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Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway? Let's Make a Deal) chats with Chris about his love of nerd culture, how he got into acting and finding his own identity as an actor. Wayne also talks about getting on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, how they dealt with rejection in their careers and everything else Wayne is currently working on!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty podcast number, one thousand six couple things. First of all, I wanna be performing at the Edison Improv Witches in Addison Texas, just outside a Dallas, or maybe it inside a Dallas is Dallas adjacent, it's kind of industrial businesses area. I dont think anyone lives at Edison. I think it's just businesses, but Addison, improper and I'll be there July. Twenty five, twenty six and twenty seven and then, if you are really North Carolina, albeit good knights, comedy Club August, eight, nine ten- I don't- we were performed a rally before some very excited about that, and this is tied into this episode. But I'm posting this a day early, because I got to be a guest on
whose line as it anyway because of this pod tasks that you're about to listen to because of Wayne Brady, and you here at unfold on this pod cast. It has a very big deal to me because, as the idea of it terrified me because it serve whose life is one of those in full, how many things in my life will weaken and eye when we're roommates in the early nineties used to watch the british version every. I think it was on its six p m and it it completely changed and open like expanded. My horizons changed, you know is one of those pivotal moments where a change like how I see comedy and and- and I absolutely was floored when weird- I guess I tell us
about how they are different for whose line in the early two thousands of wines and all you should just come on, and I did it and it was a blast. I think I did a pretty good job. I don't think I mean listen. I think I you know like there weren't. There were a couple times or I thought I could have done or like I caught a fuck that up, but overall, I don't think I embarrassed of which is really what I was afraid of, but I did this because I was a boy was a lifelong dream and I was terrified to do it. That made a very important, but every one of the show is super nice. It was oops call in Ryan Wayne and Asia and it was an absolute dream and the audience was incredible. It with the hotel producers were great. The whole experience was fun, but I believe the season premier tonight. This is day June. Seventeenth it's on the sea W, so please watch it tonight and also support Wayne Brady.
Let's make a deal watch whose line his identity. He was doing The bold and the beautiful he's writing books he's he purchased from other shows. During this part guessed he is inspirational not just as a multi hyphen it guy who doesn't bunch of stuff that he does by the way brilliantly everything he does. He is excels, add, and I don't know, I'm we wait and I have had sort of parallel we're about the same age, and so we ve had these sort of parallel careers, and we have always kind of scene and wave to each other from across the different parts of our careers. But this was really I mean we ve talked to throw out the years. This is the first really long conversation that we ve had, and I love em and now we're friends.
And and as you heard this up, so we might actually start doing some stuff together. So thank you to wane, Brady for being a wonderful guess and a great dude and for lifting the experience, one language, some sort of loving it's ridiculous- that it even got happened. So will it got to do it too? So that I think for both of us. It's you know. This is a nice little. Oh and on something that was so important to us and now. Ok scenarios. We re usually do their corporate up top, but now, but I do a couple- a court boards real fast before we get to the episode. First of all events it, I detected a conversation these in here. Kelsey rights on Watercolor, illustrator and experts from California recently moved to a rural area in front of us. Being in a more natural setting. Inspired me to do a hundred a painting challenge, learn about local flora and fauna around me, along the way, ass or researching biodiversity and habitat loss and how it affects literally every
thing and everyone on earth. But how did a project is on Instagram and I sell original watercolor sketches of local french plants and animals and Etsy. We're folks can support my research painting and help me better. Tell the story of the importance of net science and biodiversity for all nature, including humans. Instagram is its now it's pronounce Kelsey, but its spelled it's the ad and then Q, Li L, L, E s S eye and at sea is the same shop name. You can purchase original work there, and adding little by little project continues and I did look at it and the work is beautiful, so great job, Halsey and over waited go just move out to roll Franson and discovering nature and taken a chance like that. I have no doubt that this will pay off in take you in directions that you never never never could have foreseen. So congratulations also Rachel Rights, my husband on air bigtime listeners of yours. I know the your public announcement before episodes and was hoping you are willing to help us my husband,
has been diagnosed with end stage, kidney failure and is looking for donors alive donor would greatly increases lifespan and quality. If you could this information. I am sure that would reach far more people than we can hope for so he I am absolutely sharing it for you Rachel and I'm wishing all all the best and hope that this works out the more people that no she says, the more likely chance we can find one is willing to donate contact info for donation questions living donors at Alberta, health, sir, MRS Ca and the phone number is seven hundred and eighty four hundred and seven eight thousand six hundred and ninety eight that's seven hundred and eighty four hundred and seven eight thousand six hundred and ninety eight for myself and all of the Id10T listeners that are sending you all the best and hoping that you can find a kidney
for your husband and we're we're thinking about you, so that is all for the court board. Events at eighty ten t dot com. Again, as we launch an episode number one thousand six with Mr Wayne Brady. I can't even we would urge my credit card. I thought there You know I used to be had a marketing personae
and I d like to share with you a few years ago. I got up there were less shifts in the business around two thousand nine and he said it- fifty, I got laid off and it's like I didn't know what I was going to do. I've been a marketing for like thirty years or whatever, and so he he called this friend normally has he had worked for him and he learned to do an almost like a pretty much like did you? Are you happy with your job dudes as you know, I'm not really happy with it anymore anyway. Goes well doubts time to do something new and he just happen to have a passion for bread making. So he pursued it opened this incredible bakery in this tiny little town Solomos Called De Los Alamos where the nuclear testing, no, I think it's a different.
Now those others who there's there's a LOS Alamos sit in New Mexico yet in that year- and this was almost is just off the one or one considers like a little that is like it's kind of a vineyard area and this tiny little town, a sort of being revitalized by just like you know, Archie creative types of these old rundown places, like like boutique hotel, you know little old motels turn into like a particular hotel. Any open. This really incredible areas like the fucking best bread ever called Wellbred, well bred its Congress in LOS Alamos his name's Bob, and it was great Wilson Let it were tat form because it sounded like coming in on the story. Tat like this guy was in marketing and then was a waiter serving you.
