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Thomas Jane (and a special super cute guest of his) sit down with Chris and Matt to talk about Deep Blue Sea, the DIY revolution in the film industry and the Thomas's KickStarter for his video game Bad Planet! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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standard non premium domain. We have an offer code for four hundred dotcom use. The Africa nerd when you got a nervous dot, hover darkened get ten percent off your non premium domain. They can't they can't discount premium demands. I am sorry, but you will not care because of the level of service. You will get from hovered outcome, who I think for something. As I was up, there is, I guess, which is Thomas Jane, who I've been a fat up, I mean fuckin, deep blue Sea does movie that every time is on cable. I watched the share that movie if it just comes on like directly pussy, yet really fuckin, amazing, Thomas James Guy and I loved, hung and and punish her fan film that he made was awesome. He's gonna kick started going on right now for the bad planet games. If you go over to kick started search bad when Thomas Jane check it out its support, supported, get it made Thomas's I mean I really know a lot about Thomas before this have so, but he really
is a guy who just decided that you know I has an idea. He wants to make it, so he just goes and makes himself. You know me like he really did that. The more kind of famous people- that's kind of a dopp that as a model, I think the better our business is going to be. Like our stuff, you know we're going to get cool stuff like the pills you wanna directed Punisher Then he may these medical eggs wanna, do you know he played the Punisher years ago, maybe run two thousand for and then you know is kind of like army. Maybe I wanna. Maybe I want to put a button on this or present punisher in a way that its just never really quite, was presented, and so I think, he's an x an example of an interesting guy and if you are a creator of any type of he's, a good guy, that you should listen to cuz he'll, just fucking make stuff and that's exactly what you should do so it was. That was a blast hanging out with him, Thomas Jane, on this episode, Nerdist Podcast number two hundred and forty one also brought a kitty with him. He came to a little kit, not a shoulder, and in the cat fell asleep on
sound board, which I was convinced of. There was gonna hit. The button in the studio was gonna meltdown than ever happened. The castest curled up in just passed and the warmth of the of the electric glow of the sound board, the door. It was pocket. Horrible Katy account, you can't see it, but it is where's your depiction. Instagram ass, I always did posed a cat, virtually Instagram. Yes, I did so it is my instagram, which has noticed just I'm just nervous done Instagram, just like most of you have signed up to forty one now being mere star com,
I just have one want to make sure that everything sounds somebody. Someone should do something semi professional technic, not gonna! Be me Sammy or actually prefer. This thing is using our guy Jonah, who not here and now his wisdom teeth, pulled out a stitch popped.
Is bleeding everywhere and there's a cat walking towards me. Yes, Thomas J, we ve already started recording Cockle Thomas Jane. You brought the most durable. It looks like a tiny leopard kitten. Yeah she's she's packs a punch to really vicious. How old is she is about two and a half months old and is she's a savannah, so she's bread with an african servile now she's much more. Sort of predatory than hat she's. Also alot, smarter and I've been carrying around with me, since she is a baby, so she's she loves riding in the car- and she loves hanging out and new places She's in China is now I feel like the pod cast us forever ruined, because no one else is gonna. Bring a kitten, and that's just gonna make me upset reverie time. Someone comes out of like where, where, only going downhill from your, whereas your cat, but the keep your own come out. I guess you put die when kitten required
No can require free all they're going to come. That's like having a pool table in your house than it takes all the fun out of going to play. Pool then there's a kitten that just appears and then just makes everything intense better when it was fun for about a month and a half and then and then it became a large table. The put stuff rings felt It really is greater heavy on I mean I've. I've I've been a big fan of yours. For a long time I mean a deep blue sea. Amazing, so good still and when it comes on, I watched the shit out of it with great need we permitted in New York. I know they weren't others really understood that they had good movie on their hands like because they allowed at a certain amount, not very much for advertising, but then we were permitted in New York in the part Wednesday.
Jackson gets. You could not hear the screen for at least four minutes. Why couldn't hear what was going on, because everybody was fury freak and now out ever screaming and clapping and laughing and talking they couldn't get over the fact that several jacket I gotta be the way through the Felt ass movie, the wardrobe. Rush to try to get more advertising. You know that it's tried it, but it was too late and the movie opened up against or which, which was filmed in my back yard, literally, really, literally backwards of Maryland. Where I used to go plays a kid: that's where the moon, so it really, it was stabbed the hard. But you know what we open number two, but people still talk about still right depots anyway.
They play they planet deep rosea, however more than they do the blurring the through work as well, which is one of those like once you see, Blair Witch wants you like New York, I get it and now, since everyone has ripped off the found footage near format it just it sorted it sort of tired to begin with. I saw I saw it because I thought the way that you should that you're supposed to see the movie, which is it, was way before them away. Somebody's handed me an unmarked we had just taken, they just said watch this and it was. It was fun that way, because I didn't I'd never seen anything like that before, but the actual, once all the I came along. Like I hang at noon. I went zone in the theatre. A man stood up, turned out to be a film director, but he stood up in them the third rail of the theatre and turned round halfway through the felon said this is shit out of me. I got a good boy, you're sure
Peter jacket, and that was that is planned. Tat Ass, Dick made it but remember the movie, my favorite part about the Blair Witch Project, was when the Englishman stood up and saw the Rwanda moves piece of shit. You wanna come here lap. No, no, my right! You! You have an open invitation to double my lab. Congratulations on dirty laundry us away from the cat S for you to know. I wouldn't be fair with be equitable Congratulations are dirty laundry, it was if I get dollar bill. I have now set a lap data. Just I just cuddle them like a giant toddler stroke, his hair. Until I can rule that's your problem is you're about this girl that opened a cuddling business. I did hear about that. Actually, I think we ve got to learn tat only one.
Video genius idea, sixty bucks an hour. I thank MRS. I saw an innovation like this is not about sex, but just about cuddling do no other than that. I think the problem she's going to face is deeds? Are gonna get super emotionally attached everytime? I colonel. I always get hard on that. We got to do with our care seriously. Now she acted had bring like a pattern like this. My cuddling pillar blazing there's a barrier. She should make a deal the flashlights corporation, who doesn't who everyone should make a flashlight to or partner up with a press, do it, I will prep them, and then you are you finish the job and a rapid up you, you sort of being the dismount exhausted,
like or the mouse. You get up the girl k and then the door opened again there. Then this Janine walks grumble up like a bug me or dirty laundry which prepared at the COMECON recently, which was the Punisher Van found that you make fucking awesome awesome, fills Romano who directed their grace, not always state of grace, but one of the most influential ladys movies, three o clock, high king phenomenal movie, which we ve talked about in this part cast before I think film nerds know about, When people talk about eighties comedies, I think some people, but that movie completely redefined how dare you dial of Little Georgia we mentioned like every fourth part. When I would, I because I didn't when I first saw when I first saw it, I didn't realize it fill Phil, had directed it.
