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2023-03-21 | 🔗

Listen to episode 780 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Get the Life You Want. Edited and adapted from How to Get What You Want by Orison Swett Marden.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Men and women are human magnets. Just as a steel magnet drawn through a pile of rubbish will pull out only the things which have an affinity for it, so we are constantly drawing to us the things and the people that respond to our thoughts and ideals.


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adapted from how do you get what you want? I orison swear Martin abolished in nineteen. Seventeen. You are victory. You guys. You were born to conquer, to play a magnificent party life's great gain, but you can were knew anything grade or grain. Until you have such a conviction of yourself in your ability, we establish relations with that desires with whatever is nominated in our minds with this. Will you long for with all our hearts, We tend to realise these things in proportion to their persistency and intense, do you borrow longings and our intelligent,
it to realise them. Stop thinking trouble if you want to attract it's opposite, stop thinking, poverty. If you wish to attract plenty, refused to have anything to do with the things you fear the things you do not want so magnetize steel will attract only the products of iron ore in has no affinity for wood, copper, rubber or any other substances has not iron in it. When you were a child, you, Finally, your little steel magnet would pick up on needle a match or toothpaste, it would draw to itself only those things like itself. Many women are a human magnets justice it's steel, magnet drawn through a pile of rubbish
pull out or wheeler things which have an affinity for it so we are constantly drawing to us. The things in people spanned, aware, thoughts in ideals. Our environment and our associates our general condition are the result of their mental attraction. These things have come to us because we have concentrated upon them. Every lead in our to them mentally they are our affinities and will remain with us as long as the affinity for then continues to exist in our minds when Clifford Crawford, the scottish actor starting on his career in america. He played in one week performances in small towns and cities. One ninety was by a prominent member of a company that is worth wasn't much good
bag, he would never be successful and I'd better go back home that scotland, notwithstanding these days, reaching by well main criticism and advice, young cry, if remained in america Continued in his profession comparatively short time be came on. Broadway, star Clinton, Crawford one Because he related himself mentally to the thing he wanted, because you listen If you lose the voice in his own soul, rather than to the pessimistic predictions of outside voices, why has the heart restless yearnings for heights and stepson trotting some call it the voice of belonging and others, the voice of god? Not something within you, which longs to be brought out to be expressed, is
voice of god. Calling me you don't disregarding, don't be afraid of your longings mirrors. Divinity in them don't try to strike. no m because you think layer much to extract again to you, Toby in greece, Here is not giving you a longing to do that, which you have no ability to do one and why the lives of many of us are so narrowing. Pinched small in common place is because we are afraid, pursue our desires. Our longings of free do visualize them. We becomes accustomed do putting our confidence solely in the things that we see on the physical plain material that is real to the senses. It is very difficult for us to realise that the capital power low forests, that does things
Zines in the mind, believing in our possession of the things we desire. even our limitations, in our restrictions, He d magnetizer ourselves, my wrong thinking and lack of faith see only the obstacles in our path in forget that the individual working with is greater than any obstacle that can oppose itself to our will end and is really knew this when he said you, are not a creature of circumstances. Circumstances are a creature review. You demonstrate. It is true in his own life. foreign in raising cree with other circumstances, are apparently David said against them at the start.
No resolute young jewish man over a came all obstacles and reach the goal of his ideal he became prime minister of England. Is me ruler. Beaconsfield buys sovereign, queen victoria, james, so Lowell did not utter own mere airy, poetic idea when he said thing. We longed for that. We are for one transcending moment he spoke, but a simple. The poet is always will profit laid. Your were head of those scientists, in point. The way their leaves upward to the ideal of light faith. Low poet knows in seas far in advance of the senses, Knows that the vision of our exalt in moments is no more given us to me
real on the material play. No people who employ up in the world. I have seen them selves, climbing and picture themselves. Actually the position they longed to be in. May I climbed up mentally first. Have kept the vision of themselves is ever climbing new, higher and higher things they can annually, affirm their ability to climb to grow up to their. I deal if we ever hope to make our dreams come true, we must do as they did. We must actually live in the conscious realisation of our ideal. This be entering wage which will split the difficulties ahead of us, which will
the doors which shut us from our own if he were discourage my repeated failures in disappointment, bring the pangs of worded ambition, fewer Doing the thing you long, we do if life is yielding satisfaction? This success in joy of happy service. If you were plans and do not prosper, if you are hampered by poverty and narrow, prudent, congenial environment. There is something wrong with the world with yourself. You are a thing right. You are now visualizing yourself. Is you long to be? We are every one of us both on our side, those in our environment, true pictures of what we have thought, believed and done in the past.
every moment of our lives. We are experiencing the result of thoughts. He outward things that have been acting on us shape The conditions in which we live are chiefly the roots of our own motives, thoughts enacts. How often do we hear it said? Oh some person ever thing, they undertake succeed or everything may touch turns to go. Why? Because the person is constantly picturing themselves. The success of their under takings and they are backing up their vision. My their efforts, clinging their vision by vigorous resolution in person steam determine endeavour continually making themselves a powerful magnet to draw them their role fifthly or unconsciously,
they are using the divine intelligence or force. I wish every human being made more themselves and their environment. According to the pattern in their mind, why don't you, who's your divine power to make yourself. Why you long to be? Why don't you clinging to the vision of yourself, which you see in your highest moment and rules No, maybe that vision a reality by persisting right thinking, backed up by the steady exercise of your will. You can, if you desire, ray make yourself in your environment since we came for once and send a moment be the thing we longed for you and I and every human being and make that transcend new or highest moment.
It is purely a matter of right thinking. Every time we visual. The other thing we longed for every time we see it. cells in imagination. In the position we longed to fill we are forming habit, which will tend to make our highest moments permanent to bring our vision of the ideal into the actual. If p, lonely knew the possibilities which centre in the highest development their visualizing powers? It would revolutionise their lives there once was we most of america between alma high in the rocky mountains, was a vast, barren desert. It is, though it would always be absolutely worthless when it was suggested in Congo. the government and assist in building a railroad across this desert
The Missouri river to the pacific slope, many people laughed at the idea that you said that such an undertaking would be a wicked waste of public money and suggested the importation of camels for them purposes carrying the united states male across the western measure, but the vision seen by those who Can you see the union pacific railroad no white old dream, it was a forest We know the reality. for even a single rail and mainly laid these visionary saw a great thriving cities, vast populations and millions of fertile farms springing up like magic, where the people without a vision of its possibilities, saw nothing but desert planes. Sagebrush incur yoshi
It was the people who were now limited by appearances by weren't. Their senses told them who train. swollen desert into a thing of beauty and untold well,. Human beings are like this area desert packed with marvelous possibilities. We charges waiting, which will arouse their layton forces and make moves seeds of those wonderful possibility. Blossom in new beauty in power. What we need is a firm belief in the vision of ourselves, which we see it. The moment of our highest inspiration as soon as we feel the touch of the awakening arousing energizing power of an unalterable faith in our own divinity in our ability,
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