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Welcome to the north as bad guest episode number two. Thirty one is a Katy to thirty five to thirty four, so we ve already, we ve two and two hundred and thirty four actually more, because we were posted a while. Yet member when it was no, you know cause you weren't here the whole time. When did you rolling? I you know, I don't know I've been iraqi year now. It's gotta be at least dozens and dozens of hard guess, yeah. Well this to thirty four, according to Katy Levine, who seems to know the score about everything, podcast related we're a bunch of fun stuff coming up. We are doing a day, a nervous tension outside lands. On August. Eleventh outside lands has a sister festival to Bonnaroo and its northern California, and it's that weekend, the tenth 11th and 12th, and so we're gonna do a nervous day.
It's gonna, be tons of shells were doing. Stanhope shows your Patrick Hairs is doing a show, just a woman's doing a bunch of magic stuff, I'm doing standard with a bunch of great people, so go get tickets to outside lands, just Google outside lands and they shine day. Take it's not him. They are selling day tickets. No alot hackers ETA geared in an unlike Saturday. You know a way more live out of here about another silence with do as we have been signed, but also in the light of the amazing like Jack whites, gonna, be there remain a spectre. It's like it's like West Coast. Bonnaroo, basically so go check that out also October Well, we're gonna be a bearing in New York City at the best buy centre for performance stuff. That's it approximation of inhuman Avenue its during your colleague, cardinals, we're doing a ton of stuff there and just ongoing different, constant, wherein ahead Dragon Con, not doing performance but just to go issued some stuff. There
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That would be horrible. You do. You will remember that now you don't remember that like when they suggest there would be no more tv yeah now get the fuck out of here. You pack, your things would leave Do you watch something? How dare you be born after certain year and not be conscious of things that have before Europe often dammit right now, there's a promo code nervous. He hit us. Love or no rest trial. A hundred ten dollars worth of stuff, including a digital scale, and vegetable gossip reposted stowed away, go stamps outcome before we do anything else: click on the radio microphone to the top of the homepage and type and noticed stamps outcome enter noticed. This episode is Michael Mcdonald, the comedy actor, not Michael Mcdonald, the singer. They are entirely different: human beings. Mica Mcdonald, I took improv classes from it. The groundlings, like aid in the nineteen nineteen hundred nineties Katy
we know best. As from format tv, you play the carriage, he did Stuart Unmanned TV, which people have a lot of great characters. Michael's Michael is a world class, brilliant, improvised and sketch guy and now its director and now he's doing a bunch of stand up. You can actually see em perform stand up Emma S Angeles at the Roxy on Tuesday July. Thirty first so make sure and follow him at Mcdonald Comedy on Twitter, just M c: it's not Emma, see he's its Mcdonald, not Mcdonald, and and that's it but really great catch enough of them. He's a super super sweet guy and and mine blown. We funny, if you get a chance to see him so here is theirs by gets up as or number two thirty four with Michael Mcdonald S
Now I really needed a star com literally nothing liberally, not forgetting the ranks your world like we're, actually reminiscent we can talk like this, normally will be ready. Very anti are not a five degrees in the early morning. Ok, we got book chat, coming up, also, wait, wait! Hotel, we won't be here, will be your weird and pure in it, but there was have odd names. I think it would be like our avowal. I think I would just split mine
and be like, be like hard Chris Wick there, I like that, like the voices on that she didn't you have that handbook the book wherever, when I read carried away like a book worm, it's like they took they. It's like someone took the classic morning, DJ guy and then just put him into some polar opposite universe. And then everything that he wasn't was the NPR people have you right. The other rock recently brought in the raw eyes on from like the reader like Monday morning. He's would have really bad times, but but he's got like he muttered Lula now he's gonna get much mildly. Can our eyes the lover radio amazing when, when I worked Cayaratu Rodney admiring longer was there are ninety five to ninety eight from here. Nobody, I regret.
Hi my preliminary here in high school. I was a college years. I've been here forever here I was a group in Orange County. Oh, you did. Ok was riding if more people values and the care than up Miller, strong signal elsewhere as also the stars begging on eight April, the exactly as DE as the bacon play like a week of shows pay for the rest of their year. They get the weakest shows that has the blues and orange county. Then they die had Disney yeah, that's what they do so Yes, my locker was next Iranian. He just had these old picture, they just personal pictures of both areas YO with John Lennon just hang out an Iranian and Elvis he was so huge. That's like did you see? documentary about now may have sunsets tributes. Is this like how like he was the guy that tastes maker of LOS Angeles and wrong RO in the states in general and how he is now just like he's there, with the weird hair, with little record create go until I can. I
like rhino than a mere than back here this week. I he real didn't like so much of the music that broke. In the eighties? And then I was there with him. They here he was a guy, the parallel. There is right, those he broke down. Thirty browsers event. I think I think he was one of the ones you got I'd x in their yes yeah. He won't. He clearly has a thing for females areas where I live. Nor the other now on the way home from a issued, and it was all girl, rock and roll bands. I worked with somebody you not long ago who issued the proclamation that he hates female voices calves it really oh, that's, that's a whole lot of death, a lot about like that's, which one sixty percent all of em get there. I like, like my girlfriend. She doesn't really like female singers too much, either I find that weird gonna get a category are sometimes almost later. What does you like? Readiness
I do know among others among others. Is you just like Regina Sweatshirt idea, that said Louis Michael Mcdonald, I'm sure shot out. I'm sure you remember our first time we were together the growling theatre, Israel's. Go there, ok, those it looked so great a guy. I know what I was on my love. I lose my limited training may, of course, when I they a younger Comedy nerd. I have you know the groundlings was like you, gotta go to growlings every weekend and see the shows, and you know when I was first toying with disliking com trying to stand up and go and going to see scotch and trying to figure out like aware. Where do I want a fall in the comedy world? Improv sketches Stanhope now is always more Stanhope Guy I worked with Karen Marianna a show in the nineties when it was the show called guys like us. It was a you, be Don't you know the european Network eyes that big network that was wrong for you and so care and brought
and to do? A one of the cooking with gas shows, which was in all improv show on Thursday night it's been running at the growlings fervour twenty year, yes, and they typically would have a guess, come in and sort of, not like ass cat, but just more kind of be like improvise with the cat yeah it's a mix of generally current growlings, maybe some alumni and then maybe a friend. Yet, who is from the comedy world, but not necessarily an improvised, or at least not a grappling yes and then so Karen said in order to you know a few. I simply want to practice for I can do it, and so you guys headache. I think I was a Wednesday morning class. There was a sort of sort of a pay as you go, and it was for me well who were in between levels that were waiting to get into waiting for spots open in some of the upper levels, and so I was just. Could just go in and work out kind of a class, and several those classes and guarantee? someone you taught a lot of them. Actually I that's where I realize, like I'm, I'm really more.
