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Max Brooks returns to the podcast! He and Chris talk about how they have been dealing with the quarantine, how he researched for his zombie books and how that relates to Covid-19. They then talk about their favorite Twilight Zone episodes, their love of sci-fi and Max talks about his new book Devolution!

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Walker, the eighty twenty purchase number ten, seventy eight its part, as time while versus scoreboard time, then it'll be podcast time and a couple minutes. But right now it's the identity, community Court Board time events said. I detected on time to get your thing mentioned on the scoreboard like Virginia, rights. I heard you over and over again for years, and I finally did it. I made something we believe in a college professor and after testing this with my own students, took the plunging It is a beautiful academic plainer with an online interface. It teaches time management. The number one reason: students, bail out of college and tools for college success. It's a professor in a planner. If that makes sense, but not a professor, a caring teaching professor each week features a cure code that links to a short but well tutorial on an aspect of college success, for example that are no taking
how writing by hand activated the brain and improves, recall, etc? All attach a page, you can see what I mean and she did and it looks fantastic. She said she also included sections four gratitude to increase happiness and self awareness to increase self awareness. Has you can find the planter at the centred student planner, dotcom, the centred student planner dot com for This is a gorgeous idea. I don't even know if this is just gonna, be limited of students of your talking about die management, how to take notes, how to express our gratitude. How to be more self aware. I mean. Maybe it's saved at college students, but I think this could expand and beyond that. So I'm gonna check this out, but really really really really fantastic job, congratulations and so glad you made a thing- and this is just a no to any one else. To think about make a thing make a thing
I love to try to ensure that the corporate thank you so much Virginia, thus centred student planner dot com, and If you weren't, you think merchant events it I didn t don't come. This episode is MAX Brooks Who is my dear friend MAX Brooks? Who is such a sickness? Most? one of the most stunningly smart dudes, I know he's the smartest of pants MAX is promoting his new book, diva which is a sauce watch theme story which now making it available now, wherever books are sold. So get that end? there is also an audible, dotcom version that is fully performed, kind of in the wayward worthy was fully perform
Virgil, inaudible. I bought that. I'm excited to listen to it. We recorded this almost to four months ago at the posting of this episode, today's June thirtieth and got the really unfortunate news that car Reiner passed away today and so I'd I'd, shot MAX attacked because sooner Carlin in MAX's, dad male were the best of friends and max it sort of describe them as a married couple, but they spent, All of their time together- and so you Know- Carl lived an amazingly long and fruitful life he was the eight years old mail just earned ninety four, but I'm sure that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. So just sending all sorts of love and hug to now and MAX and the writer family, I had the pleasure and privilege of TAT
Carl on the phone once and no rights? It's you. Understand how that would just be tucked away in the vault of some of my most treasured memories, eventually pitching him something over the phone and he was so warm and so encouraging and so receptive you can imagine how unbelievably nervous I was by TAT. I mean he's a comedy legend and not just a legend, but like a pioneer he's a legend who is also a comedy pioneer when you look back at the influences had on sort of modern comedy and the things that he's worked on in the stuff that he and mellow in an even beyond being a career. Inspiration he's also their friendship. An inspiration that they feel they were friends for so long and also just as an individual. As I said, he was so so sweet
and I was just even just briefly looking at Instagram today and seeing all these wonderful Carl Reiner stories they folks were were posting. So apparently he was just such a delightful man and he will really really really be missed on this planet. And so now, let's get into the podcast. This is the ideal. Twenty episode number ten. Seventy eight with Mr Max Brooks returning for the third or fourth time, but it will be the last hearing all rule the thing I can't even
How are you doing Good Chris hardware how are you, sir, you at that Big House and I visited that time- you're here We're here we're here here at our house, I'm sitting, probably seven. Feet away from the dark helmets that your dad signed, some, which is still one of my favorite stories. How are you surviving there
we're doing. Fine I mean were were were very lucky that we have a little bit of space and we have a dog to distract us and we have you know we have the food instead We need an term, and so were just you know. Were, and we have each other and so were we're hang in there I mean it was me Thursday. My mom came over. We had a socially distanced, little barbecue with my mother You know it's it's it's How are you were very lucky I mean the worst thing that happened to us, as is my wife lost a college friend no and another buddy of mine lost his best friend, but by a family thing God. You know, given that I get is ninety three and my mother in law had lung cancer ways are we lucky for the moment
Imagine they're not going anywhere either there, not your dad's program running around town. No, you know the video that I posted up. So me talking to him through glass. Tat was real, like we go over to his house, ones And we talked to him through the window and if he opens up the window, be top of the screen door with back up another sixty right right right right. Oh my gosh, it's just so you did that. The hard part is that you wanna you wanna hugged your parents. You know yeah ends I'm just I tried to go to a place of like a well. I hope I can hold them again at some point. You know like what, if I don't get to hold them like it's, the real, the upper part of the steeple chase of this, the mental steeple So this is living very much in the present and you know not going to all of the worst case scenarios, which is something I do
under normal circumstances. Like you know, catastrophe rising, so the exercise of like don't you know today, damn you know your mom's. Ok, your wife's, ok, your dogs, ok just focus on that and deal tomorrow tomorrow the head is becoming a real, interesting exercise. Yeah, oh yeah, the exact same with me. I mean I, I think to myself my dad's ninety three Hopefully he lives another ten years and break some records, but you know the second is precious and he used to come over every night for dinner. You can't do that, My son has precious little time left with him. I've I've been blessed to have. Forty seven about to be forty, eight years with him, but my son's like the dean and every second counts, and it's it's it's a tragedy. I know you, dad about people I feel like can easily live to a hundred and five? He he's he's just
those guys I always use him. As an example of you know your dad. And Joan Rivers who died in a very unnatural way, but people who stay curious and stay focused stay engaged in who asked questions and who want to learn and who have a joy in what they do that just keep people alive and a healthy and relevant longer. It seems you right he's he's, got a brilliant active mind and die and so that is keeping him alive. Thank God he's not he's not wasting away. Yeah yeah, because I understand you know as Would, I think, exactly the same age as we are. You know like well into our middle aged years. It is easy to sort of like. I don't know like. Maybe I don't really me it's a lot of energy to start up new staff until to new things and to engage in it so easy to get lazy
So it's so a worrying since the people that is it the world, is getting more and more different. Every day you can see wilder people to do now, and you can. See the difference in political campaigns worth if you're playing to the young vote. It's all about a brave new world. It's all about chain gets all about euro adapting, whereas if you're, if your plane to an overcrowded like we're going back right, you felt king castle back to the right right right right right, well it you know it's in because it requires like. Forming new new neural pathways requires energy. We have less energy ass, we get older, but I also the simplicity unit. We sort of looking older people in waiting no and they sort of saved like I you know like I'm I'm a happier than I have ever been because I just don't
need anything now pared down in it. Some warm when you're young you let your cavan process that announced together, like because you, if you don't, have a lot of attachment to external material things? Then you don't have to stress about you, don't have to unnecessary, stress there is a certain wisdom in you know, in not being so tweaked up over every little beg us. If you live a long time, you got a while. You know, like I survived a lot of stuff in which I had worried about things so much yeah yeah, you know they were there came I'm in my life and a problem when I went to college, when my parents and my parents friends started getting rid of stuff, I didn't understand, added that in my Mama Trot explained to me. She said you know you you reach appointing your life, we realise the stuff you own owns you right and I'm was only recently becoming aware of that and now having to
