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We'll go to the noticed. Podcast episode, number three, forty six mynors tv show is currently running if you're listening to this in April of two thousand thirteen or episode the Saturday is with Elijah's wood and been Schwartz was awesome on the past and our commitment, John he's gonna, be on so a tune in it comes on our right after orphan black, which is right after doctor who Saturday night something we see America having ten p m is the is the eastern standard time and also what we do. We stand, but a lot of places company works in Denver may second, third and fourth, then I'm coming to Portland Helium in Portland may knife and then going to London in Guyana DC in Baltimore anyway. Go to nurse outcome, slash calendar to get things right, those oh and the moon tariffs
we performed in Austin Texas, for the moon power to meet our vessel coming up next week, so that is also something to look into food. Our best will often- and I would like to thank for sponsoring missive Southerners pod cast audible- that come visit. Audible that come slash noticed, get a free, audio books. Load. Listen whenever wherever you want it's just like a pod gas except there's a narrative arc at an exact structure and an ending prob
We also have a hundred thousand tiles choose from every genre, audible gotcha covered. That is audible that come slash, nervous to get your free audio book download this episode. The broadcast is my my old cabin friend potential Jonah, not old, as in she is old old as and we ve been friends for a really long time. We did a lot of open MIKE's together in the early two, thousands in LOS Angeles and I had on the notice tv show you you feel bad when its pimping had a pact s for three years, and there is some of your friends. Were you just let it go even there's a thing that happens where, like a year, goes by nearly goes we haven't had on yet, and then you try to schedule. Namibia's doesn't work
and the two years go by and then you're kind of embarrassed, but three years cannot preserving what do you do and I know, but we? Finally, I finally has no Natasha ensemble led by the huge she was like. You had me put forth from year three, but now the first result should she did not do that, as is evidenced by the fact that this is the nervous projects. Number three forty six with the touch allege arrow ring: murder, star com, piano lessons. Oh my god
that for awhile view is several years ago, and I Maison Teeter Michael chastity now and I'm learning for a year, but I know like twenty sound like she taught me cords and then cordon versions and then temper, like I just nine percent over this morning. So it's like once, you learn the call and then the temples even does do anything really, so you could play the search for the city so track reproof. Maybe I don't have the music right? There might be more of a somber open the TAJ Arrow God damn it. It is a travesty that we ve had a podcast for three years and this is your first appearance on it, you know, I have to admit that I have to say to you that I had upon ass before
you and I didn't know you that I'm already labourer. I should have a pod cast. Well, I don't think you sound like that, but everyone who came over started a podcast the next week. Can I tell you that I know I didn't invent the podcast no, but it was a phone experience and you guys at the snowball MIKE and you did it from your apartment and then the TAJ made dinner. Oh yeah, maybe closer working. Also, I remember you really like the Levant. It was certainly the whole experience was born. That's my that's! My party peace. That's all! I know how to make the news on you. I do. I do make great design yeah it's on the back of a box. Don't really get a following direction is heated up? No. You make it from scratch is involved I mean, can you that's my plan? I did that for like three months. I would have meant over every week and make them elizondo. I don't see no reason to its.
Because it's that good, there is no reason to not do that. I'm really happy with the smart water. You gave me here: you're gonna physical around! Don't give don't give him the credit, I'm not gonna get out of it to mean Andrea backs well, but Now I was trying to find a way out of my way out of the bottle myself away. Jonah gonna be for me, but I said you know what the TAJ once water with a good friend I no longer make Livonia or have a pot cast what the young I missed out on both of those sorry did. The pod can go in the break up yet Duncan got them I can't let you got a dog very above dial up area, modern, really separated the bad guy got. I got the trivia team, I got the twitter account. He got the fog separating digital properties
I got you gonna. Let s parents generation will have two separate would have to separate real, proper this generation. As separate intellectual property day. We forgot to break up our bit. We would do in the morning. You can have the breath of the day. We could take this relationship now, you're you're comedy voices were so a menu. You ve dated a couple. Comics that I know I like funny people, but the movie, or the I thought, the only actual people bud as you know, I've dated I've dated well. I've never like is outdated. As before, but there's that moment where you're ripping and then you both kind kill each other. Like second of yours,
remind did you have those moments? Were your voices different enough? We had something called hold on. I wrote it that I'm sorry I just lying with this. Was yesterday it's worth talking about. Ok, I'm a plot, my Stanhope notes with the gum on it literally visible tattered sheet of paper enter subjectivity. Do know that if I do not know what it was rejected by a few inspire each other, like you know you kind of come up with things based on the other person like it was weird it was like. I don't know I feel like I've been chose muses. What was a very very it wasn't like competing bit it with the oil, big yeah like I would inspire him and he would fire me like we actually like. Yet we wrote it. We wrote things together. But a movie together is wrong, but it was like it was called to be in that kind of situation. That was like what you know. I would think of something funny and then he would make it funnier and then he would think of something funny, and I would make a funny I like it.
Felt more like that. Were you a nerdy girl who went kind of gloomy, or were you always sort of Al Honey, come on I've? Never nerd! You dated the all all the guy Where do you ve data to reward nerdy colleagues? Well I mean that doesn't mean I like people or a smart and funny and my dad like kind of a guido. So I go like the other, but I need to be around like like a funny do usually just kind of like make me feel like gonna be ok, but I think that is the diametrically opposite to agree to a funny you might think about their right across from each other on the job. You end up like settling with now selling, but again, together with your you know like if you're a guy you get you get together with your mom, a version of it got us now. I thought you were going I think what happens? Is your mom's kit?
the door eroding, I met your mollify, attach mind only value by theatre, lady. I think it was interesting. I wake up it's better. I think opposites can attract within. I think opposites attract for a short period of time and then at a certain point. Well, I think people are always changing and I mean that I mean I'm Polly. I know what you exactly consider a nerd I'm just by just mean like nerd, light lady who are intelligent, who are into something like I'm. I, like, I guess, I'm a glamour, nerd Duncans, a pretty nerdy guy Duncan Yeah- is that I don't even about a physically he's, also like a very freethinker super smarter and I'm I'm attracted to people and very open my he's kind of a wind coin type. It yeah super supervisor mark. Yes, I like being around smart people, I mean: do I want someone who has a action? Figure collection- probably not sorry cited in his pocket,
The was a ruse for all three of no. I don't think you're trying to go, and I'm just talking to people Oh you're doing those that I mean either listeners to this package was a couple. Yeah. I was a don't know, is, does a couple hundred, One hundred thousand Lobo Brown brag is like a book deal now are out of ignorance, but also by I'll. Do it I'll do the first parity, burger hobbled right, Grogan Outfitters advocates funny a pair of an already existing comedy thing. You know it's funny, Natasha Leisure because I've known you for a very long time, but I really don't feel like I know you very well, I feel, like you really inspired my comedy a little bit, and how did I do that
because, like already established my started- and I liked how you like talked about culture, you know I thought it was and I liked I you'd make fun of culture of sports sweet and I feel like the first time I saw you was the first time I saw you can cut this out of. You are probably won't, but I was I had just started comedy. I was just started thing. Let us think I wanna do comedy and member watching tv one night and this shows shipmates came on I remember, and I was like: who is this guy making fun of this shell I'd better harvest was, does leg because there they cut to this girl gb like I was one of the things. I give me back my weave what for it now give me back. My we pay for it and it was. This is a main like fight on a ship and they would cut to you in your be like ok.