Fucking amazing then I saw his name like of course, of course fills Romano. How did you guys get? How did you guys get hooked up for then? I had this the idea to do this thing about a year ago or actually lie below, but more than that, but I decided to make it a reality about a year ago and the beauty of you know dreaming about shared, as you can come up with any scenario you on- and I had the time- and I said well, you know if I was gonna, do this food I who would who would be great to direct the kind of movie that I will. I I want to see the kind of Lithuania I'd like to see Frank Castle portrayed on film in the movie that I always kind of wanted to make in one of the sea
and filled Xuan, whose name was at the top of my list, because the state a grace state of is a hard hitting urban gritty action drama. And those movies have fallen by the wayside man. What do you think that addressing well? The short answer is money studio it decided that these movies, that they made for twenty million bucks or thirty million bucks had a profit margin. They were profitable, but they were ass, proud Furthermore, as the hundred million dollar big budget action film. So when the sea years of all been bought up by these major corporations, very simple executive decision, eight. If we take in all these like five
Six, thirty, twenty thirty million our movies cut them all out. Take that money and just make one big spiderman them, then our profit margin them the money that we get back for that two hundred million would have made six or seven of these the profit margin that we bag is phenomenally more based on the above the merchandise The dvd, the paper view sure all that crap. So so it's a business decision and we find that this happens more and more in Hollywood. So the guys who,
and I feel sorry for four kids today- and I really do because their attention span is waning, so I believe it or not it's hard for them to sit through movies, like the godfather, of course, YAP Maso and you know, and that even movies, like taxi driver in our or or rolling funder right. Well, these these movies, just don't move fast enough in and the problem, is that so that all that great drama, I had a really build fantastic action. Drama story. You know like
God, even with the fur with first blood, ran prior right wing, has kind of fallen by the wayside in the modern film techniques that people use and are used to day are all employed in the big two hundred million dollar movies. So a modern movie that tells a story like death wish or at any similar Sidney lament film has has it well, we just don't have it sure do think some of that really existed and there you know it and the problem is that it does. It takes a few of those to come out with a gem. It's not you know you could look back in the seventies and you see those and full of movies. You go out with seventy zero sum, but the fact is that for every you, no great film raw ever every rolling, thunder, there's twenty or thirty the trap,
but twenty or thirty batteries as yeah, that's the industry. But that's that's that's making movies, but I wonder if some of that is is part. I wonder if some of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the consumers who, if they see a movie like that see a trailer forth. They go. I don't you see that the theatre, others wait till it can go networks. Are you know a little bit of a thing? Might the consumer's? Basically, you know they. They they pick whatever their choice. They pick from the choices that they have So every now and then a movie comes out. You know, but that's just not enough, it's not enough for four minutes and then there is the dye, our guys it they're going to China. Korea mean they're watching all the movies, a calmer and there's some great fantastic films, and they had every now and then one gets picked up and re made by Hollywood. You know like old boy, but but for these kind of movies, the Indus
he's just gone and you're right. It is a consumer. Hollywood will make anything sure you know we can't really blame all. I would if they, you know. If we watched cat shit dry was thrown against the glass wall and somebody everybody went to see it. Then there would be six or seven cat shit dry and on a glass really great big budget like Yahoo, yeah yeah, I like catch it to actually more in the first one, but the sequel I really feel like they lost. The trilogy they try to get too many different pieces of shit and at once began to prevent these diarrhoea was great right. That's when they really there's, but in the when they brought in a love, interesting and glaring was involved, is not simple. There is what are people talk about like it's always interesting. How the third movie You know in a lot of trilogies, it's just like they do. You know they ve been with this. These.
For like ten or eleven years? And how do you manage to the whole like we have to make one two three of a movie rain How do you clean upping the it's? Not it's not profitable, unless it's french, The ball and that's another reason why these movies, you know don't are getting made, is because if you dont have a franchise character than than how're. We gonna make any money off this and that that so that kind of thinking, I think, is ready, is, is ripe to be destroyed and what I think is that a lot like the seventies. When you add easy rider, come out and blow everybody away. By being a smash hit, the reason why that happened is because the studios had lost the touch with the pulse of what kids wanted to see. They were put now musical sure if you look at the Box office,
hi there put not always weird ass for the end of the seventies. Yet, as you had great, though huge and it so, everyone started making these crazy and then and then in the eighties has been what happened was an explosion of kind of up of this renegade and independent are tore, filmmaker was born and you had the lower budgets and independent movies independent. Do? But what I think is happening now is that the internet is becoming that new wild West that people with passion and a story to tell, which is what these guys were. You know are fine, are going to find a way in any way, shape or form to get that out. There and that's kind of what the idea was with with dirty laundry in it
so well, I want this is what I want to see and I M not see in it, so why why don't? We just do it here, and I thank God. You know I mean Phil Phil was kind of the perfect storm because not only was the perfect director to do it and in such a tremendously passionate guy, he hasn't. He does a lot of commercials sees a top notch commercial director and he's got this crow that he works with over and over again and he he said look eyes were shooting thing on the weekend. We don't have any money. We have enough money, rent the location and to feed people. Whoever shows up will buy Em Philippe's french dip. So good move oh come on down. If you can, if you don't get a big, no big deal, we expected like ten or fifteen people to show up seventy five people showed wow a whole lot more sandwiches menu you guy the waves
split, you ever has what is there to sharpen face right now? Just thinking I believe, that's it! That's that's because they'll disease, got so much passion and there the crow just loves this guy so much, and we and Andy Chang show up works works with the crazy crazy with them was really crazy. Michael Bay, now that's civil now the action do that John running Chop- Guy, oh Jack, Jackie O jacket out, of course, right to describe the nano. It was perfect because I got it immediately give yet it works with a charade, job guy and take a chance
