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CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford comes on the show to talk about the process of making video games, how they come up with ideas for games, and how they think the future of video games will unfold! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Launch your dream. Legal zoom, dotcom legalism can provide such services. It your specific direction, or Think about you. Do an attorney, but please note there law firm, don't forget to use the refer, code noticed at legal zoom, dot com? This episode is Randy, pitchfork who is president and one of the co founders of gearbox software, which company, among other things, that made expansion, packs fur half life may brothers. Arms Orleans wanted to and read it. I met when I hosted the dice awards this year, a try to be a super cool guy, and this chat was a black as asymmetry over and essential,
Let me know what having, if I guess- and he was- and so this was the result, but I absolutely love hearing someone who is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also really passionate about about what they make. And you know this is a guy who does what anyone should do witches. He loves something and made a clear out of it, and this was the week before three that we recorded this. So there you know really hook alluded. About the controversy add enough. That's how you talk, but let's just in my head, that's how you talk, and so that's, why was it had happened yet so this recorded May thirty first and then got bunker fuel costs are much people podcasting that were very time sensitive and had to go to front thing so
this is the citizen. I could get it up and I put it up soon as possible and also in a week or two I'll put up LE can Levine, who I just I just love talking to gaining software guys. So here we go. There's pike S number three. Seventy eight with Randy Pitch furred, tag, boner farts, no mean new star com the Bible ready. But how are you, sir, I'm doing great hurry? It's good to see you and I'm glad this actually worked out, because I we chatted aware
the data war is rife and as I come on cause. You're like our eye, one best standardized clay this year it was actually enter DE again get every year of a bummer most went to the guy who put turtle and then also Susan Lucy was nominated again with never want Jerry. Ferrara has a name, sir. I'm sorry, where do you live words? Gearbox I live in Dallas tell you are now slain? Oh, it's a suburb of Dallas stealthily is a collection of a lot of suburbs, its height. I don't think anyone actually lives in cities. There is anyone ever actually been if you actually been to date, could you define Dallas all we know dollars is JFK. Went there never came back right as the one thing they, so we don't go to allay the same way. There's not really Robert Kennedy went here, never came. There is not really a theme here, yeah, it's like it
to try and go, and we all addressing with two points I can remember. I other sector finds the Bermuda Lion yeah, it's right there and everything's. Fine. But ok. You guys are based that yes at attacks of this year, but I lived here- I lived in a way. I let you go to you so I did so. Did I write on whether that I didn't care of anything about like being a bruin? I just you know it's going to school. Here to see I just like people. Sometimes like: U S, people people come to learn, I might do it. I don't care how you see, I'm the exact I care about any talk to this guy he's a trojan. Unlike I'd ever it doesn't make a difference. Girl, you curse is exactly some people got really into it. You go yes, they did because they have nothing else. Else my mom and always say to me like, aren't you going to the game and, unlike which is another I didn't go to a single currency will be like have some pride. I ever knew what gives it a visit
basketball, that is using its football, have some pride Zactly I'll, do have pride, it's just not in cellars, more college basketball Yeah jungle no no. I know that. I know that name good. On wooden centre. Ok! Well, his name named after repeated you graduate together. Now I am not a graduate. I went to the real world before getting a degree so which one New York's Miami thinking What did you study so? I started. I was gonna study law and then my wife, who is my girlfriend at the time, have me realise that that is absolutely not where I should be doing that. I was built to entertain people, so I spent all night a home with my computer and she, Canada, You should probably do something with that and she was right and it worked out of me to where I was I was I was actually performing as a magician at the MAGIC castle. Nowhere wizard so that I made money when I was going to school- and I always like you know entertaining
video games is awesome cause I can make like one thing and reach like zillions, where's like with magic, I can only intervene as the number four that are like in the room with video games like ass enamelled, closer magic. Is this network as a result of such my favorite video games are also, games are like parlour. Magic but also key. Some manage faculties, I'm your mother's there's a lot of US embezzlement of a stretch sleight of hand you for pointing out the obvious. I like that, the job gesture easy. I did a little by little movement methodological. Are you watching is it the only way we are? In fact we watched all three seasons just like we did a marathon back to back before You know that, Saturday or Sunday, whenever there? How do you have time to do that? What with gear by when I'm like Friday evening I come home and like from Friday evening, until Monday morning, I do is sit on my ass in my pajamas
consuming content playing video games like digressing greatest itself that we may it's a weekend, it's time to just relax I'll sit on my eyes and watch things and play with things in man and without is awesome in red, stuff and impossible What are you implying lately do well which perform xbox rippling, let's see been playing, I've played by shock and finish me too. I played playing assassins. Creed three have finished yet some kind of bouncing back and of either reason. I cannot it's weird it. I came to somebody assassins, creed out of assassins, Korea and its need. It's beautiful and it's an amazing setting. I enjoy walking around the streets and going that's correct. That's correct good job! You! Why do they dislike the history? General area, but I loved I loved by the buyer shock was how it was written mailed. It was ass. Well, you it's interesting for me as I I pleaded round.
October or November, can asked me to come up and play through the notes and and it was awesome and then it it's really interest to get that double tat too soon. The final release product right is like and see all the differences in the subtleties and stuff, and there there's a few differences is cool. I talked to him when I was midway through the game and he was like. I was close to the ending, and it goes ok you're either I hate me after again, I think it's a great thing. I've ever seen had I thought the ending I'm gonna give it away. I thought it was fucking front, aloes, brilliant those things have to be mutually exclusive. And to enjoy the ending and also had, but I really actually, I really like the end of it a lot because I really felt like they do time. How is this gun and which is waiting is not just with video but with any medium where they start, throwing These really big concepts during the during that, whatever it is, the aim or the show or the movie, and many times they just don't tied up there. Like that
its chair, you know, but I really feel it. Then they simultaneously tied it up and then they also kind of created this, like I told him, like man. I will note somebody's gonna make like a thousand different biology games like you, ve got it exerts or you can just never make another one again like either either is unacceptable. Can a future but those are the only two features like there can either a thousand Beauchamp I spoke with Lord Unknown ever again, there's no like single sequel possible. Is it? Is it the sort of verve kind of fraternity of developers where you guys all yeah I mean I don't know, I call it a fraternity, there's no official club but yeah there's a lot. There's a there's, a lot of us that have developed. You know a lot of respect, We know each other and some of us have grown up together in this industry right. So we can trust each other like, for example, one like
every single game? I think in the entire last generation that either epic matter that Gearbox Gamble Clifton, I would go back and page others games at each other notes and staff and a week we got a lot of value and I think it was actually ROD Abed. No, it was gonna, whispering and cancer location. We will use it. This is really a lot and we get some good that's out of it, so give it a shot, that's cool! What was your first stir? did you did you grow up playing arcade games, consul games or like did you like tax base playing games, everything that I think it was the tax base pc games? That kind of turn me in again maker Zog had actually be that colossal cave, which was the colossal cave adventure, was like. The inspiration for sore exhort was basically like a clown or a copy of classic gave adventures unless you ve ever played until they get plate glass. Ok, my love the shit you're standing at the end of ads. You note small road in front of it
build red brick building in north, in how rise or build in the same kind of deal, and it's a fantasy? Can the universe and the goal is dead? I've into this dungeon da the treasure and bring it back to the House Animal and what I feel like, and certainly what I feel like Eyes have meant to do and then come and also like, like gave involving and is I'll I'll there there is sort of like I don't know how to how to describe just like it a snarking dirtiness to the all those original like even like the original. Indeed books where they there just a little bit of an acknowledgment to the user like a little bit of Sometimes there is a snarling fourth lawbreaker yeah, exactly in ten per annum, paper form yeah yeah and you sort of that. That's when it sort of spoke to me the most like. Oh, these guys were making this. They are me that you like that kind of stuff, the the deal see that's coming out for borderland too. It's called tiny teens assault on dragons keep and the whole prepared premise
