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Breaking Our Routines Begins True Living

2022-09-15 | 🔗

Listen to episode 715 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Breaking Routines Begins True Living. Edited and adapted from Character and Happiness by Alvin Edwin Magary.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: We come, all too easily, to take ourselves and our circumstances for granted. We talk about our ‘‘disposition’” as if it were a fixed and unchangeable thing. If we are pessimistic, nervous, critical, indolent, or bad-tempered, we accept the fact as someone might accept bow-legs or a big nose. The time comes when we are thus in danger of ceasing to grow, because we have settled into certain habits; certain enjoyments, views of life, and limitations of endeavor.


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Your timing? Words are much appreciated. Thank you. Today's reading was attitude and adapted from character and happiness by Alvin Edwin bulgaria published in nineteen twenty four greatness is. Never in me minded we do not want our heroes to be dandies either in dress or in manners. There is a little comfort in a house wherein order and correctness come from first consideration of the living room of a home should be easy, like an old pair of shoes, good housekeeper and a good homemaker differ, and now one thinks of the house. While the other cares for the people who live in it, one keeps the place need, and the other keeps
the family comfortable. Of course we cannot get along without order, but neither can we get on with found disorder. Conventions are invented for the purpose of getting small concerns out of the way with the least amount of fewer obliged. Every time you met an acquaintance to invent some unique greeting exactly appropriate to the occasion. You will soon take two bialy ways to save yourself from mental breakdown, same thing is true of all our social contacts. What we call good manners is simply a comedian code of signals indicating that we wish to be amiable
but our neighbour, we have our little conventions of conversation. We talk about, though, whether the new tv shows and each other's hell. Yes, there are times when we want to plunge into real conversation to discuss the unknowable. There are other times when it is restful to talk about the obvious to make this stark groucho, marx and return. The star applies. However. Sometimes we slip in a very convenient track of convention too much a life that is overly.
Modified is in danger, either of drying up and withering or breaking out in some devastating violation of the moral law. We must preserve the power of spontaneous enjoyment and never give ourselves all together to a set regime with too many of us duties and tasks through which we go mechanically fill our days and one day is like another, and there is for us nothing new under the sun, because we have become too neat too methodical and too indolent to attempt to know the unknowable or, to quote us, be impossible on one occasion Jesus was talking about prayer, he said use, not vain repetitions,
the heathen? Do the people he has in mind or those who sees the wrestle with mystery, their border life in two or more and have no living aspirations or a compelling ambitions? So It gave utterance to old thoughts and one wants supplied to them by tradition, they express their religious convictions, always in their same set of sentences and the longer they use them, the less they think about them, but according to Jesus's teaching, religion can never be truly expressed in such a way. It must non stiff and in the convention it must be a blessing that is new every morning. It must be as fresh and fragrant as the new
lily of the feel. This warning against convention comes to us with equal force. In regard to other parts of our lives. You may be a person of such regularity of habit. Your neighbour is sent their clocks by your coming and going You rise at a certain hour in the morning emerged from the bathroom, so many minutes later sat down to breakfast in consumer, a certain number of slices of bacon in asserting quantity of
coffee. Every morning year in and year out, you spend the day going through the same motions. You have gone through every day for fifteen years you mean the same people say good morning in the same tone see it. I have the same desk and do the same. Morn were one shudder Is that such a life? When you really look at it, realizing that it is life monotonous than she, as you regard your immortal, you never let the pattern of your days be come on near conventional, a mere. I say,
fixed, fixed, unnatural and beautiful. Some years ago, a french clergymen obliged or widely read book on the simple life one might make an equally useful contribution to the art of living with the work on the romantic medic life life, a vain repetitions, a life of rights and habits of life in the which so many excellent people drift and become dan while may lead. We can easily recognized the symptoms of rome militants,
when we have it, we become like pianos, which always respond with a certain note to pressure on a certain key in the winter we complain of the summer that is gone in summer. We say that it is not so much the heat, but the humidity that causes us discomfort. We look at works of art in, say We do not know much about them, but we do know what we like in literature. We declare our favour for a happy ending, because there is enough sadness in real life,
without reading it. In books we become vendors of proverbs and announce on every favorable occasion there to his company and three's a crowd that boys will be boys, that it takes all kinds of people, to make a world where there is a will. There is a way and that every cloud has a silver lining. This is a condition of mental state. Nation in the which many otherwise intelligent people saying. Instead, we should always
be called a rating. New avenues of interest are character, emerged, growing change, as all things that are alive must growing change. We should not spend our lives going through familiar thoughtless motions, the dual mechanism of the lifelong unbroken habit. He comes a burden that to forms the soul, we come all too easily to take ourselves and our circumstances for granted. We talk about our disposition.
As if it were a fixed and unchangeable thing we are persisting. Nerve is critical in the land or bad tempered. We accept the fact that someone might accept both legs or a big knows. The time comes when we are thus in danger of ceasing to grow, because we have settled in their certain habits. Certain enjoyments use of life limitations of endeavour Do take ourselves for granted as if all our history and environment hank conspired to make us what we are and we were helpless in the matter- is one of the most common sins against the south. In every life there are certain.
Occasions. We should stimulate us to new powers. God speaks to us in every new born day, inviting us to on try conquests, every change that comes to our lives. He urges us to build in new york selves new powers. Do you remember a childhood of poverty, though changing your circumstances as today brought you a better house, a better position in society, better clothes, more physical comfort in every way, but has it brought you anything else?
as you gained a bigger ring, come have you begun living a bigger life or if the reverse is true, and you have declined from affluence to a pittance as already brought you only privation and discontent, or has it brought you some of its own peculiar in sites and opportunities as we pass one period of life to another. There should be an ever accruing ability to find the inner poem of existence. The abundance of life is alive than never settles to the resigned acceptance of the endlessly dreary in the kingdom of Heaven or not we use are. No wine is and was variety with every increase of wisdom. see new meanings and no revelation of guy. If religion has become a subtle,
an interesting thing, do you then seek its truth in new fields? Find new tasks for this spirit venture forward on new hopes called a major new aspirations. Simile new truth learn to see the four some new arguments and do appreciate. The value of new discoveries, if we must have the characteristics of childhood in order to receive them kingdom of god. Surely we must have men, exhaustless curiosity, which you so characteristic of the young. When we cease to learn, life has lost its savour when the appetite of the mind is dull and we no longer a grave to know
We are to be pitied. Any woman, or man in the world may find in each new day a new adventure and in every rising sun promise of new things. Middle age becomes dollars dishwater, because people seem to have expectations the coming day, allures them with no mystery. They know advance just what is going to happen, but life should never be a mere neatly, arrange schedule loved conventions, life be new. When potent, however, years, have passed you by flying off the tyranny of petty habit where a different color, thank god, therefrom, thought read. A different kind
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