Be right back to mediate and lay out just like how can you be making fun of a show you? I thought that was so hilarious, then I saw you, as I often occurs on that game. Salad amber, oh miss you that guy, he was so far in all my move about I thought it was funny you're on that showed, is making fun of it and then, and then I started senior comedy yeah. I, like tell you you: you talked about relationships. We also had like a sort of cynical view of society that I was that I was kind of into as well. There's really interesting to hear that I didn't mean the those job machines were so much fuckin phone. We did those for like for years. Yeah. I remember one time. Someone said something about like all the all the money you had or something and you are like yeah, I'm gonna fuck, a pile of honey.
Dollar. There's something in his using. I remember about that. Finally, this, like ten year that allows I want you to think I remember about that specific joke and it's rare the end and when play, why remembered it? It will be clear. Why remember that job? It was I'm pretty sure those were back in the days when I was drinking pretty. However, you want, I just remember you look like twenty years younger now sweet, but you you you definitely drinking. I remember that. Ok, so you know me in near the end. The brain was gettin little fuzzy so that I remember broken. It was something like all of it was here, and I know of above all make a hundred dollars I'll make a vagina two hundred dollar bill. I'm gonna start with something like a crook This is just as our big known when he came in here now with Jean Simmons Community. Probably wanted was repeated, I don't know
I you know I just became passing the same Nick Nick, it's fucking awesome near examines, on a super. Incredibly smart, funny, awesome guy. Everything out Emma Jane just you know what maybe I just podcast needs a new Jonah. I'm gonna kill him. Is given on any bundle our red cheeks. It was literally just kind of ruffled I he was, he was a full on shuffling, so that was not. There is a slow you I got. No, I don't give a fuck that's ago waiting for people to see I am a chance to see who it is. I don't feel, like you know, a bad background extra that does that kind of a stilted walk in the background, so they stay in the shot longer. Yes, he might like a set of Jordanian with a bad, job like oppressive water, if you want to be more spot onshore. I really like you,
I think he's a nice guy, nice, nice guy, fear your fucking vagina, five hundred dollar bills thousand dollar bill river measure. I anyway, even read for a long time. We get it. I have a question I will do ass. You question you always have the best clothes I'm like. Do you just by new clothes everyday, like do you ever repeat up a shirt, Omar, Gay, constantly? Ok, this looks like you always have on a brand new shirt now like maybe not the way to do it just by like ten know, and they never wash em and just like, given to your cleaning, lady to clean them, was what there's a salary of television powered. So this this hundred dollar bills, they were just happens that I'm working on- and I work enough now that I constantly have wardrobe like there's, always knew wardrobe stuff. So but anyway, so I made this joke about. Some
No someone made a joke about the city shown. I worked like alpha. Vagina hundred dollar bills got a laugh. And then if maybe a month or two later we're doing joke. Howard. Kramer was on and he's took some sort of shot him. You know like it all vulgar vagina drivers, because I really like that joke. When you did it, last show like shit. I did, but you know it was he was he was ladder, p jokes. You know it because the spirit of machine was sort of like a little rusty and risky, and so you know it was well within his right too go there for the shot that, while we were sort of referring back and forth that I would repeat something that I had set on one. The last shows right so, and you know that was, where the brain, your bagging little facilities stuff in your bag coming out on it? But it was those joke machines, like everyone, did those Lui in patent in Peru. Then Sarah New, and actually never that you never did. Oh, I can
Maybe they don't I'm doing a link authorities ex? Maybe we stop you before you for Europe started doing I mean I was still probably doing like open my ex or something, but I did love them and I would sit me audience and I thought they were so funny. I member exact just like reading a porn ones. Cons case like Besser and Louis, were on the same one and Matt was doing a character, and every time it was up to like Lily. Lui too, like your legs, Let me say why am I get this land is a faint person. It would be set up here. You know now what I do that the matter of winning that can show the Vienna cool? I mean it's I like when stand up shows are a little more, not stand like one of my fate. One of my favorite slaves was next week senses elephant act as our egos, the hay zack. If you break, I'm gonna have to go to the hospital. They give you a piano to walk around it on. I remember that I didn't get. It sounds like his piano, so amazed in any event with the crime
I am still that doesn't do his piano anymore. I thought it was. I loved it such a great we almost dish. We almost did that show at the company central, unlike three, that is a tv show. I don't know if it would work more I mean. If it is, it yourself Oh I didn't come up with the show. The show was. The show was in to buy Gregg, LAB and and Paul Hopkins in time. Sharp all worked on it together and Tom Sharp as the announcer, and I feel like I did one recently a meltdown they did. They certainly going to Milton yet right, and so they brought me onto hosted and then I ended up helping a little bit with the structure of the game. But it really was, you know it really was their show, and but I took it with them to comedy central in two thousand three. I think- and they tell me Central- was Gunnar pilot it
and then at the latter being arrested, and then they crashed it at the last minute they decided not to do it, so we just ended up, not not doing it, but it was a really fun show I loved. I love joke machine ass, one yeah those were the day, the mountain areas older. Did you see the beyond say doc Gotta yard is funny to me is that I read it. It said the beyond saves Jackie, Henry Smashes, HBO ratings records, and I went to that page like I'm gonna want what like ten twelve million people. One point: eight smashes HBO real documentary numbers. Oh I can figure. Do Moreover, like documentaries can be, you know a little obscure previous role they However, the real and all my god, it was so great, was about these lion tamer, as you were, like the the poor man's version of segment. What's her name swimmer fraud signal?