corroded gotta go to countries of great film. By the way, I think we should make that a movie karate job Guy have Romano, whose you know top notch stunt dude. He showed up and always guy showed up, and indeed I fit, but I mean fill it was all about, and the reason it turned out so go to cause everybody loved what they were doing. You known Fifth Phil Court, coordinated the whole fight seen in his bedroom than I put my god you and I and his wife's, like what the hell you doing this I come beaten, eight guys up with a bottle of jack. That's that's the whole. I think that is the life blood of what contemporary digital culture is all about. It's exactly you set a peep it is just going out, you know. Actually we do have the technology to just go, make the stuff we want to see. So why are we not doing it, and I think it's important for people like you who are established in the business to let people let people know like this is an ok thing to do. Fuckin straight straight man, because you know what it comes down to is is again
we're inundated with his consumerism in our culture or with fucking forget, is that this shit, it's fun yeah, you know and we're supposed to beers passion bind it in. I it's never it's it's somehow. It's like even We know it's not true. If we're told over and over again that the that the point of existence is to consume shit and to make money and they consume, shit, then sooner or later, you're just gonna start believing in all the fact is that that's not the fucking point right off, wait a second way. What is the point? The point is to be no. The point is to pick things that are fun and work with people that you like em. Just me fun stuff and that's where the best stuff comes from, because there's no, like you, know, look at a marketing charge. You know well, how do we hit this endeavour? No you're, not you're. Everything. Doesn't get kind of motion this bland, vanilla pulp hit this demographic that is
Just like you wanted to make a punish. Her fan film cause you're a huge Frank castle fan you played the punisher. Do I just felt like I had niche that I hadn't scratched. You know why I just everything that I learned about the character. And everything that turned me on about the world of Frank Castle was just never been on put on film in and it really bombed me out. So I really just fell like you know. Obviously they ve destroyed the franchises. This will never be a film so, but I'm I just wanna see I just wanted to give people something appoint two. I talked about frank gas alone fill in a new and and that that's that's why we, and at the same time I was reading scripts born of the best scripts that I really have ever read is written by this guy named Chad, Saint John. He wrote the screw called motor city that the huge brothers are doing, and I called him
and we sat down. We we had a four hour. One should some someplace unlaborious and he was you know you, he was just like these guys, just kind of appeared in my life, and I got him altogether. I was also had a meeting with that this guy ADI Shankar over nineteen, eighty four and he seemed like a man of a cloth. So I felt a mile before you know it. Everybody said yes and then, but it was really shadowing if he Abner people say she had. No, I wouldn't it be cool near we just fuckin on a weekend I'll get my crew fuckin, shoot it, what the fuck
where I put it on Youtube, India, and then you go about your day and the new require age any like dude. What am I going to do in this job or not, will come on man throughout gonna pay me? Oh nine show up and then and nothing happens. It's dinner months go by and- and you forget about it, nearly always at thing when you're drunk at a party. I almost did that. That's. Why that's why I was gonna. Do that man? That's gonna like that's! Why the technology, so important because you don't it's not like where we have to go rent a thirty five millimeter camera and then we have to like you just go fuck great gravity. Where this is run out back was just fuckin shoot this right now, in a way, the only big big hand, there's a lie. Shit like that, when you can so what's gonna happen now, as it was just as a sort of a one time thing was just like we're down with it are, or were you hoping that this would spawn rebooted punt? I hear those marble folks from making a lot of movies. Lately there doing all right
during our eye with their characters, but the marble MAC Stuff has, as always let them down their mark Marvel is the marble universe, fern there's them the Marvel dark horse, my air MAX Universal right, and that's where you have your ghost rider punisher here dead, pool, Meda, not sure where re fits in, but then that stuff has always been elect down for marble, so I know I dont see them. You know they have yeah. You know everything comes around rain, but no, I never saw them in a world where all this kind of stuff made since then yeah. You could probably get a array
going. I don't know, what's going to happen, I mean I just made this for the fans aid without any expectation of this ever been a film and I and that's why I did it work as I am. I wanted to make sure that we had a little piece of an authentic frank, Frank Castle on screen before before the world ends in December, this when you do well when you got in just under the wire just under the wires business after anyway, a caring nobody's gonna, be alive as they were when they did that guy and even bother putting anything. I can pass them system just all empty. So but you know, but I do think that what's fund is that we get to open up the possibilities,
and were seen an audience yo. If anything, the short reaffirms that there is an audience of fur hard are material, that's treated seriously. I think that there is a huge audience for that. I think that sir, you know any time when people feel disenfranchised when the man is coming down on him and nobody's got any money and they feel powerless that these kind of characters resonate to her. Somebody who says fuck you and that that really, so AIDS. So if anything, we proven that I'd love to see I love somebody to dust off some old Walter Hill script and say: oh yeah, sure fumigation. Do this
that's we might as well remain falling down. That could happen. You might be the guy to do that, its positive benefit. If you'd, if you start, I mean you started a you, have you have it, like Imprint IBM in I, the other thing is you know that I've again, and I just didn't see any other colleagues that I like to read on the shelves at all. It was all just garbage, not all of it. There's in the underground stuff is amazing and then the independent stuff is great and I'll always be a fan of Charles Burns and and Robert Chrome, and all these outlining the annual clouds in all the great guys that that I love you know: corn, FED Com, Agnes But I wasn't c in the science fiction stuff that inspired me as a kid. So I started raw studios and we created bad planet because this epics, I fight huge story which unfair
proud of were halfway through it and then were working on the second half. Now I got Bruce Jones, who actually was my inspiration for bad planet who created comics alien worlds and twisted tales and In it, a little run on the hall cuts in or he's got a great career, but it my favorite stuff of his is always been his short stories that were, of course, inspired by the old, easy comics by all Feldstein and and and bill gained. So so I created mice, my dream, science fiction, comics, I'm very, very proud, a bad planet where we're working on part, two right now part one is issued, one through six or are collected and for sale on my website at Ross, studios, dot com- and we also re solicited it. So you should see it in comic bookshops. This fall tonight
now and then were I'm slowly plodding away at at getting part to going in all. But again I dont have a production schedule, so I can take as much time as I want. I can hire artists that normally wouldn't do comics right because they make their living in advertising or other places, and I couldn't give them a year to work on a story and and put it out when it's great because you want it's out, nobody remembers, you know little. I think I'll only took was his out is out and is collected. William took too long to assemble, but we know our little comedy theatres in the back, a meltdown comic. So if we have, you ever want to do like when when it went stuff, comes out. If you wanna do launch parties whatever will totally set that shit up for you like that, very really fun. I've a launch party for dark country, mind graphic now, yet that's out out in diamond now, and so it should be hitting stores in the fall its do. A launch party, though,
