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Thomas Middleditch chats with Chris about how unique improv can be, finding the perfect comedy partner and they talk about how businesses are affected by the stay at home orders. They also talk about making comedy on all the social media platforms, Thomas talks about his upcoming projects and his new improv specials Middleditch and Schwartz on Netflix!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty progress number ten, sixty one hey! How are you I hope you doing? Ok, I really do put up a tunnel pod casts now. Does the weaker of April twentieth and and a lot of people are, you know they don't have traditional means of promoting stuff, so they're looking to pod cast a come on and then also, I think, just looking for stuff to do, and so I'm just posting as many as are coming in just sort of thinking. Hey there there? If you want to listen to him, if he was in a one great, if you listen all of them fin testing, we listen and none of them. That's fine, too! Not even a here this anyway, I guess my point is you know whatever things might have been considered lazy in time wasting before played a lot of video games watch and a lot of
flax or whatever listen into a tunnel pod gas are basically the same, don't feel bad or be yourself up if you're doing that to eat up time or waste time during your quarantine, because I just think like hey whatever we want to do it you gotta, do you know to get through the day if you're comfortable and don't feel bad about, don't feel bad about that? Don't feel bad about consuming a bunch of stuff and don't feel bad about wasting time. If you need to do anything I would recommend is just like just make sure you. You know you just stay on top your mental health. I want you to be healthy. I want you to remember that you can still connect with people and don't forget to do that and just make sure that you know. I just want you to feel ok during this time. So that's it. I preach
U. I appreciate you for listening to this. If you are and hang in there will get through this, we really will it's the eighty twenty community corporate from folks. Like you, the idea Anti community, like Connor who writes, I went made a pop culture website and twenty eighteen, we launched C r, p rights, dot, com website that focuses on casual movie, reviews top ten list, film essays and all things pop culture all was sent a files in mind. Now content is posted every week with our independent team of writers, who were always exploring new movies and television. Just a few years back, I wouldn't be brave enough to lodge I don't mind, let alone reach out to thank you for inspiring me to get out there Connor. That is so nice. I really appreciate that, and I applaud you for taking this step and making it happen. You you made a thing oh, it exists in the world. You manifested a thing very proud of you Conor, thank you for sharing and to any one else be like Conner.
A thing and you can then she does any mail at events at Idee, ten t dot com to. Let us know about that thing, and now, let's talk about this episode, events at eighty twenty decamp by the way, if you, if you want to get your thing, events at eighty twenty dekom, so this episode is Thomas Middle. Did his performing partner Ben Schwartz was on inflow weeks back because they have three episodes of middle Ditch and Schwartz on Netflix, as of now twenty first as a premiere day, this is going up on the twenty first. Isn't it magical how things work out that way, but they did
recorded three of their life. Improv shows and their shows are selling out like they were selling out, like huge theatres all over the country, but both just fan mental performers. Incredible, improvised, really, nice guys and just incredible talents. So this is this- is Thomas Middle age of middle ditch ends and also Silicon Valley, which is a show that is probably relevant your interests, if you listen to this podcast, but this was this This is audio only, but I'm doing all these with video conferencing software. Just so it's because it's easier to talk when you can see people end up, as did this whole thing, is basically just fully clothed in a dry bathtub, just sort of huddled up in a back up the whole time, so that was, it was just a fun just not not what I expected to, but honestly, I think he's
play something cuz there, a there's, a like a weird, not in my shoulder from leaning on my desk too lenient the camera on my desktop computer and a bathtub has the perfect amount of angle to support your back. So it's like you're sort of reclining, but not fully. So I think maybe it's not a bad thing. If you're, having backed up with this you're, all this, maybe just try the tub, maybe try the tub as a place just put like a pillow or like a tower something down for you know so, you're not like right on the porcelain end and there you go courtesy of Thomas Middle Age, which is the episode of eighty twenty number ten sixty one which begin
I now initiating. I can't her nose greasy. Have you heard about this like pandemic thing? Is that it in that you ve heard anything? no really understand I'm just a man sitting in a chicken
data without any water in ITALY, my God, you back to the test and locks baby. That's all it's happening, the lighting better in their room. What's the well, I don't know I was outside for a bunch of himself now amounts to warm, and so this just feels like a fun place to do it and a good height for the camera shit- that's a really good idea. I was just complaining to Katy my producer that ever since quarantine developed this really bad kink in Like right, shoulder blade, cuz, I'm leaning forward all the time either in zoom meetings, are podcast or like or playing animal crossing on the sweat slum hunched over, like Mrs Lynne on again, I'm trying to get myself as which were sold out everywhere, oh really
I don't know he saw a trying it. It will change a searching and place an animal crossing. I'm still pc man. I gotta pee from a busy boy. I just I just became a switch birds with the benchmarks I'm gonna have to visit his animal crossing islands and he doesn't have it. He doesn't it. Crossing just as well. We know that's right, he's playing Mario Kart, that's what he's playing yeah he! He just asked me if I'm playing Mario Kart and I was like because there was a chance ship the other day I like I mean I mean I'm kneedeep an animal crossing right now, I'm not, but you could join for a championship. Man don't be a pussy you do. I don't be don't be. Like gray, are you pc gaming playing Games Rhino yeah, yeah how'd you like like a like it's a job for the kind of Israel
right now it is my job is to stay home, and if that keeps you home, that's that's gonna be out. It not only gives me home, but it keeps me up at night because what you have to get up for you know what I think yeah yeah. I guess this is all just one. Day quarantines day. It's just one. All the days are the same really is it's really hard to differentiate the stuff acidic yeah, I'm playing this game on Pc it just came out. Diseased chuckle with pc games is everything that comes out. It's like early access, brightens always earlier this is your senseless playing like a beta, so nothing's finished everything's in development get border the game by the time they finally released at very frustrating. Well, I mean do I m kind of torn between so like
