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Ray Romano and his friend and touring partner Tom Caltabiano sit down with Chris, Jonah and Matt to talk about their new documentary 95 Miles to Go, their beginnings in comedy and Ray tells the story of where the name "Everybody Loves Raymond" came from! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Whatever the Notice Board guest- hey you guys, so there's no new, also slowly bowling today sees and one ended. Last week we rapid up ten episodes. I with the breaking bad team. We will be back in a few months, so it is coming back because I get to meet those decisions and it's fun. It's like an elegant, alot also, but so in its place, actually have a the Monday show on the nurse channels. Gonna be a show called the realm of large, which is an fucking awesome, show about about a lark, so we're not making fun of it. Like other jerks. Do we are celebrating its cause? It's uh huh. Some people are really sweet. Iran itself a realm of large start soon in the national money. So in so just as a place older today, to put some of Monday I stuck up a video of Matt and Joan, and I when we were driving from Denver to boulder to do a live, podcast and Matt breaks out into song and it's a maze,
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special forty five day free trial, just for noticed listeners click, the tripe free button into the promo code nervous, and then you download a free up in your ipod or your Iphone. That's gonna, my pc! That com try free promo code noticed this episode is re. Romano. I love Re Romano he's a guy that four years I've thought was able to do a really fantastic family oriented stand up in a way that doesn't feel like how its bubble gummy. Like I, I love Re Romano, and we got him on this episode with the guy who has been his touring partner for years and years and years, Tom called Vienna, who also rode on every let's Raymond, and then I guess, bottled ten or eleven years ago. They shot that they just recorded this tour. So right at the height of every loves Raymond fame. They went out and did a tour across the Florida and parts of the south of Amerika
and that the doctor is called ninety five miles to go and it's super fun. So I recommend it and I recommend, but not before you listen to this. I recommend this first. So here is the thing that I'm recommending. I am very biased, because it's my thing so is it all right that I'm biased for my own thing, Katie you're, just nodding! Thank you, everyone Katie, is this weird alter ego that I made up yeah just me and Katie hanging out tonight. Just silence right. You had Katie. Why don't you order the lamp sky's the limit tonight? and here's theirs by gas episode number? Oh, let's say to seventeen with Ray Romano and Tom pulled me out up to nice italian boys nor entering merely star com
so these microphones, you have to get our bottom yeah. No, I won't be similar ground where you have a rustling up. This looks like a weird must exercise trusting each other where you have to share its share. So how are we going to a fight we had to go to court? They said this, and this was this. Is a court ordered two weeks we have delivered on your underwear and your inner? That's what else I am again and again Argentina are recording that we have started.
On hearing this? Is it really? You can hear anything? I hear you. I hear right Edmund annulment I think it might just be one channel and is in other. What is it seriously? Is this the guy had and like this year you know it's operate for everybody s sake that chair, listen it's by order of the court's Tom. I don't know what I'm not. How can I change their authorities scrutiny? I do we want to wish here when we hear fly down is lower than that because times here it might be because terms here, but I don't want him to feel bad, but whatever Tom is welcome. I like that you ve never had more than one year ago we ve done it before we ve done it before then They just kind of crowd around there in white, assumed you done sometimes will take off and unnoticed. Great and then and then take a nap underneath the table. Matt will slowly just gingerly place his, but to just kiss next shoulder while Nick
we're about ethnic, everything's, fine and then and then its aquifer for Butkus, but it's it's really nice to have you here. I am so regulators a thrill to have you on the little podcast, your beggar. I remember, I think, the first time I ever saw you. We talk about our side, what the young comedians vessels and it was the one that you did with, I think, can learn Janine, and NATO and, I think, maybe Bill Bellamy Bilbil Valentine's day recovery was the house yeah. That's did was that, did they split up the whole set year or was that the data just host that one now he he did. The whole house Hell yeah. It was in San Francisco. No, no! No! I was in Arizona remembered everyone, Arizona was it at the can be improved. Was it I'm? Ninety four now I think it was in a theater of some current reserve. Forty, in short, looked like a kind of just actually just draw percent its on HBO go. You can stream all those young maiden specials on each year,
I like I wash it and data comes out just doing pretty much every character, choppin broccoli, discharge, Rockaway does the church, lady that starts with Garth, starts with Garth the worst, Can I tell you why that's a good idea, because his job as the house is to work the audience into a frenzy they when they went apes it so that matters like I'm seventeen years ago. Maybe I'd think bilbil me as a father at the school merit the school my kids go to and he looks exactly the same: and what about these ages dressing the same to shoulder pad he's like it is his skin is is just like is just is just like. Pottery is just beautifully painted, yes and your rapporteur was doing stand our ground and I feel it was not that long after that that he did not do stand up anymore and then just kind of focused on writing me. I didn't see him
of Aberdeen. Why I will our never crossed until then I think I have ever met him to run an engineer graph below and then came here. Of course, I know a pretty good. He was on ramen, he played a character and Raymond. At any rate it wasn't. Nicht APOLLO was oh, I think maybe makes about what was until I isn't. Amazing. People and end up, but I think right around time is when the comedy bubble started to pop a little, because I don't know if there were too many specials after that one. Yeah, I'm probably had ready already comedy boom yeah That was I I don't know. I also did a half hour. That came after that. I think I didn't HBO half hours special now I was like ninety they lost every after, because I remember we were thinking of the year. We are trying to come up with a name for the tv show. When I was filming that when I was in that's the one that was in San Francisco
the half hour and I remember we were stuck on. Everybody loves Raymond further pileup, we had shot the pilot and I think I got picked up and I was so tortured by The name revealers Grammont had I'm right. I remember that's where I my manager was there, and I was. I was just obsessed with it and I was thinking about. I was in the green room whatever and the less Moon Vaz had said Ray come up with a different title. Come up with a better Thailand will test it. Is they loved everybody? the knave detail. So I remember I ve just scribbled on a piece of paper like seven alternate titles- and I remember, walk in my I was in my dressing. Room in my manager was in agreement I just when it agreed when I threw it at my bag and still has the little company- and I- and it has were- has titles like Raymond Tree, what do I mean? I don't know what I like rain:
men do without it. When he met mobility, Tommy you whatever you do, make sure your name is still in the title of because I was so the business reasons. It was very important career reasons: and then three men are all his grab that so Raymond that's Arrayment well, is the one day was one that goes Raymond on. I have about brought a book radio We did a book on areas, Raymond and there's a picture of that. Scribbled. Are you Our drugs, it looks like a mental patient, is just trying to write doesn't angrily like? I will give you another why you title he was so tortured by because we were in a hotel room in Vegas. Remember and what less moonbeam said to him is look re. If it becomes a top ten show, then you can change our no. No, I said: here. I said less and this weekend we know aid. We know anything about the show and I said less and I was kind of just just have
I'm fine with him, but I was say unless there's gonna be a top ten show and I will have to live with it: time for the rest of my life. Just trying to China appeal to him with Uma. Why wasn't gonna be attacked and chose further our, and he said to me Ray if it's a when it topped if its ever adopt and show you can change it to whatever you want and like every year to it was a top down, and I said less about legal, Cancer is now two years, but I didn't raise. Beef was an insecure comedian if the show sucks, which most shows sure terrible so re was like this can be a great show raised like it's probably gonna suck and then every Those Raymond is just such a target for everyone, as we already have enough. Even if a dozen sockets such a thing as regards citizens aged people use, you know or not everybody loves right off. I do a movie or something that no right, that the title came about its supposed. It was a sign
cast a comment that my brother made in real life. My brothers of New York, city, police officer and I was doing stand up at the same time and he would humorously play up leave the the juxtaposition of the two careers. And- and you know, he'd seen a war. I want or whatever or something his leg, Arrayment years. Raymond the working people cheer people, everybody loves Ray. I work and people shoot me and people hate me and spit it Ray Everybody was an got into the script I get into. The first draft of this really was that's the tone that it was meant, but nobody knows that What did they try to credit for that? L, a guy named our yeah yeah, he's? U single he's! It was divorce. He still divorce
and he was gonna dating at the time, and you know he at first he was a little upset, be at the way he was being portrayed because Brad Garrett Brought- You know what you know. He bought this hand, dog, ie or kind of thing to and that's not the way. We wrote it and that's not my brother, a bread. It was me, you know whether it will we will. We were blast that he brought out and lucky, and so he was like my mother's atomic Raymond. Why? Why are you making the brother to be such a goofy rich?
