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Matt Braunger (comedian, Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger) returns to the Nerdist! He chats with Chris and Matt about people who have sex with inanimate objects, growing a beard after quitting a job and what movies and TV shows still hold up today. They also talk about Matt's newest special Big Dumb Animal and writing jokes inspired by break ups! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What are those packets number? Seven? Forty, it's a hopeful! Intro is it John is not available. Reiner Jonah, what your Jonah you block literally available, because your Jonah, your talk is not I, I M Zoo, what's the matter Zoo minions goes where yeah, that's it. That's the guy. It's the grid who pretends easily. Goes where we go way back yet unused to party with that guy you're gonna have to choose a form of this are too so they could never have any way. Gift is you're, my friend the gatekeeper yep. You can answer No he's Zulu also came ass. There are men on the gate, but let me now I get blocked by you chance. That's! Our
find out. You're, not a terminator Y know what that means in a later episode plan and see just like in a terminator. By that in a later, so one of the best idea ever to disturb wearing these rulings. Now, let's go to the nearest community court bored with Kyle Clark, Piti Piti, Piti people we one for the sun is the Afterglow film Festival and it is in Granada, Mississippi and its.
Super cool created by two teenage girls. Two sisters is about half an hour. I am scenic hinder that there are no less a holding is the second year. They run the festival. They had three hundred submissions last year from fifty different countries around the world. Pretty super cool stuff. You can get all the information for this year's at the at Granada, afterglow dot com. Just think. It's gonna call the like two teenagers like we should throw film festival, and I agree with you more than to pay for this. They didnt pay for them. Oh, this is just free for the community management into community chest and then and now you're thinking in the thinking of the gay monopoly, and this is, It's just that community service delivery brighter notifies intersect. My strategy Jonah take a chance. The new album by might crawl. Turkey is out on merge records and it is very good. I suggest people check it out. Also. The hive is now out. Rio De Narratives presents the hive bud David. Europe did David
Skis Movie, which, with a blast, horror movie on Itunes and wherever you movies, it downloaded and dollar. Now, watch it and say nice things about it away, but did you like it, A hundred percent freshen run. People who may be my real excited four minutes, but let's say that is able to approve our numbers referred good. Reference is observers met, rockers boarding, extend a special big, dumb animal is currently foresail and on Netflix also his upcoming tour dates and think it can be found at Matt, brokered dot com and he is at wronger on twitter.
Are you and g are also his pack has Ding Dong with map. Wronger right here are. The notice network is one of the best covered at your faces, soon, honestly, business biogas, there were some forty Katy ruling entering new stuff. Why is this this measure is the criterion collection, the criterion collection of big demand, a mockery, Yes, the shot and seventy millimeter believes there is just coming up with new materials.
And here is gonna, go nowhere. What lies in a silly, We spent thirty million dollars and make this comedy album thought we were then we'll never recover the funds, I'm really in deep hawk so much that we would have to make sixty million just to break even today's anywhere about selling laser discs was the way to go to do their core is somewhat governing. That shit back thought. I call me I'm warm world there like this. You can have the postman. How so what we did when the moon we bring. A minimal amount is came at a little while ago, a while ago, yet it was. It was on coming First, we on everyone says that goddamn I felt a trap again ass. We go right now passing a draftsman. I should have thought ahead in his eye. I won't do like come on in today's sitting. Intensely personal, you know just like, I think it's a rash but it does. Things are at issue. Or we
you came up earlier this year- mean right, there's about dad used to fuck me in a way. We all around rain. Crystal very plans you pointed out we are dealing with Here- is a day of acquiring, usually level a rash, yeah you're, really the joke. Watch the movie crack, look for us in our cats specifically and then come back with a sudden and it it brought to LOS Angeles together crash. You meant not a problem, the other great weight. I not, I didn't see either one of em. I that they're the same thing right it's, whereas what about people in LOS Angeles art about enabled amounting to other turned on shore? We crash cars, in fact each other off across racial there. That's I am I combining barriers, but really could really earned our one part to proceed.
The second graduate actually graduate ill and the freaks and fetishist that want to watch it bring a bag of them because their sex perishes they couldn't get him quite real so they turned a racist did what they thought: racial anxious that is really missed. The mark internal ethnic race car raised. I like that, does it turn on anyone as the car crashes should have been proven movie. I forget what it's called I just like watching Vista we're going where I live. I like watching races just sexually clash into one guy, get that that solves race, relations and problems. I think if we just just headlong into each other's put like a White Do
and a black lady asian dude in a car wreck. It and let us vote each other ones, really into financial crap. You are going to have its own. The I'll just take hard laughs on the track into slam, each other in mid range areas that are the tired at any other time as its goal carts. So you don't you're, not really hurt you're still. You can look very forward. Looking outwards yoke genitals. I don't know what I'm doing right now. This crash was so crazy. When guide, I don't want you with your brass. I could only get off by bumping the EU efforts from original Disneyland Airy specific, starts getting coming sub, but our opening doors that we just guys beaten off on a teacup think as it just got, Is there a summary in fuckers line? No, but there's a great big Europe of tomorrow over here. That's the guided screwed he's, not a petty file, but Disneyland.