The example that I can give right now is animal crossing. That's what I playing the old animal crossing game was on three. And it was on a cartridge in it- was done like you just played a finished game and now the advantage with updates is that you get deal see, but then they can also go in and change things are cheap there bugs that they cannot go in and have to fix, or you know like there were cool hacks and the game before where you can get stuff and they fix those, and so I do wonder as a culture of people who are like just fine buying things that are done yet, like we're always were always beta testing shit, because always nothing is ever done. It's like gets easy to blame the tech companies, but at the same time as consumers we demand new stuff. Yeah, it's become to come to the point where in video games like I'm so blown away when something actually
is released and feels done that such an exception to the normal, especially in PC games like India, game stuff. It's just like it doesn't happen. What I can't imagine what the competitive nature is like to have like a game, company and sort of feeling, but we have to get this out there like. We just have to get it out there there's the up, because that will generate the revenue to complete the game like it's a business model that you have have early access, always you won't be able to make your game understanding budget. It is shocking to me how I mean I am. I am old and to remember when you like, I might growing up. I was just the beginning of like disposable technology culture. Where is like all, you know, like home, game councils are like this
hours in a couple years, there's gonna be a new model. That's gonna do right up, there's gonna be the sort of like more law curve. Now we just accept that nothing is permanent and tech companies design things do not last to burn out, and we accept that and we actually get mad when there's not a new thing to buy like the current the consumerism shit is about, but I kept fully knotted because- and I do so, but it is weird that all of our stuff, you don't have to go back very far, to look at things where people to spot they would be like one telephone and then habit forever yeah, yeah, yeah manner and everyone or telephone had stored numbers, those pretty exciting when the home phone you could.
Store numbers in it and have a speed dial, yet you could store like eight numbers and basically, like you know who was in your myspace top ape, who debate who made this dial his pretty exciting like for me as a kid was like a teen till I get one of the slots, somebody Agusta who's gonna be in that slots sire culture is just about filling spilling favorites lots like it's. It's unlimited slots to. How do you know unlimited slot unlimited slots, nothing special anymore, nothing special anymore, which is. Why are you here? this is only the beginning of the year after year to special which-
why doing an improper company show is epic because it really capture the moment. You know what I mean like if it really makes something special in another. What work, although your shoulder effectively, I do want to say disposable, but there are unique so there's cereal yeah there ethereal, there's not they're all of the moment. So does not anyone it's not even like you can really sit back on one. This is my where's. My company special was really the common. Shut up like this is what I've been working on for the last couple years here it is going to start this process over here is like What did John and then we just do a different one, the next night, it's weird in the sense that they will aid. This is the first time the ban and I have even seen our comedy, it's the first time with founder in there
were wise didn't like dissected it in that way when I caught interesting, but also because we do It is a different one. Every single timed it strange in a sense that, like these three are the ones that getting hold up is like the examples of the show on that flicks globally, there not bad their great shows were very proud of a bit like so many other times, especially since the doing these vessels we gonna stay off stage of just you know, whatever just ran towards shone like man, that was one of our top tens, if only that the huge, but you can't you can only increase yards of capturing. You can't wilfully capture this. Why always had a problem with improv in twenty years ago, when I was at the fork of you know, taking groundlings classes like my girl before you finish that I thought you were going to be when you read the fork like that was a comedy club that I did a perfect
twenty years ago is that when I was asked by, the man arose at the Fort Dubuque Comedy Club at the back of his diner. Understand that it was me for big earlier we were you just like slugging it out back there. You know performing at three people because days at the fork, man, they made us This sort of the fork of my comedy crossroads. It was like well stayed up was always my passion. I do love ripping, so maybe I like in private, then I realized well, I can risk, but I'm not like a great traditional, improvised, sir, and also I cannot help, but second guess everything afterwards. I thought why didn't they say this? Why did I do this? Why didn't I do this in? That stress has always really kept me from exploring like structured, improve
as a thing? Is I just be myself up too much afterwards? What I just but there's different you're doing it, especially when you're working out like when you were here new, mature leaders. When I go in some way it has to stop this written that night when you're on stage or whatever, that's still. The same thing: it's it's improper without the guise of scene work. Doctors and maybe a little bit of plot right. It's just like here's, your appears like the funny thing you want to say in the funny thing that you want to highlight what I alone am. I keep keep doing that got the stuff. That's later were the only. I would say: that's the big difference between problems with a capital? I is that, like the medium of what you're trying to have higher trying to deliver, this comedy is like seen seen work, and You know what an eye it ends up. Being kind of a little play like a whole story, faults out, but then you can go to. I don't know
gather some something else. In its wake. You just watching this. You don't see that might connect at the end, but they're kind of their third, each their own little dinner, disconnected story, but it s a kind of the victim Hence the icing but you're still enterprising. No, but you have to be comfortable with. I have you like withstand up? There really is sort of like your specialist sort of an expression of like up a perfect model like there is a goal of perfection. I think with a standard set like these are the most polished versions of junks up to this point and then it sort of like I guess it is the difference between like that, like something that's done and then like a beta tests which, as you know, these are perfectly formed, and here they are. But if you like, with an improved show, you have to be comfortable with, like
