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Embracing Your Life & Destiny

2023-05-21 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from The Heart of New Though by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, published in 1902.

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Today's Podcast Excerpt: NEVER say that you wish your situation were different! Never wish you had some other person's life, troubles, or worries. Accept your own as a working basis, the life that is best for you. Then go ahead and change whatever displeases you. Remember that you are the maker and molder of your own destiny.

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commission homes, always all yours book on the verbal app welcome new sunday talks raised was did it and adapted from the heart of new thought by other wheeler wilcox published in nineteen. Oh two never say that you wish you're a situation where different ever wish. You had some other. Since life troubles or worries except your own, is working basis. The life that is best for you, then go Having didn't change whatever displeases you, member night, you are, the man,
Grim older of your destiny. You do not roll call the fact you brought about low present conditions of use. destiny. Any your former lives, even if you do not believe in reincarnation. You must acknowledge that you are here and that the situation and wish you find yourself seems to be inevitable. For at the present time, but it is now inevitable for the future. Unless you lie down. in the bureau and wine and wish you were a millionaire or a genius rail and the unfairness of providence. There is no one fairness in the universe. The whole scene is well balanced. You were allowed to
lots with anyone on the face of the earth. You will complain and find fault in a short time. One of the best know, millionaires or into opulence complains that he has been robbed of the privilege of making his own fortune. He is no happier than you in his confession, betrays his weakness of character, just as you're complaining and fault finding the trays, yours real worthwhile character. Thank god for it's destiny and says I will show the world what I can do with my life. Not long ago there was a great horse race near my house. Blind horse named rhythmic won five consecutive races. Think of it. This horse, didn't
like we humans, shrink back and say I am blind. That is a terrible destiny. I encouraged by god. I will not try to win the race just trusted the hand of the master of the rains is best one. The honors five times. all blind racers on the track over the king, no millionaire, the statesman lawmaker, the beggar the laborer. Cripple
you're all in the dark. The only thing is to trust the hand of the master and do our best believe your position is the right starting point for you. Nearly the starting point is the shapeless block of stone from which you are to fashion the perfect statue, or it is the mere mn from which you are to mold. The clay image
and later is to be put in new, enduring marble. What is uglier or more attractive than mud yeah? I think of the glorious visions which imprisons ignore motto of your present environment and thank god for it. I am making the image of the future you desire. You can do, it must do it. You will do it.
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