I'm such a boner and make them do so. It's a guy. If a guy who likes a jerk off like as innovations, we are not there anymore, leaving illuminate the ride, not the kid it's the right. A rights come on. I don't care if the park is empty ex. What about these rights, where this blindfold communism? Looking when there is a document, written Jennifer memory from England about this when he was in love. It was called the document called. I married the Eiffel Tower about women, and men who, oh yes, our into inanimate objects. Four aboriginally has a whole bit about this about about, and one of them was this german one was in love with this german amusement park. Ride called one thousand one knocked up and its essentially, I think it's like a pirate ship out that sort of right did. She have like love feeling it or sexual feelings for both an end is one point where they go to leave a theme park and it's empty. If you like to run
hand into the into one of the big greased parts of insects, Romania, Greece, on her face so busy like. So it's a delight one of my favorite things like it's like shies upon for amusement park an oil would be the Kaiser now on. The right is like throwing her friend this. That is, the friendliest gap magazine finest Derbyshire It's a guy. Looking around the corner, we gotta coy look at his face. They hire hot models, that's nice, Ok, ok, you I'm prowess! Nine shows, don't be shy, there's working with its my department or actually here but it's the aerial zenza me now myself terminal but there's apartment. Video that I always loved that where she is, she is showing the woman whose
love the Eiffel Tower there at her apartment and she is showing her a Youtube video which is like this ATM remix with shots ride that someone else will allow and she's just like do these people this just a basically a snapshot of their lives with someone Tredick Church Shredded Council them out of this. Why would do? Council amount of it well because they would have undertaken to literally hit a wall along can't walk along the leg. Is ITALY Eiffel Tower definition? True, love is mutual. My wrong thing, I'm wrong and also with the amusing poor thing. Who was the date, someone that everyone else's ride? Nor am I come on. Ladies. I get. This association has got a little bit of forgiving perspective. I would say we
we ve been around its a hoot. What's that I will you, do they treat him seriously or is it yes? There's walls, one guy, the car fucker guy, he fucks oversee like we like it or not, like not ask us, but you know- and you know, as I would have wronged layers thing about this guy long misery. He was in love, he's in love, with like a sixty seven votes beetle and curly. Also he said be honest. I sound like a lady. Myself is bird, but his first sexual experience was with air Wolf what I've got an elegant way ass any other way. You what else you know what the fuck, the hell. You got a real area and, as you know, I would do that then, down from you know you much like us and our dean's getting,
you bring clear. I don't. I don't think I don't think air will could go down worse airlock. As you know, crashed at an air show. No Morris's guy felt a lot of remorse missing. How do I know air crash into show or will send I just made that joke? I had no idea. One does not happen. I would say airily nineties Katy can look it up, but she won't my god. It's terrible alligators their booty preparing you pay! The bad guy you fucked AIR, Wilson Guy who fucked air will go ahead, it's gonna be like We would then on Facebook, coordinated corridor settled there. The reader will, how I mean, of course, that's on board. How does that worried or feel that, like that's the headlong guys I didn't realize you were I get my congratulations about like you very much and I believe, but put it this way, your head, not realize it did not read man whose fucked
Nine, where this we know yet by the way, may is a good time to sort of related I really want to fuck your wolf. Fuck, Wolf, Bob you fuck here what I do want to fuck all wolves, very as additional dream, with Herbie love, bug again taken love, you think I'm a partner. There was Herbie he's gay. Why man you're tellin me out of my fine with this guy fucking? Ok guard, not a meal, not now not that cars are digging in these areas. The harbour said So now I vow of male car. He says it will be amazing if they saw cars like that is like will. Oh, this is beautifully. If you know it's not gender, I'm not yeah. They be like when you get a misuse
guy guys it's what you get all your like yeah, I'm a man with strong hand, work out the king S, journey. They don't get your ass off. Like a rough callousness that he has done in the nice jack. I don't want you to rip off, but I want you cut real fucking close, we'll be accommodated you do what you re right, my mind and whispered intimidating things will get punch me. The balls was, I thought I was a great, but I need you to whisper the plight of the last three years of air warfare guy who diversity hellhole passages, because all his life, little by little. Did I just like a mammal, Zeus's jerking off our own poor, poor people? I wanted to say, like air- was taken off my crotch faster. But I don't have a clearer Syria, but I can sing the rear.
What shall we do then? If you're? Really, if you're really am I gonna, do it for you, you rightly that rich to get out of it. I already tell you guys really ten minutes. And how much I love this lottery drives us by MRS Ryan. I admit there so delighted that this go to them. Government, rail covered some real ground. We just did with a bullet bar the mental images someone putting its values like. Where does it in the end in the gas shoot em air will fight, I suppose, others too, and it's called a grass shooters during the last part of the ports tank mayor, Wolf. I remember correctly, all you can't, but do not. Fuck it or do they like a wild game its into skin off your
So like big idea about your dick all Sharia, one of your anger way way way way couple our did well now sleeping appeals wrong? I urge there's a good point. You have to get consent and how do you get it can assent from helicopter starts up. Someone tell me what to do. I don't know: what are they fucking? These things? Are they just masturbating near their environment? There therefore we must help as usual, the way they are applied. I believe that the italian fucks detail by Katy Katy, now that the original, like eighty percent, while you seem Unleaded Katy, that's a scene where the document, the vat documentary crews staying at the same motel as this guy and they catch him through the blinds fucking a car in the parking lot. Are you serious hatches? Man? Are you serious? You add a kind of really be fine with public display.
Sexual affecting all to be not scars. Your beauty wouldn't rise. They're, not gonna, drive you. There is no nobody's fucking this one there. I have the image burned in my brain. I don't know, what's worse, teaches walk up in fog it or to kiss it for a while. Pretend that oppose, and I think that guy's weirder began it just give it a like those really long car foreplay yet know its former foreplay form. Passionate cossacks Jennifer check overnight, for I really regret your hundreds of cars, hundreds I don't know it's a vigorous policy like where the romance factors in words just likes up.
Sure yeah like I just need to get off this way. Verses, I'm in love with this house in debt, not to take it back to crash. Is that where it started like a card is just ran into him, I turned off by his I uttered land pelvis, you always uncles, creepy car touched and went out. There's uncles Buick his uncle usages, just growth rule hot wheels over his body. Scientists are trying to get down to science. You are literally downsides. Scientists. I'm glad you're here grist to call me on my job, because I will say that I'm a doctor he's my will practice of some of that? There can be no longer say, he's a guy to listen to him he's not a mechanic. When we look at it again, Anna dogs, you doctor,
Are you gonna colleges are politically well. You're emissions are being vague idea. Twenty ten tv, I won't swag early Volkswagen's, but most of the outer used to write a company is most welcome, a genius, though, when you re the boy like like the way the day that the car with essentially aware that it was being tested up Then that's what it would mean that you can it's fucked. But I dont know if they're going to submit knows. I'm only lasted testy is that's all that matters it is like its golden seal for your car I'll pass into drug test, built in a day passed a piss test, god dammit pretty I mean What was it be? Urinating, the wizard ADA remember that, which was later here and then there was up We tongues urine luck in order that aims to pass. That's not a joke. That's what the products come under. Those regularly came with Derbyshire, not half an hour
That is the golden share and you also get a breach of the eager and look at your luck. I thought you would involve using Adobe Adobe size that you're doubly sure that's where they ask. Have? I wanna click agree, an old. It is the other developers names at the beginning of a poor germinate Germany. Every of humanity, no one's said poor Germany work, I just I this instance. It's it's just that they were. We don't do. We have a word in English that we made fun of four are predilection for some Incredibly filthy. You know I mean that's like only I don't know I don't know. Is it close to shine and run with I think I think energizing fraud has shies embroiled
where you should honour for me to get a boner, so tell me about job- I've got the. Why come on now, you'll jirga, every wait, let me make an old in four. When you take a dump you to raise some of their neath you, but then you lock, you dont like them. Joy that yeah yeah school, you know the prestige where you create a bit exact duplicate of yourself using electricity and then you jerk off, do it right those lowering all those heads of dead over their judgments, my high school band, Yet what are you anyway memoranda, here here I am okay. So now will start looking just cut
not all that at a ruined. My life will cut all of that good good God. Are you during right now are yeah, I'm gonna, Ding Dong, or to a right now, that's the big guy descending last year I just had a different name, but I I just did a bunch of nontraditional comedy then use throughout the country, so this week is there. I should just run doing Bellingham and to call my Billingham nice as it ever Ben. I've been only Nazis, never there, but yet at the special was on companies that role and is kind of still announcing, Netflix tat. Ok, if you can just pull it up and although long day spent and when they see you they're gonna, be seeing totally different, Hurley different yeah, noonday thing to remember is that you can do
that material. You show your special and you have a couple months: reconsider do that material and then, once the new to restart. That's it over sure. Yeah I mean, if someone's like all, can you you now examine as you do that thing. Where Ella I saw Bumbershoot or my first vessels ever digit, let two years ago, and I was with Pat, not one half an hour and change and was like, any request. We were caused about and like a year or two later I was going to college and I did my our whenever any requests dead, silence, like what they like me. What did not know Annie and I share as a growing like I am. I, like your old party, set up like that because of the classics but yeah I don't you can't you gotta, give me big, obeys guessed. What again you gotta java negative egg of illness now really going to jail?
