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Wonder whether there were six. Ninety one did you know: that's that's not from their use in two of the meltdown. Wait a minute! Yes, I would, This show your honor last season and you did Van Tassel one of my favorite gifts to come out of the season, You do the dictates of us everywhere that members it people should have met not just because you're here and you're a part of this and you do that show it is a fantastic comedy, show because it's all the interim, I, like you, guys weave all of the backstage interplay so well that there is a really great narrative, that's happening while the same is happening and it really makes you feel like like that. That's what being at a show like that feels like especially
Call your backstage your father about where we didn't want to get in then you'll off for a second, then you go back in Europe more than your bathroom idea is pretty good at making that feeling governor who your friends backstage in and watch some other shown and not yet another, neither of the two take away from the other. What congratulations thank you. He added a care over the efforts of my head a lot of bread city, I believe in it and have now is a really good. It's really deceit is really I'm not really proud, as even if we work- and you know that I'm acting with verify last season automatically may agree with your yet not very, is very good, and I think, because they do most of the work on the won't feel like doing even so just back and watch. This was not have multiple shows and deals. First of all, we hear it
before the appetites, our duty, but also on the comedy central averages event. As again, you'll have a cable provider, or do you provider it all? You can watch all eight observances of one undercover central up its front far millennials as for you Millennials other Dell is getting at, is actually very good, CCD account, but also we're doing I believe we added a second show about feeder setting comecon. So our first show is ass rankings, listen, there's! A second guess that is is certainly circling one and then we should know who the gas are essential version to seal yet so we would be pretty fun to be done as it forward to it. If anyone wants to, let me sleep on the floor whatever summing up or that later
our guest is us. This episode is eleven years is like a who's going to see a tree for all the people. Listening right, told you. We reduce these got someone count London, where we are now I'm curious is: are we taking time away from the hustle if we're doing a hospital in Turkey, as it still us so happy about Gender Megatrend in it? There's an agenda we have to introduce was gonna, get you sponsors of we gotta, do the community court or was not down. We decided to close at hand. It was our also watching you gas, remedy rebooted. I noticed that. Yes, there was great. Thank you Yes, I am innocent. Amelia was new New Harris's birthday. I went to bed overturn globally.
Ass now it is related moment. You just tell me how you would all the to you, retweeted ejaculate dinner, just feel. I guess, you're right as a small magazine. Are you talking about regional area? I might also I didn't really great podcast called with these two comments are everything's gonna, pancakes, Ellie goods in Algeria Prescott, however, citizens back as we have a guess, go on and talk about their favorite up citizens. I just the one up so that I just did that out now is about a star. Is birds goals, critic, crossover episode? What's my feet, my favorite absurd might be the the fighting how fish episode you should get on with a lot of fun it. If you should, every year
there's a cup. What do you think he's gonna have what the citizens now without here. I think ethical rules and regulations are turning to just they're gonna rather than an amateur, or do you think they're gonna and the last minute like then, even if he comes back its they're gonna rapidly, but there's picked it up really tumor seasons me yeah, but you think there's a signal. They ve never mind that and I think the like, I think, maybe what season and then maybe movies. Again it's like it's like a couple interviews algae. He has mentioned the fact that, like his egg, I wish we could remain movie while not also making the show,
when we make other movies or if we make other release, we're gonna do it. When I learnt that citizens movie on July eleven stuck isolation, citizens will be over Treviso Imelda comments. I think they should take one season and just do like a narrative house of cards kind of an arc disagree on like one we're dramatic art season that we really go area exit. Availing myself separation this year, maybe a pretty name. I I guess it's a start. The actual house will now so that transitional be fairly seamless fairly when you started enter apart and then and then his eyes,
it is a worrying. Where did you hear me? Mutinous com I wonder what program prayer was the thing you disposal Instagram most
what's this about things, another one you gotta see now another one adjust its available on you rented off a video which is interesting and it's called soaked in bleach. It's all about it's kind of scarlet, loose change, e five to it. It's all about the private investigator that Courtney hired in his perspective on the case of the death of curbing ok, specifically not about his life, but specifically about all the events that happened or surrounding his death and how bonkers everything, because the other one that you watched, which much of my pleasure today.