yeah. Some parts were great, some parts you know like that they were ups and downs, but as a process as a whole, it was perfect. It was by like where you're going with this Chris stand up, Should a steering committee special you're having a fully patched release day, comedy when you're doing improv it's early access, but it might be, but you have to be comfortable with. However, it went it's like. However, it went we didn't really. I guess. Maybe it's an issue of control was still. If you really control it with improv, you go because its elaborated. It's a team effort, its relationship with the audience. It's all of these things, but then that also leads to a potentially in radicalism, magical, special experience, because you all have this unique thing. That is
That is the dead. The second it's done it's too over here. Yeah. That sense of discovery is a big part of the joy of improper, and also like I seek with more experienced improvise, is that there are certain I don't know that I dont like calling and rules that are calling him. I don't know, philosophies or whatever with improv of like there are no mistakes and would cease advertisers. You really you really see that, because thing. Weirder unexpected happens in a new person, would think that throng and try to her. Erected to you know, but on. I think, especially well what I love about from the ban is like swore, maybe humble into something a bit weird or something and we're like great now, this part of it and like works at all aspect of the improv show, is that's the fun part of it. Is that
is a little messy is we are like guys like. We are being tested, ok, good! Yes, he becomes a better just with with a girl like when you, when you connect with like a comedy soul: mate and for you know, for me, it's pray, my friend my firm and where, when we're on stage together, I just feel a comfort level. No matter what I say, MIKE's going to have like a thing. That's going to activate it like, I feel perfectly comfortable with him on stage cuz. I know no matter what it is, he's going to knock it back in a way that I'm going to reactivate each other in a really magical way: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,. When its Improvin, somehow in this situation, how bad and I found ourselves doing to pressing impact like bigger,
your audience is. Bigger. Theatres are now and now this it requires a great deal of of trust like the idea like I'm gonna like do this initiate Judas character or just say this thing, and I I I know no matter what I'll do here you'll make sensitive your integrated, somehow you won't be like, or what that won't happen. Any visit does even like what I was about. Four with that is. We treat the show yes like an improvised play, but also, at the same time, like a kind of thought bill do old so like if you makes a move or something that I can't. I don't really understand. I'll be like we were you
with this allegedly just like ask him as farmers and heal the heat is meant to be sure we want to do this. I dont like it's a little early fur wizard character. You know whatever that listening is really fun palace, like so much of it brought, especially during a profit cargo I'd like it, so that it sometimes it's a bit too sacred for its own good, and I like I really like that. The list is dependent. I do you have a debt of gratitude. I think you have to learn you you. You have to have that, take unforgiving structure and then understand it and you can break it. You know be, who you are and break it, but I would also say that, like my own, I think differently compared to sing constant, regular stand. That's my limited experience would stand up is like to
make sure your kind of always highlighting what's funny about a sick man when I, if I compare like the approached the comedy with a lot of Chicago advisers, their early, It's very like for and that's a noble cause, but I'm just kind of like now didn't give you the last man, let's get after it here like lakes, let's get there, you know well, that is also sort of a like having kind of developed in there. I guess you know what you call the alternative comedy seated allay with wooden company gets really alternative. It's almost like. I feel there is a little bit up. It's a little pump in the sense that you're trying to like your kind of trying to push the audience away a little better, lose them from time to time or like be above them in a way
words I gonna fuckin care. If they get it or not. You know this is for me and then at a certain point, you're like well. Maybe some of it should be Maybe you should be about like you, you either, because the periods of oh, you know what I mean is disposed to be fine and we can fuck around and there's the day you dollar gathers structure, but it should also like that shouldn't take precedence over what's fine about being in front of strangers and trying to pull them altogether are you now for this hour and a half that we're all together and have its like flash community experience? Yes totally. I think that thread of like I think people want to see that threaten punk. If you will say to that sort of like has the presidency, I don't care if you get it not, but make no mistake, you do you do
care like without the audience enjoying it. It's pointless red regret is pointless reminders. I just do that show by yourself well and we might have to Four for a little while I'm trying to figure out how many virtual company festivals, if even invited, why dropped in my friend Jack Occasion, whose abstain up I adore she's been doing like zoom shows where she invites, like. You know three people whatever she's, getting ready for a special, so she's been doing them in her room, and I did I wanted watched and it actually was working really well in a wailing. Didn't think you know because stand. And what can you see the people Casey? Other people like that? I did see like a couple. People that were left like they would populated, laugh because you do, you do need that to a degree. Because you I've been wondering, like God, nor could we do. Is there a way to do like up like a short version
midnight, like view zoom, where you're just like fucking around what topics with different comics and at first I thought when you need. How needs an audience like you need an audience reaction, but then I thought: well, maybe you don't like if you just if you just cut away a little bit quicker, so you're, not waiting for the audience response, which would feel like dead air. If you hold for Latvia, it's like when it's like US friends of the sense without the laughter three or even like you, don't show like Silicon Valley, which is single camera. You know, like single camera, conquered comedy with having to have the audience. Tell you where to laugh, because you just they just figured out an editing process where it is the timing of it again. Poverty is timing. It doesn't necessarily need to be a certain thing. It's just like. Well, that's the different presentation see just got time it.
