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These as a busy with any images handsome is just like he he's just keys charismatic and gender, and that in that British, in that british way, and and and we had a great way to win the conversation, was so much fun and afterwards, you like, or we talked about for some, should we talk about more? I don't know you're talking about thoughts turn, because it's coming out Friday November, eight and so he's just been talking about for for the past month, because it promotes internationally first, and so it was. It was fun to get a peak behind the Hilton Curtain and I do quite enjoy that the conversation spun into who he would who he would have play who would want to plan and Harry Potter and I've? You know I totally free I should have. I should have said: Voldemort Peak would have been a great Voldemort tat. He would be a great, he would have been like a young Tom Riddle Stan riddles done you guys. The clues were there the whole but
anyway. It'll is with some of the people of asked us a long time for when you gonna get him on. The answer is now during of a week the delightful he is at tea. W Huddleston on Twitter so follow him and get some digital tweet charm. Here's nurse packets of summer, for thirty, three with Tom, hidden student, nor stack com the moment when it was near COMECON and we'll just
start talking now so yeah near COMECON end twenty two Euro COMECON October twenty twenty eleven. Yet when I was there with a vengeance with my rough alone, Chris Evans and Kogi Small doesn't caught great. Yes, I end and Clark gave me shit because I called him out on stage for seeing his avenger at that stage. Yet it was out of the girl. Was Extraordinary had made it up, it was, I remember it was something like a rat it was like yeah. We I just rubber the line. We got a whole key or something I don't know what it was, but he was you gonNa Kali Avenger is is it was. It was mainly just surround backstage and I thought it was aware and then, when I said oh, you should do this using no, no, no, no, please now and then and then he did it and it was great and people were thrilled. Has great people loved people are flat Gregg. I love our grand people of time had often Tom hit Austin. I mean this. You know to. Basically
get to be. I mean it essentially be Loki, is he's. What he's is mine? we'll, be an avenger at this point as far as people are concerned, they think or him that's the it's very gratifying and thrilling that he is a loved character, I don't know that tat the Jospin and, if I may, to be part of the year that that particular team anytime soon, but it been an amazing run them amazing ride at that, and that comic gonna think was the first time I became aware that it was said that it was becoming a different thing. It became I mean It is know a lot of time since we're movies that the villain can be kind of disposable, like oh he's, just a threat for this particular episode alone, John IN and you don't ever see him again and there, but I finally having people riot. If something, if Loki went away, cutting people think frickin right yeah with well. It's
Well, since you app is contained in the magic do so in a timid get job on the phone. It is number yeah, but it's my god. It's been a rocket rollercoaster for me, but he out the whole thing has been such an extraordinary here, one of my favorite moments and do as we had Kevin five e on and that progress is going up after years, and we talked about this on His- One of my favorite moments at any comecon was not notches. You coming out as Loki, but there was a moment were you came out, and I told you the night before, as like people going to lose a fuckin minds and you're, like you, think, he's gonna be ok. He's going to. Let you go, I am sure, will be fine. I don't wanna be amazing. came out and the response was deafening and I just you couldn't. Came the smile on her back. That's not Loki. That's Tom smiling, harms Miley where there was in it was, is so insane and ridiculous. I couldn't I mean I could never have expected that nobody would never expected like. It was correct.
