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The amazing Paul Williams returns to the podcast! He and Chris sit down at ASCAP to talk about his upcoming book about addiction called Gratitude and Trust, being the president of ASCAP and he sings a song just for Chris! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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it. Was this the hundredth? It's the hundredth anniversary of ask happen so, like I said, we read ASCAP offices, and so I hope when we were, I love poem. The first time you came on, it was one of those ones that I think people from seems like ok, ain't, that right all the songs. You need them up, a movie soundtrack, ok, ok and then it turned out to be like. I think one of our best broadcast and a lot of for he was a phenomenal such a war, before guy, when he came back on said to when it was being put, as I called you think parliament would do a song. This is a pitcher journeys are what it. What do you want to do? I go well. I'm to go back there. Someday from the Muppet Movie is like, I know, rainbow connection gets a lot of love, but I'm going to go back there someday and then I might actually my favorite song in the movie sand it's gonna gonzo things on their out in the desert anyway. He tells it Paul tells a story about it. How well I let him tell us to let him till the stories, but so he agreed to do the song, and so here's here's what happened. He started this
So we have this accompanies commend that companies is playing Paul, start singing. Then he stopped and like man, it's like Messapus lyrics, then feel right, goes over and stands by the piano when you start singing again, it does not stop. It doesn't feel right, so we get all the way through it needs like. Ok, I guess that's fine and then we're about to wrap up the path gas, and I go. I just loved. I think I said something it's in the you'll hear the Pike S, but I would like this I guess doing this. Gonzo voice just kind of reflexively cause, I'm annoying and I voices and then Paul goes You know what you should see this with me all of that project. What did so? I won't. Let cook went up and we just impromptu sang it like we went back and forth no way, you remember the alert. Yet what yeah And we then he doesn't women, and so we sang it and then pogo he goes. That is the version
that we were supposed to do him. He said TAT is the version. He said I was sure you'll you know he's like. I was trying to capture it before and I was forcing it, but this is the one you have proposed anyway this and so I apologize. I know it sounds self indulgent to post the one that I sang with him on and on. Kind of a crappy gonzo voice, but it to me It was like it was one of those. How is this my life? area like I'm here, but also kind of captured the theme of what we were talking about in the protest till he had just had some of those experiences to we'd gone in a word shown, Bonnie rate was there in Lisbon was like how am I here and I'm sure at the Grammy's, when he was that there were Dapple Don Quixote was like there with my home, or how am I hear you dont like and then also So I guess of internal market that the song was like a little imperfect and he was talking about how much better, like things that just they have more personnel, so it actually kind of weirdly in
slated. I think what the whole thing with a pike S was, but I was so poor completely honoured to be a part of it into have alone again, and I put in love the guy's. That's great, there's like ass. Before Seventy two with Paul Williams, Now entering nearest star com, That's it you see they give an almost. It's always setting, how good that song is, and I so just amazing that when I watch them, on Youtube unless I wash it again last night, but just one
guns out just so much expression from just this little guy Dave, Girls is is one of the most spectacular actors and directors animated that what what his work encompasses is just as beyond. Is it it's brilliant and it's all heart I mean there's their search intellect and heart and compassion in that little character and gonzo's. My fear of it you know, that's the one that I believe is of fuels. If I was gonna, be a mother, would have to be gone. He's a landlord bird. You know, hey Chris, we're all landlocked Bert. I guess that's true. I think I would be a cross between fuzzy and guns out sort of like the walk, walk a walk, a guy and the one that just always feels a little out of place here. I don't deserve a rat so and all of us to it so amazing they have you back on the black cats, because you came on the first time and it was gonna, be
I assumed, like there's gonna, be a really nice chat, but it was it was. phenomenal conversation that we had, and you know a movie. I've been a lot of people, the progress, but every so often there's one that people that just catches people's attend, in it just sticks in their brains, and I got so much feedback about you. From the last time you were you are on. I got somebody feedback I got. I had no idea that I was gonna get the kind of response and I did- and you know, but it's about conversation. You know my life has about shoe leather. Is that that opportunity walks out to mean shoe leather? Oh there's not one point that relationship can also in. Ultimately, what you do is, I hope, as it is for me, is the labour of love. Yes, labour, but but there's some faction in it, and I think people can hear that you know, and you have a very hip audience. You have a very, very eclectic. audience you guys right in the guise of listen, the bike ass, to me and the minutes. It's everything from from I'm gonna go back.