way they d be seen the pictures of Letterman online. Now, where will he just? Did that thing that I guess all talk shows do stop earlier fucking quit, he looks like a crater actor report of getting when I, when I went to taking a shower, got cancel they started growing, Liberians right and then after I left right right, it only say: yeah lies elsewhere, oh my god, birds us, while he's the best he looks like the guided gave that do the wrong cop at the end of laughter, say, shows the poorly horribly I'm so bored I go with that guy. Would you say that, like I've been in this room for soul, I mean, when you tell me a story, do something every day for thirty years and then all of a sudden you just don't man, I'm sure part of you feels like have all this free time of others free time
Yeah he's gotta be strain that guy's busy he's got his racing team he's got you gotta, get a kid production company and more. Why pan? Europe is a he's, got shit, I know, but still starlight still, I mean any time you go on like this. The vacation. When you don't have you done now, will you just go someplace you? Don't you any comedy and it just like days, India and its great Britain, afterwhile yours, like God, I gotta get back in the horse, like I'm sure that at least part of em is feeling that we might not be the natural way to feel he should just be like pocket. Is grocery alias, there's always ten times but I was not just the greater. The number two is a much better The number one had always for some reason. Everyone's always Jeff Kalulu, like is his bit about what he's doing now, and if someone asked of yours like really care what he wanted to show you, the twin Hannah, sustainable well, you just say something like that. Like let's just something someone letter and then I saw I saw a joke online that were so much remain.
The view that I want to say about it, but I was sadly doc. Man is available on veto de anywhere correct. Someone did point to it to me, though, that there is a duck man Youtube Channel. That has every episode. There is a duck menu title, and so I want I watch an episode last night. I just picked one at that: damn it was somewhere in the fifties and its one. Where a duck man wants to have a he think. They're gonna, throw a surprise birthday party and no one does button in the very beginning. Corn fat is on the phone calling into some political talk. Radio show any launches into this. He starts into this diatribe and halfway He just goes probably probably Bob Accord Beds voice that show that oh so far, ahead of its time earlier was on our weird science on you. I think this shows like shows like that. And, like you know, with older instantly. It's not like. I feel like it's kind of where people are left to right. The way we would be
if we were allowed to re outwit. You know I mean I'm we're off. We can write what if we want, a better life is like thereby like. Yes, yes, actually works, predators like you're. Obviously you know Chris was obvious, not getting a million notes or if he was he's gone, No, you don't even know I'm going to go on Letterman and eat the dog food and not give the dog the dog. You know, like those momentary does. I know like now get shot down in a heart be just like. In the same, they dug me just like all you guys, aquiline hunger force I too will you up, and then you are saying that little Lenny well yeah, here's the here's, the situation, I think we're falling into now. I think we're gonna get back to that place a little bit because then it was at that time. It was sort of like
was a fresh new outlay award and less oversight, and now at these on line show you can sort of what their cables doing. That too, I mean all now. Cape cable is gonna, start to get more networking because oh yeah their becoming so success in areas as it's like. The processes are going to be easy as they used to be, but yeah internet municipalities is web, meaning it is, but as soon as the platforms are gee, truly united yeah and not just sort of united right the way they are? Naturally, I wept five point two, where if I've worked very fine I'll write, what really well do like what are? We ought not to point out with a big deal, member that were left by five, some of my five equally halfway through finally stopped remaining after jungle cats. Now what I would call
I don't, even though it was maverick, and now this one is Gerda Yosemite and goes just died right. I thought about. It was a bad idea, like computers are leaking trains and take my breath away, will not stop playing God. Dammit I found I did notice on the tab gathered a top gun slot machine, it's not great and the people that allowed their faces to be used. It's just you just get Charlie Iceman and goose. Nice may, oh, no, no matter and have no mouth. He ever forget them. Words, maverick, ok, along the same lines. I was flying back from Toronto and on your Canada, there entertainment system has classic tee shows there can- and it has a right and one of them was bosom bodies, so I watch the original somebody's head had the billion on thought sunbright if person. Yet this one has a completely different
Not even remember it's a completely different song sung by like it like you know, Stephanie made or some like, eighties really different song, but the other bodies like? I think it's a lot of fun watching guys and dragged Larry. But the jokes or silly, everyone suffer that part suffer the agenda. Will there's no yeah well you're lying like lie. Topped I MAC line scarf you're good to go yea. They can't see or out of a right of your good, I'm etc. The part about large, like like fluff down curly wigs and may I look like the stereotype of a secretary. Ok, no at giant Tutsi glad. I was wrong if it doesn't hold out. Maybe it doesn't older, but all that I'm on now is using gender identity as a way to get free Brent. Well, that's not respect ass. I guess it well. I mean it's very not so much anyway, some of the jokes that we're not them and drag actually held up. Ok. Well, I would say the worst example that
a thing and price or man, the movie, probably right about that before the Euro, as we often or or like a thousand percent, does not, or even just I've ever seen the posters kid I'm doing the eighty shrug happening around. I don't know I engineered. Action get me in a like Europe. Finally shit. I guess I presume that voters want what are you doing in your mind, the shrug was invented December. Thirty, four nineteen. Seventy nine eighty eighty shirk its. So many post, it's been, I knowed anywhere in the world, is like some boobs by his, like, whatever it is you who are you going to do, dead, the reason that we talked about the movie here before us because Christmas, the river, the idea our lives and definitely Poppies
and here's was awesome. I feel like you and I are two guys in the forties. We argued who look a little, maybe little younger, churn out in my act as I say I think, look more like a hard drink and thirty five, but like you should be that guy and then I'll be like your college body. All we just ivy will scrape people like what the fuck I just want to do it for just just to do what he called when you to an audience before what various drawing up a heavy scream, a temporary and test a test. Greening follow millennials yelling. What the fuck is this all? I won't listen when you and I are both ready to completely give up our careers and have to live in seclusion. Then we'll do that you're, not they I'm here. You know that area. You can, I wanna be moving the cab and you could build the show like documentary now on. I have see witches