Was it was. It was his shop. That is the way it was his bread. It was his. It was his cafe and you know, and also just such an interesting lesson. Unlike my god, you know like whatever direction you think your life is going and then all of a sudden Something changes and it's like well, I'm just gonna. Do this and other new thing now, so I don't know was gooseberry inspiration, good for above good for Bob. Let's talk about you and ready
how're you doing. I love these glasses. I have these in our was a kid nobody. These originals did. This is an original that the one you have as a reproach, but I have original original Lando here and you can see the shape of the glasses is different, so cool yap. Although someone has pointed out that if you got the glass and hadn't seen the movie the next day, little exposition on the back gives up a lot of it's a lot of spoiler or yet they do that in the on on the cards to like, as a kid remember, having having the star wars cards and depending on which card you gave, it actually told you the movie YAP it'll. Do these. I think I'm hoping that if you bought the card, you probably saw the movie. It's like no one watches talking dad if they didn't
walking dead, you don't I mean like they. Probably we can't spoil everything on the show is people are probably already in, but those are just random glasses if you're just like I want to get some water, I sure can't wait to go see this star wars movie, God, damn it it's right here I never again he's very excited is very passionate. Real big reopens always been growing. You will yes and no, and I think it's an interesting thing thing, because I am I'm writing a book right now called Young gifted and whack. Being a a young black nerd from the hood, and you know we ve heard these stories, and aid is, of course those of us who came. They came of age about being you being a nerd. He's at work sensible to you. People never talk about
kids who were nerds and and never had the things that you went on. I want that bold tron standing at the the two foot guy right guy, but I can't get that oil. What what the star Wars thing? I want to go, see star wars, but I can't see that so when we talk the glasses and the cards. From my perspective, I I knew star wars. The movie from the glasses from looking and from the cards I got from different friends and and from reading some, the comic books. So why so? I didn't see, store wars proper. Until really, I think I was nineteen twenty twenty one, a wow, so I sought after the fact, I knew of it because I knew all the law and- and I had stuff that I got second hand, so I never admitted to anyone that I'd never seen it. I just
listened and played along and field in the gaps. So I could tell tell them everything what happened without ever seeing seeing them he's a nice than their culture and sort of become such that it has permeated every like everyone has access to all of it. Now, as opposed to you know that national archetype of their nerd is like a deal. We white kid who brought it's like mad is all. Is everybody different so different? And I think you know let's blow smoke, but we have you. You know one part to thank for that movement because there was a ship. I don't know exactly when, but you know back in the day when we were kids, nerd nerd,
like revenge, the nerds yeah yeah nerd was a pejorative. Yes is like nerd will get your ass, kick nerved! You're, an asshole now nerd everybody wants to be a nerd. The hot girl puts on glasses and does cause play. I dont know guys, I'm just a new world, more you're, the hot grow, with glass in the short skirt, but now that now the argument is like now, their productive is like your fake nerd. No, not. I have real credentials what're you talking about honorific nerd and then you have to prove that you have said with the roof. Oh yeah we're what about and if you could pass pass the litany of questions thrown at you buy by the guy that works at the comic book store than you Andrew. That's how you that's, how you know it all worked out well for the nerves when people are defending their own, yet nerd them when before we know what you talking about nominate a new list of roses. Even Y know there's no living football. Football is great. I love footballist pigskin awesome. I never
That was an interesting thing growing up and because you you from Georgia right well, was born in Georgia, but I'm really from a land of Lord you from Ireland. Ok gotcha, but it was interesting growing up in the south and not being sports literate. Because so there's so much sports eminence bad everyone in a boat, most people like sports, but particularly in the south. It's a thing. It's end, its very tribal and if you're not a part of it, if you're not a part of this school or this school of this team or that thing How do you feel like? Where do you go? How do you like you're, just sort of you, know you're just part of the scraps that you don't know what where you fit in to what was your group when you are grown up, my group really I didn't have a group in. Oh, that's part of what what my book is about is is about being tribal ass to what degree which which in the end, worked out well for myself and for my therapist
and when his kids and because there are going to come here, you will come to me I because neighbourhood that I grew up in. I didn't fit in with the kids in the neighbourhood and the hood, and then because I was bust out to this other school Doktor Philips, which was, I would say, ninety eight percent white. Because, if we give the programme- and there was an eye- was smaller than the other kids, because this is not new bragging as this fact so I jumped from stem from kindergarten to second grade so I was already smaller than some of them and being being the smaller kid and not knowing the customs of this new world that you far find yourself thrown into, and you really fit into your old place- I learned quickly like oh, I dont have a tribe, so I'm just gonna, be by myself. I've I've got my tribe, so
that's why I read so much and I started reading a tunnel cipher a ton of fantasy and then play and and watching old variety shows and cartoons, and I think that's where I got my love of pop culture and also the classics in that into me being able to do improv, so it wasn't until I got into a high school to be completely honest, that I found a tribe, especially like like you're saying in a sports world. I didn't. I didn't play football. I was too small at one and then, when I was big enough, I had no interest in it. So I ran track and then I had no interest to really run track, but I did it so that I could look halfway. Cool xo. Eventually I got into oral tc because my fathers in the military, so I figured this work and hide out. So I can
feed in here and and I like the costume, only a theatre, kid will call a a military uniform asked the costume, so I guess around tenth grade a fit into that and then in eleven grant a sort of acting. And that's when I met the other kids who I got into the nerd culture of that time, like in eighty eight meet meeting the other kids that that lights Douglas atoms and that we would listen to our him but loved run m c and end the beastie boys and and started getting
with those guys. So I think that's that's when I found my group and I found a voice, yeah and also just sort of hearing about even just hearing that much about sort of balancing around in school and jumping ahead, like of course, you had to learn in Prague skills. There was two rival like you had to learn how to survive and a lot of different environments. Absolutely you like that. Those are the roots, like for it for every like for every improv. You know hoedown, there's years of like just trying to survive in a social structure, man learning to two freestyle and to come up with rhymes that not just were rhyming, but that made sense and that could cut some window, that was self. A self defense learning that in the back of the bus, as everyone's attention is focused new and some guys calling you asshole and saying what your mama and you so black you this you that you
you had to learn to defend yourself verbally, because I have to defend myself physically, but we became the thing. How fast can the can my mouth be to to get to get me out of this social situation? So I don't look like such a nerd. I mean it's it's really interesting tests like thinking. So you do you saying, like wine and really not. My group was and give you such a unique entity that I can imagine. Sometimes it can be hard to sort of for people to understand like what you are. I done these because you do so many different things right and you appeal to so many different people that I can see the plus side is like. Well, you know this guy's firstly, does all this stuff, and in do you ever feel like women between all of these different types of things. So I don't really know what like? How do you know like in this business units? and you have to sell yourself, one dimensional leap to company
so you're. What am I I do? I'm old, I'm a million things, and I refuse to I mean you know the truth is maybe if ennobles I've been lucky enough. Since I guess this is twenty eighteen, since twenty cents since one ninety eight I've been lucky enough to be on tv there There has not been a year since ninety that I have not been on tv. That's almost unheard of so I've been lucky. That way. I'm sure that at some point in the first decade of being on tv, if I would have gone, ok, no I'm this guy right and rocked that direction as hard, can. Who knows? Maybe I would have been doing morphine if I would have said double down and I'm gonna release records and just b b a singer. Maybe I would have just them that or brown we're, whatever all all the things I've done, but at the end of the day I don't want to do that. I will fight tooth and nail to my grave
every wanting to be just anything, no just that I think that's a hold over from being a kid and fighting so hard, for my identity when pixel, when when people would tell me what I am I would say: no, I know what I am and it's not that in just disagreeing, because because I wanted to hold onto that- and I wanted to tell me a story because so many people thought that they knew at my folks are from the in Ireland, so we talked with with an accent and then I was poor. So this person call me poor said no, I'm not this. This Some would say something you know. No, I'm not so I'm very ornery still to this day so so so. Needless to say, Sometimes I have a rough time in a room when I am supposed to be pitching a project.