is tiny. Tina is running basically a dandy game. She calls it bunkers. Ambassadors and the carriages were Lancer player. So when you're playing the game shall be like and then a giant again comes and, like you know, just kills everybody at the beginning. I did you can create boss, mother in the first you know another characterised our buildings is ok. Forget it until I bring everybody backs alive. Remove the boss. Months are unlike replies, and now it says, skeleton guy being gonna women, as other thing appears, and the casual selling. I should only be misadventure amenable to swap out in front of you like in others, as one part where you go into this forest and it's like you know she says, like the fantastical forces dissolve dark and dreary is like this doesn't look right. Teenage needs to be like and instantly changes and other issues narrating and playing the dungeon master in the game is changing in real time. Is that it's pretty pretty met, others a whole bunch, it fun we play. With that premise that you are talking about two, the nth agree in this. Well, that's what
because my my girl, my govern, whose a huge as fucking a massive videogame, often is that well she's, actually causewayed his gauge, like she moved dude, I should see, adds send us picture that I will send it around. Who are our fans can issue? Let down the fuckin foam. Robot is crazy out I'll show you I'll show it to you before that really sick with us, but damn you know one of the things that she you know cause she she loved to talk about. The suffragists like please express the here- that what I love about border land was that it sort of brought the kind of an formality too. Looseness with the player? You know where you sort of felt like you, part of it Yanza with the eye. We definitely wink alive and Anthony's amazing at that he's the author of the pen, the lead writer fur portal. Two in his life, you know
Then he birch, he has a show. A website called hey, asked what you plan of you guys are seen, I'm not seeing I'll check it out. It's pretty good. It's a loathing the United did for a while when he was a distress and down it's pretty self aware and it's got all those nodded the eunuch as we did Hence our stupid right, like they're, just like we do somebody silly things that you just can never get away with, but we Excuse it because it's a video game, so he he can a place of a lot of those. Premises in this work in the field and borderline. What that's kind of the M that sort of a job Kay the junker fallacy idea of cartoons. We're like the car, tuned. What can play with it? S like? I, don't take it so seriously. You know sometimes games try to like excuse! the game isms whenever I try to create construction of this is why it's a game ism you know and the like
as is didn't, give a fuck. It actually embraced him amplified or less. Well. Here's the here's where there is a collective scream. I mean the items which, as I have not played borderline thought I and I am- and I could pretend like I did, but I dont girlfriend have replaced, should have an eye wife s, color game. Ever you gotta, be playing together. Will in the end, there was an ok, that's a whole other issue, like that's a whole other thing that do not have time for games with the relationship with the game, with the kind of way you just learn to work together. The thing I had I had quit playing I was like addicted video game- attic phone there so you're returning. Yet like seriously wrong to go too far for innovations are late seventies until about two thousand three ochre, like I was kind of like I'm skipping class. To put you know, I would skip plan, so I could burn through scenario three or I will skip
addition, so I can send you robbed them gta or or wild arms or any those. I loved, like big. Our pleasure games like forty hour games, and so I quit fur like five years, but What happened is with nervous when I started getting busier in Bremen, obviously because lower energy, for you know, we were cut three and we are, and I can't not play games if my word for it, so it was a fun one of the things- and you know two thousand eight for me- was that I got two. I had a reason like well now I have to play again because its work there, I've gotta, go and then so than I ever play again, but with no I done so busy in the last year, a year and a half that you know, I would have maybe just a little bit of time each night to play something and- and I got really just about skier him for a while. I really want to because it such a it was that it was like. Oh here's, an ethical game, isn't it had big? You know, I've put. I play the game for hundreds of hours and exhausted pretty much pretty much every question, so I just didn't
I'm just getting to point now. It's like, like you said I have like a little bit a chunk of free time here, and there are some things are up and running. You are inadequate, like you get in the sky, Romany cancer sample it. You just have to. She got some colleagues so mad at me, especially when she was playing their borderline too, and she was like you king. More on this is the fucking one of the greatest games ever and yourself. You like sky room in your opening, gyre anyone and I'd like borderline. I know, but I just want to really levels initiators of your select shooters like biotech like yeah. It's it's like perfect invaluable. I watch your play and and and and and a game like border lands in Syria to me, because it's funny and because you know of things like butterfly that's funny like boulevards for you have other far too. That's funny, it's one of our proudest moments that worth the boy farts moment. So, when you're, how much of a hand do you have in the due to use to consult
on it that when you have a bunch of games that you guys are making, are you in essence a consultant or do you just sort focusing on one thing: it depends on the game. I'm part of it. A group of people that are driving in conceiving everything, so I'm attended to be part of the day, floor of of everything that we do. I mean, since the nature of my position and I started in this industry is a programmer and then I became a designer. So I'm a craftsman like a got in the industry to build game. So I'm always there's always like all tend to pick up a task or to that I'm actually in the critical path on on everything we do, but that that's There are in others to intervene my studio, Anderson and crime, talent. So you know there's a whole lot of folks that make what we do and and and everyone's especially the game like border land, which is forts creativity,
from every direction. Right. You know some designer will have some crazy idea, like dude run with that, make make that happen and realise that in our airspace and in everybody can has learned what works and what does it so it there doesn't have to be. A lot of you know totalitarian oversight for consistency, it's it's it's a game with perfect, for you know going while If so it it's, it's. Everything in there as it is, is a consequence of of other team thing. Like the Bonaparte's thing like there was a White board of got any the thing I know I'm just board of all these random stupid things when people started calling out dumb shit in Bonaparte's, one of them, so that is owed, Anthony and and Paul and and the designers made a quest out of naming one of the monsters and going through all the different different name. Including we're gonna name, that monster Bonaparte's If you have a plan to yourself it's, you know them to sing the word Bonaparte's and that alone is gonna, have to carry the joke, but also by many people
where the Games Vizir reserves, but that's definitely americana moment. There's this character, Sir Hammer Lock is kind of like you know, in others, this in a live some kind of explorer Safari kind of guy and his classifying thee the design of fauna on on tender and naming the creatures and he's trying to come up with a name for this thing that ultimately called a bully Hmong him he's going through all these different names and you have to go out and help him with ISM. It's it's. So I watch your play. A lot of NGO karaoke as those I must go, get em unfamiliar within not like tell me about this border land area, and I think you know, and certainly win win She talks about games and you know she's, pretty passionate about heroic, go Video game violence are just like let it it the did. The teamwork aspect chief feels is more valuable than you know, but there's like. Never before it hey. That's just to get
a sure sign. It actually forces people to work together. Those like, like the club aspect is, is really what were you gonna, totally different experience with it? We are. We saw the game under the premise of eighty seven brazilian guns. You know like asshole the reality is weak. We created them on. One level Everyone knows what a gun does right so as it is again design trope it's one of the easiest tools in the universe Ray you gotta put a gun, somebody's hands. I point something pull the trigger, and now I understand the game with bright. It's simple: you don't have to communicate. Much games that are esoteric are difficult to comprehend or a you know. Yet Ed educate yourself on what the whole premises sometimes lose naughty, and so I think one of the reasons why borderline soaks, thus accept successful and accessible is because it's really clear what was expected beyond though you know it. We we don't really were not really. Glorifying we don't like the glorified violence is for the sake of it. So we created a universe where you're, a good guy. By doing this, like the things
destroying need to go down. They need to be taken care of, because we got like that. The fundamental game, it's basically it's a shooter and roleplaying game right and the rolling game stuff, is collecting loot and levelling up right so to level up, you kill stuff and you get experience. And then you take the shit from the people. You kill some kill things and take their shit. So how do we have vent a universe where, if you killed things and their stuff you're, a good guy it was like. I was a thousand challenge, but if you play it like that's why she is able to defend that because he pleasing did. This is actually not in the context of you're, worried about. If you actually understand it, it's you know it's. Actually, it's gotta get messages and good qualities. I in fact I would go so far as to say, if play border lands, and you understand the concept content and you consume its contexts. You will be a bit more moral person well and just just know that I
make the solemn promise you that I am going to play and- and I will not that you in the six million other evil has not yet not an act that you give a shit, but I won't I will. I will call you afterwards and say I have I'll, tell you something we get me. All the time from people like couples at play: husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends- and there was one couple there was one guy that at like he he met his girlfriend. Playing board lands and they fell, in the game and they happen to live in the same city and they got together and they have been they headed off and they became a thing and then he was gonna proposed let her and we actually such a hit, his laying out effectively. Game came out several months.