Rightly so. Can we present state upper improper, like a comedy game, show and awaited still works, because we figured out how to time the jokes too to fear. I think I've always thought that, and this is alienated alienating in the sense that there is a technology. Hardware barrier that you just like have to own a vcr set, for. I would not like to be really cool like even in alive. Show right. You have an audience that you take off one seat in the Middle EAST have a life feed of a danger to sixty the earthen, so you could buy a virtual ticket indeed, next to real audience. Members and everybody's, in that I see, but the but aid not have their say and then be. I think, the technology of straining at that level of Fidelity Treaty, Audio treaty, videos alone, tricky, but I'll be cool with audience members, and I wonder if you could just do it. If you could just do with nobody- and it's like you say,
material material directly life, what one person in the audience, even though it could be a thousand, but at least you get that experience like sitting in a room is about the sitting in a screen of the same thing I want. But I wonder if you would just sound like a crazy person who, like went up to someone in a library was like you know, what's weird about cheating it, you know it or maybe you frame it like that. Like any John Oliver Psyche is show fits in that sort of like delivering monologue kind of things like it. I missed the audience, but I've I've enjoyed his stuff without a german funny people a day do you know like they just like not me, I'm not doing anything, I'm just playing video games not adapted for. I actually did you think that you're talking about, I did for my last special because in twenty sixteen company central was really be we are at it was that it was a period of time when, like you know that a free- and you know everything,
was like all we are as the next. Everything was coming up, I'll kill us, yes and so big. We shot some severe for my special and what I found Is that watching it as an audience member you Joe, was too much freedom right, like you really need someone to direct your attention, especially when you're watching my wants to be a part of it What I found is that I was busy looking around going to look at that guy shoes. Oh look at that thing. You know like you just sent it was. It was too unfocused because the energy of the room can it if, when you're in the roman sort of help spoke as you, but when you, when you're disconnected from the energy of but it doesn't it didn't bring me into the room, the way that I the way that I think we had hoped that it would you just sort of felt like Europe and almost feels A ghost and you're like our no one,
See me you know, I didn't really feel like what I thought it would feel like, so that, once the our experience, I've I've sounds like you're putting an eye on you. Sort of being hurt me, that's all it is you do. I imagine you guys probably had two dates that you had to put off: yeah yeah yeah yeah and I guess there like much more indefinite. Then in a few months like. Congregations are gonna get kicked weighed up. Well, I just saw today we re being April sixteenth, that you know Tom York moved a bunch of dates to September, and that made me weirdly feel hope, because I feel like oh Tom, you he's on the he's on the cutting edge, probably something that I Tom. Europe has a direct. Why did the cdc he hasn't? He knows what's up, but like all my
It's come back in September, and even now, I'm kind of going you even if people are allowed to congregate, original, want to engineer, or else I feel like I feel like festivals, seemed scarier than big theatres and big, cleaner, seem scarier, then small fears I think like Firstly, if being you, I am good I'd rather go up at like Largo, then begin another big, huge tour and playing it. Multiple thousands eaters, just as there is obviously more european. The higher the arts. I was gonna. I wanted to pick a fight against. Someone must have pitched this to him like hey. Can we do like a social? distance shell from Largo, where you stream a show of yeah ago people to get em. Maybe it's a donation to charity or whatever, but it's a limited number of people, and you kind of do these. You know these,
those where there's no audience but you're, just sort of like you, don't even doing thrilling, avenging thrilling adventure. Our liked even doing like live streams of drilling adventure, our that the upper and blacker India and I feel like people are adapting and people are bring it out, but I don't know even if the situation we're okay. Well, let people back in the theaters, but everyone's got to sit like four seats apart, like comedy needs like you need people you would you need proximity, I think cuz, that's how it ought. Can it comes together and people were scattered around a lively, today, if patchy and weird yeah yeah, I agree I don't know, I don't. I don't need the secret to a virtual comedy. I have certainly been asked to join in and arms like no because I just I don't I don't have any.
And I certainly don't wanna just be like and zoom like stirring up lame half baked stuff. Well, it's just were, comedians are kind of energy. Vampires like we need yeah me like you. I would I would always say before before we were taken up so that I've been that, I would say to the audience like you know what I'm not saying fake laugh but just like be engaged because the more the more engaged are the more you reacting to funny or literally the funny or we become because comics beat off that energy and we need, like you, sort of feel that thing in you that wakes up when people react and then you you get better because you're engaged cuz they're in yeah it's like it's there there. There are little bits of cocaine that make us think we're whoops,
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of them, but it also must be. Frustrating is thick fog. This is you know if we want to be out doing shows now that the special is out yeah yeah. We definitely adopted tour with the momentum of the special behind. Switch would serve come after next week. I suppose I will say, although it kind of music, I feel it might just be putting it on myself feeling a bit guilty promoting anything during this thing at this time like if I think about what I am experiencing, which is like a tremendous amount of boredom and just like got them everyday, I'm the fuck. Am I going to do now if I In the statement I can somehow to people's like this. Is check this out. It's funny. Maybe this my take some hours of the day and you might enjoy this. I think it's like. Ok, the
small value isn't entertainer ticked so, hopefully than your man about it. I wouldn't feel bad about promoting promoting stock is its. I mean, I don't think anyone would think you're saying like what what we're doing is more important than were they're doing like no one thinks tat, but but seriously there, but it is a bit ring on as we have this rod about asked wiping that is but it, but I think that it is it is. It is an important, if not the most important thing, but it's not the least important thing either like it is because this is the tools that that you haven't. If you can like you said, if you can distract people for a few hours and make them feel better, make them feel safer, make them feel connected,