arms, then Haider and set Myers. They showed that sort of place of all these classic documentaries and they go and wearing erections, etc, etc. But you could do is show we are just playing off all these eighties movies that do not hold. Oh, my god, I feel like that's more of a Nathan for you type of a thing or hardworking rounders on one. That goes like that. Yet at far because, like every time I watched you show I'm just like how far oh my god, you always subtle ones are but he's either establish that its junior. He now has the past to be able to do ass. You like that, because he has established that there, these weird comedy social experiments, but that the thing about that movie that is truly baffling, particularly when weighed against you know where we're at culturally now is that there is almost no fall out at the end for what he's done, he or basically he is basically used black face, take a scholarship away from a deserving african american students. Just cause he's sorry,
and James. All Jones is, like argue seems, aren't we will present our does you can say in school amazing you, then, you can say in school, Harrowby Youtube videos of him being murdered. If this were now in or at the very least, it would be kind of like the what's. What's happened like Jared leader. Like you'll, never see him again. You mean like a again it'll be randomly on the streets. I don't think you mean Jared Letter. I think you mean Jared from several really different people. Never heard of the giants of Oscar went because he's gonna Knocker Joker faces. I just thought you meant that he would sink into every party played knowledge our little, but perhaps that jokers deposited on second big next year, be underlined. But why are you just it's just going to you know, he's gonna get dealt with by the authorities is fade away or get murder in prison. You know I mean there's a high likelihood operator get killed in print order on underage dateline, commandos weight, but the AIDS
because we re seventy five joke really just out of my way today. Other aid they do- forgetting all you had a files prisoners they hate and notify. Always forget day. I am mixes up. Why you? You really think that those are the most sellers the present members at all hours and hierarchy, its them wait. I premises one of your famous. They usually put in isolation anyway, I do that with pedophiles tools that he's going and to isolate itself like double he's. Gonna have a time time. What else This gives, it add, just gets out dark and about its weight helicopters. Eighteen, rent
that's easy! Now that I can get behind again later on, I will find out whether there were no there's, no opening an affront, literally just shooting up into the broader as part of the latter. Yourselves, whether Andrea, there's, no opening drawn it wrong that guy's watching another guy from teach them how to do it it wrong the internet. There would be solely in the comet virtual world about our own voters have to be off. You mean I made a mistake that far too I'll, just ass John Land of my third penis. What did you just say? I'm looking at a third pain. It is the third one attached You know that what book just turn me, I'm gonna, get close, one guy loses out. We buyers
jeez Blob Diana like some render velocity of regular organic. Their helicopter keep you ok, EAST has been taken, and on this on the slide of your government, where he lives at world. Somebody find them. The article by random near him and is like aid. These seem a guy ever do with a helicopter have I so many no use aim nervous. Gallagher does not mean I don't. I only asked if you'd read this article, I ve never because you're fucking, Sir your above Z, hiding soda, There was a butter. You can J, whispering and see winking
lot alight Miss BAR for dessert pleased. That is a toy helicopter that my son made a new freshen up. You ve crushed it worth it. So our model, kids, the equivalent of blood dolls, we're helicopter vice there, I mean you can build your own helicopter, maybe one the drone body size. You know you can weird science, it s, name that weird I mean we're there is there is a house most reserve in the studio here that in the driveway under a tarp there is a public debts where saves on wearing, possibly Willoughby. There's it's it's it's one of those like helicopters that James Bond flew in oil of twice. You know like oh yeah, that tiny went a little tiny outer, but it's like you just routers are up and coming
our breath like, but really our people have. If I can help after their traffic. I just see that guy like like walking outside it a traffic jam solar, takes off in immediately runs it into their house net his house or actually media. It doesn't really matter really way. Really rich white trash peoples is like the helicopter up on block. The, though, is open Gotta get your skid pair of yellow Joey. I told you buys a truck. I didn't buy. Oh shit do read how drug was just a swimming pool of helicopters that he bought while he was drunk and leaves actually buying. Helicopters growing areas by a helicopter added Kennedy set in the context of a word lie it before you. By now, you learn a fly dad whether at a shit out of money had lake and was on late night, Ebay, bullshit, I would buy oh, my God, man who would buy put a child safety lock on Ebay,
is it. That is a thing. Does that mean I knew somebody worked at a firm and all they did with cell huge pieces of art. There were just insanely expensive. It was like their whole year be based on something one painting in office: people yeah Phil. I think you could along bomb and create like a Kubi, see but fly it's a stretch Tesla like in this report that are super rich in just hoping you can catch him when they come back from like a benefit had a few too many glasses, a sham. Ere it at one fortieth area, because you wouldn't you you would have to sell to G sick your face in that run. Infinitely less make here we'll wrap. This, six. If ever you ever wider, Europe pays Eared based. Why faced her mistress base aerospace, people at its people can call in and say whatever they want, my dick painted on it. You can answer you, no matter airplanes going and helicopter faces generally,
upon his dry, wondering at my new movie soul play it works for the night here, isn't Thomas our as both the black race Jones do not even have not even tiptoe around it anymore? It's not that we are leaning in what it is with a pure racism. I wonder I wonder if these I was out of the same kind of stigma that, like guys who lend their faces to like you, know those these to be those billboards. Fur likes Did he tell Stds has as its hard not to Blair? What's his name Underwood? Yes, yes, yes, he was you wanna with what are we to be called? I get tested and stop, but his face was just everybody. There were ones that were specifically.