the eminent ill. I merely burst out laughing, partly because it is a thing. Is I don't? If you have, it ever told you. This is what I was off stage. The first time I tried to say more, First, off days, lines microphone wasn't working, I like, oh god, it's over he's not gonna were all I have is all I have is my voice raised. There are no special effects there, his me and my voice reaching the back wall in the hall. What of seven thousand people and the microbes working Holy Shit data trained actor ice then have a voice. It can reach all the way back that so I was I was sweating. I will I was sweating and packing and finally, on the third go, I said humanity, and I heard it reverb eight round who has Ike Georgia is a deer six hours to go through the day to add the hair in the make up, and yeah, thanks to your eyes and and and I I was very pleased to be a part of it, I think,
Hold me a mule inquire. What idea amazing yet is you you I distinguished by privilege. You show that only with Scarlett Johansson at to people in the world. I have so much in common. You do you should be widened why you know when you got site, you know normally, if it's weird during the day, because its bid sort of like the topography of everything in my body religions, but an united sort of blends into I tried to do too much during the day bumps. In that sense, this looks like he's like bag gravel? What should I do with that? Maybe the premier too, that the Thorp reared and I am come early me- that's it. I'm always have tempted to do something like that at a premiere, but then I was feel like you're just gonna. Look like yours. Go. Look like a sad attention. Whore comic! If you do that, but I always why things Larry's, if you did that, I love it. When people type in costume, one or two. Where locally helmet you tat. You should do that honestly people, because I'm your interviews with also better
arose like this is great. He would hear them would want to dizzy landed. They have this like the store experience and then you go into this one room and they have the Loki Helmet and in a bunch of pr pieces from her they do yeah and it was a special. It was a spell little special tour sounds like no one else is in here. I could just take that and no one would is: is it the actual home than I don't know if it's the actual how mad? But it is actually maybe I bet did anyone? Is it noted and what is it isn't Is it the one or the event, is what its authority on this for one is slightly more like a crown, event is one is more like a kind of weapon. It's it's, the one that's got the it the whole they go up and be up in backing, two hours around. That's right yard How long were you going to finish this smelling of we see we finish we shot through the dark world from Made August two twenty twelve to mid.
I nearly twenty thirteen. Ok, that is principle that I, when I am I'm and I did the last day so that was a guest gender. The fifteenth holy shit and now, of course, is anyone. People like where's the Loki Movie. I mean it solely within the marble universe to have a Loki movies Where prejudice cabin fight, you that he personally, are you sure you should ask him by well? Well? Well: well, the equivocation begins it. Sir. I've heard about I've heard that there is a lot of people. Ask him a question and it is the most enormous compliment. I got two people on lines and you go to have one people saying you should know this would be a Loki movie. I mean I'd love to I have so many hare brained ideas. I love to try out bottom
in the end. It will be up to me, I think, and also I think it would be strange to do that. I think Chris hems I'd have to be in it in some capacity. or maybe I didn't I didn't know. I know I don't know what form it will take us area where there is no thought without Loki. There is no loki without thought. They define each other day, southern each they love each other, they hate each other. They are too hard to the same hall. I think I wonder I wonder how it would work. However, as I have stated before, I'd love to see Loki just some kind of like expeditions in mischief honour across the dear century. I think you'll be amazing. I think you could see him like you know higher withdrawal stones in the late sixties. Have you know they make their work or to make their work right now the Doktor PS up Loki, yes, and they travel attired us together and that's how you make that word. That's how you make that what would be a major shopping, Loki and a doctor who will first of all he's a partner
how'd. You know it is every bit as reasonable to say that the doktor could find Loki somewhere. Don't you find Loki Loki Travellers in the tightest they go back to nineteen? Sixty eight has introduced a case riches he starts playing, is a fifth member. The running stones. That's right! Please allow me introduce myself, I'm a man of well of Anti EAST Europe I do hope, the guy my name's Wurzburg LULU Nature of my game, women it. This is starting to make a lot of sense because I think the Rainbow Bridge is more alien technology than it a supernatural technology. Yes, look in North God, the nor scar, our own alien raised there. This is this I mean just fucking Moffit foggy here, do its bit: Whoopi Amazing
