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T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Deadpool, Cashing in with T.J. Miller podcast) chats with Chris about how he deals with anxiety, the ways they both cope with being so busy and why he is choosing to spend more time on stand-up and with his wife. T.J. also talks about how he chooses his projects, they speculate why people believe things that aren’t true and he gives Chris a present! Make sure to watch his special Meticulously Ridiculous on HBO June 17th and his show Gorburger on Comedy Central! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Work in that respect as number eight seventy seven, this episode is brought to you by Lou, creates Luke, create, are incredible items that get deliver to you every month without fail, you're gonna spend a little bit of money and you're gonna get a big return in both joy, and also dollar amounts verses. What you spent on it, it's pop culture, stuff, it's that these are unique, one of a kind items that are made just for you, it's gear, housewares, collectibles, and then you know it's coming within you forget that comes and then is even better and theyve expanded. So if you want bigger loot, you can get Luke Crepe de X or if you want stuff for your pets, there's loot pets scale, you could get stuff were things yes answered. Fervour relentless Gus, eloquent scout is having a judge, a dream causing huge is doing. I just now in her an anxious doing running chasing some down you. I like that. I laid them it's a nice.
Sounds like a nightmare, but because I love her so much I like to think it's not a nightmare and she's just chasing squirrels, and so Do you have to get down and like despair and went out all that will be like in the other rooms and hence watching tv and she's in the bedroom? Could she goes to bed at like eight o clock, I gotta show some pictures better way because we did an episode of at midnight, that's airing tonight to say the sixth of June, with the cost of we're dog love that watch that show it's so good. Ok, so here's what we did, we parted with a place called Paul works yet which is like arrest, cask ia and they brought. We had a couple of pens and of rare you puppies and a pan of rescue dog, and I want them. I was playing with a rescue. Puppies, Nay said, will don't play with the rescue dogs and then go back to the puppies, because the puppies are still too young and other shots, but they were to show you pictures call my ad down below I'm gonna have to watch this is tonight it's tonight. I'm going to show this to you Katy
sort of re. You should adapt its roderick like tat because of our cat. Numerous non core he's a great capitals, not cool with other animal small. So anyway we could get lewd pets for a numerous or Lupex. For one of these you pups. The arts, overhead engage Lou. Pets are loopholes, will induce okay, gonna fight, I'm from Spiderman transformers the HAWK Dc comics and then one subscriber scrubber when a mega crate of epic proportions. Yet until the nineteenth at nine P M Pacific, the subscriber receive that months created when the kind of happens it's over so go to Lucretia concession artists enter the code notice the same ten percent off any new subscription today, but Katy it seems like you have. something to share from a nurse community court bored. I do we have a guy Nick wrong. It's are a elegy. I have no idea how to pronounce that he's a twenty four year old son
singer, songwriter from words to New York. He has a sound cloud music page and I he would love people from the nerves community to listen to it. He said the pike has been a big influence on the way that he at creating and putting on his own material, so you can find all he records it all himself. Oh, that's cool on a little task in eight track studio recorder. Let's go see defied all his stuff on sound, quite by searching, Nick Rollin and that's or a l g. Also. I just want to remind me but there's plenty of others have always happeneth nervous where the whole roster of amazing podcast, like will you accept this rose, Jackie Lorry show puck soup. Writers panel way more plus there are a meal hilarious and affordable live show at the nerd MELT showroom every night, even gonna turn belt allay dot com to find out more info,
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I said I'm in town for India and then there are others. They pour tourist region and its more panels that we're about to announce so go to Idee ten t, fest dot com and come join us up. Another California, at the end of the month, this absurd is T J Miller he's promoting new special meticulously ridiculous, which is Saturday you seventeenth on HBO and then we'll be on each. We are going to be a new and listen to cashing in with T J Miller the pod cast on the notice network. T Jane Cash and yet so that's that's. The sums that are supported by audible, which has the best audio, but performance, is the largest library, most exclusive content, pretty much anything you want you can listen to, which is great, because I don't always have time to stand and open a book and look at the words I'm on my way to pay. since I am travelling, it's very helpfully really listen! I'm busy in LOS Angeles,
car all the time right now, I'm listening to a book called the life changing magic of tidying up, which is its of this method that the community method, which was its was created by this woman, Amory Condo, and she its method of of learning, how to tidy up all the crap in your house and in your life yeah. But it's all tied to you know. We have psychological reasons that we are messy, and so it do basically teaches you how to declare your life in a way that ultimately will make you happier, because you know when your house's less cluttered when you're workspaces, less cluttered, there's less clutter in your minds, and so they had kind of works back and forth, but I'm listening, I'm listening that now, so that I'm pretty excited about that for excited about myself. I gotta be very helpful for a long time.
I think it would be helpful for a lot of people so yeah. That's it. The met the like changing agitating up, I'm looking to an audible an end, or ever I listen to it it's on the phone or on the computer river, its it it it. Aids wherever you are in the book, so you don't have to find it again on another devices. Just with its consistent on all your devices, you get all stuff on any one of you devices and you own these things, and so it's just a great way to be able to absorb. Can, instead of us into the same playlist or the same, you know, Spotify play lissie, listen to over and over again or Pandora Station fill your head with something you know a mystery book or romance novel or Sci Fi Book or something nonfiction or some way to some say something self help related to improve your life. You can do that. Inaudible will help you do that start, your thirty rail, audible for its free, you can learn more audible, dotcom, slash, nervous that is audible that come slashing noticed his nose. I guess number eight. Seventy seven with T J Miller a three
Aids is number three right: re Katy role, the number three now entering nearness dot com all of the we all do yeah we squeeze it in throughout the throughout the day. That's the only time Alzheimer's emerging movie cubs. Yes, my bodyguard bought them for me rakes way in that. Let's try explaining that well it sets out like it, sounds like you have the most carrying insensitive bodyguard in the entire visit
do you know that more seldom cabin Costner in the body Guard data that he cried when he dropped his daughter off at the airport? I mean how tender is that because he's working with US neurons and he also afraid to fly and could only fly with mega now my best friend, because she gives him see annex and will hold his hand, that's really sweet. So I guess what we got from add is that you ve made him not hang out with his daughter to dry from all over the place absolutely and he's the first to say. You now know how many people really come at t J. Like. I need the square up at the sky, awaiting as a bodyguard, how, how necessary How is that possible answer those because of but
in towns on time in New Orleans and organs we have quite a few problems. Who is it? Is it is it? Is it man, it's its people that music Ex didn't work for yeah sure by name like hey you that guy from and then will be like and then recognised sure more like it, sure he he also it is a very good leads on to get us out of places, but sometimes he's actually protecting other people from us at your because Kate, when she goes for, she really goes for it and if it can be dangerous, yeah examined my younger than me. Ask image mother fucker, it's a picnic about baskets. You been
great man. I was excited, come on just even to ask you like what is your life like right now? Well I mean it's, I would imagine its similar to yours and just that it's a flurry of a lot of different things. That worries and understand what I mean our talk and dead you're talk, walls and you're talkin you talking about talk bout reassure matter, but in but in such a group way. Why can't you found a way to comment on everything to be continue interview, people to have this That is so funny thanks man and like fun like that you're one of the few shows on the air. That is just fine. It's just about fine it's funny how long I've known you and you are lying in the first year of the pod chaotic knew the phreatic at year of the plague has and just to see everything that you ve done to and, unlike you know, I don't know it's always fun to me too, when you why you know like when you sort of
our people than you. Kind of washcloth are doing that others really interesting. They found that path. I think it's great. I think it's really great. Do you ever use sort of? Is it strange to have done certain things that people kind of not have been derivative, but of like look to you and then in the wake of your success? Have true have their version of a like another talking show like order or just the way that you and then suddenly to have departed. And now, when I it's you there's just no one else. They can keep up with the amount of mortals. Who do I mean? I also I look you know. I look a disease and I look at Amy and I really look at you and I'll get those be one say: how are they handle also Chelsea him. Everything is a person than I am his family were how did they handle so much your creating so much that you make
so much in responding to fans and being present. I think a lot of it has to do well. First of all, I have a really nice. There really is an economy of energy, then that every person has a new sort of have to figure out what that is in a probably lie somewhere in between it's a little it Eddie it's a little bit more than you think it is, and it's probably you know a little bit less than what your idea lies. Version of it would be in. That makes any sense, so it's really just finding ways to economise energy so, like I have an amazing wife and a very stable relationships that takes a lot of energy The place is not managing up eight and either no relationship or a bad yelling at him and me to a minute you now, and that is something of anybody wants to there's a real and to be in a healthy functioning relationship is in part because it