Stand up guy than I am like a classic Improv guy. What well why you says if you things you didn't do well in you. Last. Have it up with me or care? Well, it's I'd. Let me put it this way and I'm pretty. I feel, like I'm a pretty fair, I'm a pretty fair assessment of my performance. I was able to keep up and tread some water, but my biggest mistake which rightfully called me out on a lot of times was trying to. I guess it's Stanhope thing take control the scene and What jokes, in a rather than just servicing the scene and giving information for other people to build a fire? Yes, stand up his kind of one man ban thing proverb, Canada, a many man ban but a man? If you will. You are a great man you're, a great teacher of though, because you You immediately would always you beat you didn't you weren't, like all that was really maybe just you're like that was a joke. You know that was a joke,
Do that, and it really made me aware of me like what the what what I was doing wrong but I think in general, if really loved the long form, improv format. I would have tripped stuck with it. I just by just preferred stand up most of the standards. I know don't really like the process of improv that much at all and most stance no make fun of improper, it's kind of my own I took when it took in Prague clauses. I I liked it a lot to help my stand, because a kind of helps you structure, ideas in bits in your head, like to comment on the back and forth that you have with them It is a good way to calculate bows ideas. Often your own head yet and have you start and stand a brand new? I started in improv and a kind of microbes going there, I guess you're doing a lot of stand up now doing a lot of stand up and am actually touring with a feature games. Bring for me and he's he's a real status stand up and he was kind
evaluation, which is improving analyses I gotta, take classes of the greens, will listen, finds it sort of just loosens you up at least to the concept of like letting accidents happen and didn't, and it's not a disastrous, I think sometimes Stanhope. It feels like you, gotta control, a lid on everything will not only that but but but really good him. Love, teaches you how to listen, man and an undue and and be a little unselfish and service, the seem more and, but I think so, some people just sort of thing go pretty quick. Am I feel, like a pride to improve like well, you can probably play some improv games like you, could play freeze, but to actually do a scene. That's worth anything. Do you kind of like there are the it's. What I took like first level improv- and I thought I was pretty quick at my feet- kind of guy it was. It was totally inadequate analogous to
I speak English. I don't really know the rules of the english language in the sense of structure, and so when you start learning the structure you're like, wait what men you think about it. You like you have to: u have to unlearn every seeker relearned exactly and then and then throw it all away, currently an improbable kind of have to not think it all unjust role that it, sir we're like learn all this stuff nail it down now, throw it away and report argues that way too. Sometimes words like you know, you have to be able to make a still live, drawing to then just break it down and make something really simplistic, and then you know it's. It looks better than if someone who just knew how to do it simplistically window derive. How we do it was was improv was that a thing like kind escutcheon, improv right, the gay. When you were a kid that you'd kind of new like I'm, I definitely have this comedy Jean. No, I was I'm in my family was funny and always like twenty people, and I like to make
laugh, but I was alone officer and a bank out of college goods, which is a hilarious, leaving the fund. Has anyone ever shouted that during every new profession, ear loan officer to bank problem, I'm sure probably favorite with practical. The report acknowledges or a year by the presence of giving birth. Yes, of course, anything that deals with them The belt line is alone, observe bank and I went to actually a friend of mine from business School said: hey, I'm gonna be an actress and I'm taking I'm I'm not gonna, be in business. I'm throwing away my business degree and I'm going to this place called the grounding theatre. That's improv knows what that. What's, that sells like a terrible idea because come see this and I went socio with the least could euro and Julia Sweeney, Cathy Griffin, but what really funny people and I went- oh that's what I want to do
my job that Friday, oh my god of the two weeks now it was a bright argue proved his own loan. You get Ex President buzek. Now, let's say: ok, you're loves and you want to buy a house. What process do you have to go through to get your load approved same as anybody else? I mean you have to go to someone I want to do. I can't go to the officers ago. I was alone after twenty five years ago. Why don't we just Have you just consider that a contract other donor, I dont, think I met at a time like any of you. You would undoubtedly was worse job because really, all you did was say no to people, and it was in our most desperate hour of need rear. Pretty much like I had no power, it was the worst thing where they do. They want me to bring people in and they only people they want to give money to what the people are already at Rome I gave my love
a house really here. That was what was that all those were easy. I d go to his house to get inside the papers and like the middle and noon in the middle of the day, and they rang the Bell is five times and there is a very beautiful asian lady who answer the door. A robe and then she went to go get him and he sort of staggered out about twenty minutes later also in leaves in a kimono burned up to sign of my contracts, and that is my signing kimono. They serve ceremony original, while their very ceremony could there, but he was very, very nice, but we kind of crazy to drink the tea from this side of man never imagined that they're, probably they put glowed opposition, so that a bunch of desperate people can come in and sadly get rejected, while behind a one way, glass billionaires, it is jerking off
I think that's what I think people were rejected for real say there has led to a mere two, a one way glass and they can t. Now. I was not the right way. The other way, but there's not a mirror, so we ve just is hidden or like a glass. I suppose this doesn't matter continue nano that wasn't that will eventually point of our kind of glass and was a temporary glad. You would be the human ability rioters right. Yes, my mother, when we talk of visiting like energy, it was right. Now I get the job now it was not you. I get the job on Cougar down. We write direct on that are used to anyone and disease and I'm just gonna direct some cause, I'm so busy doing have united as one of the room bids I would do is called the masturbating listener. So I was warble conversation and in whether any just normal stuck with it,
What time? What time is it floated? Well, I'm leaving it like eight or nine. I am I think again, and then they would cellular the name of the plague, which I think is american airlines. Flying. U s their ways of lake If women work I said earlier the major and I d like to do so just mild information rights. The look on your face totally cells- you really gotta be typical area. Can you talk about in my room is with us best bits, because you there's no way is so impossible to fishermen to anything they dont translate like I'm hoping they dont on the spot. Get us not because it is good to do a visual hand, job joke. A place where there is. I think you are working on it. I'm sure, though, understands only smart people, Genesis and its allies.