getting teased at the priest. I got the fraternity of cops, probably had a field day with that by after after their United States, just of characters is a thing and you know being a single guide and having this connection to the show and being the guy, it worked out well for him, everybody gets laid except me, fame by the way rate raise brothers, so intense he used to do
Do you know Tom hurts comedian temerity? He he developed rules of engagement, ok created you haven't got out. I do know Tom Hurts here's how it views. The big show runner right now, very funny guy, but we all played on the improved teen. The outfield was me Ray and Tom hurts on the implausible team and then raise brother had a team, and so he brought a lotta comedians over to the software, and so raise brother would be like Raymond would down. Five runs in your fuckin friends or do not about making jokes and less record of what he wanted we're playing softly. Yeah he's intense this. Does he have any? Does he have any awareness at all like as a kind of is it intends on areas funny? He he's he's dry too, and he's he's since retired irritated twenty years on the force and he wrote a script. Of course he started, which I know is the last thing I want, but every day is credit.
He got a movie made. The movie is be in postproduction right now, some woman raise eight hundred thousand dollars and animated Florida and he's only three marries behind you. But he had not in the business Now now is ahead of us and by the way they die just remember this story ray. What will you know the fronts yet? I'm so razor at the front and its limo and all the stuff and were down in the village and out walks raise brother in real life is unlike narcotics under cover thing it he comes out. Dress like a hot members, because Royce took an amazing periodic. Here's re surrounding limos and hears raise brother, look like an endless guy, haven't I catch drug attic? Now they were. Doing, it disagrees with everything. I ran out my feeling is that it is these transvestite even our going on and he happened to be a place where we will go on for the apparatus, and it's amazing Photoshop is re, surrounded by limousine. Did I make the table
Ray Romanones how their lives in poverty, while Re Romano lives higher. Not know he was honest, there was there was a cover story was under cover, Amandas, rather transvestite drug. Where would we be when it? When did you? When did you start doing? Sent up I started, I was twenty. Three. The first time ever went on stage that's twenty one years ago, and but then I gave it up, you know I I I did kind of. Well, then I bombed gave it up for about a year. Went back same kind of thing happened. You know after you bomb a couple times you, it scares the shit out of you know what you can buy, where you can just they bombing, do not say borrowing. Why do I call my official beginning its probably like eighty five surety for runner?
what was the comedy land. I may be. Eighty three may your first time at the improv or the cut their contracts avis. Eighty seven no problem, with a free, fair and proper Hannah doesn't exist anymore, oh yeah, a lot of those great improv, still I mean like there's, still improves around the country, but there was that there was a great club and sent on the one in New York and just all these when the euro was the first, the Ark was sixty four and it was amazing what it's, because these two do shows TAT at three. In the morning they say New York, that was the first club in a country, but that the argument is that pimps was puts in Brooklyn, whatever announcing the improv back then, and so what was it? I mean? Was there any sort of open seen at the time I was just like. You are different to get onto the stage at the Improvin and that's how you addition to become the late night one of the late matters. You would let you go on a Sunday. What happened? Was you go on a Sunday and pick a number one Sunday a month pick a number out of a hat in the afternoon and they would give out too,
spots to go on at night audition night and they will be forty people there? So twenty you know, maybe twenty blanks and a hat so when I, when this was the second time I tried, I brought a girl with me that I use the word that I worked with. Wasn't a girlfriend you're, just a friend- and I said little both pick out of a hat- have twice as many twice a chain cancer gonna number, but if you get pick, think there's a guy to clip order who want to know your name for that night. I said you tell em. If you pick a number and I dont want just tell em, you name is Jackie Roberts because he's not gonna, remember the neck and remember at night. You know this guy, just the clipboard guy, so I'll go on is Jackie. Robin and undrawn Genesis named could be guy. When she take the number I drew a black. So I had to go on that night as Jackie Roberts and I passed the audition leaving. I gotta come back next month.
But now banal, Jackie Roberts and I pass again and I became a late night for the first month. Maybe too afraid to tell em Straggly Roberts Jack Roberts were the first month of my career and then I told you know that such a stage name, I was using I'm just gonna, go my real name, and now this other median Jackie Robert gain consciousness, and this has had a pretty relatively good career. That's who writes those kind of groups of a guy eroded adaptation, Charlie but everybody vested another guy- did you guys out? This is a whole. This is about to get off in a hoss. Everything did you guys do ramen in Russia? Was that your story, now I was Phil Phil rousing VON. It wasn't even filled
Sony who alone the rights to it. For I don't how that works was selling to Russia. Russia was gonna, take the hour scripts and do them tridges, translate em and do the scripts word word for word: share because there's dates theirs more than just words, so there's no cultural there's no structure of higher of family. By the way I I went to Warsaw into the series. I went to Warsaw Poland and did rules of engagement in Warsaw, Poland last November, and they didn't have varying rules and gave her. They have a diner seen and the first I am walkin in and there's no diner, there's like ITALY, a nightclub instead of their daily diner, where they have discussions deserted, and so I I said, will where's the diner
Well, this is the diner and I said, but the it looks like a beautiful night club in years to come in the morning and talk about your day and there's a lot of scenes were like Spain will come in and dropped down on them in the booth and slide over. So is it if nothing else, you have to have a booth and are like there's no such thing as a booth, hole and ass. I had to write an email to rules of engagement. The took to Tom into hey: can you get appeared, a measure, your booth and send it here Senate to war? Poland and there lie producer started corresponding with me insane yadda know who you are. We can't send this information like the top secret, what a booth looks like information and eventually descended over to Poland, and we built like the first book, imply hope they get the internet over there, because they are literally every thinkers and I ended up but one years that I have the booth. Well,
if we are in their economy, turned around two hundred zero, a plaque commemorating the further Whaley change, their political structure and other we're time out the cultural differences like it. I feel rather, though, one over their dinner was Raymond in Russia and it became a giant hit and as it is today, they they shot every episode we did, which was to utter untenable, suits and their writing sixty new ones, So that's how big the hitherto you guys gonna do the russian versions. Again, when I hear that documentary has so many like just really tense awkward moment, half of just like an hour fail just trying to say what they should do and then everyone does hating him. Well, for they are you you haven't seen it could doubt when I have not acting your daughter haven't yet so in that one in exporting Raymond. If you want to learn about the business, it's it's a great movie because fail is currently Phil. Who knows what he's doing less it he's an expert on? There was Raymond. There is nobody more
expert than the guided created and ran for nine o re must re you'll get a Minafer rebuttal Raymond. So what about myself? Not angry robards around the added, an accurate with that guy by the way like he had ridden, but if you watch the Movie Writ Phil is constant, giving advice, it's? U consulting insane. Here's how I do the Chris hard Nerdy shall share. Ok, Chris will handle it right right right now had a rough and so fills consular getting kicked in the ball so that our Europe yea outside its great cause, he's really? It could have been a Christopher guest movie, like of just how adjust everything sat and bowed his is a maybe you should they and then they would exclude chairs away they just. There was a banana hated him by the hated aware. I have often heard some I'm curious to know
going back to their appoint, who polish David Spade is, what can I tell you? They also on there for a month establishing effective horror movie eventually by on Poland for a month and at the and you have a screening for the network executives and their there really go there really on the ball in Russia, and they say that for this last screening there are no such things as Womanizer hours in Poland, and so it just said that sounds crazy right him in manner kind of men every, because they're all womanizer sir say if he goes out the curtain so they're like we're. I'm worried about that David Spade character. This the President network, whose a smart guy named literally just meant David, spit Nova. They had the idea of having a guy who was a famous actor who did a great job. He was phenomenon, but their bigger concern was culturally. There are a lot