the we can only do that in the stores in September, so yeah consent. Done? We can actually do the down now that not that's fine, Sudan's been amazing, stuff there Adele down, I love golden Appleby. I really really love that melt down. They ve got my kind of stuff in their guest on cultivates, quite a collection of good, but you guys on its management yeah yeah, accompanied her little luck now. Yet he moved it to the up Cosette guest on took over that side, space to be sort of like a pop up shop, and so Kevin had it for awhile with all his turtle stuff. And which was all the heavy metals. We met our LEO. It's gonna be Dave clocks, pinch of Oda there, of course, there's gonna be screened, for we are the same case, but yours is Yeah feeling mines, good and yours is evil. Joker sure is
He thinks you're an imperial guard mammoths torture, but that's what it is. I like to see it that way. I my Iphone, wants to fuck your Iphone. Let's do it outlines the Cutler personally for Africa let me go your phone boner. Your phone can take airman, I just want to cut, You know that I've got I'm the Cutler and then matches fucks people matches comes back and finishes I'm off just kind of stroke, I was gonna, be ok. They get this weird emotional about her than mad, like let's vegan, that he has good. There's gonna be with my weird emotional, but they knew who do you go to fuck, cuddled Garden Ramsay? a good serial killer. Smuggler cuddle my spine, nor pulling clause. I love it. I mean you know, what's it what what's? What is interesting to me about, Who is that you know so many people know you like ago earlier this year, the year,
you do comedy and usually hung was grey. Did the super attractive like handsome leading ban type, but in you and you play to self interest. The development beats the heart of a nerd totally. I fuckin I'll that I mean I grew up in marriage and the thing that really changed. My life was when I grew up in kind of the suburbs and credit They boring with nothing to do and was horrible. And but the thing that change my my life was barbarian books in Bethesda Maryland, which, by the way, I think so there. I was talking to somebody doing an interview from a guy in Maryland, and he said I was just you said just in their like four months ago. So I believe barbarian books is still there in Maryland it sir. It's been away, it's one of those classic de bookstores that has its so crammed with stuff. You have to turn sideways to get down the aisle and the Euro
boxes and he doesn't even know what he's got in there and, of course I used to find you know comic books in the way that were like really old and and probably worth like ten bucks. But I pay like a buck like I just got his car. Who knows what this is all those, so I find really needs to have all the Pope Novels all the old Rosetta novels, we're all in there and end all the creeping in areas and all that ye see reason hence in, and then he also had originally comics up in the front to at the time. I don't know what he's got in there now, but I do, but that's where I bought my first original e C comic books, which I can still remember the smell and of those books and away. They fell to just the feeling that these two give me, which was this
double nostalgic thing. What did I was even bore yes or no word on this dodging about fair, it is like the art in the majestic was like magic. They were fuckin magical like it. If this story still there, it's probably even harder to move through, There's a lot there's a handful, those places and right away like this the guy who worked in the store was a I'm. I mean I. I just think I just find that to be just fence. Ass to that he's one of the bulgarian really is very appropriate. It was wonderful like there was now. Is it there's no other place in the world that can be barberries books for response issues that real old fashioned?
algae, pulpy novels, you know, robbery, our wonderful, wonderful, stuff and now the other should the old Shadow Pope's in all its does. France has taken- and I and I wish that there was a coat cove color color with sword. I wish there was something like it similar. You know today. I wish there was like or that stuff reinterpreted in today's world, we see we ve lost the kind of hard boiled. Corollary corollary, thing right: Bessemer looking for ensuring corollary films in others, there's books, there's like MAX Alan Collins, who writes will maybe time made me. Maybe you know, I think I think if, if you, if you're noticing that there- this whole in the industry which, for whatever reason and through you know like down too much market rates
or whatever their they're going in the wrong direction. Maybe it's time for that shit to come back around hell to the air, interesting it- and I I was curious- you knows far- is what would dirty Hungary would do, and it seems to me that there are like minded people out there. I think it's, very simple formula, which is, if you make a cool thing that comes from a real place, people will think it, but I'm talkin about like oh, yes, cool, but what's that that's like ghostbusters was Yes, it was, I mean cool in the sense that it it's there's. There is a certain kind, there's like a hard boiled kind of pulpy feeling that I get when I read books like the executioner were near the punishment based on or stolen from borrowed
later the foot so bad that I know that I am that turns me on, and I also think that I'm pretty good don't play in those kind of characters, but I'll be damned if I could find any nearly in I love this movie, I did call stander. It was right up my al you and but find another one, their scribbling that since I did it, maybe maybe this means are going to have to start making these films yourself. You might have to shoulder the responsibility and nobody else does it's gonna be, It probably will be me, but that's why I'm director Western enjoyed and follow we might pushed to the springs really well. This definitely happening with steadily our money. Is poor ship has come in on this western is called him.
MRS In'T death from a shattered hand. Oh and it's a fantastic script I got Macnulty world are in, it The cats got one of the buttons off the board. I'm sorry, I don't mean interrupt you, but it's formation finally know it's in mouth you don't know me Jimmy she was one of the jobs that have the pop up very well. I think about evaluation. It is not our multinationals in our states are taking pictures of a novel about she lost she lost her good she's warm enough nice going to tear the place apart. Listen if the place could have any horrible destruction at the hands of that cat, I'm offering No, this studio, I dont care. So your
turn you got an acknowledged in the western guy starring in and we were casting the rest of it now. Jeremy urge is going to try to come in and how my God and for a couple days and we're gonna, get a great greek ass together cause it's one of those scripts that just kind of road itself can listen. I'll, listen, I don't know, I don't want to impose, but can I just I just want to do what I want. I ve always wanted to be a guy in the western that, when someone comes in he's one of the guys that clears out of the bar right, we'll have a bar god dammit in about a bar, a bar with a piano, no merit positively about free movement. After I do that,
and now we make a great fun and we will then I'm gonna do somethin urban and I what's the word for this kind of stuff. I call it like hard boiled pulp, but there's got. I think there is a better way to describe it, but it's all those great crime novels right through, like like Harry Whittington and Donald Westley, like the true crime veto truck GRID Grimes Deaf GRID James, arose that wonderful, it's those movies by France, S, French, Cisco, Delille yeah.
