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Find Happiness in Returning Good for Evil

2023-09-03 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from Dollars and Sense by William Crosbie Hunter, published in 1907.

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Podcast Excerpt: Remember that doing good is planting seeds.The harvest may not show at present but in the future you are going to reap it. You are paid back precisely in the same coin you pay out. If you plant weeds or mean impulses the harvest will be weeds and mean impulses. If you plant seeds of good deeds you will harvest good deeds.

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and use the code. Fifty living twenty three for fifty percent off plus free shipping, that's hello, fresh dot com, slash fifty living twenty three and use the code, fifty living twenty three for fifty percent off plus free shipping. Thank you. well go our sunday talks and exclusive series for them trains over the inspirational living pon cast. Today is reading, was added and adapted from now Is any sense by will grows, be hunter abolition in nineteen o, seven.
One of the first human laws was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but ass time went on and we develop mentally animal instincts were subordinated, and the law was changed, and the new law was this. Return good for evil. nearly every person who, as an injury done then tries to pay the injury name. a stealer, pay it with good or with evil. If you were a pale with evil, You do not get satisfaction, fewer appear with good. You. Get happiness Certain that payment of evil with good can satisfy someone who is looking for revenge while it. It has always been a question whether there is any satisfaction in pain.
evil with evil. If someone knows you mean turn they are expecting will repay them in a like manner. guard themselves against this. They are ready for your revenge, but if you we'll pay them with good you. It men in a weak spot in may. I feel, like thirty cents in this Is all the revenge you can ask for. It is all right again square with someone who knows you are wrong and the best way, It square is by doing them a good turn, key mental ledger, accounts of all our friends in all your enemies went person knows you and injury, Lemon till you have changed to credit their account with some good turn. When you credit their account,
You sure you over a pay why you are owing then so you will have our mountains. Coming to your credit, many Let us have, of course, been taught to return good for evil. I have heard this saying so many times that few of us pay any attention to it. It's thus worthwhile testing, rule of turning good for evil. The next times One forms you repay them. Her some by doing lemme, kindness in c a futile happier. there is now whether the person to whom you have done a kindness appreciates, You have been benefited and received happiness by your own act, for virtue is it so reward the person returns. Good for evil has been decided. action of the one who has on clean underwear,
The world may not know it, but you do and that is all that is necessary. Remember doing good is planning seeds, the harvests made, show were present in lieu. You sure you were going to read it or paid by precisely. In the same coin, you pay a few plant he mean impulses no harm This will be weeds and mean impulses if you play in seeds of good deed You will harvest good deeds. Centuries ago, it was said, cast your brain. upon the waters and it will return. The EU many fall person who is doing good as they go along who is lending hell, kindly soul and encouragement. We will find
The world is a pretty good place to live in, after all, as A journey along through life, or find the good they have done in the past has flourished in Turn to them in greatly increase proportions, the brain cast upon the waters. The true way to obtain happiness is to do something. for some money you get, Back out of the general reserve of good in the world for payments Do you have done plaza profit happiness, which comes from the very doing no good.
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