only way that you can do everything that you I'll keep absolutely am. I, like, I, don't think I'm ready and I haven't spent much time with you guys, but I'm really good friends with Well Cousin Hoddan. I just you know there is such a kindness, yeah, there's she's she's great. In an end, I think it's also like, if I were more, if I were unwilling to ring, if I would, if I were singing Ellen tendering, I dont think my life would be the same cause. I think it would just be so chaotic in and not have any foundation and it be we're just wouldn't it wouldn't be good. So there's that and then Annesley veto at the big. I think the biggest thing for me that allows me to do everything is really just sobriety like not doing anything because it just takes I'm quite the opposite as energy
tip from it, wouldn't for me, it takes live in it. It would have taken a lot of energy to maintain that do have an objective personality that went from you known non sobriety to work. Sure I think, is, I think, a lot of people do that with working out they suddenly they get sobering their huge. That's the thing is it. I can't stop doing this. One thing that is going to make them make makes the dove meaning out vapour because in it took me probably what years at seventeen to afford is the army get as the army that our
American Empire is twenty seven to revive a day so go down in the book, I'm fourteen years in from quitting in drinking in, and it took me probably twelve years to figure out that the term alcoholism like the thing about alcoholism. Is it it's. I don't even like the work is not about alcohol. It's about the fact that I have an obsessive personality time and alcohol was a manifestation of that, and I definitely see that, but I knew at the time when I quit drinking. I said I know I haven't. I know I have this unnatural ability to focus on things for a while. It's been drinking and being in my own head, so I'm gonna try to focus on work as I try to understand why I'm this way be. I knew I knew that I was moving the obsession from one thing too,
My my feeling was at least this is more constructive as I try to understand how to have a healthy relationship with everything and then just you know, and that's a never ending promise. Never to be sure- and you know comedy itself- I've always thought it's a bit of an opium and it's such a healthy way of sort of being happy being excited being distress, Earl, its research, but I grew up in a household that was both atheists and believes. Strongly and medication right and so the aid of right? Now I take Capra, which kind of keeps me alive and also limit doll which help serve curb the mania than I am proud to, but also my mother just and my father, so we see call marijuana all of that is kind of a medication. And
pursue moderation and it's not always easy, but it was a thing. Were all my friends, my great uncle there there's a difference between once you drink that activates. This need to keep drinking, chart drink more drink, more drink more, and what can I do? Which is and like let that be the way that we temper this extreme anxiety and focus an period of sobriety. That's that kind of our moderation. Are you worried about methinks alcohol with the with the the the building up to take to stave it's? It's always in moderation, in compress position, can t. You know, the big danger is just its heart, liver dislike it, people that you take our buildings pop, oh yeah, I built so bad for your liver, so I think a lot of supplements to kind of, but it You know I remember my neurologist said and so what you're going
what I do. Is you can't drank until you black out and as like? That's no one's aim and I know it starts out. The night is like can't we just want face down she areas. Seven point zero. I did right exactly, but you know what was sure thing was to see him go from, Well, marijuana doesn't really how, but you know it's certainly not gonna hurt to you in the last few years saying it is as have entire seizure properties and actually can be quite good for anxiety and for slowing the brain down. That's really interesting transition. What's your anxiety about is it? Is it? Is it just sort of physiological or is it emotional in nature? Have you figured that up? He asked them. Hitting questions the and then we can talk it already gone hardware. Then we can talk about balls and billions thanks it with that thousand global fish. The Chris
our external auditor, I it's not over my aggravate, which formerly authorized that what are you talking about? I don't know I had other eyes all three of those things, but all than Bobo that you know I think yeah. I get anxious that I'm not doing the best job that I can do, because it is so important to me to do comedy that people like one yeah that really, I am reminded of that two weeks later, and it makes me laugh you now you have to do a certain calibre that and then it's also you know, I'm one sure the caves life is full of opportune and ease and others I want to be a good sign and cousin and nephew and all those sorts of things is allowed to take on I've? I really do. I do love you now, even in the wake of like decisions like
leaving Silicon Valley. I just I love those things and I love the possibility of doing more stuff. Probably like I mean you know, I've always wanted to ask you this. Why do you keep doing more? It's just. I think it's just like exercising. You know where you get to a circular. You look out thanks get to preserving LOS Angeles guys can say they wouldn't let nobody lots way. Ionized, that's just great she's a thousand, but I feel, like you know you, you things are either in a state of growth. Are in there and in a state of decay, and so I feel it is only natural for me, it feels natural that when you kind of get to a certain point with something where you can ok, I got that I understand I do this. How do I evolving? How do I grow it? How do I you know I can I can I make it sprout in a different direction. Can I try something new and I think, that's just to constantly stay stimulated and
and then also there's part of its new. No, like I like video games as part of its like a video game. Like you, you know, you know, if you're really immersed in enabling each level you just kind of you know you jumped the levels but hopefully in life. There's you know, there's never a final boss, like it's just always a series of boss levels that you have to get too, and so I think some of its that, for me, is like ok. I know how to do this now. What if I were to you know everything I'm doing is there a way that they all connect or how can I make them grow? Or can I try this new thing, or can I you know like now, I'm dead big science Chauffeur NBC, because I love science and suchlike. Why not? Why not try that neither the worthy minor works, great Morgan's for our came to music do a serious about the brain ass. Like absolutely just commode you emerging with the amateur fell, my father listeners. Now, I'm a film called the email. movie right and they said: will you Paris, sale and gun, Phil, first of all and a yellow tuxedo turns it yeah. Absolutely because life is a game
but not one that you're trying to win something else that I said on your programme last less Amazon was it's better to be polarizing than neutralize yes and You know now I feel a filled. Similarly, that, like it is, this came, was no final boss. You are, and there I like. The idea that all be a game is because it's fun games or for fun, and so that's kind of what life is, and I dont like video games and their wasted time different language to maybe through understand, human condition from a different perspective, but that's five years of war, a lemon, listen, I don't either way, I don't need it vitally disagree cause I just spent. I just I just spent literally too, hundred hours, yeah Zelda addiction, Thomas milled it, but I also know that When I come home at night, it does have my brain and why and a little bit, but I also think God what have I been writing
looks for two hundred hours like what would those years is? Another question I hadn't worked all the time and we don't have to talk about it, but you know I have. Ray conversation on the telephone he's an antiquated sort technology idea of speaking to us somewhat with it, and so you see to me I say: what do you want to do more stand up? and you said you know. I think that there are so many things that pull my attention, something that I can do. You said that, let's be honest, I mean guys like you and me, don't necessarily being a great great great iconic stand up. isn't. Maybe it just seemed like it wasn't so your priority, but also that you serve said, look I'm seventeen. I mean how could I possibly devote the Hannibal Burress amount of time to stand up to become you know that stand out but I wanted to ask you about still feel similarly more things in products
now than ever? I mean that's. The thing was very glad, you're, the only other guys in every but we're the tumor. You're insane Le Pen, United States of America, because we are on every fucking platform as a disaster that he had to try to get away from. Lock you over saturation is our another were basically of the bright Edison point America's gonna take out a restraining order on, I hope so tell us, does not come within five hundred yards any programme. Adsl camera. I allowed you know my heart as always. If, if you, if someone else What I would do, I would term Stana, that's where my heart always is that's what I always wanted to Georgia. I've always raise a comedian, yes, and so there are times when my career has pulled me. You know I started doing a lot of stuff so that I could get more known so that people would come to my show was all of it was right in assuming that merit is all that was that people would understand so that they become shows, and but then I get to a point where
like cover Holly, whether they don't like you know that don't you in holiday and uttered it I mean, although Hampton it is, you have been a grain of instability, not a red revenge, vandalism sort of man, but but I also I do. I do feel bad, sometimes because you know everything get the emails from economies or hey. You wanna come in this week. We have just there's a price and I go fuck. I really want you, but working this day in this day and when I get off, I'm gonna be exhaustive, or you want to spend time with. I want to spend time with my wife in, and so I feel bad inside, like I'm, not I'm not pursuing stand up the west.