Caliber nine. The italian connection, ride french version and talented connections are telling those of italian connection and even know if it's a great movie great, is at an end, they may and they were inspired by our chancellor and all those grateful pulpy guys. The Italians were when they made that stuff. So so that's kind of the Genesis Agassiz yet side, all cat comes back to Mickey Spleen, shall learn and all that and then a kind of the way it evolved in the sixties, though, in on a guy, got really lean and pulpy urban than just now. It was just just beautiful, you know in the end, they weren't afraid like beat the crack slobber others, if there's a scene. Indeed, what is it the italian donation they slapped his girl around really four minutes is thy, while they locker all over the apartment, all four walls on the bad on the floor there
knock. I improvise that in the film well, there was not indiscreet anyway, that I'm promoting knocking the crap out of women, I just mean it no, they didn't have to be politically correct or appeal to us too, tried every goddamn demographic on the planet, its disenfranchises, ok disenfranchises as a man. I can't canvas. Fucking walked down the street with a cigarette. My mouth not smoke cigarettes, idea that, madam I re again, I can have a cigar if I have a cigar overall, well sure I've everybody coming over. We tell me I got working about that out right and it's it's just this depressing well. I M excited that you are kind of taking this on that you're gonna. Take this on a kind of make the films that you want to see its very it's very like did
digital, cultural, too. I think taking that mindset in to traditional media is very important right now, because there's this whole layer of films, like you said because are focusing on the black busters there's this home. This is so it's all like top it's all top down shit. So there's this whole other area, the supping service, Rima our lives, every real, quick there's a website on line where its I forget, what is called, but if, if you want to see a band, you log on his website- and you say I live in spoken- why she know it's damn demanded. Are I had some like that? Yet one of those is it
probably more than one. But but I e n, you view in if, if you get enough, heads for a particular banned in a state in a city than that ban will go and play in your shirt and it's a faint, brilliant way of designing tore schedule. You know they go where their fans are. Imagine we did that with movie. If we set our, I would get this type a movie star in these guys, and If you want to see it, if you're there, you know hit the button or gate so then you know it. We ve guy, like there's a midnight show on Saturday night, so you fill up the theatre. You beam, the the you don't run a print over there be met in from satellite, which lotta theatres have then again they can be. The movie right into right where and when you want it wherever you want it and you travel around like that. You know you kid. I can get a an old silver minnow where those com
was big old trailers. Airstream is below Airstream and make a national tore driving around. We can play it and you know, DR in downtown against the side of a wall That would be amazing. That would be fucking amazing. If, if you, and even like a movie theater thing of just one summer, you took a movie you made and put it in an airstream drove around unjust, projected a bunch up against shit just invite people to come out and bring their own food. What a fun experience. That would be. That's exactly what I wonder and uranium like sometimes you'd have to do it and like the local theater but and other towns, you can do it up against the side of a building Are you going to put up your own? You know then told driving somewhere. You could really improvised in a parking lot. You could hang a giant Uno maybe like an old billboards, is not being used
your objective movie, and that would be far everybody would know what was coming from the air with from the aid from the twitter and their websites and all. Crap you I just drove across country and there are a lot of in inmost towns, you- hit along the way. Half of the towns are just shut down; abandoned businesses and empty buildings, and you know, I think, a fun thing be a fun you so that Jesus, it's pretty crazy. I've drove from allay to Memphis on this of northerly rail which, because the are seventy and then the southern Rob back that I forty all the way across the union as a whole, You know our consign Amarillo taxes, and you know that a few days always enlightening its following wish was kind and most most small towns like might like most towns. There there's this sort of there's a sort of like standard.
Of cookie cutter town, that you know obviously around the industrial revolution sprung up. Where you have most of the towns have a main street. Which is just a main drag of two story. Buildings that seem like nineteen hundreds and then a little bit of residential- kind of around those those streets and in most of those towns like half the buildings are just empty, which this Kaufman May I just shut you offer sexy concussive cough now then see, but if you do, no one will hear you. Let's ride. Representative bleed through on my mind. So raw is Rostov years as you and it's TIM Bradstreet right, as is Steve Niles involved at all. Yes, Eve was with us in the very beginning, He can't of taught me how to write comic books and he helped me plot out bad planet. He was incredibly helpful. Terrific guy,
Nobody is also very busy guy. So Steve's is our off running his own and he's does very well at it, and raw studios we bring on we're. Working with a guy named, might carry right now on a script called the liken which is kind of like the movie alien, but it set in seventeen. Entry castle a of aliens werewolf. And then MIKE's doing a great job. Agnew artist named Sean O Connor. And then we're working on a reboot of alien worlds to burst Jones Really I wake up, get carbon bill stout. I'm trying to get me Shores, buddies. I just can't do it is. I am more than one page is not a cover. Why is it hard for you to go? I mean maybe you choose not to any more, but is it hard for you to go work on stuff that you're not directly involved
in that way like. Can you still just go? Be an actor on the I'll, be okay with getting a lot harder to do. Then I just did a movie earlier in the year, and I- and I also like Robert well said. You know one for the art and one for the condo I just for the condo earlier in the year. And its citizens to pressing it's really now it's just I don't know. I guess I've got to a certain point or I've directed a movie, and I was my film School Darby called Dark and our country. I was one of the very first treaty films in Hollywood, Digital 3D movies aunt, but that was my film school and was off taught me. It was so in light it was so fantastic. It was so liberating when's it get through that and go. I can do this all by myself with my crew. There is no better way to learn in my guys, and you know, but we can do is we can? We can run the show weakened, so I
in that I had to have greater named Tab Murphy, who also wrote the short story for dark country, which Thomas ought Van task. Artist of think he's in Switzerland didn't adapted for us. So Thomas did these: he that he adapted the short story of dark country into the graphic novel. So it's not the movie. It's that it's the short story, so it's different than the than the film and a lot of ways, but it so it's his own interpretation of this story and Thomas I tells his great heat graph storytelling with no words cedar uses a scratch board technique, so he actually starts instead of a white piece very starts with a black sheet that he buys special and you, scratch away. The black and revealing white underneath that's how he does all of his art and beautiful. Maybe you guys have a website. We could throw up. Some examples are sure yeah, but it's
He was he's inspired me the inspired the look of the film, so I called him up and after I had done the film- and I said you know, buyer. This movie announcing it might be really cool view interpreted the same short story that I interpreted, who belong to different artists, looking at the same piece of work and and and and drawing from there and to getting doing own thing with it. So we just finish that, and you know it comes out and in shops in September, did you have? Did he see them your film, but he didn't. He never saw firstly, actual had their ends. Watch it for him? He said I don't want to look at it because I wanted to like muddy obtained by a grenade, I've using any good. So he had friends wash foreman and report back was all this is right up your ally definitely go for it, did you learn what was that? What was the biggest thing that you learned going into this experience as a director
We now have a feeling, you know it's it's about the people that you surround yourself with. That's the biggest lesson that I learned that the execution of an idea depends on a lot of other people, understanding exactly what that idea is, and that's the biggest less Then I learned you know I story border the whole film on all these great shots and in a lot of them are in the movie, but I had always been too these things in mind and then and I have a virus all of what I wanted this thing to be, but if I you know, if my DP than I hired doesn't quite grass. We know what what I'm talkin about than he's gonna sort of bring his own thing. When sometimes I can be brilliant, but you know but more end, and I had
wonderful dp, but the the biggest thing for me was in the post production when I'm dealing with people who are executing the ideas you know in the editing room in the special effects and all these guys, they have to be all on the same page in it. That's my job as a director. I have to get all these different people ideas. Artists and personalities all kind of moving in the same direction, but on the same boat, and I think that your ability to do that to turn how good of a director how or how well you're of your vision, there's going to be translated on screen? They still have to have a good vision. Well, I think most people don't see that part of it. I just go as direct UK figures out like how to tell the story visually, but but all the behind that sit behind the scenes stuff to me, it sounds like an awful job because you are constantly feel I feel I feel
it's like pudding for hamsters on it are on track and being like NATO command. Ok, now you gotta keep going. Ok, come on and then there's the whole way you're trying to just keep him in line while, like a true, only sixty answers and then some of them have egos think there can gather your hamster Robin on the girl answers. Bro doesn't run away on the wheel of entertainment every working day. How was your I mean? you as the punisher? What was your experience like with that with that movie? With that with the dirty laundry you're just know the original there, the punished or that you did by the way. If anyone wants assembling hilarious, you have to watch the trailer for the nineteen eighty, nine Doth Lundgren Punisher, which already feels like fifty years.