Weren't. You really makes me wherever, because now I am my own cook and cleaner and handyman an electrician, an pager wow, Our house is a lot of work is there's. One episode of the citizens were Marge, has the kitchen totally. Clean and then the door swings and swing the kitchen is a disaster again yeah and it is it is. It is that kind of thing where you know my god. How are we pigs, how in a day, did we managed to generate this? Will this many dirty dishes? this much. You know like garbage this much trash this much you know, so it is that you stuff that weed out you were being forced to pay attention to things that in are you not busy, workaday lives, we generally don't pay attention to. Oh, my god, you know, and you really are aware of cause and effect, because we used to either go out
Are we in order in all the time and because we recycled and become posted? I didn't feel bad about that, but now we caught we cook every day and the dishes they come from them, but you know, on top of that, is the anxiety like? Oh my god, what if the dish washer breaks- oh yeah yeah. I can't guy in get a new one, not yet, oh my god I'll be in washing, every single like a cave person. Meanwhile, I grew up in the depression and thought of world WAR two. Yes, these are very privileged complaints that we're having about dishwashers and one that I mean it. But you do understand. It also is an interesting insight into
You know, like my my grandfather, my dad's father was very much like. If there's food on your play, you have to eat it. No yeah waste a crumb because he grew up during that period. I'm in depression in it and it left an indelible mark on him and then did the successive generations sort of revelled in how much we could waste. I won't even own how much we could waste, and so there was less emphasis on it, and so you know him did. He would look like a dinosaur. You know like you need to finish, but you understand we're going through a crisis now and what what what triggers is going to create for in our generation in the next generation for future generate Britain's into her, get a look at us and got the fuckers your problem, you don't know we lived through blah blah blah and you know what we're gonna. We're gonna pick up corks oh yeah, I mean, I wonder, I wonder what we will take out of it because for the last two months, come, my grandmother it I'd. We wash our plastic bags. I say
that line in Biloxi blues about about dinner. I said my second you what you want, but you take what you eat always food around here job, and you know my grandmother, even my mother, could my mother was greatest generation. They used to freak out me. If I went outside on a cold day with wet hair, you could catch a goal now who cares? but time now, when you can go to the actor when even going to the pharmacy, has a risk. Is I gonna. Now, with my son, no I'm gonna go outside and like no, you draw your hair first, it's dark outside its cold, outside you're, not going outside with wedding, no, I know I a week ago cut my finger. My middle finger. Really badly, because we have had a broken it like. I had addition, my hands like a serving dish in my hands a couple days before, and it slipped and a piece of
broke off and there was a sharp like a ceramic shard that was you'd like behind the paper towel Roy Ass on the counter and a cut. Two days later. I forgot but the dish- and I just saw this thing and the counter- and I thought I was bitter something so I just like a chimp just grabbed at fault for rattle and it sank into my middle finger and it was bad and so I'd texted, the merchant video of it in Texas, you are a regular doctor who is like eighty years old, accusing the highest risk group. So he's not praying right now and his assistant said, while he thinks you sure programme, care to make. Why not gonna go to urgent Karen Clog, urgent care with the cut and also like risk, get you know, bringing home the virus, because
and she goes. Why don't the well to tell you we do? We can recommend to you and a service were like a doctor, can come to your house, and you know again, I'm very fortunate that I was able to are taken that because the doktor came up, he had mass got. I had to mask saw it. I didn't face them. I held my hand out he cleaned it and glue and basically use dislike Bio Durham to glue at shot, otherwise it it was badly. Needed stickers right where there was a feeling of helplessness like with like what am I supposed to do, I my fingers cut. I don't think I can so you know it's just been. A very media is a very strange. It is a very strange time because all those things we took for granted before it's like. You have to be very aware now of what you do you I seen from my new book literally play out in my house. There's a scene in devolution, women are cut off and the the
from the volcano, we're coming on the solar panels falling on the solar panels. The husband says, I'm gonna go the mark on the roof, and she says you can't: what have you fall? We can't get you to the hospital and their neighbours is also with you're, stuck on the couch with broken leg. You go from being a give her to take her ran. The exact same thing happened It was because it member a month ago was raining, and I thought you know what I should go up on the roof and hopefully in the gutters, and my wife is like now, if you for weeks get you to the hospital and even if you're it seems you gotta twisted ankle you're sitting on the couch. You know- Looking you're, not cleaning you're, not contribute, in our nation of three four. If you count the dog gotten quarter of that name, it becomes a consumer you're, your wife's, like don't you understand if you, if you're on the couch for the twisted angle, we have to kill you and consume you for protein, like you, you want to sell,
become our food items, wiser in my own vegetable guy, so least you're giving back. You know what you will. Do you still able to contribute. That is interesting that you know like you, you, you ve written a lot about apocalypse as adults, so given many talks and protect attention apocalypse offence, and so that this is a very weird way. You ve kind of studied for something like this. You know it's interesting because you know My first eat a zombie survival guy was kind of open the door. The researching a zombie survival guide really made me aware of how many threats it takes to hold the fabric of society together, out and in zombies, arrival guide was the micro level. Just you were, maybe you and a group against the world. And the world wars. It was, oh, my god, this planet, this
civilization. We call the human race depends on this network of communication and trade and logistics and heard immunity and you start to slip those away. Oh, my god, a lot of people that area having seen a zombie I've done work on that, and so I wanna golly. I knew this was coming months ago, the former president of the United States Naval WAR College, animal wiseguy called me. I was I was sick in bed with the flew at least. I think it was a fluke any says to me you need to look, you need to go online, you need to see what's happening with China. I went out and I looked at this new virus and warm I thought this is gonna, be really bad because it's got a two week. Asymptomatic incubation period, which means it's either already here or it'll, make its way around the world and taken people's temperatures around the airport. That ain't gonna
stop it, and so I started prepping as soon as I do out of my sick bed as this was. This was not gonna be guided and did it at that point. Did he have any other information, or he just said. This is something that you want to be aware. No, I mean he wasn't use president now of a university North Dakota and he was trying to break his is university in his state for together with sort of looking at all the data that we could, and the shock of this was and the anger. The fury was that we have a plan for this. We have something called the national response framework where it's the master disaster plan open source by the way you don't have to sneak and find it like the Pentagon papers. The government wants you to read this and in it details everything from the president, all the way down to like the local mayor every
a job for every person and they even has annexes natural Disaster war, terrorism, biological incident, plague literally, we would not have had to have thought up anything. If we had had competent leadership, we literally could afflicted switch back. January and been ready for this thing? Yeah yeah! Well I that didn't happen here. We are, and I also find it interesting that The other thing that you ve written it is idly similar extinction parade, which obviously has a supernatural element of like vampires sort of being the ruling class and then some I M going like hey wait a minute. You know
Natural resource which is living humans are becoming zombies, now set out and then resumed going out, but you may have they had? No, I was trying to create did the lesson or trying to impart the lesson of when you're so interdependent, and you it never even occurs to you that something might go wrong. These pampered parasites that are vampires few of them realize, oh, my god. What are we going to live on they have no survival skills because they ve been apex predators, their top of the food chain. They have their little ran fields doing another ship jobs for them. If only they gonna take your themselves. Whereas the humans are in a much better position because lifely easy, and so that was it. That was a powerful lesson for these poor vampire. This was not well in all these stories. There's the