Oh here's a crazy, but I like to do and then just silence and edges here, strengthening of a minor wounded, but you you ve done. Also. I mean you directed a lot of ground to do. How quickly did you get through the the the track quicker than anybody else? It's like there for years rise like practical, a gradual yeah, but everybody s. What a guy like everybody. I was with is really famous raggedy like I was this amazing four year stretch of people that, like the either are starving, show, films or or writers, creators of shows or something emanate, secular and believe it. I can't believe it now because I was not there were really talented, but you also just figured nobody ever make sure that this vision is we're all gonna die right yeah and I was doing Miller while the growlings in particular Reno obviously was the groundlings word, the feeder for.
Now mad tv for a long time. What you know, obviously, because you were on Madeira and position for personnel and was your addition like it was it though hardest. Worse knows embarrassing thing ever really: who get us to say that I am not blaming anyway. Just you stand on the stage where the host guesthouse through it ages. You do you, do it right to camera you're all by yourself, and I like it was so embarrassing. I addition with Jimmy Foulon and crisper now who both gotta in and I knew them both Jimmy was a student minded, groundlings, ok and then, but, like I had wigs and in costumes in stuff like trying to give them is said to my career, nobody else did like they'll just described it or most were stand up. The staff- and I you know, I'm walking with like a bag of wigs down
fifty four street in thirty rock whatever and the interest it was a walk of death and shame for me anyway. I didn't do very well, but I sadder thing is the walk back with the bag which have just throw him. Then you will know that the worst part is like when you done and you have to just clean up at its leg, just dinner panties just watched for devotional. Had I stand seal eighty one he salmon You could say what everyone is. They would everyone where family, unfriendly, podcast and ass if w but I never I never actually audition for personnel, but I addition for mad handling times really just between. No from away ninety six to two thousand. Maybe that's. Why was the between? eight inches symmetry dating a random between data actually you're, absolutely right. Yet I think it was one fact
Adam were still there yet facts in that it would have been there. Ninety six, I kind of got their right as errors leaving the and it was sketch sketch additions are the they just there, just weird did you hear Eared cause you're on your your dialed up to eleven, and it's just like two to three people. Just going what great you doing impressions are, you know, and the news you can go in with these see monologues that you know within the first sentence or two if they're working, but you still got I can go through the entire and then and then everyone else whose auditioning can hear. Thing you're saying is all sketch. Characters are super loud Do you just hear the loudest most? Like you know, I mean it's, it's it's so heartbreaking to hear a sketch audition, especially one. That's not that great, but, as you know, some someone's do online.
Big kind of Farley S character like we'll go like a special kind of bombing, the sole bombing really does anything and there's like a beginning and an end to it. So I want you start now. I gotta get through this. I get to the end of it are also involved in all four, not, and sometimes they will. I bet I had sketch additions before, where they just kind of stop you a little ways a maniac go. We got it. Nor can we didn't get button, but there's a really. With my turn, you only really enjoyed an that's even worse than eight. They try and get you to stop with praise not widen joy. That very much thank you. Really enjoy them all right. You know what I love about. This, then, is that you have something to do This guy, I beg you to. Let me fuckin finish my schedule that one was was bad and then there were can have you ve made me audition like a times are hysteria, and I was to the point where I had when they centre right. We just like you to come back for one more time is like I'm, not auditioning,
They gave me after that, I have to say no woman emulating. They know right away. It was like I was such such hot shit. It was after two months exactly like how can they could? What more do you need this no the third time they would have given it to them their rights. But for now I M in a walk into studios networks and before anyone even ass, believing that they know I gotta get up. Would you shall hear they take this contract and has a big novelty check all right, but only in a blue I guess was did did you did you enjoy your time? It matter was it did you feel like Did you get to do everything you wanted to do too? They can only be allowed and you feel like bow. There was a pretty it was. It was really,
joy of his dream of dream job in that I did it for ten years and certainly after a couple years day. Really let me do not whatever I want it, but they gave me a lot of say I got to write anything. I wanted to direct a lot and dumb and- and I met some highly talented cool people, and I mean that some of my best friends, yeah. I guess I was ready to go after ten years and happy to leave the whigs and glue and stuff, but it was really fun while I, while it lasted carried the whigs out again on our end is going to have a lot of Oliver the private care to have done the most of this little boy care to store wig I used. It was the same way I used at the growlings, and it was of course, we're all dirt poorest. I went and got a secondhand wig at a thrift sore for fifty seven, and that was the wagon than when I brought it to the two men to be the hare. Make people like you know so. Well, we'll get a week. We know this is the wig and they
Paul human hair, like a horrible review, does a guy. I have two. It was like superstition. It was like frosty this, I have to wear it. Otherwise a bold come tonight. I want my voice, even when I put the word broken April topics at about it dissent. We pretend I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I remember seeing stored at the ground, the area, and it I mean just fucking wool, levelling the place do at a certain point. Is there any party? The psychology of my really gonna have to do this character again, or was it where you still able to kind of keep it fresh, then fun? Every time the growlings you know was out of what our two three or four of them, but
mad tv when you do like thirty of them and by that by the end of it it was. I would have to negotiate as part of coming. If I they want me back as they are right, but I will only do four or five Stuart like it had to be part of the negotiation just because they are they dislike to me. You know, TVS a machine. They they want a kind of churn out product, could slick, sausages or something they like something or they think something works. They'll just run into the ground rules, and for me I had to I had to put a limit on it, and but I had got me house, I'm not gonna complaint, that's good and the fifty cent wiggys in that have hitherto evident little glass cases in a glass case. My entryway, positive. You will know it's probably familiarity eating through by marks an egg