For a life that their faces were. There would never clip art thing they all. We also. There is like that: you're, not famous, but the right. I know this wouldn't benefit Ebay to do this, but you should be able to go into the settings and lock yourself out at certain times of night, where you are more likely to more. Like Court ordered breath Eliza to get even worse. Is that, although it into it through your internet to get your internet Amazon's, lobbyists would fight tooth and nail again nail. They would spend that somehow and be like its Americans right now, like a press conference where they're all just drinking lives have been ruined and it's just guys sitting and delicate helicopter. On the ground on blocks the front of the front of the house to him you? U bays cheap driving,
just standing, excellent lawgiver stature from the planet, the apes. Yes, damn yo ass, it was late how long? How home? How much time in between our would like how long retooling before you're ready to do your island came last year distant day I found a company that is producing a with had like one spot laughed, and it was that thing we don't know you're already and I'm like yeah. You know that kind of thing, so I didn't really. I was lucky that I had all this stuff it prior. You should go between a year to have two years in our homes are specials? Generally speaking, that's not. I don't do the the Lui thing you know where its general that's very difficult. A newer or bird does the same thing and it you know it's it's not difficult. If that's all you do, but that's all you do, but, unlike you know, I try to create, I have a debit it'll series coming out on income central pretty soon I shot that took like it here and have to get put together and everything called white flight. That's about the
the year are white people. No longer them majority in America, yet this guy Dan, whose basically the de facto leader and CEO of America think like Zuckerberg, meets Walmart. Yet a good ol boy kind of guy. He teleport all white people to Canada absorbing that is the new New United States and just to be like we're, not leaving all you folks, color behind now we're leaving Emissary every area twenty five miles, so my guy, Gary Outwork actor wakes up to find his girlfriends gone and he's the only white person LOS Angeles, that's a maid, and they don't give him enough four major need, it's all just suspicion, and it's a little while I don't it's like it's. It's like a hilarious black mirror like by the end of the EP, like the by the six episode you get it. You see why literal black mare pretty well, like it's it's I I developed it with a bunch of other comedians of color. Basically as well as my
our Kevin Avery who writes unless we tonight, and we got this great directorate and music and address it, was kind of this very collaborative effort and also- and I think it's very important- also to sort of using the idea that kind of going back to Solomon. I drive written by white people yeah for sure, but I think if you are going it, if you are going to come close to race at all, I think it's very important to not to have people of that regular Absolute ran with that was rule. One for me, like you, know, cause I did it. I sat down with Solomon, Giorgio Hassan Menage, in a bunch other people and set like like how would you deal with Gary? Would you like him? Would you feel sorry for him? Would you hate him, and it is this thing of from different peoples, perspective and their cultural backgrounds and and what they had and then Catherine? I sat down Kevin whose Black and our and I wrote it, and what was that thing? I was like this no way, I'm right. This idea about myself
right and it was that kind like we talk about before. Like writing what you want to write, it was just kind of the silliest idea. I could think of like what what would change like what, if you just teleport em, all in kind of in Owen, and how we can communicate Bob, allow what be it's not that futuristic in terms of people's clothing, I thought about asking everyone to shave a couple little like lines in this their heads because that's like somehow completely normal and mainstream just STAR Trek, pointy yeah, it's it's just like ever that we started off with technology by you know, for the most part, was really about kind of race relations and innocence and stuff and who benefits through different. So it's like a comedy white man's burden, maybe but wasn't white man's burden. A comedy, though, That was full areas laughed down. No, no! No. That was a very how I thought that was serious crimes in its reflected by adding another or has a dead. Man is unfortunately, Perry, Bela Fantail Land is the Sars to go. Going back been loop,
bag around a Matthews crash nicer. We that is the best our gradually and other raise than you, and I want that to be in someone's up yet uncle little more, they re the simple agreeable rainy day where these are car, voters or helicopter fuckers MAC could do it a good many worthy of respect, demand too much one at the end of the table and dreaming, I fucking a helicopter of Slovakia, like he fought to the need to keep a fucking helicopter and record company. Finally, one adds go marching away from my car fucking come on guys, gonna get it does all day. That's go marching its ants marching Chris ok right will lose the go ahead, but it what was originally the day, Matthews Banda guys who fuck helicopters gather was for you. That's what I thought all along with only the hydrogen conversation when day, First airplane Miller's inward, and got together, Leroy and Carter. You I was called ok, there was a helicopter,
but only guy vulgar helicopter. He does that kickin dance kickin. Let us have a visa, is it during again history, and so it was me. Will you just finished you just finished summer toward did you go now? I missed it. What we had was We were my bachelor party. We can get scheduled. How was it it was good gives great. What do you do? You play golf play golf or the fox in Connecticut play violet. Let me tell you that the course I shouldn't costly wondered dogma, Lebanon's burden, that's a fact, which is where I had my my showdown with all the better at parties of the world for lawyers. Comic were at once of this public service government. If you're having a bachelor party don't go to work, you show go to where I was able to test a my worthy of listen. I came on top but goes back stage in the managers. Like hey. Look, I can't Rome all out
I am sorry that now his exact words, because all the every come before me, like thirty, Alan and crazy, and I just went out there and started screaming at them and, like you know that that developed that whole bit, I have off of arm shovel fighter. That was Zalm day. If you ever seen a batch parties in other bachelor party, it's like they divide the room like a game of risk. You know it's just like. Queen will kill your queen. They hate each other there, all the deck drive it yet. You gotta take away their tiaras and extra. Like an item to focus, I thought I was walking by I was walking by their comics, which is the club in boxwoods, and I saw a bachelor at party going in and I just was like all it is such a such violent. I've had a good like well behaved ones. I think the word he's out now that debt you gotta shut up and you dont go. If you don't wanna this person, you might want to talk, but I feel like it's always a saboteur that gets followers from
group what it was always a girl who is like I'm the funny when it work this person him or her talk and understand the problem I want to talk. The problem is that, as that, you have some one of responsibilities, a comedy audience to be a part of the audience absolutely, and that is that is innately opposing to the idea of a bachelor party which is, and it should be, Make it all about this woman whose goose getting married a shark at all about them, and you can't go into a comedy show with the mindset of what's good. All about me now get out of the comic right right. We're going to have to get you out of your steering the boat. You know it is about you, but it's it's after you. If you're in the audience dirt. Can't be, I know as one another person that's got shivers, Does I'm I'm I'm gonna? Do some club dates in January sort cause I'm shooting my special ingenuous us wait and I'm gonna? Do you know where you shooting it? I'm shooting at the palace, a fine arts in San Francisco