like an walking dead or in in sick extinction parade or there's somebody apocalypse tales about how you no comfort is the enemy of survival, where what I'm? Maybe it's complacency? Not I'd, be no comfort, I think, is maybe not the right you know like they are. Obviously, you would being see comforts we sort of crave and become addicted to complacency or convenience did, I think, you're right. I think you re looking at It's it's not come for its comfort at the expense of resilience right. You know what I ought to know when it's ok to yeah it is. It is it's a slippery slope because you know, well, everything's, ok, today! Well, everything's! Ok, yesterday, I know everything's like we want to be able to let go, and maybe that's one of the effects that it will take a long time
before we were able to sort of settled back in, and you know like not be a girl phobic and be able to trust being in public spaces and hugging people with the guy. You know I think you said the magic word. I think it is trust. I think that the idea is our institutions. Have to prove that they can protect us in order for us to trust them again. That's why up until now, certainly up until the nineteen sixties government work, really hard to validate. You know if I'm going to compromise your personal liberties of I'm gonna, take some of your money for axis. I gotta go you something so I'm gonna give you security safety, trust the ability to be comfortable. When we started turning on government Zheng out, what's the point, because it
Such a good job of it, the next generation group and took it for granted that well, but I also don't know how I don't see, how anyone could listen in a country of through it and fifty million people in our case you eat, is there's enough people that you know, even if you can't control like point, one percent of them in terms of like what they're going to do and they're gonna. U know, go out and do whatever they want their knock and a sort of like you know, work together as a group, its first even deciding what the right thing to do is and then, on top of that, you know, there's just always gonna be. Will it go? I'm gonna do whatever the fuck they wanted, like anyone can really reign in everyone with you, don't like it. It just seems like yeah. I agree, especially in this, I think the only thing you can do is is in force consequences without curtailing freedom. Let them have their freedom, but then they must pay. The penalty, if you wanna, go you wanna, go surfing,
and you don't want to wear masks and you want to live, and in fact yourself, that's fine. That's your right to get, in fact, if you don't have the right to respect the air, for you, don't have the right to go the movie theater, you don't have the right to send your kitchen. School? You don't have the right to put your infection anywhere near maids is away like we have the right to drink alcohol if you're over eight, you do not the right to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car, because then that makes it society's problems right. That's the way to do, it is to say: listen if you don't want to pay it, the club of civilization. That's fine, but you don't get to enjoy the benefits of that club without paying your deeds. Well adjusted. Thing now is just no one really, knowing you know. Obviously there the distance Strain on mental health is just not knowing about the future and just like
everything being unknown, I think ass human beings. We create a false sense if we create, like the sort of false security bubble, very delicate, but it allows us to sort of you know get into. Routine without taking on the you know the greater existential questions on a daily basis in kind of get through. We need to get through and now you know what people going. I don't know when you know like where whence it gonna be like? What's normal anymore, whence it gonna be. I dont know our yeah, you know so it like that. Is that also be another huge strain is just is the uncertainty we you know like human beings need certainty. I think we do crave a bit of uncertainty, keep things exciting, but certainly not this much. I agree and I think enterprise. One- is the the mixed messages which is driving us all crazy about where you and I are to remember the down slope of the AIDS crisis where what saved us from the.
Again the hysteria because we went from denial to panic to finally The understanding was, we had a single message and a single messenger who see every coop, admiral, I'm beard, didn't you Ambrosch Admiral so and he would, one tv and you would expect, I too was this. Is what aids it? Here's, how you get it? Here's how you dont get here's, how you protect yourself and it was like wow. Now I know what the rules of the game are. Okay and yet you know the Department of Papa was the CDC or on how the human services, but you see ever coop a pamphlet, called understanding. Aids was made about every single household in the United States. I went when this all started with back on Youtube. I found all his piazza days and there's a little baby, Johnny Depp with his nineteen.
These banks, in his gorgeous good, looks and Yemen see ever Coop arc explaining to us what it is and how to protect her son. I'm only lack anything like that. Now we have a thing, because no one really understand you know like its. We ve had to go on a river of a news diet because we we know that the like I'll I'll have like on the bridge a new feature that I that I would look at you know. Normally you get so many contradict. Do somebody contradicting stories about what's going on. You know it's mutating this way. No, it's actually mutating this way. No, it's mutating neither of those ways, and so I think also the right. I dont know what to believe, because I don't know like which and everything seems to contradict each other, which says to me that we kind of just don't really understand exactly what's going on, I believe, and so We kind of just don't really understand exactly what's going on, I, and so
oh yeah yeah, I'm watching just watch today sets out. She got ready, Belge vying for Congress, and this is the this is the Smarty smarts dont know how to communicate with the rest of us, but the dome dams are great talkers. So there's there's ran pulsing. Open the made plans requisite. Most of them have the virus, which means that there are me right. Their meal and values are in most cases. It is likely that in other viruses- and you can add, didn't out some form of unity, however, from studies I thought you would have it should just said. No, we now know We all know why you're with your bad, you pay and your plague beard You will know that. There's immunity wait for the bags, otherwise shudder,
What we don't really know when all those facts are going to come in right, we just we're just sort of like waiting in everyday sort are hoping some other come out. Go ok, guys got it all started here. It is Do you have you ABC X Y zeal happen? Then you can do this than the other in the end, we just don't have a bit, but the idea that the sort of the broader idea of sort of humans needing certainty and how do we mentally survive in an hour certain in an uncertain world. This is really you know, it's one that I think will have some. You at least, look no longer range, dramatic consequences, not unlike what we are talking about with our grand with the greatest generation. Now you know the way but they always sort of focused on things living through a national national tragedy in an and my hope is that now because
did the discussions run? Mental health is so much more common than they were. You know almost a hundred years ago that people are conversations focusing on mental health. You know like being mindful. Like her. I feel like shit today, but I'm talking about it. So it's helping process it somewhere. My hope is that it, you know that we will be able to, as a culture really have healthy conversations about it too to get through. You know, whatever the next handful a month's brings outside right. I hope, too that if there is any, if any good comes out of this catastrophe, that we don't take public health for granted anymore, because this couldn't this couldn't have hit us any time other than right. Now, at this point in history because we ve lost enough of the greatest generation that now America's old people, most of America's all people are baby boomers, who grew up with vaccines, random NATO that they don't have that gun fear
disease, the way greatest generation did you know, I think that that we really did sort of take health for granted and maybe Hopefully I see no less Jan access because we're in the middle now, where the parents, where the parents and the kids in the eighties dawn, but hey everybody combine were flushed with cash gone by a bunch of shit tat, you can have whatever you want your hand and govern not the solution to our problems, government is the problem. I hope that we come out of this and say you know what we need. Listen to experts. We need to believe in science and we need to We need to believe in things like taking care of our bodies and medicines and vaccines, because let me tell you when there is a vaccine and it's been proven, safe and effective, and there are still people who do not want to get it all.