good. That's. Why not call your mother and end then I have to remember that knows how to close relations with his mother. Well, it's a good thing to have, but you, but I also know that, yes, I could quit everything I'm doing and just focus on stand up and try to be a great great stand up, or you know I can have this nice diverse portfolio of things that I'm doing that I'll satisfy me in different ways do stand up when I can do stand. But still enjoy the process like I don't feel like. I never thought like. I need to be the greatest I need to be Louis, like I don't need to be that a year portfolios of fortune and cyclists. I want to be a good comic, but I don't feel like if I die without having been considered like a super comic, I'm ok without because I know what I would have to do in my life and what I would have to give up in order to achieve that, and I and I don't think it's like you know if you, if you go you I would
I was talking with my train or about the strongman competitions and is as a trainer. I have an ironic bodyguard moment, the same guy for thirteen years, twelve years and we would like, but we know each other. Ten years Asher same deal did save your name. Deal differ reality, but it you know it's like the guys who do the body billions of they hate. You can do that, but what you would have to give up in order to achieve that level. Do you want to give you, that you want to sacrifice all that to become that and that's where I quit Silicon Valley and that's why you're connected, and it was just too much. I think that this you know I consistently surprised by your ability to not only do more work, but the work that you do is different or instead of being derivative of stuff you done before. Is it
four inversion of it. Another a newer perspective right and not like class. You know you, you are a nerd, but at the forefront of all of the newest nervous stuff, while still paying homage mean we're in a room with Bobo in fact, in Darth Vader in the Wall Paper is STAR wars, the classic classic thing they created fanboys, I'm consistently impressed by the eye. Was getting to a point where I just I was working so much and when I wasn't working, I was explaining to Kate how I was I'm going to work less perfect. I better Willoughby a point where I and so finely this was that ultimate gesture which is like out. I will remove the most
table the most safe. The thing that I'm could easily found an amateur remove those four months completely from my life and I'm going to be a standard comic in New York City, supporting you and helping bills and art clear that is already burgeoning than is already kind of coming to prominence. But instead of saying hey I'll, be in LOS Angeles, you can either come here and feel trapped in the Strip Mall in the city for food, or I can show you truly that I want to support what you're doing and also like pay attention to stand up, stop kind of being a comic that would put out a special every five years or something and be the comic that is turning over their material and getting it done in going to Omaha and having people believe that strange, but I loved and knowing that ok. This is on connecting with this section in America and that such an that's also the most that I can do pitching in with the current state of affairs. I mean we're in a serious
in problematic situation, and the only way that I can talk about. It is directly through its great to be a part of a satirical show where my character is well light, but if I want to speak directly, american public, the only way to do that is stand up. I just did not have the time to do that and to live a life that would inform the comedy I'm doing was it was talk about burning the candle observe. I was burning in the middle of it as well as well and ultimately Slim Jim. What I think you're the mediocre Genie jacket out. It's on fire die when you're young. I think you always go more Norma
have tomorrow this more that money out of this and then it's for you. I think I just need to be happy, and so, if that means leaving something whatever it is, it's Magala. How could you do that work? Is I just need to pursue something else too. Just feel happy unfulfilled, that's the best thing you can do in life, and I know there will be a point where you know after I shut my first special I had a year of lightly doing stand up, and then I got back in full and I've had a year from the special of lightly doing sent up, but at a certain point I will start cutting stuff out, so I can focus on that because I always go back. I think so, and I think you know Alan strangely element. I have this conversation issues like you know what I'm gonna go back any stand up in securing it's crazy, whereas those with their air. You gotta, hear her say that, like beer, you have a good understanding about like will wait a second you're one of the all too, but she did the same thing. She found that this date on talk show. If she really threw herself into a great then it could be
thing, I mean where she signs off saying be kind to one another. I mean she's, one of the deepest best smartest comedic minds working today and she is doing what you and I are talking about. This is what happens once you ve diversified yourself to this point. You are also going to slowly cut things out and make it work more about yourself and the most yourself you are as when you're askin me. Yet not that you, don't I mean at midnight, is a perfect example view, just like being so ridiculous, looking directly into the camera being like. Are you kidding, here, but also like the marveling and laughing along with Steve Agee, saying the most funding or anything elevated erasing could say in that mon digress, yeah, exactly and but you're also choosing in picking new talent that you're, like I'd like to give you people, should know this person more. You ve always been about that
to which is something that I am about. My sketch group, Heavy weighed the those are the guys that right and Mr Deva says the guys that right, the critics choice of words and you ve always been about kind of helping problem, other people, I love comedy. I will know it likely images behind that, because sometimes you'll kind of focus more on giving prominence the spotlight to somebody else rather than yourself you're, a host of a game show rather than doing your PETE homes crashing, and this was the view of the difficult part of my life in his honour by IRAN. I don't know. I guess I just I love comedy so for me to be showing idle legitimately, don't care where the best joke comes from letter from me. Or anyone else on the show. I just want the best joke to be out there in the world, because I love comedy, so I don't. I don't care about that. I like, when I remembered like doing when I was doing open
eggs new people would come in and some in I remember some of the other cosmic fog this. This guy, you know like an actor from a shows, try incentive not go. Let em Cares there's more company in the world in and you know if they don't love. If they're not gonna, keep doing it's like ice, let them people are like than they won't give to agree and then also, I feel, like the more, I think, there's a healthy form of competition in the sense that you know the more out there. There is the more it forces you to go. Okay! Well, how do I find what I do? What specific to me? It just forces. It should force you to understand who you are more as a performer, so
you can stand out, you know so that you can create one or regional stuff. It helps elevate. Other people, Kate, always is this. You like the competition and you don't care who wins. Why there's like for me? It's it's! That's what I like film, because I can go in and when a when there's really great film, the offering it is everybody Steven Spielberg, doesn't care of his ideas in the movie. He just once the best idea, the best moment, it's exactly you're, saying you're like everyone is working together to find the best piece of comedy, and that should be. There's no egos is nobody, it doesn't nobody gets credit. It's like you know, everybody dies, you know, there's a legacy. Does it's just trying to do the best thing? Cambodia and I like other, and I like I like seeing people succeed. I, like you, know I used to hear stories about Jack penny. Just love to you didn't care who had the best joke on his shirt.
and I always better always resonate with me and then Harold Raymond said something in an interview once years ago about being can be being unhelpfully competitive and he just said you know, There is room for everyone to succeed, and especially now there is so many out. So I just drag him out of here George, Johnny cards and talking about the fractured media giants. Get like this sort of like the sarcastic sociable about a regular splintered consciousness. Culturally kid much. No, I mean that's it is that a lot of conversations about is there such a thing is over saturation you and I are pursuing the answer to that buddy. You know it there are so many platform. So many did so people will say on the internet or go
Why are you in the emerging movie? Why? What? What the fuck are you doing in a movie called the emerging movie and to those people? I was sick, it's not for you writing. Certain information would be absolutely furious that I am even considering the idea that this movie is not perfect for every single person in the world, but we hipster gentleman who, from your work is you know, tweeting and about how ridiculous it is that we don't go see the movie is every you: don't have to see it Try making movies for nine year olds as well my aunt and uncle in Kansas, who wants meaning that I do unless it's g raided. I'm doing that and in the meantime, go see dead, pool to like rail go in bitch about how that
it is good. Is the first time I'm not like, there's plenty and shit that I'm doing that you can talk shit on that makes sense for you and your demographic, But you know we are so there are so many places to ingest content even in the advertising space are like. You know why I will absolutely collaborate with Mew snacks and Slim Jim and anybody because in a capitalist society are seen as advertisements either way, so why not make them funny just like in ensuring a great insurance, commercial should make you cry of life is so but when all state does it right? You should tear up a little, you fuckin should Jesus. The tiny movie about how sad and our life is good. For Christ's sake, it's a thirty second exposition
Now we are good died. We should leave the most that we can to those than survive, and I can also just branching of that tell you that in the music commercials I write route for the mucous? Yes, me too, like I always ostracize, why is a poor guy did if I would have a black ensure that I do those p? I thought king assholes, who won't take him to work, take him to the bottle, partly with having sickness her a little. Why you know it's a sickness live? Has you kiss on exactly God Dammit not a celebrity, I am the man, you write, another ready, you try to fit in the overhead been come. I you know. What is that? What is this united? God knows that you know that that commercial was a lot about the situation. We repressed that was coming from and some airline, and we just wanted to know you- don't use an expert social change, social satire through exactly terrain lake with us
What do we say? What are they? they got so mad at me. Get somebody to work with companies like that they got so mad, but I made some joke on Twitter that night Quill Andy Quell have camp as properties, it will give you cancer and semi. Snacks is the only thing that you should be taking. I mean you sex was like you now only came, say that: why and I was like no man. I've gotta be, a little Glauber mucus. The no one understands Jesus, the secular, stop asters. I think that this poor, burger or blogger three, the Berger, their free, the Berger exaggerate. Let him go, but did you you know if you ve got the if you ve got so many mediums that you can do I mean you using thank you podcast, and then you Bruce. You know you look at the whole gamut and if people
want that content, why not give it to them and its? It seems simply unless the amount of the people- and I think that's because here we go we live in kind. This post religious pose meanings. Heidi, where Nietzsche did call at from the three point line: swish that, like art, becomes your deity, that's what we turn to for comfort, for the feeling. The human condition is not just wasted and useless and meaningless, but instead you kind of looked other people, and I love that people, love, train, wreck and p homes crashing and Louis and Master of.