womanizer such because there's no booth oil. When you have over, we solve that problem outstanding all of the other pickup artists are going to Warsaw. You guys are the act is no one has been nobody yeah. This is an untapped vain and by the way, what we want to take on a women there, what line or you gotta, what's on EU, they ve never heard, like the other. The worst pick up. Artists for America goes over. There he's the king of the world, and the women in Poland are stunningly attractive. Like you, you know you don't from doing stand up. You know you you're the girls and used in the girl. After all the girls here and you get there, it's kind of the same, is any other population. What I will say mantra all material hasn't rail, but in Poland I heard the same thing I heard. Oh when you go to Warsaw, its commitment and sure enough, like my interpreter, was in very very attractive. In the end, the guys we're saying like thank God that there's just all these,
for women because we're all very unattractive men. Oh you know. If so it was yesterday, they they limit river message when a trip to power, tell wife going to journey crazy. So you solve them. I did see it. I did see the movie yeah. So. The movie was shot years. Ten years eleven years ago, some five of relevant. So that's really season. Five is probably what I assume is about the time or you start to feel like the shells. Ok, we're on the air we're not gonna, get cancelled, you're, just probably starting to feel comfortable at that point. As far as Knocker cancelled we kind of new near three, probably we were pretty safe link. We were there, but we can breathe. You know it's. It's Hollywood social shit happens narrowly like on the greatest when it was
on the train yeah the wheels we were, we were rolling down the track and seizing five everything was moving plus thing. I was one How you keep a show like that? I mean you know. Ensemble casts are, I think, make make a show- and I think a lot of especially during the the hey, let's make sense ups sitcoms in the nineties that that hold thing, which you did obviously met beautifully, but a lot of comics get would get shows and then they just wanted to be. The only focus of the show and not really have a like a great supporting, have almost felt like keeping a band together for that long. So how do you keep a and of actors who all have their own sets of baggage and egos and, like all, will now, maybe we're famous too like how do you keep a show like that intact? For so long everybody. You know the biggest stars where the parents, those doors Robertson, Peter Boil,
the biggest stars when the show in shows thirty, I was an unknown. Bread was an unknown. Patty had had done enough more than us, but we would you know I was just happy too can do anything and everything it open and I was nervous, is held on work and Peter. Oh and isn't it so I was happy to just three just be there. Having said that, you know when it does become a success, its business, it's business and actors. You know I want to get what they think they deserve? The network's making money make eyes, thought Megan Crazy amount of money they want to get, me too, and I dont pulled out against them, and there was some renegotiating staff. There was a couple a tense
times you know where people with felt they weren't gonna, but at a kind of all worked out, but I dont you know I just feel like that's that's par for the course. That's just the way any successful shoulders, but I think to re is the nice guy. You know so he knew and those through all that I agree with these. Just say what we're all thinking we gotta get a picture. These guys. Still it's like. I love. This is like a numerous nets, but re set the tone on this. So re was never a pre Madonna. I don't know yet. I will reign together. It was just a set of people, so the financial sought the race format it become through their becomes a point just like with the Seinfeld guy. You know forward season, six, seven eight and their known as these characters and their money is-
coming to an end and they're kind of oddly, like you know, Jason's Zander Kind of his known as George a lotta there, no for like he's units of the kind of an arbitrary, even though you ve you pray ten years for the show comes about what? If I could put on a headset, come, oh, please sure to it. So there is that money negotiation at the end where the network is basically where you gonna go and there the actors are going. Can you please pay some were so that becomes a turkey and this kind of tug of war, but as far as is personalities and the zero rate personalities. There was never an issue where, like like the only issue, and it was it wasn't. Even that big was was negotiations like, but that's normal, that wage suppose the media law is being areas where cause you're too creative business, and then it's also a business. So you have a thing where its negotiation time and now they say
hey, whoever actor your terrible and will replace you in a second, and there was one time where we really Brad was in negotiation and there the call came down from CBS Right Brad out of the show yes I'll, write em out, so we had to go in the right of room and take him out of the script for an episode foreign em, like he's other, to send a message. We are sending a message see later Brad, it's it's everybody. Does Raymond hears we don't need any by a by volume. None of those none of the cat members were expense No, I'm not I'm not unfeigned there. The business to go shaken is that's why you should name your shall always your name. What are there but that's cause? I was a sort of early, but that's why Ellen didn't name her said come Ellen to begin with cause. She was terrified that it was gonna tag and then just drive.
Her name in the mud with that everybody knows Raymond's fear, but it is true. You know you become the fear. Wasn't Marshall attacking the fear was just people yet taking as a comic. First of all, the last thing you want. I even think that everybody loves you, because the thing that makes you become a standard it. Is you think everyone hates you? Yes, yes and no one wants to watch a comedian talk about, however, vs alive, how popular in and I know, was done tongue in cheek and all that no one not even allowed to begin what you know from just for being a stand up that no matter how ironic your think, you're beat you think you're being there is a percentage of people, though we like. Why did you say that, like no other fucking joke, it was obviously a joke. Like Lucy Chasm lay he calls it is I'm hilarious DNS. Kind of like a just tempting people that they were. This is truly not Bell area. I think this is funny when you're Oh shit like when you get a job offer negotiating. I am my manager. I have his joke that the the produce
the network will tell you that you're amazing and then turn you over two billion affairs and then they will tell you why you're not necessarily less exact so that they can Don't you see, I thought the sort of weird you're amazing. But now really there's your eyes like irreplaceable at the same time- and we also have this weird dynamic, where its were weird about talking about money and our cultural. If you can talk about, you can talk about the lowest salaries and the higher salaries but you can't talk about the other, they give you make minimum wage a guy make like some bucks an hour or in your case, when you're salaries being published. Will you make others bunnybury, but if you may, like a hundred thousand it's a weird thing to talk about people for some reason it's only the lowest in the highest amounts Gaia. Even it's off, I'm ever NEO Colonial Brennand, yeah, very wise, o Neil I marry saw Neil at comedy magical has nearly is to be when I started he was like handing out fires
Boston, comedy club in as a teenager, Gaia in your city was brother. Cabin was doing it for other than he was there, and I ran out of the comedy magic club. I don't know when it whenever was now five years ago and is something it's weird cause all of a sudden. You move to Hollywood and you can't there's a potential to get a lot of money. All of a sudden. We don't even want to mention it to people like there there's theirs. I had arranged so the pilot and she's like Tom, you when I could call to share with not cuz, I like you, but because you're there was earning a living, so my other friends wouldn't be jealous and it's also yeah it because even though I'm sure there are, You know, as well as a performer like when a friend of yours hit that big in your struggling. You are definitely happy for them, but it's also that it's also a mirror
like fuck, that's what I want and I'm not there yet and it like it. It just gets into your head. It's weird with raise success as we like. Even now, some people listening now be like hate whose whoever the guy's not re, shut the fuck up by our we're. We ve been friends for so long way before he was faint, Sir he's just re my friend, but then you see once he becomes crazy, famous the effect that it has on other people. You know: weird like we had people who feel like they are entitled to like. I knew when so I'm in title or they'll tell you that you have not, then they I'm not saying this is happening. It is definitely not but or by what I assume happens. People do you. Changed man here like I've now doing there? I ever done anything but right now well. Well! Well, the thing is once you reach that certain point, everybody kind of wants to be there with you and you just stone
time for everybody. So that's it! That's the one thing I had learned was there the old saying as you can't please everybody all the time I mean you there would are united. You kind as much the way I am. I dont want to any confrontation. I wanna, please, everybody I had to accept in this business when you reach. The third point is that ain't gonna happen right now: you're gonna disappoints and people and there's nothing you can do you got accepted. Do you feel you look alarmed arrayment at the guy was, somebody to what are you gonna weeks ago that guy I I didn't see anyone what by. I think both nobody cares. Looking in here, I realized they see you like walking by this glass booth that we're in like people kind like. Oh that's, Chris Hardwick and there's ray. What am I gonna also has a role that to also secret Seacrest. Wasn't here you can't make eye contact. Ask you if you will hear through by the way it is his show from your therein. They built a whole new studio.