Wednesday or Thursday, and Friday is just one guy's name that you divided up you're, really what it was like rhinos think Frieden right and they had a bunch of lions. They lead with me ended up like eating them its document the lives of lines. I like eight, what it s like. They were like these. This couple, who also live with a boy they were all three, like lovers, and then they had like lie and living with them, and then they would brush their teeth and sleep. And unlike one day it like eight, the lover like at eight, the little boy so jealous hard, was jealous at something it was weird, but anyway the point as their dogs can be very observed,
well, I love that either lots grisly tail was called cat is a family around kids, you love cat love and the animal rearing and guarantee the looking in very seventy leg. You now think freedom rights, I sure, but anyway, the beyond they dogmas really funny about it as their there. So rich that, like most of the document. It's like it's either there in the air or on sea like there never on land, lechner, always in a boat. These words enough not to have to deal with the ground. I do it over this big my dear you you'd. Basically, just you would basically have an aerial bathroom, the use of the grove and take a shit over yet just now, it I'll get some overshoes Abbe just turn yet, because when you think about money. J C has just J C, anything about beyond, say,
combined those elements together, yeah, that's ridiculous! Looking at her making a toast, because you know she's had here's what we're about beyond, because I mean I'm just it's all my brain is everyone so into her? And I just don't see it. I don't. I just feel like she's like successful Britney spears like she's, like a person who has like a crazy work ethic whose dislike has all these handlers, and I mean you she's, deafening Karras, but like I just don't see that she's, like our beetles, like I don't know, and that's what I feel like a lot of people are coming at me with. So that's why I'm like studying her but she's she's got this like she's has cameras following around like for the past fifteen years, and she like every night. She does her after she does her show. She goes home, watches the video This is cameras in addition till it like this. Following around her life, she watches the video and on the next morning she has notes for, like lighting, hair war, everybody and she ll, give like two hours were the notes and so like it ends up being an annex
dreamily strategizing and you know, manipulated performance night after night. You know like in his eyes when those air kisses- and you know, is if they find her like kind of cheesy firmly, I like the voice of like everyone's obsession, like the only perfect like performance at the inaugural Nikita inauguration of Football, the Grammy's, the Oscars, the documentary. It's just highlight and discover beyond, say it out man, but I just because a lot of my friends like her, I just kind of got but anyway the point as you see her talking in this kitchen, unlike that Campi her kitchen within its like. Oh that's, her catch kitchen like loathing the youngest of the most amazing kitchen instantly. So what you wanted? You start doing sentences twenty two thousand three two dozen for and why did you let? What was it that made you wanna do stand up
you know was not made money now I am. I came here from New York was an out and out to act as a child and then in the it I'm not a start them. Actress like I was in place like I was obsessed with like I want to be. An actor has now moved to New York, went to acting schooling and got my regular degree, and then I moved here and I just thought leg people are discussed. Stupid and lay like. I just looks kind of like having a reaction, and I hated it, and then I just saw this girl. I knew who is not even a comedian anymore and uses up on stage at the comedy store talking about like New York and people here, and I was working at this waitresses bar like this bar that people are just Saddam and the whisky bar, and I just had to like deal with all these allay girls, and then I just saw this girl talking about like oh, you can just like comment on society. Like I don't know what a comedian was like, I wasn't it, I'm so glad to. I got so lucky guess if I would have seen people like especially women, who are funny like finally to seem like there are Silverman or Maryland risk. I wouldn't like all. I can't do this
You know, but, like I didn't see anybody I didn't know inside, like all, you can get up there and just like blab, and so I just tried at once, and it was like EL, the best I've screen. I've got an ambien and I had a glass of wine, but I dismember feeling how you standing. Why have they happen? Ammunition, hairdressing? I was very nervous. It was at the comedy. But I just didn't areas not to relax. That's to put you out how it is. I don't know how so nervous. I just needed something. I must have been a small such, but I do remember this way. I think it was the best so I've ever had. It was like that when people laughed, I was not expecting it, and so it was like if it was like a visceral feeling of like waves, like all I can describe it, as is like waves of an ocean like put like I don't know it was. It was very, was an out of body experience as a than I was like.
Oh, I gotta do that again and of course my next show is, like God off those words mean that it was just like I remember, going home and being like. Ok, this you have. One amazing showed you like. This is comedy about those people who like open. For you in there like. I do, like you know, usually like dialect have ours you doing to our my fair rules as the ones like everything about doing. Instead of comedy about it, I've about half an hour is worth material. Does that'll be five minutes when you're on stage, I think to be able to feature to do a half an hour. It took me like six years, but it takes a long time we are really? But I remember seeing you at the brook. Oh, I think that's where I first started meeting you,
that there was brewing company yeah advances open like yeah, and I started a new set of working really hard and that those cool about, I think, those dating a comedian at the time and like he was like how crazy work ethic and remember how this thing hanging up in its law on said: you're, not good until you bomb a hundred times and that it was like then he had like he crossed it out. He only had wrought down like a few good time bomb night. More times, but it was like call to think leg. You gotta like real, like it's about bombing and allow for Nothin. I remember about about you like right when I met you in the com they seem like. You are just as I can time like you had like your car was broken down, is whether you just get on the bus all these open monks. Sorry I'm size, and I thought it was I going to get our now. This was a long time. I know there are no really you're just like like like you, you meant you would have always like it's like it's like. I got here in the bus while I fucking, I am so
what is it? You were so where's compared to you my cargo at one time, a car, a cop pull me over. I was on my way to show, and he took away my car and just left me at the bus, stop with like a stack of heads. It's like a fire memorandum border, because, while because I had a shitty car and cap, like you know, if you did, I spent so much time of it. And leave my first three years line every month to get one of those stickers. Killing version on people have a stickers like one two, three or like that means that it's it's. The police can't technically play you over for no registration until the first of that month. So, like I would like voted the enviable it can. I please get told
April terms. I would get like like a two month thing, my anyway. Why did he pull me all because my card and have I had this whole scam running like it couldn't be? It wasn't register, but I dont have insurance, but I couldn't get the insurance that was registered and pass the smug Tasso. You know it was a whole thing but anyway, but Does you re dedicated? I was daddy, got my like an idea needed to get a car.
Out of a job as a candidate country to car is legally gotta. Go these open my, but that's what so, I think, that's what so fund an interesting is that you know your presentation is this. You know Eve Eve. I even in what I perceived to be the presentation of your stand up. Persona is a character whose very well put together on the outside, but not on the inside. Our interesting is that how you see my character, I think so, yeah of like the character that sort of like above everything, but way you know, but what kind of a little fucked up inside right like incapable of Love Zia that, Maybe there's just there's no the character up up up up. I do let me die like I can now. I think that you know it's interesting. I mean, I think it changes. That's it. That's cool, like your comedies different than it was first. I saw you. I still unfortunately, would say something like fuck up
China made out a hundred dollar bills, but I guess I'd better, but I think it's an eminent, especial splendor MAX hundred dollar four hundred out of yeah. I think that it should that's right, you only have to be like. I wanted to be glamorous, and I saw myself is this glamorous entity that was just like gonna know take over my surroundings at all times, but then I had like has taken the bus the only right, but I will tell you what I know I was here and says you know, but, and I did it for awhile was hardly once you start getting some money. You're like oh, is my am I gonna lose fight funny ears them too. I was funnier when I have like nine dollars on my account, because it kind of I feel a little more. I mean you just have to find out the new targets and the new. That's why the comedies shifting easier changing sure, and I think it's important to let that happen so that you can, because you don't you dont, want to be doing the same
stuff you're doing ten years ago, so its total well and people, and also people like, even though I am not really like. If I talk about like taking a bus in Detroit, people are like what you're a thief, elaborating, look if they see you on IE, so they're, like you now know it's like you have to kind of be true to was it. I am interested to know what the experiences like for a female comic, particularly one who it's like you know, you're our persona spirit. I'm rests and and your navigating like the comedy store and your navigating open, MIKE's and comedians- and you know you must have a definite gave me a lot of material. You must have had this conversation in million times, I'm like I'm, not gonna, go out with you. I mean that's, but that's not true, because I feel a guys are like guys, are afraid to ask female comedians out. They really are, first of all
think automatically the you're gonna be time how big their dick is. I mean I think that goes there. Everybody's hurt like they did. I would love someone it's all right. How do I mean? I think everyone does things immediately, you're going to be like roasting them in front of everybody? Look at me, I'm not the other way San! You! Now people don't really asked me out I never I never wanted to. I never like not only iron out, I'm not you, but, like I never wisely tat for me, I am, it would just be weird. Anyone would laugh, but I never wanted to ask anyone out in the colony saying, because I would always be like it's gonna go bad, and then I'm just gonna have to keep on seeing them at every neither week at all. These different shows socially there there's one everyone's gonna same shows and open. My and now there's more shows no eye, but early. Is there a group like when we were all doing that like zero group doing that now and where are they Then there meltdown their meltdown. You C, b Tiger Lily