because they got to laugh and be transported for a few hours, that that is not nothing. You know I get it. It is it's it's a good thing to be able to do, and I think people I think when you are, doing. Life shows again, you will find people not even going. I just want to say I was having like a super fucked up day in quarantine. I why I felt so much better it made me better around my family. It made me feel like honestly. I do think that there are, I do think it is it is it is, it thing, and I wouldn't feel bad about promoting something that we all like work hard on yeah, not that you have a good point, I I think in if there is going to be some kind of quarantine aquareine now I'm. I feel I feel happy that we had these in her back pocket did it go right so that, where like here like he s here, something whereas like on the tv,
I just finished dislike pots, CBS pilot and that's like you, I would I be waiting kindness to find out if he got picked up, Way- and now I just like wait longer and that's the only thing I can do is wait longer, whereas the things like ready, and it just so happens. It's happening. The allotted time, actors around a sort of a career quarantine after they should do anything else I know, and that respect I feel very fortunate in the central like nothing too much would be changed. I probably just be like to take in more. How would hot shot, but like other than that, be waiting around myself. Fortunate that you know like this is a bit like independent contractor business, It works like I got page my work and I'm not like you. Now about it or I just I feel so much sympathy for the talks that are like fuck man. I don't have a job. What am I gonna do their witches witches most people right now. You know, though, incredibly lucky that, even though we can,
Do everything that we normally do like the lie performance stuff? We can still, we can still make content to reconsider. Podcast yeah, you know like puts, put step out there and that's that part of our that's part of our job, and so it is. It is very. It is very fortunate, but this business I do know how you feel about this. I don't think the business is ever about any one job. I think that I always look at the goal was like creating momentum, you know, momentum, sort of shields you from the ups and downs and now a period where nothing has anyone right. She thought of it. All them about animal went and we'll come back its electors, not gonna, be entertainment, anymore. You know the little change some of it or go back to the way it is to be, but it is that sort of adding thing like all were. How do you have you achieve went on when there's zero momentum, because here none of it the engines are in place right now. No one knows everything is gonna shake out
on things like, I think you know something fall by the wayside. Much like you Restaurants in bars and stuff are gonna, have are closing because, like they, they can generate the income to meet to meet like demands of rent, that's probably similar things in various. I don't know networks that were on the cusp of trying to figure things out. Like in this time when they can produce anything in there like we waited they have. No products could write. Going to sell yeah I mean I was I read, I was reading something at like. I hope this fact is right. If it's not right, I apologize, but I was pretty sure that I read that, like Disney World laid off like forty thousand people, was like some fucking in areas like the size of a town, and What would you say it's the size of a small world after all buy?
No we're, not you don't just like after that fuck. That was it. I was feeling I should just spoke the ball in anything like you know it's horrible right now, but I but I feel like But it's only Disney world is going to close, like eventually they will reopen, and hopefully the higher all those people Rick as they will need. They will need all those people to work again at some point. It would be better to get them and try to hire all these other phone. All these folks dialogue I I, I like any kind recently, like. Even just on a small scale. You see we had to make what some people go in. Everyone's are up in arms about owner everyone, but some people were in its just like that business. I was having a hard time before the clergy right like if there
companies if their energies in organizations that are like a dance and on the wire. This is the thing that doesn't public shovels them off and you can t get he gets sort of like I understand you can be. Sad nervous like what the housing happen especially system. Leave. Your among those success was not lose your planet, but to hold it against the entity. I feel feels a little bit misplaced. Well, it's hard yeah, it's hard with big companies because I think part of it is like all of you, guys are only going to make fifty million dollars a year here with you know, but when it comes to small businesses, but I know a lot of time clubs are really having a hard time right now because, like you said they really do, it is a sort of like wire business you know like they make their they make enough each month and then a little
more to stay open but they're not being open for a few months like how far can they fall behind words like idle? I guess we're not a thing anymore, are you not hear other everybody who earns like ass? I got nightclub bar, You're an ally and uses you just told me like flat out what say the numbers they use told me like how much a month in rent that he always right. Like I cannot stay afloat for months and I will go back and tell you. I never saw destitution eyes like and I dont even decided. What do I know about running at club in her yeah? Well, you I mean I saw that that Swingers closed on Beverly yeah it was. You know, like a play,
is legendary. You know it's like holy shit, but then I think will is someone going to. Is that an opportunity for another person or company to cut a swoop in and save it like? Is that an investment opportunity, I'd kind of hope? Maybe there needs to be some kind of thing. That's like geographic, where you can look at a map of like your air. And these are all the businesses that are struggling and if you want to invest like if you wanna go later and Bass like you, can sort of you don't help your community, your local businesses or whatever like stand there, because it can be hard to sort of figure out like well, you know. What's the state of everything like is this cafe gotta stay open. Is that coffee places this are they gonna have jobs and a fight? help? How do I you know like there's a cafe that I would go to every morning, and I hope I hope there also. I like all of those people, but if they're, not, I don't even I wouldn't even know who to reach out.
Due to say where aid you have like a go find me. Do you have like some way to like helped? The staff are feeling if someone could pull all that together, we really help us so that we could all sort of sea This is this: are you listening? Google? Are you listening I hope it's not. What I hope will help doesn't happen. Is this ends up being like some grants wise, but no that's why size that that cuts down all the little guys, leaving only the big guy standing and when it's time to rebuild its just like monopolies Is that all the conglomerates in tycoons go? I don't think that I don't think that'll be the Canada.
