, you're now unable to say what I brought it entails the beginning, because I didn't want to scale, are you not normal, ceramic says it on my bike. But how do we reach do. How do I reach that? Some of these people just have their heads up there and I'm trying my already nine of eight April did a podcast. It was very popular called, go Bayside and they, basically what she'd have a guest on. They would watch an episode of Sabre the balance in the guest. We would dissect we'd dissected and toddlers milk and after Chauvelin, and she covered every episode. Every episode- and I did a moment Europe urgently aggrieved out on me- I yet a cultural icon. What we want
zero as your favorite episode, my their deficit necessary spaghetti, sauce episode. How do not remember that We all remember the book about order, one another ten years now and is feeling guilty visa. My face, I wasn't act. I honestly do not know your dog we're here is why it's my favorite, the ok, here's given Hineman some word. There was a success we do it we had more anonymous. I was at the eastern the police authority like low, is nowadays there is very much in a story. You know what I mean screeching having a story. It is where screech you guy. Do you know what size and you know it none? I would you season. Do you know what color hair. I had you is very bond, ok nor do juniors fallen over I always could tell by the season by what kind of heresy I've rashly bleach turn. I know by the style- and I had the vanilla ice, though, is not an I had right. I wish
Besides your choices are, did they tell you that you do not know nor those blows my for. I saw earlier That means the only the only thing they made me do is keep my hair blonde raise it. Wasn't it wasn't blonde about point marine? What is this we're getting up a so it is where a screech you guys have to this assignment is you have to have morning tv show you guys you like a teenage version of like the today show and there's a cooking segment and three to make spaghetti. Guys all lose your goddamn minds about like how good it is and then you're like you got started business where you make spaghetti sauce and then he does and like you sell it, you guys package in the school and sell it and like around on Pompey rooster. Is the guest star. She only Raymond Guy, she's, three just girlfriend on it and she's. Some rich lady and you guys are like she's just using you for your spaghetti magnates money while they had to be Montenegro has been earlier on right. It had some good
later for season for, but there was only four seasons yeah, it's it's like close to the end user. Where is my third of his eye mayor, silent memorized, I mean I've, you know, that's like my generation, the breeding bunch or whatever you know. I'm saying I still isn't here. But I still am in here in this house. I stood on this isn't like embarrassing. If you ever was on at midnight last week, I feel, like I don't know a lot of funny people. If it's exactly what you said when you when you come in and you work day to day and you you basically work from your short term memory Mongan now, because you have to scoop Aladdin start over the next shaved. Purview dont retain ought at information because you can't because right you can't it's not. Print on your brain, because the next day you have to do it all over again. If you have to be focused on that day's work until you just don't you know it's it's so funny, it's so interesting to see something it's so indelibly tattooed on you,
on your memory. He was like, I was a high quality, Why do you like that? I disagree with what is about that up as it stands out compared to the other ones, because it's the most crazy, most familiarly yeah yeah, but I also works people bring about he the duck. Yes idea, because it that's him, then I guess I already is like the judge s outside world overrated. Ok, history, disregarding sauce. What is way better with another. One was the one that you were. I dress opposite Indian, that's, yes, Chief Henry dies in your aerial torn out about it. You we watch one. We're Slater as you go in the army. Like his dad's, like you gotta go, an army could remove. Why I remember his dead yet again and we then we are the one where buildings wife gives, but you held buildings wife give birth. Remember you're lying members all round. That's right, and this is you don't ever doubted that if our Here'S- the thing- here's how I look at it because I truly I stated that the one where did I make a joke or the other
I would like in you, haven't, deliver them Bulgaria when it is other principles, rights, vagina, back, ok, because in a way that I apply like again, I grew up with. It is my favorite of all time ago, not trying to we're due out, but it was. It was like that was my high school experience and- and I now as an adult like I just got back and watched it and thought of it- is like what if this happened in high school and so especially for that episode, because we were like what, if you're in high school and your principle is like- will you deliver? My wife has been looking at me like your building. I saw your wife's pause. We're handsome as hell. Here's your wife has a very great deal better, like your building urges elbows, deepen your wife already made and I can never Jimmy adhesion detention again. We ever do is just like a building smell that that wife, shit shit all over the place. It's all right. I regret that what has been agreed earlier, that your way
she should everywhere building. That's all I'm going to detention oh, really If you want your kid back up their names. I took these pictures on my cell phone. What bad from the future ready, where I think this reaches one is my favorite, because it is so like, because the entire premises that episode is that teenagers number one desire is spaghetti sauce and they cause they're abbot there. Are you really over thought that shit? Lord, when I want the of adult going. What's this episode very well, I know spaghetti sauce because teenagers love it. They want one made by their peers, exert heavy there at their part, and it is even worse, reaches working at all and it's like a hard day's night and people are trying to get an autograph their spaghetti. Sauce jars, that is beyond the code, is young yet utilise auto sort of regular mobile, and you guys like bottled it in school. That is the beginning of sort of like