some day and and and saw from above and move it to you to stuff from about the while the planet of the aids to to intellectual property rights were immense, its really interesting guys and you know, and we're pretty adversity, Norway, I dont, know. Well, I hope arena I mean why I find that you know as many times as I've messed up this life that hopefully coming through them aside, makes you slightly more interesting reserve ago. Yeah hides went through that and here's don't do again, that's where wisdom is born, somebody point out the z view. Like you Youtube, you make mistakes and that's that's where you wisdom is born and it's sick fascinated take them has taken learned from it in and then pass on something sweetheart you in your next efforts. You know it's in. Ultimately, I get up in the morning. I have what I will want just a short prayer that I says he led me where you need me. If I
lead where I'm needed during the day. I don't feel like I'm in the way and if I feel like I'm in a way, I get noisy and allowed and stupid and do dumb things at all. But if I feel like I'm actually ok that people are ok with me being where I am something rules out of me that where I get comfortable and I get creative and I listen, I become the one. Things that I want to become in the in the years ahead. I haven't a years ahead. I have I'd love to have another twenty or thirty years on this. You know this spinning volor gravity, but I hope, I'm a better listener is, is what I would put top of my list of what had liked what I like to improve in be a better list Polly? You mean let not useless. Two p but just sort of listening to the world in general, environment, illicit and listen to people stories are mainly were so. Will I think that I can see where I think that I we know was plowing trying to make a world myself. Oh your creator of career or life for myself and all I think it is
as I get older in some ways, I'm more productive because a slow down in other areas in my life and then one of the areas, hopefully a slow down a little bit- is in their self suit of of trying to just keep improving my life and listening wiser people around me and those are the gifts and that's where that's where a here would be Zog and, ultimately, everything I write is, I think, born for the people to walk up to me. You know it's, it's. The love of people it becomes music because essentially a retailing stories I think we all are in. I think get in in anybody that is in the creative process, as that's part of what we're doing is worth hearing was going on around us will reflect end and when you reflect the truth back to somebody give him a great gift. You know so Aye. Sir Chris makes a mistake in the United States Senator there's over there's, there's there's theirs there's more on your boots. You can share that in France
with people around you and make their lives better known and end the fact you do it in an invitation entertaining fashion that you make people left for you do it mixes. for medicine, go down a lot easier? Try I mean, I think, is one of the reasons why we like vintage thing. So much is because things that are Naturally, worn have story, a story like oh, that was that lived some type of life and there's there's did you know the kind of the markets of just experiences that surround that thing. You know we don't know what they are yeah if that, if those companies can talk and there's the energy to those things, you know it's like I ve ever given all watch and in our browsing run antiques join you walk over you pick up in all watch her pocket watch her glasses. after somebody's gone, you pick up Emma talk about a really interesting feeling. I remember, after my dad passed away looking at these glasses, and I couldn't even I don't think to this day at seven, I'm in my seventies, I don't think I can explain,
would have felt like to hold his glasses that he'd looked at the world through amount, thirteen years old. So I'm not very. No, I don't. I don't, have the ability to really translate what I'm feeling, but I Aubrey today. I'm we're talking about sixty years later, how it felt, all these glasses and eat. Look he looked at the world through this What is the energy or like a robot around this object? And all I don't know if I can identify the energy around the object, but guinea to get your place where I can identify what I feeling at the time, and it was, I think, a sense. Of time. Moving on it's gonna move on with me Sunday, these glasses, I'm worried, as you know, if, if they dont go through the windshield over, these glasses will be attacked and somebody will be sitting there wholly them and go what what did he get to see? Will look into these glasses when he got to see was did he couldn't have imagined. I am you know you don't write a book with,
Jackson. I wrote a book called gratitude, untruss recoveries, not just for attics and the and some of my life is good, come down to those two words Gratitude Trust. I am so grateful for everything and I've experienced an end and I think especially the mistakes, the ten yours, I lost you didn. Addiction. You know you know, you're, not call it when you misplaced decade, so I'm misplaced than that of the eighties eighties were gone. I found out later the Reagan was president: while we are getting actuary, you're joking, but but by to those years are probably the most important years of my life. It may now be. Can I use them, use them to help them deal with other people, recognising their own addiction and the fact that there is hope for the hopeless, but also The perspective that it gives me are on time and and how quickly it goes by and how to use it, how to use it really lovingly. You know it's all about. Ultimately it
as corneas. It sounds it. It is all about love and service, it's all about love and service, and if you can do it and some really great magic trick of you can do what you love and be of service to the world. I mean, if you can do what you love and be of service to the world that That is an amazing feat to pelagic tackling yeah. Well, my it's funny said having my dad my dad who died last year. He said the same thing. You said where he just misplaced his thirties, because you know he was right. He misplaces thirties. Just because Zero, he was in the pits of despair, and so he distorted drank his way through thirties and you know, but he had a really good. Spectrum honour because he said I don't. I don't like regret, because I had changed any one thing about my life. I wouldn't be here with you now yeah and He was really good it
sort of doing the main to this sort of mental maintenance on, like you know, that's what I had to go through to get to this point, and so it will. Ultimately, it was worth it yeah exactly an end and the parts it looked the most negative at the moment that their happening sometimes turn out to be a gift, and I think actually colleagues. You bought this once before, what I'm totally that. No as a gift and are in a world that there is no other navigational knowledge, and if I don't get something that I really want it I mean it's like you know, classic exam, I went to work. I would that was so rode a couple years. I was kind of away from music, I lost touch with the music and I will send it was hard to do a movie and in New Zealand called the frightened nurse. Oh yeah, I'm a great, and we know why don't I advised me exactly Michael J Fox Rate move great Ogilvy, so they hire me to play that. Should the John asked unroll so Oh my god. They want to John, as somebody couldn't get it. So they call me- and I want to get in the port they book the book to play
it gets in all of this couple years. Sobered the time and it so. I am really really excited about this, because I'm your I started out as an actor. I love acting as a chance to act again, allow its great living man. I got a phone call, you know John Adams Schedule chain. he is able to do it, and I dont think that I, like a bull in a game, a harvest God she just stop when a number for a second bets about how long, I felt any disappointment, because I felt a mediately, and this was totally new for me because I could do for me for a decade in Miami. thought was what's coming: what there's some there's a reason for me to go to New Zealand. What is it the next day I got a phone, from an organization called an essay. I Nashville Songwriters Association, international issue. We live. to come to that show we're going to honor you to think old, tin, PAN South. Now I used to be at that point the songwriter. I was a used to be songwriter. I go to Nashville,
and there's someone water and I meet the people down there. They make me feel safe, big point right there there. We feel safe, they respect me, I'd start get. This like I could maybe do this. I meet a guy named John Bellinger. We, download down Rhoda Sancho you're gone is was a number one record for diamond real. All of a sudden, I'm in love with music, again and in a whole new way, I'm sitting down at her at a kitchen table. guy that I never met before. Tell him the truth about what I feel listening to his truths, collaborating fashion that I'd never collaborated before, because my collaboration with or even the most successful at their hard. something that was eager, driven and but sit down with somebody just go. You tell me used come on Chris. You tell me your mistake I'll. Tell you mine in would be willing to bet that you and I sitting a right now could write a song and it would if unaware, good it would be, but it would have flavour of honesty, that people would respond to an that's ultimately what people
That's the sort of ingredient acts in something and not just music, but in committee or in anything worse there just some little authentic nugget of you can tell when some ones real and when their faking it and when you, when you do identified that one thing you it's in there That is the reason. The reason that the dishonest successful is now because I'm so different, and I right when I write something unique indifferent, but what we have in common is like it. For me, there is great safety at the centre of the herd. You know it's like safety at the centre of the herd. When I write about you know, I'm just not educated enough to write really bring. You know I mean I tried the morbid more intellectual. I gotta my writing the further away. I got from what I felt in the list. as for the size were, but when I just stay Paulie
all right, we know what scares me oh or what I need or what I long for a usually ouch mommy songs. I've always call them codependent anthems. A pick me up and love may mean I am nothing without you, songs when I can write honestly, no matter how am and without without fear they haven't been laughed at without fear being Did you see this issue? I am right now, I'm rule scared, a which should pick me up on all may somebody others go Amboina how it feels to be that scared. Maybe you do that dared now or maybe they had been that way before, maybe they're seen they look into their kids go boy, and I know how my kid feels cause I hear that song, then then, by being the same, we have we have spotlighted some of the elegance of human spirit. Will it's hard to refer? wow. So to say a few things are faith that number one not everyone would have gotten passed over four zero. This movie ever was the MECCA right foreigners we Aberdeen Angus ends.