It's always I was wondering mean that this sort of the parallel withstand up is. I have this bit I've been doing for a long time or like. If someone has a ban. Has it I really am play as I can see you have that back and forth Vigo. I really wanted. Maybe it's the same thing was sketch work. You know I really want to try new stuff, but then that part of you, that is, sort of a comedy whores sort of like I know this is gonna kill. I love you think this is literally when I do stored in my stand up, I the words comedy horror, the whole affair. I swear to God. I was and yourselves that, as you say, store just says like a bit about shopping, comedy whore my parents you're, absolutely right. Well, it's just that. The you know the dynamics, especially of assent of said, are that you know if you can kind of power People in was something that they recognise. Then there it makes the situation a little more amenable to hear
you know here some newer stuff that your pretty little more open minded to now cause you're kind of on my side cause. You recognize this bed when I can feel like there's a certain number of people that they go One of my shows their thinking. All migrant on another guy format, tv I want, if you'll, do in his character, whatever did I kind of feel a little obligated to give it, but but it's it's sort of work it into a context of what it what it's done to my personal now, so you don't you can turn it into something else which is better because we're Thomas recently the young comedian, special that Dana Harvey House- and am I goes out on stage and just goes into like church, Lady Garth, oh I'll, it goes into every character, emeralds. One thing I listed as those of the show that is exactly what he should have done: yeah exactly rather than that. I'm gonna work on some
when a workshops and Material George, very large and India is clean, slate character. Number that not everyone is opportunity, not very tough, guys goes into is and of course, the master disguise an internal turtle. Every two years of emit data no accident have never done a very great things. He seems lovely and he's a guy that I think, just sort of backed off the whole entertainment business. So he could, you know, be with kids Well, he had a big health issue. He had a big help issues where public about it. I'm not I'm not tipping anything, but I think he's doing well now then I should not like maybe three week we have especially on labelling. For years ago, asthma, squatting, monkeys, tone Eliza some data, the transition from Improv instead
to stand up with, I imagine that's probably little bit easier than going the reverse. Do I don't know I haven't done the other way, but The way it happened for me was. I was sort of holding cordon telling stories to the cast, as we all do not entertain ourselves in between scenes whatever and Bobby Lee Yoke Ass Member and he started out as a stand up, and he said you you should you should do stand up. She just do this in a just pretend like this is your act that until I kind of heat he actually made it set up here, he called this club in other Santa Improv and booked me for one night to do justice. You know a sort of a short show and I basically just lined up all the stories that I've been annoying him with, and I went well enough and that sort of started off you give orders
yet, like that, I feel I got this is this is fine. I can do this yeah, it's scary. It still to this day scares me way more than like you could say, you're gonna improvise in front of a hundred thousand people. You have no script and you're gonna work with Oscar winners and we're filming it, and I wouldn't be nervous, as as as I would you gonna go in a bar with fifty people, you and you have to entertain them always get. Where does your head go to real, like what, when you're about to do him for an improved show like? Where does your head go to your mind, just empty or it do do you sort of feel that safety net of I've done is a million and a half times, there's no way to throw me gonna be fine and then just gonna go of it. I think
Finally, if I improvise I work with, I work at least there's one person I might now or something or maybe even a few and generally I have zero there zero fear, it's the most fun. I think I can think of it that pay that's what I would do for the rest, my life and its really about like, oh You know TIM Bagley, for instance, oh, my God Timmins declining Ray. I know you know if, if TIM Bagley, if I'm up there with him Bagley years or any number of a million other people, I not only were not worried. I sort of feeling alright, I'm just gonna watch Timmins Situated purchase wait a little bit because you just makes me fuckin laugh did you ever work with anyone like any of the ILO, guys like the sky?
so the world or the I'd never to Scott, but I've worked with rich, tell Rico. Bob DAS e Stephanie we're whose married Bob and was on our tv haven't done that much over there really I'd love to do more alike. Baron holds route from there and adjust Meyer surmount as personnel Matterby, because, although all the different camps, kind of slightly different approaches to stand up and some seem to be a little more job based in some to be seem to be a little more character based surveys. Yes, what what's the kind of underlying philosophy of groundlings? What I would say that if, if everyone was being really honest that I think most of the other clubs, maybe I or second city. I think they probably look down on the killings, the little bit as being base or again a wacky or very big broad characters there right that way. It's definitely word more character. Based and
I think the second city and I owe their a little bit more cerebrospinal little bit smarter and which is what cerebral means. I'm sorry to Growlings. I don't know they needed Nigel grandly. I don't know, I told you, but it was probably I got a thing I never I never took it. You know I never took classes or anywhere else use to be rude, but idle. I really love grounding I had. I had so much fun there and I think just the thing. The I don't know why, in my mind, I was like it either has to be stand up for this, but if, at the time in my in my younger frame of mind, if I'd been smarter about it, I want to just kept taking classes growlings, because it really was. I mean you know, training, it's amazing training, because if, if you can be comfortable onstage, just using nothing but the moment,
Then there is nothing else that can throw. You know. Audition know anything else, because it totally takes away your fear of, like I'm, a diamond, a fuckin ruin everything with something's gonna go males, gonna fuck everything up that just goes away at its true, although I still to this day, get absolutely terrified and an audition bad nerve to additions. Artificial shitty situations, because you never well. I don't know it's having I shot a pirate. I wrote a pilot that got made, but not is not in the year of this passees, and so I was on the other side of the room, and I found myself falling all over the actors to make come to my thanks.
Com in alike, by wanting them to feel so city on the other side to it. Yeah, because you and I realise that I think it was the most helpful things I realize they want everyone to be good the up to date. They have a problem, not a problem, they have a need they want to fill with. We need somebody for this part we hope urine and if you're not that we have the next year. We just want anybody. You know today to be that person, and I now know that I think I would. I probably would walk in your room. With a little bit less absolute terror having been on either side of the additions. I know that there are like people come in and right away. You want that you want to like them and they just started something and then your mind you're, like you just did out every day that it yeah. I know I have I've seen some actors come in and they do it. They they sort of. Give you nothing there. They don't do.