what line. I thought Yeah when it was when it was called Tiger, were the rest was called Tiger Lily rod and in a restaurant change names like five times and then move to yet was there was a? U and Melinda right, an amateur whenever Amphora maria- and you know anything about that place is when we started doing our show there. I guess that's where I am before: that's, where tenacious DE was doing there their stuff before they got back or really means voting in a different. There was the Hollywood hills covered, but there has to be a stage there before it was that cafe and they yes, I thought it was a it's always calling there's like energy for common. That's why I like the comedy store I just like being in place. That's been that comedians have Play scared. The shit out of Amity store yeah, because it's such a you know it. The Coveney stores of very specific type of firemen and I feel like one, that's lawless,
well, it is a bit drank thrown in my face by another comic there, and so first of all I want to hear about that without European over this, but the comedy store. I feel it is such a a tractor moored or like it's. There can have one of two effects on people. It either makes you a bullet proof comedian, because if you can view can survive at the comedy. There is really not much else that can be thrown it, you that you wouldn't be able to handle or it just and you down this path of just bitterness and like and rage is allocated here. I didn't really do that. Often I mean I did it. You know, don't do it ever know. I haven't done the comedy store in years, interesting because it just is worse than that, It is not like it's a hip crowd in any way it somehow there like they are not yet you know, alternative room room like melt down their kind of urgency, be there in the like the punch lines, the references com,
store is more about like your energy as a funny person like they're, not gonna, get like you're really nip reference. In fact, they probably won't run a lot of times it's about like that and its great for crowd. Workin, there's no question, I just you know I think her early autumn and I used to do the belly room by when I first started out. Actually I think my first show when I officially said I am going to start doing stand up in nineteen. Ninety It was at the belly room. That's where I address festivals. I, like that. I'm a woman named Bobby Shropshire, was running the show you know just really quickly, so that ran his wife called the ballet room like never with aid for women. You gotta be a safe place for like and then the comedy like a wolf, has also like there's like an outside entrance around the back, like just don't come in the front door, go right back! No, you women here, let's go get, is a good, very supportive, nurturing type room each each of the set before spaces that the car industry has its
personality in the belly. Rumours is of it can be warm room. I think, because it so intimate and the alarm the original room is. I dont is very like that's where it feels like. Fuckin battlefield, Edward and in the main room, if its full can be amazing. But that's where others were richer prior and others amend Kennison and you know and end up in the inside the chemist or has a really changed since those days either. So I did it. I love about there's actual, like mirrored piano. Apples all backstage the cook until there is a table and are also grants. That sort of, I think I think I think that's what I see about your kind of dichotomy. Nature is. Is this this glamorous presentation, but you like really dirty things in a weird sort of way?
like that, their sort of it, I don't know, I don't know how to describe it as a demand with calm, ass, the physical conclusion it wait. You know how the communist I'd say that you have to bring beloved shuts. Another aspect of it like a lot of times is not a host them. I was there recently and Martin I do up after Martin Lawrence and he is like doing like you know he is a master like dry pussy web pussy, any kind of pussy jokes you can think of you is killing killing like ok, who's next and the limitations of zero, and he's like what Ms Hautala zero he's like a black. I can't say that,
and I go to say Natasha Martin and he goes bitch I'll work for you all led to swear on this road, and so he leg was really route and then he waited for me in the parking lot. That's what I mean, I think, a lawless environment, like you just kind of feeling Goodwood and he's like Natasha and has again Martin he's like how long you been doing comedy, and I was like our notice. He's like I've been doing it for twenty, and I don't work for you and I got Martin. I was at my name was, and he sweating, I don't know, maybe something's wrong with him. But then I asked me about my purse. Did it having many laughed, but it was just like. So you get like that element, like insanity, Brenna lie, I know, but that's not happen at the laughing. No put, then that's the Cairo, that's the kind of I like a cup
the environment, and maybe this is maybe this makes me up, but not as good a comic, but I like I like friendly, nurturing environments. I just do and so the idea that some will be like idle I'd, be like I don't fuckin have energy for this shit. I don't want to be here. This isn't funny. You know like I want. I want many to be fun, and I know I don't know. If I I don't know, if I would in I still feel like, I should go just do it the way it was best described to me as likely basketball players really know anything about Basque while, but apparently when they hear the ruthless, when their practising, they put a little thing on the hook to make it harder, oh sure, till it put the ball and it's kind of like that right. Then, if you can get good at that, they refer. Oh, yes, it's over their throats performing an egg awaits, hurts like. Yes, it's like you're, it's it's strengthening your armor, which is, which is a good minutes. I think you know for a lot part of your comedy career. I think that's you need that, but then, at a certain point I just
I think you just don't need that anymore. You re at sometimes I still act like I just and just starting and others keep going, Can we really thought even to account for a long time your view? You do you kind of kind of started, a figure it out? I know he does like it's hard to get out here. Old habits have just like Why are you doing here? Why are you going to torture national, I'm yeah you just have to get out of that. Work is to enjoy life, get the hot tub rely, did you're gonna have to them getting on you No, I guess not that are not just as I like. Heaven help us with their allow haven't you do not have known I don't think we can fit. What about your place is perfect for one another saying that today, when we legacy but hunt him right there do you really know it's come in Asia can design the shit out of a house that you never than ever. Now I got a nice. Have I gotta has indeed help does nothing. Yet to lose. You talk to her I'll, let you know I was thinking I should. I should help design. I should help design and
make it a show you. How do you know what I'm sixty? Oh yeah? I guess I could do that here because not gonna be eighty zero there is not really meant, I wonder, is really only channel but its cause. He's going to be the small people and people, two heads, you don't think it's gonna be television not not in you know not, twenty five years, I saw I mean, don't don't be something I don't think it'll be television, the way that we are what, because major minutely Vista, I think there will be. There will be entertained me. I just don't they get on a surly, be traditional television. What were you saying? I saw the Stephen King earnestly even king. What's his name Larry, that Larry King thing, where you're like there's like one little piece: that's missing! Yeah! It's like it's the goods, the delivery system is missing, so it's like once we get that colored everything's gonna be connected. It's basically that you know the D. A viable platform doesn't exist. Which allows non early adopters the ability to easily jumped back and forth between. I mean if you're, under twenty five, you probably what
lot of stuff on Xbox, her Hulu Apple, tv, apple, tv or roguish, or or you know, but I would say, if you're under forty you do that. I mean it. I think a lot of people under forty you, but but but again you know America's a very large country and as surprising number of people are not as hip to technology is, we think they are, and so you know, but this generate its twenty five and under now is, and so in twenty five years like their this whole generation of people is growing up consuming content. Not in the way that we did when we were growing up, and so that's. Why think when their generation sort of becomes the dominant when they get to their prime they're, not gonna like? Why would they go back and start watching television if they haven't for the first, you know to fifteen years of their life or you know it just it's not gonna happen, and so the delivery system, much in the way that I tunes kind of made podcasting mainstream because they made it very easy for people to get podcast usually relate hot free
it's free. So when a delivery system exists in place, that is, like you know, one cable companies. Theoretically, I don't know if this is how it would be delivered, but one cable comes into your house instead of cable internet and it's just your entertainment source. For then you know, television networks become apps and your television is some form of of o S, which already kind is. We operate operating system like you, don't you don't pick? You don't gotta go to channel three ninety eight hour. I know I know you re interested in this topic and in what's happening, but I just don't know all the link but his secret, but it's it's so insane to me when you go to like one of these multi cam taping that like this is still some there still doing. Like the leg dinosaur. I feel that must be like number one tv started. They dislike take a play like our town and they would have liked to have one camera recorder and that's what people would watch on their tv like. That's it. I feel like
then I now I've been doing all these festivals like them in burning love of using this, which is in reality a group. But yes, so it's it's what they're doing now, I'm sure you guys know this, but I do think it so hip is like their travelling to all these comedy festivals, all these new web website. In their playing him for live audience in there really seeing what people are laughing at such a modern way to do. The was the thing you know where they stand out in Vegas in Paypal, thirty dollars to come watcher thing, o review good like tat to test a sharp like testing audio. It's such a modern cool way to be it so innovative like that's where the future is in there. Still egg testing, multi cams in LAS Vegas to see what people are responding to and it's just. I just think that a cool time to be involved in its all really form- I mean it's it's interesting. A little unpredictable will yet changing its changing like all the time. Well, you just don't know,
It is very difficult to pinpoint what people are going to like and because the delivery system is really important, because now a lot of digital media hinges whether or not people share it, because there is not like a standardized platter. Like television, that everyone is sort of forced to watch their basically just jump. Video to video or one episode to one episode: they're not engaged in the way words like. Let's sit down and flip channels, and then just was gay of wool stumble upon something people still do not I think, probably more than you would think, because again I think most of the country is a little bit more behind than we would assume, but but a bundle of not but a lot of people. Don't like a house of cards mild. I think the new thing people want it all at once and they want to watch it. At least in the House of cards model was very. You was was really. It was a risk. Can we called the lillehammer model?