We must now this was. This is borderland, can't you gotta, say certain American airlines wondering in two thousand and nine or Europe and America at an ordinance too came out in two thousand twelve in September, and they they had their one year. Anniversary are launch party here yet or in fact we had. We made a little you when you wanted to put up proposing censuses awesome letter and it was really touched us. I send the round of the team, like others disguise to awesome, so we we actually made a little video of claptrap, the character from the video proposing to his girlfriend? He had everybody come over any so now we're gonna play the accepted. Apparently, did these cod sessions, where bunch friends become opening up a borderline together so sets up the Xbox hits it start. Instead, it again starting this thing comes up and she's like what the fuck am I going to the friends you can watch on Youtube, whether principle, you know why and its it was incredible. It was you know. So, like the story is a great. So, like you know
I see that maybe you can become closer were left Chloe. If you you know well, I will, I will read it because it is our. I didn't actually very important to her, because you know four Chloe, you know one of the is that she establish a relationship with her. Father was playing Zelda. Do that author, she she's or you can totally exploit like the daddy. It's time I could have been done with it again, but there are there, but it, but just the idea of using it as a connection, the annual and end. I think- and I see this save your more with game? Designers of, like you said of, when someone when one of your fans reaches out to you. You know you guys, tend to be more than in other me that. I see really interactive because you're in your demographic,
now, though you thought of you see yourself and that guy, like all my guy, absolutely LULU. If I were a fan of a game- and someone did this to me, I would ship my pants, and so I think I feel you guys more than medium! Really, your interactive! In that way. Will we have that opportunity to because of the nature of how we build games? And how are you you know what's in it like I know you do a lot of the movie stuff, but usually there's no action between the film makers and hence about the content after the things in the can rights like there's no real opportunity there, unless he thought of Might you know unanticipated it and then, in the script processor You know and winds cheating at whatever you need to start with what you got worse. We we show things were, advance and people are telling us what they think and then you know we're making making sequels and word and we're making deal c and changing like once. We launch it's not done like the game, keeps changing, ripe, modifying it patching at updating it and adding
do you love the Elsie's like love me an option I'll take it? Yes, that it's an option is great and for some games in a sometimes there's some kinds again we'll make- and you know we're getting away from this, but in a back today we finish unjust, were and we don't ever want to see it again but like when we finish borderline one. We felt we just were bellied getting started like none of us wanted to. Actually, let it go, and so we just the game and there were like lead, listen, keep working and we didn't don't we don't even have a deal. Supplant leaves were making more shit cause here. So fine, I guess there's some value here. Let's start figure how to put this together and we offer to people and it worked in every now and then we'd. We just went nuts with the first game and adds tons of jealousy and and going in game, loudest, actually anticipate that and plan for more investment, more soldier of any concept like oh no one's gonna sell at four million caught. Like did you did you have concept there. When you made it did you even care of people bought at a real like will you know what?
We are proud of what we made and it doesn't you know like it, be great uncle, bought it a little bit about. I mean you know as it as an retain or even of the dream is another: did the metric so like how many people can we reach and to what extent can we gratify em right? It's like Eddie as like. We exist to make people happy incredulous. A part of that metric is how many people can we get to it and we obviously we had a lot of confidence in and belief in her and our bet there. That's that's why we dinner had so much passion, creating it, but certainly budget we had didn't anticipate the result. I greet we What we need to do is much less than what actually ended up happening witches. Seeing right like when you can t results that near three or four. What you have for you don't really care but then, if there are any immediate pressure, like oh shit, now, It comes after it's gotta, be really really good, yeah. Now that that always exists, and it doesn't matter what you do, that the expectations are always so high and it's always impossible job to live up to him. But, like we live in that spacing a we did. All of the expansions for half life yeah right
that would with national railway, and that was given to your buyer versus our first game was half life opposing force? Yet so, like your comes half life and like the substance. Can it really? follow half life. Good luck, like a really follow. Those guys are dead. You know, and we ok risk units addicts used available. Guido Van and we are just so passionate about the content wheel of the universe. This guy's created me. A lot of our friends are up there working on that stuff and it really really wanted to do a good job and it turned out. We happen to make something in that case it everybody really liked. So it was a great start in obit. Times like you know, we put a stupid amount of energy and money and time. Into. Are they aliens game, but it didn't work out as well. A lot of people didn't appreciate that as much as some other things we found, you know. So it's it's tough as an entertainer. You know like some of it in a movie guys, like sometimes you know, like Spielberg
let s get together and they create like Indiana Jones and then other times it get together and they create Indiana Jones in the crystal skull. And then I can happen like what happened you now and then like them, you, those Gilbert, makes linking the illegal you good. It's cool, huh, skill, your turn, George, it's just you my feet. Now. It's gonna do next, awesome billion over gives way want. One gives way bunch of money now is unfolding, has tried to make like a small little personal movie about a family potatoes. How redtail I want a movie about a done deal The movie about the black Squadron of fire Where was his passion project was to make them. We see Sakharov like like now that I'm saying what you are doing is that's a small you'll get. Don't you Jonah thing you want to make like a Juno. I don't care about like India like like Corky Movie, but like just like us, really nice movie about like it. We need to see what he would do with it, and I don't care big or small. Like I want him to make more content right because somewhere in there is the guy that I'm up the star? Yes, rights.
Guy still in there somewhere in those, there was a moment when he was dreaming. In passionate and found awaited, articulate that into entertainment. Am I gonna, I don't know where he is today about. It feels like that. There's like I know that guy's in there somewhere, he's like under that you know: Darth Vader, man, can we just need a crack? Are within the jewels Eliza we need, we need the blue version of Lou version of Lucas, how's, that for us, how is your? How? How is your team? In terms of I mean you, go obviously all have to be accountable to one another, and it is that how you is that with that, where your quality control life causes. But you know, if you start you, not a success, and then you know pretty soon. I think for some people there in this kind of this stratum were where the candidate, no because they they're not really connected- You know I'll tell you that the court it's less about like holding each other accountable in its most. People that I would like. I I feel like I suck like
like all the time and I'm just trying to get better and learn, shed and try to suck a little less the next time, but- and I think most of the people that thrive at this YO generally have that kind of attitude and like theirs like fundamental problem that all artists have right, which is your mind when you ve, when we start to imagine something: it's can amazing imperfect in our head right like when we can think so quickly. We get ideas so fast and their perfect in her mind, and it takes so much time to realise that into something tangible and when we do it all spalls way way short and we feel that rights or everybody is just super harsh on themselves, and we only the flaws and we do know, but we also we ve- had to figure out how to just not not that, kill us, because you can work on something forever. You know if you don't especially anything artistic you, never be done. You can keep tweaking and you'll never reached the thing. That's in your head cause. The thing in your heads is perfect in anything,
actually in the real world, I chinese democracy, every that in the real world, a sort of perfect life at the chinese democracy and- and you know you just gotta, let it go and hope for the best, and I take you Lex. If you didn't get there and apply lessons to the next one, but yeah that that self hate like it's like the artist dilemma we this after well it's hard because you can't just empty What's on your brain? What's in your brain onto a sheet of paper data be ice as easy. It would be so much easier because you're just a lot of times your hand, gayer dexterity, gets in the way that I have. You have done for dexterity counted low, undertake a guys from like Criswell who says Ok, here's the years, my idea for this videogame at the company and then when whose yes, let's make this one hold off on that one way. So who does that so? Ultimately, like I don't like? so we ve got a tuna people and others. I have the good fortune of working with amazing
for people that are way better than me that run circles around me, but gonna be like all other guys. You don't, like Walter, had a two hundred and we know that already got it doesn't know. I work with two goes ahead. What are we want, a genuine like any other jobs as this on of the people at this table, two of your ok I didn't say the third was great: there could be a complete piece of shit but in spite of like, ultimately, usually I'm I'm the guy, like. I ran, like all other concepts like I dont know how to I don't mean to be condescending without and like I know, that's the point, it is so important to start, but but most of the stuff that that I choose to get behind. Most of it Brian, who is one of the only one of the other one of my partners on the owners, the studio and one of the founders of me, like he he'd, he's like this crazy visionary and so will, I hope, be planning
most of the sea and then all like some of the seeds I'll be able to feel like a careful that into this and then like there's a market for that in an immense out I'll, try to rally consensus around that Bali and then and then and then efforts are still happen. Then we started our question from this from when you say. Yes, let's go ahead with this from that aid to release day how long a period of time that depends. Man like half life opposing force, we sat around in my living room talking about the cost. Hey what, if we played from the Alps asylum, where the soldiers instead of in the scientists in and that was just one afternoon and then, like a week later, I'd die, flew up to Seattle and pitched Gabe, and then we had that thing on store shells, eight months after that lousy that's one end of the spectrum and then the other end of the spectrum is like there's thing. That we have been tinkering with, that I've been kicked around and have been play with. It could be