I'd be amazing, get rid of juvenile. I sadly was here and now is the capacity so be an old doktor who it is, but older super sharp hilarious yeah. I'm excited, I'm excited too. I mean he's a brilliant, is a brilliant, brilliant, active packaging You think he's also has a capacity for going to the dark side and a great way yeah remain the deficit, the thick of it yeah, of course. yeah. It was amazing, a glare and- and I think, a really interesting way tat. They had to go in a completely different direction with India they had to go in a totally. You know it you could it couldn't just be like. Oh, it's a young, White Chap who, as you know it they live long ago, I think they had to go another ethnicity or they had to go older. They had to go females. They had to do something with the diameter. He will be amazing. Actually I'm looking forward to seeing what he does this. I think a lot of what the Americans, the earliest. What I view of sort of british agriculture is that there is basically about
SK it of you and you all do everything over those like the community is somewhat smaller and everyone appears I would appear. drivers. Have you done? Let me count. Cranford the gathering storm conspiracy, Miss. Austin regrets Nicholas Nickleby LAO at least that's five. I can think of my head, but then you count like war who sets up here drama sure midnight in Paris has appeared, absolutely gather woody adequately see. I think I m, because what I see is basically do Pierre had got told months on my phone job actually, my very first open. I was nineteen years old was a tv adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby with them James, Darcy and Dominic, West and Charlestown, since, if I might ass is the leeds- and I would hope to make about this and my very first day professional work as an actor. You know Tom, you have a very period face,
I like what does that mean that its ninety ninety nine? But what does that? That means it's adaptable to any there's some people like if you watch mad matter. If you want your parents, ego. Oh yeah yeah, they ve got the face for that time. Writer it cause every time period. You could you just can tell it go it's. Maybe it's the haircuts or maybe it's the environment, but they are just of that era, and there are some people Oh, that are you just outside their hair back or just given to me by my jobs, yeah yeah, all british people. Essentially like that's half my lineage My father said of family and some type of Anglo might I'm not sure, there's a little bit of scottish and of northern English. So you knows period and safety, and what else do we do that? I can think of crisis, but a song and dance. But if you use your scottish Scottish him yeah there, Scottish there's there's scottish might
in my dad's family I think it's how about MAC Rory, I think back to the early twentieth century. Ok, the eye goodnight. Maybe your grandfather was goddesses known and are now make my grandfather was a hillbilly. They all like the learning. Lessons and they came over and they basically settled in regions in America that we have very environmentally. Scottish, like the appellations, are there and so am I you know my great grandfather like Maiden hit a washer and drier and he basically made moonshine in it like you, didn't washes clothes and he lived in the cabin, and you know that they were all read now I will meet him since he could well do you, that's all need a tortoise. You need a timescale back and scared the shit, when you're, Loki, helmet but dumb, but watching a british television and film really is an extension of theatres, really is kind of interesting ideas, and we don't really have that here. Yeah, I guess it's a unique thing is: is that-
we are most of us. We have to start. Is it some people go to dramas, go and that most people do that by and large you go to a profession It is essentially a theatre training, so could be where I went wishes, Roger or when many many many people went Lambda London Academy of dramatic on music, a dramatic got overall, scottish or central, followed the drama centre where Tom Hearty went in and then pull Bethany Michael fast, Bender and denied all these. Essentially London based drama schools. I got my web did not get rough mats method, he he went to gild Hollow, didn't lander or something I'm not sure. I thought it was just kind of assent. hooligan knightly deeds. I think it's right. Maybe there are some you don't put em, but but then sort of you. What you do is you get it you get into the theater and neither do check your check of all that is like edgy, contemporary drama
like I'm, a missing Matt Smith in a play called backface way at a very Hence it with his mother and it was it was. He was suddenly became this burning white talent and we will end I won't go see the place because it saw all the theatres are so, which is why the film It is based on the television industry and so all becomes in a way the theatre as an actor theatre, feeds television and foam, and and tv and found produces incarcerate does come to the theatre to look for new actors, but there's so much theatre in London in July. We do think London has the best theatre in the world. I would say that call of course I'm buys, but it is an amazing, progressive industry which is full of people and dumb and in a way you get to test the tools of your trade and you get to kind of try out the things in your toolbars.
and and and and broadening arranging and and and play. You know play outside your your comfort zone and then I think, come And then, in a way, you're lucky if you get a tv and film break, but you ve always got some sort of four in an anchor in the theater. It is pretty amazing how America became so obsessed downturn Abbe, which I know is an amazing, show you. How can I haven't seen that much of it? But but that idea like the upstairs downstairs relationships is not be like. That's a very that's recurred alive, those they reductions Yokul upstairs to answer them, all of which was that the sort of the past she's upstairs and the servants and how they interact with one another? So very british ideal, because that was the that was essentially your social structure. It used to be that interesting is genuinely. I find it I mean. I know it's a very puppet show in its very well maiden, and lots of my friends are in it, but it's it's such an interesting thing that it is so