Whenever I think, was a show that they bought, but they didn't produce the Netflix too. I don't think Netflix produces a hammer. I think they just bought it, but house of cards they produce you now and again it's it's a testament to idea that that content is now rules. The content is king and our culture. That You know a show like like because of a house of cards been crappy than others no one would cared, but because it has Kevin, spacey, unsparingly, really good, I'm seeing to it that you know it ruins talking it, never ones, gotta watch it, and you know you just sort of we been consumed. Now. I think that Should I told em out one by one week after week, so because I think a lot of tv watching People are forgetting about online up. Is that it's a yellow the culture you like an invitation to get exactly like seen, an episode of breaking bad and your friends about going. What do you think's gonna happen as they all I know,
and having as I was arrested in season, but the only problem with that is that people are alike. I mean, if you guys realises, but we don't have servants and people to people's lives are spinning articles, Nobody has any time for anything like there's just no time like the people. I know who have children like they. They don't. I mean there, on free movement Saturday and on their like doing their laundry and nine groceries, and it's like in order to watch something. It's like ok, Saturday night we can, we can not. The satellite gets people dont have the least are any more watch. Everything in life gets in the way of. What did you trying to get in? The fact that we don't have servants is insane. Data given that are going to discuss the anti having down that route style. Rather right is the idea that we have like movies. You paler universe, european countries, as is totally, but I mean you mean hired servants, verses, indentured servitude. I mean people who enjoy
they were rowing. You know it changes that have occurred. You're vast. No, I still don't know. I want to get a livin servant for two bedroom house and assertive, live in yeah. You know. I heard that they're not that expensive like a jerk, getting millions of dollars and the servants is like you could have opened their regular environment event. A live, a russian live and she is a hundred dollars a month, a monk as you feed them and let them live with it. So now paying I've ever mean maids, they're, gonna feed me a roommate. Who brings you bedtime biscuit. All right. I do. I love I'm curious eyes No, it's just I want I want to talk about about that. I want to talk. About the slippery slope? already the room. It was slippery, comedy slow, but that's what I want to talk about with you in your comedy eyes, that is their double diamonds, slippery comedy slope,
I have to tell you I was, as did there was a ski resort reference. I thought you would appreciate. I like that. I want to be my arm. Double diet. That the double time so here's the point that I'm that I want to make is that I am, and I want to know, and I want to know, I want to know who that one of you what it, what it, what it's been like, because comedy alot of comedy, I think, is an audience coming in and not and not being threatened by the COMECON states of it they if they feel threatened by the COMECON stage. They're not gonna, be on board so here you are an attractive comic whose persona is kind of glam and making jokes about. Why can't we all have servants and so on, both, because I find that a lot of mainstream audiences will take what you say at face value and so they'll say like sheep. But we really means that, as opposed to of going along with with the character and the bit so have you found that prison? I would like to clarify. Do you think it would be nice,
ceremony clarity. I would like the idea that what bit like everyone used to have people like, just though the fact that, like a bachelor line or your engage, noble and you're gonna, aren't you supposed to cook? Do all your cleaning do law three decorate your house make all your meals. It's in saying is bullshit what it is, but, yes your clear: how do you? How do you break down? Because I think it's just something that instinctively there happens or doesn't mean also, I don't think I'm that I dont think people are that intimidated by me when I get on stage either, because I'm for eleven I mean that something might want to consider. Also, I think that you know if you have like you know, I'm I'm I'm kind of silly onstage emulates like it's, not like I'm serious.
Real serious about all these issues. I would like servant, but I'm just tell me what you do have on our colleagues instance. Now, yes, livid assistance, I dont have eleven, you don't know. Even a system of saucer must resort to what is what is the actual question? Let me give you a good answer, for we was just the idea of like if you're asking me like, how can you like, dress nice and have the audience not hate you an end and also in the presentation? viewer material, which is in oak, as some of it comes from this place of you know, I mean them yet the leaders and the sort of the put upon upper class kind of like right, but I mean look what's behind it, someone who can't get their car registered. I mean that's what
that's why I created that persona, because I was so tired of being like a poor person and just being around like people who had thing. So it's like you can that I like the idea of reinvention- and I think maybe people can sense that from me, and they can also think like. Oh that, as a possibility in life like you, dont have to like your parents to have to be like artists. Can you nomes captains of industry, for you too, like becomes There is a great ever captain of industry for apparent just a robber baron. One dramaturgy mean to the lady Gaga, like getting some people really do like some people, you have some people stuff. I dont think I think the answer from a poor only one for financing, Some people start on like third Base Ronicky Doone,
That I mean that's, why it takes them people so long. You know, I think they like for me when I was twenty five I was living in Australia with a con artist. Man lake waking him breakfast, like I will I will what yeah you got a few love, I'm just saying like what is that about? I was there, I don't want it experience life and I didn't have guidance Does like? Oh, I guess I'll go. Do this I'm just saying like when you dont when you, when you don't have like you, know, ambitious or in you know, what's he conning Australians, for I mean he would do things like just steel potatoes from the grocery store mean he was just like stealing, things are also. I just know no fire. No, I mean he said that he was like an end
actual property lawyer, but then he would get paid to do. Things like he'd get paid to write a thing on tort law, but then he would just spend the money we can undertake age. We live, don't you have to write that thing and he'd be like shut up wiener. Anyway, the slogans, World is very my parents like were more savvy. I would have had more direction, but you know Dad was like you want to be an actress. All you should be Van away. Raise like you could be the next van away, was it version of an actress yeah, like you know like we you, I had a figure everything out like so slowly there. You know by the time you you get somewhere.