another, not you know if it's those things are people saying like. I want to know your life and laugh along with it, so that I myself can maybe turn inward and laugh at my own sure predicament. Well, it is you know, yeah predicament, opportune. We are definitely in a world where a lot of entertainment has become like religion to pay Because, especially if things veal way thing, that work is one thing still unstable, like people need things that they can rely on a much larger joke you, but I'm not! Joking of your actually right, I mean, I don't think you know it's that's escapism and especially you know fantastical escapism. Well, it's just as just a buffer from reality, but I think a lot of it is just not wanting to is just needing a break from the car. I mean I set it a million times and I I completely think that our brains are not evolve to handle the amount of information that we force into it in your day.
Yeah. I suppose it would. You say the presidential Doesn T dropping truth saw sir rose trees. Sauce yeah, yeah, oh drained, judge your truth sauce during a real Joost, real use, yeah, it's true real juice, drink. You drank it up, yeah yeah yeah. I think absolutely right leader. That is something that Canada, yours, so exactly that that, like technologies, in quicker than we can keep up with dead. There's more information at the human brain Ass, a process that we all of those things have led to an overwhelming anxiety that religion helped quash or quell when it was at the forefront of human belief, because we don't
that now. That's why it's important immediately to make marijuana legal nationwide, because people need to sort of relax the same size overwhelming people. Are they so we just and were take a certain and unfortunately, we have to reform. The singularity can be a real it, but that, Digital terraforming right yeah, yes, indeed, and well, you know all this moving too quickly. So the biggest thing I tell Kate over time is, we all need to be easy on ourselves where we need to be ok with all this moving quicker than it should be. We need to be ok with people kind of feeling overwhelmed. This everything
needs to be more. Ok that was Nietzsche's. Big thing is like these values are relative. We need to stop pretending like they ve come from on high and we need to just be easier with ourselves and that's that's why I m you know tirelessly in pursuit of saying, calm down, Laugh this is all very funny just relax. Well yeah I mean you know it's obviously for someone like myself, who you know what Gas is conversations turn into. What are you talking about? We just rimmed about wonders for like show that in its yet and I'm gonna give for you get key concern, so you know, I honestly think when I think about you? I guess I'm I'm anxious, and I I I am anxiety, but I just have to deal with it without intercourse with with we'd once a week,
the EU will it is there for the next day, but what I worry about with something like weed and I'm not a parts motor, so I dont understand it, but I just think I could do that, but then that's not real gets using something to Chris Hardwicke, your surrounded by things that are real, I were to hunt for sending your overall paper is about fantasy and things that that they affect my decision making process. If the you devote doesnt at all, like every time Chris harboured walks out of this room he's got star wars on his brand fortunate, someone asked how above exaggerate, revenue, dessert, they're all opiates and for you to think I'm trying hears us. Yes, I agree with what you're saying that's a view that does not just for me. I don't mean that wrong respective to me, I'm trying with this- and this is at your gift, but with this my extended play a pc
a technology that is either and has been I trying to convince people that none of this is three dissolve fantasy, that there is no reason to believe that any kind of consciousness is. My wife is chanting right now with a bunch of Buddhists and fuckin. Silver leg. You Abe knows how much I despise the side suffocating pravity, you're gonna get him inside discussing your websites, banker on the west. We will leave Hollywood man gradually had that I blotted market from a guy that dinners and why would by this had- and I don't see why he was selling banana. This narrative, it is real, but Cates, altered state of consciousness is chanting, is poet
is reading poetry, almost to the point where I'm asking you should probably stop reading right now, like she has these other states of consciousness. I dont think that any of it is less real than mine. I mean people, don't it's a lot of things that I do people don't understand. They just think that that doesn't seem really don't have to like you. You just had out you just have to do it even leading Silicon Valley. They got that doesn't seem real. Why would you that that seems completely? Why would you make that? And it's like none of us really? This is all each person designing a journey. Each person's kind of experiment in reality is as real as anybody else's and do unhappiness is real for someone who
not a billion air and is not well thing. On a private plain- and I say this from my perspective as it is for a guy that just hit is out of work, but he just got a bull Zion his dark game and he's so exotic that happy is exactly the utilitarian view of it. The John Stuart Mill, like everybody, has an opportunity, be happy in this life and it means the same thing or they have an opportunity to be really really sad and make other people said. That's your decision! That's completely up to you can and do. Are you because I know you Europe talked about this before, but I know you're occurs while guy and science show that we're doing is in partnership with Singularity University and but the great and Chris that's important. What is but do you feel like I did? Do you subscribe because you say nothing you're living real? Do you think
universe is some sort of assimilation. Are you one of the universe is dissimulation guys a law on you mania arise, PJ's. I've never seen over this mad hears. Here's my fun when I think that this life, that all of us are living may be actually a dream that one has imposing waking life. But if you die of natural causes is time which is relative, slows down, and you may even have this dream that feels like another life and if it's that real, then if you die again in that it could mean that in a car accident, those final moments, time can slow down to the point where because what is a gnat lives? Thirty, six hours, that's an entire life for them. Who knows what account as things as they go and deepen inception like the farther down you go at it? Is it's a its vitality and
so why not treat this life as simply a dream at the end of a previous life, and why not believe that at the and of this dream you may have another dream. That is a very modern medical, ridiculous way of approaching. Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, which was he he understood that if time was truly indefinite than everything would repeat itself ran it simply could not that's just a district. So that's the one that I like it. I like telling people thou, because it seems like a non spiritual way to kind of be o k with Brennan, stamping original, yes, Jesus Christ, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Hardwicke in a nerds, Heaven is, if I just started upon guest, I'm talking to a squirrel Yoda whose potential sat writing an accurate, then I'll, be back talking about nuts right
balls and Berber FED anyway, the ADHD. This disease is the threatens to be part of a dream. I love that we react, and so the dream work you're getting whose dream is at whose dream is it's a dream, its each individual stream? But for me it's a dream run like yet, but then that means that all ideality Gore Burger mean I get to do something that is so surreal, so ridiculous. That, of course, that would be the perfect version of this life is We will probably listening. I well. My life is the perfect version. Now that's capitalism or something else telling you that life should be different than it is weak, and then it would be better as insurance companies in it I mean it's, you should just be focused on how this is the perfect adoration of your life, but wait so it so it's just take this for a second and dissect us a little bit of sickness missing. A really bore people continue
this gives you listen to the barbershop work shows one of our favorite things order. It was your glass eye. I had so much fun doing it's almost one. So if, if I am, if I am in the dream, if I'm in a dream in the death throes other life and you are in the dream of the death throes of your other life, whose dream we in right now are we are you a part of my dream? Doesn't matter, but I feel like it does. Why Why don't know as they believe in the truth is more important than myth, which Donald Trump just knocked that fuckin argument into the ground? That's Nietzsche also thought that he was like the ones you too in view of its Nietzsche person. Go you guys, get married an outright well, they lead. I do if I like him so much. Why don't I Marion's, because he went in San last years of his life and was playing the piano with his elbows? I you know this: This guy was so fuckin prescient that he's he called it from three point:
switch. He really was like it'll. Take you guys. Two to three hundred years have seen with the volume dog them out and he was right. he really really was the eternal recurrence of this idea that humans want myth more than truth, whereas truth brought us too he's just through science. We now have created stop that is destroying our plan. I dont math for thousands of years tens of thousands of years, believing that the sun comes up. If we do this thing in every dance, there will be re that said so. City, where I accept is nobody. He thought. I think that you know he That may be, myth would end up conquering truth and science is right. We,
president right now that you can put two videos above him, absolutely not telling the truth, personal care, they love the myth that the jobs will come back. Why don't you could be that again is the most important part of the sentence make Amerika great. I don't think it's that people prefer truth over myth or myth over truth. I think people just create stories that they need to believe about anything that may be some bits of truth and some bits of of myth, and that's just how we try to understand a world, and so when, once people do that, once people do that in its in a part of their core belief system, they will create any amount of armour to protect themselves from any new information. It challenges that idea and who it, and so I dont know, if that's so, that's why I don't think it's necessarily truth. Armeth. I just think it's.
