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How to Build a Miraculous Winning Personality

2022-11-17 | 🔗

Listen to episode 734 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Build a Winning Personality. Edited and adapted from Leadership by George H. Knox.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The need for personality development is universal. Power comes not from what we know, but from what we can express, and nine-tenths of expression is through personality. To other people we are a mere personality. We are to them big or little, positive or negative, a success or a failure, just as we appeal to them through our personality. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. And we are no stronger than our weakest point of personality.


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that enables you to multiply your mental forests a thousand times and even to increase your physical force until you can almost delphi fatigue and disease. We see this power every day in the faces of women and men in the painting of the artist in the song of the poet in all the great achievements of humankind. What is this power, perhaps no one knows for sure, but as we use electricity without knowing exactly what it is, so does this peculiar something exert an influence greater than that of electricity. Scientists tell us that the entire atmosphere is filled with energy and there is an old
of energy and developing the world, and, as we use these forests or energy, does it come to us in ever increasing supply, However, this phenomenon alone cannot account for our personality, nor how we can develop it we can become magnetic and attractive, or we can develop capacity for work and leadership. The need for personality development is universal. Power comes not from what we know, but from what we can express and nine tenths of it Expression is through personality to other people. We are a mere personality. We are to them bigger, little positive or negative, a success or a failure, just as we appeal to them through our personality. A chain is no,
stronger than its weakest link. We are no stronger than our weakest point of personality. Would you. Be a leader in your community? Would you be come master of the power of attracting? Will you increase your usefulness with you fill your place in the world's work? Would you achieve real success, then develop your personality and like the great personalities of the earth, your alight will shine like a fix star. the privilege an indefinable power is a part of life? It comes from the creator and is not limited to any church or race or age. We are all gods in chrysalis, as we move away from our primal nature and
in no flame, the divine spark we acquire this characteristic of leadership. This opportunity for growth is free to all alike. Every person can be a king or queen, by divine right to free themselves from the evils that buying them down the great majority of people still lingered in the valley, millions who could scale the heights by leaps and bounds, If they could. Bird gas will power over their own minds in the latent possibilities that are ready to be called in new action. The aim of every person should be to get out of life. All there is in life to develop late possibilities, bring to life dead, talent, discover new forces, learn how to deal with others develop the great art of persuasion
our character, builders, soul, in fact, to become a leader in the world's were one who delights in raising the standard of others and who carries the flag goes civilization forward. People do not acquire such a place by trying to get all they came out of the world, but by trying to pull it all they can into it. The development of the personality is the accumulation of power. It causes a person who become a magnet. Attraction. A greater success in business or moulder of public opinion, leader of men and women, to acquire a good personality is to be born again to get a new vision to assent
a heights and become a new factor in the world's work that there is a force that moves in the world a power that trains forms people. No one doubts. While there are those who have great natural ability, most people must acquire an the saying goes. four personality: air, those who are naturally endowed with a great personality, but the majority must acquire it just as every other trade is acquire. Why then, should in Each one was called a veto winning personality. Let us have ten great women and men where we now have, but one to start it is necessary to have a system of training the best the world ever saw to teach people how to develop the very best there is in them a person's influencing
power in everything that goes into making a great individual comes from within. We are just what we make of ourselves:
Yet not one in one hundred thinks of making any special preparation to increase their personality when developing a great. Personally, there are certain principles that must be adhered to. Certain steps that must be taken, an effort must be made. You cannot make the gutter a permanent place of abode and expect to rise in the world. If you are going new scale. The heights there is a road, do travel in bright lights to the very top, but you yourself must make the assent. The to achieve cornerstones of a grey personality are thought and action. There is a certain mental attitude to be acquire positive, thought forces to be developed and negative qualities to be eliminated, theirs
in the lines of thought that produce health, encourage buoyancy of spirit, leadership, magnetic power and marvelous success? There are other lines of thought to which we are all give him more or less because of habit which produce ill health, a miserable mental condition and failure. The imperative and now is to act. The consciousness of accomplishment, the joy of achievement or as wings to the sole self expression is the beginning of power, and recognition is added strength. Action is the giants. Law to create two bill to produce to express oneself is due partake of the food of the gods.
But back of action is thought foundation, therefore, of a great personality is mine. Development thoughts can be transmitted from mine mine to a certain extent, just as message this can be transmitted by wireless? You may think about writing an email. Do some friend you having contacted in years and be surprised by receiving an email from a friend before your own email has been delivered. You may suddenly think of a person temporarily forgotten and meet the individual before walking a block. It is a common thing to look at a person and have them glance
or even turn around, and immediately look at you when two people are working to gather in perfect harmony, it's possible for one person, new put words into the others mouth. I was just thinking the same thing. That is what I was going to say are expressions we hear. Often there is little doubt that there are thought waves as well as sound waves. If you think thoughts of failure you receive in turn, suggestions of failure which continue to keep you on a plane of failure, because you are receptive to the thoughts of people on your own plane of existence, Likewise, when your thoughts are of the highest order, you live on indifferent plain, and you are in a sense in communication through your subconscious, mind with other
eight women and men on the same play when you retain great ideas. You are receptive to great ideas. You receive thoughts from the great personalities of the world who know nothing about failure who have gotten above the plain of jealousy revenge or hate people who breathed the fresh air of freedom and who mingle with the giants of the earth, to reach this.
Plain is possible for almost any one? You must concentrate your mind upon that which you desire to become positive. Virtues must be called, evaded, resist negative thoughts and desires, indifference, carelessness and petty annoyances. That way so much time in more the beauty of the soul, we gain power and acquire strength of will by overcoming resistance by doing what we honoured. Do I being what we ought to be going where we oughta go. No man early obstacle by standing steadfast
by moving on? There is an awful temptation. Do let things slip just this once, but that is also a serious mistake. Avoid the temptation make, though, will decide what he ought to decide decision is the were to formula deserve deciding is to develop the will and low will makes for a decision. It is. Has it eating a lingering in the shadow produces bankruptcy and rowing. If you would overcome resistance, do one thing at a time and remember that in concentration there is power, concentrate her whole being on the matter at hand incomplete. It though,
your mind wandering to something else finish it one thing at a time with all your forest centred on the task will perform miracles. I see Bjs wholesale clubs having their black friday deals. Amazing. Savings right now and you're going to get me that new laptop I've been asking for. Well, oh, don't tell me, I wouldn't be surprised how about that smart watch with all the features I mean wait. Forget I asked just gotta be jays Onawandah, no new tv. Already then stop. Are you trying to ruin my surprise, save up to fifty mb Centering be days amazing, black right ideals, while supplies last thanksgiving day through cyber monday PJ's, absurdly simple savings.
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