Then it's just me and they say. Oh so, you're gonna, just it's like Marty Mcfly. When you call him chicken right, I go well. I am not just host a thank you and then, the seeds they get pissed off and regale them with my entire. I am deeply page of of nine. May judges and that's no way to win friends well, but about it, but it's all. But when people trying to tell you what you are, that's a hundred percent of the time about them and their there's sort of limited. You know, like people just need to file things in their head, they need to find even declining to, and I need to sort this out. We are not given any anxiety, because it's easy that way and however people see was usually about them. I mean the lesser punching them in the face. That's different route, but you know when someone comes and they go here's what you are a lot of times. That's about them and- I understand that I think is really important, because you know if you're,
separable or you know you might start going. Ok. Well I guess that someone just said so I like, but what I thought here they do. You know a growing you should be comfortable and whose that person, and so you need comfortable in your skin and I'm not going to lie it's a lesson that I'm still learning now at forty six, I'm still still mature I'm still going this this this chrysalis age. I feel where, where who know maybe one day from lucky enough to be eighty right right before my eyes closer go. I've got it. Because I'm a joke right, that's the cosmic joke! I figured it out. He was about to say, somewhat wasn't mad or no we'll never know now, and the world keeps going the world and the world keeps going. That's important. Remember too, that did that's just part of it that you just there just something's we're never gonna
and you know maybe we'll get this flash of enlightenment. Like that white light you see right before you die is just of the truth and information hitting you at once, but even if that's the case like, Does it really matter gives you the news, bad NEWS, Ruth bad news? You don't need it. I dont know. If we have talked about this. I think I remember auditioning for Let's make a deal when would right, but war yeah, you! U audition! For one of the host afore the House lad right. I think I did you make Richards audition do yeah think so so, there's like we're bringing this we're gonna bring back to make a deal. You are really I love that show and I feel like I've. Member that that whole process and I'm just first of all, I am glad you got it and I am glad that it worked so well cause you never know like you, never knew specially or like all we're going to remain this thing. You are my good luck with that. You know and it and it really worked out man I'd it's it's,
amazing. You know the that that, I don't know no everyone listening. He heard year, religious belief, but but I have friends of mine that say in the big cosmic Joe you joke, as you tell God what want and listen to him laugh at you. I we can set goals and it hey, I'm setting my intention. I've got a vision board and there are just times when, not gonna win you like what the hell am I doing here, and this is awesome and it could be good. It could be bad with with let's make a deal, I've been approached a few times and each time I gave a respectful, nothing- you because I remember at that time. I just gotten finished, doing a game show on Fox dont forget the lyrics, and I only did that because I a record coming out of the time and it was a music show and I could sing.
This shows a ok. This makes sense to use this as a tool for this thing yeah. But one of those people there went game, show host. No because in my mind I had a a cardboard version of what came shows was just like. I have a cardboard version of what a whether man is, or an anchor or or the guy, that does the human interest pieces gap that there are certain templates high, welcome to the other twenty one? John alienated Asia? At all expense pay trip like that, that's cool for you, but my ego, like I'm a classmate trained actor. I do this. Does that do that bullshit? Yet no! No! Actually not they came at a couple times and then I met my
MIKE Richards, who has become a deer for a dear friend of mine, the ep of that and the end of the price is right and in talking to MIKE who who convinced me to go to this lunch with Monty Hall, to just listen, and I already knew I wasn't gonna do it like. I will go. It's pretty cool to meet Marty Hollow used to watch. It shows a kid. Yet. That's that's awesome and it's always knows to be wanted, folks, never lose track of effect. Even you're in show business. I don't care if you run night shift that Wendy's it's nice when people think of your name NGO. What what are we call such and such you may never do the thing, but don't take it for grand so. It was an honour that my name was on this list that a great copy like free mantle was, I go away, our guy in Marty Hall signal what I'm gonna take the meeting. I think his hand. I get a picture. I send my mom it'll, be great. I sit down and I meet Monti, one of the warmest people
permit in this town and we had lunch and he started talking to me about. Let's make a deal and by the time we financed at lunch, I was shit. What I take. The lunch now want to do that. I'm gonna I'm going you let's make a deal. I just don't want to have a long microphone I have a microfinance and for a couple in four have a seat. They try to make me use one
someone along microphone. I just wanna be that guy, and he said I I don't want you did to do my show or to do do an old game game show we want you to do it because of what you do. I said so I can do come comedy and I can do that. Do it do the musical comedy and yes do all the things that make you you and to this day I think free, mantle and CBS and MIKE and Multi for having the foresight, because to my knowledge, unless it's a specialty game show that is a comedic gameshow I'm in a mainstream game, show that does comedy and its basically, a variety show with a game show element now the Anna taken time to make it be that thing, but it's pretty damn cool and a few enemies later for it. It's in into something. So no you'd have never told me that ten years later, I would be hosting. Let's make a deal.
In addition to the other things I do, because I just never thought that that would be the things I didn't know it fit into my version of what I wanted to do yet and also it. What you start to realize is like well there's no. This idea that someone has to be one thing or another study my work, any more than just an antiquated like old media thinking, and you can host a game show you can have a musical album. You can do musical theatre. You can do improv, you can write like you know. I almost feel it kinda weird way it's kind of expected now that you do fifty things it s supposed to be a multi I've minute, as you know the wealth, but it it's it can it can just sometimes you're a little like all my am I enough of a thing
Am I not enough of a thing or a visit this you known so there there is. I do I do find with trying to do a lot of different things. Sometimes there is a little with an identity crisis, but I think that's the identity. The identity is sitting in the middle of this identity crisis and that's kind of what makes its end, and I mean it stressful, sometimes, but it's cool that is so cool, like I love having things in the pipeline as I'm working like right now of all things that I've once again, I never saw myself doing now. I'm on a soap opera for a couple of months. When the ball in the beautiful and CBS, because I've got such a good relationship with CBS Daytime. Now because like why not James Franco, they did a soap opera and he great acted. So I'm gonna do a soap opera. I find out that the soap opera folks are great and some of them are kick ass actors and the disciplines and learn a whole script in a day and shoot it. Its awesome then I'm doing deal than I've got whose life
as in any way and working on a new record and am writing this book that we hope to turn into the tv show when my company has Three shows in development with with two different networks and Anna Dad, of being in the swirling maelstrom, because the turn. It is, is sitting at our books with your laptop calling herself a writer right. That's the alternative, so I like this, I really like. Is it enough like? Do you feel satisfied? Biter? Do you? Do you ever have to check yourself before he records of do you ever have to check of yours is out of direct a Czech yourself so that you're not just doing stuff to do stuff that you feel like ok, wait a minute I am, I am satisfied. I do appreciate the stuff. These are all just things, I'm doing better fun. And not because I needed to feel like I'm somebody, I'm never satisfied and- and that is a problem,
I I think I need to live in gratitude more, but you always want more. Like I've got these things going on. I want this movie, we're working on together because I want to do more film. I want this, but this sum sitcom pilot that we're we're doing, would see. I want that, because I want to do is sit com I wanna produce. I just option to siphon novels I want to produce those novels and see them actually work. I want to see a superhero thing go because unless I've got those things going, I feel I think I feel like I'm doing enough and make maybe there's something weird in that and not grateful, but that's the reality really really love it and I'm reading for before books at any given time that I wish tat I were doing in order mean that, but I think it's a drive and and I'd rather have that drive and bump my head into a couple walls. Then
sit sit back, would be very easy right now with living that I make. If I were just a guy that wanted to host a show and b that thing yet meeting and then and then you do that and you Babar Barker yourself and nothing is bought, because that's what Bob did Bob Bob was the hosting beast Alex Tribeca, the big game show hosting beast, that's their thing and that's it that's a legacy, but I think I'm working towards a legacy yeah area just as long as long as you, you know, just as What one person who does allow probably votes to one, sometimes just just as long as you are doing, because you love it and that you know that You personally are enough. You know that's what I want. That's that absolutely that's my I'm a year older than you advice, nobody,