People, create stories that have a mixture of both, and you know a lot of it is that you know the advice I mention it often on upon cast, but the Dunning Krueger studies, which ultimately suggests that people with less information will always claim to know more at through some sort of psychological mechanism. Weathered why women they everything you know, I think, a lot of people just for a variety of reasons, serve the tribute like that, I'm so Hollywood liberalising like that. I don't I actually I've. Anybody who will work too leave some that makes them feel safe makes them feel happy makes them feel optimistic. I don't so I really do you know anybody we're all
telling ourselves a story were all line to ourselves about the importance of our life, about the about everything and that's ok. I just I think you know from my perspective. I would rather everybody have an altruistic, tell illogical direction, then one that is worth for most people think that they have an altruistic, yeah right. I mean they're, saying oh wow. Look I'm doing this for the future. No one does thing, it's very rare. In very rare cases, I think we're someone's just completely fucked up to someone do something that they go, I'm going to be evil today. I think everyone. They had some others. My way, I think we ever. I think everyone thinks that may have a sense of
altruism, scientologists everyone. Everyone feels like they're doing something for that for for good. I yes, but also yes, but also, as you know, I think people for the most part. Should deep down. Now that, like a teacher or a social worker or a junior, I basketball coach is doing something it's more about other people than themselves right, and so you know I ve now shiver recovery, like that, but also like figure out what part of their mission statement is to help other people and do some minutes for the greater good. If I may be wrong, but I do know that, like there is a world of our president, is a person that site hey look, you know you're either well, bred or you're, not, and that's the way it is, and you know you look out for number one
and winning is the only things and poor in their losers earns a loser and he doesn't like, and there are winners and I'm a winner, because I've won this contest now Steve, Danny's eating candy watching CNN being, like nobody really does like me, not even my wife and sad such a sad, sad story. At the end of that spinners, yeah, there's a lot of anxiety in one in person, his lot of anxiety and look at what a good host Chris is kind of like which is turning political, that's a bodyguard men and I don't know we can keep talking about dinner. There's no reason to I think in many ways, because see reason and I want to do more Stanhope. We lots of people are talking about this stuff, I'm trying to withstand of especially talk about step that people are talking about, which is, let's cut to the chase. It's not about politics. When you talk about human beings, the human condition I and what the fuck working
you right now, because we have lost religion and soon people are going to realize that we have lost meaning, and so we've got bigger fish to fry. That's why they Silicon Valley guys showed up and sat around tromp, unlike suffered his absolute buffoonery, because your mosque is like guys. We have bigger fish to fry a guy. I know that American democratic experiment is not going well right now, but if we don't fucking figure out how to harness the power of the sun, we are blocked Instead, it is a beautiful access boggling. Although comic book, we need to figure out how to harness the power of the sun, but a career of luck and real meaning Stephen hawking vague? Ladies gentlemen,
in the next hundred years we live on Mars or this whole thing is abide by. It was plan, but that's where rat we gotta get their quickly, and I also need to talk to human beings and tell them like listen. It's ok to die, that's fine! It's ok! Let other people make the decision about when the exit, because no one was in on the decision about, went to enter existence. We got our talk about that's of immediately, because if Nietzsche was right, he's there's a lag time on these epiphanes being accepted. You know, do you think Jesus was, pretty he's pretty on point. He was smart, it sort of ten point. No truly I mean that hair was on fleet, look, he was on fleet and every black Where would we didn't? Have a blue eyes levied in the blue eyes, because ever YE had Hazel wise guy a solid? Even I can give no here it was.
There's a lot of good things that he's drawing fund that allow people to sort of use it as a crutch, but feel like its across sure right and a unique aegis, was to pretentious users to deepen this fuckin. I used to be considered and intellectual I do think there is, it or how he was used drawn. He his he was pushed still much to be like all these other people should know that I'm a real artist, I'm not a commercial artist, I've I've lifted. I went the other way, FUCK rang a bunch of books and nobody ever reads trying to like be with you now accepted by your surroundings. I've sold out from the Gekko I was all about YO. You bear a treaty and still feel that was the pinnacle of my career, and all of this is a downward slope. I told Steven Spielberg that I said thank you for having mean your film but I'll never be as good as Yogi Bear a treaty, and he didn't know what the fuck I'm hit.
About didn't understand? Why brought that up and was wasting his precious time by? That is that I love that I'm sick of people, ideas and not having a platform. I mean, Trump doesn't have any ideas, but he created the platform to tell everybody not by the way. Can I just say that I hope that late at night now Steven Spielberg lying in bed next to Kay capture and sets a great artist by the way, Kate, great artists and friends. In my life and just says, caddies never be as good as you didn't. I didn't know what he was talking about, but I looked into it and I need you withdraw boy. I think I've forget, but I think the reason for this. I think that I asked him cause he's really something I mean. I had one conversation with him. I was about to smoke. We because I had for the day was his writing as an instrument like here. Try some heroin yeah right he's like
I have very good words runaways here. Would you like to tie off with some of the skin from the dinosaurs, indirect support, but these images we invented the technology for it. I I kind of I got this call from an unidentified three one number. For some reason I like to take this up, as we have Stephen for you, what an seems real words these, will resolve, as we have seen a guide and smoke. We is Randy like Cato at this, and the assistant yeah right exotic does a great impression that- and I talk to me I said, will look I'm you know, I'm doing all these different platforms x. I want America to kind of trust me. That they can turn to me when he does aren't. I know if I dont you doing I've been watching all that. What is why did he call you the most ominous
because we have a movie set up with with dream works, collects criminals that my cousin Miller, Davis, Mr Davis, is writing with me, and then he had put me in office. Christmas party, almost as like can be at the centre of foam. Let's find out, isn't like like a screen, tat weird way, and then he brought his movie, and so I think the silent to think about is that he's this this king, the strange you know, president of Hollywood, and I think that he said you know what I want. I guess he saw the dailies offs christened crazy. You know what I've seen the dailies. We already have a film soberly, bring him to me, bring him here. I want to see for myself what this is all about, and so they brought me to it. and they really did call it be like Steven Spielberg would like you to go to England, has written a part in this movie for use a you'll go to England in your weight and that's what I did. I went with Kate and we were in this
gigantic strange. You know English, a state that is now a hotel and we just waited and then finally he was I come, come bring him to me and then he is the greatest Wretch benefits the plan under the child. He was so excited and has a great sense of humor, but he and I got to be-
the year. This is why Silicon Valley, I'm like ice, I'm so grateful that I was on. I learned so much from my judge, so much from those guys, but it it was that moment when working with him right was, like, I think, my character, kind of ones to be Bobo fat and in this world of the oasis, is sort of like Bobo. That, and so I could. I want to do the voices an impression of Bobo fat like he's, trying to be Bobo Fashion and Spielberg's like yeah. That's great, withdraw that sounds great, come on. Let's do it, our guys. We're making movies is radio. The group word re, leaving our child it. Let's do it right here we go and it was so interesting to then do that and have him continue to be, like you know, you're really funny. That's that serve was it divide. The whole time is like you're really,
honey, you would come up to me after three four takes something, and you have you no. I know we're coming focusing on like the Huron the villain may now, but the way you keeping like I have this neck thing. It's so funny like we really are laughing said he went away, you know, that's it just keep doing, and it so well placed to a funny. Sues is cool thing where he was like you're. Really. You just take my funny man which, who the fuck imagined telling twelve year old T jaded Steven Spielberg is like a guy out in an, but he was sort of saying and he said at the end of ready player one he said, which is. I want to give you this gift from ready player one, but he he said at the end of it. Yes, well, you know you're really busy you ve got me get so now I got Gore Berger and