considered projects that have been going on it gearbox. Since nineteen I mean I know it's when there are nothing more than an hour, Well, don't do there. Maybe I don't know, maybe that's that's where it becomes a problem when you feel like. I think we ve got enough. What's announce it alive like that's. The new rule is we're not shit into warlike. Basically alpha with around I pay. You know it's like people won't tell you there not until after a certain amount of time. I want to make sure Lynette about a year and you ve got to stop watching a nose. Britain, handheld rare cases. How can they know, how can they think it's that they have to do? shit. It's happened. I'm actually admissions other tough man, it's like once you once you made up like, for example, the aliens thing the when the deal with done ink was not even dry. We have even written first lent a code yet and second Fox were so excited at the business was done. They made a press release, so any
started working on it, and now the customer can immediately. Imagine how in a gearbox is using the gears origin to make air and ending the clock, starts taking in their brains and that yes and they ve got an intern like I was document earlier at the visions, instant and it's perfect, and it's amazing in its the vision you have for that its impact. The ever and there you know what happened. If everyone autonomy is based, myriads of a great, but when the clock starts taking, then it's you know, then you have like, E3 where people go, I didn't hear you about that thing. They totally dropped the bar, then that is where I started writing their own. Similarly, goddammit just give a fuck. You know very rarely. Three display last year is very good, but they originally limit has already asked the breakthrough, but we're we're not gonna American announce a damn thing until we're pretty far along what one project that you're, like soup, excited about when you started doing at nearly guy. We can't do this. This isn't gonna work at sea we haven't. Had I mean, there's been
out of things that we ve taught tinkering around within a concept phase, but there's really not been a lot of things were really invested in building that we haven't figured out some through their, but out I mean actually borderline is a good example of that we knew from the beginning. I knew from the beginning that the blending the arpeggio elements that we wanted to bring into the FBI S face was a good, was a good mix. It no one had done that before and that the things I love about looting like I play like a game like that. Have you play Diablo yeah, yeah? Ok! So, like dabbler right, you like areas plays a sorceress yeah, you you, you look romantically mouse and in kill. Shit and loot comes out nuclear experiencing level up in its awesome loop right and if you think about the actual skill test, like your your pointing A cursory, an icon and clicking like the skill, dilution and you're out of it, the actual skill to play the game. It's the same skills required to launch the application right. It's like I can play the only difference between desktop
Diablo is the well loot and levelling I'm a double lacking in the child. Any applicant but you're gonna put your finger on a pc, but, like your may, lays automated illegal The things are just sort of in its actually because it so accessible that that is good for so many users. I dont want to criticise the game with its an amazing game with, but but what makes it telling is the is the fact that I'm getting loot I'm making choices about gear, I'm growing my character, I'm exploring I'm discovering things and I'm levelling up and I'm becoming more powerful, all of things there's nothing about any of those things that are mutually exclusive with the loop of issue now the shooters, typically on the exact opposite of the spectrum there most shooters you play. There is no difference between the character of the end of the game and capture the beginning of a game. There. There there's no growth, there's no there's no choice actors, it's really mostly they they compulsion is it's a fun loop, like its feels good to move and aim in the feed back when you pull the trigger, makes an awesome, sound and you see the feedback about another enemy getting head and it is it. Is it just fun in life moment to moment, but it tell
in the long thing you know. Sometimes we make these really should initiatives that are supposed to be. The thing that makes me want to see the next level, but, let's face it, must have pdf schemes have terrible in August, telling him and that isn't enough, and so it's really the moment to moment fun and that those the moment to moment fun of a shooter there's nothing about that. That's mutually exclusive with it like longer range engagement that comes from looting and leveling, and growth and choices, discovery that you find in a loutre. You know our budget game, and so that we knew that. I knew that that was the new that was gonna work. We decide to dig it out complain about design it the thing that we completely fucked up and had no like. We were just told. Her face when we started the game we did. Our direction was realism like if you go by- can you can actually see demos aboard lands when it was like it looked like fucking Our duty like it was like he was trying to be super realistic and it didn't fit it all with the tone or the
what we're going for, and we went like most of the development down that road like this has not been work was actually my partner Brian. That I was talking about earlier said. He decided he was going to solve that problem. Any went the tank and he took a few guys off to the side and they invented this whole new art style, and then they had some inspiration there. Is this really awesome short that was done like some guys out Asia that those key code hunters that has like some. You can feel some of the art and we put it like direct. Easter egg right at the beginning, it again in a pay homage, those guys we Putty strikes Oliver S love that stuff, but he what he did was he teaches turn on its head and basically threw away the realism, shit and created this. You know graphic novel, come to life kind of look, and once that happened like we all were cut loose in the game really became great and I dont know I might have done.
Let us act if we didn't make that coffee dinner trash our original ordered, are designed and go with a new one, and so was that that was sort of genesis of that game was we want to combine these Front styles of game to create so are there any good that. You develop it. It's just like story first. I I really want to tell this this. Your story and then you and then you sort of figure out like what's appropriate, in fact, in fact, to let you in behind the curtain a little bit you can, can you can imagine a game promise I'd, breaking it into these three ideas when his story and other style and the third is design story, isn't like the plaudits like that, premise like who what why, when, like our you space Marine saving worlds from aliens, are you you know a wizard slain dragons are you, you know you yourself solving, puzzles like whenever the there's some narrative there that just a general premise behind that story. Style is look and feel
start direction direction. Its audio direction in design is like the controls like what buttons to oppress and what now what John Resident as far as a game play Leucas where's the camera in a camera and control are a lot of of what the designers and the three things together kind of, if they all work in concert? You have those are the best games or everything kind of feeds into itself, but almost every single time a game is first conceived of. It starts with one of those three points. Some time That's our sun story like I'd like to make a wizard game, or something I or sometimes it's on design like. Wouldn't it be need, if, like in the case of Portland, we blended Fiji Shooter right now started as a design, some of its style Brothers in arms started on style, like we did like these attracted a greedy musing, kind of juxtaposing modern technology with stock What emerged from the nineteen forty is right. One started on it on a style point of view and from there we thought. Okay,. Probably a war game
and then like what war like, we were all over the fuckin place, we're like really civil war like we weren't. We then start with the story of world war. Two we ve actually arrive there after we did some research and learn something about war and the game design was last like okay, now that we know something about this war, while it turns out that these deeds not like what were used to in video games were you know, but they actually there's fire and maneuver in there see no flanking and suppressing and there's all these tactics involved in close combat in and that The thing that was interesting, that we learned when we explain the story aspects was that the guiding we talked to a lot of veterans and almost every time when, like we'd, asked the tough questions like ok do, how do you fuckin shoot another human being or have you your head up and expose yourself to someone else, I'm going to blow your head off so that you can name your gun and actually try to kill someone else like. How do you fucking do that? What is it and what we learned over and over is It was never about like Dutra duty on our country. It was never about like. Oh it's. You know democracy here in our day that the in the moment it was like. I don't want the guy, to me to think of it
or I dont- want to let down the guy next to me, because it's always and that's all the whole brothers in arms concept. Came from its. We learned its all about the brotherhood between soldiers, the fact it you just when there's a guy, that's counting on you, we are counting on him like not. Nobody wants to be the shit out there, so they just put themselves in these extreme situations and do our job and so so that an example where style came first that lead, story and that in the story things we learned led to the design of the technical game play and in a squad combat and lacking in a working with teammates and stuff. Well, it's hard to have I mean just to have that kind of holistic de L caused. Obviously, some people are better at one thing but other game? Looked like shit? Are the cool idea behind his eyes and really, I think, that's one of the superpowers of your box, and I it's probably if I had like there's a lot of things at this point at my studio- that run circles around me and I mean Ahmed O, unlike it, ok just
a programmer today and, unlike up I'm a pretty, I think I'm a pretty good designer, but we ve got some amazing people, there's unbelievable that stuff, but probably my superpowers, this thinking about the nexus of how this together and in a border lenses. An interesting case study because we started the design pitch and we knew like I knew for certain somebody cracks us not holy shit. It's like a work isn't so like our pigeon you're, so addicting and so engaging in spite of the worst. You know game loops men are simpler, mechanic possible. Meanwhile, shooters Donwell urges fondest in the months I knew I was gonna work and we can have invented a story. You know that the premise the set up that allowed for these things, like, like I said earlier, like we had however, the universe where you're a good guy, if you kill people and steal a shit right like so that that was the students story, followed design and in style was like we ve talked about. Not only did it come last, but we missed like we started.