A kind of over what we like in high school in high school. I dislike had like three equal friends and we were like the cool people in our group, but then I would get like Peter what Ruby drew up black girls really been larger. Well, I've been out one of almost pregnant. I remember once and she like, through a book at my head. We had to go to the principal's office and to remember me ending up, but I got I just want to build a walk round the house you know when and where the shoes I want aware that was eyes wearing like crazy clothes. Go and where the shoes I want aware without someone beating me and I remember Yolanda. This girl, who was beating me up her mom, was in the meeting in my Mama's, Namibia and Yolanda mom goes yours,
This is, I mean now is kind of high school, but I mean I had. I would always date like older, guys like who live in Chicago, like musicians and stuff. I was I'd like in the music. I was never in a car. I dont think comedy was really a thing now like when I was in high school comedies deftly more of a thing. Now than it has been, I feel like what do you think, like in the nineties, like comedy, was like jet like more for our parents and not so much? What kind of comedy comedy mainstream comedy died in the nineties after the eighties comedy boom and it went underground. You have like the Geneva yes, yes, yes, yes, but you went about you wouldn't have not been exposed that I was not exposed to that. Where you grew up in Chicago is now and Raphael and I illinois you and have been. I mean to ill extra, Wesley, has a pretty rich comedy history, but not, but it certainly I it would have been set that's an abandoning. It would have been like improper sketch second city. Another dimension
I was in Rockville in Ireland than you know what I was doing. I was I going to see like few gauzy or garlic, I'm going to see like cool like there was also like a really cool like, music thing has renewed Chris homes, yeah, that's how I presume you know what I saw them. Really cool. As I remember someone took me to the we drove in Chicago. I think I was in high school. I dont marrow made of it in college, but then I member summit to me this band, like you, have to see this and like whatever our centre and all the sun. It was like there.
Their aim of our era and ours, and I was like Nirvana had just come out and I was just like that was like one of the pivotal moment I was like this is the most of its calling. You can like see music like for the first time like our you're, like while the Skinner like change everything, but I was more in a music, but I think now they're more connected and now I think that kind of people who would have been in the music then are more and a comedy, because also comedy kind has the Spirit more of what music had then, because I feel like music, so overproduced now can be its everyone's derivative, like I dont think nor Vano was like directly doing an impression, something retro that they were bringing back as even music. That's good now is often like retro yeah. Most vulgar as far as like rock music is that most of the stuff, the breakthrough beg of you to look at them, strokes, the white stripes by keys. All that has been
like really derivative of in seventy six he's right, like I mean like, I thought that Ban Alabama shakes like every single song was like. Oh that's, more wings. You know Aerosmith, oh that's, Paul's, I'm at you like it so the reality, because only somebody for that would like our back thing. That like sounds like nothing, heard before, which kind of like the other, when you we who are here like music, that makes you feel kind of old cause. You don't get it yet was like Dubstep by her doubts over the prisoners. Like I dont get that I love that, but you kind of like a dance. I love dancing, you do yeah, I just It's weird. I can't dance in a crowded area because I'm so big
like you, just do just about path of destruction across the floor. So exactly what it all I thank you for. Making light of peat is making me feel your maybe not destructive. Then you can't Anthon open spaces where, like you know like there's the echo like a go, that sellers cells or friend really loves to dance and like this, like a function, soul night, you know that that's like it's a lot of fun because, like there's, theirs is a crazy patent is a lot of people dancing, but that crazy pack, so I have placed we're gonna room, I feel so. Cipher Deanna took as my kids, after the site. So there's no behind me. The last summit, no less I went dancing was Halloween and we went to this new S. Eye that right now the death of the birthday, but is there those Halloween story that I wanted to do so, but you can dance is the point none, and now I can't I'm terrible. I just I basically just spaz arrested, be wild thing, the agri, so any bigger.
We go, there's a big danced diva, and so I think that walls to deepen so we so we went to the echo. I think and for Halloween, around the dance floor and closure of the dance and so were dance and this actually kind of scared me about myself, because I'm not the kind of guy, but this guy kind of got up. Under an chidden really notice, and he just started kind of grinding how little bit his dick endeavour. A little bit about that. We reached down and started like he went to like rub his hand like a per side up her ass, and I just I fucking just grabbed his arm and I was like well. You are have to do that. I was but the thing that scare me about it was that it didn't. Even there wasn't it, there was never a thing
It was impulse and reaction. I can never even stop to think you know I don't know anything about this guy. I dont know if he's crazy or if he knows how to fight or if he has a fuck, a knife and it like, I just didn't. I just fucking grabbed his arm and and and I got super like alpha- which I don't do Repeat two people: by way of right on the end that we had a dance hands together. As I said, I say yes to somebody like woe easy. I got really it, but if I- Had I been a werewolf, my eyes would have turned red. And then I would have growled like an animal and any he, thankfully looked at me was like always this your girlfriend and I go yeah, and it was like that. And then he went away is a sorry should took on the vice,
But now I gotta know like they Chloe let how far she let it go that she didn't, because he wasn't touching her yet the first contact as it was like that kind of thing were girls dancing in a guy just starts cut a moving up and its crowded. And so you're a little forgiving cuz you're like what is no room, so everyone's going to be kind of bumping into each other. It was the moment that he took his hand and tried to run it up. Of her body that I just was like no and that kind of freak that freaking out about myself, because I do love somebody Slowly already hard, you got it. You gotta monitor her on the dance floor check out the wives were now. I know that happen. I think that is like a free for all their and invest relates to an end, but it was it. Was that moment of not being and control of cause because it very could have eat like I could have easily just have gone pop and then like oh no, why would I do
add fight like that. No I've never been in some guy. No, of course not. I'm not a fighting person, I don't I don't fight I've choked and thrown a guy gets a war once really here. Was that what happens when we deal you dad, now, I know what did he do to you in a warrant that, in response, oh, he like I got upset because of waiting in life for the bathroom at a bar, and he cut in line with our girl. You guess he like. Cut in line with the girl and went into this For some bathroom that I've been me, there was a whole line and as well as well, oh buddy, and am I because door then he comes back out, unlike pushes up against me in this hallway. Like yes screaming at my face is on you won't piss me off you fucking piss me off and as they do, they just need to pee he's like like keys fuck, you that, I just like said no fuck, you
grabbed his throat and was the first time ever felt big in my entire life like I could actually do something, you know my size, we again what do you now is reared again? the report that we are able to get a picture of Europe rubbing your ass, the big fellow the dams. They love it. So you may, like you d, like you're, pushing this. I grabbed his throat and other just like shoved them into a wall in it, his head back and if you like, crumbled into the ground, that's and then require a second. We like I've, just killed this man. I did of course, hours ago shit like I didn't want to do that, but, like I like, I was literally, we are rejecting yourself. Yeah you don't know, cut no cuts like you. I would only like this region of Europe lying if I were to say that you know that the little kid in me who was Natasha Height until software, your high school.