Now that this was the initial I fully on the building, but he owns probably a large part of the review of the town, but its yeah, but occasionally you'll see like Jonah. There's a walk by and away they don't rivers who still only flies out who flies out from New York every week to do that. Fuckin show she's like eighty years old, but we just saw offer what re was saying about. Like you learn you can't please any. Do you you know you with with certain or to writing all sudden summons writing their request from let's they re and its. I can you speak at this charity. Can you speak and it's like he would like to speak at every charity, but there's a stack of all these equal for the same day, for example like it, I like, I would have friends like think re would play in this celebrity charity tournament frame, unlike he probably would want to, but there's nine other offers. Any else has a family.
Life, but from their perspective is like it would kill him to do one. Why do you hate kids ran your against helping children, our? I I'm curious. I would love. I would love to know what happens it because, as a young comedian, you have this idea in your head of here's. Thing that I want to achieve whether and how specifically did you when it was that you wanted to achieve. Did you know you just kind of wanted to be a bigger than I want, and I just wanted to do stand? Ok, so you achieve, you know like what almost very What but very few people will ever achieve in terms of like making aim is the standard it did. It feel like what you thought I would feel like or or how quickly did you cannot go fuck this didn't solve all the problems. I thought it was kind of got documents and feel that whole now the whole is never will. I thought he was making a request over here. I was afraid
the second life, like a mile employing the whole was never really that's. The name of the next book I ran about my whole is never frivolous, never filled. My days has stripped manager, I think that minority those biography what does that are banned by yeah? That's it. It is a weird thing, because you're getting all this stuff, you're getting adulation and all but an you and that's kind of subconsciously. That's why you don't you know, there's that need those that need that makes a person get up on stage and they want to be accepted and light by everybody and you kind of getting it. But it is, you know it doesn't anville it doesn't end.
I have said before one hog from my father and I don't have to sit here and argue once ever one time me was very odd hungarian minorities and drag, and ever since it was very back to that place. Man there was a guy was uncouple. That is probably the nudity. While they were still, I was just trying to set up a joke there and you guys were now Arthur I'm gonna be Harry. The resigning mean stuff on your idea by killing through my line by the way. No, no, no it's your aunt. I guess you too, but you guys are really at the end in the document. Are you at the end of it at the end of the at the end of the movie you're coming at the other and feeling questions and it's a totally different dynamic as you're playing off each other and it's fun. It's really really really fun and in a way that I think stand up can be fun sometimes, but not always
because you're just like having another guy up there. That's your buddy! I think you referred to we. Movie nine miles to get ninety five miles to go about your tour of eyes to her by the way. That's it that's it that couldn't be Morgan, Indy Movie in the truest sense, and that, even if you re a famous guy, it was literally, we took a film student. It's funny, you are now how renders Indy my my brother, my younger brother, said, well. What do you guys do? It is when we were working on the actors, rather, I extra for them. Go. I'm I'm working with Tommy's make an extra for the movie was anxious for leaders. The movie is an extra I think he's that he's doing put behind us soon, stuck in the movie, is for, while the so we we it's actually good story if you're doing kind of the, if you won't do something yourself right so from the outside, looks like a race that I want to make a documentary and it happened, and
I was absent. I said I don't. I don't want to make a document and mental had happened when I know what happened in interest or in that we are even filming rain re on the road forever, and so one year's array- let's do it for real, so raise manager, said ok, let's get like the Spielberg of documentaries involved. So have I from school and you know she says, look at what you guys doing so. Well, we can fly to Miami and they were gonna, drive every city up to Atlanta and do a tour, and she said I sitting document woman! This document are about my money. I did not demand Georgia, and so we don't wear excited about it. We're gonna, we're gonna make and she's like? I see no reason to shoot this unless re gives birth to a child or walks on the moon, no one's ever gonna watch like
shit. You know and we rely even set on how they get, and I think that we should be following this issue. We cancel the tour, also cause she was just so negative. I think I know who it was. You talked, I know what to say, and I could see so big and powerful that I don't remember you Talkin about the conference, like all I get is more Roy. Raise manager was being helpful, is, is her mother famous Maybe we can talk yet we can talk after but anyway, so I said so. I said I re: let's do it anyway, what the heck and so then there we're gonna. Do he? His manager against people will get the crew that does taxicab confessions and they have lipstick cameras will have a crew following you everywhere those changes. Apes it'll be great and raise like? I don't know what to do the movie Tom, but I really don't have a crew. Follow me around wanted to relax. We just finished filming I wanted just give you know my. I had three little kids. My wife was. Let me go away
for a week. I just want to relax and play golf, and this guy wants to sell Michael more to come with us, but Michael more was like a twenty year old college student, Roger lay. Who was in a? U S, e, directing class that I took so I said Roger. Do you want to go with us on the tour? So we did you just gotta crouched down the back seat whole time and not be little care. Little like you look like total GDP, whereas a greater burger guy he's all right. You must come on lorries He did a great job. He loves your podcast though so he was so anyway so wish we shoot it, and you know the end of story
shoot it. We celebrated bay, we added it. Three years later we have a big screening. Hbo comes HBO pays a decent amount of money to air it for three years, so the personnel shows that never do not think this movies are wasted time they and buying the movie, and so in the end between then- and I guess points here- you think from outside rage said make a movie, so it was made and then it happened still there's always that obstacle in the way of like it so hard to guess. I've done specially in Hollywood, weathers, always an agent or somebody Hussein dont. Do it it's a waste, we're hygienists! You know it's amazing onlooker boom. The less tv show order MR needs. No, I wanted nothing more than for that of keep going and sorry now we'll get it was a good show. I had I had been a friend who wrote on that show and it just it who mark segment. Yes, I love her. Really funny. Guy wife, kid is wholly
yeah they're funny a funny couple, but not in the like work, maybe like just just funny just funny people want he. He I just sort of a Seinfeld story is: did Yossi comedians gordian? Okay, so greatly. If you, if you want to stand up, that's a great movie foreseen cause there. You see how laborious it is, and just how unglamorous it is. Ours is a much more fun wrote or like you're out of the clubs and stuff. We also see kind of the grind of it, but when we were shooting our movie, the guy weatherproof Gary stronger is his name. He was wearing the comedy seller and there's a scene in the movie were raised talking decipher the booth. Also sign frowns movies, eyebrows movie, comedian, we're sitting there in this both for a long time and I became for it now. So you know it's not poem by autumn adequately. I know already GEO tags. That's the second call back in its forty five minutes
and again when you're, writing arraignments gift you, but I don't know that coalesce, because twelve its later. What our that's an awesome date. They actually don't understand who shot Abraham Lincoln imposed. Yeah. What's women in Poland is a punchline already with their cause. You're like it's, the polish version, adults who
sorry, I don't get it ski remote doesn't dreaded so the so the the the guy from sight failed. He said I became friends with him and they shot six hundred hours, and I was saying to him tell us your mistake: there, like a year ahead of us as it tells you mistakes, and he said the one thing I did, which was really helpfully said. You gotta screen it for as big as audiences possible as often as possible, because when they sold comedian, I guess mere MAX wanted them to screen it for an audience. So they Jerry's like. Why do at the screen it? I guess, and they find the commission's greatest reader Hoboken three hundred people. Ten percent of the audience walked out, he said and they had a sinking feeling like their certain scenes, that people really bored by so had the kind of go back in and cut out some of the boy stuff and add the funny part cause us. We use.