I think there will be some of that for sure, but my my hope in my you know I do. I do hope that a lot of like once people are allowed to have customers again, that a lot of these places will be able to sort of pink back up even if they start over. You know I I I I hope there is. They sent a strong sense of community that that that comes out of this and one more able to its like all we're gonna start supporting, maybe will support local business more than we would have before began We know now that is vital for our community to support these people in any way. Is down and always seem to go you you don't know what you got towards got your page paradise and put up a parking lot, what up a parking Paradise was there why a parking lot come on baby you ever report about that's on is that I can't figure out if the laughed she does at the end. If that was like a thing that she did while their record
that's cute. Let's leave it in or flagging out. The song really needs just she like the paper. It goes all the way up and I might add that famous Joe Mitchell high note before, like the cigarettes, really took her down an active about them. Pardon. I get fired. I think that that doesn't happen enough popular music. It happens, it happens and like India, music, where they like, leave it going for a bit and scale of suddenly women than the where's playing around but like modern. Pop music is so polish. There's no rough around the edges element to anything. There thing we do that, then they they showed. The beta test is basically what an pop music, I think they are debated it early access is kryptonite, modern fatness, but the evident going back to improve this. This is the best thing about improbable
also some of the best moments that I've ever had him, I said upset were just the the accidents like the mistakes like here. The things that go wrong. That then you're able to cause that don't those are real. Mother those are a few moments and those are things that only happen in that specific instance. That's essentially your entire show That's what I that's why I too, I hunt for those moments if the show was along utterly smoothly and then and I, for example, know exactly where the other person's going in that system. That would feel so plan that will seal of those it wouldn't be funny. It's the things as the current balls in the web season and it's the oddity that, like all of that's something, let's latch onto that, make that away bigger thing than you ever come away from a showman go fuck. We should develop this into something more permanent or we should. This should be a shower, they should be
or do you just like that, was that we're done moving on, I like, shower. I don't open and I have tried to set down sit down an right with each other and it is. It is a nightmare he's like an incredibly good and accomplished writer and I'm you know, I'm meddling but like together I did not reach had settled on anybody. I think It exists. This media about like making it up is what we do best, but maybe someone else, does the job done, shut down the final draft of what we do, that we need to have some work and with a gun and go I'll write, you have an hour. You work at a meat packing plant in Europe go, and then you have maybe maybe you're too accustomed to not over thinking it. Yes, hello, Hollywood. We ve got the script. It's called packers without set, as the other end
but it. But he arrived, you going it's not about the Green Bay attackers, its meeting, You guys got about the Green Bay Packers, their meat, packers and then the other person rights tickets and somehow, through a series of mishaps, they become unlikely friends and allies. Then the cartels after them in its work. The meat cartel you understand, hits there's a little bit but now- actually might be a cartel. Looking earlier debates I'm sure there's a wretched article somewhere about meat cartel, I'm I'm. There is no doubt in my mind that that idea, improvements and also that idea of sort of like being in a moment and being in the pure presence. Is it it's an amazing way to be able to live your life? you able to live your life. That way or do you ever think everything when you're not on stage. I don't have any.
Spontaneity at the moment this for sure, but it I do. I do often spend my wheels about. I find myself is living in the future, a lot and also living in the past like a spin my way about like what needs to happen in order should just things I want to occur and then also like boys, those things both in small random in whatever side debt like happened boy. I should spend a lot of time. Thinking about that regretting tat. You definitely keep me for hours at night to see like I say that the person she got up funny way to sort of take some of the sting out of that stuff is when you do that, you yourself to contact your wife We should really focus on saying that think that thing to the guy that party and he must have
me, because I really need. I really need to think about this more, like that's funny, fun way to contextualize it because it just when you say that way. It's like this is done. Why my wits my brain seems to like that kind of thing. But yeah I mean I do like Nobody in the moment I find like for me, because I got a pretty active, Gerbil and Amsterdam hamster wheel. It's why I like escapism like video games, are even like one I got my palace licence and you have to a kind of go to school again but study and where and that like offers, some focus and some detachment, then just like you, figuring out. What did you do that included it? It's like shut out. We have. We have a puppy right now,
and when we don't walk him and keep him super engaged and burn out his energy he's a fucking tornado? Yes, he just needs stimulation and sobered is constantly trying to stimulate, is developing brain so that he doesn't go crazy. Could dogs will go crazy? Some sometimes will go crazy if they don't have the right amount of simulation to cut a burn that hamster wheel on their brain. The yemeni- that's that's it yeah, two dogs. I just got this. I just got dislike toys for one. It's like a puzzle, you put the they cannot sit around and then the food comes out and he, like that it around and then just didn't it's like a damn it. I dont aren't you bird I can see his lawyer. I get on early childhood of low, where he lives Odin there. I don't. I get this image of your dog sobbing the puzzle and then
Walls would open in these like Santa Bites from how Razor commanded the like in Essen hazard, you pass the test the chosen one in view of the good. The boy now captain We re the hell with us forever more like these dogs, whether Jaynes and button spikes in their face an undue psychotic. About tat. Car would have a gateway to Jesus Carol, bastards, there's an instagram links, sketching or somewhere. One Jonah aware come away. I feel like were were also in the age of like nothing, too. Stupid, like everyone just once distraction right now. So note like all I ask is like people are so forgiving cause. There's the context not like you. I know this is done, but I was bored
know what else to do with my term. If we were like, can we get it? It's my love em all about friend, whose very tapped until I good tik Tok videos of all about get that supply of just like parents being carrots. Team tee thy teens gets that are very baby in antiquity. That are like pretty funny. I just like Gimme a stupid ten. Second, glimpse into something human and silly, I'm all about it. I was so anti tik Tok even like a month ago. I even I think I said on spade- show like this, I feel like I'm crash in a high school party, is like an old gave. No, it isn't it yeah. I feel very old, but now that like people like so many other people have embraced tik Tok, just as the thing to do, Now, I'm back, I don't like. Maybe I shouldn't can videos America's now's the time if I was ever gonna, do it better. I think people would understand the guy. You need to make stuff if you want