No, no, I I just said I saw a piece of advice and then, and then I sent you the article from the guy that he was friends with oh yeah, King buzzer from the moment. Yes, who said what I was all bullshit and courteous like to fuck of people in need, never had stomach problems any hit in court needs suspect and which, like Bobcat, also mirrors with a lot of that stuff. I've really do you know that a lot of time with them opening up for normal. I said, like you know he be hanging down he be given off. Someone would come in to the dressing room or wherever there hang out, and it would need something from Kurt or want Kurtz attention encourages costs, slump down and can become the junkie, and then the guy would leave any put back up assert keeper that's weird. Yet he just didn't like, like you shine like ours, his defence mechanism, I believe well,
There's a certain bleach on video. We should watch that it's just so like it's a meme, there's great reenactments, also the guy that private investigator that was hired. He like after his first meeting with cordial levies like this, is a bit silly. This lady at so he's like a he just, are recording every conversation and every like in Russia. There is in so like a lotta. Reenactments are like actual, like reenactments are beautiful shut but there's like a lot of like you know like it's to the actual recordings. Oh shit, ok and like it's like you, know, last stuff work he did he's got like one of their junkie. Friends like is like that, like she's, I go to the house and get the shot gun, unlike gone around the house, looking for a shot gun and unlike and then like, she is just all this crazy. Stop that just
but will mean covert amounts, but I dont think she's that together and smart enough to really pull off the thing another trained essential is that old debates or leave it open to the viewer. Like yours, a bunch of information, you decide pretty much put its yeah. It does evident leads hard on Courtney and Kali in carried away the the nanny, the drunken Annie, those in the house. Was what about choice to it, not just the way it always there is. Nobody had nothing grave alibi. Ok, just read out: ok, I started a rethink, everything that I really thought you know so Joyce to it had nothing to do with their vile, nothing to do with it. I mean that's what you think, but there's a new movie that just came out. It's called for as company and its just about the shotgun from its disgrace. Wiser emails
It is neither speculation, like is Damien Louis, going to be the next James Bond and you said, Jane Appraisal as to movies left he's not here. They wouldn't the start looking now, because why would you and with perspiration yeah start looking as the movies? Let's be honest, work great and they were doing great at the box out. Let me they were doing well about but you better unintended, sixty four there do better on and sixty four brow and Ma Am Skyful made a billion dollars at the highest dressing case, my movie ever so I don't think they whenever they wouldn't willingly leave Dale Craig unless Santa Craig wants to you, like the trailer for the June list after obtaining the latest James binding here, make orleanists thoughts on that trailer.
But it is the whole. Did you the whole package on the trailer now, the only that we did the progress before there, we did the entire party cast about be eleven and a half minute press conference brought up a cast in same it. Why? Where we would have done the aid that we manage. Let him at the press conferences that Russia was an insane or get the two dumb domes recording a five guys. That was in saying that we were able to just keep talking about nice, very passionate about and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I was, I performed, a bond rulers. Weekends legacy. I saw I saw blindfolds, who was great. He played with this this, this chamber, orchestra group. And like all driving is called. Why music, what obesity I talked about, yet that
and then, and then I saw I saw tears for fears from start to finish and they were fucking amazing, TAT S, a good anything, that's great about as any at some people may have had a preconceived notions like oh, it's gonna be like you know how to act, but they were so solid and an eye they were on the they were. On the same plain I was on flying out to borrow an eye I so wanted to say hi to them, but I was really scared. Let them on your jet. I didn't it's not that
in a word, I don't have a job at Lahti. Why are you so much rather than so much? What is wrong with you make it seem like. Surely robbing leverage you know made me feel bad just felt bad, because last night, on less midnight we did a game called game, a throw. This is all about ridiculous toilets, and I- and I said you know I shouldn't- have money because I spent seven thousand dollars to buy a robotic toilet like by robot toilet and then I got some truth. We were like a pretty relate of all and I was like I I'm sorry. I just don't you anyway. I may know is what we would I was over when I was ready at midnight. I used to try to write it right that kind of thing in, but as does the care to press our yes exactly exactly, but also, I think you know it's it's fun ever robot toilet but anyway. So I just like you who gives a shit about being reliable you're doing what you want to do. I know I know, but I dont want