it's so not what Britain is now right. Britain is that she is, progressive place in the energy is really m. Is I feel like it's that will, I hope, by the country, is trying to do away with the class system, because we know how poisonous and toxic it is and was for so long, and yet we still fascinated by by how it used to be. You know we look back all of our stories constantly we're looking back a time when to make sense of who we are not sure which is fascinating, who, as a sort of cultural met, it is self examination. Will our country mean you know were obviously young yes had to vote? Yes, we broke away from you guys it turns out long ago. But, but you know I don't know. If we really, I mean much of our culture around the vigour,
The torrent era was an essentially us finding the land of this kind in establishing it NEA, not part of this historical. Do you know lineage it had to you now carry on, and yet we were not established. So our history, in that period of time, was just establishing a culture year period which is a great by the way I love him. I love America love coming here. I love its youth, love its energy. I love firm. It's it's I'd at I've loved that it isn't all, particularly that things are in a way you put your process, your inheritance, more so people like actively processing that inheritors like I no idea what like beyond my my grandpa. my great grandfather. We have no idea what my family history is. Where is it they can America because everyone knows like. Oh, no. I've got irish in my blood from the hundred fifty years ago, and I really you know that
I find that really interesting is people are like actively processing their cultural inheritance and changing and using it in spending, and that's why such an energetic country genuinely yeah, because where we know everyone here is from somewhere yeah. But you know people in England could have been therefore multilingual, yeah yeah, I don't know I mean I know I'm half scottish and half English answer my father's side is all Scots and he's it. He is literally, he adds a scottish access. My my grandfather, his dad, was had a really strong because we generally semicircle map on on Sundays, with my very english London acts and say how are you Grandpa, USA or maps which that terrible as watching the football celtic goby arenas, Celtic Parker DNA, we like shore grandpa can european, but my diagnosed still speaks with a scottish
but like over, I saw em the dont want of love the fantastic Guenaud great agree, a great loss, twists and turns rigid. That's my dad in an them and Mommy's drama english family. Is a German in there and then the hell knows if the Scots somehow came over from Scandinavia, roar I don't know who the hell systems were. My dad said we can trace. Ought we heap? He can't where I believe a model is not a matter, but here we can trace the Hilton. They highlight the petals than blood back to the Douglas Clan, because score subdivided into into Klein's Odessa, Mcdonald's and their value. areas tartans in a lot, and apparently the Huddleston Klein is part of the hills
the part of the Douglas Clan and there was a guy called the black Douglas who went out in the crusades and thought these a madman, any fault that there's always the other once you get, the speculators are always the one it's that they're, always the ones that have slaughtered thousands of people and their either there either, but there they get color names like red they saw a black than a gray. I know if you ve got a lot of people up. You get a cholera janitor. That's what I learned. That's what I believe more, whom I should like every sounds like about us is now. Do you did you want to do? comedy. Do you ever do you like? Do you like going much fear, I environments where its genuinely, where I started as it as a performer as a kid like it, I started just make people off, I'm not being very funny right now. What kind of aware that puts admission of that was funny
allergies? Or do I oh yeah yeah? I would love to I love to do I mean I feel like I'm as Loki I'm starting to be allowed to be funny Aunt, em and I've been things I've I've done set of, incidentally, where they ve got Toby Justine. I take the peseta myself a bit and aunt em and have and have fun and be stupid and doing I doing impressions and and them I used to be when I was a kid I used to literally entertain my cousins. we'll get together over the summer and they would they would they would say, like command, be funny Tom. So I remember you know space hopping, my of into a wall smashing my face on it and thinking that really her, but they were all laughing and feeling really happy about it that never really stops. Actually that's really what competence for the russian crisis smashing your phasing out, hoping people find it finds it yeah and not you smashed up face back. I've had the room, Rhone Atkinson doing is gets
