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Building the Temple of Your Mind

2023-01-17 | 🔗

Listen to episode 752 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Building the Temple of Your Mind. Edited and adapted from Peace, Power & Plenty by Orison Swett Marden.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: One of the greatest accomplishments of the finest character is the ability to order the mind and to exclude from it all the enemy thoughts — thoughts that bring friction and discord into the life, thoughts that depress, that stunt, that darken. No mind can do good work when clouded with unhappy or vicious thoughts. The mental sky must be clear or there can be no enthusiasm; no brightness, clearness, or efficiency in our mental work.


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the inspirational living pine cast. Today's reading was agitated and adapted from peace power in plenty by orison, swear Martin published in nineteen o now. On a famous son I lose written, I rip Bored none, but our reserves, sunshine. Every human life will need you define by making their so life motto. What a great thing it would be if we could only learned to wipe out of our memories forever every thing unpleasant, every thing which brings a bitter memories, unfortunate associations and oppressing discouraging sir, questions. We could only keep our minds filled with beautiful thoughts which up live, denning, courage,
efficiency of our lives will be multiply, are not some people so, unfortunately constituted. but they are unable to remember a pleasant agreeable things when you, meet them. They always have some sad story to tell something that has happened. Then re surely going to happen to them They tell you about the accidents, narrow escapes losses and afflictions. They have had the bright days and the experiences may sound a mention, may recall the disagreeable be ugly that is scoring raining please make such an impression upon their minds that they seem do. Thank you, rains about all of the time. There are others who do just the reverse. They always talk of the pleasant things good times
an agreeable experiences of their lives. I know some search people who have had all sorts of misfortunes losses and sorrows, and yet they so seldom speak of them or referred, and that you would think they never had anything in their lives but good fortune that they never had any enemies that everybody had been kind to them. These are the people who were tractors, the people we love love turning one sunnyside toward others is a result of the practice of holding charitable, loving cheer full thoughts perpetually in my while the gloomy sarcastic mean character, form by harbouring hard, uncharitable unkind thoughts until the brain become so set toward the door. My life can only radio gloom, some people,
Mines are like a juncture. They contain things of kin robin value mixed with a great deal of rubbish. They can never bear to throw anything away for fear him. I be of service at some time their mental storehouses. Our clogged with all sorts of rubbish, These people would only have a regular housecleaning, throw away all their rubbish. Everything of doubtful value system eyes and arrange what is left. We might amount to something. No one can do work when they're mine is full of discord in confusion. Get rid of the mental rubbish not go through life burning with non essential, meaningless things everywhere. We see people who are handicap doing everything knew a great disadvantage because they
ever will let go of anything. They are like the over a careful housekeeper who never throws. anything away for fear. May be of use in the future and whose again. Woodshed every closet corner in the house are piled up with rubbish, which quote, might be of use some time the practice of throwing away rubbish of all kinds is of inestimable value. Occasionally we come across people that pick up all sorts of ideas, good An indifferent without selection were choice. They are like a sponge absorb Everything that comes near them is impossible for such a mind, be pure and free from enemy thoughts, conflicting thought currents in her
money is vibrations order. Moralising influence is one of the great accomplishments of the finest character. Is the ability to order the mine in new exclude from it all the enemy thoughts. Thoughts that bring friction in this gordon knew. The life thought that the press that stunt darken no I can do good work when clouded with some happy or vicious thoughts. The mental sky must be clear. Or there can be no enthusiasm, no brightness clearness, efficiency in our mental work. If you would do Maximum of which you are capable keep them mine filled with sunshine, with beauty, in truth, with cheerful, uplifting thought
Very every thing that makes you unhappy and is scoring everything that cramps your freedom that worries you for re berries. You. Our mental temple was not given to us for the storing of low base mean things it was intended to be the abode of the gods for the ring of I purposes grain names noble aspirations. It is a shame, for a human being bearing the stamp of divinity me darling. It by unworthy demoralising thoughts. The time. will come when we will be as much as shamed of harbouring amiss agreeable discordant, contaminating thought, as we would feel if we were caught stealing when you once ghetto troopers, section of yourself of your grandeur in dignity and infinite possibility
You will not allow yourself to be dominated by the mental enemies which now dog you from the cradle to the grave. You were not made to express this court, but harmony to express beauty. Truth, love and happiness, wholeness, not happiness. Completeness not incompleteness. No one is learn the art of true living until they have train mare mine, to forget every experience for which lay can no longer derive any advantage. Every experience that will hinder their progress, name on happy. No matter how great a mistake you have made. It should be forgotten, buried forever. Don't keep digging simply learn the lesson there is a need for you for that,
Legal use you can make of an unfortunate mistake, is to make it a starting point for something better. Why is there to be game by harbouring injuries, By dwelling upon misfortunes by more worrying over our failures. Did it ever pay to slights and imagine insults, is only one thing to do with a disagreeable thought or experience, and that is rid of it. Her lit out of your mind, as you would a thief out of your house. You cannot afford to give shelter to enemies of your peace and comfort. Few have hard feelings, untimely thoughts toward others. Fewer are trying to get square with someone who is injured. You
Or if you are suffering from jealousy envy, your hatred dispel these killing emotions these discourteous feelings as vicious enemies. So long as you harbour, no hatred thought my jealous thought. no revenge, worry anxiety or fear, thought you must suffer just as a pedestrian. and with gravelly mayor shoes must suffer, enter They remove it. We can, I harbour any grudge, any hatred against another without offering a frightful loss in our own nature courses. Animalised brutalize is us on the other hand, no holding a kindly feeling the love thought, help all charitable magnanimous thought and no who's your life, beautifies your character,
riches your nature, our mental, do gives its color to our lives. What it is, like we are like toward others. If it is hateful, we are hateful. Fear is revengeful. we ever revengeful this position. we are like. Our ideals, I have never known a really good person who had a mean contemptible estimation of other people or who was always criticising them. Stealing their motives in view The lamb, low, selfish motives do not go about nursing some faint seed, wrong or insult or grudge such thoughts poison. No brain. They stinging, corrupt, constant dwelling upon bitter thing, saps, your vitality and lessons Your ability to do something worthwhile lee.
are the enemies of your youthfulness, of your happiness and success you not afford to have them festering in your heart. tormenting your mind, do not remember anything disagreeable which can cripple euro efficiency. or mar your were just white none of your memory, No matter. How much me her. You were pride to do so. Your agree aim should be progress You cannot afford to have a lot of rubbish. Clinging to you, which keeps you back were hinders your speed in the race of life. You need all your energy every hour, so power you possess concern. Your strength for the main objective make every hour so force. Tell.
make up your mind to be large, generous and charitable, to forget slight sore injuries to harbour malice. Do you remember that most people are kind at heart and when non intention Lee slight or injure you show your charitable sigh new everyone be cheerful. Kind, then helpful norms. one another's may do you always say about you, learn always to put The charitable interpretation on people's motives- and you will be surprised at the impact Rather, attitude has now We upon yourself a poem, those whom you see each day.
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