you know, I don't know I don't you know, zillion area file, reliably field. Jonas question Chris gives a shit. If you know that's not, I mean I guess partially true as a comedian, you wanna be later because it out of your job, but also like say about thoroughly animal. You know you don't wanna and I'm not saying that. I'm I'm not saying that. I'm even in the same economic stratum is this person, but it sort of, like you know, like the goop like gonna Paltrow. It's like I'm sure you know for her. Well, if you have a short to trainers, come over to your house and make all of your food or get in here like a result that alley and in her mind like that, makes perfect sense if she's at another spot she's at a place. Word like there's people that our rich their reading. Her thing I like I should have trained risk about, but I, but I was so I've chefs. I was too nervous to say hi to tiers of fears on the plane. So I tweeted, I'm too nervous to say hi to tears for fears and then two minutes late
Kurtz myth got up out of his seat in came over. He was like I, I just gotta iterated. I know who you are, and I just got you guys all sprung for wifi. We also provide an the entire spent the entire Kurt and Roland. Then just tweeting back and forth. Each other down joke, they were regular patented Marin. You they were fucking work. They do they can't. I have to say anything. They lay a couple years ago that, if everything couple years ago, which I equate the sort of. It's sort of seem a little bit like like when you're wrestling with your friend and all of you. Someone gets a little hurt, now, the sudden it gets all Syria from another sudden you're from you so really punching, but but they work
They sounded so good and it was it was and they covered creep, which they d really great, which I know they do sometimes but others. But if you ever get the chance to see tears affairs, I would highly recommend that you seekers at right now They are there and that I would like like to say as well that Elk that had a really get set a couple years ago that allow pollute that laws are the cartel asset for grand. Her aunt was actually really they still play pretty regular, but what's greater with great with a man like that is that people come in and there are so many songs that are so ingrained in their law into their lives, and so when the ban comes out and they were there really still playing with passion and sounding great and you're and so people, because it they just played
on like half ass. People will still be like I guy love these, but to still play at the level that they have always played at any still make the song sound fresh, but button recognisable, the energy- and this you know in the wonders giant tent was fucking. Amazing, butts red binary, very well run comedy festival. I mean very well on music festival. The comedy ten is in a like a big top. The audiences are great hot, as FUCK in Tennessee this time of year that which we bought or rules on is best centrally on a farm, and those are these kind of like shanty towns that spring up like these ten towns in it like Jack Johnson Festival. Is it no one thinks of notes the same people who run outside lands on vulnerable areas,
but but the idea as it goes all night I mean like the music plays proudly until three or four in the morning, but why? I think every, but it's like a twenty four hour like there's, always shit go and on yeah, and but the idea of that can almost made me sick to myself to think that there are people who are doing drugs all day drinking all It probably going to sleep it like six or seven in the morning, still drunken fucked up and then about nine, a m and they're. Not air conditioning just the searing heat starts, toasting them and then their sort of waking up kind of half like there on the flight back the there were let there were smells on the flight ban that urgent we're just like cooked fermented? Human drunkenness? That's the way to do it, though you get you a hotbed of attorney, sweat out of the drugs are actually wouldn't it be hydrate. You might think He has not only hydro morbid, I'm surprised people didn't just burst into flame.
But it was actually funding and many other abandoned that light. I saw no not really because it was so hot during the day. They just did others that we add that we strike a barrel cracker, where I was good, of course, much cracker, Owen, Murfreesboro and then in fact often echo showed up to act and Jack exacted. A did like you want to go up during and tourism, please to take all the time you want as one to ten minutes. So he did ten minutes and maintained in Hampton ended a bit with them gimme those, but they have ended up on Sebastian stole that debt from you. They were like later on the right balance. They had three out of four belts about yeah, that's a yes! So I what thereby practice I wasn't shop shelves yea, I finally, as built ass, I was about to say
but it was a browser, really fun, really great, really great festival in. If you ever have a chance, you should go. I've always wanted to you know it's Iraq has its it's it's it's a big something extra work: they sell tickets, yeah right normie! It's a big festival, but it doesn't feel it doesn't feel overwhelmed, like the grounds are vast and after that there is room to breathe and move around but less, but it is oppressively hot. Now, if you're gonna, I am I'm hoping to go back to front for fun fast. This year asked into asked. Jessica's is the perfect time in us and its November
He also was nice out. This is perfect out and it's the line of the shares in saying that a Waterloo Park the Borg examine the boy. Would we want to come on? I've got to talk. Ok in that I shot last year's great pellets, awesome, so tacos. If we will use its huge like air powered, taco cannon, there's just like a big revolver. They like obstacles, put him in parliament in full than rather like a band Anna, and then they put him in this thing that uses like put. But just then just three was a spy, not murdering people with title, but I know you do it enough of an arc that, like it just goes out, fires just like people can talk and is what a few feeling a little dark and needs images right down to the values of it in someone's brezhnev, fine, fine, medical, in his report. It would also reason that killed target. To grant YO out before you should.