An island must be found, owns all I'm sure about everything that what it will be like? If you don't like? I don't know six months or whatever. You know your lab again, like a movie theater in six, my I have no idea what the timeline is. Unjust, spit, bawling, garlic in sex, I see our next year, whatever you're in a crowded movie. Theater need is here another out about gas. Oh yeah, I've been, I think, the only Lucian if a vaccine comes out of people, don't wanna voluntarily take it we make a deal with. Canada to buy or lease Baffin Island and we can call it a v anti vat system. Hooker and we just say: listen, you, don't you, don't you don't believe it? good for you, you think they'll and hot yoga, gonna stop Polio Great go go. Enjoy! God bless you! I like you that you
Did it stand at the end to make it like a real, a real to real city, yeah you're? Just again, that's a stand. Just go: go there have fun, do you're, hot goat, yoga and your ears, bats and whatever the editor tells you about public, about health, believe it because you can't because that's any or get to my kids school. We take a brief pause to think the sponsor for this episode of the eighty twenty podcast fi low Do you love television, but maybe not so much the size were tabled. The fellow is your solution.
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I just like a regular rotation. I just put on Twilight Zone episodes and I love them because I find them a lot of them still weirdly applicable, like a lot of the messaging, is still will guide. Yeah ends and saw a cure curious to know like if you have a favorite episode in what it's about and what it addresses. Oh god you I loved I love. Was the one with little Anthony. You know it's good that you're making it snowed really go yeah yeah yeah yeah without but Billy Movie it SAM. It's a good luck. I fear. I think it's a good life where these need this all powerful. In the town and ever once everyone's thoughts are control that everyone's they bad thoughts and yet he had the entire town. Hostage and I'm shot that they could write that at that point in history, because what as apparent what as needs with me, as I sometimes I see other parents and they they adapt the entire world.
Old around their children and you don't. I laugh because I think, like that poor kids going is either gonna happen given this bubble the rest of his life, he's gonna go out and the world is gonna, get him to adjust Jello putting parts, because the world? Don't give a shit that boy? because we know what this was. This was about clearly who the right didn't write strolling right that one Let me see he now now it doesnt singer get up there among the Wikipedia page. Now it was it was written by rats early yeah yeah, because you could see that him I mean in my mind, I imagine him like going till I gotta know, is sisters house and like watching his nephew. Just now
arising everyone about it that way, it always took its. I took a very literally like go. There's is all powerful! Being and basically you know it's very it's kind of here, the Orwellian that they live in this culture where they have to you, don't think certain things and say certain things and behave in certain ways and they can never when I guess you're right, it is sort of the ultimate guides alike- codependent, child rearing. Oh yeah, I mean I want you to go. When my son was very little. My wife had over her her old family friend his wife little boy, my son's age, my son Henry. We to had the buying of voyages, shops and bankers now now, instead of one million agent ass. We don't we'll. Do that say you're sorry, she goes with just doesn't like to be had read you the White House,
and I mean I just like- well guess who's never coming to our house again I mean what up residence to set for a child who actually thinks the entire world goes. It glittered you're doing that. It's really good, so boy rod sterling work. I shot yet so there too, episodes that that I love that thank you might enjoy. One of them is called the monsters are due on maple story. We just saw that one fucking great, oh wow, people listening it's. Basically, this accurate emphatic and visited the seller acronym Jack Western is in it, and it's basically about a it's about paranoia and it's about the thin fabric of social connections that this neighborhood like them. They hear the sound they
Were the neighbourhood and then, like the lights, go out and they come on in some people's houses in some guys car starts up and then they all basically start. Turning, each other wise, his lights on what he must be and then they usually rip each other apart and then there's a obviously, these standard twilight Zone twisted the aim which I will do. My people have seen it, but it's an it such an interesting those are the ones that are like that is an enduring tale of humanity and paranoia and self surviving ends. Guilty of our social balance. It makes me so angry that all science fiction today is is not on that same standard anymore because, as you and I both safe, I want my god what it used to teach all the lessons and everything I mean reading starship troopers again, I was like god. How did the high line? This was back when the greatest generation was running everything? How could he predict?
a society, adjust spoiled narcissists who lived for nothing but themselves. Well well, but you know particularly those back back in those days they had to accept these larger ideas about humanity, these sort of progressive ideas for science fiction, because it would have been much more difficult for them to beg, didn't have a platform to right right in a like. Now we can I hit things head on and go. This is wrong and that's wrong. We need to talk about this, but back then, in order to make it digestible for the for the main stream people who didn't want, the you know the apple card upset for whatever dumb reason they had to express these ideas so that people could actually like digest them your consciously or subconsciously rather than just coming out and pointing a finger and saying like a y'all, are fucked up and here's. Why yeah? I know you're right, you're right. We we couldn't, we What about race relations so in STAR Trek? and had to have a guy with black on one side of his face. While on the other fighting guy,
white on his face and black on the other end right and that's that that is sort of the euro, the foundations of why Sci FI horror so putting this genres and why they were so important. You know in the fabric of our culture and being able to address very important, progressive ideas, in sink into a younger generation. Who would then you don't like really take those too hard? Maybe ways they didn't even realize to evolve them, and so it sir, it's really it it's. The twilight zone is such a great for thought there for a season. IRAN on Netflix, but there is a season of the Twilight Zone, seasons, one two three and five or a netflix, but season for is on Itunes. Season for was the season where they did our lawns and honestly I realized it with the airlines. The twilight zone is a much better half hour show that the outlaws tend to drag
a little bit o really yeah back, but there still great, but the other one that I absolutely love is called a nice place to visit, which is up it's the one where the guy the criminal basically dies, and then he goes to. Heaven only thinks he's did happen and his Is there giving him everything he wants? The twilight zone has this sort of thing of like be careful? What you fish for over and over again and the idea that getting everything you want would could actually be an evil thing. Because again we can't handle complacency and we can't week we can't handle utopia. You know it's like in the matrix when Agent Smith said like we do. We designed a utopia for your people and you you you couldn't handle it becomes
hey it's your nature to destroy. You know like, but those ideas are really really really interesting, because we all have things we wanted things. We think you're gonna, make our lives better and there's this concept idea, like you know, nothing can fix. You know about you this time. It's different. This thing's gonna fix me. Ok, good luck out! You know- and I love that they were addressing addressing that too, and it really. I hope that at some point there is a university that will give a course and sort of deconstructing the the philosophical underpinnings of episodes that serious because they're pretty fucking deep yeah, oh yeah, I mean even the sentimental ones. I mean I think my favorite sort of heart strings. One is when the guy has ended and his dog dies. Eddies thinks he's going to be remembered. The dutch wait for Heaven you're the guy at the garden.