Expecting funny when you see a Jerry movie, and he said one of the guards were common cards and what the common cart was. You think this is entertainment, Gimme, ten bucks and I'll. Kick you in the balls and yet and so for no other. Why that's the alternative Norton? that is a compliment. That's a comedy up! Well, it's interesting because we we said link ran out of the current list, cut out anything self. Aggrandize inlets punish the audiences in the testing. So we tested the we tested the movie, the first version we chose to ours. What you saw. Seventy seven minutes and we shot a hundred and thirty hours, and it was such a lesson. Or you know I brought up before you go through- should also save comedian ended up being a great move. I love cannot area may also has now is the prospect of a critical, yet the preamble, the process of you if you're doing comedy,
You guys are without knowing it with us to your peace. They, if you're doing kind of like you, is that Black box technology, which and you learn out when you're doing of four camera sitcom the audience- tells you that there is no more debate the audience either lass or doesn't laugh. The Pinocchio. You know that as a stand up, there is no like I'm going to argue about how good that joke as well. There is no argument anymore If you do in a drama, you can have a debate forever, when neither of you is right or wrong. It's like okay! Well, it's the absence of laughter is you're. You know you're impair, but I also love. I I I felt by felt empathy. But love the moment when you're doing the corporate gig and destroyed. If you fucking destroyed, and still there was a human reengineer. I would consider you one of the
leader comics in the world. You know, like I've ever seen you the improv, like maybe eight or nine years ago, and doubled over laughter because you do what you as a cynical young comic. You made me, laugh with jokes about your it's in your family. The joke was that I think it was just about how the years kid can just repeated ladle over and over and over again and designers are aiming at the end and so to me seeing this human resources person say like you know, you mentioned oral sex, you like, but I will I was in the neck of the biggest laugh. It got a huge laugh and then- and she was doing that sort of passiveaggressive things like we even greater if you didn't do that part, but everything else was fine, I'm sure it'll be fine and just kind of feeling so bad for you, because I know when you do a corporate gig, they just feel like hey we're. P, and yet we fuck it own you when I was tortured for a while. So I'm sorry I couldn't go in the car ride home yellows annoy because, unlike what you're always honey as I could,
get in the car right home and you were trying to talk me down and as soon as you said, though, one woman who you acute and I went we're walking I forgot about is just a weird thing. Is a comedian where, in your mind, your job is to make people laugh and then, when you do that successfully and someone else goes well, you didn't do a great job we like, but I what do you want to try and one well, what you ve met in the movie is what, if you don't know, stand up corporate gigs pay a ton of money, ton, sons, Armani, so you wonder there also the worst case you can possibly do. What's the sometimes sometimes their amazing, and so they do in a way kind of own you in their certain comedians that just don't do corporate gigs because they're not gonna. You know that they're not gonna raise reaction, which is, oh, I hope, you're not trouble here with
one, maybe cleanest joke of a dirty job that you could ever gonna hear the riled. I'm really sorry so that the in the corporate world, it's like they have this feeling of like we own you and in a way they do cause learning avenue people, even when you say corporate getting remain uneven. Talking too well of a kind like like. Like a blogger, you know everybody that insurance company wants to have a retreat, employees there and a higher committing to come up and entertain Blair but you're coming onto their home turf, there's a pre existing conference, but we're like pre existing structure. There of how they behave in their little world than you, don't know what it is and I and a lot of times I'll come up there and we got to make fudge you gotta make Fun Ralph Cuz Keziah Bargain loves Evan, you do go you shouldn't made fun remembered.
Reverend this when the president of the company was up and dance reg dance nor I got out of the crowd- was going nuts and I was but Mamma you so you watching that for the outside, like how anxiety provoking is that cause? I go up in open for re and there's a crazy, talented singer. It's like the worst case scenario of car. You do want to follow the music. We don't bother way. I just I just thought of re had to do the inaugural ball for bomber. Was the worst gig iron ever seen for that very well. When I say we weren't going further, it was an honour, so it wasn't worth getting one who is really just letting president denies. Yes, he was he was. It was night of integration, but it was the conditions for us for stand up. We're not the ban. Of course it was a big ballroom bull, standing and stages here stages.
Air and they're waiting for four years- and I tell the story I watch also technically, the president had just been note arise there about. Is that the backdoor is we knew Phil had met the present his wife and the wife points to present bobbin says he Raymond. You know where he's really were not a fan of the browser, so re has two: they request raided. Do it so furred like televise on Channel Sundown, obviously so for two weeks we're going to Carmody clubs and re working out as material morphia, my political, because you know how much coming in here I am so so we go down and now here's the setting its a giant ballroom, everybody standing, but it is like a conference room. There's no seats, emirate standing
tuxedo. We re all round Montpelier in the mosaic of dossiers that can be wearing her. True and re has to go out, but the stage is behind them is scrolling the declaration of independence. He has to follow Sting and Stevie wonder doing a song while so re now goes after they do so so imagine following who you falling following sting? Little came away away labour so weird you hate it when you like, I have to forego the audience too much know I'm doing a superstar legend of raw shirt, so they re ass to walk out while he's doing his said, there's a performance of like surplus allay people that have their prepping. For so there are scantily, clad women being hoisted next to re, on the ends of like the big velvet rope or whatever it is created. So now raises age. So, as you say,
so anyway, there's a clampdown on each side of forgotten about that President Habibie had raised up halfway through said. They actually raise the curtain on J C, so the whole audience turns out. They are changing. That is why Mr Manders, here, and so they so then he has to do, is, and I don't like the audience, will we fix Britain Post? He actually never actually did very well considering it was just a crazy yeah, but you know what it what's so so fond hard about. Poverty is hey. Here's muse you sorry to have to pay attention. Halo, blinking lights, hey, there's a famous guy there you know, could everyone just listen to me and it's very important, you listen all the words because they really they really are the engine. Are you guys they have doing? I saw one that that call back. Did he did forty hours later? That works perfectly, because every penny and she like they using green wire. I kick the wire out through the wire attended,
I can still here. You know everything still find the elevators now people to start leaping out of the windows. Were you know they are helping me to do the wash it impressed correspondence dinner when Clinton was and it was right after the Lewinsky snuff and I was only a year to maybe of Raymond freely and no no political Stafford. My I'd nothing! Unless you know I can find politics in baby, poop there's nothing. I can do and I'm sorry they want me, that's why they wanted me. They want me because of their was so afraid of putting anybody else in Arabic of what was going on over the scandal Lewinsky's? That has all, but I gotta go up, and mice, hey marriage, and nor are they why and it is actually when really well and when you watch on C span its way because of the audiences
MIKE southern sound bite, but in the Roma went really well. This is one of the so let us a real moments. In my life I have like the top five and and easily in the top. Five is afterwards is Henry Kissinger, being overrun, saying very funny seriously by the next day I got shot in the internet, about not being political, because that and in an I'd say it I wouldn't. I don't think I would do it again. Because that's that's what do they want? It's it's its tradition of everyone. Raymond Raymond doesn't love politics Raymond. I want to tell you. We are trying to save this movement to bring booths to Poland. I wonder who, with his years from now disappear