And immediately said. Oh what's coming next, they would have been crushed would have taken a while for them with light is, as always happens to me, because it should build the story. You live the story that you build in your head. If you do the this always happens to me and then you start looking for other things to build that case, then you do manifest that Ria, absolutely and you use yet. You just said in in like two sentences. What is essentially my spiritual philosophy is the thought thoughts. Your thing but we dwell on, we create, as a man think have been his heart. If I sit and go well one more time, as you just said of all more time, I'd, never you! What I want that, prayer. I never get what I want you putting that out into the universe you re, open to core create that. But if you go through in the way you get, please we go through a Sunday. Wonderful must become it. Is you have to screw up just right to sleep for about it?
you have to wake up in your own spittle we're gonna go in! Oh my god! Now what have I done or be so messed up? You don't even realize your messed up, yeah yeah. That was the great thing about the one of the great for me anyway about about the movie He was still alive is because it off May a chance to look at myself mean there's food in that movie of me just so many steps, arrogant shallow vapid, little person hosting Merv Griffin, so full of himself They can't even see the world around him and informative that kind of arrogance and and grandiose city and ego is a huge lifeless- and you know, Sir, where one I'm not sure where I was headed with this, except the that that out of that that, Feeling of oh, my god, I screwed up again law is is theirs about that. That is ultimately, what sort of legged for its it's the opposite! A constructive it it's a destructive behavior but though he said before. That is its a longer process. Everybody has their own process.
get to grieve universe If it takes you six months to grieve over something, I think that that, That's where you are in your life right now, but hopefully you could advance place where you go. You know what they're there's the that happened. There's this something better calming the as yet the note. The number two thing that I that makes that makes me think is It's something I heard once I heard someone say once that damn no matter what you think about yourself. You're right, you owe me love that yeah yeah. I know what you think. If you think you, if you think she'd he thinks about yourself. Well then, you're gonna Manifesta you're right we having positive things, are you think, like you like my small amount to prove you become ass. I am I am I a righteous. You know yeah absolute, because I think I think your I think your brain is essentially a machine that is like an assistance- and I think a lot of people feel ruled by their brain, but I think it sort of an assistant. So if you say like-
guy sucking everything's bullshit, then your brain go out and then go. Look, oh here here more examples of that here. I'm trying to arrive here. I guess what I got just like you said it is. Usually I thought you said you suck it everyday guess what I got your Christmas, a basketball so the gazed. Then I could take the basketball ago, all the court and proved myself that I get everything also it so it's figuring out a way to change the and more. I think most people don't realize that you can change the dialogue with yourself and you can start asking better questions when when bad things happen like, like you just said, you know why over this is good. What could be around the corner? You don't think there's something there in. What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this we're and Anne and that's and that's it on process every hazard as your own, their own road to that that clarity, but Eve it's starting to ask better questions, I think is the the first I mean I think
you know, even though it might, you might not feel like all my life has been dramatically altered overnight. You do sort of first feel that ha wait. Maybe that maybe I have some control over this and then incrementally you know a few months. It then that's when it starts and beyond that the I did things and in in my thirty's that word ignored by the world that, though it could have been very quickly labelled a failure which it now I had twenty forty over his head as an example in nineteen, seventy four I made a movie called found with a pair of course found with a paradise which was totally made. It was a huge flop in this country. we're. Only two cities in the world word had any real success when a pig, in Canada, in Paris, France, okay, so let's ride it offers. Failure on your own. Maybe you could do that All of a sudden I like in, were I'm in Mexico and a sixteen year old boy comes out to me with it with an added at a concert with an album Furthermore, the Paradise sound dragon ass. We decided, I sign it. Evidently,
was nice too, and we had conversation. I don't remember they the moment. I remember that I remember that the signing of the no, I think I remember of actual remember, but this law fourteen sixteen or whatever to this guy was. Well, I know the guy is now because I'm writing a musical based on pans, labyrinth, Winona GM gear modelled on the work they have done with with death, blog is totally related to did them scene but the Paradise twenty times and Goin Euro in deciding the driven reach out to this. This, seventeen year old, songwriter to get involved and in an elm call random access. Memories so what is the western and that it is, is in the lead, for me, as is being very careful about what you to label of failure in your life, be very careful about about, puts joint some in the in the round file as as as garbage, because you may find
It is the headwaters of a relationship that you can't even imagine that is coming in your future. Willow. Oh it's just not as black and white as this is a failure, and that's not a failure like a few. Even if even if some flaps, you miss something or you completely mess something up. Still, I mean so right to be bombed about things for a couple I think it's ok, like you kind of mourn, the lofty having that you cared about. We, then you can go back through parasitically and sort of figure out dissect. You know what peace this can still use, maybe it's not all a complete loss. Can I reappropriate this to something else or orally? At least what what'd? I do. The lesson that I learned from spreading as long as people as long as you, experience, some type of growth. no matter what happens, then you can almost be from one point of view. Kind double
proof in that way, and in the other element where we ve talked about his magic, we're him the other than we have been talking about this mysterious amazing energy. The European I've used electricity, my entire life. I don't have a clue about how it works, I mean, and when I was alcoholic and were drinking alcohol again, you ask me how something worked. I would tell you if I didn't or not you know now be in the middle of explaining I'll leave. Somebody says how the jet engine works. Are we about three sentences into it? When I start myself ago, I have no idea What are you talking about you and you know you little bastard, you don't know anything about it, but I use I use electricity and I dont know how it works. There is an element in the universe, there's something in the universe. Did that becoming more and more and more obvious to me. That is up major part of our lives, I'll, give you an example, and it's you as recently as yesterday, you know why have of gratitude and trust dot com. Then the website retracing ironic, blogging billion