the keys, a fan of Gore burger? He sort of thinks it. That's so silly and weird and nothing like it has on television. He's right, there's nothing like it. I got it, but I like you, I love other people. I like interviewing, I like hearing, but he says: look you ve got all self going on and ages it was so strange as it will look. I got it took me like weeks to get the courage of the end of it to be. Like you know, I would I brought my high school english teacher, whose teaches seems milburgh in his film class. I flew hemisphere. only to England to meet Steven Spielberg and his son broken came out. I mean that stories swear has for a number of reasons, but I had Spielberg's the mallet too, dramatic in my high school film in english teacher, and he now has it in his class because he asked Spielberg's. I teach this thing called Spielberg
face it's a short film on how you always moving on people looking at something that's huge, close encounters, the olive address everything. Asia. Have you seen essence. Wilbur goes oh yeah Nano and Mr Madison several D. You do like doing it's good for me to tee chancellors, yeah. No, I love yeah, that's right. That's an excellent way of sort of teaching suffered. I'm doing so he's able to say hey if you dont, like this section, my correspond you have your students and I the unexploded really did he loved that gesture. He, whether it has begun loyalties, begun sort of helping other people like you, he loves sort of talent and
home and what he has tabled, and I are very similar. I mean it's. If you make the spreadsheet of the liver, it's like the check boxes are I'll check back the viewer glasses a little bit less but yeah. He you don't go we're more at the end of it. He says he kind of said so. We'd love to make this movie with you, and it was this weird thing I had built up the courage to go with you. We would you like to go to dinner and talk about kind of a partnership and film since we were together much stuff, including she's out my leg and fucking carpool is back in the dizzy. I didn't say back in the Disney Steven. Spielberg they'll be disrespectful, but he served with saying like when you are ready and I know you're busy. We should make films. I think that that something that you should be doing, and I don't know that you're that gives that gives us a lot of confidence, but it's really anxiety inducing that's why I'm gonna smoke we'd immediately after finishing these interviews that that that
somebody saying in a big way like, but if you want to do it like, let's go: let's do it by your busy right now. You ve got a lot on right now. You're still on this television show that I love Spielberg's a huge fan of Silicon Valley, but he also servicing you also. You know, you're doing how the Gore version is not really anything like that, so that you don't have to So what are you gonna, where we giving up our attention? What's what is where? Where are you working where's the work headed? What do you want to do and between now and my father, saying she's Actually, you ask above said those like this early characters wearing little thin, strange things, father, son relationship. I wonder why smoke we sell these Kansas right exact. I wonder whether I am wondering internets. We like dad deeply. I did get.
That is a governor get it. You know what. Actually, though, he likes Gore Burger, my mother like whoever and they both are like, because, instead of always like fucking people over or looking out for number one or I can do that character, I'll do in dental album, dead, poor five every body coming to theatres, twenty thirty million, singular he's already happened, you're watching it anymore. I ve already seen its right. You ve already seen it when it was announced here the fit so Garber is optimistic and excited and loves human beings and once know about them and doesn't understand and once asked questions that have never been asked of these particular gas and its Japanese and it's a throwback to the nineties. It's different
and its positive visiting, whereas Silicon Valley is satire and great, but I really thought the best contribution. I can make the show this aware. How do you want to be involved as age because Maisie they released the Gormans pilot? I love love HBO, they, Sir said. Will. How would you want to be involved? You know how could we make Ehrlich Bachman continue to be a part of the show, and I really do think the best contribution I can make his to not be involved. The show has to change right. If, if Ehrlich not on it, then it's more room. The characters is more, it's just a different dynamic and the worst thing that happens with shows is when they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. So I just the important thing is you have to do? What makes you happy and it doesn't matter if any one understands that, because, ultimately, you have to be happy and you have to pursue what makes you happy and you have to
If that means limiting stuff for awhile or try new things are spending time with Kate Door more doing whatever it is. Ultimately, your happiness is the goal. If you dont have to be everything everybody, it doesn't really matter. It is isn't like a big like Spock you to the fans like. Oh you know, I've got other stuff going on or something like that. It's not as if I'm leaving this to then go like live and Turks and plague you a movie, Spielberg thing of no, but it is. I want to leave this to be able to do. You know. I have pod cast fans that are like you know. You don't really do the show that often it's kind of a bummer cashing in right, cashing in with casual. gazing with two. Yet it's on the nervous network, but its it is, I'm going to go and do other things to make people laugh. It isn't like a God. I'm so tired, like you, when I stop working in one or Rina, when one medium in one area I go, and I work in another or eyes, split that energy and
several different mediums, yeah, I'm still, I'm still workin for you. You know you're a kid just not on T J, wheeling capacity, Albion crashing again that I keep following Piedmont. He has really been returning text within this. Gives you change this number? game change, you know to do when God closed the door. He He probably just takes an happens as leave me alone. The right, coming into my house glare year you here. What also you created me Why do you want to make sure that you feel what is this you God's gift? I now I dont need to really tangible, so I do a every time. I do a film because I'm not a very good actor I'll, buy things that I think the character would by- and I also by a talisman who, just like a good luck object is, I don't believe in really lock her sitting, it's funny to suffer under water. This underwater thrilled with Chris inserting Vincent considered the coolest. Oh yeah, that's right!
our stage manager John, is Christians. Dad- and I was I agree ever abe- was their genes for backing priorities, ass red ass, a great level increasing, is the greatest success it could. I spent a lot of France in he's, always in a robe smoky splits in between you know the text Talkin about or have you seen, Buber Juniper, the french wrapper outcome you come in here with smoking, you'll see Buber videos he that all experience my ability to do well now rested on. I bought an antique blowtorch because the characters a welder, and that was my talisman
right. That was my good looking and I kept with me for ready player one I bought one or two Bobo fat related and that's what this is. That said that good Bobo fat is a talisman too good for I'm ready player, one that I would sort of carrion sometimes keep on me in the motion capture suit amateur that makes it better examine, sign a pocket, but his directly against my skin. I have own eyes, but I would repeat that would be as co like a good luck both Delicious Saudi, Saudi Berber fact? Both then ball Santa Claus, lots yeah, but that that was- and I like you, I think you know I wanted to be this funny. Bobo fell because Bobo FAT is this character. This fantastical bounty that I just like, has had so much meaning throw my life when I first watch that citizens, like that's the coolest damages, because for trying to expand on what you know cause I've mimic is
wasting only says five or six things, the entire trilogy, and you knows he's no good to me dead. Yet what about me so I get that was. That was a thousand from that. I thought I took care such I give christmases like a weird present, because Jesus T J, that is the perfect season she's. Absolutely I walk into wallpaper. That's both very so those kind of work. Where are they there is serious. If it's perfect, I mean it's perfect. I appreciate I appreciate you throw away the minute that I'm not gonna, throw it away. I don't know I went up, I'm gonna play, you know what I feel it should. Let you place it on the shelf in a place that you feel best like I just put in front of one day, maybe it'll be a ready Clare. You know why right next to just a little bit behind right next, the job of the radicals reddish job with a hard one hundred percent of Europe's largest our yeah piece of stranger thing: someone just tape have we re just Cosette? I own is space jam with Michael Jordan, and we didn't have today the cast.