With this realism thing and in and took one of artists to fix. It least you figured it out when you said everybody were changing the way. This looks that already put their heads against the wall, Now it was is the opposite of that cause. I think every I think. For a long time, most of us felt there was little disconnect that we trust the game. Design loop was so good that I think are worked out either way. I think we were afraid actually going non realism, because we know this fundamentally kind of a ceiling with that like in in if you're, trying to about like I want to create a mega property and video games right, there's a ceiling to non realistic. Our direction like you, you just can't like there's no example, you could find of someone doing better than say ten million units of according to traditional box product in a council game with an unrealistic arts down that I think the barbed for Berlin. Finally, in its most important task created a new ceiling, but so that was really scary rights. I think there is like this. We attention, like wow, listen right, but fuck. We don't want it.
I want to bring our ceiling down, you know, but it was she Brian tore off and what he did. Was he? How I? find out about it, like somebody came up to me one day is like today Randy. If you see what Carl's been doing causes when it crawls one of our environment artist using brilliant visual guy, that can build a c. Make it look amazing. I'm like What do you mean, like isn't Carl doing what he's supposed to be doing fake Karlsruhe crack, oh, never mind you might want to talk to Brien's, I went to bring em like what's, gonna do and he's like okay, so anyway, you know that probably even having style. So I think I've got an idea, but I need to cannot prove it. I can't explain I see you in my head and I need some guys that I can kind of work through it with, and I'm kind of just doing that. This can only combat you just commandeered a few people understood it like as a skunk works kind of underground operation like ok. First of all, your awesome for
solve our problems? Secondly, like no one or other producers hate, you cause you randomize process and distinct about shirt. So we made a deal. I guess I like five guys and you have three weeks and he was going to make a demo, and that was the deal that we made and then in three weeks and I was going to make a call like we are going to is going to show something or or sorry, thanks wasting your time, So in our remember, like the third week, they set up the demo and Brian left town like human. You have had. He and his wife they had like all. We got some family thing, you know Minnesota and, like you, I know you like you like lines than ever before I left, I make fun of it, but I think I think it was honest. I think he actually that trip planned well in advance of the demo, but anyway he wasn't there that I would like to make one that he does to re to be there and the other guys are centres and remember going into the going into the room and resist like theirs is the five guys we're just a skunk works guys near with only guys I knew what they were. They haven't had the subtle demo that they built and I'm
came to our thinking like. I have no idea what the fuck they ve been doing, but no matter what it is like. We are. A couple of months from Alpha alpha. It doesn't matter what it is cuz. I know it's it's big and going to be disruptive, and I means I have to shoot in the head and now I'm thinking like Dave and let them go through weeks and not going to be all attached to it? And it's going to hurt your feelings I'm going to quit when I shoot it mad cuz there's no way. I can let this thing happen. It just breaks the EU should have knew. It would be really irresponsible for me to let whatever this is be anything more. Then I was it. I was before even saw what they had show meals, regretting even giving them the three weeks I should I just stopped before it started- is what I was thinking, but in US thing, I guess something about what actually lead to me letting it happened, was better instinct because once the show and I saw like it was pretty awesome representation of of what you see in the final game was a holy fuck. This is like, inside of a graphic novel and I've never felt that
or like I've, never seen that in a video game for- and it was it was, it was astonishing and it was like a cat This like this is so obviously the right thing, and then we had done we, you notice We knew we wanted it so in it. Then we can let the studio start to talk about it because you had to go through the process. Can we do it or not? What will it cost for us to? Do it whence it of or doing, because we basically greatly and restarting in our direction, Can we afford to even make this this move, and so we, the kind of may widen the tab open the kimono, let everybody can understand and go to the process of figure out. If we can do it by the time, we're done with that. The studio feeling was all we have to do this. So wasn't like oh fuck, surprise like this. Do you like Have we have got to find a way out and amazing thing ever and everybody so far, but I had a problem like in India the developer, it's our brand and all that. But you know we the publishing partner that has a lot at stake and learn lessons are like fuck, I gotta go tell you know, I gotta tell them the two kids guys. I gotta tell take to those guys that we're doing this they might,
I agree with her, so so I a demo and I made it had a video made. I think we are, that lady left the video What like PC this assembly erupted and put it on if you want to watch it at school? It's like the prototype minutes, if you, if you Youtube green fields, border lance, catharsis old song that my dad had this album from like the nineteen forty something it was, the brothers forests is an old band and they had a son called green fields, and it was like this are capella. You know like green fields, are gone parched by the sun. You know it's like all. This really cool and so like. I did and it's like 1940s. So it's all scratchy record. So I took the song and I kind of freaked out a little bit cuz. I didn't like that. Is good, but like they did, this weird can a bed and like
Third measure that didn't work side actually remove that and reap. I read made the site. If you listen to the original Londonderry musicians, you know I'm a dick that labour I improved it. I think, but you know it's up to you to decide, but anyone that's on, and I and I am in the couple gas from cinematic steam took some shots ammo and put them together and made this little. The civil scene and and that's what I brought to decay and I'd show up Nevada California to their offices- and I had my usb key with this on their unlike our, as this is gonna, be a shock. But anyway you know, and I took the head. Creative Guyana showed him the video first. I just let him see the video and then and it same thing to his mind that it did Michael. I knew I knew that the creative people in the marketing people were proud going to be easy, and I was just the production. People are now shut, their fuckin paints a prize. I say I can I like subjugated and when a man get out planted seeds with the with all of the more clear
types of the marketing types before I put it in front of the tv guys, and then we all, we had everybody together in one of the conference rooms and we ran the live demo and you know and show them in and what school is before. We showed up yet already done the math on what it was going to take. So we already feel well the production process when other people I grow like we're, like dogs, look check it out, we can do and everybody everybody comes up, and I was one of those guys. Rare examples of the publisher being the team of talent deploring the talent the release date and alert has just doubled. Double time we hadn't announced released a great. So we day that's going back to its mark. That's right. We asked grand I've got a fire where the fuck are you doing. We had a little flexibility there, so it actually and ass, we started to look at what window we should be targeting. There wasn't a lot of great options, and so we found a spot that we were able to head that spot was in October, two thousand nine, and it was
There was a couple of things that were big, overcoming on September like oh, I don't know, halo and now and then there's a couple of things that come out bigger in November. Like oh, I don't call of duty straits, like the others, tiny little windows, squeaking between a halo inequality, game, we're going our little humble little shooter show up with our tiny little, marketing budget, my little development budget and that's with we'd, like that's our only spot turned out that we are able to make that with the plan we had so we mailed it when you're looking at release dates. How far do you want to go between these giant lake released states like? Is it cause? I know with movies having were like, I'm gonna do as we can go next week. If you get well yeah movies altogether, if you go wave a magic wand, the best solution be if those other gives us a new and exert pressure as they create a vacuum, and it's not what it really is. It's not necessarily you can't find a customer. As you know, the reality of entertainment is there's not a portion, of the reality is there's not there's not competition
Sometimes there are six months where there's not a damn thing in the movie theater the you wanna go see then, like you that year, when Harry Potter Movie came out like the same week as Lord of the rings and guess what we see them, both the entertainment industry, tends to expand and contract based on quality the promises. So like the more awesome stuff, Are there the more we're gonna dive into and want to consume it? In some people with limited budgets? They can't consume it all right away, but they're gonna get around to it and that revenue, but there's also, but also provides it with movies, or at least you know, anyone talking about Berlin's visa, Berlin's verses, Hale or call of duty you're talking about like really effective, counter programming in a way it will that, where you go oh, this is taught. This actually is interesting to release it at this time, because it took different than the other two things at around it. That's a rationalization cause the flip side of the entertainment expands and contract based on equality promised the flip side is there's a real limit. There's a limited in other some limitations and resources. For example, if you will
to have posters on the windows of game. Stop there's only You know one set of windows in a game staff, and so whoever's got their poster up that they're, the ones that are gonna, get the inference so like. If you happen to be trying to sell your game when color duty has therefore strap. Sorry colony is given a poster up, you know and they win HALO get the buzzer there's a reason why HALO as in September included November, like the reason why that gap possess above along with other fuckin posters, are cute, like we didn't get posters like reading, like that whole opportunity was mistress, number still gonna fuckin posters. One of Orleans one was like a miracle that those guys I move the needle for every business for retail, for the publishers for every that for the first parties. Only in Microsoft, like we move the needle for everybody else, but in a publishers, I'd like book of leg with is how we can make them less money is that we can reach those people. Is there like a window of like Bob? Ok, there's a big release. We have to do it. We do at least three weeks out