Maybe junior year, really and we got a month time she's telling my dad's six one my mom's for eleven and so, but having that experience of always feeling kind of helpless, they just physically Reno, if some sort of the those those are gratifying, it's hard for me not gratified by a fucking bully getting knock than is ass. I guess for anyone really yeah, I never think women not really want to but I think, as a man, you kind of feel like pressure, I just don't know what else to do. You know it is not famously why people become comedians, though, because they want to like for themselves that they wanted to physically and when I was a kid allows out with their touch all that's all I had worked like that seems like every and that's why you say: comics our nerves, but I think most most comic to the kind of comedy I like are usually like really good at that. There's also like Bro Comedy: that's like more like a lemon
They were in Florida, that's life after you, ve just described the last act like you laugh, broken already yeah like people who are just like they're they're, they're too, like death to in the wake of the ports. Where this is a pussy word. You took a scar, maize, kurdish com. I take on Monday nights at the proper and they just go out their jobs. Did I haven't you had a file of added by, but I think that and a comedy I M attracted to is more like you know it's smart and its people who can lash out with their time in a year in a real deregulation turn her way. But you work at TAT now you work a Buick, a bunch. Now I work above you do, of course, but I mean it
time out, specifically I'm talking about like, like the idea that a big hickory, the idea that what was at last on the common register, my out on the other. It was your second one that was my first albums refer, some hope. Many. I was listening to this interest heavily arms. You guys have to increase tail via one. Well, here's what I was well, who is time, others, something like maybe a fleet with MAX bachelor, something on some music and their thing. Like your first album, I didn't realize this with music. It's years of work of anything it s so interesting inside, like you can really tell her goods that can album, because that, usually like war
They have their one year of work, more slumbers, what they call the like we're here. You have your whole life to write your first that we have a year or so to raise the site like that. I was thinking, I think, is a good document is lacking and like folk folk artists like James Ten, I think that first, what is like so amazing and then so yeah, so it is hard to to keep it come, will also as an artist your kind of not descend to go she about it, but as an artist, you're, essentially up a product of your environment, and you have a certain lens through which you express the things that happen to you, and so, if your first out as a huge head of a sudden, you have a lot of success. Very You have a lot of things that your environment is not what it was before, and so you know you don't have as much. I assume or you don't have any money, Madrigal the buzz anymore, and so it's just that.
In just changes like your environment changes in everything changes and that sort of hunger maybe changes a little bit, and so I think that could potentially be this burning issue does not entail a sad changes. The only of life. Oh my god he's right, she's right, a teacher is right, but change. Just when I heard about your aims and our teacher thought man cause, I don't so. What are you doing now that year excited about Albania job? Now I ever Are you coming back our universities and other burning, loving authority? Even a burning la under first even is preparing on E on Friday. I think there is such a good show. Its grandma the only like. I know command now as a show, as throughout funny but I've never really like I've. Never this the first like web internet show where, like my friends, talk about it like it's a show, you see that show burning,
ITALY. There wasn't. There was another website like that, which was the scars web series was was funny like that to me back on ice. Obviously there is a greater beckons houses, pretty fucking funny do, but that is how they they re. Basically, that's the new model they had twelve ten minute episodes may turn into six. They re edited it six. Twenty minutes episodes and then so now it's a on the internet. Now it's gonna be on television is eventually got air form and in their television type like that type of reality, satire format is so easy to monopoly. The length of it because it's they can just how will these would have could fit together anyway, because it's basically just one long arc is the series of reality shows. So you could chop that up. You can make him five minutes ten or fifteen or twenty. It's it's pretty for entitle rate and the first season play. I pray repress my wrong. I always play no pants,
I am. I am really looking forward to making the transition into playing the hookers to man. I think that an the same things one day, who noticed a lotta hookers aims. I heard him one day. My own shanty be I've been doing and I'm come, I'm gonna being arrested development. I've got low partner community. I just had a thing on and doing some stuff got. My own show I'm working on, for I see movies from alone a tour, so you can look at my website renationalization of the Coca COLA money. That's that's got me ten years, so it comes asked, are, you know, I've got double diamonds is going to be. A lawyer was the largest lobsters last week like us, something about the crafty allies that there's no lobster Thermidor there
I love the name it now. That is we're just sounds like the most fancy lobster plate. You can always loved. I loved you a bit about what happened. What would have it is. I was coming to see how the first big guy, neither for assent, I performed well yeah. I'm gonna try to work in another, especially arm, but it's really. Now I am yet yeah I've iced I've been on the road when I'm not. I just came off the road because I'm working on Saturday and Sunday is now, but but when I'm done, I'm going back on the road- and I think I oh you're BBC Shell, the BBC, show in the names he shall so the ones on Saturday ones on Sundays, and so, but it is also does he does not like to rest at all. Don't like it's just that I'm really gonna start trying to take a Sabbath other main Yang or there's nothing like attack. Now
sure, but I'm not jewish, but it's like on a Saturday or you can do it on a Sunday too. But you take your. U turn your phone off and from like and down Friday. So what on you just like twenty four hour period with no cell phone? So no turn your wifi off so you're, just getting data collection. I can't even go now you're not supposed to go to the store. I mean, I think you do you do what would be challenging to you for me. Turning off my phone, I would let myself watch movies, because that inspires me. I wouldn't email for twenty four hours, and you know just like handle and let us know even got a lot of drink argus because then, on Sunday, I'll have twice as much fuckin work to do that again, it's only ever gonna stop precise that's why you didn't fit into who's. Gonna check your email and evidence does, of course, but I'm saying you get them to help that you know
the NATO, but then I just think you need to rest your mind like I'm. So in my phone right now and it's like driving me insane I'm gonna take a break from what the issue is that there are there that their answers, that only I have because people work for me, and so, if they say well, what do you need to do about this? It dr dig it they fuck them up. If I don't answer as quickly as possible, costs are like we can't do anything until you tell us what to do, and so I can't memory on ways to make money rest for what you're doing not doing anything to lay in bed with Outlook Chloe cause. I don't watch some tv relax, don't take emails and from Friday, like six and then said six you now, whatever the assistant can't take care of, I just feel like we're gonna get fired if we're constantly walking around returning emails
Imagine a really inspiring the inspired me here that one or two did he replied. Instagram are all these things. I have to give a strategy that is updated, Six second video, then we'll be good to go. It's like. I can't keep like being able to look at that. Passing over good over almost or I just think that in order I haven't, I should come back and tell you once I've tried this, because I don't really know if it's gonna work, but I really think that it could help, because if you need its comedies about input and output, you know it's like you need to be taking in it. I mean you taken life on the internet, but I just feel like its assert its soda drafting its true, like its does something different to your mind. You're just gonna were just and to watch a movie and read and drink some coffee and then like and then there.
