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Breaking from the Past | Get a New Hold on Life

2023-06-04 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from Mightier Than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney (1939).

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Our Sunday Talks Excerpt:Your ability to take a new hold on life depends upon your ability to break with the thoughts of the past and acquire a new outlook on the present and future. Taking a new hold, then, is simply a matter of gaining the right perspective of time. If the past continues to be something to you, then the unpleasant events of the past will continue to live. Their hold on you will prevent your taking a new hold on life.

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was added and adapted from mightier than circumstance by frank, be whitney abolished in nineteen thirty, nine. Begin the day with friendliness and only friends, you'll find you screen the dawn with happiness. He happy thoughts in mine. Salute that day, with peaceful thoughts, mps will fill your heart. Begin. The day with a joy for soul Joy will be, or apart begins the day. With friendliness friendly all day, long keep your soul, love friendly thought your heart, a friendly song.
and your mind no word of cheer for all Come your way, and they will blow few too in turn and wish you a happy day get in each day, with friendly thoughts and ass, Nay, goes on stay friendly, loving, good and kind, just as you were at dawn. The day will be friendly one and then at night you'll find, may you were happy all day, long through friendly thoughts in mind. Your ability to take a new hold on life. depends on your ability to break with the thoughts of the past Acquire renew outlook on the present and future taking it
the hold, then, is simply a matter of gaining the right perspective of time. If the pass continues to be something new then the unpleasant events of the past will continue to live. Hold on. You will prevent it. You were taking a new whole non life. If you would, new whole non life than life as ever me unfolding new view, points to you. The value of an unpleasant situation of yesterday lies entirely in its ability to contribute to your good of today. Today, the only time you was a student of truth, can recognize you can do nothing now about the past. We are learning a girl. You are future is at stake, kara by your mental attitude of today, europe
If his enrich, to the extent that you live in the present, the reason for this, Is that in the present you actually part is paid in non blessings of god. present moment news. The only time recognize my spirit, you must grasp, opportunities now taken. Whole long yourself, now, enjoy the blessings of god. Now. Probably there are many persons who, in the last year or so, Worry an unpleasant situations, financial and otherwise, and who, for years to come, will continue to vex their minds with their adverse It is a reversal of yesterday passed and then belief and failures in justice and financial losses will have such a shrine. the whole upon them
They will be unable to get a new grip on life. They will be unable to receive the good things that seek them the day they thought about the past will As a barrier to prosperity, justice order and success. Don't you see that, in order to lay hold of the blessings of today, you must break with the unpleasant memories of yesterday. Don't you see that as long as you hold on to negative thoughts and conditions, you cannot be receptive and responsive to new blessings. Your clinging to the memory of misfortune and sorrow where we yesterday keeps you from taking on who hold on life. Many an invalid has taken their first step toward recovery by drought, Being from their mind, negative thoughts of the past
reading there, minder, hey fear, jealousy and revenge. They are able lay hold of the love of god. I draw being from mine, their belief in injustice and mistreatment by forgiving, others may take a step receiving the healing power of god entertain. Mental attitude in which you see still pay attention to their failures. An unpleasant memories of the past, remember that lots wife became crystallized when she looked behind her Your mental attitude should be such that you are always facing forward. Enjoying the blessings in front of you and preparing yours For those which lie just beyond the only time will tell
A new whole long life. He is the present time the present moment, You might delay your salvation for man. Worse experiences as long as you field are put out of your life. Little memories of on fourchan and experiences a whole lot blessings at hand, you can Continue in the thought. Let some one has treated you one justly. You cannot continue to think the financial reverses of a position you had. Yesterday. That was better than the one you have today. You must try not to live in the past. If you will move your conditions. You must make a new history for yourself to me and the bask in the borders and successes of yesterday is still fail to see the blessing.
so today, right at hand Leave in the now adopt a new Outlook on life. when you live in memories of the past, you live in a dream In an on reality, only look The moment has reality. In truth, only the In time offers you opportunities, you can only in the present moment. If you would forget the past, you must forgive yourself free yourself of those. Holding yourself in the thought of limitation. You can forgive yourself only minus amusing. Your mind of the offending thought this you can do by.
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