Everyone will be paid chat with bugs bunny. I believe- and I was so tasmanian deville- heeds developments in Europe. His name? Is it was so cool and ready player one to be able to do that? I mean that that's a real dream is like yeah funny, Bobo FAT, that's the perfect part for me, and it was. The cook has both that really like He has no boss, he will work for any one. He is a mercenary in the truest sense of the word and that's what I Iraq is so so cool to kind of his both its bigger than job at an age of the hut and also Darth Vader, certain has to say to him like disintegration. Spread is like, as you wish you now, so it is really really cool to do that. Film. That's like nothing! I must excited about Anna. It will look like a video game for most of the film, so their inventing technology can be different. No one will ever have seen anything like it say what an incredible experience-
incredible, but a lucky. What a lucky lucky fellow, I ended up being Eminem. So that's. Why give you that talisman, as I like I wish for everybody the, but you know ready player one like dead, poor, those, unlike leaving. So can I those are decisions that I make because they just there was no- are rated Superhero comic book women right by there hasn't been a movie. That is mostly a video game. Right, even if it's based on average, are probably the emerging movie. Leases are not running over there to do hotel Transylvania, too, although I think that Sony should make that, because there are so many people that loved hotel trance of any one, my wife being one of them
ere, she has won a lottery ends. We lover still watches it, but the emergency movie was a new property was a different idea. It was amazing, so all I'll take that swing rather than sort of way for the soft. While that is MIKE and David need another wedding moving got. You know, honestly, that the people's careers that I always look at night go for my old grin the view who I look at. I go yeah they're doing it right. You know people like will feral. He just does whatever he wants. Asylum is Brian cracks in the first I'm using a pike S, it goes. I I, like I dont like each project to be the same as the last one I like to try something weird anew. Why not? Why not being a power Rangers movie like why not try wearin fun here and there and then he'll go and do kind of like a period peace drama about, and he was people forget him drunk line he was on Malcolm in the mill, yet they not forget he was a classic cavity rise of any One of the funny scenes of all time was when she shaving his back and he's legs
oh dry and funny, but I think that's right and then the one thing, though me is that I will never Gore Berger is so much more important to me then being considered a real, dramatic pact taken seriously. I don't care about that and I'll never do they almost, ass before they told me about underwater kazoo, like it's a centre water thriller, we know you don't do anything the comedy, but then, when I read this I have to go on. I wait a second that sounds actually interesting. Why would they want me to be in this way? They offer me this role and then I ran Isaac O Perfect,
exactly how to be the comedy in this film saw forever do comedy, but let's Phil calls in the landscape rather than add moorish lock and where the same stuff and and do things twice when I want to do a figure of seven. Let's do add a train dragon three, just like you. I have I'm talking dead than I can also be talking about these other things, because it is at work, but people connect to it so unhappy. To make more excuse me, I'm a big big fear that I think you also like to take things and break them in a fun way. You once more. What are you doing? You scrap some water out of the fridge and dance was the one who gave a mild gran at one of my comments. Just like a very severe look at that year. They did, but I also think it so gay medalists listlessly someday. You went and ask her for some you're, a guy that I can see going there. May I wind power ball and take all of us to Turks. Hey guys, look I will
did nipples on this, like it just seems like it. What you just seems, like you like to you like to break things for fun, try it like a child. Funniest thing: why risings I've ever seen It was one of those things we ve started by this. Where you see a comedian. Do Albania like? Why don't I think about the Ike? Why don't you think of that? And it was well Pharaoh, got the mark TWAIN a word and he started talking about and they dropped it in. Ok, then the whole rested speeches about like him kind of feeling like a walk off stage. Is there another one of these audits of any was of course a fake, a word radiated plan. Therefore, but yeah I mean that reason I host the critics? Choice of words is because my speech when I one was such like a weird, not fuck, you two words cause. Thank goodness. We have, competition within art and not just sports, but it was sort of this like I don't care it's. This is a man,
for me to make all of you in the room laugh and everybody watching lab. But I don't listen about me or any that you want to host the words. Did you see my speech? Are you sure you and they said yes and then I did it and they let us do whatever answer than we did a second year and is even more ridiculous and now I for There will be the guys like I don't care about winning and Amy are getting on ever Emmy. I'd rather do the work of the committee and which is to host shirt. So I would hope the critics trace words for as long as the let me do it yet I that is an opportunity comedy, whereas giving a speech none of them each time they play off and
I rather hosts the academy words than when one eye, while I wanna see, can actually see Academy award for being the best comedian. Hollywood is hosting the kind of Europe such a thankless. Job, though forget is everyone most. Have you seen any other things I do most of the last then you're welcome. I never gonna get painted blue to be a genie for slim programme. Thankless handle a three hour delegates, Genevieve Orbit. Critics joys dividends a very refreshing point of view because it it's it's so much it so honest. So we get what I want. I care about this other thing. This is what I care about. You know all. I want to do this commercial because fuck it. I want to do it. Like I love that there's no. I love that you never justify anything that you do other than just like yeah fuck. I want to do it when you fucking. There is every justification for it is like the emerging within like I don't have. I got a parasite
the gun, film Festival in a yellow, tuxedo ended the. When I introduced the trailer for the emerging international trailer The rapporteur was like an he continually mispronounced gun film, FEST apparently saying Gun Gun film Festival. Like that's what that's ridiculous, that's funny! That's what makes till this went and be like way. they re showing the emerging with your gun, film festival- and I, like all, are you kidding and Aunt Kate us if we provide, international trailer and there like. Ok what I mean he's got with soviets. Vine Rabbie he's here, but you know that Gourbi area, you don't have to I'm doing it, because it's fun and funny to me, but more importantly, it
funny to everybody else, so I'll do whatever they just. There is the next video game in the harboured series they similar. Will you play this kind of internet trawl and I looked to the creative and it was funny as a can, of course we're not. I mean say people play video games when they watch movies. That's my opportunity to make them laugh Ryan and I'm not gonna get that shot. They're not gonna, go to emerging with ie. So yes, absolutely. I would love to do that. So that's! So it's all about just reaching different audiences and fucking around with those structures and that's what satisfying life is very varied tragic trudge through all of it and like the continuing their liberation there. Thank you so much always elaboration, always that fastened and assets- and I am, I think, you know. I want to try and reach as many people as possible its weighty transformers for not because you'd go see it in the theatres. I wouldn't be because I didn't know I mean
huge in China is a Chinese guided factories like while they have suicide net, so we can kill ourselves with didn't I sell a movie about gear guy with the stupid area is kept screaming. Like there's Saudis, Gary Cars, that's great there there, a handful of people. The world can get away with trolling the people they work for. I'm not one of those people, but you, but I'm not going well you're too nice, but I remember one Zack Elephant Agnes was doing true, calling that Fox show very worrying and they do, and I think that actually Adam stop doing interviews, because you do these pressures in the end they go. So what would you like about the showed he go? Nothing, I like it and it's very exact and there like it, but he would get away. The veal go exact and every like t J, you can save. You can say that stuff, you can say whatever you want. People gods, T J words weird to me. The Disney would come to me would you like to use will be after, like
you know, I saw an answer. Them area slapped a kid in the face and call them account on television, and there, like, we ve, got animated series of how to trade re. Would you be interested in me, love, and I give you seen anything like watch my stand up. Not only is it offensive, it is somewhat confusing I'd. I like I doubly enemies whether to buy. I think importance because, like I learned so much from Michael Bay right I mean I would yell right back at him and he would yell at me and we would be like fuck off shut up all that stuff. But at the end of the day, when he said to me again, you know you are you're like a good improvise or see your first take is usually your bass and you have trouble kind of rapid hating. That takes that's. That's definitely simply. You could work on, and I I just when I heard that I'm like ok great, that is so he is a great director he will direct use
words, what you need, so all these things that I make fun of. Actually, I was more than appreciate. I venerate. I look at Yale Uber three and I really think under the conditions with the material given which was very good, considering with thee, people that I was working with being a New Zealand timezone upside down actually physically going crazy, because my brain was bleeding narrating. My own behaviour, obsessed with entanglement, puzzles, where's that were beyond reasonable sixty hour days, eighteen hour days, he's the best thing. I've ever done a true, and I every time somebody like goddammit. Thank you for being Yogi Birth Reedy, because my kids watch it all the fucking time, and so I have to watch all the time- and you really do make me laugh, I'm like yes, because that's the best thing I've ever done in my life, everything else, including this podcast, is a downward spiral to a lonely and careless death
that only my wife will truly immense, shredded self help book. You feel like you fit in in general, or do you care? Does he look you don't care where nihilist care? I professor? We analyse, unlike actually care I've Why would you can't be annihilated rivalries at other yea can know you can't you never do anything if you're a positive nihilists as if nothing means anything than anything can mean everything and for you, phantom and nervous tree, and connecting audience. You made that you are everything suit when your nihilist can finally make your own meaning you become God, you become your own god, so it's very positive thing did than I was that are portrayed in the big Lebowski in something that does not want to be
we'll just I would just say- I know mindful that advice to you is Just- and it seems like you do this, because skyping it's good to get out of your own head. Sometimes they think that part of the reason why maybe Nietzsche, when a low, crazy, it's like, if you're constantly now either eat everything went crazy. He thought himself into insanity, but I have already gone crazy once and it isn't. Equally interesting. Insanity is sort of this confusing at your data is confusing and you spend most of their time trying to make nonsense, make sense and I would rather be a sane- and who's trying to explain to people that their sense is just nonsense. Ridiculous justice lifting the non yeah eyes is very strange. I have gone in saying. I know what that is likely to have happened, and it's not particularly interesting is less challenging because nothing really your living in a world where yeah I mean I was going, crazy that I was like I know how this, conversely,
john- is can answer I'm in a narrow aid. What that's gonna be and then I'll hit all of those points and then return to it and that's perfectly normal behaviour in conversation- and you know people were like out- is a scam Afric. What the fuck is going on with him. Is that really that interesting interest? It isn't? I guess you know to kick it back to. What you are saying is that for some people, if they smoke, we are they drink a lot. That's not real! That sort of that type of medic. Jane and and feeling less anxious, that's out real. I think that going insane it just it takes you too far away from all the beautiful things about life, which can be sad, which can be hard which can be tragic, but so can be the height of human emotion and happy as we made and have a lot of control over going insane, though right a minute, just I didn't emanated my brains are bleeding describes. What did your brain blade?