Like doing it right, because it's a gigantic thing. They will out and an account of doubt, and then you just a whole down this thing and is all these rules is able to your right before you so that hold it down, but only for like five seconds at a type is ever do any more than but only for like five seconds at a type is ever do any more than that the compression well is it from like? Are you from a state you go? stage, I think I did it right before report dinosaurs.
No, sir, not technically, I opened up for dinosaur Junior for illegal, but it was. It was great hack into like tacos, technically open up, pretence or June. That would talk a cannon. The ban taco bear taco yeah, maybe Sancho TAT. I made a new friend on twitter. Ian falls: do you know him? No from apple bats, he left handed guitarist. We know men chatting back and forth about our left. The acquisitions and we're gonna start a lefty guitar network of loaning ice. Now we're going. Essentially what will happen is I'll just loan about, except to him to record with what you gonna do if he chips when you're guitars. I'll be ok with it. How remain because it meant to be played, I'm not like nice. Ok, you know it's not like like museum pieces, although I will say today yesterday, I made a deal to acquire. The only left Handed Dave, Matthews Martin they made in the year to.
Which is one of the one and two hundred and eight while they made one left the out of the limited run of two hundred and sixty four, and it is a guitar. I've been watching on Ebay for three years that was priced at ten thousand dollars. The sky that I had previously bought a custom shop strand of all the sudden yesterday showed up on reverb and it was listed at five thousand two hundred dollars, and I said I got to make this happen to his leg. No, you don't have a job. You got to make fucking, not that guitar happened. I was and a figure this out and then talking too long gray. Bird who writes further lay later, should also Dave. Matthews fantasize, like going over my Dave Matthews. The idea of her and she's like why? Don't you just sell one of your other guitar and I was like your fuckin genius. You ve never get out of it occurred to me really deliver. I told you that it didn't want to get this guitar. I was
I gotta do it. This is the one one into all. You gotta do this actions. I was for sixteen years old, this guitar came out when I was sixteen and I've been playing for four years, and I was like that's the one and then obviously about one left handed one when they release that guitar. There was a waiting list, ten deep for each of the two hundred and sixty four guitars. They made they really underestimated. How many they Matthews fans there were a mere two thousand now it seems like it easier to get one, but it's the only left handed one and the guy about the customs shops dragged from us. Like hey. Can we work of the measure? We can work? That's coup Bobby, I'm gonna get it.
The great, then the one guy. What are you giving up? Dump a couple of Gibson acoustics that I dont really play too much astray. One hundred a j, forty five that I dont really play very often, and then I think I may also get rid of my eighty three strands to knob. You know that weird model Kyle,
real, weird, not layer, trying to save money, so they made to knobs, and you know why I'm scared the shit you tremble, however, but it sounds so strategy in its thirty one years old I gotta was left. He may maybe three and saw my anyway. That's what I'm gonna do when you get the guitar, I don't know, I mean he made a fire obviously and keep it because it was for sale for every ten grand never saw like that, and then they went away. And then I saw someone seller righty two months ago for seven thousand of this Qatar which, when it was new, was like what thirty five hundred crazy it'll go with my John Mayer Martin, which is one of three which is valuable.