aspirational programming for young teams. Are you see a bunch of kids, reorganising you're goin everything I wanted? I wanted you all. That's it I'm so it was in. This has all been a big intervention for you. To understand that you have since very early on in your life, heavy large cultural impact on people, and you to do so and you you know you remain in my world like the cool, as did so you two billion even ok here. It is in this crazy that my wife had never seen an episode like she had never seen you showed Yeah! That's right! You forever Bucharest, withdrew, Lena and rewards any longer by the way your baby look at. This is weird. I don't think I've ever had Devlin. I've never did anybody who is like a fat like that would have been so
humanitarian aid is not. If I was single any you will now be so weird yeah, I'm agreeable I caught up I mean I mean I actually has a genetic, but please that we talk about so much heed. What do you think? Would she gonna stop talking about Sabre that? Maybe you just get her to leave the dick and go away, and then she had a sweater made other march. This crazy areas, very much regretting readable. They have great honestly, like tat, would be crazy, free they give. If you and I went on a day like hypothetically, ok went with watching way, but that would be crazy right, like you,
come on. I think you just means that. Yes, you have you don't totally your much about. You know like yours that now because anything wrong with you, it's just you know I went with you gonna do with someone and they know a million times wrong with them. Of course, that sort of then it's like you, you don't really get to know each other together right right, analyse. How do you trust that? Because I think that you can try that I don't know. I guess I do like airy Newman. He play here there they have time. While this was my Gary Newman married the president of his fan club, that's which, unlike how do you know that how do you not go? You have a very, very noble rob to someone. You don't really like an accessory. You want them to like rain you, but I know this. I know I think you have a heart out, so I dont want to keep you here longer than you. Do you have to leave. Is keep me away from my kids Crispin, that's what's the question in my head?
No, nothing! I just something I didn't. I just wanted to make sure that their we weren't keeping you from some place that you had to that. You heard today the dog they'll get over him. I've done enough. I've done enough damage that they carry my there. I am they get it, but it is interesting like where would you you know you're to your you're comedian? You do what you do live television stuff if someone like Supernova, on your local Mcconnell of everything you do, and I love that more. Is that every time you did this, would you rather day? Would you be like a rolling I mean I've had close, I mean I'm not a patch on either you guys, but like I've, had that a little bit like our railways on Ok Cupid briefly, I did get a message from our guy. That was a very well written. I totally no view of this and every park ass. You ve been on that and it wasn't I just for the exact reason you said it was unappealing in them there are like. Oh you already know all this stuff about me and know anything about user or not going in that the siren Eve uneven playing field. Here, let's be honest, who was in good working
as I see that you hire earlier, she's like aid of summits of the handsome vagina thing is like the sun was high. Booby. Okay, we didn't have the worst, that's the worst, that's kind of true to the worst that that's kind of true, but not by by NASA So, weird world, we live as what you hire private investigator to learn everything I dont mainly sounds of shallow, but we are in a way People are here when I guess that's what we do. That's where we are among the people that I made last shallow is a third,
We realise that there is nothing wrong with service level attraction. I think work it's Turkey is, if that's all you're about, I mean you know we're animals, and so it's not too to feel attraction to some one based on an instant is chemistry, and it's not an insult relieving just looks because there are people that you can see NGO. You know like. I know that that person would be defined as what society would say is attractive. I do not feel attracted to them, there's something not their rain and vice versa, but gap, but I mean I've sent you to get into trouble of that. It's the! If that's what it's all about you, he just make. You feel better. Thank you can make your people feel better about herself if it's ok April yelling for nightly less now back in July. In order, what do you think? That's all you watch was a bit about nothing of nothing else, because you miss the- and I don't want to answer that question, because I really feel like so much of a weirdo yeah. Of course I walked like Nypd, blue and stuff. I worked at the, u dont weeds.
Hours weird, but now I say even more we're. Ok, that's current at least a minute, so I mean languages. Two thousand nine now do doesn't ten then feeling was that longer and as we have a decade yeah to Ipod fly and by its just slip through our fingers in the in the span of time we are but moths who needed English pouring out. We need cash oil. We need to do. We need the eat. Out of me, Aid and concern at present only one with a handsome vaginal with a very handsome vagina under the sea. I feel I really drag this episode Here is what you talking about me. Don't you get low self esteem, not Yahoo, you may have. Ok, you're, bother day civil, the Maisie, but I mean I I you know if you want to come back on, you can certainly come back on whenever you want. If you feel
get out, relax more. I gotta get out of the house. The kids are driving me crazy. This fucking bad, let's red another s, view, then what we try to do that to you last night. I didn't work on show of years about Cyber whenever nobody from our CAS was Annetta fertile. That's crazy, because I did try what I did the lie. Finale at the Park Ass Festival. I tried every avenue I could think of to contact. You like, like a friend of a friend, had an agent that New Yuri arrest the teenage years. I did try like every one hundred more Paul, like I thought, I'm sure sometimes an agent hears like do I do apply gas is about saving my career. I love and this right over. You know people and we know mutual p in oak mail and yeah. I know I tried out simply Boyd compelled enrich camels who'd huge, no hidden.