issue for a book when a good but comes on September, see yesterday and day before yesterday I sit down. I write a blog about somebody. Just sent me a picture of that they took me in the middle of a crash at work is going when I was reason to celebrate Grand Prix, eight Aris, you know a bunch in the in the early eighties laid seventies. So badly somebody semi. This picture me with a car up on its no is that everything is now I've got one half on the side, because I raised under the number one half hearted edits gathers this victory and it's like I'm just absolutely out of control going through offence of practically upside down of the great picture, and I thought there they network with the competitive. Does figures. I wrote a blog which has imposed it yet, but about a blog is the day before yesterday credible, about the competitive spirit that you know the one I'm right and take some viewed from somebody else. It doesn't really work for me. About. You know I did it at any rate, but I also talked about, but
I've learned about myself and how I'd probably really loved a race against time and, as you know, because I'm now sober and I have acquired. Soul and an I of clarity, I think I'd be better whatever blah blah blah. I checked my email that this morning and yesterday less I got an email from the lobby will run along these Grand Prix. Ask me if I like to come and raise again now this is this was was day after I wrote a blog that has not been posted yet and so the minutes. I would get worse sure there's some sort of a coming, occasion on some level of that that is going on. That is just pure mystery on, for I I can't what I've gotta be in New York and you see the times of the reasonable, but maybe I'll be able to do a next year, but what excited to me than the race to the possibility of getting back in the bed that raising suit. When I'm not, forty pounds. Overweight Lego has yet is the fact that I could think of something and end
This magical, mysterious little process takes place work I do if I sense that before it came in or right the blog created the opportunity, I'll never know, but it, but it fastened yeah or you, or there was just some type of energy in the magneto sphere that today, that aim both picked but at the same time I don't know because I've I've had you know, as I do I like to think that something sciency behind it, that we just don't yet understand of just being. You know, all essentially vibrating molecules as part of the same system that there's just something just wraps the forth and so on. So like the same thing happened. Somebody nano particles it when you get there, there's nothing there. This is proof that they have been there event it out. It is worrying that I know, but it's you know, but there's yes, there's something, quantum about so you know when I started when I said did the whole noticed everything. It was just kind of
This moment rice, and I really I think I You should only pursue things that actually care about that revolve around these things, that are, that I'm passionate about and what its greatest passion what's migrated, passion. I think comedy brother, I would say you know like just I hate to say like while making people for me this is perfect, but it just is performing internationally interrelated. Keep gonna work, as you are a grave. No, no, no, no worries! I think it's just it's that sort of communal thing of lake. You know making peace feel ok about things with jokes mean rocky jokes, but still jokes and ended up this feeling like were I'm a big. A I love community, I love the you know it we can all when we can all do this together. I think projects where people come together are better for me anyway, and just sitting alone and like mad as wrote this all by myself, like I just like I like me, things other people, I think the chemistry that you and I would make would be
something totally different than something Katy. I would make like it. It's it's just it's that sort of chemical thing that happens when you mash different entered entities. energies together again and again that mystical thing we're talking about everybody experiences, you're thinking to somebody in the phone rings in its them yeah. You know it's just again and what so, when I decided to do all this stuff within two weeks. I found this this job. I book. Cause I my my eyes were open and I was I marrow down all my options, but the bid gave me a pat like it gave me a focus like a path and then this job opened up at wired. Wired magazine. That was like this is what the thing that I was just talking about here. We have an amazing. I can't believe how did this happen? I just you know where you are told the universe what you wanted you put in your order. I didn't know you putting your order and and I think we want with our thoughts on a daily basis we put in our order, and it was feeling than that feeling of
I want a million dollars like it was. There was definitely like I just sort of felt some in my body a line and go yet. This is what I this is. What means something to me: it's, like you know when people talk about how they want things or they are. I just want. this successor, this relationship with this money or whatever. I think they don't really think about. Why and I think that an important to ask. Why do we why I want those things? Why want to feel a certain way? What would you want to feel what I want this in this and this oh well, now that I know that these are the things that I need to feel it. I want to feel. Maybe I don't need those things to feel that maybe I can equip. Maybe I already have those things, and I just don't know it yet. Yeah. Yeah, you know it so you did and the already get further way I get from attaching the way I feel up to a place. Where a thing I mean, I drove in over. Here I look up on the hills and I see how so I lived in for thirty years and I sold it after my second marriage one and when I got a divorce, Sola House look editing. Oh my god, you bought that house.
Maybe you love that house. Peter lorry died in your Dan when we ever get to say that they want a maze. You now Orson Welles lived there used to get junk mail frauds and what I actually had a record Orson Welles. I had no great enables repenting over a great store. I had dinner with Orson Welles once amateur tonight show he was. He was a host of this nature and he requests these guess at night it was George Goble, flip Wilson and myself to other phenomena Our committee is a really interesting interested combination of working people that I look up. Thirty two may now birthright dinner afterward and I said you know I live in a place where you used to live about on Franklin. Eighty five, forty five Franklin, I said yes, I said it was what thirty years ago whatever the time you know, but I will always remembered. I shall tell you why I just moved in but he's a run of the house from from diving was owned by Sidney taller. They gave them the play the original Charlie chance on it readily george
Susie. I rented at just moved into it. He said I went to and what had to go to or to test of ivory friend. Who is it? Who is a liar and a thief? So I was a character witness for friend of mine is I went into the court, is, and I went up on the stand, the judge is: please, you state your name, you in your address eyes, and my name is Orson Welles, I'm a writer and director and an actor, and I live it, and I could number they address. So I made one up. I said for twenty nine kings rotting, hammers done what work and its it as soon as I said, the word that that the address that I totally made up, I remembered eighty five, forty five frankly and I thought ok at some point. There's gonna be a knock on the door and somebody will say there is no something kings. Rotting am you're under arrest for line on the stand, zero remembered it his entire life it a bit, but I look back to the point of dry.