he was basically like walking down the street and there was an there's, a guy, filming and working on the street, and he isn't aware that he's being filmed and then, after certain point he's like I'm being found that he starts kindly thing about flirtatious for the camera and they found out. I was a very popular and interesting and he came. He developed this extreme. and absurd relationship with a camera on how so sweet and walks straight into a lamp post, and it's just absurd and impossible. Not to love was that so, when you yourself, british colony, Eurogroup, railroad accident black at her own eyes, black at a particularly I loved, I mean faulty Taos. Faulty ties is, is a piece of pure genius, John pleases, blind rage, at least at human nature. He just a hates people, spousal faulty and
and the fact that he wants to be a better person, but his basic misanthropy just pull out rug from Monday his feet. Any moment, though, but I grab watching a man I still either. If I still put on episodes of the first season at the office, we wreckage evasive, ITALY. It makes me like a howl and shake with laughter They did the awkwardness of it and then I think his genius, and also american comedies amazing her. I was a curb your enthusiasm not for ages to watching to me as a very the soul of its pretty british. I think yeah witches you, no misunderstandings and awkward. yeah and snobbery and savary and the truth. When you really shouldn't editors like when you spoke to keep a lead on this yeah, I mean I remember, and people would be wings so game as well,
light Roseate online TED Dance and coming in and being incredibly aim with Larry David's, whereby what I would love to do like a prior, really kind I love their romantic comedy. I think every heart had loved to China and I thought I'd love to do. If you know, I think poor fights, foams genius, I Mabel, I am what he's doing of light love watching the heat, as already so yeah yeah yeah Melissa, Mccarthyism, an talent and heated bridesmaids bride reins he hasn't gate. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Madre pulse pulse fantastic the best dresser and highly with ever see the guy he's Is it an immaculate ass? He looks at me over there. I met him, his wife a couple times his gaze of these, a great guy Sweetman. So what is it that, like, ultimately, what sort of motivates you is it is it? Is it the craft of acting or as its specific roles? Or is it I mean as anything else. If you ever want to do or is it sort of right you never want. It's always want to try something new like it's who, instead of one
to be able to to do as much as I can and and keep it interesting for both myself and hopefully for the audience is I have it in. I wish your big interested in them in snow straight serious drama always have done. I love doing Shakespeare. I go back to do Coriolanus on stage in December. That's what started doing Othello assembling hammer the fifth I recently on television Adam on the BBC and on Pcbs and that's kind of like that's a set of passionate, a unique and specific passion. I have an end: I've loved basically taking my Shakespeare experience in answer to using it in things like Loki. Look he's got quite a shakespearian stature will, as we know all our vigilance have a british accents rice of her yeah, but in a way that it is better to whether they be started with James Mason, it might have been ousted with joy.
James Racism before the death, your next row, but it's no. It's by I've always wanted to honestly wanted to do everything. Oh I'm! So I'm giddy with with with the idea that I've already done when I bought what I've been allowed to do to be in Tbilisi, pavilion to play at Scott Fitzgerald to be to what was deemed spill but- and I am so excited basically, dinner was gonna happen because I've already I but I've already done things. I thought would never happen how to spill bird work. I mean like how to see how do you work with him he's incredibly fast at the first thing that your struck by after you get over the five year working with, but it takes a while, but I think it would take. It will happen. The productivity has actually over catches, workers and other day get rate and fuck it up below Stephen Shits vacuum.
We cannot wait until he first thing that is is very striking. Is is how genuinely kind he is kind generous, personable collaborative You can't really get over the fact that his, including you and in his process, an end he trusts emanating with war. Who is he really trusted me with my character and was open to discussion and, and I guess he felt like he found the right guy and said it was up to me now, but then to watch him honestly took to have the privilege of watching him construct shots on asset is, I mean there is no greater shot maker in the world alive. Today, it's it's like it. Some. What would be difficult for other humans for memorials is just a slight
try to attack them. He just makes decisions in this so clear and so clean and an majestic. You decided What we do is we should go. We should go to beat it. That's a shot you beyond the horses, lazy, wanna, Pat across in the pan, back used. This lends will cut. It and will put. Can I see a lot of other great, but this felt right. You like it so it's so exciting, and you see it come together, guys are known, he is wearing his bicycle cabin and he looks like seems, go back. Of course he does the UK's, but very like you, know, something's gonna cigar, like it's early in the morning baseball cap, I wasted. When you're, when you're watching someone who is a master at their craft. I always think of this. from Amadeus, where Sally areas explaining like where Mozart's writing the requiem unease. Taking the notation and it's like he's, basically he's he read describes it. Is that he's too he's dictating right. That he's not even thinking, if he's just its, it seems it