I personally am I gonna bilateral matter set up for a couple years ago saw these guitars, if I saw them all at daylight, they're all insured for, like I think, I'm ensured for like fifty five thousand for all them. So I don't know, but are the easy to sell, left indicators their easier to sell, but this this guitars lake You'd have to find a someone who had a bunch of money which I am not and the left he and Dave Matthews fan. So this Qatar was really just like. I don't know, I mean it sat forever. It was the thing I
I was always at my watch list on Ebay, and I was always like if I ever get a big check. Second thing I want to do is get that Qatar, but now I got it finally, did you actually receive it not gonna make it he's alive. I gonna send him some. Some gibsons O used straight up trading, guitars gauge and trade action trade action. Maybe someone on my own, it's gonna, be asked grace, really, I'm very sorry.
At about back ass. Are you gonna open, left a guitar shop? I've thought, honestly, I have thought about doing live online, lefty situation, there's a couple people do it: one guy and clear water Florida, Jerry, Jerry's, Lufthansa, Guitars studies, Jerry's Lefthanded, guitars, southpaw, guitars in Houston, and this guy lefty guitars only dot com, his name's VIC check out his guitar as all high and stuff very cool, but there's essentially just three people are doing. What is interesting is. Is it a sustainable business to sell left? guitars, basically just recycle, I mean you're you're kind of just like you're, taking the finite number of guitars that exists in a sort of like it. It's sort of like an antique dealer away right, like a second hand, store. Are there enough people? I mean? I would imagine Most of our most. Your pride discouraged from playing at our left hand, is at its disappearing. It's like a disappearing thing because a lot of people I will go in there
guitar centre and will say online guitar and I'm left handed men. The guy the shop, rightfully so, will be like don't they left handed you of my real or do you think there is do you? Do you think there is a market to emerge? For someone saying like fuck, you learn how to play guitar lefthanded, here's a bunch of left hand, a guitar, that's been my one of my other weird dumb Matt Dreams is. I always wanted to start a charitable foundation that honestly, that would provide lefthanded guitars, who left handed guitarists, who want to learn how to play. Like an inner cities and stuff like that, if their left handed and if they want to learn how to play lefthanded, then we'll get them left handed guitar. Isn't I'm gonna find one otherwise sign was wanted. Like start, that kind of thing just to encourage to there'd be more of us feeling and work as I think it's nothing it's kind of. I don't know I mean I guess I understand the idea of your life's gonna be easier. If you just do it this way, but then I also feel like that's disguise,
talking to people of your naturally left, handed it yes, more difficult. You have to not only learn how to play instrument. You have to learn how to play it. Counter intuitively, that's interesting to have a bad Jerry Guy in Florida. He he would play guitar right handed until he was a contract or any slice off one of his fingers. Oh said he wanted to relearn. I play guitar, so you re learn, left hand while and then he started going like while you can't get. He always wanted. Like these leg, dues and bergs is like crazy guitars any would call them up mill. I can I get a left a guy. You left the amendments as a lot of guys that own these guitar manufacturers is Louvieres would be like. I don't know man you can get one of you order, twelve, and then he would just go. Ok, I'll order, twelve o clock it took up a couple years ago, even decided to sell them. He would just he just sat with a bunch of them. It is clear how does it is and the now he answers that I was, and I've always wondered yourself on Houston. I've got a couple of things from member states.
I'm in particular funding but just interesting low, but I think of me I don't know to me. It feels like there's a completely underserved market for good guitars for people who were there is in line with what it's not like. There is that I mean I know. Lefties are a minority by it's not like it's not like there such a mind. It's not like there so need a market that you know wealth interesting to Gibson this year you can open a letter or making any left handed at all, no because they apparently made a bunch and and and there still sitting there with the by them, go for like sand. Ass, just had a clearance of like seventies, tribute less Paul's, which are like many hamburger, less balls anyway, we can get a full extent. Bucks go for a kid. You need to stand up for lefty rights. In fact, I should stop calling them rights. You need to stand up for laughs, yeah I'll get it. I would have left little around a people that identifies Latona people without
so you're saying there transcended trying to train them their training, training and trains. American I think that I don't know if you should be able to identify I believe that really are now. We should say story and I are both left handed over foreign ten chance of having left handed kid, which would be awesome because I do not like it play guitar likely to finally get to do than to have ten kids and inform them. You can give your guitar tell artwork now you for at four out of ten, we left the guys, I think, you're, ok, five kids into a mobility say wastepaper tends to advice as to exactly the same ratio to exactly the same ratio is a form of terrorism.