Like now, no dogs allowed any like well. If there's no dogs allowed, then it's no happened to me than any walks down and yet Yeah he's been hillbillies he's got the dogs eat what I ain't going into no place to don't want no Zeke because he's my buddy buddy yep, yep, yeah, sort of the religious you know like they tackled religion and oh yeah, I think now, when we make sigh fine, we make horror it's more about the the weird factor in the twist tender, but but what I think that proudly my black mare was so great because it it wasn't anthology series. It started addressing a lot of those ideas about our sort of contemporary. You know. Techno do still be in the not too distant future in a way that you know that other sites, I hadn't, really
in a while, it's true and end in there, I think you're there all bright spots. You know I've been a fan of the of the new Batman and newspaperman movies because they have they ve taken head on the notion of people coming to save you. Do we need them? What does that mean? What's the oversight What happens when Superman is gone? Ok are aware: now we're now ones and Frank military Tory here about what is society need from heeds heroes? Did you watch the boys, know Is it? Is it good? I haven't seen it was our favorite that it was. It was Lydia my favorite show last year Amazon. There's only there's one season Evan. I think the second seasons coming out soon, but it is phenomenal because it is about this cluster of superheroes. It it, it deals a lot with what that means and and social media and perception and corruption ends.
You know duality and it's it. It's honestly think you would love the show you as soon as we're done with this podcast. You can go watch it immediately. If your son's into that stuff, I think he would dig it too, because it's just It's such a cool show in such a really really really great. I think you'll love it and I'm gonna have to check it out. I guess you know you as you and I have discussed many times there is. There is no excuse for dumbness in science fiction. You can make something smart and interesting and educational, and also make it really funds and exciting. Whether there's that there's that really important creative question, but I think it's easy to not ask by
you know, some of that. I knew who worked on the daily show years and years ago. Said. John Stewart always said you know what is this about like when you strip everything else aware strip the jokes away when you strip it all away? What is it about? And that's a very that's, a very powerful question, because yeah that some things are like fast food, they don't have to be about anything. They can disorder, be finding that's fine. You know like you're, probably forget them in your probably shit. Man forget them in almost immediately afterwards, but you know like if you're really is something is really important to you. If you can answer that fundamental question like in a sentence or to what is this about, then you probably still have some work to do, or maybe it's not. Maybe it's not what you thought. It was oh yeah I mean. My son years ago he watched wizard of OZ, and then I explained to him that Revise was because it came out makes Thirty nine, it was an isolation. Is propaganda. Moving and use. You see that
All these speeches here you ve, been taking it on his wonderful magical, written and Dorothy essentially says you like the best place it there's no place like home. And he says you know if I want an adventure, I ran to look far than my own backyard, with which the message in making Thirty, nine was we don't need to get involved in local overseas stay in here. Oh well, I didn't, even I told you, we didn't get that at all. That's in credit is that do you know that for a factor in our you putting pieces together, you know I'm not, I am not a hundred percent sure, but it seems show painfully obvious watching it and watching the year that it came out
same here. I watched the old cartoon of Gulliver's travels and wow what a piece of propaganda that was cuz, it's Gulliver. Basically, the lilliputians and fighting with the other little people and Gulliver's United States Bingley was silly Europeans. What does your is your even about is wars about nothing. I knew all just need to back off. About until Pearl Harbor. I tell people felt wow I mean I'm. It makes me want to do like a show with you or a podcast called. What's it all about where we are. Basically, we take things because out of content next. You know like whatever night of living add, beware, ORD or or wizard of OZ or whatever out of context like all these are. These were such forward, thinking, great movies and, of course,
they hold up on their own, is movies without being about anything, but the idea of taking something that sort of a court cultural centrepiece As for the current generations, who don't have the context for like, but here's what was going on at the time that consciously or unconsciously the filmmaker was commenting on, are the you know like or or it could have been It could have come from this that was going on in society at the time. So it could actually be about this. That the other could be a really interesting, because we never think about that. You watch these pieces, you go. That's really find you know, but without the contact
like you know it's sort of like watching all Warner brothers cartoons going. I don't get half the references bugs bunnies making I might entertained by them. But if I understand like oh that in that voice, he did is satire of this actor from this movie. Who is doing this thing? If you understand that and get the reference like wow, that's just kicks it up a whole, much oh yeah! I always. I always thought that that you can't you can't teach art in a vacuum whether its painting or writing or movies. You know when I was in high school. I wish I was lucky to have filled teacher. In star wars, the new star worthy the chaldean system, who I'm pretty sure J J rooms, did he got a crossroads because we don't eat your name. Jim Hosni interesting looked up right now, Well, Jim Hosni showed us all these french movies by John do Gooder. I used to wonder like why are they are they also? Why need bridges
so cynical and sour unbundling around with this dark cloud over their head. Will then I I learned french history I was like. Oh you guys were. The shit and then pose world war. Two. You were humiliated in the war and then you spent than twenty years losing your empire piece by piece o, my god? No wonder you guys are so depressed you're that you're the great Centurion Republic, so Data Abrams went to Palestine. High school only dead. So I wonder I wonder what has needs is to give have been made. Maybe I mean you know, like I'm store, all those groups had a lot of contributors. So I would imagine I would imagine that one in there, probably somebody in their went to crossroads, and somebody took a classroom, Jim Arsenic, yeah yeah, which you know like that's probably pretty nice too. The professor and have to be a teacher professor and have your name like cemented into
into a star wars Cannon and it's pretty darn cool. I mean it's. Have you thought about? You know like there are you are you ever going to be a professor. Are you ever going to? I know you give lectures. I know you you educates, but have you ever thought about having a longer tenure somewhere? I thought about it. You know, I think, because it might like see a school, and I never got along somebody's leary of academia because I, the struggle so hard, wanted to be a history teacher. I was that it would be really cool, cuz, cuz history, I had history, teaches you changed my life, they made me from you know a morose angry kid into realizing that there might be something to me with western save. To first and I was like. Oh maybe I'm good at something, though I let you do that for other kids like job I'd have I
right now I got a little too much of my plate will, of course a lot is your plate, but it also works. It also break my heart that there was this idea that Dyslexia was tied at all to intelligence, that people miles things. We were the same thing. Because you're, you know one of the smartest people. I know- and I would thank you know like you. Never you know and suchlike like Henry Winkler, to whose, cover with Dyslexia learning a series of children's books about Dyslexia, like yeah those that's just a thing, it's not connected to your capacity to you know like just. I really hope at a place now were people understand that those those two things don't are in that way. I think we are, I mean I obviously there were no where we used to be in the nineteen eighty four toujours just thought. I was lazy, whom also happen celebrity parents, Qana gave the impression of life while he's just a rat and he's just using off, because he thinks he can get away with it. I think