Well, I'm no, but I've gotta remind my myself because I, like light that knowledge and end to your post, the folks listening, could take that piece of advice. Say something because it makes you feel chase something because you can't live without it and its repercussions, because, is a distinct different, yeah, yeah yeah and I've done it the other way as well. Some glad that you said that yes, I've done it the other way where I felt like. If I get this, then I will then but people will. But I then So now that's a thinking that I'm trying to dangerous could control all that's. You can't control logistical, control not audition. Now you walk in you think he nailed it, there is no reason why I can't be the next such and such was. The reason is because the director
Do you remind him of his best friend from high school that they had a falling out even and haven't talked to him and thirty years old? I base is horrible time. You enter the room, he's Joshua you screw. That happened you know about that. That's some real Joshua, oh I'm way with a worrying, I have to say Bobby. I went through the whose line audition process. Once I mean this would have been like fifteen years ago arduous, and I got through a day I got through the day. And its intense, as you know, cause you it's a big group of people near and just like. You know, just like a big conference room or a big meaning space and throughout the day they just make cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts, cats, you ve people, eat. You play a bunch of game. They make a wave of cuts and I made it and I made it and I made it made it all away to the end of the day, and I was like home Holy shit, I'm gonna get to be,
Miss show that I watched when many central was still like to convert each year, and I watched every day. You know like Clive, Anderson and Ryan and call in MIKE Mcshane, Josie Gregg and all rag in NAM letter. Tony slab. Yes, yes, yes and Jonathan Price, like all these really great performers, and we get to the end of it I'm exhausted, I dont have any voice left, I'm more mentally than I had ever been in my entire life, and I call I get home and I call my agent. I go, I think, I'm on it no like I, I made it all the way and she goes great there just gonna. Probably You do that a handful of like once and then I go. You know what about. I did it once. I don't know if I have the fortitude to do that ever again, like it was eight hours of improv Games and I d just don't
but you must have slipped so well yeah. I might have slept for like a week but holy shit. So I just as much as I have respect for the show before it me such a new perspective on what that process is and what it takes to make it on that show and thrive on that show. So that's off! Thank you what was your audition process? How many times have you have to go? Will in reality, I only audition for the show twice additions were spaced years apart? The first time I edition in Orlando with the sketch Improv Group that I was with we had a comedy theatre which is still still there, are shut out. The sack theatre, probably one of the best improv, come by companies in the south- end
we addition. I realise the folly of us auditioning when we did improv despite you, you may be seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty twenty one year old, pheelum, just witty so smart, look at you, destiny, jump on stages and the fuck out of it. You can do it just and everybody, but. The thing that I have learned that I now try to pass on whenever I teach a workshop, every blue moon right direct- something is, I know the secret. The secret really is. Your improvisation is only as good
what you know. It sounds so simple, simple and basic, but as an actor doing a script, a thing you can fudge, you don't have to be in prison to play a dude in prison, but in improv too, yes and a certain something if you dont know or have a bag of references to who, from you can't make the space up you dont have the ammunition life gives you the ammo each year, each you do each movie. You see each book, you read each fight, you have with your girlfriend or boyfriend each person You want to do something stupid in public each time you do something stupid every news article it all get added the bigger Europe need your chest of stuff, the better you are. I think I was okay by the time I got whose line when audition. For the first time, I think I was nineteen twenty
horrible. I was horrible. I sucked so badly that first audition, which actually for Have you taken your brother? Is fine you're actually supposed to suck when you're learning it's a thing, you're you're supposed to suck? I was horrible. We as a group, we horrible, and we thought that we were the ship. We were horrible so fast for two years later, seven of us now live in LOS Angeles, and we formed a group called the house full of monkeys when I'm really yeah lay the Huskies ACT, He got like a lot of shine was like the light. Groundlings and second sitting in the hunky came up. So they came back to see us again. I was so battle scarred from that. First audition, oh hell! No, I'm not gonna addition for that. You guys can go and look stupid. I'm gonna Edition of the time I was working as Dracula and Wolf man in the beetle juice Rock n roll show up at Universal studios, sing in five times a day singing.
Songs and break dancing as the werewolf and sing hot blooded. As Dracula Miss Broadway Ask show monsters, singing Broadway and rock songs. I think the shit out of that I was also- and I was a precaution- is that the Party think all boom operators and saying do up, and I was cab Callaway in the blues brother show I was going If a gig I was, I will not be wait. Waiting tables, nothing gets weighing tables, but I wanted to act so I was doing that said: I'm not gonna go to audition because I'm working my shift at that point I was making much during the day. As someone doing it show on big. They rode in LOS Angeles. That's not heard of somewhat MR that money come on Wayne. So as part of the group, I gave away a couple of my it was- and I said I'll be back by my lunch time because I'm gonna get cut. So, let's all show up. I have the floor.
This that there were seven of us in the house. Will Hungary's I self, Acknowledging myself. I believe I was the least funniest person in the heart is my job. We I was funny. I did my thing, but I would do the music peace had characters, but there they were. As in the improved group, and if you in an improved grouping, other people talk about that were the stars. They date they did their thing and I was happy let that happen because I I had my other interests. I wanted to act on tv, so the states things cool, so I just figuring? Let me the seventh in line. I was going to get cut a showed up. We all do the first round, our great I'm still here. We did second round like like you're saying we do some of the games and those games. I know about you, but those games scared the shit out of me because I would watch them do world's worst
month tv and Might Mcshane and great proofs so fast site, how the Hell World's worst example of a bus driver Your stop is good. It's amazing what adrenaline and some fear, will unlocking you, because, somewhere between the third and fourth round, I actually wanted the gig and everything that they threw at me. I have to admit I was on point but it just kept happening, I called in and cancel the rest of my shift at work. I gave away my shows the same thing that happened to you happened to me. It was. It was an eight hour day at the end of it, but the difference was they kept. Calling me back in by myself to just do. Musicals
they had a whole two rounds. It was just me and then they bring in somebody else to do with me and they wouldn't do so great that ok, thank you thank you and I would just can you do Michael Jackson having an epileptic seizure yes, that's where I really embraced yes and like hell. Yes, yes, and what we want. Yes, I'm a dinosaur. Captain. I love, coincidentally and wearing a captain. He or she loved drop, unlike anything that they said I did. I was in it and at the end of the day the smoke cleared. There are only two people standing it myself and my dear, friend, Clear Sarah, who is now a big time: Hollywood writer, MR wrote that movie and I'm gonna butcher, the name of it is its small foot, the the cartoon they cartoon it. So it was just to us and then and then you think you ve got the job. They said right well, we'll see Friday. That's wonderful
What my goddesses, I am actually gonna, be on whose line Amerika will see Friday for the world shop for the what you want worship now I didn't realize that that workshop was where you really get the gig, because the other that's for some limit Ryan! I met Collen, I think great groups as the other one they have had already been doing the show, so they were rather well. Smoking cigarettes me I knew that I had to tap dance and back flit my way into a gig, so I treat it like. I was doing a show. I was bugs Bunny and an daffy duck No one that one cartoon word where, where he sliding on his knees and he's got his glove,
no apply. These involves was out and it goes and what's up tat kind of rules like freaks out. That's it. I was daffy. I was working my ass off and I ended up getting it after that, and that is my very first and then I got my first episode. In my first episode I was made a regular immediate after my first episode so that's a long winded way of describing what happened and it's one of the most amazing weeks of my adult life of my life ever because I'd never sought come in and when it came are we ready- and I didn't know that I had gotten ready for doing improv, I didn't know that I was ready because I'm the last person that I would have ever thought would make a name for himself doing improv, never thought that's two jobs. Like I know no mechano addition for this, I'm not gonna it. I don't want to do this, I'm not gonna and then wait a minute. See I'm stuck
I said I'm really stubborn, but it also means you don't always not only knew, but you in the general sense, don't always know. What's best will like what you're thing is you don't always know what your thing is and there's nothing like thinking what you're thinking and we see on american Idol all the time I'm Jimmy twenty three from law, beats mapping is and will be the next new or right. Then, let's, let's hear you Jimmy bow Wheezy YA, like peppermint recognition, stand on the man who did? Thank you, that's my baby. He can wrap in saying ok, baby blow, my daddy like me when no Jimmy, because you asked can't wrapper saying so. No your thing you're right now. You think that's that's just just for four for life. I know you think, or at least to be open to discovering or be open to the experiences that you know cause you it so easy to.