Then what is the way you just for our sins, basing my out of hand, but you take the common denominator being too and then you have you take to down from each of those new get two fifths yeah. Well, then, why don't they later? They say that that's the statistic of always read there. That's interesting! I typical left handed propaganda. There really thinks trying to push the metric system, but left handed labels. Canada left hand of North America. Do you remember that as an L sketch America, could it happen? Yes, it was like it's like America's economy becomes so weak that Canada just drops about border, and so they become one country known as America and its it's like. There's like a dad still struggling with the transit and like it, it's like is like you'd are still saying that appears aware is a is, I guess, tat we ve already talked about it. Don't use that word in this house, I would it took the book with a ten football. Don't you mean it
and metre boat out. You is that I feel Hartman just kind of funny, though, to that you'd I do. I do appreciate that you drifted into something that's current in the news, the echo because there, I watched the Eu Canada being the colonel Rachel because I water hairs on Flickr. I watch the today Show interview today. Thinking like I will finally she's going to speak out, we're gonna get some answers and the richest felt like she said a lot of words about saying exact, like I almost like a bill, Cosby Interview, no no just hurts,
no. No, no, no. She said a lot of she said a lot of very articulate things about the situation in a roundabout way. But you say: look well it's a very complex issue, but she didn't say why I was a complex issue and so an and met Lauer asked for all the questions that everyone has like will. If you did you you know you wilfully is received to say deceived people, because you didn't correct and she was like when I take issue with that word. But you know I just identify as this and I'm not there, but but didn't really say really say why, and so I think we're I landed with. I think it's such a. I think it's it's one of the most fascinating social issues because I feel like it is an air showed disaster of political correctness. It has the echoes you dont know we're like. Ok, it's wrong that she lied and an you really. You know you shouldn't pretend to be another race.
But then, if she identifies of their race, that my compromising her and my marginalizing her feelings as a human, because I'm saying she can't have that experience. I think it's a bad thing. That's happening for the transgender community. Now they say I did. I did I identify as a woman or identify as a man, and I I think this is going to kind of like it's going to be a sticking point for a lot of conservative use that against the trench and our like riding upon night when they ve tried, but I think in general you know, I think it's I think people I just I when I heard about it. I immediately got scared for the transgender, but none, and I think I think that I don't, I don't think that's gonna be ok. I dont see that is, I think anyone trying to Factory ACT now centre community, I wouldn't be evacuees, will be glad to do. It was like the whole thing. It's like it's. You know like as they it's it's.
It's less ridiculous. Then some say it like. A man can marry a man. Why not a box turtle like that? I thing it's like you know. If I can identify this via Superman in all right, it's I just worry about it as you'd been used, and I think that people that would say that are the same people that would make like a box turtle in it algae and Adobe like Asher. I just don't think I mean I think we're I landed on it was you know what, if you're caucasian, you don't really get to judge it, because it is not you don't. We don't have the point of view that allow say whether or not it's right or wrong. I think we can say like whilst you shouldn't lie yet why your job and to see people, you know you shouldn't willingly deceive people there, but I dont think we can say whether its morally right or wrong, because it's not if we're not it's, not our family. You know, I feel, like white people say trying to say: oh well, it's wrong like well, I'm not black. I can't say I think it's ok now, because it's not it's item four.