Even those just from eighty nine- is like coming this summer. That's kind of what I'm talkin about my kids today they watch a movie from the seventies or the EU in the eighties and they like what the fuck is that in our even even the good ones. We're, not not all kids. When there's a lot of guys out there, always Willoughby who who can appreciate this stuff, but in autumn, when he's gettin out into the broad scheme of things is for its and that's why they're? That's why you re making stuff is viable turn cat touch, job rank, distill, Chuck Absolutely, if you're going to do a shark movie, haven't Samuel Jack after oration. Stage works. Well for all of us, I was a huge vent two by the way I genuinely enjoyed the shit outta. That causes and the guy who gray writing the guy? Who played your your Ex wife's husband was also in the punisher right
What's it Eddie? What is his name? Retirement from hung? Oh yeah, that's right! The guy tortured! Yes, the guy at the guy you torture with popsicle eyes sees there is. There is great guy. You like doing do you like? Do you like comedy or do you do just prefer kind of? I love it all and I love story Taylor. I love my favorite quote by an actor is Harrison Ford. He said I really look at myself as an actor, I'm I'm a storyteller and that's that are really took to heart. When I heard that I'm a story, no, I dont monotonous, essentially an actor a director. A comic book writer producer I must, or a teller is, do with television love stories. Do you love em? All I love comedies in
you know. I love musicals. I love harm of visa love action of adventure. I love the weird french films and I love the in the realm of the senses. This sexy, japanese movie. I love it all deal. Did you like working and television you? Now we didn't you didn't, I dont know at present feel like a bright and feel intelligent was recital camera. He waited we shot world will, I think, be last show on HBO to shoot on film sir shooting I found most of the crude all come from film are scared all was very pretty relaxed as far as tv goes, as we had a days to shoot thirty minutes. What's up empty these pretty good, and sometimes it was nine. So now I haven't, I don't know the experience or shoved. I know my Ex wife shot television. Twenty two episodes, its nine or ten months out of the year
and you're doing forty four minutes in think they give you seven days to do, or maybe it's seven or eight days you don't forty five. Forty eight minutes now whatever the hell is a tv show and that's insane, you know and everybody goes crazy, are they all lose their minds and it's a very bonding experience to, but you know she was in the hospital season. Two or three exhaust Your question was specially Ethel, I went into not Rio had to start doing criminal intent for wholesale. Well, it's right because, especially on that's, especially on that schedule, they shoot like a film, but just u around, so you work, you can work midnight to aid in the morning and then you know like a day and a half later than its. I call you when you did six a m, and you know the whole experience just feels he's a little choky Fizzle channel,
there were no if joking, it dropped, showed no choky hokey grabbed by the throats good to have a television job, sure yeah, but at the same time not Alan It comes or the best schedule wise near the largest aren't a lot of sitcom jobs anymore, because the sitcom medium is coming to a slow crawl. That's just the standard worrisome, revisions dying total is over? You know you can see wherever these going, I'm surprised is taking us so fucking on. You could see where it's going to be that the internet and the the idea of station the idea of show times when you something comes on certain time on a certain day, all I'd shuts gone by the wayside and though the real really schedule is kind of what we did with dark country. I mean a dirty laundry put it up in all you tell some people and then without one zapper like a virus, always Bialy advertising. I bullshit for date, still really me,
is much anymore. They people just want to watch when they want to largely and yet in their excitement for things and think people can't wait for certain stuff to come out, but that alone they ll always be that those be your core audience that there needs to be there and its fund awaiting for something you. I wait in line four star wars. When I was a kid, not the first, when the second one- and you know I stood in line for a couple hours and it was awesome. It was so exciting. We need that communal experience. So what I'm saying is that the internet- the on all that stuff is all gonna be amalgamated into one sort of thing, but here's what here's, where things are going to have different right now, we're still trying to appeal to the widest audience the lowest common denominator. But what can happen here is that we can. You know
you like gothic steam, punk movies, I don't but unwieldy a home and action of people that better that will make movies and material for that audience. Shore and they'll have a budget based on you know what that audience sure can support and that so too will see a devaluation area, will be come tailored culture, so you you'll have find your own channel create your ear. It's gonna, like picking your favorite channels on on cable you'll, be able to create your own network of entertainment and and they'll, be people that are passionate about what they're doing and they'll and you'll be able to get. It yeah, you know you you won't be able to say well, will never make another punish your film because they killed the franchise and nobody will
nobody will go and they're, not gonna, but no doubt, though they'll say you know why there's four million people there's five and people here that there I'll pay for that we ve already. We are. We know that now so we're gonna make the movie and we're gonna base it. On on that, I was one of the train experiment where we precept. Tickets, oh yeah, yeah, and then we wanted to China is kind of like sir, but I would like to say: ok, here's that here's a director here is the actors in here sort of the nice synopsis of what you're gonna see without giving away too many spoilers and here's some art. You know this is the way it's gonna look and feel You know you can get as deep as you are you just look at the postern say I want to see that or you can go down in law.