Applause Vienna going. I look upon the holy see that house, where I had these amazing memories of my children. I have no connection. Is that all of of ownership or lost? not mine anymore, and it amazes me because I'm a sentimental guy. Why am I all of a sudden what Hawaii have I lost this feeling. tat meant to things. When did that when and how did that happen a wide voyage, a place you known just now they important to me anymore. I mean I Where I live, I learn. I love my wife and I love the life. I have you don't know, but I for some real there is a kind of maybe it's a progressive. Disconnected knows that prepares for goodbye, you know, but you know which is hopefully near thirty years away. Who knows when I mean I'm pretty optimistic, but I'm seventy three but some level I find myself being
able to love things without possessing them in a greater and greater fashion? Why don't attached that? I mean I like I like things, things are fun, but I think that's really! Weird instruments, like other final message, has been brought you by the Bali Lama were either. I will really pretty snazzy car and I like it because it's a pretty car, but I dont really, you know someone like my girlfriends get out of a car and she kind of me. You know God: scrapes the door of the currently over got him, so they are coming and give a shit a car like getting a bit bade. The car doesn't matter that it should just be here to be fun, and yet you know it's and I think it's process. It's like. We evolve into things and all you know, but you know my my oh, my instagram accounting, at Polly Lama to or his joys Polly Lama to in and it's it's kind of in a joke my friends and I am I in the parlour Lama, all of a sudden. I'm you know, how do you get to be a spiritual giant? Will you you know,
wake up enough mornings in IRAN, not knowing who you are or were you are or who that prison is next year you instead coming to one morning you wake up, and then you have twenty four, almost four years of a life of absolute gratitude. You begin become the Bali long. Isn't it nice to know that you can just put up one Instagram picture, and if someone could connect with that's or you could say, you could just send something you could bread a blog or something, and then one person it could not only change the course of their life, but then the sort of the pyramid, the hither hither charitable pyramid scheme happen of like well, then that guy take something from that and in that effective tat really is like it's it's it's such a leg. It it's a legacy that, unfortunately, you probably won't ever gets. You won't get to see most of it, but you can't it's kind of nice to know that something like
is there. I mean, I think the real measure of a person is just sort of halo, effective their lives. They affected when their when they're gone. I think that's that's what you leave behind. Not like. I mean it's nice to have stuff, it's fun, to look ahead, look at glasses and go. This was this my dad had, but just to know like all these lives were affected by actions at that person. Had, I think, that's where you That that's the legacy that people should focus on. I remember, I remember, being relied about three days- sober youngest in a just out of the hospital lad, rehab and all in driving down the street in having this intense gratitude for ever for what I was feeling- and I remember looking at a billion, there was painted a really horrible shade of green and for some reason I thought I thought about the painter get
the phone call. I dare say you, would you come and work in they gotTa John. Turning to his wife and say you know, Annie, I got the job I'm going to we're. Gonna pay their lives as we debate the building on another fountain. You know so he goes worryin would have felt. Let me to forget about the bag. Color there's somebody Jos, but somebody got the job do that and how it felt. Go. I'm gonna bring home food, my my my kids with with their working lives in that. If, each Chevy Chace it you can fly some amazing beauty in in every every direction you lookin, you know I mean I disgusting subjects of those I made myself said, I'm so positive, I just devil. Then I have to slap myself well know it's. I feel that way too, because I am a very excite. I give very excited about things pretty pretty easily, but it, but I think it's important to realize, he would even have just the lesson behind that is like they. Just up and take a minute in appreciate something for a second year: it will change
day to do that. Just to take me no a minute out of your day to disturbing go hey, you know what That's a really nice thing, or I feel this or I'm in this moment right now- and this is really nice, it will literally chain your day, even if you're having completely shitty day just that moments can change it. Which will in turn change other people's days in its yet, and I just feel like people forget that you can do that, because caught up in busy, and you turn you know what you're turning a new page in Germany, we're all gonna start in radio. This zero, this some seventy zero we're starting. Right now. Metaphor: up in the morning, and I have a grumpy moment whatever and I usually don't love the since there's the chances of media. That's a huge porter recovery that's why we say one day at a time. You know you wake up you. Alright, this is a clean slate. Go out there and fill it with something wonderful, yeah yeah. I think. First of all, I don't care if people think it's to soccer as I know, that the people who work sort of ready to hear it the right way will appreciate it and I always tell em. I have conversations my girlfriends album with MIKE Mike
I have these conversations with my girlfriend, headed in Spain, which is criticized life passing before his eyes, all the girlfriends that I have of the many girlfriends that I have all the girls use about love. No one is red. There's going to remember that last remark updated to girls in ten years, but it but something like when we go out of town- and you know like we're, not we'll take care. Ourselves as well. We don't need we each crappy and we don't resize ago, and in and she'll Oh man, it's just all that. You know all that time. I was taking care of myself a Cummins ruin it go, it's that, because, when you get home just my back to carry yourself again I'll take care of this way. Doesn't bother me go I'll. Just you know and threw it a week. S field normal again, it's fine anything's Janni moment any any. Second, you have to make a decision is, meant that you an opportunity you can have to change your life so too
Jackson the woman. I'm writing this, though the book with to render Nike shore we bought Nike fuel bans. You know what they are. I do you. I had a few band which, like we're out, I waded through your band and itself solely discussing because I've become now addicted to Wyndham over on my wrists. You know so I go fuel it's so month in six hundred and thirty one. My days, my fuel setting is three thousands yo. I know that I could probably make my my goal again today how right now, if you only it's only twelve fifty, I know, but it's hot. You know it's like you, you, like we like and points in things to measure, and you know it and three thousand. You're pretty active for the day. If you get a thousand eight at anyone, it does a little goal thing in all the agri score point. If you like thirty five to four thousand, I know I gotta get some surplus points today and it ended. Zero sits at midnight back to its values, zero yeah. But you are U S.