Upon, maybe she'll ambling. Everyone is overdose than some tanning pill, you're just describing the plot of soul, man made in which I still can't believe ever got me we're. I watched a trailer of Solomon recently and all tat was like as it is. Let alone a trail regos. These were he's in full body black face going the eighties merits the cause we decade about everything we know about tat. We think regime as part of its justification is ready. Like everyone love, it's the It is made another cause we dig like popopo know, so I don't know, but it's going to be a it's gonna, be really interesting to see. I think I think a lot of people are You only like I don't know I Oh no, with various diseases should do. I don't know you like them
rising. Now that Episode STAR Trek called I mind where there on the planet and they just try to confuse them of logic, member that guy's listening very carefully. Everything I say is alive and then Spock says I'm lying, and then they get rare dies limits in the name of boy. What That is how it has some throw fun at the third will. He was very smart for one fund, our merriment planet. What are you up to this weekend? We can get some boring. How stuff like taken out the shelf of enough of your put in for than also deserve countertop thing upon the basement. We're gonna, remove that and I'm gonna also built some stuff near the deck against live. Happily, unless some style I get is like it. I, like I, want to put some lattice offer privacy near our deck and I'm gonna get some lattice into by force and buildings
just dump drafts a pile of long and everyone, but cement downward in India, but a hammer. The pageant he likes to build. Think that if you start saying like I'm, gonna put up Ladysmith Marianna come over with some overalls. Milk with four can be there in a second I'm scared of you. To put it. You know that the sitting, I remember what you sitting area by the deck area, I'm gonna like again mad over their whole. That's an anchor enough he's fine, guys, he's fine, fine yeah! Now I'm gonna go see a ban called headwind city on Friday or Muslim afforded that members of a year as locusts and the blood brothers were much before that goodwill. Berger, their say about out. I still get off spring. I got a boost to catch up on our spy sprang that you tell me about yet spring
I saw you I Jurassic world, I was you dress rodya. I am. I have to watch what we do in the shadows again for the third time is still on the top of the Itunes or it's so good. I hope they're making a shit on money off me too. I mean like just because it took so long to make it and finally get get it put out. Then it just feels like take. What do these other movie boy is so great to do whatever the hell?
it's a movie. He made a like kind of like base of his three year. Only did the pack and what we are here and here the pandemic out. I was out and editing, but like yeah, it's it's it's a really awesome. It's crazy can take out based on take his wife life like on the eastern side of New Zealand, which is very polynesian and so like like watching it like reminded me, a lot of home, just chasms like about polynesian people live like the music was arrogance, is a beach is of great socio cabin nice watch related to it more than I should a nice there's, a movie that I started watching, but I started to late at night and I had to go to sleep, but sir, it's called out. We are still here. You know what I saw the trailer
Ninety per cent on rotten Diego's and it's the first, the first fifteen minutes, but I saw were fucking great. Oh it's like a weird period, horror. I caraway movie. It's funny Cosette some friends over on Friday, we're like looking through trailers of stuff to rant on Itunes, and everyone was up on Eli Ross Since the stranger and was I we were- we ve been here about just came up today, which a watch out like now. We are still here, like that, looks awesome, Alex Gray and you didn't like it. So I saw last Friday. Acting is horrible fears, but these scare sequences of the best than ever seen shot like its incredibly well made in every factor, except for these horribly stilted act, and we are so here, yeah, so really scary, but it bounces backing. Like met romantically almost between terrible acting scenes, and then your ward is right. You re, like you, I sort of to me I sort of red that is like, because it's kind of a period pay you have not had the friends show up yet there's nothing here
So the trailer it's like an arrow it, yes and no one to old is dead. Dad a year in, like it feel sort of in the same vein as like those willing castle movies that are super well shot, but its doubling people from like a local feeder, true backing in ok, the more people in the scenes, the more dialogue that has to happen and the more you will it. Let's get spooky guys Mary when the basement that was real, fungi spooky, like they told him where the largest great yeah. Oh, did you watch the sea Martin induction today? If I know I just I read some of the highlights of the jokes, I didn't grandma, you gotta them. Very. No part of challenges is its streaming things on the road yeah, it's very frustrating to try to
you can't say many video on a plane yet and then I've been in a bunch of tells lately that have particularly bet work. I start watching something and it just stops and I gotta wait and I guess yeah I'll. You know like I'll, try to low leave and come back and then I ll try to want something but it'll illegible I doubt it, but then it's gotta start over again show I dont yeah. It is very true. Everyone can relate to slow and it was very good. I wrote my federalized way. Look in your Oh. I can relate to that. Murder of everyone can relate to slow internet. Get a modem I've ever Eliza. We look on your face during the vote. Rome, try again work. He has a car that works now better starts. I bet it starts to
go pick it up. Friends, Gaddafi, rule reliable Repel was alive. I really want you said you. There is a line from something you're going to come from a thing that you knows the bit petered out thanks. I said we have you back, no, the employer which comes out, She's like high everybody, I'm women, women in comedies, Amy Poles. I, like the blown that Gregory was Martin Martin Schulz lying about the secret to along career comedies. Looking seventy, when you're thirty picturing him saying it he was, he was to be out, he's always he's his speeches or is the best He also tuna. They had a really good one, which is like a how much she loved see. Martin and she saw an the feelings I had when you married a woman that is a smarter prettier.
