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Listen to episode 810 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Gain the Victory of Life. Edited and adapted from The Call of Life by William L. White.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The world is yearning in its anxiety for proper development, for men and women who can think real thoughts, who can thoroughly disentangle the truth from the web of falsity and chance, who can test their thoughts and deeds in the acid bath of service, and whose minds are open to inspiration from all sources, and who will go forth cheerfully to battle for the things that need to be done, and thus gain the victory of life...


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The trouble with so many people in the world is They live in such a circumscribed way, not only physically or mentally. It is this and show that we begin again a vision of life in its every phase. While it is true our vision will probably be limited. According to our experience and education, the essential element, the thinking habit and when I Talk of experience I mean, in this instance among us, things, our age, travel and associations while education should include not only book knowledge but education in the broadest sense of the word There is now it gained in every direction is to world affairs, and ever anything which come loser way.
one of the greatest means today is for people do get a vision of the possibilities of their own lives. And realized low potential powers, which lay embody to do is, the element of thinking must play its part. First. One of the greatest drawbacks to the world today is very happy are afraid to pay the price to do a little thinking. Are proud to be living in a progressive age. Today we see I I'm playing its part in a thousand and one ways. In the world. One hundred years ago could not have dreamed of the accomplishments of today. I do not discount Great progress in the material world but on the other hand I would Given a boost in taking this forwards One of the greatest moves to make is to set aside a few minutes each day.
Potato where your life's work taking stock. Analyzing your accomplishments planning your future goals. I am reminded of a story that occurred at a boy's school The boys were excavating under one of the houses for the purpose of installing a furnace. We're doing the and shovelling it out with two foot square window. they are digging leader discovered, a large rock, which was rule times larger than the window opening mean we would not do dynamite. The rock make another package to pieces so everybody was puzzled undisturbed as to how to remove the rock and finish the job. one little boy who is always a attending to his own business off to himself,
Meditating in thinking where another boys would be out in new some mischief having a good time came along and suggested that he knew how the rock could be removed, the other Boys did not believe tat. He could tell them What is they were at their wits sang They were willing to dig anybody suggestion and eagerly asked the boy how we could be done a little Boy suggested that made a large hole beside the rock throw the dirt out of the window. Rule, iraq into the hole and thereby burying get it out of the way his suggestion was accepted in its so no problem. This is a fitting. Ample for us to follow, in other words, the practice of keeping. The silent tongue and listening year, coupled
Real thinking is a wonderful habit for us all and when practice judiciously It will help solve our problems in spells six ass for everyone. In getting our vision in taking a step forward. We must be honest to the last detail, I recall another story of a high school championship football game the game was drawing to a close. sign was one touchdown ahead of the other The ball was kicked in return for a touchdown, thus tying the score Some players on the opposite side claim that the money had been touched before the player picked it up and ran for the touchdown river You did not see. The ball touched Therefore we're going do countless score
however, one of the boys on the team that made the score step forward instead there he touched the ball. Indeed, no one six points that they were not entitled to. Now we took courage for release. boy, do tell the truth and lose. Whose six points which also male losing the game, but this is the kind. Person that the world needs today,. we need men and women of the heroic type were a secret. No vision of life- Those who have the courage to stand for the right regardless some criticism in those who, when weighed in the balance, will now We found wanting, we be loyal to our visions. It takes courage for a person who stand up for their convictions and ideas. Equally in this day and constant change when one
so label to be ridiculed, is being in practical and old. Fashion the world is yearning in sang anxiety for a proper development for many women who can think real thoughts who can thoroughly disentangle the truth from the web of falsifying chance who can test there thoughts in deeds. In me, ass, a bath of service, and whose minds are open to inspiration from all sources and who will go forth cheer fleet a battle for the things that need to be done and thus game victory of life, chase away our daily troubles and thus be able to You saw what is important before greatest talents lay. Who can acquire practice and develop Our music laughter Smiling in cheerfulness.
While we all may not be gifted with a talent for music, I believe Every normal person, with a little determination, can develop skill with some instrument. if it is nothing more than a jew's heart, and if this does not work most assuredly every money came whistler to listen possible to whistler tune and have the down and out. Were the blues at the same time, and learning play one or more instruments of music is great asset. He keeps a person in good spirits, and chases troubles away once one a time. It was actually a common practice for businessmen, at their daily luncheons and club meetings to sing, Several songs result. The men were brought closer together in a spirit of fell,
ship pervaded the whole atmosphere. After the meetings adjourned, the men returned to their respective offices with a radiance of happiness, happiness of gore works together with laughter It is one of the best ways to cast aside any gloomy disposition you might have made. you feel braced up with a deterrent, nation. Do tackle your problems in a more vigorous way. A hearty laugh, a word of encouragement, a joke thrown in troubles vanish, and as they vanish, we keep at bay with a smile. I remember, reading about a boy whose face muscles were injured in a real road accident. Do they extent where he would never be able to smile again, sue, the railroad company.
As a result. The jury decided that fifty thousand dollars was. fair valuation new place upon his smile in reality? You fifty thousand is a small sum. Income parents into the handicap of not being able to smile a person without a smile It is like an automobile driving at night without a headline. It is huge. Nature to be attracted by things that make us feel better. things that gave us a certain amount of pleasure. This is why the smiling person is so popular you smile, isabel key that opens doors from troubled rooms and leads to the power? this is a success. Lastly, let us talk of cheerfulness. it costs nothing to be cheerful.
The pays, wonderful dividends in terms of achievement in our conversations. It consumes no extra time to be cheerful. So why not be cheerful and make friends cheerfulness whose close kin do optimism in its tracks. More people, cells, more goods and expand in the business salute Lee. No depreciation ever maintaining the tendency to strengthen and build up all parties concerned, peasant Some can well be put all synonymous terms with destroy, it has never accomplished anything rather rating was to tear down all that is good best. Then right, We all may not be as optimistic as the irishman who wins. jumping out of a thirty story. Building was asked reaching the tenth floor, how he felt and replied so
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