dictating something from they haven't coming out. Yet it's too he's just spitting out here and to watch someone do that do you watch and go? I want to get there's some days ago. I don't fucking know that then we're gonna happen, like that's. Just a I guess: it's like watching item knows that watching Freddy Mercury onstage something worse or in some cases I worked. Somebody's truly gifted like watching tennis plays, but would you would you ever know if you got to that point? you know like. Would you ever know where what other people other people, I say, hey Steven Spielberg of prey really amazing, you do! That needs like what we're talking about him yet faces and also to him. It's like he's thinking it's these thinking at ten thousand Mazarin s he's just constructing historian his head. He has the movie in his head. That's what such a genius thing is he's constructed the fifty thousand peace Jigsaw Puzzle is
the movie in his mind and then he's just making it happen. So how do you smashed the nerves down to then go came about to start performing essentially because I guess I wonder and act or so I am, but I'm guessing. You can't be aware of yourself as an actor in a scene, because you have to be in the scene, How can you not be aware of yourself when Steven Spielberg is right there and you like a fuck? I want to do a good job, but because he so genuinely just is so supportive and loving. He says that these. Therefore, your member, those one really intimate scene, where Captain Nicholls account I play in that film is very brave and and faces death in the face is incredibly courageous. That's what the count towards its a he's, a kind of he's, the soul of decency,
courage and them, as one particular moment where you see Nicholls, is, is biting his lip and burying his fear for the sake of leading his men and we both knew was a it was. It was an intimate moment for me. damn and Stephen said Damn just before just before it camera got set up. A separate Deanna Kaminski is amazing, Dio peace at the lights up any, and he said TAT Tom. I mean it. I'm an opera on this one, that's right as yet its absence and then he gets behind. He gets on a sits on the onward early on that, still behind the camera, and here he is operating issuing an end, its his way saying it's only mania, just I'm here for you, it's be met, so beautiful, really genuinely generous, and do you do you think the first time
should I can do better or like do you get in secure at all? Or do you really feel that comfortable that I felt really comfortable because we had so much time together? I think it has some seventy conversation so much prep and I loved I loved. Actually, I loved by the choice, should affirm my great thrillers when it was when you can kind of tap into that direct his taste in a way it takes some as it takes a bit, but really you start to understand what they love like. We start to get when they're really happy and you can t conflict that when they really happy and satisfied with what you done and remember doing, one particular seen em and if your mama, but but basically it's just before Captain Nicholas's is killed spot, allows them at basic those who see where he said? I just I want to see you, so I don't want to see
fear I dont see shock or terror. I just want to see your soul I want to see this this boy. inside a man who is about to leave he's about to leave. You now leave his life and he knows it and we would end he was operating and we did a competent a couple times and the second take you like. Oh my god, that was wonderful. We got it. We got it and eyes ice, because I saw in what I done what he was satisfied with. I said cages one more discoveries. I know I'm really happy. We got us it yet, but I. now. I know what you love. Let me just try one more thing, and so did a third time in and a first I'm not sure I think the second was better than we went back in and his wife Kate Capture said. Oh my god, the third one, oh my god. So then he said ass. I am, ABC Friday, I'm editing at the weekend. I tell you on Monday
Monday morning, a comeback guy. I come by consent and he sees me like Tom. Take three it's in the movie and those ideas and it was so thrilling if I feel like I was working With- was really working with him. You see, I do see acting as a lifelong, you know it. Never it never ends. There is always more stuff to do, or do you feel like at a certain point. You know right now. I feel like it will never end as always stuff to do, because If his life continues to be interesting and at every stage of my own life, I have new things to present, to portray to excavate life of the life of out of a british actor is pretty remarkable because you guys, you know you, can you start off as these like young strapping handsome cavalier and then
you start to age, then you get very dignified by then when you get older than its then you're, then you're like Anthony Hopkins here. Just as you know, this finally potter familiars type of you know, I mean it's. It is pretty amazing that if I guess, if you want to work as a reflector, you can work and until you drop dead, I'd say the same for Americans are right, maybe a smell of us, no, no we take care of ourselves as well that we take care of ourselves will bid it. But it's like it's like you, you, Your rose evolve as you evolve near by someone said to me. If you're lucky, your career becomes like a time machine and he looked back and you realize that that the reason you played parts at a particular time is because that's that's what you need to get out of your system.
