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2022-09-20 | 🔗

Listen to episode 716 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Enjoying a Great Middle Life. Edited and adapted from Character and Happiness by Alvin Edwin Magary.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: We must guard ourselves against that tendency to stop growing, or even stop wanting to grow, which is the cause of the failure of so many people’s careers. Many promising young women and men never fulfill their promises because they come to the middle of life and quit. Tastes become fixed, habits become inflexible, prejudice supplants thought, and the whole life turns into mechanical routine.


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often when bulgaria abolished and nineteen twenty four it's been set, the old show, dream, dreams and the young shall see visions, but what about those? in middle age. Youth over twenty looking into the future is stirred by the glowing visions that fill their horizon. The old of seventy using by the fire dream quietly of the days that are gone Anna follows gone well: Our tranquil legs? Images of past joys fill their memory, but we shall be the inspired. shut up no woman, a man of forty five, who is pass the time of grand visions and has not yet come to that of quiet dreams.
they have no time for anything, but the rough practicalities of life they the home of family life, a hundred feet of garden, homes and alike, trick washing machine an affair at a middling automobile may manage to pay the premiums on their life insurance and support their family respectably for dreams and vision They have no time, it is largely on the middle age that the responsibility rests. Format during the affairs of the world. live long enough to acquire skill and not long enough to lose their powers. Here and there we find some precocious youth managing grade enterprises and here and there generic delights us with their courageous continuance and fight
he's on the many women now the middle years that the greater part of our affairs japan, with fair entrance into, though forties Most people come to a time when they have laid the foundations of their fortunes. It is at this time may fall into the year of believing that the best part of life is behind them. And there are experiences common them middle aged women and men, which make this deadening assumption. Seen true at this time of life, versa may conclude that they have obtained much skill in their profession as me, Likely to attain may have begun the weary of similar things that fascinated them. You may may come to be satisfied with their own limitations and accept the fact that the world is not their oyster. After all,.
intimations are mortality begin to appear. Fifteen year old child proves more than a match for them in some worthwhile exercise. They respond avoiding the inevitable conclusion may begin to address with studied youth or mass may make strong resolutions to take more exercise Convincing themselves that all they need is a bit of conditioning, but it can only ever take them so far at last, they are compelled to confess that it is with them, as with all mortals they have. Neither the care attractiveness of youth nor the serenity of old age, They are merely middle age, growing a bit palm tree and our big gray, and often a good deal this scourge,
yeah, the women and men of character whose questions were high things and whose faces in the highest This time will enter into the most productive period of their lives, realized life is short will stimulate all the powers of their mind and soul so that they shall bring the ripe fruition. The restored up skill and wisdom of the first half of their career It may be true that a few women and men do their best work you for years, but it is not so with most we were to gather the greatest works by people have accomplished in any feel them in never. We should doubtless discover that cover a fruitful of life is, in the years passed. Forty
There's nobody loves to lose their figure or watches without regret that a part of their hair, wise people, then at the very time these disquieting events take place The mind and spirit are at their best. in youth, the wise woman, a man, souls in middle life. They shall gather in old age they shall enjoy. Let us see now. We are full grown, skilful competent in the things which make human. having supream among the creatures of the year, we may be less someone I fully than we were we are more of an individual is neither
regions nor dreams are to tempt the landscape of life for us a middle age. It must be that we shall find our joy in seeing things as they are. We have all people must look life in the face courageously, practical, concrete responsibilities are ours. We must keep the peace the rule going in pay the rent as two essential meanings of our own life. We must not be deceived, nor must we deceive ourselves. It was butler who said Things are what they are, and the consequences of men will be worth they will be. Why should we deceive ourselves? The rain train saw no second half of life. We should have learned a date truth without this count were embellishment and live with their happily.
As we grow out of the period when our medicine must be sugar coated. So we grow out of environmental immaturity, in which we want the facts of life sweeten before taking. We must deal competently and faithfully with the common places of exist. since occupying ourselves, largely with ran taxes in our children's shoes. And yet we must be courageous enough to labor for these, inspiring necessities. There were in all our waking hours without lose our belief in the essential loveliness of life. We must guard ourselves against their tendency to stop growing grievances. Stop wanting to grow She is the cause of the failure of so many people's careers. Many
promising. Young women and men never fulfilled their promises, cause. We come to the middle of lifing. Quit pays, become fix, habits, become inflexible prejudice, supplants thought whole life turns in the mechanical. Routine matter must never come on time in our lives. When we ceased to end were powers of understanding responsibilities are middle age ought to make us more interested in more things then we ever were before, or it is the nature of life to bring us to ever widening horizons. A team we were a student, our whole life was expressed in our interest in school and, generally speaking, we were is like our fellow stood
as one can area in a cage is like the others burnt, now have forty, we may be a sharp owner, a technical A doctor or lawyer. The many other professional callings far from the coming narrowing our views and prejudice in our opinions. A person at this time of life ought to be a citizen of the world in the best sense who, like the ancient roman, nothing, that is human shell. foreign. Surely this is the time in life for wonder, takes stock of things. Where are you going in one direction? Those your life, ten youth is behind you. Wages head? What kind of all name shall it be just hand, may be some big smashing? Miss
and how will you meet? Will your character collapse? Where will you mark steadfastly, through the storm new shelter and security? To have the crucial temptation of your life is waiting. What will you do just ahead? That casts a shadow before you and passing through it You will stay about in the unseen with work. Courage were expectation, water scherin. Shall that step being taken. These questions must the answer in this is the time when we are to answer them between dream, his ambitions we are given. the deal with life's realities and the person most likely to be happy. Is the one who has learned to look at things if they are the love them for their own sake and to know that there is,
a value in them. That transcends the common view. such a woman. A man understands where they are less than perfect. They clearly see the ten saw and draws near experience It's taught them now. Things may be mingled with fairly He turned out differently from one their expected and still be more precious than the an ever dared to hope. Deeper happiness, call blessedness, isn't attainment of the second half of life rather than the first. It is when we have learned a laugh at ourselves when we have ceased to expect that life shall be all sunshine. We fear that it shall be all cloud when we have learned to live without our unsolved problems and be happy in spite of them,
When we have learned our faith and found it valid, and I ve tried our friends. Found them true when we have seen no evil where people can do. And yet I have kept our spirit, sweet and our trust undaunted. Ooh is it my favorite song? I don't know, it definitely is well it's at the top of my playlist that my morning alarm for the morning I like this jingle I mean in just three minutes. You can get a low down payment on state minimum coverage, so you can get back on the road. What's not to love Sorry, hello, hello, it's even her ring down. One eight hundred say fought over your quote today.
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