I mean, if you done your research and got on this is not happening. I had an arterial Venus malformation that hemorrhage and- and so I did have more blood and more activity in my right, frontal lobe, so I started to physically actually go and saying that was during YO uber three. So when you the movie when you're like, while that was pretty funny uranium James COGENT. I am currently going more more insane as like just droplets of blood enter upon. My brain, where they should be, I mean they should probably showed in medical schools and be like this. What happens is slowly a mandatory ranges articulating exactly doing out. You bear my eyes. I did what I always do in every project, but especially films, regardless of the circumstances, whether be an underwater ring. A hundred and ten pounds, soothed sprain, your foot and Europe
under water. Yeoman drown all that stuff. You just no matter where the conditions are you're, trying to create an experience, for other human beings to be like when I was a righteous sends. You know any that can be underwater thriller accounts. We like women, that was, has really fires actually really frightened I ask my kids can't get enough for they just as soon as the movie answer, when watched again you're you're trying to do that. If you don't achieve that Then you might as well not have yeah come to play sake. You do read. Why hope you're right? I do hope here. I hope you're happy- and I hope here, not like, I hope, you're happy, but I mean I do every year in Silicon Valley, arbitrary everywhere. I hope you do. You know, because I do care about A lot- and I do- and I do feel like you Know- are our ships pass every so often
I went to succeed and I hope that your wedding was was evidently when I had to be aiming to ask about that. You, as was so sweet to invite us, and I just think I don't really know your wife do. You know I would like to know her more but from our sort of friendship within their family there all such kind, good people and that's what I feel like I've married into His- is incredibly com. And amazing family from Indiana. My white ribbon. A horse farm was picking asparagus, but when you have a partner- and this is where it seems like you haven't- you have a partner There is support you, but also is there to receive your support and is encouraging understands. You knows that its crest man, I mean he's gonna, be easier to spend an extra couple hours working on this episode about midnight because he needs it to be grade. We have someone who accepts that it supports it, but also knows your present in trying to support them. That is true
change is your life and that's. Why lately with everybody, if you're, if you're complaining about your relationship more than your praising at then you're, not in a good position, there is take the plunge to find somebody who does understand who doesn't make you feel bad. Who does want to learn how to better, except you change you- and it seems like you and opposition, I'm so happy, oh yeah, I mean I really really have the unbelievable. It's crazy! It's really great and I always say to her. Like you know you, I got the better ended.
Deal on the outside and married. I dont and I dont say to fish for like now. I didn't like eyelid, Jim Atley, believe it and- and I don't I don't- it is just one of those crazy things like how do you exist? However? How did I find you how my lucky enough to its it? It did that parts kind of mine, bending cave Kate as a thing where sometimes I'll be like. We are really lucky and we talk to other couples about this to our really lucky and Cato is well what's a lucky about to people that are kind and now tryst taken only care about the the best for other people were what so lucky about to this people find each other and so that citizens can, I tell our peoples ago. for you know, target hash, aggregate squad, goals and relationship calls like will we look to you guys and an icy like if you are kind? If you live in a way that year, then you're gonna euro you'll attract somebody else like that, and then the two of you together will be able to hope
raise children than alike there, but, more importantly, you'll be able to reap the benefits of how good you ve been to other people. I don't care about the rest of the world by meeting someone who feel the same way and will do that for you now and then just don't give your kids. asshole names, he had his don't call every Bryce, certainly our her, why not an ash you're not not ass, a wounded out of Bryce among the blinds, let them poor, Bryce gotta, be in the public service, whether to vote. I do in successive. You know him is pronounces both at his boots with it, you will have, it will have, it can confess compatible so funny to have that international audience of anxious film makers. We like why the fuck are the two of you here and, as we walk the red carpet for serious cape brought, an arsenal of dress issues is a huge delivers, a fashion icon to be somebody who has that many cameras snapping away, and so they were like when the fuck is this guy you're from the emerging within also he's taking it not so
Finally, but he's like he cares about is here is not being disrespectful and that's. My biggest thing is like I'm, not I'm so perplexed as to why I was able to hoodwink Hollywood into letting me have a career that I walk round just on eggshells of gratitude, just being like. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ravages just try to heart, just as we wrap this up to just try to harness the lakes to squeaked, it's real juice drink it up, yes to harness, somehow juice like how. How would you describe that juice. If I were to be able, if I could juice you, what would that juice tastes like Katy right as like? Where is this going? You are trying to chase the Jews sit IRA. No, I know exactly what you mean and here's where I'd say you can drink this up America
that is a reality and a little bit of England in five people and many others either you gonna help you base in Austria. I you know, I think, If your mission statement- it's it's, you know, I'm driven by the philosophy of the mission statement is ultimately altruistic. You don't need any serve God. Any kind of higher anything does will help will actually prevents I've been in the programme. You know they really are open to like a higher being higher power. Whatever it is, I think your higher powers, Marcus Aurelius, was bout. It bout it like a mother fucking
history, the lapse of a king in the mother, s house. He you know just to be driven by philosophy and to be driven to do better and do for others. That is a really easy way to get a work ethic. They can get you a very successful career in Hollywood with just a modicum of talent yeah. But it's really let you know your work ethic, be driven by your philosophy, and the need to be altruistic, and you will never tire. It would just be such a fun right. You will be the booger where someone says you know what sit in first class safer. class. You will be the party, I'm gonna, take you to work today, Esther Mucus listening did you first? Thank you so much for having me than usual, but always unanimous, better I've got Garber meticulously number.
Enjoying better results during the June seventeen meticulously. ridiculous. I everybody likes censure will divide a lot of the audience but, as we said the first time that I was on his show better be polarizing neutralizing and most of all, they knew very supportive, Gore Burger because you among the people that I love and admire are one of you really got it like got the job you came on the show you love the Whimsie of at the lab, theme like puppetry of its absolute, and so thank you so much for that, because that I want to make more of that and continue to make things like that that are both confusing, astonishing and new excellently. Thank you, sir. Why pray shaded I love! You guns, rightly stated plainly p and your Bobo fat talisman the right hand, man of job, a hoot, real juice, drink it up, real Jews, drink area. Burrito hashtag. Are we sure that I didn't say better to me? will arise in the neutralizing. We are positive. Ok, but you know what oh
you would go back and have what figure that out verdure so on the show of what, if this is real. If it was you that said it, I will eat enough he does able bring five ten breeders, and I will eat enough breeders that I will stop enjoyment. That's my promise to what what what number does that get to you to? What have you get like such a third of the bags. What do we get? A third of the way into the first burrito you're, like you know what I'm dialogue and I no longer and your I was not able to italian leave sandwiches and less than a minute on cannons lodged cargo show. Ok, I can make it through more than a single breed. Ok, good, our rights, the burrito challenge has been,
lane. Yes, I'm sure lizards can actually yeah they'll be able to go back check it out. Another sign for this aside, my fate afraid of my Tommy, the fate of tea jades, call any that in your fate of tedious, tell me the unauthorized Otto by his brain bled. Will his colon please look into? Will it be? Is its support, my mom and pop a job like cactus? The thank you Chris leading noticed tat com. Enjoy your burrito Nerdist Podcast is brought. You buy, Norton, get security you need and the speed you want with Norton CORE gotTa Norton Dotcom, slash nervous to save thirty dollars if he pre order before July. First.
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