Free judge the I like all that doesn't sound like anything. I could or would be doing it's like well, but what, if you just tried it, and if it doesn't work then you'd, and then you have proof that it's not the thing for you, but what, if it does work, are what, if it online something that you had an expected before, because we're so obsessed with building these big secured, bubbles, where our feelings never get hurt and where we can, you know, like it It is always set uneasy difficulty and we never lie infinite, lives, God Mode and we never have to be afraid of God mode, be afraid of God mode, because there's no growth in God mode. It's just you use the gear you're, not you're, not getting any muscle, none at all, not at all and that is a good rule to live I think you know it's an improv thing, but yes and is real. Yes Anders real shown, IRAN's, I think, wrote that book
a few years ago, the year of yes, but my thing is yes and I think has even little more powerful than you can say yes to a lot of things, but can you yes and it can you yes I'll audition? For that thing I will take that opportunity and use it to go someplace where I'm not comfortable right, that's really powerful, while that I want all those on the progress early this year and he would had talked about how he would go in and train groups like scientists, people who were not how many people are performers in it into play. Improv games, because this is the same thing yet because it forces them or just naturally opens them up and makes them comfortable in situations where they're, not and also gets them to trust their instincts and none not get in their own way and get all the judgment out. But improv training is the bet, Emily Stance
things like you're gonna do stand up. Are you don't you stand up, but improv you can. You know like stand of. Training is just going in doing it, but improv training. I think, prepares you for almost anything that life could do. You know like any discipline it so interdisciplinary, because its fluidity of thought and its fluidity of of of of of of self, in being able to not be so locked in. So when something pops up on my always ascribe improved when I'm doing it, I've got a computer screen up in my head and whenever I have to make a choice or whenever I hear hear a word give em rhyming over I'm doing a song, I'm seeing all of the different options that I can go to and have had to make a decision immediately, but I'm gonna options get off
these things that I could known and others in words, and I can use that. Oh I'll, try that, let's see if I did not, if I didn't think like that, if I chose to thinking in a purely linear fashion, there's no way that I could stand on stage and pretend to be an eagle on his way home from work? And you know a bit like like the most absurd situations and try to bring some sort of reality too, because I couldn't process process being that open to those thing yet, and I think that training works weave when with theatre sports out here and allay or when I was with second and and even privately, you can teach a business man. You can teach people that are in charge of fortune five hundred companies to trust their employees. By doing the trust exercises, it sounds so so cliche and accurate, but you can teach them
way of thinking and it's so cool to watch some one who would never ever get on stage by the end of the day actually- These somewhat decent at making choices, it's really cool equal to what you have, because it so easy to. I feel like let life and give you so many reasons for why your choices are bad. I can show you something you know you're looking at that perspective, and so you can get very afraid not only because of past experiences but also just like. I don't want any new shitty experiences. You know I like the old Goodwood yeah yeah exactly, but you know just like being too trouble in bad relationship to comfortable in a bad job or to comfortable night, like you know some principle whose familiarity over the risk of being uncomfortable are being hurt, but the reward
you know, even if just the reward is like, I broke out of a mould that I was in its worth it in my link, a man you know, but the truth is so The other things come along that because you can't you just don't know what things a path is going to we'll do you until you start down the path you just can't possibly know, but at least if your open to it, you know you know like well. Lotta, because you I'm sure, and in the last ten years, all the opportunities you ve had all the things you ve got to do as a result of these decisions that you made, you never could have foreseen all day ever they wouldn't have happened if you hadn't done this. Never, and I think the thing- and this is talking to some of your you're older listeners at thirty- that the fear is- and I think the fear that you have to let go of- is the fear of running out of option
I think, that's that's what helps people to stay in whatever situation there, and I was talking to a friend the other day and- and I think, is no matter what job urine and talking about you know the guy, that you were talking about earlier, who, who was fifty and and left left that job on paper? Your fifty you ve been doing this for thirty years, You gonna start over now, yeah a whole new thing in a sort of a whole new thing whose a higher you. So that's a fear. The fear of options will I'm fifty get this point. I don't have any options. I dont I'm sure it's easy end, not everyone can have a success story like that, but I'm sure at that age, even at this age, if I would have were to start over or I wasn't doing Excellency Ba you'd go. Oh shit, well
I can't be the twenty five year old guy run, run around on camera with my shirt often acts all the time, and I can't do this. I can't jump out of it for four complain and join the army, who need to do something. You that's fear, based thinking, because you're afraid that your options are running out instead of just taking a breath- and being open to the options that are in front of you and we don't see those all the time because we're scared- and I speak from experience- I ll be the first person to panic. If I feel that things are going right, because I have a deep seated fear of failure, the witch which which drives me. As I know I don't want this to go wrong, but that deep, seated fear of failure
wild spurs me to do good things. I think also can stop me sometimes. So I have to take breath after looking go these your options, even if it's only one other option shit, it's an option yeah, but you can never fail. You can't fail because anything you do. It's gonna have something valuable in it, even if it doesn't in a traditional sense like thing. Wasn't number one in the box office or wasn't this mean if that's what you d find success or failure than yeah? That's how you could write, but if you can, if you can figure out how to define success and failure as an internal process and not an external process, you can never fail because you will always. You can always learn from something you can also can spare you in a different direction. You can appreciate it just for the experience that you had yet that much more wisdom you have, even if it's just that, like there are so many things to extrapolate, unlike with this guy, you know what surface
fascinating was that for him it sort of fellow he was starting over, but he said I did. I thought the so interesting used again. You know because that all this marking experience I put together business plan. I was like TAT. Was it you like that and, like all that time gave you the experience to put together this plan to manifest your passion and if you hadn't had thirty years experience, maybe you wouldn't have known how to create this business right, but you still, it wasn't just like that story was over. You were still able to call upon that. Tool set to manifest is bigger thing. There is so much better because you had that thirty years experience, so it all like it all factors in fear. You know if you're looking in the right place, if your to that end, it's really hard. You know it's one thing for us to be able to sit down in and safe to say that and another. There are some people that are in the hustle and sometimes
It's a little harder to see that thing, because, if I go of should I have to make real, yet, but from what I've seen some of the people who have kept their heads during the days of or I've gotta make rent or the people that eventually get to a place where they have have more than they thought they if they would, because they did exercise. I kind of thinking yeah an instance like with improv going on stage. You know it's the build up of just like anything like. Oh my god, I don't know what. If I don't have something to say what, if this fuckin socks, what if this would if this would have his and then you get out there and it's like you, fuckin figure it out now
no like you're in a new. You made the decision to to jump into it, so you are going to figure it out somehow and obviously sometimes it's not gonna result in huge laughs or might not work at exactly the way that you had hoped. But the fact is you did it and it's so empowering to know that you're so much more capable. Then you men most. We will give themselves credit for, like once you're in the fire, you figure out how to get out of here. That's exactly it and if you do it more and more here's the thing that I think I've found. If you just jump out and do it, you give yourself a certain confidence after a while that you're, a step Base line is always going to be like, like walking on stage in doing improv. I'm pretty confident in saying that my base line to me, if I have a show it still going to be
a funny show right. No one's gonna leave going. I thought he was running around, like I hope, not our wood, because my baseline I've done it enough enough of an outlier I've done it it's so long that I have a certain confidence about it. I'm still scared shitless right before step up, but I'm ok, that- and I use that so my baseline after doing it, for so long is going to be here some nights, the greatest I never had an end and another night. You know there was a drunk couple in back that kept saying joke a bad joke about. So I headed You deal with them and I didn't like it and took me out of the show The audience still is going to like it. So I think you just have to it is like you said you have to keep doing it. You'd have to keep going and challenging yourself until they challenge becomes not getting out.