Obsequious, ITALY Callow. I love everything in right. All of you there's come in great we're going to stand here great in they do their bit in and then they walk out and I sort of things like while that I'm impressed by them not needing to veto, get yet alike on the media. That does nothing it do. You know planet yeah, yeah, Jack Jack has a fucking amazing, whole philosophy. On you know, on, I think he's. I think calls it like year, your vulture, which is dear to the thing that just sort of Ships away you before you go in and tell his like just to ignore it. But Jack has this whole philosophy to auditioning in it, and it's pretty it's pretty great. I did I audition for the drew, carry show the pilot of the DRC you're here it was like one of my first. GA additions and they were bringing ASEAN you'd make a really good rights thousand us. There was for the run style first, it was for the yacht was Ryan, and
Did you read only drink, so the two bodies and I was going for the rampart, and then I had a very good looking acting partner, who's gonna go for the Dietrich part, and I knew that he was actually one of my students at the growlings and it was like very funny guy, but also just an amazing? Looking guy and they were bringing us in as two's at which I thought a great many feel it's not like it's just you. This is so great. We walk in and he had a broken arm because he had had an accident that, like the day before I thought wow I mean I would just wouldn't even audition
you do we walk in, and everybody goes out there like. Oh, my god, what happened here are all and they were giving him so much like just sympathy in everything it is like alive. I broke it in a car door. I'd shake your hand, but I broke my hand in a car door, and then I felt the need till I get in there and score I like jumped out from behind him because he was like a giant like body pilgrim type combined is pack and I go and I take your hand, but I think you're, all dirty you Carey in dead silence, when everything I said there are just like you know, you can't stop it back in
Than the tag the story was going to be, you saw him go to his car and take off the can learn other our guys, I know cover guys, nay and they book a lot like because another commissioner, like they do some words like they come to. Go you mind if I hadn't, without my shoes, or like they'll, come in with a weird hat and like like, like their philosophy, is like, though, remember The hat, I'm gonna tell you about an illegal shit, Nagorno jerk off. When you watch me, you do, but I want to do anyway, you my umbrella and private, to do anyway. I still never me, I'm sorry, I'm still not comfortable with additions, and- and I was so it wasn't until I heard Steve Martens born sending up book where he space. We said the exact same thing that I had felt for so many years where he just said at a certain point. He just accepted the fact that this addition
path was not going to be his path and that an hour and then I kind of had to realise like oh, I guess you don't have to do it that way. There are other ways to get jobs other than just having to go in for producers and network right. You can't just walk onto a lot and say no I was stupid around your Wikipedia and I know that this could be figures as Wikipedia but you're either. That Wikipedia is altered. All true I hope it is because you are not yet a lot of bit parts and like weird horror, movies, yes like carnivore to yeah leprechaun, to like it like those that exploit, you like this for five and secondly, how did then how because like it just seems like it was like I just a huge run there,
Roger Corpsman movies, several epic, onto what they might my roommate out of college was a became a sort of producer at Roger Corpsman studios. I started as an extra there and then I got my sad card on em on unmoved, there and then I was, writing was in the ground links and I did. I didn't think I was gonna- be an actor. I thought I was gonna, be a writer director. Oh they gate. They pay me five and at all, is to write it green play for a film. I never internet before the internet. I'd never written as green play before, but you so sure enough. I did it and I ended up writing a few them and they were always plucked up by the director. I thought- and I can't that will it maybe I can direct- is poorly as that director also by the way it never directed, and so, if I sit all I want
at the next one and Roger said DOT all right. You day you get paid less from the truly I wrote indirectly. My first movie, I was paid five thousand for all of it, what a fuckin crash course like school yeah and you I had Phil Hartman in at least a coup legally as and care. Ok, it was called how much these children in the window while it may be and how they came about Roger com. For those you don't know king of the Bee movies and Ali really does rip off other John rose and then do the low budget first and then sell them in nationally for fuck tons of money and not pay, the people worked right. He said I understand. Babysitter movies are doing very well. This is it after, like adventurism baby, yet suddenly that so, if you can write a movie about a babysitter all make it, and I've been handed unease that if you do a good job here
for me now, you'll never have to work. For me again is that he at that level, self awareness yeah, that's crazy. Guy wasn't my girlfriend word for his son, Roger Vermin Junior, whose he lay Canada, like she hears stories about Roger Carbon and it like. I wish I had that kind of experience she worked. For the larger near like this, when I was there, they were children here, at least like she was say like it's like it was just the fuckin like yeah, just nuts cheerleader massacre. Three then she got like I like it was. I want to say that we need people to fill up. The scene is like now these comments, I should get a cow, can aid and that wronger in, like a just, spoke it's like that. It's just like we need someone to do this and it was like it was her job. She did know she was just an assistant, just fine people. Yes, I had a paint offence for Roger before Very many argument: you access car, it was a giant lattice fence and he loosened his giant house, and I was on this really
It is very rich. Man is the cheapest man alive, and I think you I mean he admitted and and even if it would not say what I can but I was on this rickety ladder at his house, painting this lattice work and below me. I felt the latter rattling and it was his your daughter, Mary, was probably now like thirty, but she was shaking my lanterns using play with me playing a painting in all falling break. In my name, and I realized I was not just opinion events, I was sitting alone girl, the parents just gone: oh monarch, just one, I paid it there, but they sit in the payments. Here, let's go at the beta. We ve never met a thirty year old man. We ve never met battle. That's like a guy, the terminology of great movie, just like a weird fucked up kind of Edward movies. Everything where you're, just like your painting, this guy's house in Europe again paid five dollars a right and,
movie. S seemed like a bunch of crazy stories. What happened here is one of em. What how was I never actually got to see? Fell Hartman live to do did you improvise with him? I did I did he he would. He was actually the guy who got me an audition at Sarah live. Ultimately, he was the kind of guy that did. He tried to do favors for people that needed help like happy. If he could help yon showbiz, he would try to it and he would come to the shows and got he got actually did at. The benefit was Phil Hartman John Love, it's Dennis Miller, and then I got to do it in some other paeon got. We.
We were the piazza got to do it and, after the show, Phil said a to g love. It ain't John you're, still talking along Mean Dennis not really were not really that close. What will you help MIKE get an audition and John loves goes well. I don't know it's gonna get you just did a show with it, and that is how it is. Where are you so you still still competitive that you're here You're not gonna, show up, don't worry about helping our guide the book and does the does that sliver of politics left over with a great there like brothers, rode up, and I I wonder if this every once in a while, I kind of wonder like I wear like where Phil would be now and if he would have just kind of retired or if he be on about retired he loved to perform. I doubt he would retire. I think he would you know just wanted.
