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Become a Force to be Reckoned With

2023-06-22 | 🔗

Listen to episode 808 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Become a Force to Be Reckoned With. Edited and adapted from The Royal Path of Life by T.L. Haines & L.W. Yaggy.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Whatever your position, you are a power; you are felt as a grand spirit; you are as one having true authority. Character creates confidence in people in every station of life. Character is also capital, and much surer to yield full returns than any other capital — for it is unaffected by panics and failures, and fruitful when all other investments lie dormant.


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I welcome the inspirational living podcast if you lie to become our patron and receive a private podcast feed, with full transcripts to every episode. Please visit living our dot org forward flash patrons now wonder today's reading, which was evident and adapted from the royal path of life, by appeal, pains in EL w yogi published in eighteen. Eighty two one who can affect depends on what you are you pull your horse, often the all that you do. If that self be small.
Pity me, your life work is paltry. Your words have no force your influence has no wait. If that self be true and high curing kind, vigorous and forceful, your strokes become blows. You're, no staccato does your work massive you, influence. Strong, you can do what you will. Whatever your position, you are a power you are felt as a green spirit. You are as one having true authority character, creates confidence in people in every station of life. Character is also capital and much surety yield full returns than any other capital, for it is unaffected by panics and failures,
and fruitful. When all other investments lie dormant are trying and perilous circumstances in life. We show valuable and important, and good character is. It is reassuring, strong staff of support when everything else fails. It is the acropolis, which remains impregnable, imparting security and peace when all the other defenses been surrendered to the enemy. The higher walks of life far treacherous and dangerous. The lower full of obstacles and impediment We can only be secure in either containing those principles which are just pray, these were the m pure and which inspire
bravery and ourselves in confidence in others truthfulness integrity. Goodness we you possess these qualities, united with string. The purpose you carry with them a power which is irresistible. You are strong, to do good. You are strong. to resist evil. You are strong, the bear up under difficulty and misfortune is in misfortune that the character of the upper I person shines forth with the greatest lustre for when all alone, fails, we may stand upon our integrity and our courage. Strength of character consists of two things: power of will and power of self restraint. It requires two things, therefore, for its success:
instincts, strong feelings and strong command over them nowadays here where we often make a great mistake. We mistake strong feelings for strong character. And whose frown causes others to tremble and whose birth so few we make underlings quake. We call strongly because he has his will obeyed. His own way in all things, but the truth is, he is a weak man. It is his passions manner strong He mastered by them is weak. You must measure the strings of people by them, power of the feelings that may subdue, not by the power, those feelings which subdue them hands composure There is very often the highest result, although string have we never seen
someone receive a flagrant insult only to smile and reply quietly there is a person who is spiritually strong. Where have we never seen? Someone in anguish stand as if carved out of solid rock mastering themselves War is someone bearing a hopeless daily trial, remained silent and never complained in the world, there is strength the individual who, with strong passions, remains chest the person who, with deep emotions provoked and yet restrains themselves cells in forgives these the strong men and women, the spiritual heroes, the truest criterion of a person's character rank.
That is invariably to be found in the opinion of their nearest friends and family. having nearly an hourly opportunities of forming a judgement of them will not. fail in doing so. It is a far higher your testimony in your favour for you to secure, the esteem and love of a few individuals within the privacy of your own home. Then the opinion, no hundreds in your immediate neighbourhood or that of ten times the number residing at a distance be portman, honesty, caution. and a desire to do right. Read out in practice already human character would truth, reverend friend, love or do religion. They are unvaried elements of a good reputation. Such virtues
and never be reproached, although the cynical may scoffed at them, let others scoffing sneer them, laugh and ridicule as much as they may affirm, upright onward cores We will show the world and then that there is more strengthen independence in one forgiving smile. and in all new cynical habits of looming and vulgar that character is power, he's crew in a much higher sense when that knowledge is power, mine without hard intelligence, without panda cleverness, without goodness our powers in their way, but they may be power, is only for mischief. May be instructed or were amused by them, but it is sometimes it Difficult to admire them, as it would be
to admire the dexterity of a pickpocket or the eloquence of economies. Integrity, is the foundation of all that is high in character, other these may add to its splendor, but if this essential requisite be wanting all their lustre phase, Our integrity is never worth so. Much to us is when we have lost everything to keep it integrity without knowledge is weak age without integrity is dangerous and dreadful integrity. However rough, is better than smooth dissimulation? Let a person have the reputation of being, air and upright in their dealings and they will possess the confidence, of all who know them without these qualities,
Every other merit will prove unavailing. Ask about a person. Are they active and capable? Yes, industry is temporary and regular in their habits. Oh, yes, are they honest? Are they trust? What we well as the man, I am sorry to say that they are not to be trusted. They need watching they are a little tricky and will take an undue advantage if they can. Then I will have nothing to do with them will end leave me the reply, which is why honesty is the best policy. Because without a you will get a bad name and people will avoid you
world is always in need of people who are not for sale, who are honest, sound from the centre to circumference crude their hearts corps people who will condemn wrong in friend nor foe in themselves, as well as others, people who will stand up for the right who can tell the truth and look the world and the devil right in the people who neither brag nor run, who neither flag nor flinch who command respect without shouting for it People in whom the courage of everlasting life run still deep and strong, who do not cry who will not quit nor be discouraged People who mind their own business, Will not lie, who are not too,
lazy to work and not too proud to be poor Who are willing to eat what they have earned and where would they are paid for? It is all we save to trust those who can trust We begin the suspect, our own integrity. It is time we were suspected by others. Moral failings always begin at home. Honesty. Never gain nor law suddenly or my accident more strings and moral weakness takes possession of by slow when imperceptible degrees. Therefore, shun all base serve vile, underhanded, sneaking ways. part with anything, rather than your integrity and honour flee from
Iniquity, as you would from a wipers fangs avoid corruption, as you would, the gates of Hell. You may be prosperous in your own eyes, Realized and envied fortune, you may have your fancy. Cars in homes, but I'd rather have the shanty home a crust of bread with a good conscience in this state. lee dwelling or a palace without capital. What is capital? Is it what you have county by dollars, incense stocks and shares by houses and lands. No, capital is now what you have, but what you are character is capital. Honour is capital.
The most tragic, ruinous wing character is gone when integrity is sold when honour is barter and for a miserable mass of earthly pottage, god save from a ruin like this parish. White may, parish, gold, silver houses, lange let the whims of misfortune dash our vessel on a sunken rob lenin. Pretty be our most value keepsake. The thing we care to say.
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