We get the challenge than is. Ok does get out in doing it now open rounds. I just got out. Did it now open and I'm gonna throw another challenge at myself? Make an interesting like that, and you can definitely play that's life yeah because getting into that flow state, were now regard stage and you're in the middle of a rhyme, and you see the screen come up and all the options everything slows down and you the ability yeah, you know where it feels probably incredibly slow to you, but it's happening so fast to the audience? Yes, but Europe, but your skill level and comfort like once, you can get on anxiety and all that neurosis and out of the way you really can start. You know, picking and choosing
forming and in an that's, that's the that's the magic like that's those are the moments, but you can't get there until you just get out like you said: you'd get out. Ok, you got out, you did it ok, I do it again and for me I don't know what would have happened if I had done another. Like I don't know, I think I wasn't confident enough that I would survive another day of full improv audition, and I didn't think that I just thought now, if I got lucky this time, I feel like not going to be able to survive this, but who knows like? Maybe I would have surprise my Sonos and you would have been been the whose line guy guy. Guy, but I think everything worked out just by oh, my god, when I met it did work out dear, did work just fine, but I'm telling you like the first time that I ever met. Ryan styles and column. Mockery was like
they were too of the end. This was well into my career. They were like the two biggest celebrity is like the people that influence you. I mean I could about Jack Nicholson. We like so cool, but Meeting Ryan styles to me was like there was heart. Stopping you know like like that kind of thing. In the end, you are that four people you know like you, you get to be that for people. So I do, I hope, You know it's. Sometimes we run around in circles million miles an hour and we sort of forget, like I just gotta. Do it all these things and perform- and I got enough- I'm doing a job, but you know part this legacy, that your creating is already been created. You know it's like there are people out there that want to do comedy because of you or their people. You know their young. There are other young, kids who live in the world who are like? Oh, I do comedy is in a part of my life, but that guy he did it. So
Can I do it? You know I really do. I can be a nerd can be this I can be so. I love that I've met some some of those kids and its brought me to tears. That's why it so important for you. I think to do all the different things that you do, because there are so many different ways that people can be inspired by it and then go off and do their their thing. You know, maybe it's just its words part of this carbons of creativity. You know and love their man, I'm I'm gonna check back in with you, because I don't know your schedule or even be interested, but we go back to work. We have two weeks in. Everywhere and whose line I think you should come and play I really think we should have a clear this. I just I just bought my testicles like absorb up into my stomach. The nobody would be our guest So, ok, good, yes, a you'd be doing my wheels. You'd be protected, but still still have fun income in do scene
the song and stuff in us, it's so much fun. I remember I was in college at the time I was here when you see lay in their home if you live in. Since I think ninety six or seven survey fixation there used to be an improv in NAM, in Santa Monica. That's that's. The first place said the hulk is worked out with with second city as well. Ok, so in like ninety two or something I was, I was in a group, but you see, I lay like a comedy club like a bunch of writers and like most people, would help each other right material and then we perform the dorms and stuff and for what reason I ended up becoming. I met Rick overturned and became friends with regular, and I knew Rick from because I was its obsessive stand up, comedy nerd and he was
or you should come down to come true only we do these improv shows that those automatically for vehicles- and I went down one night and I was there with the girl. I was staying at the time and he caught and I got called up on stage and I only did what we're playing Freeze Anne Elliot. I had one joke in and I almost chipped a tooth doing it because I had my mouth around, a stool got a laugh, and then that was it. I was like. I'm done like I just didn't want to get greedy, because I was again. I was so terrified that I was gonna fuck it up time and that's it, I'm just so for you to saying that to me, I just go back to that. I'm, like I don't know if I need to get greedy about this now, even though I just said that you need to get on Stacy and now this is the view of the limited wages hold me out of my own advice like here. I am trying to be all like swab about you. What you gonna do in the new like do this. I don't know when I mean I'm not so sure. No, I couldn't possibly.
I mean for other people, I don't mean for me. It will just another. The invite is open. I know I have to do it because you ve. I have to do it, because if I don't that, I'm not following my own advice, I beg you would be absolutely amazing and- and so I will make the call is one of the EPA that gets you want. The same thing would be. I mean this and also would just you know, I mean what you might call a lifelong bucket list dream of being on that you know being the stage we gotta call you get to schedule and make sure that you can do it. Did you ever? Are these doing it in England did they still do to me. No, I haven't done it since we the when, when when they brought it here, in ninety nine and ninety eight. That's actually when I did the british one for the first time I didn't did a few british ones, and that was the end of that series. So you did the british version yes, I mean that's all you did you hear that it here, so some was a cheap. But years later I get a chance to were to Opera Josie end.
And it worked with my machine and I've worked with Clive. I don't u chairs. Work were Tony I wish I would have their sense of humor. You know it was you that time it was radically different, is a radically different show doing doing whose lying there and then when we took it over, and I think I was partially responsible for that because I when Dan Patterson, the the creator, saw the kinds of references and things that especially me. I guess being one of the younger ones. At the time we come from a very physical background, a lotta music character, voices, big care characters being able to read to turn on a dime, not like the, whose line thing than of a everything's, very clever.
Very clever and fast this until Saturday. That's interesting, do would you live out his integrity and then credit wow? That's that's was fast. This is like this. This became a different things, so I guess I'm I'm kind of risk, support for the dumbing down and we ll- I don't know I gotta- have a superhero rocket ship space. No just wait! You Grady samurai laser, maybe there's little talking about on whose lad car, but all she had comedy comedy again what they're saying over other one, but this one sided Bernie. I get it. I bugging get it, but it's it, but you know it you you anything to translate the common mistaken. I think it's made when a British showed its made an american television as they try to copy. It's like you know
thing: that's that has worked that started as a british show. You know the office or whose line or fuckin all in the family. It's like. They have to make it you. You have to take the seat of the idea, but the cultural. Conversely, cultural vernaculars different, is so due respect. We say a lot of the same words, but are are sub languages different, our cultural language is different, so you can't like the types of jokes that work over their work, because that is a part of british culture and you might, if anglo file. You might appreciate some of that, but you can't exactly
We can laugh and money python over here, but do we really understand it? I dont know no, and so it like on on the level of the? U know having been and in a part of the economic and indigenous british person, so it I think it's important that you guys did that, and I think that's why it worked, because you worked copying, we couldn't have done, they did and I think we took it from a different place whose line to those of us that watch, whose line here on comedy central, I think it was niece, it was very. Very nature- was nerds and feed, theatre, kids and people that appreciated the games and light like the the british none of it when whose land came here, there's a reason why people in Kansas, Saint Louis Florida, Compton whatever know whose line, because it became so broad because we spoke that thee
language and the show had a certain speed. So I think it worked out well, it became what what it needs to be. Four four four here scaffolding areas they like the whose line was needed, but when you think about what television viewing numbers were like ninety. Ninety two: ninety ninety three Nissan companies interests- probably still a few million, be it's like the number of like the niece audience or ninety. Ninety, you would keep a network show on the air now I know I have her is not sudden. It's just. You know we're gonna fight we get across the four quarters of the internet. To find our audience is any more times have changed, so all you're different audiences. Do you find that, like the hardliners audiences little bit, given the let's make a deal audience it's different than this audience and that audience in the boat in the beautiful