The movie. You wives reminded you of something, and then you think about that more and then you read this quo and then you come up with this idea. An article you wanna write like how can you do that when you're? Like I get stressed when I just sit around you d, have trouble doing it? You're not just sitting is not likely to scenario staring at a wall. I mean you failure, your your time. Up with stuff, like there's, uncertain hammock, that's my thing on Saturdays authorities like sometimes Lastly, my phone at home and unlike go unlike run errands and early go record shopping, feel better. When it's not aren't you sometimes. I guess you know like especially on the wheel. You work on weekends, unearthly sure what you're supposed to do. I just think that when you don't take it on a hike therefore like when I go on vacation, I love ebbing them like I'm. Not checking like I just went to o hide a right with with someone you know. I was like taking united on the phone on and I got so much
dawn. The sums got relief. When you get someplace in there's no service in Congo or then that's it, I'm going to future that's gonna, be the new sixties is like going out places where There is no technology when you gonna be like the thing that people are like attracted when you in Rikiu to what s eyes did you were you doing as that did you have us international plan or reduce off your phones. There are often found there there s a drunk. Yeah losing their was Instagram sort. He probably has got back to wifi yeah. It was and we are on a mail but yeah we're off often. Firstly, microphone trip. It was really funny I want a year ago. I know that's all some day I was really cool. I remember I saw her at the county. Deathray pageant show just like first come and go to. Please can we go down too? Well, that's indeed beauty of not having children,
You're, like oh, it's Christmas, let's go to witness arias, whereas it warmly just looked at a globe. We're like ok. Will the equators there, because someone path and the low wages like picked this place, but it ended up being like really fun. We state in this, like amazing, like what it was like a farm or something why it was so beautiful, like just like it's really hard to explain thy Manuel form, but it was like a like. We, both like nice hotels. So we stayed at like these real. Like this really nice tower, there was a there was like. Maybe five people, to one to each person. Stigma like I opened up my menu at the restaurant, and this person comes at a flashlight like over me, so that I can see Jews because everything No, what's it like an empty, wouldn't even that expenditure was just here in Europe yeah, it's not expensive. A couple of millionaires like Natasha and on one point I remember in the spa and Ricky's like
another row, my robes wet and I was like well just ask outline There is, as I can have another road when the woman comes back, she's like, of course, and she comes back and she's like on a tray. She has to roads is too mediums oak Fourthly, small, where we look like, but it was very relaxing and I do feel like you is inspiring. You know like yours, it's nice to kind of shut your mind on, do not do that. Come on you go on vacation crest. The drugs goes drove well. When you go to the bathroom you to check your email re yoga, tractor what're, you gonna, do with during that boring p. One to be over you? Definitely I'm a product of now honey. I've I've been without having any communication. I did. I took to be ok last year in may we drove across country and then between Christmas and New year's went to Portland
what did you do shown for you? Don't like it ass? I do want to go and praying to go we're pregnant. To Scotland in May this year. I love I need to get out of the country like twice a year and the real Mexico and Canada lie and from why there was the one. I was gonna go to Japan me. My friend were saving up, we just where working like two jobs, each or save him to go, and then something happened. His Let em like a he gonna go anymore and then, like like, we could like, we were gonna get a package deal is like a couples baggage. Voters can be my buddy and I couldn't afford a flight on my own and then that I will take an ally, fears, Fer, a honeymoon, we're gonna go to Paris, that's it we're gonna catch the train into London, rent, a car drive up to Scotland. I've done that, DR now,
fucking great and if it is, but what will freak you out is that you have to remember that you're driving on the other side of the road and the other side of the car, what never mind, and so I do not remember this was enough when I was dating just index she loved going to like we went to Costa Rica and others. She would just we'd go someplace with a guide book and we would land we'd we'd, you know, get a room somewhere for the first night that we were in a city and then and then just have a guide book and then just drive like that and always freaking me out. I was never fully company when an itinerary. I remember a translator, and so you know they in retrospect, there really fun, but I remember the time kind of being like I don't know where we are where we gonna go there, but, but so driving through drive of Scotland. And what happens is you? Can zone out in the car and another son, you'll see a truck come over the way you're like he's getting
like I'm on the rather forget because you're so used it, and then you see a bunch of sheep to sleeping, and I do not recommend renting a car in London, and because we did that where it's like, we rented a car right in the heart of London and it is more expensive north others. More expensive is just fucking crew, like a language learning now up learning how to turn everything in a very busy sitting You wanna be doing I like, and you really don't want to do, that in debt. Yodel Manchester that so I'm so are unaware of that was what was. It is crazy to England, like it tastes like what five hours to drive across whole country or four hours is something like thirty amazing that it's like such a its heads has said, You know as a strong facts on entire. What a world like the tunnel not only that I really find that we will have to make a great recommendations for food, and parents are really yeah. We beg you ve ever had in your life. Burgos timid,
oh yeah, I don't have any bread or cheese. So what can I say my the same version? I mean I had a different version of the same thing. All through like its wits. In ITALY, in Paris in London, which was a version of a haven't. She said, What's in ITALY, it was a penny and then in pain, right. It was a beggar, a rare, but it was basically just a version of having she's like you know, jumbled Large or are you know, travelling student traveller I went there. There are no five per se. On seven may need a lot. Vanity begets there. You d want to like all the nice restaurants To sum up it during the day you know like, and then by the way these are really nice. You know like really nice baggage, yet they were I'd like a whole day like where they can make of that day, french brow- I know I know I mean everything. There is just amazing,
Well, you're gonna dead men around looking forward to your play, Berlin's riding on the metro, through genuine lined again to a museum. Three hours lines. That's the one bummer, I did like we re. We thought about finding a person and just maybe just driving just go to vehicle like free culture, every micro culture in one place, Vegas rest, Yo Natasha Lodge Arrow, oh yeah, with butter. Yet wish you know, I feel like I'm not getting to hang out as much lately. My friends that I always liked hanging out with unless they come on the podcast and that's that's that's a pathetic hey! Why do you think I was making people design years, although I have to say now that I'm thinking about it you're our first guest, really you in the first person we thought of that.
Well, I'm sorry took so long to have you on our oh, it's all right, but there will have to take me out for spaghetti now. Your work is really the gay we'll get. Some have carried scary, apothecary, we'll get the man we'll get them read. Thought for your Jonah you'll have faintly mean anything. Thank you. I'm excited by a BBC shall spun due to answer. I'm gonna be on. Yeah you're you're gonna. Do you and you stand upon the show right? That is what they ask me to do That's it that's what I am hearing you have sent us great, because the rooms tight, and so the audience as opposed to a typical talk, show like the audience is as far as you are for me and so you're in, Proud, basically- and it was the real and are really just- and there really jazz and its Minos, small crowd of people, but its super tight, and so it is not well yeah. Can you just did it and he via nourishment and met, and they did great and so
you're gonna, be on and ban for it's gonna be on and run functions is gonna, be I think it's really fun to get to help. Put some stand back on television when there's a lot of set up a television yeah, especially in an environment, that kind of made for stand out good. I feel like a lot of late night. Talk shows it you know everything's going against whom you gotta, like it's a fucking he's gonna hurt. You know you ve got to try to overcome so much work and Social Europe Are you have overcome a lot? I know I have you guys. I hope I hope I've connected with with the and the public You're sunglasses worth already thought up over the shoulders and at the same time I am trying to connect Natasha the zero it yet to see you and thank you so much. You too I will see you when you do the BBC show and everyone else in giant
giant that I'm a mumble mumble brought with it a mobile bread and did you just Sagrada burrito environment, embryos, mama, bread, listen, Barinia, saved every single story so someday we say at the end of a process and as you could, let me see the good of the moment. Works at Starbucks went to Marty ground. She gave cause she's a laughing dead fan than she was like. I priorities back from Marty grab a brave spectrum, monograph leaving noticed dot com enjoy your worried.
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