exercise every morning area around two miles this morning, and I got two bit around one in the morning to woke up seven and ran two miles. Everything call nine one, one it's but the descent. Things. You know that you are currently when you're back in New York you're running during this time of year, which is like a just a record winter horrible nets. You saw the picture I thought I saw you. I saw that I follow your twitter, you I see, I see that it is I just see this this bundle It almost look like a tuscan raider from star wars with his leg. You exactly your eyes poking out from all these clothes I dont band of I fell down. I couldn't get a got so many because I dont ended, but I'm I'm in New York allowed France Cabinets United is Jim, it suits are a hundred years adversary. So so what we're doing? lot. I'm spend a lot of time on aeroplanes and and love in my love in my life. Let me in my life, the Americans incited composer, artisan publishers, authors and Co. Authors
as we are we had to get rid of. That was that we had orisons. Therefore well, but they kept. indeed, if I had all their their regime using it, we couldn't keep track of it. So it's a height, so ASCAP Wireless gets a hundred years a hundred years old, yet nineteen fourteen- that's amazing, a hundred years You know what we're almost almost five hundred thousand members here. Are. These people cranking Labor of love, it's a neighbour of love, but it's like I say it's still a labour, and so it s cap has been pretty food on the table for my kids and get in the car to take my daughter to school fertile firm since nineteen. Seventy two for me. Well, so and what might the big messages to the people of music? We love that you get the music and we wise want you to get the music for, though the most reasonable price and free, if you can get it for free, but the people to bring it to the people. So advertising I on the radio stuff like that. They need to give some of that money it if they get for advertising and send it to the people that are writing in creating the music. That's what has kept as we were almost five and
thousand small businessmen. I always said the metaphorically I'm the perfect present, whereas get. Why may small businessmen- and I and you know when we we licence, blanket licence at all, every genre music. You know from from from every Berlin to beyond, say too and every genre urban Latin huge latin mark and all these great music and people get to enjoy it. Let me ask you this about something that you said earlier has been seeking. In my mind, which is You know, I'm writing music. It's of expressing that honest moments, you know what someone's feelings being his honest as possible. That's not always easy to translate things from your heart, like onto paper like how how do you It's it's the same, prefer any of the arts, not not just music, you at any painting and cavity in writing and whatever its Howdy
knocked down the walls between like that sort of pure. And then deliver it. in a way that is accessible and relate above without being on the nose and preachy like it's a sort of? How do you get? How do you get those blockades out of the way you know I try I am conscious more more, I mean if, if what I'm writing writing, I dont think about what I'm gonna write consciously as much as I used to- I don't know I don't if, if fuck em ass right, a song about a specific subject, weathers for a movie or whatever I dont see the stare out for two days until something happens, I look at it absorbs the information. This is what I need to write about, and then I don't know I don't think about it. For a couple days I sit down and it flows out of me. You know most people have had better Freeze of trying to remember somebody name and they go we're in a movie naval can't wait a minute. What is the name of this movie? I know this for no this movie, where, for my favorite movies words name, would end or what's new sounds, are, God would discourage? We cannot remember you
about some mouse and it pops into your brain in the consciousness, and so while you were thinking about something else, and all the little Weena filing people back there we're going. cards the manage to come up with this information. I think that our unconscious suspected I think, we're much more powerful than we realize I try to do is not stand on the hose. I'd try to not get in the way of the floor whatever created source, brings these ideas in order that they do. You know I mean I have. I have a dynamic, I'm a craftsman I put my name the songs when I write them, but I'll tell you sometimes. Sometimes they come in a flawed that that just amazes me I don't know. If I told you the last time I was here the story about riding the song for the Muppet Christmas Carol, the story about Scrooge. Did I tell you that I think so You see his of Americans have hope it's interesting. It adds a fair example what I was talking about when I was maybe a couple years sober. I was hired to write the songs for them up and Christmas Carol.
great piece of of literature for me to be writing about, even if it was read so on and gonzo on all those guys, because, the story of screwed somebody has had a spiritual awakening. I just have a spiritual awakening, so Who is the markets now Disney says we want? the first song to about Scrooge and, over you cease grudges feed as it comes out of the door and submits Michael Kane, Plain Scrooge knees. Walking down this muddy. Muddy road is through the snow eroded, as he goes by these little characters like whichever one on all these in chickens and the people they all seem to get colder as he goes by so I knew that was the first song that I would that I was gonna write. I read the original Dickens novel. I read the screenplay, I know the characters. I know the markets and I d basically what I did was kind of prey a bottle. I went big Amigo. We I call my our power, the bigger me or big Amigo gonna write the song
What screw do you know what it's supposed to be about? Let me know when you have an idea. I picked up a Lawrence block, novel and murder mystery, and I started reading it about three pages into what I, the novel down and I went- Okays walk in at the door. G2 bump, bump, bump bump bump Buddha bump, bump bump bump bump bump one goal when blows it choose. You chose you do the bone, but nothin in nature. The freezes, your heart like years, a billion alone, with that's that some bad. You guys, very good, but paints me within different points. You with indifference, like a lady points with ruse. and the worst of the worse the most hated and cursed the one that we call Scrooge. Oh there goes mister but there goes Mister grim if they gave prize for being mean the winner would be him Chris. I could not- down fast enough, I couldn't write it down fast enough. It came out of me as almost his quickly
in it to you and I and I No, a came out of me and I, and I know that I know that I wrote it in I, and I know that I was part of that process, but I just don't feel like I could put the names on the on on the piece of paper that worked on it. I think there is. This Take your energy and I don't know if it's the generosity of of Harry Elsa then, and all the people that I loved that went before that you're going here change this too, that whatever I don't know I don't know how the process works. It like I say it's like electricity, I'm not sure how it works, but I know the the less the more stay out of the way and the less I can ego is a sea anchor. If I throw up or my you wanna go. I'm writing this damages gonna be good its stocks, but like you. I happened to be again up a part of us of a gifted did, I'm I can be a small part of it. You know, and it s not false model
see that's just me being an absolute are, but the creative process will, I think you can, I think, some people forget that they can ask themselves for things like sometimes, commerce nations with my brain right. Ok, look, ok me! Yet we get there's shit we gotta get through and you just have to focus, but once we get you know like if you can just hold off until you know this day, then we can relax now lot at times. do that I'll get sick on that day owner embodying earlier, but I think our escape, but I think also you know when you try you're trying just like you said, you're trying to write all. I got to find this thing. Why can't I find the singer of a sucks when you get all caught up, but sometimes if you were stop and get a little quiet to say. Look me! No! I just let me fine in my brain, you no brain just just gimme. The answer I need please let me have it or please may have it yes and then, like
said and a couple days later, I don't know something: weird happens in it, just sort of like a little fishery up in your subconscious and in something just comes out. It was time to be perfect. I guess yet, but it is It is strange that I almost feel like in some cases your brain going like hey are you just have to so dearly it. Yet. I ask the other thing that occurs to me. Well, I hate it. Incidentally, I love our conversations. I love our conversation because that number did and see everything. say opens up stuff in my head and all, but what what I'm here, you say that you want me, you knew advanced from from problem the solution and the way you did. you discarded fear if used. If you see stay in fear, nothing gets because fear treats anxiety, anxiety, greed, stench intention grades, then that the lines around the nozzle and pull it all titans down. It's that holds that I keep thinking about standing. I will you let go of the FAO you jump into faith. That's why it's gratitude in trust. For me, I'm grateful for what has happened.