People everybody Rwanda Hiram, he promised me, you know, do really fun things and has generated, and then I'm sure we heard in the Crystal gas movies and things he was really really really nice guy. He was you know there. There are a handful of people on us like like us, are now, but there are just some like some of those anchor people were it's like. Or what was going on and the scene that one person was always Gunnar thereof, the end and then, and then sort of be that you were always gonna like that person. Even if you hated the sketch they always they were just sort of you know, bill internet is a bill. I think I think he's really finance grand, but I never really funny he was groundlings right now. I don't know he. Second city was it was a very funny guy, really second city allay yeah murmured because easily right next to the emperor, the improbable tat. Now he had it, he did his show. That's how that's how he was found,
doing, are you doing a lot of local stand up? Are you just touring? I've been touring I'd like to do improve army Not only did you stand up and allay will largely I mean you, the monies when you travel out of hell sure I'm sort of finishing up the tour and then I'm gonna do is show at the Roxy. On the thirty first and that's kind of that, almost the end of my tour- I'm excited about that. I love that. Then you have never duns. Now it's not it's a rock venue, but I thought it be funded. Do that instead of just a comedy yeah. Well, they are, I mean yes, the rough and using the theatres are generally more fun than your than Europe comedy clubs. You confront clubs where you're just distracting people on stage, so they can buy chicken eggs. I so funny. I was Now, whereas others in the Addison, Tennyson, Improv, good, good club, yet very good club, very nice people in the bodies were great, but I got
say like as I was waiting to go on net standing next to a bus tub full of fetid, standing water up by that surround it instantly brought me back to when I waited tables for so many years. You know in the early days I thought after all this time, I'm still just fuckin work in progress and has that kind of weird be shape or phase, there's like the right side of the room and then the report that goes all the way back to the bar yeah. It's there's a couple of clubs like that unease, girl at the helm and added Texas, there's no, is a completely non residential part of Dallas. Also many common clubs are put in places that eagerly k and plan Dallas like not really business has business park at us. It is a business park with abundant restaurants and accommodate. Have you ever going to be all American comedy club? You know that Downright Santa Monica
San Diego and I'm doing that this weekend. But it's right it's in downtown. That's right and Asia, its I'm looking forward to a cause, it's actually in town, and you can do things around their yeah you're, not like walking, but we were therefore COMECON. So we were just in San Diego, like a week a week ago about the parlour in Seattle No, I haven't done the parlor or is actually Bellevue, but Thou o baby. What you know now haven't haven't than if they haven't unfeminine Bellevue have her good things about that, and I did I next weekend, there's a goop also probably like the Philadelphia in Portland the helium helium ever done either. Helium is great, Ilium is a good Portland port. And Anna Philadelphia, and it's just a really good eye. I did. I did helium in Portland Handful assets to get ready for my special in and its they just. They run a club really well so every look. If you're looking for a venue, athwart Leno, helium, helium granted me
Many Agraea Minneapolis, his great comedy works in Denver. Whether I did that improv in Denver and by the way is not Denver its lend to business part forty two than ever and its right. It's right between a freeway offering an abortion colony so depressed, very imaginative. Cohabiting couples in couple had kinds of lobbying is going on there and you and all the highway route lawyer baby, smack matters above three years is spoken in twenty minutes and he's like abortion. My husband, I met my release, river of abortion, and maybe one and a half go in one comes out. I dug so many commentators. You really did not allow a year a survivor survivor
that up in a fine, so kind words into carnivores, cavity worth endeavours. Good causes right, downtown, it's right! Next to learn or square there's a shit on stuff to do. Yeah, it's just end its in its some rooms. Just have good. I just have a good virus. The most feelings it feels like it's like like exposed rock on the wall is just is just a nice. It's a nice vibe. I think you dig it. I love the improv in Washington DC, aiming to do that in August. Like ninth and tenth, that's one of my favorite gloves they, it's really well run if you ever are looking for that smart audiences relief, great room, also in kind of downtown area, you know, I've heard great things about the Dc Improv. I also I cuz. I I did the Arlington Drafthouse, which is the movie theater, that there were they do, but they do music and comedy show sometimes and rightly so, virginity right across the river like it's like you got. You go over the reverend like three blocks in No really was so that those wrought those rock with those are our great clubs haven't done a tonne.
A laughing skull in Atlanta, really fun room too. If you haven't done, there have done the punchline in Atlanta, which of light living cells is small, it it literally seat seventy five people, so you do too shows a night, but just something about the via the room. It phenomenal everyone you know all the everyone. I know that's done it like the Todd glasses of the world the mare, like everyone, everyone loves that room is. It is, though, is this? Do you wear it? Where do you? Where do you want stand up go? Do you wanna, do like the our special or do you want? You want to do that water actually and fat or time there. You are as a dvd, my especial Michael Mcdonald Models, Michael Mcdonald Model Citizen with period, because I'm both model and all this was Yes, I'm sorry, I'm I'm sorry! I missed I'm. Usually so. Oh Judy Judy Brown, you. I know these people and stew yeah. This is great. Well now I haven't just tell just by having in your hand,
I guess I'm hubs, while I'm a comic you'd comedy earth. So I just like anything now. I always feel I get excited in the way How did I miss that? I have to see that now leg, so this this this kind of stuff is very exciting to me. That's what it now now, so you describe it. I'm gonna geared up to hopefully do another hour wow. How long does it take you to the re? I really will only write stuff if I go on the road, but they have to be forced. So I get my material by.
Being out you don't do are used for how you sit down joke writer. Or do you like to go up with some ideas and then my stuff is all story based, like I guess the equivalent now be Cathy Griffin kind of, although I don't talk about celebrities but read my group liking George Carlin and Bill Cosby in on a kind of do character, stuff and story stuff and that's kind of my style yeah. I don't really I'm not good enough at writing choked and you have to remember them. That's that's the worst part. I like that everyone can. It has a slightly different. You know it's that's why it's always word when you ask one person firm like if one, if you ask one person for comedy advice, well that's how back I rights and that's that's deck eyes path, and some people are better with two line. Jokes and other people who have to write everything down. Other people don't write anything down. Ligatures he's gonna thought you'd have to experiment would find your thing in theirs theirs. I think it's actually a great time to be.