I know I just like I think about like the work the work I read every time I feel like I've gotta, like increase my social media presence, I'm instruments that the only thing I have forgotten I really want to do another friendship. I already hate does not have it any further. Maybe do any other learn another platforms like double language in Libya, o this has to end with a joke in it's gotta. Be there soon enough, you gotta lip sink in this part in it and was that discovery process, yet that part of it is that that really does or to make me feel like your old dad can make a tic tac right. You know, like I just don't know, but then I have so many friends were comedians who were fucking killing it right now, just like making great stuff in it. I just wonder, like I think your brain just has to work in a different way where you just don't it's like yeah, it's work, but it's worth it and to me it just feels like am I going to make that
effort for a thing that I like to learn a whole new language. Basically yeah I've also I've also developed and it didn't start up beside but have developed. The ugly could shed a bit like, I guess hosting anxieties in which I like I'll, put something on his dream. That I think is maybe like funnier. What and then I'm immediately, like all my gotcha. Does it not its pulling other funding should take this down like Ike Ba I do actually because I just have. I just haven't Zaire about it. I don't know, as the years have gone by, I just devolved to us as cared nests of media in general like it is,
these few things in such bizarre way is that I'm just like I dont think I trust it fully like if you listen, if you with a joke and alive, show, there's another joke. That's right around the corner. Like people, the mayor of it, it's like a river, it just washes right has, but if you with a joke and social media, there's like their sharp Earlier that people can just pole there, nor I I had afraid this- but idea for thing that I wanted opposed from. Did you watch tiger king? this is actually listened to the pod, guess you're, so I know it. Yeah did so afraid of it, who does like a lot of pop culture- and I was like all make a mega thing where he man is Joe exotic with the market and he's holding a crimson as a carbon. Then she rose like taking a selfish herself. Holding up and I made it- I looked at lieutenant. I was like you know what this almost feels like, I'm
somehow like the it was so sad what was happening with these cubs that I don't want people to take it. That way like. Oh, you think it's funny that someone was exploiting these poor creatures. I just never posted it, because I just bought all this isn't if it's a lance in a weird way, it's going to be able to go to be like fuck. You, like, I, was just trying to make it down that wasn't making fun of this one thing would be really funny. I'm sorry, like thirty two, like bump people out and with a joke you that it just doesn't like a lot of it's just not worth it like. Was it worth it for the indulgent? Like respond, that I was trying to get. Is it worth India Nigh now, especially when we live in a world where everyone on Twitter, for example, is perfect and always right, and
every day. Every time you shall fallacy there like see what way. No, what are you talking about? What you only ever see the whole pokers is. The thing like the it there's a handful of hope workers, but they're the ones that you're gonna see because they are the most active and You know anger, they heard the most curious if they really to earth the books and then for me for a joke. It just thought, because you, like God this was it worth it like it. Just was it just wasn't. I didn't need to do this. Did them is the special is out April? Twenty first strain correct and there are three of them. There are three all completely different. How completely it up on the spot, and so in your double Silicon Valley have a silicon valley and I shared shot. A CBS pilot like up like up multi, can sit come so that could be
a new world in which I embark on essential, gets picked up and then there's a man of initial there's, a show on Hulu adjusting Roy, what they're doing a new shock had solar offsets in I'm lucky enough to voice a character that fair and we recommend maybe something. Oh no! Oh that's great! You know rigour more he's coming back in May to now. That's a guy! I feel like he's gonna be fine because all the stuff that he makes you can make robustly all the animators other writers. Everyone can work remotely, can record voices, everyone can record voices at their home. You know like it, it's narrows animation is, is a great times to be an intimation right now in great time. I do. I also think it is. Silicon Valley, what's happened with kind now is when they know
was finishing, a no go like the final season. I do think there is kind of a blessing in that because you know it's. You know like get a wrap up a story in the way that, like it, it should in traditional media like every gonna get picked I don't know. I was last season the last season, maybe Bhutto's. I have no idea Asia's end like open, which sucks for the audience here they fizzle out. Did you guys did you feel like you're gonna gotcha? map out the ark, the way that you wanted to oh yeah, I actually feel very satiated. Without that that show ended. I think it's like. I think it was, and it was perfect sleep the show of the successes, mixed a failure every time they hold their hands up to celebrate someone purchase them dick relegates just its. Always bitter sweet, and I I I really likes that shit
show ended. I also like that. There's a bit of a cliff angry in MIKE and Alec or playfully bad around. The idea, like maybe we'll, come back some years later, do like a bonus thing and I'm I'm game. I think I'd be superfluous. And so is your plan now like immediacy bs plan, like is everything just I'll pick ups in everything around all like. No one has any idea there, just extending it out until I would assume so like this is a check lorry showed us I'd say, like I mean who knows the knack of word like, I think the odds are fairly good, Butler since no one knows, even when it's possible to shoot again, I think they're, probably they're, holding often ordering anything, but what it feels like you're allowed to go to a place of work for a non essential said. Yet we will hopefully- or maybe not maybe I'll- be disappointed
I'm just doing what did you do? We are able to see with an audience or it is not one of the lessons with an audience. Oh, my god, it's cried a friend. You did a pilot at another network. They pulled the audience last minute, for they did their pockets and doesn't like ours, There are weird I've only done one other multi cabinet. It was no audience motionless, Shaw, shot so awkward it just doing these things holding for laughs. So where is awful, and you got true like I to help you know it's like those that psycho, you know the genetic officials to do that
Oh well, that mean yeah I mean there are shows that basically just add the canned laughter, but I can't I just don't know how you would just don't know. You need something like again. You need something to feed on her, but at least with Silicon Valley, like with single camera stuff, you can get the rhythm of it, but it's it coming specific rhythm that is based on holding for laughs, like you, can think of no other way. There's no other way to do that. Literally and for senior like performing kind of like three coarser signal like you need you need us up? currently goes. The first time at sea, like like a multi, come on, let's get warmed up, I guess we got like one of the guys that big eyes he kept the crowd were going for like three and a half hours. She was insane. Got people screaming, and I was just like.