Skinny version of me. I, like the sound the crowd. Because it's like I'm going to jump up and when I was there with Steve, he was great again some great lines. It's like you know well or Michael's of As for you, I want to be here thanks for the ride, I very much sharp eyes like the best and as in Melbourne, is pretty good yeah but, like adding my short he's, always the best Marshall, he should host everything he's so effortlessly funny like there's just no there's no sense that he's ever trying to be funny. He asked effortlessly funny yeah quality. If it came out system, sweet words and then like
saying how to go about with a guitar and sang the song from the jerk. I know I know that's AGA, but yes, she doesn't have the best like she start likes. She's candlelight wasn't hid the notes and our colleague, but then ass. She pushed borders. I know this is like a sweet thing: yes, not a singer, she's she's, a wrapper and an actress, but she still did this. I shall house auction house, you have achieved It was really Wayne a queen. She is so we got our lot on our right area, but she was yet. I was really nice and and Jack Black started the thing with others like the anthem. And he just did a very like big version of picking out of thermos, for you ass soon, great good, good tv. Poor Danes, Hawaii episode, fragrant Agatha start getting UNICEF cause. I am like fucking might. Dvr is caught up
Now be very how I might offer is coming on the progress, and I am very much looking forward to that. You're gonna be here for that of our source. It prevented me from going to New York like this guy can only come when mats here as lake. I get it John Taffir of having done an episode of our rescue. You abbe, I think, and I think we should have Jordan seductive if he wants a huge, also huge by receiving, and he did reckon with me. I will, I think, be superfluous. Really up to you and I were the first weekend that I don't have to be somewhere. I dont have to be anywhere until COMECON on the weekends nice, which is having traveled every weekend for the less. I was there for a long time, but some of those were actual trips. The car crash aerodynamic I'm on a trip.
Lydia reminded all you can buy a hotel matches. Orloff. Let's see you, don't do don't Cromwell just take the Joe boys around with you all. What's it make the joke about. It makes a words that you deserve our family and many property every many private, I think about don't run thinks you know someone they could give me a hotel yeah, that's her family is very wealthy within our grasp. It seems more powerful than you yet out. Just like you just like, like do its own, it and tried tried again. I do not Richard, so why, when you There are you taking those supersecret billionaires road they own vote. We once again it's like that had literally nothing to do with.
Somebody could transfer you go yesterday. You like you, can reaffirm like it's like I can. I ask it. I've sober taken the transporter that they set you much suddenly that similar. So like a game I mean just give you another. One are ok, went to hopefully zero I realise that the beef was super expensive as like, where, where this come from, of course, came from hearse ranch, billions vows perfect. Look I'm just glad you found someone you you're going to have to sign a prima. I know and I keep having this fantasy. That should be like. Oh,
two minutes. I love you too has a fair yeah, that's a doll! You have performers, money, adorable, you still. You know she is still pretty good to do that. That prank that I came up with a long time ago, one the one where it's like you know like you know. You pick up checks for while at unlike finally, she subject, but then you secretly go until the waited a return to our cards with decline. Surveys, gas, Did you run out of boons smart contracts, those industry magnates? They know what they know where to should. I leave twenty five and extra girl I've tried to see. How could you
me. A screw up up up up at the breakfast table was twenty four. Ninety seven. How much is that an emerald? You know where to keep the pebbles. I think this is an original division, I came for him all the regional LEO Great grandfather, girl them to her great grandfather. Was timed traveller oars castles on rift it's on space, I'm rift. So that's the only that, like the girl,
ago any early Hulu. Let's call this episode reliable, since the yeah, I don't know how do we know now that we have enough time Katy s heart out great, carries because you want to leave. You you do my job, do you two million have been allocated to me What are you taking all the time? That's very reliable, desirable
there's a dumb Chris Jesus Christ. You really do not get this in hand there. I'm sure you're hairdressing affects everyone, shove, oh dear, no one said it. Yet what everything enjoy arena? My job, joy or cannon, fired tackle now leaving noticed dot com.
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