really other really us with their hired. You thinking, like always gotta, do like barely so did you just become like GS like pay smell my cigar, Mr President, fuck you guys and how quickly, how quickly with the career have they do feel that pressure of like but I just say one wrong turn of a word and then that set out one I feel, and every time I go on stage you could one if I snap but down. That was a nervous. No, that was the most probably the most nervous I've ever been was going on for the present here and for the advent of Followers Bonus Clinton. What are a couple of years, surreal moments, wow Jesus! You now doing tonight, you're doing Johnny, Carson House thing S. Now. How was the house? How is this I mean it makes me sad that I will never as Johnny Carson is one of the people and like many that idolized and it there's a weird kind of thing like
and I'll, never get to meet him ever ever ever. It's just not possible anymore. I never get through the tonight show guy got interest the gun I got in wood, he he retired, I did it in November and he retired and like was it manner now I made earlier and in our yeah it's mine blowing, because there are two things that I directed, and I did it almost humorously one of them was being under tonight show before I did stand up me in my body, I remember we would draw kind of drunk and we were in our kitchen in my older brother was you know where I was a young brothers overheated want to deal with me. My drunk friend, and we thought we were funny- and I said to him rich in ten years, wouldn't have other tonight reality tonight he said yeah. I got the money money rebuilt like fifty hours that aren't we
Can I join ten years and its probably took about eighteen years after that, and I think we but nothing ever years. I think I said. Even if you do the math four million dollars a day, I was one thing or the other one was pointing at the peril of each programme who used to watch tv- and I was a Gulf crazy gal, fanatic and eyes, and I thought my body, another guy, I'm going to go, I'm going to I'm going to play in a pro. Am there's no way I'll bet you? I'm going to play- and I gave I gave a time I ten years younger, pay the programme, and I had no idea how what I want, but the stipulation is I can either as the amateur or the problems on the line, and I got the planet those crazy moments that I got to realize what a teenager
Jesus. I remember the day of the tonight show I dont even know instead of six years, which, in how long have you been while full time for fourteen years now? Ok, but you so you know it doesn't seem sounds like a lot but did not instead of Turkey, and here I just entering out who you are that we can actually so I was six years in and I guess I kind of have my mouth shut down, but but now. I can look and say how much better I got after that, but I repeat, my daughter was my vote. Is twenty one receives frickin two years old and I remember being in the hotel. I was living in New York. We were in the hotel and we were getting ready to go and I to go. Take a shower There is a mind, my room. I take a shower, and this is the shower I'm gonna take before going to Tunisia, and I I'm thinking of anger and now I'm back up masturbate. There's our approach should what I'm watching
I can't feel my arm, I'm so wrapped up in this. I started getting now, and I started to have anxiety take in the back in the shower member color. I get out get into the limo, and I can't I can't shake it like this is gonna, be a disaster is to be horrible, and we drove about a blog and a half away from the hotel, and I and I'm freaking out and I didn't you know you little Pritchett will enter nurse. I left it in the hotel. I your shit roaring, No, I mean I knew the side I done to set a million times, so you want their paper yet up and he stopped because they re and back to the hotel for a blot force be rant, ran back and somehow that that eggs, that physical release somehow calm down and I was able to get through it, but I was
close the haven't a breakdown before getting there, but that was a China got into this zone. Just from that run back and forth, and I was able to do it and again stolen you. There goes like that. You don't remember doing it and it went well. Was it wasn't like one of these. You can't stop talking about the certainty, you over, but it went really really well and Johnny Emily Emily and then afterwards he I met my dressing room and knock on the dressing room door? Am I gotta go ahead and Ed comes in first reading and all tat you think you're never gonna name, and then it was Johnny and he said he should want to yours. You gotta be happy with that. Yours as yet real happy with that utilizing you have now, as it was my whole interaction and the air was. It was just but so interesting about Johnny. Is that everyone,
are you doing there? Ok to a comedian, everyone knows that means, like all. That's the thumbs up from the emperor that you just got that anything he said or did was there was like us, this sub language of like this means this, and this means is that if he said, and if we look to you and what I ve learned as their name just brightly Lebanon's bug in life, but everyone's created this whole bit those around how heat what what he really means every drew carry. Did it the week before me, and I was supposed to be my spot and a couple weeks before they said. Can you the week after week end with doing drew our yea and true got called over here. Yeah yeah. I remember college. You ever go you son of a bitch out myself, drew drew is one of the guys. It's like this tonight show on Friday
by Monday, I had a career by the way I do. I happened to be in allay when I was doing Carson, and so we went out the night before and we we know each other from playing on this awful team and we went out. We we watch Carson say raise national. Let's say first failure leaving one fact we went through. We went to a stripling went through them. We went to the body shop or whatever, and I remember railway like wrote me you MIKE row. Guys couple they got not not might not. Micro, the dirty jobs gathers another right in my mind, your arm and was a stand anyway. Microsoft, gotta twins and our you're you're you're, outing him like no one's ever been I want, whenever damage control later when anyway, and we just trying to pass. I gave a mine of it and his naked women in front of me, but we I say, let's get back just to get to the hotel to hear
many say tomorrow night we got that slowly left. We left some pretty to look a naked women. Why- and I remember so, I I go back to his room above others. There's there's wilt orbit hereditary. Their lives. What why not? You know I gotta be honest. This podcast for the big publicity campaign for the movie. He the like my editor, whose twenty for your own rather annoyed him he's like you, gotta do the nervous you know and of course, for the fruit for that they're, like the nerve. Well, you know, there's a we're short so weak, and this is like a great show for us to do. I think, too, to be able to have this type of commerce, and we re opens up because
I'm sorry I've sent a hundred, not yes at others will actually one story. He said I've never heard a rain. I lived together for a year the story about the battle that you'd betting. Your friend of the well be other tonight show in ten minutes, or so you never or I or tuned afternoon, so boring but the, but so he got disposal without that kind of poor shuttle know that had been on the radar publicist churning out to do it so they're starting to realise like applied, guess, they're, pretty fun, you no good waited, but then that is the truth. Is I think you guys have these dedicated who really listen and when we like, we did the the morning zoo type, a tour and is just five, it's terrible ally. Kids, I could see I could just I know the stair because I've done it before, but not as much as you re, but just in a hotel room in the documentary when you're doing the car, went to the radio's. Just like yes,
You got me there in a movie. In his underwear does like six. I am you have to get up and do the thing and they're not really like the opposite. This array roberts moves. You ever take. Those areas have a reason rhesus killing, though I literally well for this I had that I said raised right: let's do this like it's fun thing where you can. Talk and there's no and they really are students of comedy and suffer the good thing so that you know- and I said You said please later anything now, Now we have got to your own greeting Let me add that it was a priority at reading better than grapes. You did cut out and cantaloupe I want I want to do I wanted you to I kind of wanted you to explain a little bit more cause. I think I know you're talking about and you reference it twice in the dark manner in nine months ago, but you say like oh, I had one of those mind bats with myself. When I finish this point,
Oh, I see a time that I wouldn't play off it. So what is it they can? You has as we speak. This is my life. I want to say bad things, but this is a I'm swearing to you, I'm alive as we speak. What time is it one of six? I have thirty minutes until my recent mine barracks, by what is it? My dear? I don't guess I'll handle the expires Althea right now, I've. I went golfing two days ago and I said if I break a ninety, ninety I buy always right on the card. What what are you go targeted than it was? Ninety two was horrible and the penalty is forty eight hours, is from the minute I hit my last part of no tv. No, no golf! No!