Comedy and that you ve got great joke guys, like Daniel Tar, sure Jim Cavaco gaff again Anthony gentlemen Yea Anthony children. Like I do I just sort of came. Crossing Amy Shimmer of? Did they just come across? My read our very funny very, very good comics in and then you ve got you don't catch given you just talks about her coffee or your coffee with Jane Fonda. Whenever- and I don't like- I like that- there's a variety of you like you like this guy Tommy, John again, Tommy's grades great calmly, like air. He way he did a weekly show and last night he was on it and, like everybody was I who was that guy, like any just he's just telling and every time he comes all new stuff, always kills. That's a great rhythm and just talking about very mundane like some these going through with his wife and stuff, and it just kills it just destroy. You love a girl story
excellent have to check that out. Are you still is there any are do do any improve stuff on the side just for fun, or is it pretty I'll? Do grounding show that when I can, when I'm in town, but I'm kind of its totally school the school you now for me during during, like the scoop that what would normally be the school year of Like August to March or April, or something like that I'll do tv stuff of direct. I was working full time on Cougar town and I many do a bunch of different, shows us time and then saw do tv in that way window and then, during this sort of spring summer Break, I do still pretty fuckin sweet. Like tv directing and then like on the off time, go do stand up. That's that's a pretty great. I cannot complain that our house do. These are any. Similarities is directing tvs, two completely different animal, or do you are able to pull from all the different disciplines and with direct and tv you can? If you can provide punch up on SAT, you know it is. If you,
idea for a funny line or whatever you can throw it out, and that certainly what I do a lot on Cuba, town with and that's really fun and satisfying cause. You don't not so much a tv writing being in the item. If you ever worked in it on a sick harmony. Can I tap at the writing? Rumours gruelling because you right and you re right, you re right in all these. Upset you that you did today. Natives Xenophon just go away into the ether and what ends up on television is a group effort, and it's not like it's. The opposite of and a like Rome. Everything you right is what gets on that in the final product then you know immediately. This is a very much longer tougher process, whereas if you can, if you're on set as a producer writer director, you can say, hey, haven't Courtney, went you say this line and and if it works, it makes it in, and it's it's more like stand, will also the trembling off. That idea that it's such a there, so many people involved in putting like doing making stick together. It's it's those those
those rehearsals during the week or the network comes and then there's a great joke, but for whatever reason, the actor who is reading it's like stumbled over a line and then the networks like egg. Then we know what we know is doing just that redefine that part out, but you did good. It's good air or like a it, is a great job. We acted as a perfectly and four days into it, having heard it for you live in times that the network Sunday guest stay here, I'll, tell you what our knots. Creative people, and so you let the creative people, just trust us to do it is that we are dealing gonna happen next. Never it's weird, because I kind of you like, although I will say having now been through the process, there are actually very many talented developed.
People and network people on all levels, funny people all that stuff? But I kind of you a little bit like when I go to the dentist. If I said to my Dennis, do you now? Ok, no, don't you dont rule that to join this? Wait a minute, I'm paying you for your expertise. Let us do our thing yet! Well, I think also, though, because you don't you don't have to to fly to the dentist. Why you're? There is like a lot of you know. I mean I remember, that's a common working with turn Marianna it was. There was a rio and a network, and there were like five people from the studio and by people from the network and nobody he has the same idea. Everyone has the first of all to just company wise. They both have different agendas and then there are some agendas with one of the people who are all a hat who all feel obligated to give notes so that they can. To why there there s, yes and in there and then
literally end up getting notes like. Why is that? Is he wearing yellow like why? Why is this the thing that we're talking about on my pilot that did not go? I don't know if you ve never heard of my failed there would be email chains between five vice president's and fifteen responses back and forth back and forth about the belt of one carry in one scene is: is the lot of might micromanaging? It is in its also itself through important, it's also not hard, an abortion, but I put on my abortion, belgian. It's it's also not hard to see why so many people are kind of jumping ship from traditional
media and going to work in new media where its super nimble and there's no bureaucracy, and you can just go. That's funny. Just go. Do that and you see you know you and you're starting to see some of the you know. Some of the cable outlets like you're effects is an aim season. People like that that are like you guys made this show. You know here that we seek a you know what you're doing just go fuck and do it? That's that's a dream, dream job. Germany, obviously not a great another way come not everyone could do it as beauty, is Lui does, but I think the lesson is still very important of you know like it because he had been through. I, I don't even know how many development deals and sitcoms and where they all just got fucked up and noted that
in the end they weren't really who he was- and I like this here this- that this is the seems to be the purest expression of hoo hoo hoo years yeah. I think it's great and I think the new meeting, the new yeah, the new media thing is really attracted to people and end or the cable to I'm, an artist who think that probably the best writing that's happening right now is going on in television. It's just films are actually, I think more film people want to work in tv now, especially writers, because there are so many are little place to do. It means you're. I know you associate of walking dead like something like that. That's that's! That's amazing that that's on tv five years, whatever not a chance, but it's too television still can move glacial ie and compare the film development process.
Could be to ten years. You know tv could be one to three, you know, but it still takes. You know I. It still is Togo? Ok, what are even if I pitches show tomorrow and even if they say great a year before, like All the lawyers do their thing and then you go into development and you start writing it, and then they have to approve stuff and then you, then they may be. They pick it up in the new cabinet like it's a year from when they say yes before this even has a prayer of being seen by anybody yeah it's it's pretty wild there, but there you know, there's a lot of money. I think the problem is its, how much money they think they need to spend bread. It's kind of, I think I feel like they have to spend. If, if it doesn't cost a lot of money, I don't think they actually really like it. No because they it's sort of the compass.
He's, understand very large numbers and, and those large numbers sound important to their advertisers. We were invest you, know millions of dollars the thing and it's almost like. If they invest a hundred thousand. There's something whether or not is just as good. It just doesn't sound like enough of a commitment I was thinking about this with, like with like internet start up companies, where you hear these stories so like well, they you know they re fifty four million dollars and then they launched and then within a week the company was dead, and I, and so my first reaction was always like what idiots just don't spend that much money and then I've like no, no, no, no, that's a whole separate business where those more people just start things up, they spend other people's money and they walk away with a half a million dollars like factually kind of genius. When you think about like thinking,
you people, you know that have just eight scripts and development that they get paid, for that will never see the light of day. Yet, if that happens, it's I think. It's another thing that smart for that Louis Lucy K did. He said no to more money because they said we want to put more money into this, but and he's all right great. I'm pretending to know exactly how this share out with this would have heard. We want to put more money into this reading. It's a good thing. He said K great, but I'm not gonna get more now semyon as well. Of course it will be part of it and he said now: click, let's just keep it lean and mean, and I'll keep ya Tommy with China I think it is very smart if, if, if that's the true story bullets presented- and I think it is also now you can say I'm not that that that sounds- that sounds in line with the decision- the kinds of decisions that Lui makes an I'm sure it's just you know just decades of just kind of being raped. Calls of the business and then just finally realising like I don't know
fifty million dollars. I just want to make something that I am happy with and proud of, and I don't fuckin he just doesn't. Can you know he's certainly kit occurrence really good and surprise it and get the citizen get nominated for the series was in. Now he got nominated, though didn't he he got nominated and I believe, in Writing- writing girls got nominated. That's us, I mean Louis. I did such that the showed and get nominated, but he's really the show ya. If he's nominated in any in any category, you kind of guy right here, it will be hard to give him everything in not just from the standpoint of those people now and also that there really is a lot of television on right now that is worth paying attention to aiding tv is really good, whose great it's kind of a it's kind of a golden age. I don't know, I don't know how much of its happening necessarily on the network side, but sort like you said, there's there's a lot of, but and I and I think, and I'm not someone who thinks that.