And all about the composer, all the people involved in the customs and but really just hit the buttoning all by you could absolutely do that. You could do that with your with your travelling Airstream film and people who support the film get the first tickets that you could do. I think they either. You could do that like that you have a. Where do I do it? I don't, I don't think kickstart you think you're doing on Kickstarter, because you basically raise the money through Kickstarter, INDIGO or whatever, but do you probably kickstarter since you're, already working a month's stuff with them by the way bad plan, a video game kickstarter, whereas we are re launching the Kickstarter site? are we not armed age or whatever? So we ve got more information about what the game is. Gonna be and we're all
announcing that I'm gonna do the voice me wrong, Perlman, Robin from Southern Ireland, and play the convict which noise and ivy. If you ve, seen bad plan of the convict, there's only there's nobody else in the world where the convict but Round Perlman. So it's just you know I wish I could to do it, but I just don't have the voice but, but so run runs agreed it to come in and do that that's exciting clear. So your kick started for bad planet which people people should go to support out the Kickstarter badly video game and we got a lot of cool. What are they com, prizes, swag, wag, swag codes, stuff? I I think I think I think you know. I think you pick twenty cities whatever whatever kind of makes sense. Financially, with how many tickets you could sell versus how much money you could raise you do. The Kickstarter campaign
The lowest level, the lowest level of donation, gets a ticket to see the finnish movie when it comes to their through those through those towns. Are you do that? You do then Harpy tactical idea, is really cool, so Kickstarter is the only waited to to do the other, not the only way, but I thought you would be the beat a lot of my balls. You need of aid. Like how information out there that you're doing as well, because it listen just spread by a did, spreads times it. If, if, if people think it's a good idea, it spreads its like The company that made the what what was the watch, the M, the added banana watch, yea I'd like like the blue title. I always my dick Tracy faced time. Why seriously? It's fucking twenty twelve, you I've come to look at our line of my own Kate. I see the wristwatch phones there, all their. There are a few out there. They look like shit, but where is the face time on the watch, its twenty twond? We have the text
ology, no kidding. No one wants it. I don't know, I don't know what it is. You don't wanna. Do you remember the many areas like when I ever those things I was six. There were done We watch is in the eighties and there on the heels of the walking. The watchman Sony Watchman, and then they made an actual watch with the telephones gonna end and no one bought them, and so I, I guess people just don't want to watch You ain't that Nana Watch was I hit yet yet. I was raised on kick start that was raising Kickstarter. They raise like ten million dollars. You know it's just a cent watch was it. What hit a mean that sold like wildfire everybody's got our narrow on their wares on their watch, but you can't based time on telling I'm here the apples commoner with ape official. That's what I heard that they're coming out with an official based a watch, an Iphone, why I would be interested to see if they do
that you think I don't know you know their evenings really segmented. For them. It is very fragmented and apples. Apples typical model is that they that at the at San diego- maybe maybe it's happening, but if, but historically, if you look at the way, apple approach approaches their product development, with the exception of well, even we even with even with the apple the MAC Platform, they cut jobs. We hang back and wait to see if there's a potential market for something and then they kind of go and improved it with design and then and that sort of you know they visited an inventive and be three IRA. They didn't they'd invent the smartphone. You know like they just saw that there is a market and figured out so because there is a really a market for that. Think that that kind- and yet, but maybe they will maybe you're right. I don't I just haven't anything about. It is what one once again, you may have to make this thing, that you want algae, think, L,
he made one but unluckily old, where I think you need a special meaning. You need another algae watch to see the face time, but algae actually does have a watch Khumalo three four years ago. That's it looks pretty cool two and now and it's gonna smartphone eyewash, but has a camera and they say you know you can make video calls. Oh that's cool, but I dont know if you link it up with a with an Iphone, whereas is widely known. That would give you a good excuse. After one of the below I am tired of talking a. U my arm a sore and then you just kind of put your arm down and then hang up the phone will they do have the they do. Have the watch bans that that hold up the nanos or the right although there is a version of that, I would be interested to see if they do that. I think so. Standing as already the rabbit of Renault we're. Just we were not really in a hurry. We just always do we are we always try to give the guests? We don't want to take it their time and shows for about an hour, but they don't have to be exactly now. I wanted to say that we are speaking about doing crap by yourself and I still
The latest thing that I'm going to put out, I think I'm going to try to put it on next week, but I'm a huge fan of like many people from my generation, I'm a huge fan of the six million dollar man. Course Steve asked and a man barely alive. So I have had this idea for a further. Six billion dollar ran germ movie for forever, and I finally IKEA Anna. It's like tat. Up and who is going to be a gym, carry movie for awhile, and now you gotta be the guy's thing of our times and they ve got so much money behind. It are against it or whatever the script, to get it to get going, but I said faggot and a little bit a little bit ago. I when did something that in the commercial business they call it a ripple. Matic ok
and what you do? Is you tell the story that you wanna tell by using clips from other movie? Ok interesting, so I took about thirty films and com, and commercials and music videos in anything that there that was on film and I could get my hands on and I come through it and I created a six billion. Our man movie trailer. What Where is this? Where the fuck is this computer. I sitting on my MAC, I and I'm gonna, go. I want to one does this thing? Air whoop where, where you're worth Vetturio, we can put it up. The dinner the later had been rhetoric, ass ray. What do they want when Schwerin days it? Yes right, we shouldn't you know what really I was singing. Maybe I could
a week you know you can debuted on your. U S! General! Yes, of course you can it's my general and I get them those decisions, of course, the legendary entertainments tomb, We get to run it independently. No, that's I mean that's entirely. The that's entirely the spirit of what we're what we're talking about. I don't know I think we should have. I think we have a few chats off the pod cast cause. I think, there's a lot of fun stuff for us to fund stuff for us. I just I love the idea of like you got a good idea. I would like to help facilitate making that happened, because that should just exist in the world that the best reason everything, is just like. I just wanna see that Israel must see that the world with the world is for exactly why we were put here. Is just to try some people, they go You couldn't do that because we don't have it there and when you really think about it, it's like when you said: oh, you just wake up and you go. We could just shoot them
this weekend. You really that epiphany moment for people who be creators is so valuable and important when you finally just realized. Oh, I guess I was just talking myself out of for no reason, because I just assumed there's this whole idea that I think was kind of given to us by maybe not so much our parents generation, but certainly our grandparents generation words like you know that, the system. Is there to keep you down? Keep your head down just work, do more good job, you hate and then retire when you're, six thousand three hundred and fifty five or whatever and now is called the industrial revolution That is the industrial revolution, but now we don't have to live that way, and I think it's of an important moment when people kind of realise that round were slow,
starting to realize that the we can change the whole world. You know if nobody voted in November changed the world and that's just by doing nothing at all. That's right. If nobody voted, then that vote would say this system sucks, and it is such a butt, of course, and then- and there are a lot of people that you know- not a great ideas about how to change that system to people voted. Mitt, Romney, Morocco, Barbara. They voted for themselves. Even if, even if say you know only one percent of the people that normally voted voted than the message, even though you still have that president and all my shit would be status quo the message would be allowed and clear. While weakening it wouldn't be too the government, it will be, the people sure message would be. We have the power to effect change here and that's everybody feels disenfranchised, but the truth is in this election year we are not.