after them. There's there's some sites to it. There is also some art and some trade drafted as well, so that other some sites amene in an old some of it, has to do with Dakota, saying or advise right, like the others, there's only is only so many spot. On television that you can get for videogame content right and if some other games bought up all the spots with the right demographic than you'd does matter how much money you ve got. You can't despots reclaimed riots you know, timing is, is a big part of it when you're looking at different platforms hat? How much did that in form how you design a game. We go if we're gonna have it on and if we're going have it on However, we can have a piece of work, and I haven't, I counsel- or you know, God forbid, there's some sort of a mobile element to this game. How does that inform how you design the game because each platforms going to dictate how you interact with the game and that you says a lot about because I was in the oblong like well. Yours point click, because there
now a lot of Abu Dhabi, throwing them really cute. I'm really. I can't wait to try to have a three on the play station for because I don't like to me, how do I get to me? It's like. I need a mouse never heard of it, so disappointing click that would suck right. So I dont think blizzard do the lizards really good, so that now they're not going to do that can allow exact, so they probably thought of something. And yet I am fascinated probably doing some new you I for her trigger Europe abilities instead of clicking them as on the keyboard or clicking the icons, the reinterpreting something else or using the buttons. He pad and some interesting selection kind away. I don't know, but well all get to experience, and it'll be a great lesson for all of us. You know humble designers and only aspire to be as good as blizzard, but but yeah its multiple form games like on one like on one level. If you remember the dream, like I'm entertainer, how many people can I reach and to what extent can ratify them? So when you think about that first metric, how many people can I reach the more platforms, the better
right. There are some people who don't play station the done on Xbox, where some people, don't you see the Danone, the council and so on. In fact, the crossovers surprisingly low you'd be in the real world. It's an astonishingly low number of action. Have everything. So, unlike you know that a lot of us that make things kind of trick ourselves and you know get confirmation by us, because we have that experience. We think everyone has a right, but in fact another extremely low cross a year because because it yeah because it takes a lot of energy too, your brain over to a bunch of different platforms and use, get really comfortable with one that One choice rather one part of it in another part of their not free, rider now brasiliano. It turns out that you know that, there's a whole lot of people, even in even in a word in America, the wealthiest country in the world, and it turns out most people don't have the fuckin money, it's actually pretty fucked up the way at the way. The batteries that you you can't. You know you can't buy kept by the Xbox with that, with the biggest hard drive and up and a ps3 or peace forces.
Or and also like a crazy alien, where, like a falcon north, when I lost my eyes naming laptop so so we so that part makes us wish to be on as many platforms as possible if we want to entertain others people, but but then it also creates problems, because our differences with platforms. Fortunately, the controller between what we tend to do or Microsoft density are pretty close. They have the same number of inputs, mostly neither subtleties to them, and we have to account for the subtleties. The triggers a really nice to fire. The gun with on the Xbox words actually can a better to fire. The abuse, is. The shoulder button is a trigger. The playstation controller just feels better. That way, and in the end that causes us to invest in things like hey now, there's a there's a place: you can go in the options menu we can put. You can configure everyone, you can sign the buttons. Are we want two so that you can miser controls yourself. Oh, we ve also preset itself. You ve already played, for example, call of duty,
We have like a so called tour of duty and it's like basically the interface or like. If you played here, we have like ring world and high Pickering world. I mean this is gonna, be the grenade button cause that's what it is and hello tens in, and we cannot think that we solve this problem. I had a times, but, but it is, it is difficult and in one of the things that really successors performance differences like this generation, the the Spock's is generally a little more powerful than the Playstation three there. Some couple is of subtle advantages. Has he so it's tends to be as of the lowest common denominator supply station three and meanwhile like that, and of the pc has just extreme, and you know so like, for example, when you look at when you watch a trailer or see demos for upcoming video games that are multi platform, your almost always seen content, that's pc content gap and it's always please! It's a little bit dishonest rikers! If your council customer what you're going to actually see like when you play the big games on the council- and you ve seen this beautiful high definition, every textures high fidelity
furthermore, the trailer whatever you saw and we played on the Xbox or the Playstation three, the texture mightier in other law fidelity materials on the surfaces sometimes are lower resolution mom. And assets in the games could just because the processors Orange powerful, as I am pcs, you know this- This is this. Is it this is a real, a real challenge in like sold. So what you do? You have two options. One is just you know, leverage the fact that yet pcs most powerful and the people that get to play that have a government that amazing experience in and you get to use that experience as your marketing front face right. And or the other choice you can make is well known. The pc. You know, let's go, let's go for platform, parity saward, so everyone seeing the same content. You know em in a week you ve done it all different ways and its there's no way like every like each way we ve tried it. Some youngsters
there's eggs from one stagnant, the computer, segmented, idiotic act as a segment that complaints and nobody else, this segment later, but it sucks if you're in entertainer, because you really just exist to try to make people happy. Yes, I know that exist to try to make people happy and you never can it's like this endless like go personal, I've, never diamond we're just crier selflessly. I love that idea that you think I've never heard, and maybe they all think this purchase. I've never heard and another I've never heard never game designer referred themselves as an entertainer. You know, which is a much more a little bit more about an hour and artistic way of referring to that end, and it is a really that's really That is it is it is in that that's my I'd. That's what I figured out is why I exist. You know it's why you stupid. You know why the theatre in school and why you did comedy and why did why did magic? I just for some reason. I am only happy if I feel like I'm effect.
Other people in a way that makes their life more interesting, are better herb. Can it makes them laugh or feel good or something you're to steal anything like it is less infecting someone else, I'm not doing anything worthwhile and some others just happened to be built. That way, there's a lot of there's a lot of cool things, can do right that there's a lot of ways it a life can be spent in a worthwhile way that helps our species right, like some people figure out how to become doctors and others live longer lives, or some people be company, officers or join the military and help us live safer and more secure lives, or some people become civil engineers and help our roads. Bridges be better and faster, so that we can have more efficient lives. But the what I figured out at some point was all that is cool, but if I remove join happiness from my experience and if we remove joint happiness from all experience than life would be worthless like it's only because of joy and happiness. Let has any meaning at all and and it's when I realized that that I can a decided that the most noble people in the world are those that kind of create happiness enjoy for four
Estimates is no question that we do the most important work camps, love no direction of others. Now imagine the universe! Imagine the world whether no one express any joint happiness like that like why our world is hard to imagine what you give leadership we may get redress is doing a job. Pay is indeed all the alligators other right away did: did valve drop their hardware game controller thing that they were doing what about it today subduing. Did they abandon it. Won't. What what's funny is that's one of those great examples like what's: what's the actual narrative, their valve never really announced anything. There was, Clearly there was some hardware company that they had some kind of interaction with and that hardware company they already made devices that fit in a box that were burning and compact and that hard company. I think kind of exploded that interaction to create this mean that esteem box, theirs,
urban like the steam box product pays. There's never been. Writing bottle press release, there's never been any announcement from valve there. You know their had. Twenty times when vows been looking hardware right that, oh am, I were hiring hardware specialists and who knows what the fuck they're making they can be making glasses. There have been a Google vessels, throwing could be trying to tender and ice anytime vacuumcleaner exactly that, but we like there was, though you know one of the guys did a white paper about that. Can other kind of stuff. So so, but I think what happened was the community can put all this together and just made an expectation that there was never actually promise about? I think that its you know if I had a platform like steam and my platform because of the way it works and dependent upon the pc and independent upon windows- and I know Microsoft a little strange and are doing weird things with windows like what what what's windows eight? What's the future pc going to be either to be something heavy seas are less, is winning
ace- is windows. Aid can be better or worse for in an I'm dependent like I dont. If they just sent suddenly evaporated, I cease to exist right. So if I was living in that world, I would be thinking about hardware I'd be thinking about. Could I maneuver quickly enough where I could exist in the event Microsoft, suddenly evaporates like in and so that that's kind of a natural thing for them to explore, but I think ecosystem such where they don't need, eraser. That right, rent windows is healthy, we're all able to place team there still growing the customer base on steam, so there's no real reason for them to race at dropping their own hardware. They probably flirted with hey, listen nor something you know. Maybe we can put our brand on something because it's cool that the reality is: there's just no no action.