I trust that I'm gonna have what I need in the future, the whether it's an idea. We sat down lose commerce We had no idea what we're gonna talk about. Maybe you had a sensible, but I doubt it. That's why I love doing podcast is because it is essentially it's it's a little the ride for me, because it it's it's. Basically, just wherever we are in the moments ended its that's just how conversations word and as a chance to learn. You know it's chance to learn for me anyway. I sit down here and now again. You saw it surprised, I still get surprised. I mean, I'm surprised it where this conversation, when what we know what we know where, where we want the roads we wandered down. I love it. Well, yeah, it's nice! It is, I think, a lot of people who listen to the broadcasts rots looking for the sake of answers, Alot of Amr, creative types and end, so they
What if they're, not even if you're, not in a creative field, is still there still answers to life that people want to have an you know, I'm not in it's funny, because I I have this kind of faith in that I don't know how to describe it, just sort of them just sort of the scientific energy of the universe, but I wouldn't consider sulphur religious person, but I just too many times I've experienced this thing were I go I decided I want to do this thing and then this answer, but revealed yourself as I started down this path, and I you know I was kind to myself. Instead, hey it's ok for you too. and now and not in a greedy. Like you said you go away like me, I want a million a year. There are take that do its value really like hey, I just this as soon as me, for me and yet you know, I would like to discover this more and then it- and maybe it's maybe those things. Maybe it's that sort of. I don't know what it is where they caught the particular activation says that the part of your brain
makes you notice like if I say to you the color Brown, although you see Brown everywhere, every like those round its its activating. That part of your wherein is to a landscape of things that were already there. But you just didn't use eyes were open, get a rag we gotta clean deserve waited so it it's a nice thing for people to hear and it is really great for people to hear like you know even if you're gone through a rough time- and it feels like this is a forever thing that there are things there are steps that you can take it you're not as much necessarily a victim of the universe. You think you are. You know that the end it ended empowers Yoda they're, just to be guineas of that kind of thought empowers you, so you have to get it. I have told you Goodfire fired euro, my god I got fired where my gonna go to work in assume that you may maybe were released from that last position, so you could find a place. really gonna be able to do something. You love, I mean, I think you know, with I'm sure,
the few exceptions. But if you can look back at all of the major every time you he's got on hired by Robert Simancas or every time like in my case, I lost a job or you know like I've lost, asian or I law. You know something when you look and then you sort of sea like oh yeah, but if I had done nets I dont know Oh, maybe I wouldn't you know like this- is pretty Ok, we're am, and this may be maybe a gift I dont through our I've, look back on things that I thought would have been the best jobs in the world and gone. Oh, my god. I dodged a bullet that would have been there would have been horrible to have. That would have been a terrible path to go down, but I just I didn't see it at the time, because I was too caught up in my own region of sense of. I must have this for some.
Would settle line about more years, is shed for answered, prayers and unanswered. Once that's a great growth. I dont know whose aware maybe may have been Truman capacity and legit. You know these more appears. India's martini steered free into prayers for an answer lions now. So if we talk to all these great brought these great philosophical things that we have experienced but but then you ve met I had dinner with George Global FLIP Wilson in an Orson Welles wig. What was that dinner like what was that dinner like where the dinner was distortion of my left after the show and all? But you know, but I worked with with everybody you just mentioned. You know an end. Did flip Wilson's shown all it just amazing. There's part of me that that that has never stopped being a little boy from bodies in a brass get Pardon me the last night I didn't show with Christophersen and anyone Steve Cropper and Anna Bonnie rate. We did the same for the Grammy Foundation
I'm sorry, I made a minute and I did a movie with Chris years ago we did a stars born together. I was going to ruin the people's two hundred and twelve nervous writing songs for the Streisand yeah, but really nervous, writing songs for Christmas drivers and the guy that road and Sunday morning coming down on me and Bobby Magee and Emmy Dube for the good times I mean, but to this day I walk into a room and I look over and I see Bonnie rate I see Chris Christophersen and pardon me get there's a they dont here some deep inside me goes wow. Look at your life. Look good there's a real writer over their lives. At this I did specific. As I said, the exact same thing, when I was walking into this building, I was like the craziest life that I'm just gonna go up and talk to Paul, a guy that I'm kind of paths with now gay and when I was growing up. If you told me that I would have liked
Oh come on what you're crazy? What do you mean by those who wants to pass it when you said she talked about the energy the to be will bring together the creative process? You talked about you and I were ok. What can we do to get it because we could do I would be willing to bet, you put us in a way and in a cabin for about four days, We'll come up with the funniest idea for a movie ever, I woods, fuckin love to do that, you're on would love to do that. I want to write weird songs. I want just want to write weird songs. Our two with songs dark. Do every move never got the sequel. It deserved. Just appeal anytime. You want to do something together. All you know how to reach me. You have my phone you like, and we are friends at all you gotta do Chris pick up the fire. I would love to do that. Oh my god, I'm so I'm flustered, ok, that I would love to dinner heartbeat in a hard being loved to do that and then you, all men, that's an soldier,
John you're, the Jolly Centres is a brilliant, be a musician and a great friend at all and played with the last I lost so did you want to do? I would love that yeah there were tiny little before you got here, because there's all these guitars in the lower it ASCAP right now, there's always guitars on, though, on the piano- and you say he said Toby ISA. Did your brow Wrote my brother road drift to a given the bead boys and free my soul. I wanna get lost in your rock n roll land drift to a mainly pretty radiance underwrites, a rock and roll out that my kid I keep saved him Are you sure I wasn't in the room when that bridge really says, like Romania will get away from my old bastard Any road and produce did for Toby Gray and then, of course it was a big hit with with uncle cracker. Recently too, you know so yeah good somewhere. He wrote to win. We my love for four,
about really when he writes a song. Make has four syllables in it well Johns here and we talked about when You know when I heard that you're coming back in a town like we gotta, get pull back in the progress. I wonder if he would do a song or two and then, and so they said he's up for what are you? What do you like, and I said I said. Like the rule in the biogas. Rainbow connection gets a lot of love and deservedly so, but I'm going to go back there. Some day is one of my all time, favorite silently said well, that is also Nepal favorites uses shore behind is interesting story because we looked in Kenya Can I in the songs for that, for them up and movie and there's a scene in this rather movie. Where were they all trying to make it to Hollywood all the mob together together on the road to Hollywood and they break down in the middle of the desert and and can't parameters? We like, I have just failed everybody. I have failed everybody.