not all my you, but I do think a couple of them should have that preconceived notions, and if I mean if it wasn't for my mom having constant meetings. What do you get your saying like? Listen, there's, something called Dyslexia: ass did at the marine frost against dude, it's been proven, he's trying. He needs to learn indifferent He needs to work smarter instead of harder and he changed obviously otherwise I probably would have been on the heroin you. Oh my god, that's incredible! That's really incredible! Well, No, they had no accommodations back there. You don't now a kid if you can show that you ve been tested the schools, will bend over backwards to give your combinations, but my mother literally had to fight for every one like untimely tests and men I was tutored and also taking all my books and putting them on audio, but at the Braille Institute for the White House, the red onto Cosette, which is why my
I put so much energy into the audio book version of everything all right, we'll ironic, that people or that people would have assumed. Like all you know, spoiled kid, you celebrity apparent supply, don't give a fuck and it's like dad is like the workforce. Your mob also was a workforce and was Superman. I stayed in new, and I mean it just is that those things that you don't be silly, the tabloids don't write about, but god damn I'm so glad to hear that you were able to that in your life, oh yeah, I mean you know the assumption is I grow very privileged and fucking. I was privileged because I was privileged to have a mom recognized. I was dyslexic and did something about it and basically saved my life Does God knows what I would have been
I not been diagnosed, have not found a combination, skills that I still used to this dual. While so your parents were greatest generation, yeah dad was were were combat engineer, mom was the class of eighteen, forty, four class of nineteen, forty five. So yet they were total hard core raiders generation, so they say they sort of skipped baby boomers because you're good at it. Yeah yeah, I'm very like a one. More reason: I'm privileged is my friends. They had baby boom apparent, so there The divorce is the drugs, materialism it. Oh, my friends when my dad's got this new girlfriend she's my age. You is like that my parents, my it was home every night at seven o clock, my mother, would to me every night and the audio books started because she had to go work if she was shooting late. She would finish the book on audio books. She would recorded
so, basically, if she couldn't make it at home, I could play the Cosette of my mom reading Phantom Togo or look at that and readable. By the way, I'm sure those books were probably beautifully performed because you're become wasn't right. Isn't it you have those tapes still you know what I do and I should put a mind, Bun city, before they degrade completely yeah. I've got this Academy award winning actress. Reading the phantom told a cool. Is that that really really incredible. That is, I mean that that's one of the things that came cut. It makes you a little misty because you, like wow sheep, Can we put in the time like she cared that much, and so you know the fact that you turned out to be a cool adult who's, really smart and really engaged and really compassionate like well, you can see the math there
It's like you, had great parents who are really very sorry, didn't and it's not as it's not a secret. Why you would have become turn out to be the adult that you became? oh yeah, you know, I'm doing I'm doing us a series now for the history channel called history at home, there doing little five minute, vignettes of people, sort of giving you a quick little history lesson and I'm one of them and the first, when I did was on the man who taught us to wash our hands, ignores some advice, and I do it all in one take and I'm passionate and the reason it so good is because when I was a kid, my mother told me that exact same story, because my mother was a closet scientist The world didn't give a shit. The world wanted sexy, MRS Robinson, but my mom used to read to me a book called the microbes hunters history of how human beings, discovered microbes and what TAT meant for disease
and used to show me these old movies. You know cause back then leads to make movies. Celebrating these people, like the life of Lui pastor, The man who discovered- and this is important for millennials the guy- discovered a cure for syphilis while the magic bullet? and it was amazing, is used to Shoguns BBC many series. Are you drunk about symbol vice about passport lister. So my mother imparted me with his curiosity, which thing God she also gave us the tools to learn about regime. Ends with Harry Lamar. He wasn't, but my dad sued by Heavy Lamar I didn't, I settled out of court, it was fine, it was amicable nor member in, examples, are used. Eddie, Lamar Hadley Lamar, oh, I didn't know. I see this is again. This isn't
but why behind I had no, I thought it was just a plan. I thought it was just a harmless play on the name. I had no idea what she took them to court for that and you, finally like fine you're right, you're right here. You go area because was also a closet scientist? Yes, and you know it, it was interesting ET. I just think it's great that at a time where it probably would have been easier to Well, you know, I don't really know what to do with this, because society is kind of fucked up the weights. Fucked up. That's your mom said found a way like one, I'm still passionate about this I know I'm gonna pursue it and I'm in a pass it on to my side like it's it's it's I don't know it's it's just such it's. Just such a great, beautiful, strong twice at a time when it would have been easier to none
Do that yeah it was. I was her only audience, you know the rest of the world didn't didn't care that she loved the microbes hunters and wanted to teach the world about the man named Lee. One hope who discovered the microscope and and looked at the scrapings of his teeth see that there were things living on. So she would tell me these stories and of course, because she was a great actress. They were exciting, and so I was in Thrall. I wasn't oh wow tell me more about leaving will that's everything to his having someone who's, not just that is something but who has the ability to convey as I d is in an in in a way that is interesting or theatrical, or you know it's like, while she was too too to be your mom, she was pulling from every up every corner of interest and expertise that she had between the artistic side in the performance side and the and the scientific side
and then just focusing at all of you, I mean that's it. That's really: lovely leaner. She, he made me very, aware of the gap between those who know and those who communicate, because this end, as I got older Michael, This is the problem. This is why sometimes we elect so many dumb domes, because this Marty smarts making authority they can't make. They are trying to convey interesting, and so we elect someone was a great talk about. Is gonna, say you don't my item of. We talked about this, the last on you when I spoke, but my mentor, the men who taught me how to write was a little older. He is
the best- and he actually runs a founding. You should now that he started that teaches scientists to speak English. Yes, I will use all the by just a couple years ago we talked about, but he does that through improv. He gets them to open up and teaches us to communicate through Improvin like Holy Shit, who would have thought how about the idea that we have this idea of separation between art and science? Unlike what scientists are this an artist or their summit as a gap? But you know should be. Everyone should be a little bit of everything because it all like that interdisciplinary study really really help Yankees he's such a Saturday was all that Alan other he's wonder. When he had my mom, really good friends, and they would. They would tell each other science stories they were. They would discover these things in Europe, was the host of scientific American, so they were both very curious. I still remember. I gave a lecturer at West point that my mother had given me
I was a kid: a man who invented the end, one car by the semi automatic rifle that my dad carried a world war two was invented by a cop killing bootlegger. Oh my god, the guy was in jail. He was in the hall and to keep his mind occupied. Does he was? He was a gun fanatic? He came up with the right. Of this gun that uses the energy of the round, firing to reject the shell and load a new one, and he started right making plans for its thematic. It also, and the hero of the story is what I told the cadets at West Point: the hero of creation is not just the creative person, it's the champion of the creative person, a person who stands next to that creator says I believe it- and in this case it was the warden of the prison who saw Williams. Drawing the schematics attics, that of tearing it up and putting them in the whole. He said I am going to give you the chance to build a prototype in my prison workshop,