Steam on MAC people like to do that's cool and that's growing investment. I actually encourage more than thirty those games. I blame. I know how much vows made off of our games. I buy, encourage them to invest as much of that as possible and to making the platform bigger better by the way going back soon. You said earlier. I really just have this really this idea to create a Gladys vacuum. Cleaner, tell you, which basically Gladys shaped vacuum cleaner that just sassed you, the entire time. You know like oil, indeed, thinking, there's, probably like four or five doesn't cost nominate. I would like to thank you guys with make the good there as they like Could it be that we have proposed an extra the glad us back in place? We can now he said, Sheridan ruined its ruined, believe it I may get at it. How much of a helmet honour far and how much of how much of a game designing now is is actual coding,
programming verses like having some sort of a shell programmer having some sort of an engine that you can plug things into origin oil company, removing money that that's more. That's more! You no point Clerkenwell about a third of the craftspeople tradesmen and our studio, our programmers. So if by that metric, you know about a third of its programming, but that being said, we build huge amount of scaffold. What we call scaffolding, would you like, sir tools and that the program is actually creating access to what you're really doing? That then for programming is one of the things that makes it possible, for example, to offer Eighty seven bazillion guns, like I don't know what
count is its in its actually in the Guinness Book of records. They have the exact count like we have the world record for most guns: video, that's not with the number of guns that whether we created the number of tools and pieces of equipment and gear is just not possible for human teams to craft that many. So we built software that actually procedurally generates a for us and- and that's pretty me right, like the computers making shit lake arise everywhere no one's gonna severity. Our program, like Billy, regatta, really fritters of Ethiopia, plug the three printer into the borderline. You know this guy, I system in both Skynet Skynet. Not I mean I don't
ever believe the idea that Skynet would start as a defence system. Skynet hey, I don't we really videogame are absolutely here's an engineer. So, let's hear no doubt it, let's let let's give Congress more ammunition to the obvious. Skynet starts as a video game. Certainly, when you do poorer rural from all restrictions or video game and sold, you know that's not as it has not always resolved from November from Massachusetts their round. I put a net overhaul Skype or you gonna. Let video games videogame
you can never drink sweetie on the porch, because there's a net up on the son, I think he's saying we should allow all video games. That's no laying out law, the sun. I've really have having difficulty doing which side you're on your, where I you're all that no one can fire meetings on the sides of the robot get it. Is these Jim Crow laws have to go? Did you live discrimination? That's a new problem. Ten we'd just aren't letting robots in humans Mary, it's dammit! I you know I. I am going to be a social issue of the future, but I have an old. I have a really old tuneup it that I was never able to make it work, but it was all about robot racism. It's like you. Beings are predisposed to too. You know like ethically sanctioning, often groups and in pointing fingers that group and when people more people would point to robots
already sort, almost certain rights or the atom off they like to have it. Oh yeah yeah. I know where, when asthma rules go by the way, so that it sort of that sort of like that that that will be the negative class, it isn't that they're trying to acclimate. You know it's almost it's almost inevitable that we will be able to create intelligence will be able to create consciousness, and it's it's almost inevitable that some some of the consciences wearable, creates and technically will be more advanced and what our own brains are capable and somewhat some might be malicious sets them. We something work, do they didn't have some sort sort of a bat cave or that shit's going? I wish I am, I am resentfully jealous of the people they get to exhort. You know is doing that island years from doing they have such ass himself say he's doing it. Sir Gay, Sergei brain is proof of theirs, like under the entire googling emphasis. The biggest he's got real batcave with insanely, I'm sure That's where the metro, mother brain is God
Oh my getting there right now. You thought those fiction, this there's with theirs, get our. I shot him there's a weird sort of like Quad, People aids is that our pets, every time you, Google, something you make it you'd help it alone yeah that brain you feed that mother brain. But you know I'll tell relation being at every summit someday. I mean it's also almost inevitable that, like all, places. We are not sufficiently progressive as the species like it's on. Inevitable. That will get all pass that right, like all the things that people think her big deals now, oh no Sunday will I'll figure out there. Funds are cool and everybody's differences are cool and then and then it's going to be robots. It's going to be like the non humans, but some of the non humans are going to be really useful and of symbiotic with our species Some of the non humans will that we ve, probably created or might well might might be more effective than we are, and some of them might be eventually will get the capacity itself self replicate, unlike in a hopefully
all for good and hopefully, we all can do without as a species, but it'll be embarrassing if we start to reach those possibilities. Technologically before we figured out how to actually fucking get along as actual humans, ourselves down off its ever gonna had enough. If we can't, if we can't progress enough, you know with the humanity side of it before we get the technology were the synthetic stuff can beat us than than that. Then we might have scan its type issues, because there, the superior synthetic minds we might create will realise that we're just fuckin stupid and might want to do our own good. Although he was around, so they can try to understand, love, and we just. I just invented a new movie plants shit. Let's do it It's interesting idea do how you have any plans to cross over. Or or d or do you just do feel like you know, it is money. That is what happens when they wouldn't get when they announced that the J J firms and gave an worth talking about like developing stuff together, because Q, I talked to him before he was like well,
there, the rat or no, it have to be the right thing in that's. Never in and it's very, I feel it is harder to create a movie from a video game, even more so than a book, because people for such intimate relationship with a video game and a lot of a video game is a mirror for whom their personalities Then how do you represent that in one's very here two hours to our story? So it's it's, probably an obvious thing that a lot of folks from Hollywood have come out us trying to get. You know options for our brain like board lances a great. When can I just have it and there The Herzog about Mary had been a clever and brothers in arms and in fact there was a we get. We actually gave an option to some some folks, a while back for that, and then there was in others Duke Newcomb, and there's been some interest here and there about that in a sense, so that then obviously we kind of thought about that problem. A lot and unlike on one hand like I'll be awesome, have a movie you know, but on the but like
we're doing all right. We don't need it and do not want to risk fuckin up your brain and I'm in no hurry to see a bad movie, maybe another. I gonna help, unlike here's a question name, a good videogame movie I can't ones, are the resident evil on them or not that good there. Members are not bad, but like also, what do they have to do it again? Well, yes, actually, like that, that's a problem right, duchess brandishes branding I'll there recognize that name in it, but I think I think all agree that Superman your brother's, ninety nine Maisie, it's funny that it we're if we know each that stand a kind of that actually good cast. It works both ways, though, if you think about it, because there's never been a really great videogame based on a move like animals, but I beg to differ. Bananas are come. Asylum are not based on a movie it's based on. Well, that's not fair enough when you said you might have had the relevant, I'm gonna go now.
Is again, eighty Does your address was a grand buried all like the latin. A lad come on guys battle, toads. Her turn that I was wrong. You can finally come up with you. I play we worked out that read the comments made by your audience, will help you I played I'd, wait. I played battled, I'm helping a third way battle to be shut down and had a cafe in Chicago. They there's little like videogame cafe where they have. They saw coffee in its efforts to supervise. It's three cafe, but anything just do one thing I know there's a tv in the back and EVA budgeting as they had battle toads replaced like the coin up yet ass, though it were no note. Was there? No, not one of those eight, I dont anyhow any S and tat a blow in the Carter's regulatory yet, well that someone had already done that because it was it was clean, like that's the one thing that all people that ever played with a nintendo like we all have- that is universally other. It's a different.