You must be so stopped. You just came from universes studios or something in your hearing, your Hollywood. You must be so excited to the point where it this guy I use. Graham you like wrapping here boy saw a pop up is like good energy. That's the type of energy that you get to do your challenge, as those nothing you got it, you get, people were like, no brains were warm up, is the most. I think one of them. I probably one of the hardest jobs incur. One of the most under appreciated jobs and comedy because you can tell a difference when an audience is not warmed up and it is necessary, like our first, our first month few months shows on at midnight. There was no warm up and it always felt harder to. The audience going a little bit and as a result, the comedians work-
real re blue, real fast, because I think they were trying to get a reaction out of the audience. Maybe we need the audience warmed up so that everyone's more comfortable and then you have a good. You know you have a good warm up. You know our case. It was Brodie Stevens you my best and jam he warmed up. The audience in such a beautiful way, and it really makes a huge difference here and so, when you get one of those guys that whips them up into a frenzy, it's like, I hope, you're paying this gap huge, retain this guy's. Much is your paying the cast because he showed is not working What this guy is doing with the area, and it's got it was like he had always tracks, like you said, Ferris, these kind of games to play and stuff, because it's not just like warm up really ten minutes and then like our measures, show, is like every time in between takes its this. It was in a half hours, constant crowd were blown away. How do you like it
cheesy values like finally got everybody. You got out very press so general as a ravenous. This up, you feel. Ok, like do you know like do you feel That sort of like a day to day thing like, if you will notice for people who are friends of yours who feel connected to you. What do you do, besides there anything else you doing besides video games, assorted just like stay, say: okay, I'm going on walks. Yeah, I feel like What's the I'm trying to lead mercury, I get out of the house in my brief air and remain socially distant, ends undulating trying and like sharing when people on friends immeasurably unseen. I have merged Africa. A really good deal do droop and were still keeping the campaign go. This aspect
You know just like little bits to keep entertained, but, to be honest like it is worrying its forests. I feel like it kind of like the lame is vacation. You can have the sweet. I got three months up stand. It removes up a gear it do anything fuel tremendous anxiety when I even shot for groceries so yeah to sleep it's pretty miles and watching like shows that I should but I should have watched I finally washed men worryin like that, should have been something I've watched you just gotta yeah then it is it is we are. We are playing a a catch up with stuff, I mean you know, but I still feel like every night we sit down were like what are we gonna watch tonight and it still feels like those others, too much choice
I know you much choice is almost no choice because you're just overwhelmed like I don't know, which you know which one of you auto trailers on Netflix is is a winner. I ve no idea, I tell you at last night, I saw cats and look I realise the collective consciousness really looks like shit on cared a glance did you always with weird. I don't think it looked with eyes. The kind of like the anti promoting. I like the weird sets are big meetings exaggerated we're living in essential that the korean creams great? I thought everybody actor wasted a great job. I think the signs are fun. I think the problem with cats. The movie is not the movie.
Catch the musical? It makes no sense. So if you mad at cats, the movie you're just met, it enjoys the movie, it needed it needed. A few. Rewrites are needed. Such scenes contacts like what the fuck does. This mean you're gonna, sending in the sand and sky at the Fuckin Jellicoe night joke about it needed a river, but the actual execution are sound, if that was pretty fun, was and is a fantasy centrally, where a perfect example by the cats like this, like you know, the citizens was making fun of catholic twenty five years ago, forgetting who you know Jack, but that's a perfect example of something that was was really meant we experienced in person just the fuckin weirdness, seven in person, I imagine the deal
what the what the fuck, why these people and why do they have like cap names entails? But if you were there, I don't know. If I can imagine is alive, showed show experience, it was probably weird and kind of silly and fun but is also written. I think, like me, I think, in the eighties or something that salaries eighties and it's like it. It feels at the time like it feels like it was written. That might just did that very convoluted dialogue, the sort of like protocol prototypes fantasy stuff is dislike? Oh my god, This decided to be updated over its easy to should other ridiculous, but maybe it was that was borne by. Maybe there were drugs involved. If it there if it was written during that period of time. Maybe there was a little bit of drugs. Almost it's a little bit likely moves in the sense that, like there's not a lot of scenes in the Will you just right under the next and it's like all what this
but the musical is just like shares this cap. Ok, he does this and then there's Cattle as she does this and you're just learning about different cats, and is it's sort of felt like an ode to if you love cats can't get enough a catch. Your cats have had you gotta catch for this. Is that meets issues this kind, the cat? Is it? Have you get used to get tat obsessed person? Cats is your favorite thing in the world, but to everybody else. It's just like. Ok, we get it shut off with your point of view, is don't fuck with cats the musical yeah. I think that I think that's the movie was cooperate, Cason, evils that and it will need to work better than some notes. Like, there's gotta be able to travel to another one
That's too to yellow learns captain now I don't feel like it is probably a comparable for you to sit in your bathtub any longer so I'll, let you go, but if oh no, I give you have you ever border? If you need anything or if you don't know just reach out we're all here I'm here you know it's always wanted. It is always want to offer. That's him people that I know like someone said something really address. To me yesterday where they go. You know, if, if you think about someone you're wondering about someone just reach out to them. Now the driver you just reach out to the more you talk to people Don't normally talk too to connect, you know like just to stay connected or whatever, but you know, I don't know I'm around. If you need anything, if you, if you need me, extract yourself, I have our euro or anything. Just just. Let me know thank you sweetie voicing here. Are you are? You are your account?
hilarious man, I'm very excited to see your special as I hope you like it. I it's gonna, be amazing. I mean I'm still able to watch improve. As like and as an audience member and not as a comedian? Where I go back, I see what they did their like. I genuinely I'm alive, Four, and I liked I like to watch and I like to be entertained, a cool. It hasn't been hasn't gotten to yet, burned by yet, but again that still like impromptu me, the other side of the fence site, like I still in that prisoners like how do they do that, like I still like, I still have wonder and marvel at it. You are right. The end I incomplete retail.
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