Yeah I feel like I did ask him only that I really did try, but then I totally got how if anybody saw their village you these Ladys a creep like no, like I fully understood It was not a creep, I'm not free open for me on the road and if you ever do another one than you guys could darker than business simple. As that guy knows, I guess I'm probably assume to that. You might have been tired of talking matters and anger. Yearning, saying like I You know it's funny, for you, though, is that if you watch spaghetti episode and had no recollection of maybe like when did we do this yeah there's almost at the end, and the funny thing is over my kids watch. It actually find myself enjoy, more- I can enjoy it now. Uh, that's cause! It's not! I don't remember. Really I to look at it go allows. That was a tat. I wish I d, done, something which I still do with a lot of my work emanate I'd. I looked back. I have a hard time, much Nypd Blue really
some of some network now for you a network, it is on a network that plays please it all day real and I can't watch it and if I must go now, who is a kid? I shouldn't better. I should on this could take myself but get what you d be less herself and also I'm still doing it in no way as it does record of my house. That's another reason why it looks like- as regards the part, the progress that it because you watch the episode yeah. So it's like we recorded on me now, haven't you don't know how many times have you d like every done? Every up has never have I seldom who I am and one of the movies to do still boys Never you wanna come talk about that, but that means we have to spend two hours ago. There are no about this. Is that the people can hear you, oh shit. I oughta drop this thing. I was a girl you get here, our dear, if you were, you certainly do not have to watch the movie with me, but if you would like to just come talk about anything that you can recollect about, one which movie
the one where you marry Kelly in Vegas- oh god, have you seen that recently I had a reward should again recently that even the. But if you I ll, do that independent of you and then, if you just want to come talk about it now having to watch it, you are more than welcome, but also and I'm gonna watch myself at a long time really go if you dont want to do that. You just one is about it. That's all! I don't remember much about it there. Number like filming. I met you know what I do remember. I remember us being in Vegas filming in a hotel and Hu was on the run. Why while the latter, only for that's where I was I was instead is when when OJ was on the run, and we all stop production to watch his yeah green AC, green, a green green, the white Bronco on the freeway, could were you twenty restaurant? Twenty one? You are you so could you even do anything? Invaders motive was announced
no has can do them ass, white, snow, knives and toilet. So you that, could you guys even come on? We anything will rise up guy Andrews, you don't have what it morally questioning rolled out. Can you stop time? something more cars horse. The horrible came up with a skin. The guns I now feel like. I was a pit boss, what're you Talkin about role that prick ETA, my casino well, yes, there that I think the only really funny of these tickets. There is like that and then you shoot one final episode find out. Oh yeah, he was totally an alien. He was completely an extra terrestrial and if they did have never yet it is there some weird. Veal, at the end of the entire, dream they ate other felons get? You could do? Oh, my god, you told your fat followed. You then the harp here and I would love to go. On his shoulders gives great love. I love every time I get to play the character. I love play my character. He'll you ve, just like
have fun and screw around, and that would have been areas game for that kind of well add to what one is. When is a new show, STAR Premier Repair, Meares October, sixteenth at eight three on embassy, to tell the truth to to tell the truth to tell the truth truth be told with betrothed no more. Then the pudding people is out there used to be called. People are talking assurances in averting let's face I could be because we like you that I think that was pitched sabres type. He retreated, if truth be told to be told, would be told it's called truth be told on the National, casting company church door. Bird, the Peacock Channel, but yeah good to see. You, though I I hope I hope I continue to see you and think and I know that I will- and you know I you're doing it-
you're doing it enjoy I'm trying to try to keep on you're making it happen, truth be told, but maybe truth be told, but maybe that maybe there as part of a superstition really like. Why have two mentally be here to get you know tube tube, to make sure that the work is operating. The way it's supposed to so maybe this is that maybe this works, maybe you ve, maybe you're in a comfortable zone. Works for you, but but from the outside perspective, you're totally doing I can do no wrong eyes whose why, Ro Ro Johnson from beyond the growing you guys later. Here is a matter of that's. She took my dear dude. I need trouble getting dates. I need more trouble. Getting dates in you you're, not that interested in him tat are not hot. They know that time is there as a whole that we can have a whole another episode of how that is bullshit April, you don't have trouble getting dates. You are just your beer, rightfully picky and when a dude shows interest in you you're not that interested in him.
You're, not hot another point I want to do that. You guys back, do you you guys, I'm guessing you ever see those later your order of Europe here, listening to Arbogast orchestrates guess is ever Richardson here to talk about her so anyway, united into every now, leaving noticed dot com enjoy your worried,
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