Like this, is a quick blow like a little decide like harmonic Jonah cup. The balls there's someone, I would guess, go look alike Monica my friend like he actually broke out the key tips in other rubbing alcohol. You relax I'll get in there and then you I'm a friend. Is it works every time and gives a good for a while, but, unlike airlines ignoble, it harms it. Reimer people saying that inflicting can't president air, and there was also like, like a choking. It in to the actual player the others tat for that too, like how you are like almost push it all the way, and then you just gotta push down there is to it
finally made like a new one. The actually insert the cardiac actually foolproof. I should they made that one like still in the nineties tops negate should make a toaster that you put the bread and butter and it doesnt function. Was you blow for he's? Got a gun, Breath Eliza Development, Jonathan, lauded like a dream cast or something to be a toaster, I'm sure. But I wonder, and I want to open the door put my bagel in and then put automation rate toasters, original xbox. It's like exactly your test has to have somebody at all. You can actually India we'll get it. You can bake for potato inserted, do a cropper just like, with a hot dog, less that the G20 process, the you are, so those are looking ahead. Is it exciting when you know when you see PS for Expo my honour or or are you ok goods? Are you guys aren't like Africa
start all over again about oil. That is less likely dream. For this moment we ve been so we ve got to do it, and you know why you David both announced. So like we ve, been able. We ve been fortunate enough to have entrusted by these guys, so we ve been able to play. We ve had some time with the hardware rebel to influence at a bet that manages fact itself How about these guys it's an amazing race took as they both have such amazing devices yup. You know, I think, like a guy, I don't know Mckenna, and I know a little bit about what's going on beyond, with with the announcements, are so make a comment on what PETE, thought about how you ve earned it in their announcements or anything like that, but in terms of the hardware. Like a really, I really liked some aspects of the of the PS for protection in it. That's really that's really. This machine is especially when you contemplate what the press points likely to be it it's bad. And then things at Microsoft, attempting in and what their actual succeeding on with the software and its man. It's I'm thrilled
but the net. But the vet change deal see plans. When you go. Will this isn't? Can we backwards compatible? So does it make sense to continue this one title on this platform that's not the others. There's always there's always idiosyncrasies up with a transition right like the tale of your game on the current platform and one in order to move forward. You put it to the next day and it just keeps supporting it like. I think it's gonna work itself out I mean case especially we know we launched, were launching any any new for products for the current Jan and again so so we ve launched the last of our current GM products and every We ve got and development is for next June. We have some things that were supporting for current JANET, like the BBC, referred, are both from us, the games for for the courage and that still to come
and the reality. As you know, it launch, even if these guys do amazing it lots, will where they really gonna sell to cover, meaning that the peace right at launch rights alike, because, although a million you know machines of Playstation three, an xbox sixty hour at first, I thought, if I can make Botswana, I'm gonna be like going to check the old one like you paying honour that I still have not fuck. I still have my like a see three, eighty palm machine. You know like south I miss Allison nodes can't get rid of your stuff. We're. Hortatives, I'm a digital harder. Is there anything while I was love going too. You know three that it there's always a booth, which is all the old yeah. The video game mighty those whom we would also those guys like vote was a Vulcan arrival. What was them there was. One was basically little terminal was like a black and white backtrack sector has now to my office. You have a veteran, though, that you get the viewer like in my office. I have my wife was like hey: do you gotta get all the buck and old should argue the garage like written out of space and like all right, so I made a museum in my office. I have like all my
levels throughout the ages on display and I've got. I don't have everything, but I've got like most of you're in a television we honour those topographic. Sixteen absolutely is I love that you have. As I was saying, I don't mad. Damn those I have there's like somebody came was like. I don't see an american Mama Fox and American, like Africa, like I have. I have pretty much every major council was launched, there are fortunate. As we sort of winding down. Is there any thing you can hinder, leak out or
tonight. We would want me to tell you something: that's ever been told before I have about, as there is no one's ever done there. I know there s a known the rather nervous about the next generation about our learning saying you know, there's anything find that you want to share a lot of pressure. You know I'm not supposed to do that, like ok, so one thing that the people of his own- this is this is on the simple side. Maybe I'll take a big risk. After do this one, but the yeah, we did a season pass for Borderlands two in the season pass is like a if you buy the season, pass, we're going to be doing for campaign dlcs, and but you only have to let you know you can get all four of them for the price of three by front right, so everyone has an expectation that those does it does. The forty all season, and that's it we're gonna, do we're gonna do some other things. We don't have details yet about exactly like I'm not ready to announce what other things are, but when this next the fourth campaigned Yossi comes out,
called tiny Atinas assault on dragons keep and I think it comes out near the end of June, like June. Twenty. Something without won't be the end of it like we ve got, we ve got more stuff in the hopper that were planning and in getting put excited about. So so, if you are a borderline span, you don't have to be afraid that that's that that's probably less risky. But there has been some confusion. A lot of people have assumed, and we get me male all the time like Can it be a tear its markets is it is a real it's a real bummer when you connect with the game and then its Stan, it's done. We ve with we ve built hobby. You know and its awesome like, like you know, you're talking about Chloe electricity. In my my wife, she did. She is fucking nuts addicted abortion. Two like she's got. She has got fifty nine out of fifty nine achievements on the Xbox version. She's got like two level. Sixty one characters on the pc version. She's got multiple matters that were she's completed the campaign on the ps3 like she
consume the Louis, the tire ferranti here I know right and others. Now she's she's amazing an ambitious, better me, but she I married we automatically already site. Where are they can dream she's. She she ll the game which is at a table guys who are where are going? I don't wanna, hey our there are five both reports, my friend's name- the yes, oh so like gonna wanna, let her down through gotta keep of her that's. You know what that is actually kind of it. It does become that personal, because the p that you care about. You want them to be proud of what you're doing
so it can be a simple is like I don't know, I don't want to let my my lady down I'll, give you something we are building and original ip for. The next generation sometime later for creating an like. We have, obviously we have in a border. And some got brothers in arms or got Duke newcomer. We acquired Homeworld recently answer: of all of those great brands but were rushing creating some new things that there will in readiness for its original ip, which may be out soon, so that will something like forty on November. But you don't ever say that data. That was not me. Those are ready to someone else story now, its November seventeen. I would tell you, wrote down the audio and its clearly you
throw you just have a ghost hunters guys doing about it. I obviously super low frequency. I want to give you more, but I know it's not. It's really my place to know understand your things, especially with respect to the first parties. Yes, of course, matters in yours, I'm Microsoft should have their narrative and Sony should have their nerd. And now it's nice that you said what you said there their great partners and I would never wish to cause any of them any harm by talking about information they ve entrusted us. We can I bid something for a game which I'm sure no one ever does just an element of a game. Just one word, sort of puzzle in a room which is essentially a three times version of minesweeper which basically, where business three dimensional version of minesweeper
where you're in a room and then you have to uncover where all the bombs are by, like you get little clues, that tell you like, with an how many cells can have PS, that you are correct in her mind, kraut instantly. No, it's just one like three chess, which socked right like right. Now, it's just it's just one puzzle: it's not even of a whole game around abuses have just a room in a game like you go in summer. Second, history. You gonna room and, in its mind, sweeper other be fun, but one- make it so like the room has tiles? Is this the last have delayed bells by its breath? Hot newgate minesweeper taught shit man my we played. I have a windows phone. I gotta Windows, eight phone- and I played minesweeper like oh There'S- achievement because it's now an xbox outside the shit out of vague a bug is making fun of minority were now reintegrated. Actually, so I've been exemplary
fine I'll, throw myself under the bus. I should not throw stones let's our at every day, that is going to see a man. I really appreciate you come out and do not allow me to do it. I'm really glad I gotta go usually fortunate. I did something for some. I guess frontier yesterday and then I got a couple of things was really awesome unable to come out and do about when someone has ratified. This is cool when it whenever we perform in Texas. I like tat by show that happens all the time and weeks, and if you aren't access to welcome the combined studio, and now I will give you a warm welcome, slid later into lousy, vibrator visualize, the worst possible out of the text. Yeah leading, noticed dot com, Are you all this episode of unnoticed by cases brought by legal zoom dot com. Whatever your legal document needs, Elysees Wills, trust, trademarks and more. They ve got it over twelve years and two million Americans of use legal zoom. So your business are protect your family today, illegals,
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