It's like is it. You know, are used sort of the middle of this pin wheel of all these audiences, or is there a lot across the there's overlap, depending on the project that you know and love, people that watch the weirdest crossovers housewives and let's make a deal and stoned college do and what I'm kids a home on vacation little little kids, then there's an overlap from the college kids too, to whose line and then any this. Come stuff like when I was eight semi regular on on how much your mother, that's just broad and some of the drama that I've done. That's that's need, like colony, was a safe. I think so early these cats would get that. And so I think, I'm kind of like the the elephant envy three blind men that that each had a different take on what what the elephant was. He added in no qualms
it was but the, but they knew in their mine what it was so there there are people that, like improv their people, that that law The game show comedy there are people that that that no the Broadway stuff and that no the said to sit sitcom stuff. So I'm lucky that is loaded overlap and everybody and and the people are don't don't overlap. They bastile com see whatever it is that they like yeah, I mean ultimately it's. You know it again with a little baked into being a performer in innately, wanting people to like you and be happy in like what you're doing. But you know when you first start out like everyone. I need everyone to like me. Everyone's gonna, like me, this doesn't work, people don't like me, then I think the more you do creates like border. I wanna do you know like if you want to do a soap opera for a few months, do the soap opera. If it makes you happy, if you want to record an album record, an album if it makes you happy make a movie. Do this. Do that and then I think
once you're so set and confident uncomfortable with yourself in your own choices. The audience wolf fallen line like they'll, follow you because they are the people who are your true fans will get yes, oh this is all part of a bigger thing, and this is a journey, and this is a fun train. Go even industry was, I think the big fear is fear that I've had is well. I do thing, then I'll never be one of the coup. Kids in Vienna Coups said Tom, and that you know One point I realize is like you know what they're not pay my bills Maybe I'm not going to be a cast member on the coup. Kid Indy said come of of the day, but I have people that will come to see me anywhere. I go in this country. They will pay
good money for tickets to come out for an evening to watch me because of whatever the hell it is that they ve seen on tv so that something that I just had to. Let go of that! Well, the industry or think madam, to get to quote the Myrtle from from lethal weapon into over this I don't care anymore, I'm going to do what I think is cool and somebody will come to appreciate that uses character named by the way. That's that's true! That's that that was the real deal. Thank you, sir rigs. Rigorous, whom it is only through the dainty glimmers. Your throat losses. That's only needs you just dying only the weapon is. It just needs male given to reduce the risk of language, see. This should have been a rewrite where it gets a licence. Thank you so much
gosh you guys. I feel so much better. I am getting too old for this. You know what I thought I was, but I think I'm right age for this shit. I'm sitting on this totally by the perfect writing. But what we propose a thing you're saying: railways, it like people following your rattling, it's just sort of knowing that there's there's, there's real power in being you and the more you you are, the better off you're gonna be cause just like what people say the internet will or twitter will- or this is like that.
A person. It's not. It's not run by there's, not even an organised central body, it doesn't fixing it's like getting man. It's like freaking out about what an ant colony. Is. You don't know the Twitter Council exactly so like with the industry is like the industry. There's no precedent of Hollywood will show business exactly you can fuckin do whatever you want like this. Is you know this is more than ever. This is our time to forge the thing that we want. Go cable, you don't get this, but I get it and I can connect to people that do get it and don't fuck and leaves you street man and I say to say you know you. You still manage to be an inspiration like like I'd, watch you absolutely no thanks man, look at your hustle and they see see what you ve carved out for yourself in an in a space where it did not exist. That's just the coolest thing to carve some
shape ass, who carver passion, and I remember years ago I think, will right right after your first book came out. We we ran into each other some somewhere, and I Would you that I read it? I think a park maybe had had. Little girl with worryingly orkut feeling I was in New York or something I think is a new Europe is in a way that you knew the book and I knew the book in reading your story, because I think I also met you years earlier when you were describing the first time when you were filled with his anxious than you were just life sucks in this thing of love- and I remember meaning you during that time and then reading about what you did and then seeing things I went. You see you see, things happened. Yes, yes, you may that, haven't you may that have to be very easy for the guy that. Didn't write the book to stewed simmer, sat in his own crap, and who knows
that guy would be so so I have to say, as a fan of its it's so cool you. I really appreciate that. I honestly, you know, I think there is an inherent blessing and not feeling like sure. You feel this way too about not feel like you fit anywhere, so I say like for anyone who feel like they don't fit in cat excited because it you know like because when you are thrust out on the stage you we'll figure it out and the more rejection you know it's like. I feel like my career anyway, which is the result of a lot of rejection. It's like Y gotta make my own stop and yours pray like. I don't think I've been anyway I was going to make stuff, and so, if we had very early on been placed into the machine, industry machine and gone the traditional way we probably would have been fulfilled that weep, their private have been an expiration date. We wouldn't have learned how to download evolve, and so I think you know, for both of us like what a blessing to not feel like you fit in, because then you have to fuck it
your own mould. Thank you. The show business. Thank you, the job business for years of rejection men, but in general, like you, feel good, you feel happy. You feel, like everything you know who are people tell you like they go you're this year. That who are you to you? You know what today, because What I can because that's what I can speak on is the way I feel about today. I feel like a great dad. I feel as though they leave leave here. I'm gonna go meet Maiden made my daughter at We're we have lunch and then go to an apple hang out. I feel like a guy who is working on his craft the sound all artsy and has really rediscovered in the past few years, passion as opposed to
fighting and going on autopilot up I've. I've discovered my passion and my passion is to create my. My passion is agreed: they that live outside of meat I dont have have to be in and and- and I love that that's the end- I get inspiration from other people. There was a time when I felt like I was being a hater, because I didn't like what was going on with me. So fuck everybody, even they were friends of mine with one foot that dude I'm so mad fame. Gotta start screw. You understand when watch a movie he's coming now. I can give we give love and appreciate and go year, I'm happy for you because what's mine is mine, we'll just you know, I just. I hope you internalize and appreciate the fact that whatever
ever you set out to do as a performer you achieved in and now reading out as a sort of like bonus. You know you just get to do it because it's fun not because like you're not gonna exist. If it doesn't, you know I, like you, just get it because it's fun, no, my name's and in the history books somewhere, that's pretty cool! Is there anything you want a plug, promotes anything you want people to know about. Besides, let's make it upon the beautiful whose line come about that we have. You know you said, look for these these projects and really really said. I wish I could talk more about them, but, as you know when, when things are in development somewhere, that's the curse of death is TAT actively, but yet it's. I will never thought I would have had three separate things that people have bought and said we like this. Let's make it that is, I I wake up grinning, so so definitely in the next year year and a half look for my name to pop up as the cream.
And executive producer of a couple different. I shows one of my drama and I've got a new record coming out first quarter of next year. So if you aren't be fan and I'm working on a comedy are and be record as well you're working on a comedy record, a comedy. Aren't we record what what is that about? I need to know more, that yeah, that's it. That's gonna be tied into that to the thing into the young gifted and whack Caso, so that's a whole project, so it's kind of like I'm making a throwback rupture that would have played on the radio in the eighties and kind of been that this day, soundtrack too, to this dirty little black, it's life. So solemnly. Writing, though, songs fantastic work. Congratulations, Everything then says it's always greater run into you, and you know like this. Just reminds me, like sit down and hang out more often, we even when there are microphones around. What I absolutely agree absolutely agree are a good thank you, sir.