Adding on big. I was betting on the m. Only starts now know the effect might apply all the players I came by us. I can't watch tv in bed. I can't watch tv in my office and I was one thirty I've when I walk through the Gulf course. So soon I'm gonna write from here to the Gulf time. I seriously have a book. He jumps in a race car rise to the guy Ray. I couldn't help but notice. It's ok for you to Patagonia Games and when I make these migrants because it it keeps me out of trouble with keeps me you know I back in the day. I bet too much real real money out there and by those back before I had money. Thank God and I found this kind of way to fill the whole as we say, I'll call him back that one
oh that's bound by its gets crazy because, as you see in the movie, I gotta watch tv and this guy's room, because I lost the privilege and tv in my room, it in its work is no engage knowing gamblers that that feeling that you get it I was running outside. If you I don't gamble eye on it, just doesn't interests, may it just like he get such a charge from gambling and it's obviously not about the money in any way. Sure I got to say- thing for the my bad them. I want to do the latter on the golf course. It's like I got a million dollars, but it's interesting that you figured out a way to kind of harness that my wife's money, normal lives, I like doing weird little bed to get away from better it big. My it's like an OECD like controlling your universe, type of overall global I'll. Tell you the story: I've limited to forty eight hours, the pan,
We ve lost because I used to it used to be no parameters on and I used to say a final break. A hundred. I can't watch tv until July. You know whatever, and I would fuckin room my summer, because you think that about you have to do is no going back. That's what people say. I want you to go back on your no, no, that's not because I you know, I hope my hand I swear to God. Never there you know there's no going back to unto karma. You know conscious and I found out. I wasn't able to watch tv in bed was. That was the loss, and by that I mean when I go to sleep so leaning back on my pillows, so I the loophole. If I lean up in bed, I am I'm taking the not breaking my my my back. I promise, but by the way, sound, hey, that's great. You know how annoying it is it's midnight and
lane about you, gonna sit up watching. You just want to lay back and kicked back into help. Fourthly, to sit up and watch them broken whole show and then one item I crisis as is, is torture and my wife cut a bed and she says I want to watch this sopranos and I go oh well. And this is her doing a year. So totally I'm just a passenger here here's I, while I was able to lay back and watches the programmes, is great. By widespread determinedly turn over and she was asleep- and I address this, I think you may get the EU these you should higher and iter. To justify loopholes, are re. I've I've been tracking your brain, I think come here and I think we need to deal with any sense than you know I amended each time since that I've I've gotten rid of out. I go back on the next, but all my mostly
abed and no loophole of leaning do talk about this on stage at all. Do you talk about the members on stage? I never did onstage and we know did it in Raymond. We thought by doing in Raymond, but there was was They were soon to esoteric twas. We did and Mademoiselle age and men of their needs my character at a gambling problem and started doing them. I met we had one whole episode, worry you screwed his friends. I could live screwed. My friends up I've strode every occasions up you know. Debbie times we began to with the writers of Raymond wherever vacation I and I'll blow my baby I left, and I couldn't golf like three days and I tell you guys guys don't bring your clubs go. You, son of a bitch never mind that you, you see the movie he's in my bedroom on my bed, like that's our joy. Well, what's what's funny is to think about is like you're at the high innerlochy. It's really you're in the sweet spot of the sick, calm seas and five
you know you're a few huge, huge Carmody star and you're in these crappy hotel room in central Florida sitting in a bathing suit on the floor. I should now like to find something I tell it cookies over their cutting. I want I go with you. Just such a gives us that even a real candidate, but did we? U surprise, though, because a lot of people get mad like what? What did you really do? Did you go to clubs and youth? Is this like? That is the life? Hell yeah. No, I mean I just because I know what it is in and there's no listen as as much as you like. I'm gonna leaders Why gay lifestyle, when I make it when you're performing in central Florida, you get you know you get the Hampton in or which is fine. Like it's totally great great fine, but it's not you know it's it's. It's definitely, and I know it's vertically shared as they like. Yes, that really and entertain it's not really an extravagant lifestyle, its willing- it's not! It's not like. I also like a rock, like all the others. Groupies then you're in the limit
Their ship pain, like you, just go back to your hotel with credit creepy carpet knew you'd. Try to find some cookies are just like make yourself how easily we had a pretty decent autonomously still was high, went ahead. Didn't believe in your room, unwatched. Even well. That's the annoying things like I'm on my bed, enjoying my life and also in its like hey. What's going on, you don't like. I know what that means. That means he's lost tv privileges and what did we surprised when really does ship his golf clubs, like that's taken it to the end degree yeah, because he says he can go for the rest of the week when I had Arta clubs or oh yeah yeah, because people can you really ship like there is nothing in that without what what about the water bottle scene where he In our view, there there yeah yeah yeah, but I totally no there's a watermark detailing goes to pick it up and it's already open, and it's that thing of like Rotted rights, and so when you find it open bottle, which is so funny because really technically you could just stick your face under a say
drink out of about we ve become so protected and like, but that might have things in it and someone else could have put while the paranoia is someone's put angel dust or some crazy? It's not that it's not it's, not that it's or anybody, though, didn't you have if you're predisposed. That kind of like me, no slight OECD I think a lot of comedians have it's that you find yourself in a situation where you dont have control something you don't have control over. Where that bottle was you don't know where I was and its unnerving on a molecular level, because you just like it's not even the reality of what, if someone put that in its just
That's I dont know. What will you see? How pity is that may like did you? Was yours open? I think I'd? How do you not know like how do you not like he's Matt and I'm not micro, analyzer and then what I like about you have you have you? U edited stuff right through that everything is made in the edit room for a documentary and that edited together so well and people. I call you plant in electors. Everything that happened in the movie is a hundred percent real, but it's made in editing your tweaking those moments, but that was real. The board about comes, he gets piss. I leave the waiters comes. He sells me out to the way to do toys that yea IKEA my friend years paranoid. So what I ve been so Monica he comes, he does he. He admits it right away. As I come back, you know he's like so they open the water bottles for you and the waitress in areas where they over evolve try to help me out. I don't like you can't too. It is it's one of those things that really does need to be done. As anyway, like hey, why a drink- and I
an open- and I didn't have I don't know this just has a barrier at the time and when I got a temporary ban, nothin comes out still dry and the waters last must. First, click is very satisfying. I'm here, you're, getting a rather different above, did there's another seen were re really bad. There's another there's another scene where Ray we're safe, a re. Don't you want to take like a million the universe in a way which is one camera by the way nor swinging by forest like were eating the peanuts in the room? Yeah you see re kind ago, Look it's a little callback just to see like I now do. You feel like do feel like, as this is interesting because I mean, I think, there's a certain part of comedic neurosis in your act, but people would view you is a relatively low. You know you seem kind, Your demeanor is kind of laid back, but do you feel that you know a lot of stuff? Like you said? I don't want to get too esoteric or to do you do
many desire to really talk about like how deep it goes at some point. You know maybe at some in my career over you know the next You know my on camera, I don't I get in stand up like exploring those exploring like really getting or do you think you think that people to come to see or like? How can we doesn't just do jobs? about the euro? While, yes, my audience I can. I can push it. I can push it as much as I can then there's assert couples things that my orders, and expecting from me and even if it's funny ended- and that's funny with you guys and funny here, I can't do it on stage I can try do more now. You know, as we get farther away from the show, and I get older and all that, but it's like bright, yellow, brick air and I used to work with which to do Vegas together.