He played lots of fun. I dunno few playing sons of princes of soldiers or or lovers all fighters of warriors. I give there's always I find are playing a lot of soldiers and I met people are so like it's always about facing, basically being courageous in some way. I dont know why that is. I might now stop at some point and in maybe opposite playing field. Isn T teaches kings on, hopefully, one day wizards in disadvantaged by those a bunch of older british adversary. Well, I'm finally entering I was in fact is that the big, very distinguished Isabel distinguishing exclude
of club bring me like herons stamp. It just be super bad ass. You like sixty still be that still like tears. Time has always been a bad. Ass is never stopped being about us, but there are some very distinguished visitors. You know, there's Michael Gamblin Mcmullen. They should start a ban that distinguish wizards distinguish whether that sounds pretty good. Will that be good, yeah, real you not any the potter films? I wasn't. I mean that generation, in fact, most of the automatic, are not right, because we were too old, too old to be nearly to years. His lawyer right yeah, maybe in the next film he's ever know something I think I was. I was twenty when the first one is made or came or the foot, twenty is all when the first one was released, so I'm this at a loss to pass a generation of the legislators. The last person see now you guys, like other envy many, I Smith and under Benedict, Combat and Tom Haughty and been overnight Are you guys would have been far? Oh god, you just please
for one Halloween, just all put yourselves that party. Who would you be? Who would you be? I don't know who do you think? Where would you put me? Would you maybe a teacher or people? Were Let's see if we're not. If we're not, if we're just discounting any agents like, I will put you in a No, I don't know who I would all men rode out there. I have some ideas, oh, maybe it's cuz of the. Maybe it's causa Loki, but I think you can make a pretty great Draco pretty that asked Rachel. Ok, but, like a little more of I don't know, Draco get pretty spineless near the end, but more like a bad ass. Rico yeah. Maybe what's his father called Lucius Lucy's Mouthful release, yes MA foi, he will be a year ago- a young snape. You could be a young slave you're too handsome to be Snape those neighbours supposed to be a more recent books. You know he was, he was put the kind of hideous,
you know, but obviously on Rick men like the kind of made him up, you look a little more, but I think you'd be a pretty great snape. You know like if they did a if they kind of like. If they like hunky versions of the of the hardware snap, you kindly eyes, you could be a snap, your eminence everything at my has Virginia the moments. I think you maybe I'd be. What's his name Ripley oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. You can totally runways easily grown wisely. You can be around wisely, but in the end I think it. I hope I hope I reached my Dumbledore phase in Vienna. place to get to know right now known and now you're, not gonna Dumbledore for several again, as I have to many soldiers to play many soldiers and princes and worries and poets and lovers and kings. You know, like ITALY's like Anthony. How can so I said you have two soldier before you can Dumbledore? That's
Did he say that he did say that it was ever able to play down Moldova by half the soldier before we can? As you have social perfectly right of positive doubled is anything? Is anything in the year do have time Do anything else right now or is it I'm an actor? That's what I am. like the had remained in my life like your life. Is there anything? How do you, because, obviously you know it must be an interesting time free, because I'm sure people are throwing parts it you left and right, but at a certain point, don't you have to a break and dick he s a little bit usually arm again for a while. Yet she answered time see this year
which was amazing, how I went to West Africa Tiktok to Guinea, which is on the west african Coast with UNICEF, and that was amazing that we stick truly changed. My perspective on the world because it was it was seen as closer than from London to Guinea from London to Conakry is closer than London to New York and accordingly, Alonso Yokota time Lot, Fuel Dylan into Conakry, and I saw the whole country. I saw UNICEF's work on the ground. Amazing amazing time really live, changing perspective inducing extraordinary and did it sort of make you feel like? Oh, you know what I do is fire play tat. What I ve always play time. You know I'm into these schools with it with young children, and I said what you wanna be and they all said teacher or minister or
or teacher or, like very few people, said that nobody there. Nobody heard of me- and I was glad that she really great and because the hand but people at that if he were an apprenticeship, if an aim is Lionel Messy or David Beckham or wine running, had heard of you but actors. That's the name register, and I love that I thought this is it very much bigger world? The planet is much bigger than me realize it, but when the may often think often so that was amazing and them, and Very affecting and then it's a lot of traveling at sea. I just been traveling the game this year, so that was good. You know what is it like when your you know it's it's nighttime, it's like your first or second night in West Africa and you're outside and you're just kind of staring up at the sky. What is it that you're thinking or feeling I felt very free actually I second night we were actually in a village in the men in the middle of firm in the middle of
guinea, so we would no longer by the coast and we were staying at at at at at at a house. business at which it was owned by one of the elders of the village agenda and we were able quite special, they passed the night said you can stay on. He cassandras roman courses just a room with a bad, and you know, but that was a special thing for them and aunt em, I remember the yet we turned our torches out and I wrap myself in my mosquito nets and its than actually hearing the noise of the west african night, all kinds of noises. I have no idea where they came from the upper. What we have any idea. What was making them, though, is scuttling and banging and soda hissing, and I mean it was I burst out laughing at just like I find it somewhat
I don't want to know. What did I don't? Wanna be any lighted, a young, he has varied, or is it because it's the one in the wilderness of West Africa and then occasionally here a cow moving and enables feel like it was just standing above your face I meant always woken up via by a buyer. Cockerel a genuinely walked. The cockroaches came into the room, stood next to me in and crowded about five. I am like typing it up. Then I thought very free felt like it. It was a visa waiver is an amazing world. To tribute to be a part of, I was introduced to to the to the workings of the country, it quite a rigorous level and just seeing how seeing how that part of the world. This is struggling to sustain itself.