nice and slow, but leading up to it. I'm gonna do a week at the comedy, attic and blooming tenaya, weak, zany, Nashville, TAT, great clubs, amazing clubs, Tanzania, MASH whirling re club they're. Both great clubs have you know, the comedy attic now I'll go, do I really shared I'll? Do it is a great town gap and it's a good club and it's very well run and in its in the audience, is a great yeah, but I just going getting back into their note if I go you there's gonna be like belligerent parties and shit number are probably not. Yes, you get him his anus beheld. I know the company had we not just because it's it's a place for comedy nerd, but you'll get your death together. The palace, fine arts, they're, not going to you when you, you know people who don't know it's like what you run a taping, you you, you hire publicist that defines like crowd sources. Your fans before you see you know the vest special you possibly can have. Every seat is ball. You somehow
by shoulders like never dreamed that ever dinner, but I don't know I'm just gonna go in here Nowhere does share tag. I know you, I know you from something. I know that you just keep hearing that one day. The car thine is my third maritime older. It poses to give you some anti terrorism context about the person that wouldn't that I've I've gotten out of a straightforward, Somerset growing. Oh you for my room, and you like this, this, the other there like no I can keep going leave me alone, but you're getting their age you like me, I don't know anyone who swore that I was a session guitarist, and you are
started that room right now in my possession terrorists or land about it? We won't believe Lando together, they would have been an early in the doorway alive. What it wasn't at a table. It was it was that week you guys went to Disney World for eight days. She was probably their saw you there, but I would like this. Guy was work here. She filled in a lot of the black what everybody gets out. The rest gets up your brother S, ear Myra, got a couple club dates and doing a theatre with a cup other guy. Orlando lay some honey. That's my home there. It's too close to the things that you actually do. Your guitar is a daily work. It was interesting that lake it wasn't like my parents live in Ireland Oh perfect, you know there. I have two guitars in storage in our land, nice like it was weirdly like. Maybe like what don't I remember how she might be a proximity psychic, where she gets pieces of information as a sort of puts them together or suggested
besides the heart part of it and try to fill in the rest of Europe on a radio show variable others. It's on the radio to power cash. Nope. It's a radio show the part of it was. I did have a guitar, my back, so others that
I'm going to say is that man is kind of a sessions pod, castor detrimental, I'm with you. I really why well holy shit like that. It's not bags just like that. Tony Randal of LOS Angeles, None Robert Anger, Non Roma new to this area. Are you so you do a year and a half the EC? Is it yeah, I'm just I'm just trying to gauge from an expression, because I have a couple of bits and I've been doing for a couple of years and you want to dump him. I want to double, but unlike do I put him on em in the special, the special is for the collection of materially been doing for the last couple years, you're kind of move on, but I don't know I don't know I want, but but then our people who came to the shogunate like. Why saw that you say so you do that bit in I mean I I don't think so. I think so. I think we over think that too much a thing, it's kind of about, like I was
you with this one right. If I had a relationship fall through, unlike just had a bunch of materials that are needed to doubt, that was about that's all, that's the truth. Out of a comedian ay we're back to get at how we live together now, so it's fine, but it's like it was this kind of really sparse sad year that I got a lot of funny she ETA innovative firms gang when I called you piece of shit on stage ass. Deep, luckily wasn't any of that. It was surreal when I went home deport than we had like a viewing party, and she was with me and she just like all these jokes about me and whatever a word, but it was in a good way. You not was like all these dumdum. It was kind of like my thing was always like we're. Ok, what's wrong with me, what did I do wrong kind of thing? You know, as you get older, you kind of that at this juncture that he says name the same young young Doug, you, your car, you, his thing was like what you hate about yourself: Europe pay about other people, you probably state about yourself
and if you play that does only situation. You're like oh yeah, that was my fuck up yet, whereas when you're young man, you like a fuckin, although I think it's I think can be, I think, can be also and fair to to talk about. You know took to talk about literally ship things the way they did it, because you can't and then, of course, is a comic you wanna process, everything that you go through and we all have breakups then. So, naturally, we are going to talk about those breakups, but then I think, like lamp, this really fair it is in the other person. Doesn't right, isn't there to defend themselves? Rule two sides to depends like was this person a ship bag and she certainly wasn't really was shore. Yet I mean it's that thing off there. I find a lot of guys who date female comedians, get really poor, have generally pay at the girl saying specific things right when it's something shitty, they did not remain, and it's like, you should have done it, but she shouldn't talk about that's no. You gave that provision
the mask of cheating on her. You gave her that yet and why should go to talk about that? As you did all of you, I guess if people do really peace, a shitty things, then you have that data run with a view to exaggerate exactly what it is. I mean if you can tell when someone has an agenda. What am I got? This is kind of out of nowhere, but it made me think of it. One of my favorite LOS Angeles moments of all time. I was at jury duty and this is when I was about to shoot my last special, not this one but is couple years ago, and they do that thing. It was this amazing judge, just like old guy full had a silver hair just have to handsome guy. That was like, while we're take your if you have any reasons why you don't think you can do jury due to you. Do you will call on you and we of course everyone raises a fuckin hand, they kind of me I'm like I'm, taking a comet Naturally, we have this date locked and until I could do it before that or after that, but not this weekend and he's all right, ok, codes of than other about things and Lorenzo Lamas Stanza. What's rental, Amis is dressed in like a Patagonia shirt button,
all the way to the neck. Oh that's other kids. Do it not renegades, not renegade style, not open to the waist and NATO has always following his hair died. What I'll call Ronald Reagan? Black, ok, yet black, like a hat, his hair was an awful fuck yeah said above will your honor. I have to take care of my children there, me right now and Maya Bitch from Hell Ex wife and a judge cuts are right up. Goes, let's go that's. Why, like trying to win the judge over. But you know how I do know world terrible women are no doubt aware on nine jury, but he said smiling and its obvious. This judge could just role with anything reasons like let's just go. That's why you like huge, laugh and that's really with money, all go to learn the laws or the limits is, I don't know I got released. I don't know if, if, if double outdated
my god. It was right and you did get release. I did I've never served on a jury. I've always been cut loose yet is it is sort of funny and with it, without entertainment in particular, because it's very dicey, because you're not allowed to use work as an excuse. You know, but but it really is an excuse sharp, especially when hundreds of people can't work. If you dont worry Jackal Edna- and you know, if you shooting how many specialist, like, while two hundred thousand dollars to produce a special just when I went signed a kind I have to be worked on its use. Not, but it really you understand, I can't call in sick every other, not call once a shoot. This thing I will be on the murder trial for three months. If you need a fine for giving generated, is a grand get over it paid but skip it David spying, gallantry in jail, though ever candles on record. My wasn't irrationally won't I don't know about, this guy is don't worry about it. It's
dammit Myra got me in jail again. Like the last time I was never actually had to show up. I kept calling very late at night to see. If I allowed you to I've I've I've had it. I've got call I've gotten called twice once I ended up having to go on my birthday. I ha ha ha, but then I didn't have to know how the judge was you Bert, though no judge they are there. Any birthdays house tonight risky, meaning
it's my birthday silence, oh my God judge. Will it's gotta think we're gonna be ok, but engineers have I call them and then I call I called, and I was sweating because you know without midnight. I literally cannot know in your schedule. I have no way if I'm sit like it doesn't matter. I have to be their totally and is very do. But then you just say I knew I was nervous about having to try to explain that right is then. I just know it would sound like an arrogant asshole like yours and I'm not replaceable right when you mean you're, not what was just there's. No kit, yeah. No one can believe youngsters others like when you get time Lenin, fuck happy nosey freely early, we had not elsewhere