And they just know him as Robert from the show that- and let me tell you, couldn't be further from that in real life. Have you seen, do stand a nominal stand up disease like Rickles he's boom ovaries politically push The envelope and everything and people are taken aback by because they don't know they were not ready for that. They see Robert. So it's not it's not a burden for me, but There are? There have been a couple times where I've said boy I wish I could do ran downstairs ever refunded you're doing stage. You know, and maybe you know I think, when you get further, way from what they say, they know you buy you, maybe you can. I don't. I don't know we'll find out. I mean look, I'm gonna materials or I may have to go to the various there are rules than you could do actually monitor. If you wanted to alternative rooms, you you could do all that stuff, adjust it just as just to satisfy that
that's what I did I was when I was in Nigeria. The comedy festival- I don't know I don't over seven years, eight years, either killers show yeah killer, had a thing, and I just went to watch and I so please don't make me, go up, isn't gonna end up doing between one reactor safety. We ve got to find out how I did so. I had to take out my thing in and think of all the bits that I'd never could do on stage that I, and I did I'm up then around coarsely killed Edwards. What's it when you like, maybe a end they kill in that environment, as there is no money and alternative Coveney put like maybe along its value, is just as many as just one day and then sort of the kind of tight rapid. All up do you feel, like you feel like that? Getting you know huge amounts of success. Does that reinforce the neurotic parts, or do you feel
like you, you know, even if you had just been Workin arrived, you think you're gonna. Just now I had a joke for those that I set on Letterman once was you know before before all this happened, I thought my cab driver hated me and now, I think, Lemme driver a relative return, all relative, but having said that, I dont know because year I went through some some neurotic some moderation when I was before before stand up and all you know so I don't know if I think that the good things are healthy part about this. Is it's it's a great outlet? It's it's! It's a passion for me. It's being many you know when the show when Raymond ended, I thought you'd be great. I've been doing an for eleven years before the show started,
nine more years of Raymond twenty years, I've been I've been working every night almost before Raymond. I I use and you stand up every in Manhattan knew at every almost every night. Now I got a little bit of Venice. I got some five financially upset. I can just kick back and see what happens and then retire to three months. I was in therapy two times a week, and I can you just. I can't nay idle too much because I catch up with myself, I mean yeah, I like to work, and I need to work to feel to feel right. You don't offer that question about ray. We were years ago. Cosette there thought is,
you ve made it now now? Is it potential cause? You don't have the normal money struggles, any more wary like ok, I have to do this. It's not like. Oh everything is possible, which means it could be a potential devils worship. You know where you go crazy, but when ran I really first bonnet for friendship was like I was travelling through upstate with have intrinsic west, and I don't like to new guy right away. I hope you are also performing and not just not just at the right moment it. Oh yeah, we're foreign bad gigs or due to road towards Utica, New York and into Berlin to provide all the stuff, and I call up rakers we're gonna, stop at the Montreal comedy Fesole and cooperating queens just cause we're friends. I knew he had been there so that great, what do you stay where you stay when you're Montreal is like whatever was La Montrose or something is there is like in all be there it I'll be there six? You know what I'm like. What would happen to be there at six he's? I go on go into,
and their tonight, and so I said, ok, so we meet there. We go to leg jumbos. Rumour of you got no jumbles room in our committee works in Montana and we meet. There's me Ray John PC, this entirely quest and we hang out all night long and we leave the next day we go to Burlington from on the car that, whatever the covers occurs and my phone rings in a hotel room and its re calling me because we had talked backstage about some neurotic stuff and re was going to this. This kind of tough unicycle psychologically and it's tough cause. You got to open up to somebody and we had gone through this kind of same type of thing, and so we started talking a lot about that and I'm thinking, ok, here's a guy! He just had twins your honor stand up salary which you know there's unknown like
oh, please, let me have some gigs there that are better decent and night. It was a tough trying time. I thought. Okay, that has nothing to do with being famous. I like that, has no bearing on so I think the potential for any anxiety or any breakdown way. That is always there with any of us. You know, and I think it's with the end of Raymond story, told you getting down with such a creative our. But you know it's like when you do a show and you're it's done. It's like you like all right. I every time, whatever I think in leisure occupied and have having to focus on it, just such a trap, especially when you that's. Why were agreed that think this kind of I worked seven days a week. Well, I hate Frida, I took a two week vacation and, like I went a little crazy halfway through my guy battlefield connect, I'm not doing The thing was I supposed to do with my hands like. Why am I here it's all its eyes, but they create juices. It keeps you focused like just it's it's. You know it's a good thing that you found something or
and its torture by the way right like I want to write a screenplay, frightened torture, writing men. I bet that kind of thing is a very specific and arriving assailing. Just sit down all rights of joke, say another guy can get out whenever I want, if they re right, joke writing percent of feels very much like soup performing stand up verses. Other types of things which have a very specific structural and you can take hard left and right turns withstand up. When you have you were right, I read, I wrote the season finale the first year Raymond and were used to just riding jokes, just what you it's fine, unlike what about this oil do their bit in your done now. You do it out of the current scrip rewrote. Was the seated finale of season warn of Raymond. We wrote it is the first time I told Phil. I tell them I'm gonna take this one with time, and we looked at that blank page we I can't remember there was one time Bragger was in the kitchen. The character we had to get out of here talk like AIDS,
hours. While we wait, you ve called. Why are we here and we went into the name of your own idea? Why are yours that episode that and you kind of for the outside it? Just like your hosting to show people? I can hope to show its there's all this stuff that when you endow with your imagination, like many people, I could write a Raymond script is in a re. Comes anything That is why, and that's it it's like an till you're sitting down. There are four in its charred worked right. I mean it's literally by the way did not even bullets. Let's give it its fair share, its also great when you write and you can you get something- the car- something there that's a great feeling too. So I mean I've, I say it's torture, but it's a torture that you, you love to. You guys mark of an idea to write the script and that's like all this is funny now feel like I've enjoyed.
That's all the details and it's all other details and then during the process of a multi camp Sitka like even rehearsal you're like day three, this is the least funny shit ever written. Actually, the worst script ever written than alive audience comes in two days later, and then it comes alive again like so it's all these emotional. I think that I think that's where the stand up. I think that's. What were the stand up Jean kicks in is at a certain point. You know because you're being forced into this, we have you had this like we got, you are showing the way, so you can fuckin figure it out or you know we were used to figure it out. You know that you are at least you hope that you develop this bathing yourself. Like I dont know what I want to say when the time comes, but I've done is enough.
Some thing is gonna kick into gear and my brains, gonna, figured out when the time comes, that the argument for that's a great point. That's like yarn for using standard to sell anyone stand up because obviously it worked out and raise case. But when you see a stand up being put into a separate, you know the guy's gonna fall back in his instincts in at least have survival instincts of riled make it funny right. Also in those situations like when you have re who, when we were doing the show, you can walk up to waive the joke and while we're filming- and he would he would like ok instantly and then say it now. You know three minutes later in four liveliness and kill with the joke, like that skill that inherent timing is, is priceless. I honestly don't know why bore stand up. Don't get shows that you just gotta later, but there's only a handful that a big landowners is also there's other ingredients fair. You know you really have to have a certain persona, also over half of them. Together
there's there's a louder. While you know it's all the magic. I mean a bottleneck this as well that the present network has to believe in you than to have to have a good show runners. All this shit has to happen. While I was an absolute honour to have view on, thank you so much for coming on time and re and ninety five months ago is is a movie which should get on Itunes and end. Can you imagine not yet it already did did even just came out the deed he's gonna, it's got two and a half hours. A special features aware people go together DVD, I don't know go on Amazon targets, anyplace, ok, Clia, nice. Thanks else pleasure. I got ten minutes in my my birds all right before the next mine battle. They fix it impose now leaving noticed that com
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