and he's he's just you know, is lost in and is in his own regret and said, and what am I going to do to help these people but gonzo? Who is a landlocked bird and again we're all landlocked words. I think gonzo is out. looking at the sky in Kenya and I what what is it a light for them? little guy. Who is a landmark bird to look at the heavens like that, John you, our play lower interest that in it Kennedy and I. Kennedy- and I am thinking about this- we're. Imagining. Now look at the sky. This looks familiar vaguely familiar almost stone real needs to defeat
Still, I saw so far away, I'm goin to go back there soon, Sunrise night, sometimes a Skype call. Is that a song there and do what these long there I've now Been there. I know the way to go. soon come and go with me. It's more fun to share both being completely and holy men made fly, walk
like there's, not all France. Just space. Have I found my boys, you can. Just stay Goin to go back I'm going to go back soon
what do you think about the above is is the Guinean I wrote the sun would then went Johannsen because there was no place for the movie any said. No, he said I, I don't think so. I said you know what just listen to it one more time and you listen to it and he said he was quiet for motivate their words all over and then he said what, if we do, a scene and in the future in the fair seen were gonzo buys symbolic. Once and he gets to experience fly helium balloons you boys too many for camellias girlfriend bribe, and so he experienced divine rather than being frightened by it. He loves being up there. So we have something that is tangent.
for the people in the audience, the kids, an agency, the kids in the audience? He never ask me to write for kids, never right down to the audience, but the audience will have there. Was this tangible moment word? We can see gonzo connect with eyes. I've never been there for. I know the way I'm going to go back there. Some day gives funeral. We play that and now and I'll never forget that the moment of him jumping into the creative process. Instead of saying no sane, whose away to do something really special, where people get it would people get it, never go while the potential to be here and watch it happen. This was that moment, my fellow is it ok that I'm here like such a gorgeous gorgon, o n? If, if, if its gorgeous and is a refugee- and you know it.
And I could stand next. You say that it that it is wonderful to what I then do as I do that I have to conduct head upstream and find out what what's the headwaters of that wonderful. What am and they have what is the letter and Jim Hansen? You know it's just because you I'm writing for gonzo, which was this amazing creation of IE and got a veto of of Dave goals and and Jim the opportunity. The Jim gave the fuel work for him to flourish. You know what I wrote: the songs for them up and movie with Kenny Ash right at the first reading. I told german snob all show ya, go home. Surprise you with these as Kenyan are working on the songs, will show them to you to make sure on the right track and Jim said, oh, no, no, that's not necessary or hear them in the ring in the studio when we record them- and I went
gee. I've. Never in my life been given that kind of creative freedom, and it just says about what how much he trusted his choices will that's an amazing place to get too, because it's very it's very hard not to second guess herself, always is thriving again at that level of comfort, but trust of of great trust. Yet gratitude
you're just like. I know that so on Twitter, your! I am the letter I let her em all William at. I am Paul Williams, a twitter for for gratitude dressed his at gratitude. Trust the website is W W W dud gratitude and trust dud com. You know what Tracy Jackson I are doing is is trying to take what the that feeling is experienced about this. This wonderful surprise have been able to stand here and and listened to something and and rather than claimant, tie it down as ours to seal, reflecting back to the all the things you ve been given, that energy is so constructive and so powerful and that were trying to put in the book and what we're trying to put in the work were doing it'll be around than penguin to earn September, and I hope he will respond well to it. It's about its about recognising the gifts. World
and being grateful entrusting the one when the time comes, you'll have which need well. I am more than grateful that we have to stand in talk again, and this was fantastic and we will do were hidden. You're gonna be sorry said that, because that would normally unbowed. What can we do this now ever responsibility, because they all know about it, said, however, accountable to our now accountable serbian about but want to be funded chase it. It will be- and I thank you so much poems. I'm gonna give you half of Europe an admirer of yours, you anywhere. I give to end a loved all of your gear listeners and end. The response has been spectacular in the past. I hope we didn't skirt at this time.
No, I think I beg you to emulate nice job magazine which could enjoy burrito everyone before you. Do me yeah another guy ever got. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my absolute joy.
the ring of cryptography, I'm gonna screw up to screw up the bridge part. I hope this baby differs right here, legally, almost on real, it's just too few here, I'm going to night. Some time is that so and do I belong there.
No, I'm going to go back, soon common go with me- it's more both be completely at home in May, as were flying, walk in this way. We, We don T like this strengthens senator was first up. That was perfect. As now we get to go, there's not for a friend smells like us hard Heaven space Or hair wife Brown, why blaze juice plan.
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