I will only say because he produces well, I'm around. You know everything your honor hell. You know all that shit. You ever it is it is, it is terrifying, please it's kind of which there was an. There was an option for people if, if, if you cannot serve because of work to say just Gimme community service like I'll just that I'll just go we and I ll go pick up trash Ruggles, something I certainly community in another way right, but I have a lot of people are seriously fact. If I don't go to were totally, but it does, is it hasn't planet or at a higher than what you can you can keep kicking it into the varying king and you can keep deferring the cup will not keep. You can do that a couple times. Have you read that thing where you you get us like a speeding? Take it or you know like run, stop sign ticket or whatever I obeyed, and will you go to you
in the hope that dude contested and hope that the car out one. However, I did that Macciota up. How do you go about these identities like what you just USC traffic school than you will take the hidden, unlike done their eyes, but I just pay for travel took up, my computer was there are already that we evaluate nice guy wasn't like. Why am I here to think about getting on emerged over three months that that's that an enormous, oh yeah that cause? I don't know how you beggar MIKE? it will be over if I'd stolen or for three on my first jury duty summons in Jakarta. I went wearing of Lord what certain didn't shower and was you know just in the Euro area? You know you're, like often tell my don't like the races. I can never say that rather writer, you're, not a man, but because they have a lower sales as at all. But I guess that's what I can say it and I'm under a floor there
he's honest about mirrors, honest about his violent goddamn around his violent racism and about how I missed Managua. Sorry, that's got, but but that it was a murder travellers. Guy head was accused of killing like five people and he had a team of lawyers, and I think he was anger, something and the judges Lycos. What do you do? I go away tables illegal generally, vocational guidance. As I go, I, like I'm, a comedian you play the road occasionally oh and sat up was like any jokes it s about. What's going on like not right now, man like multiple murders, gotta give me a second term this guy killed. One word gets a free murdered, guys, don't make it would run pussy made a beggars doesn t my bailiffs is that no, I dont have a joke about no we're getting killed. Please don't
these go through this right. Medicinal worst example of, like you know that the biggest version of like us, I am a member of family unit. Just like hey man. Tell us a joke. Do a joke of good thanks, go to jail, come on a job I told you, what are you too? I do agenda, but that doesn't know it's almost like a relic, but it's almost like trying to like thinking that you can take something really horrible yeah. You got me I jokes, no, not at all roll it out into something magical, yeah. No, I ever get no now here's the biogas, I know that many of those jobs we get super tonight about each other in a helicopter just died. Everything together I sold is now we are all. I call them by
They want to be called. You said it Myra. You set it at an admirer admirer and was therefore there was just the return of attack that needs to be repay, how you feel and by the way, about what you're getting married and if you were not sleeping well, look at this. What are we gonna? Listen. I know why you're gonna happen to be late summer or in the winter next year, just depending iota schedules and then like where we can do it. I went to letting it over the weekend and pioneer town in California. It was phantom stick. So all Burbank guns? No! No! No! I don't I'm here upon desert now, Joshua Tree, I don't know plant, Yad states. This I think, that Iraq is akin to the train village. A second Rogers built it legacy. Just couldn't get enough of cowboy everything like an
stay on, grant that, whereas I write but there's a place, you can read that has basically this ring it actually a heart shape of like old, rusted out cans itself. Terrible but looks really cool guy and, as the sun goes down like they set up like a little village there, which is hanging lights and everything that the temperature gets perfect and it was really a me. It is my brightens time I am Gerda Eyes governed Victoria. Our wedding is in Vegas outside at night. On yet our desert wedding day is aimed thing by the time the sun drop yup, it's gonna be like perky. It was great Avonlea one degrees super great, that's really cool! Do you have plans? We gonna didn't spaceship going to stick with the bran only if I get fuck that's bullshit, the temporary chosen which doktor who is going to perform the ceremony? Well. Well I mean
Who would, I guess maybe would be well you'd. No really really hard work, as they all have good. They would be reserved, it would really be fun and the other capacity would be a good. Good all around in a stir, aspirate or of works. If we were going to, we want to do it hurts castle, but they will. But the problem is that you can't it's a stroke of monuments. Are you can't let you can't have that many people there at one time yeah and you have to ride out shuttle up like you can't take your car and there's not a lot of places to stay you'd, have to like a sand Simeon Motown or you'd state. Maybe the Madonna and unlike bus people at Bell and very great grandfather was still alive. He just build a hotel, he would but but so we so it. It was a thing where we really wanted to do that, and then I think the ideas that you have in your mind, like what we just want like a nice, intimate what then you realize
but by the time you invite all of your family. That's like a hundred people or easel, and then on top of that, then you can't just invite some of your friends and not all of it, so I think we're just gonna. Do it an alien and be able to invite everyone and keep it simple and because I didn't wanna that no offense to man and I want to sound like a site. I didn't want to expect everyone to have to go. Somewhere right, right, right format in the middle? The country makes you guys like us. They have family in Boston, so they appear have around what goes saying that doesn't matter where's rightly that somewhat family over there, and then I don't have to like deal with the fact that I don't have to entertain worry about what people are up to on our week end if they're in L A and I'm here and I'm gonna be like well. Are you guys? Ok, when I am a member of our family, loves Vegas, like everyone's family and family excited when a leg yeah for sharks at just like this exciting wonderland, and they never get to go to a wedding. This. This lit up many eels, preventing the pit were used to that merrily just once everyone to play with the cheers slot machine
this for them left out there at the palazzo right by the Mario Vitaly Matter. The homage album there that there are the palazzo must be able, One thing must be thing now is not what is it that they cycle machines? Here's the problem, you remember when we went in there were back to the future machines everywhere. Yeah yeah, margarita bills and unpleasant asthma yeah they just cycle had so much. What a? What in the photo programme. Predictable juxtaposition, why Jimmy Buffet and back to the future is that we have not been able to find a Simon Simon machine. More or Remington steel or just a guy you're gonna do an air will, although it's gotta lotta, My way more profitable than that I got off to the machine. Has his own slot machine visa hair. Brush aside, we can look at the picture that eyeing and still have a slide. I want our ban, it is and let me point out as long as they come out. If you twenty and pull it down you to pull it out and it Jesus coins,
really. I urge you all a little hurt. You only Olivia bets Maverick diabetes betting max than than that of the just. Don't put your face in front of it. If you bet MAX guy lost his life, you get three just whore off the top of his head. The force silver dollars flying out of their company can conquer itself. I've got my gun, o people screaming, if you, if you get three air wolves in a row and unlocks the Jews bonus, Yeahs Overbury, Face of air Wolf tell her that I just saw just goes right down on you and it's not built well. I've gotta comes out. Slowly doesn't really to good effect as they take it out of my chair. The chairs is pushing you. War. Thank you for the blow job. Ls duck old, Grandpa studied play a player. A slot machine is getting takes up by a helluva.