Oh, why well hold a lot, but the internet is scary and they were want to shut us down. They want to shut us down and just keep that in the back of your mind. They are looking for reasons and in fact they just finally passed a bill. That said in an emergency situation, the government can take control of the internet, that's a law they passed. That is a bull shit law that should not exist and that we let exist while that existed. Ah ha that's enforceable since the internet, not just an American there's, a kills, would which the only way that you can keep the entered. Getting the only way you can keep the internet going is, if you had your own wife, I said which, by the way their working on if we get the name of them, but they go out little brief cases and they put up wifi systems on
top chirpy, only internet that would be up now guaranteed they can shut it down in a second South Korea just had a hundred percent wifi. Did they so much smaller landmass, though so well and with wifi they can shut yeah sanguine there. Often there are ways to make them the internet unshod accountable, but we are not there. No, let's just focused, making cool movies right now and then. And then in the end, then that's where I may call movies and you could affect or a revolution. You can change the world with a great moment, easy writer, easy writer ushered in a whole social revolution, or at least they, maybe they ire and listening to music, the bottom, what everybody says you know really me: what really just governor area plan or plan in the sand it doesnt really mean anything in at the end of it. Hey, we're, just bullshitting sure it's not true or not just bullshitting. No,
People have a lot of power, everyone has power in the entertainment industry, yeah, making movies, making music and I'll make making podcast site your Ashley. You know a lot will we have a lot more power than we than we in it? So it's a lot more meaningful that I think that we give it credence to the sum of this most meaningful lives. Memories of my life, Ben experiences. I've had what watching a great movies that changed the way I look at the world. What do you think is? What's your most influential film portuguese to the next day next year, because accusations they had to deal with all of the aftermath, his penis through that little hole, Tommy Turn yeah you up amendments ball, breaker, home and then and then it's all. My fault is carrying terrifying. That's where we are culturally right. Now, it's portuguese to them
today all the shit has gone down and now pork he's gonna get his revenge. Porky became a government. Parties too, is the most socially relevant Phil, of our time here here. Watch. Kids, you could see it's just it's just laden with political imagery. It's it's the nose to adopt. Of our generation, its predicted predicted everything the market crash, the dot com bubble. It's all in Portuguese to Porky is the dot com bubble, negotiate was gone poverty is doing everything. For me, pork is the Hague. Mozart Porky was discovered at CERN. We ve, learned a lot of very important things today about Turkey's two miles question is which I'm sure you get asked a lot is the no shoes you hey choose, yeah lectures. How do you live?
always be curious, like errand of elderly people around barefoot, unlike but there's glass on the ground and people leave needles and realizes. Theirs is much glass and Needlewoman Gratitude, but there are so many glasses needles, because not nineteen. Seventy eight is seventy arm tat either. Yes, I am never injured my foot, except for and I we walk around barefoot since I was a teenager and people who can be giving me shit about my shoes since I was a teenager, hit that point where it's like. Well, I might just going to put on shoes just because people you know are going to give me if I don't know it's the becomes one of these weird, like chow judges in your life to just gonna do what you want to do and what you ve always done. Act Michael, am I going to act like who I am, or am I going to sort of like coward of the to the weird pressure of people just leave me alone cuz. I think it's an interesting social experiment.
It really doesn't affect anyone. What I wanted to thank you when I walked around here for an outside pretty extensively and the night I have ever heard my foot has been in my own house like stepping contact or something what's funny is like. After a while, I don't I've. I can't remember the last time I start my toe right. You just kyar more aware of your feet or a little more aware, and you know why at all wear shoes is because it helps me stay aware, not just of my feet a healthy state where than on a human biological being when you put strapped these zig machine crafted, objects onto your feet. My opinion, is it separates you from the human animal that you are, it makes me look around come out of the dirt and that's what we do. We ve come out of the dirt and we surround ourselves with all his glass and nice stuff and we really try to forget the fact that we fart and shit and even further
The truth is where we're in origami muslin and colonel animals, we are felt the hand filthy, dairy, animal and, and- and you know why that said, it's such a wistful feeling I could go on about other things that I don't do that, but I'm not gonna, but I'm not gonna. Do that. I I think I think that there is a message that there is a consistent personality trade that you have that will hope, continue on this path of trying to blaze trails, a new media and affecting the change that you have always wanted, and I think it starts the not wearing choose thing where he'll again on funding, if anyone I do think it's funny is one of those things that really goes about say before it doesn't really affect anyone, but I'm sure so people like what he. What are you doing? Why can you? Why can't you wear shoes like the rest,
it does? You know where shoes, but you were had what's wrong with you. Bitch shoes are like hats for your faith. Why not some feed hats? He also pricey. How, with the reactions, are since really kind of funny and you're absolutely right that's that's what it's all about its finding that little cracks in the seams of what the things that we ve been taught the reality, is that we ve been fed than our true find the cracks in those schemes and break them apart. Is you ve if I won crack somewhere than you tear down the whole fuckin thing. Will the crack right now? is in the entertainment industry, with these kind of twenty to thirty million dollar kind of true crime budget things, and I feel like we have a lot to talk about. So we will. We the talk and then and then you can come back on the park ass if you,
And like every so often, I want to keep checking and with the kind of seeing what sort of stuff you because I had no, I mean I wish I was I was you know. Maybe loosely aware that, like oh you in order in this comic imprint than you directed this movement, I realise how deep it went, how much a part of the how much actually a part of the demographic you are, as opposed to just a performer like you're in the community of people that you are meant to make stuff for so, which I think is important, so I want to keep checking it with the every so often and you see how it's going and if there's anything we can do to help out could be fun. So, lastly, just plugs lightning. Beautiful fringes is appear so acute kickstarter, page forbad planet. People should look at that. Russia is a raw studios, dot com raw studios, dot com and our forum too, in a really great form, there's a great threat on it. Bout, dirty laundry and the bad plan, a video game and there's a lot of great people on a forum. It's really
Well, there's no flaming gone on, but it's a lot of people. It's really is a really good farmer, proud of those guys good it's hard to run a form without without trolls. That's it! That's pretty amazing feat: it really is a bunch people. I know what it's some kind of magic, the. If what we have said Hardly ever happened while we and we get the same, we have the same effect on our website. If you get enough cool nice people in the beginning, then they'll just kind of stamp it out before that control, and so it's it's. It's just sort of a lucky thing that happens, but it's it's. We appreciate it soldier thanks for your man, could talking to a really good, targeted, greater where's. My cat issues are she's. Right she's been entirely by the been asleep on the board. I've taken no less than ten pics some of your adorable cat sleeping on the board, which I will probably post to read it later, because this is the kind of shit that red at last. So enjoy burrito. Everyone now leading noticed
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