For being here when Brady. Thank you, sir, by all. I just started the recorder back because I Is he ended Wayne Brady the DNA book that my fur Kyle Newman was a part of art and our canna thick I'll, and it just, like this insane story that I wish I had heard on the podcast about time little Wayne Brady in history, whom, aid his own de indeed modules for FUCK's sake, because I didn't have any money in the guise of school. I was too early for the for the cool nerds. So? Instead, I went home and I got got noble paper made. My own graph paper made me my own little wax figurines and I rode up my own event. Yours and I had to teach kids in my neighborhood to play. So the only people that would play with me was as one one that mexican kid named car Carlos who thought he was an injured. And then there was another kid named Eddie from down the street who who was
a gang banger and dumb, and together, oh and my friend Jacques, and we spent half a summer playing my bootleg dvd and by the end of the summer, they were fully invested Do you really do you, like my bootleg de Indian me, making up rules oh and another guy named James from the street and and it was the so called it that was my little group during the summer. That's fantastic that you make your own in the year made only graph paper Mc Grath Paper make your own axis. Your of graph paper, fucking great message for life. You know what, when you know when life and give you grab paper. You make your own fuckin, Grandpapa, absolutely and I've just had to copies of this book and I've just gifted you, the dungeon, dragons art and our can a book, and it was so great to what like, watching you flip
in just see your eyes, light up and the recognition, and so I guess all of the the memories came. The came back all this this book, I'm to read the hell out of it. So thank you. I just know that this is a gift that I will definitely appreciate. There's this thing that I've been trying to get together, but I've been too busy, but I think it would just make me laugh and make me Happy I will do this thing called power in VD. Indeed, you gotta get to sign it, but our that's. That's fucking, great idea. Where I get all these. You know just random music people to play a game of de indeed, but I want the soundtrack to go along
and in his dm he didn't do certain things to make sure that there is a that there's a musical performance or something, as you enter the tavern and just a way to just have these people that you never go. Why the hell is what is Bobby Brown, doing, plan d and e o cabinet, like guys at all the daily fence. I can help you manifestos idea of your serious about it, because I know the dna people, like the people who the company that runs it and owns it. Did I think he saw because it be like one of those parties. It's almost like, like a midnight where the holiest use, if it is just it's gonna, be dumb yet, but it would be so fun Good end, like almost like, like a variety, shall really play the game get com. Conversation out and you can bring new artist if, if you wanted to what a fucking do you like it uses? You just said the words
media like, why would someone you don't know? Yet? What would you like it? I would gladly do with you. Will I'm I'm gonna give you mine info? but just the initials made me laugh and then once I get past the point, but you know what it's not just the funny funny initial sending this actually could be entertaining. That's that that's the hook of it is that the title is great and then, on top of that, there is a substance to the idea. It's not just escapes not just like up as an l sketch right virgins like real thing that people would watch. I think that's fucking great that could be like Carpentaria different. Like our that's, that's the perfect pitch pan am thinking they dislike guys like now. This is what I feel old, but I understand the market you, you have done a young and savvy like you know like that when wrapper little the yachting, yet huge fan base the whole you bring someone. I came on because it doesn't matter
lay the damn game and the whole thing, but what, if like what? If he actually did in his truly inert and you can someone about guaranteeing get some guys on there and then you're gonna find out, like Drake Display, Didn t really, yeah. You know what you're principally drink is definitely played deplete d and e and their people that, if you find those folks locking with the younger audience and thence. Don't get an old school like that, has a lot of appeal. I would love to get snoop on as before watch him smoke and then and then ask him to him to play the plague. Aim yeah, like even if guys come. On their posturing and like about halfway through that you they would start to. Like me,
in like get into a book and like really lock into it. But what is it that the magic of it is if you're, because it takes so long to play of your therefore a couple hours? You can keep a facade up for that long and still pay attention to what's going on, so it would drop, and I think that's where the secret sauce about show is just like watching that moment, real, like it just dropped, and then there like locked in plan would be amazing. The amazing I'm glad I'm glad we turned its back on four little addendum to the end, to hear about your Dundee module and make your own repaper people. That was ideas: Antipater customer one thousand six with wine Brady. This is word salad, rap! I feel very compelled to talk about two different things that were touched upon in the absolute number: one pursuing avenues that you never would have expected, not just Bob from well bred. He must have them both who changed his life. I mean
probably wasn't on a dime but further. For all intents and purposes, was adopted, I'm completely changed careers and then also Wayne who two times was not open. Things that ended up becoming amazing things that changed his life and ended up. Flourishing and ways he never could. Possibly imagine that was, let's make a deal that was auditioning for whose line and so be open to them when you're natural defences first go up and you go, I don't think I could do they go away when it. If I could, maybe what, if I did, and not just saying yes, the things of life, but also, as we said to say yes- and you know maybe taken improv class, could you know Even if, even if you think you're, it's not the thing for you or that you're, not amazing at it. It still could open You up in ways that change. Your life that you can take tools, you learn in the abrupt class out into the real world, and you know what sort of infused them into your daily choices. But also
talking about Wayne and and and the idea of identity ends on identity. But if You do a lot of different things and or if you do something, that's different, a new and people. Don't oh, how to categorize it or how to categorize you. I think, that's usually a really good sign, because it means you're doing something fresh and there's you there's the often a lot of resistance to new fresh things, in the same way that you resist making noon, choices in your life. Other people, the world, the internet, will resist new and fresh ideas. If you something out there that they don't necessarily have a frame of reference for. So, if you do a bunch of different things, they might try to categorize you as well. Don't listen to them.
I mean you're on the right path, but the more things you do, the more different things you pull together make up the unique creature. That is you that is done. To anyone else. In the world so embrace. All of that don't be afraid. If someone says I don't get that that's here that's new you act that might be the best thing ever, because it means your honour on the right path. I've done before him alive. You know like done work stuff before like what are you doing? That's a dumb, I mean look. This is the dumbest most obvious example, but when we started indeed this is dumb. Why would anyone start a show that talks about another show? This is stupid. Maybe you still feel that way. I don't know, but it seems to have worked, and then within a year or so people Look up recovery, the idea after show,
pop up all over the place, some of the same people that said Danglars was that we were stupid for doing it. So it just if you that kind of resistance? I gotta know what this is. All this is done, or I don't know what is this? I can't tell it this is. You might have may be on the right track, B or not, I don't know, but I'm just giving you this bit of advice so that you do immediately bail out on something just because of an initial reaction initial reactions. Are protective initial reactions are the brains like immediate fence response but initial reactions don't always think they don't always have the ability to think things through their just trying to protect you. Sometimes it's your telling you that the situation is bad and that's good. You want to listen to that, but you know what creative endeavours. Maybe that sometimes that initial response is a.
A defence mechanism that isn't necessarily hopeful. So when you do get the d, mechanism shields that go up just take a step back back and ask yourself wait a minute Is this really a bad or unsafe idea, or is it just that it's new, indifferent and there's no frame of reference for it? it should I pursued this anyway. Is there a way to pursue this? Is there a way that I can manifest in indifferent? ways- and there is a good chance a percentage of the time the answer gonna be yeah. So, like I said before, if you start putting some other people understand it or they don't know what it is or they should honour, whatever get excited, as Lydia says sometimes soda. Get it because she's just a beam of activity until and light, but but it it it should give you some four, and also let you know that too,
You might actually be onto something so don't give up so easily Esther passions, pull all the different things too? that you love be the most unique version of you that you can be and don't fucking, listen, listen to the haters the shutters on people who share on things. Don't just just don't. I know component you're in securities are sort of puts it. Like all I didn't I dont, this is what didn't want. No one wants to be told that what they're doing is dumb, but if you can give yourself some space and separate back from amid that from yourself that from yourself for a minute, on the process and brokers- are what your passion and round not so much as on the result of what other people are gonna say then, like I said, you might be onto something So thanks for listening, I appreciate you and I'll see you in your ears real soon
And also what you learn is it anyway on the sea W and pleased? If you think I suck don't tell me sometimes it's hard to follow my own advice. I II and III: scheming, complete retail.
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