Grandpa. Let's get this thing, overbearing, varying quantity disadvantages of weird. I know not a well made machine didn't get other funding make it. They should have gotten one of my favorite. Actually it's like matters. A great lavater love any less, but I also like when he's just tickled movies We live in a wheelchair realize. What is we gotta receives communicated since quack wireless, but what does it do anything stupid airports, ports that old days you proud joke about?
our comments as the worst power there. It's like you know these talks to fish with Fisher, stupid fish command. What's going on around here, evil doers hi automatic. That's like my favorite. If only we could talk to the animals, what would they say it keeps saying they want to eat and fuck? That's all they say: oh gets, there's nothing else, really wonderful guinea, that's it just like. On the cover of big dumb animal life story, my Matt Wronger, which is our now it is out of which one to have you do it. For having me, really appreciate, I love, listen under the shone out, hijacks swung to come, and we are part of it, though
dog with Matt Browner, yep pod cast big dumb animals, the album and in our networks and on Netflix Young. Then why? What lies? Light will be coming out probably later this year and then is a couple of the projects in the works, but I think that's the debts. The next thing that Emily fat site for initiatives that broader on Twitter. That's right Just my name wrong. Just I like at is Matt Wrong. I thought it was a great I in two thousand, and now it's me. I think it worth so can run earlier. That Myra, that's great! Why didn't? I think someone would have had some one would have gotten would have thinking it was MIRA. They would have gotten it yeah me. You could check to see if any and I would say at at a thick at Myra. It just looks like some, Jan two's pop singers name she's, opening up our Taylor, Swift, the only known as guarantees
it is my initial language daytime television tabloid, I'm sure IRA, Myra being connected to the internet, can act, connect network that great in the old potash room. We get done of course, looking rule should he would get internet mission wanna come wait. What what gas I was! I was ablaze what so you won't so mad at Richmond COM, cheap, Martineau, Super business card. That's what I want What do you say that, like to your teenage, gives some day is outlet just not to have this matter? This fuckin computer? I mean I'm so mad. I could come right now,
Don't say that, even if you mean it when I'm not, you just go on a garage and common second, I've got your mother. Make me want to come so maybe we can all share much. When did your mother makes me angry in a good way? You don't you think it's no dad when all join there. Where did she go? This is a bummer achieved only join in twenty thirteen. Could I had you could ever for years, just as lovelier light that shit, I feel great about it. She's pretty red, though chief marketing officer for business card of Jamie Morgan, Chase, ok, mom and wiped headaches. Lover, experimental shaft, headaches, lover, Fuck yourself, Myra strike a mirror, for she is starting to myself that hasn't. She has three thousand ninety five followers, so I dont think you be able to convince our negative get there. That's it that's what I mean. What if I gave her all my followers
see you a swap. She went to hundred thousand dollars. You can have a really think that, maybe I don't know his lady wants Matt Myra as a twitter hand, good point good point Chris yet, and I can't I can't tell where the name comes from of her name is MIRA or of her last she's, probably like us or Vienna type he's, probably like just a beast in the workspace, and you only know knows your last name. The slightest goes by look. This is a problem we cannot solve. We gotta call in my no it's too early to early yet shall eat us alive. I actually I wonder she. I wonder how she pronounces that way. It's written, or the way I pronounced, probably mirror, are better mirror right cause Myra, not common pronunciation is right, but the english people always get it correct because it does follow. If you follow the rules of English grammar avowal with a continent and then another value,
first miles long Myra they get it strove made Myra. They invented the language, may view he's elegance like like a newscast or in England. I'm tonight. Matthew Myra murders, a young woman together with a handle and fox a helicopter after this The latter we open our country to get one year. Nobody, that's part of the deal you mean I get to fuck me. Negotiating for you? You hurry you're gonna, do it anyway, you might as well get its way into it. Stick with me kid. I think this lady this twitter handles Gore than you are there, so I know that you're gonna get it back. I mean tat hard. Chris,
pictures like a black and white which model minds real dumb scares me I'm just saying in their Mega Tom Brady is my banner really less good? I just gotta glamour shot. Would you go to glamour enterprises, not chappie? To be honest with you, I was a fun Ben. I did for little wild, I know, but you have at home on the show just areas bilbil at second, our Jack Miley Bells Smiley Bilbil agenda looks like they're watching the guy pocket. After the scar, just watch and let us go out because the path that are best dude household none of their own don't you think that would happen a rocket here like he would sort of start getting mental about it? I only understand other things that fly at a fly into this thing. I get a fly out of date and I don't remember that song. If I could do
gear in June, so you dishonest, basically about taking a woman in a sky factor. Is that like that's what the song is about? I think that is our first lines on she's. Just sixteen years old leave her alone. They saw a man our age into stratosphere, where law does yea entering alive, that is universal law. You can't take your sexy little young cousin, my residency Mars, because there's water there now, what do you look? I'm DR understand a lot of Sweden Fox by a body of water. Ok, so I could take my under age caused to Mars. There's water. Now and that's ok, yeah. I mean it's, not ok, but that's very plan just sixteen years, leave no less around my see who they were they my way, lay that who say- and you know what they say- take your sixteen year old cousin of Mars. You can both halves,
Mars veil is all this time. The song of others, rhyme beauty, enemies and re Rita up, leaving noticed tat com. Enjoy your burrito
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