carefully supervised and allow you to test it and the prison hold the warden up and said? What are you gonna do if this man escapes with the gun, your letting him ill and the words I will serve his time. Holy shit. That's crazy! is an amazing and, as a result, the United States military got one of the most successful firearms in world history. Why that a movie it wise, I believe, was Jimmy Stuart. Ok we see the warden oversee the inmate. He was the man, I think a region. My mom showed it to the God, you're free, etc. I met again. I started that I went down the Jimmy Stuart Road and then I just I immediately I immediately pulled the record like this is not going in a good direction. Are not going to do this. I can't do this voice, but do you know what the name of
I think it was Carbine Williams. That's incredible! I honestly really think there's something here: we were talking about pulling all the things together and making them one thing. I think there is a history curricula for you to teach that takes Cinema, Sci, FI, horror, whatever or even just regular cinema. You know, each lecture is a different piece that the class has to watch him and you can unpack it to occur, lane history. What was going on in our culture? What we can learn from it has been a bit like you have all of those things in place to be able to do that and related to modern audience. We know that's that's what I try to do in every book. I write is that every united people are we
did you? I write a collective works and why not to me because it's all the exact same theme which is about taking with real life lessons but encased him, the veneer of fiction, be it minecraft, be zombies, and- and this new book I mean, you want to see. It is just a big foot attack, but that's fine or if you want to see it as a real peeling back of the layers of interdependency in our society and ology and our racing to create a world that is based on comfort at the expense of resilience. Just what we talked about the way I wrote this. You are, of course, talking about evolution, which comes out June. Sixteenth, big. We had to delay a month because one of the many reasons it was it safe to get anybody in the recording studio to do the audio book. Oh well, and is the audio book performed or is it just read? Oh no, it is, it is a full cast falcon
right. It is. It is a world wars, these style cast. We come the universe to get ass people, and that was the problem. Is some of these people? are all somebody not home studios, a random house literally mailed us, because I'm one of them mailed us all a giant crate of home equipment. That wall had said. I would, set up under my stairs and you'll, see on twitter very soon, we're gonna be posting. These pictures of me under I stairs. Are you wait for your our letter to come at once is Harry Potter. For me, it was more like Dost boat. I'm in a little room with headphones. Listening outside thinking like ok, they're, gone yeah. I guess I can say to see that I love the idea that we, that has entertainers are still are having to figure out how to become self sufficient good. So easy. You know it's easy
who rely on everyone sitting supper. You show up, you do the one. You know the job that you have. Ok, I'm here to present the thing, but now you know why having to do all of these different things in order to cut? I just. Continue to do what we do, and it makes me appreciate even more You know the audio engineers and the camera people Andy. You know like they all all the crew who might miss working with you know when we were on this and on sets like to re enter the way you know you can never take for granted want an amazing contribution. Each person makes to create the symphony of a production because it like all the expertise together, is vital and you don't even what I'm trying to middle make videos or seven yeah. I'm just not you know there are people who specialise in these things and they are amazing at it, and you know- and I have a lot of
we're. Ok, if they're not able to work during Mr O, God yeah. I hope so do, because these are skilled professionals. They are trained. These are no different than than carpenters and mechanics. I mean just just waking up white or rigging up a sound, a blanket. Oh, my god, what I had to do with a curtain and the further in the little space under my stairs? Oh, my god, you're at I cut my finger. Do said just like you because I'm not a train professional. I don't know what I'm doing well. I think it is that someone is amazing at their job, is that it is easy for the audience to take it for granted right, because you may not necessarily notice camera work because it if its, if its flawless yeah, it just seems like it so effort. Listen so easy
like one, though that you know someone's just really good at their job and they spent years getting so good that you would barely notice it. But it's probably going to take a step back and all that person its actual incredibly stilled, because you, the difference between you really know when you see bad camera work. Are you really know when you see you know when you hear bad audio about this are glad that you, you know, but you never noticed when it's when you know it's rare that you noticed when it's really good. Oh yeah, I mean that that The whole premise of evolution is that we ve got this high and high tech eagle community nestled the cascade mounds, and this is not off the grid. This is this. Is the grid these people think cap on their phones for their Amazon drone grocery deliveries, they telecom you to work
these are small homes, so the minute something breaks it automatically sends a signal to a handymen shows up in a driverless electric van and it's the best of all worlds, because these people can live with the comforts of Manhattan and then go. Hiking in the wilderness in the deep forest under lunch. Great and it's all working till Mount Rainier erupts and their suddenly caught off and not just cut off their forgotten and winter, coming and these highly educated, highly paid David, Sir Darras fans dont know how to change a light bulb. They ve got no skills, the guy no tools because their aim at me, why would they have a toolbox under the under the sink? Went ahead? he's, gonna show up Ray and the way the world was. They were at the top of the pyramid, but the world is suddenly upside down, and they are the most useless soda.
It really is about help really is like a further tale of how a privilege can become a real liability. Oh yeah yeah, because if you there's nothing wrong with big interdependent, but if you have no resilience built in, if you have no backup plan backup skills of supplies, no even acknowledgement that things could go wrong. Then you end up, as these characters are
cut off isolated, useless and, if that's not bad enough, the volcano has also driven this pack of giant hungry SAS watch preachers out of their foraging ground and they need to stock up until it was too for the winter, and here is a pet of sheep. There more comfortable with the idea of interdependency in their yeah. It's it's the humans Apocalypse story, and it's like this task watch reticence I'll get will because the real that's, why can't evolution beasts both species must devolve in at the humans have to do start to work with their hands, because none of none of them work her hands before these. These roll intellectuals. This is this is this is friendly What's an IRA glass versus Bigfoot Biotech is the pitch big making it a movie while would not be funded. Watch I mean I, you know I have a friend.
Aimed at Logan, whose enough stringy pudding in Australia. Wives, australian in their living in Australia, right now, like in the middle of basically a forest in your face timing, the other day and he's just he's from Indiana uneasily he's just real good with his hands in his path. Family were farmers in the EU, There was an omission fluent in his life, so he just he knows everything about God. He knows how to grow everything he knows how to cross breach stuff. He knows how to build. Is he was showing me around there. The harmony like all that I put up these beams and that I stand with this and you know I used, I use vinegar to stay Erlich Jesus Christ, how the fuck! How do you know all of these things and he is so equipped for everything to go sideways and consuming context in by comparison? It just makes me realize:
yeah blurred anything valuable like really learning arena. Teleprompter is the adults pointless, and you know that during a pandemic of God, I mean that the inspiration for devolution was looking around it. My group of friends, my community and realizing like wow we are really witty and funny uneducated, educated and utterly useless. Can't do anything I mean my friends would laugh at me because I have a question.