It should be all new media, no television. I still think television is the most powerful platform, without a doubt, still the most powerful platform. But I think that there are ways I do think there are some philosophies that more television should adopt to least powerful. Him radio they match. No, actually him radios pride, the most powerful because it has every of every other. If there is a massive failed of our communication infrastructure. The people, ham radios would actually probably be the the most powerful dry erase positive thing. My iphone is not term for some reason. Giving me my email I came. Did it come to the right place somewhat over. Here is to be a MAC genius. Only I need to any just a couple hours of your two mad mad
now we have a mat and tell you that he would be happy to donate as much time as you need. I don't understand. I'm I'm older than all of you combined, but Billy I raised, I was not. I was not raised with the computer or even the assigned techno, I'm a technophobe a little bit all your loan officer ring on paper yeah. Well, Yeah he's old type, their eyes. That is excited when the facts came more paper, you wanna girl straight paper to adjust it girls of every budget. I mean such a convenience. It really was, I mean we, I remember the first time I saw a fax machine of thinking society. We have real come a long way since the acone era like this. We ve really done it's. How is it Gunnar? I remember seeing it can't get any better than under present in mind, except you know you see like those all those old maid
from like the sixties of the seventies, those old Bell labs, like industrial videos or the like, and some day in the future. Everyone will get information you like a wide, has already tagging around and they were they were like thirty years ago. They they knew exactly where everything was going to Tracy. That comic in them would have forties authorities like people talking into their watch with the Abbe. After on it yeah that's pretty much. He saw the whole thing with the crimes turning toward people with flat heads and big suit suited to which, for which we all, which we all know there. Any specific shows you want to promote, besides the thirty first at the Roxy yeah. Let's talk about the
working, comedy club in San Diego, which is this Friday and Saturday, the arena when this probably this accord next week. So the thanks for coming to the San Diego, so yeah that we have some awesome shows how many here I've got the parlor, which is in Bellevue Washington on July, twenty seven, twenty eight and twenty nine excellence, the Roxy in LOS Angeles. On July, thirty, first and then the Dc Improv, that's Washington, Dc August tenth eleven than twelve excellent. Thank you and then your dvd live. The first dvd model citizen is I'm sure they enter web. The is the webs I here is a good place to us. Is there just with any sort of parting advice for people who are starting out with improv, just something that they should is there is or what? What? What's? The sort of one piece of information that you think people should have like
right before they go on stage or where they should be at you mean for people who want to find out about improper people, world of people who are improvising like what they what's a good sort of. You know, if you forget everything else, just wrong, This one thing and you'll probably be ok, throw all your fears and worries, and two years seen partner, he's got here. She's got the answer, she'll be fine. Now that's good! There really is a fuckin trust exercise and a half. Do you guys? I, back backstage before some of the shows there are the there was like some sort of like Free Association like Beach, ball kind of a game. Has there the zero observes alive? I he I'm a horrible advocated to war to warm up, because it's all stuff, that's like cut its basically one step away from camp, but everybody at camp as observes guided that ever Edith. I catch myself in Amerika near have you done me? You do set with some
I think you really love settlers. That's it. It's basically in its an improvised stand of show where you go, stay I would love them and they have an end. They project topics in the background, but you, but you have to do it like it's your set since role. Specific sectors are created by Toy Conrad and prevent them, and it was this house and they like like Hitler birthday. I love that are like I work here and they are already taking up now have felt that nervously shown a very long time and it's so much fun and then so you kind of refund. Whatever the thing is and you go and then, whenever you kind of turn around To look at the wall that their signal to project the next topic, and then it could be a topic or it could be like a photograph or a painting and then that that sort of kicks you off. So the audience these. What you're saying the eye is when you, you don't acknowledge that you're doing an improvised set, but the ADI knows that you're doing an improvised set and they see when they kind of a kind of it falls apart. A little bit
People are like what this is a suggestion. I'm doing my crazy, like when it windows when that, when the person on the comic breaks, the you know format like that, it's not his fault but when, but when someone really is able to do it and make it flow, it's fucking its magical, yeah, Mack, personally, Fund Matt, macaroons amazing additives that core bubble gap with those folks put its it's real great to see you- and I love love, love that we were able to get you on the show and- and I am glad that you're doing stand and now I get to come out and see one. Please come to his shoulder meltdown space sometime. You know what that is. We have accommodated theatre at the back, a meltdown comics, I don't know meltdown, come as a comic book store on. You know, no wonder gardener weight since near the guitar giant knows ideas. It's my heroin there. It's a good fits. You said that on women, now someone
yet we can to set out. Heroin is a guitar just yet, but rather our heroine oilskin. Whatever I bought my eye by me, oranges, children. During the oranges I used to do this, do not doing savage you know it s ever sorry yesterday, in fact very funny beautiful making Andrea I dated days ago, but we have this bit that we used to do I've never been able to have never been able to. EL it with anyone else, but I feel like you would be the guy that could make it work and its a classic. It's a classic sitcom, like three companies style, misunderstanding scene, where someone Sue. Where were you and your clearly lying? We each they something different. Then we each say the other person's thing and then we combine them at the same time at the end, to try to make a plausible right. So
Jonah, ask Asochis. Where were we just came from? Where were you guys? Don't headstone, pulling taffy pulling We had our paths door makes me so happy inside makes me so I thank you so much, Without being your twitter, or you will add, Mcdonald Comedy at Mcdonald, commenting on the tweets mangled Donald enjoy a breed over. Darling? big now leading noticed come this episode of the Nerdist Podcast is brought to you by stamps dot com go to stamps, dot, com click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in nervous for one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, including a digital scale and fifty five dollars of free postage. That's stamps dot com enter the promo code, Nerdist.
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