I just felt like a camp exercising a different part of my brain. I became really engaged in other things and I was very cool. Well, I think it's important, for you know not everyone has. The ability to you know just go travel, but in an important- and I am- and I was very I'm very pleased that they in no UNICEF invited me to come, so important so important to do that, as I think you know all the insecurity we feel all the May, not good enough, and in armour am I doing ok and my friend group or my is my work and you go other places where you know the surviving the day getting through the day and heavy ass, Dane and to create Europe a centrally your own little many civilization and things arduous handed to you and you we are that shit that I'm always worried about is dumb. I did it it as soon as I rapped on on the dark world. I literally wrapped in the dark world and my costume in two days ago, on a plane to West Africa, and I remember- I was in the end in a village m called them,
Montana, which is just near that the money in border- and walking into it. To a too I am positive at a meeting with with all of the women folk of of the it was some health centre. All these villages have health centres, and I said that because it was become, can I in French, I said there is any problem. Madam said, village and down there. They were all smiling these beautiful children. Beautiful women smiling with very little food and they sent in by the law, which means there is no water. And it was so boldly stated, there is no water here at the hit me like a train. And whenever it whenever you know the Sitteth starts going on in the world,
but these are just some who think like there is no water Monday. I too am it's. It's it's such a set of shattering. That's a wonderful threats that wonderful kind of mantra to have when you're you're freaking out about about stupid things now. So I do want to point out that any female listeners probably felt their ovary swell when you started speaking french areas like I'm Hungary. In a way, I can't describe, I think, term, Huddleston speaking French. Water is a little bit of others as unreservedly. If that's the case that mean that is a good thing. That is a good thing. read your friend with internationally right, I've spoken french discuss overages, as about ten thing is, if you, and if you live in London, Paris, France is right there. Yes, you their cultures. As you know, we land locked in the states it's like, but you have a space. What get spanish, I think, there's a lotta gets a lotta gets by me speaking. We speak. Ok, spanish donor, but but you guys actually, you know like it
its multi, its everyone. You know it's Europeans on London, but here we are coming to the end of our time, because the put Thor premiers tonight will permit is tonight. I will be, there, I look forward to seeing a new a you are coming to the end of a ridiculous month, long whirlwind thoughts or so. I hope that you get some rest and Are you anything next that yeah Galicia go strained coil and tomorrow we are back to the back to the drawing board. Will you will sleep well on the plains and I will leave her of the plane I M excited that did introduce for me is making something where before there was nothing, you know that that is the thrill for maize. Is there is nothing and then you make something in there is something you know that could be a play or a fairer, more and and its literally just the amount that
active imaginations of a specific group of people. Saying, wouldn't it be interesting if we told the story in this way and we showed these aspects of human nature, I made it funny and gripping and dramatic and entertaining and truthful. I suddenly becomes a thing where there was nothing before a year ago there was no movie called for the dark world, we made a sound, so try, and so MR say known at now- red eyes only from now it's like framed and polished, and it looks like a sort of some sort of smeared into the landscape of our culture and its and its look so neat and and and dare and answered, framed and boxed and defined. But there wasn't anything
for that. If I have come to London, I want to see your play. Please come, I would have to please come Bruns from December, the Sixtyth every the thirteenth and then, if, if I could ask you to do something which hopefully is annoying now we tell people be under the podcast, we say enjoy burrito in a way that we are telling people to enjoy their present as its happening nice source of worry. But I really feel like a good sort of Loki ask enjoy. Burrito would resonate with people at the end, mid guardians for the sake of Odin and the nine realms enjoy your berries, her reply at the end of every episode, Middleton delightful, to see things as I much such a pleasure to see to it by everything. Yes, so great now, leaving noticed tat com,
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