Garden. They all farmer broke some like well now, Patchett Dirty keep as we, the greens, yellow eyes, translated that to this equal community, where these people there there, the top there, the lawyers there the professors, one of them- is sensitivity region whose job it is to you know, go through children's books and take out anything that might be offensive like that's a job and it's a good job, but it doesn't really prepare you win seven or eight hundred pounds of muscular hunger is charging action, yeah you're being attacked by SAS matches that it's probably and possess, watches and good arrival there. Just hungry I mean that's another premise I tried to put in the book because
These are the knights trying to put their a bubble morality onto nature and that it does not work because you can't really live in harmony with nature is natures not harmonious. Nature has its own rules and if you want to go into living natures house, you are a guest. Well, that's a really interesting it. Put it because we do not tend to think that humans are at the centre of everything or the apex of you, know everything, and I think it's really important to remember that were kind of nights. You don't worry, we're dead That is precisely to say, like oh yeah, this is my mansion like well you're, still, a guest wondered at one of the one of the people that inspired me to write. This book was everybody Timothy dread, while the Grizzly man, I've heard of the good
hey man, but I didn't know his name. Will Timothy tried? Was this guy vanished speech this x junkie, who grew up in southern California any upon himself to fly to Alaska every summer and break the rules and sort of pride in the in the great bear, preserve and still men and in his words, save the bear, and he does. But he was gonna, be his mission in life was to say, bears and then he was eaten by their. Oh right, I do know the story right. I do know the sound and, of course he was eaten by a bare because you played in the season and he should have laughed and he came to close to pay. An older bear who was too old and slow to hunt and oh look here- comes food for the winter and because the was classified as a man eater it had to be put out. You know he decided this city boy had this,
that I'm going to be the Saviour of Nature and he never read the bears, rulebook and look went out, and so the book does it have I mean obviously don't wanna give anything away, but is there a definitive? Is there a definitive arc to it? you did it sort of land. I heard you let the audience kind of decide like you know what what's good, what's bad or not, we're we're very clear about about right and wrong in this, because also that the research as mean you know, men and researching the books stayed away from a lot of SAS Watch lure, I sort of stuck to the classic eyewitness accounts and really the are related its ask watch is just an animal, it's just a great ape living in North America and there's nothing
there's no spiritual did nothing more old. There's there's nothing supernatural about! It is just an animal, so it must be treated as an animal, but people who ve got any farther than a petting zoo have absolutely no idea what their dealing with and so is it. Do you think it's possible that there is a higher ape the living in forests that had somehow managed to elude definitive discovery at this point I dont know, if its probable I mean, I'm skeptical you'd you'd, have to show me a carcass or a bone with some serious carbon dating. There's no scientific reason. It couldn't happen. It's like, if I like, I wrote. I rode up science fiction comic Series. I called a more perfect union about giant ass. Well, you have to do a lot of legwork to figure out Oh giant ants could physically live because you can't just growing at the
Oxygen in the air means they would have to develop lungs. Ah, there exoskeleton would become so happy that they couldn't move, though scientifically and murmur leg in them the meudon nuclear answer them there or empire of the Ets right. You can't just grow a giant So the weights ask watch. There is no reason that a great ape could not exist in the Pacific Northwest. So let me ask you this as resort of winding this down there anything besides the fact that I was very relieved to hear them Can't just make big ants that they ve been that physiologically they would have to change quite a bit in order to just be begets. Is there anything? Is there anything that your hopeful about? At the moment we always talk about like
you know like like what's going wrong and worst case scenarios and stuff but anxious to know what is MAX, Brooks hopeful about in TWAIN. Oh, my god, I'm so awful. I'm I'm always positive. I'm positive because number one you have to be a you know, that's a survival. Skill is being positive. He catches roll up in but also you know as a student of history, I ll and about what in red of Lee adaptable creatures, we are an and what we ve been able to overcome, and so I am very hopeful for this year. I dont know what's gonna happen, but I do We have the power to make it have. You know- and we also have this unbelievable gift called democracy, which means that citizens we actually can choose to make things here
you know the Chinese that stock, if their government makes the right choices good. If the government makes shitty choices, they can't do anything about it, their passengers on that ship of state, but ass. We all have a vote and if we don't know what's going on, we can vote change it and therefore the responsibility is on us. So that's why I was right about this in every book. I write it always adaptation either an individual or a society or a country or a small group like an evolution. This is how It is something comes in and turns it upside down, and you have to change you know. Hearing you talk about. Adaptation is really interesting because it what it says to me.
I think, about your family and I think about your dad. I think, about how your dad adapted to survive in the business for so many decades. I think about how your mom adapted to survive ends all of her knowledge and faded into you ends it you really did sort of on a very fundamental level. You were taught to adapt but your berets, oh yeah, meanwhile, as dispense with Dyslexia. Nothing came easy for me. Oh schooling, I couldn't just you know. I used to infuriate me that I'd study, for three hours a night be lucky to pull off to see. Where is the kid next to me, study for twenty minutes got an a, but because nothing easy for me. It made me a problems. All I was gonna, be a proposal may even now the research I had to do for this book? It we shall ton of research material,
and obviously I spoke to real experts, people in the text, the olden, an U S, GS, folks, about Rainier, but also I had to see if my characters could physically make the tools and weapons, because my characters have to make weapons, so I really did it. I actually took the materials that they have at their disposal and the tools they have, which are many to see if it was possible and that's what I've been doing. My whole life and- and I can tell you this now- I did it, and the only reason I dont have a Youtube that structural video on how to do. It is because I don't want some kid doing it at home and stabbing his brother. Well, that's very responsible that you chose out shepherds altruism over just getting views and likes hats February at the better go to the rest of our culture right now. So I would appreciate it if we show someone how to do that, but maybe maybe We need to know MAX,
you do know now, while their living in the Pacific Northwest then download devolution read it and it's all. Therefore, you or listen to the performance is who all is in cast by law. My god we we got, we got Judy Greer. Also, amazing, isn't she amazing she's going to read the main character and we ve got other rules by Nathan, Sicilian. We got Jeff Daniels, we got hey. My girl, Oh wow, captain Gateway, we got and J way. One of my characters in this in the the only one who sort of the voice of reason that cause bullshit. Everyone and helps them survive: she's, she's, a you, sloppy and who lived through the break up of Yugoslavia so she knows what can happen when the ship comes down. We We got a real yugoslavian. We got married furlongs from Babylon, five o,
I mean you're living in a wonderland. You have all of these. You know agents of their up all these amazing tat people who are part of these John Retouch Stones- and I want to. I was so clear who I wanted and thank God and then we got Terry grows from envy archive result from marketplace playing themselves at the interviewing. These people suffer Sextant, that's been tasked, it backs that has been tested, your books at our own thing and then this genre that you'd that you're sort of really helping to feed of like not just going to go in and read my book, I'm gonna habit performed. You know what gets it. It is a whole mess The whole thing for people in all and also gives people the opportunity to there's a real
my tabs. You I've read a book or you listen to the audio book whenever you think you might be time formidably Michaelis NEO books. This really would encourage people to do both to read the book and then also to hear the performance of its When is the audio coming out, the same reggie comes out. The same week comes up. That's why we had to delete that the book the book has been printed. We got you know we ve got enough created these things sitting waiting to be shut when you can't really do it unless there's an audio book at the same time cause like we set. The audio book is very important to me, and so we had to wait for that. Ok, Well, I love talking to you, I'm glad you were ok, I'm glad that you have skills that are helping you in this mere time, and you know anything I can ever be. I can ever do for you by the way I do think. Maybe long term goal
this idea of explaining history through you know different films. Television shows pop culture advance, I think, is up. I think it's a winning idea and I think you might be the guy to do it, but you know in any way that I can pocket you in the next several years. To give that a thought. I think I will probably do. I I've never minded being cooked by you. I thank you. I really appreciate that. And now that's its devolution is the book and it is available in June June. Sixteenth. I believe, tat I hoped to see you in person sometime soon. I hope we can, but I hope I hope it is safe to be able to get out. And I hope to have lunch again, real soon someday I look forward to that very much modes. Thanks I'll talk to you soon. Take your PA figure whereby the ed I Ii and iii incomplete
Are you alright.
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