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2023-06-01 | 🔗

Listen to episode 802 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Get the Most Out of Life. Edited & adapted from The Aim of Life by Philip Stafford Moxom.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: To the earnest soul, life is rich beyond price. When we think of all that we may do and become for humanity, how valuable time becomes and how short it seems! But the terms “long" and "short" have little meaning when applied to the life of the soul. We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-throbs. The individual who most lives, thinks most, feels the noblest, and acts the best. Time misspent is not lived, but lost.


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did it and adapted from the aim of life by philip stafford marks published in eighteen. Ninety four. Today, I want to talk with you have time in how to save it. Why should we save time? Because time is opportunities, her life in time lost, cannot be recovered. It is lost forever. Each moment comes to us rich in possibilities. Bring to us duty, privilege and the call for achievement All life is condensed into the moment that we call now in the wasting of a moment is for moment, the wasting of a life,
Thou love life said poor. Richard then do not squander tie for that is the stuff life is made up. the chief interests of life, our moral and spiritual all else's scaffolding and instrument? All else takes its significance From these not knowledge and achievement, but character and destiny are life's fundamental concerns. and in relation to these time, has a trains and in value we all complaints said seneca of the shortness of And yet we have more time than we know what to do with. Our lives are spent either in doing nothing at all or doing nothing to the purpose or in doing nothing that we ought to do. We are always come
claiming that our days are few and act. is low. There will be no end of them. Among Our economies there is perhaps more important, and none less. or stood unless wisely practiced in a true economy of thai. What is it to save time? It cannot like money, be hoarded, it can be said, Only by the manner in which it is spent for spending, we must time spent in recreation, ignoring seeming idleness is not, It's wasted proper record creation, asian and rest of body and mind or necessary element. so a true economy of time take rest said. Ovid feel that has rested gives abound to for crop.
Corn. On the other hand, time spent in work not always saved work is waste if it be done that expensive needed recreation. Often time is wasted because it is the I wanted to work that were better left. Undone. Trivial and needless tasks. asks that are invented merely to give essential. Indolently appearance of industry belong to this spendthrift of time. How much were is but time elaborately thrown away so in time is using time in accordance with those physical and moral and spiritual laws under which we are to attain our ends and fulfil destiny as children of god, with this fundamental prince
the people of economy in mind. Let us consider the question May we save time we may save time by putting it to its best use the best Use of time is determined by the true aim of life. If acquisition of wealth is the supreme aim, then the best use of time is its persist. Expenditure in planning in striving to win and acumen, money, but money he's. Only temporal and value, and even in time it's worth than use are limited. Besides, we are not met. to live here. Always this world is but a scene of preparation for another, Money, like every other material thing, derives its chief value we made
say its entire value from its possible use in the service of the spirit, the ear Is this fear, but in no sense the goal of humanity's best ass duration and endeavour is a pedestal for to stand on as we look up, but not a gown for us to worship is opportunity. An inch and not an end. Sad, indeed, are the people who in the world, their chief good gave the world and lose themselves the true spiritual south in which life attains a divine fulfilment. The best use there we can make of time is to spend in fulfilling the divine will time
becomes not so much the prelude as the beginning of eternity. The old preachers used to lecture much on the necessity of preparation for death. But the preparation we most need is for life. Right. Living today is the only rational preparation for death, or whatever may come after death, whatever use of time Hinders the development of our spirits in wisdom. Purity in unselfishness is an abuse and waste of time, whatever you so time, to us knowledge and skill in doing good right, our minds and enlarges. Our hearts brings righteous purpose to birth enriches human life with beneficence activity is a true economy of thai every effort of thought that elevates the soul
every deed or word that makes life milder and sorrow, less bitter and evil less prevalent saves tie the. Asked which restores our exhausted strength, the immune whose main which freshens our jaded faculties, the meditation which fill The soul with purity and lofty ideas, the self exam. A nation which produces true self knowledge. An impulse continual to improve our characters. The endurance that makes here was A habit and the endeavour that increases day by day the sum total of human good. All this is time put to its highest use. If our purpose in life be right. There will be no want of opportunity to use. Well all the time given to us.
The ordinary relations and experiences of our lives, afford abundant scope for our best powers and the progress of civilization continually opens up new channels for the exercise of developing capability to the earnest soul. Life is rich beyond price. When we of all that we may do and become for humanity. How valuable time is, and how short it seems. But the terms long in short, little meaning when applied to the life of the soul. We indeed not years in thoughts, not breaths in feeling not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart, throbs Individual, who most lives, thinks most.
use the noblest and acts the best time miss Spain is not lived but lost. In addition, everyone can save time for helping others, for doing those deeds of neighbourly kindness and speaking those words of sympathy and encouragement which are so powerful for good in the lives of the people around us. Life is not so short said, emerson, but that there is always time enough for courtesy time span in unselfish ministry to the real needs of others is never time lost, but time saved such expense. Sure, never impoverishes but enriches the spender we now also save time by taking time to prepare for our life's work, we live
when a time when everyone seems to be in a hurry out, Slowly, we learn the lesson that haste makes waste of law as well as of materials, green lumber shrinks and put into the house before it is seasoned leaves gaping racks tomorrow the beauty and lessen the strength of the building Tempered, mortar and hastily bill wall necessitates continuous and expensive repairs rings. Nor is speedy decay and ruin. Learn this lesson. Well. The time span. in the seasoning and fitting yourself for the serious business of life is not time wasted, but time saved. Finally, we may save time by doing today. The duty that belongs to today each day brings its peculiar
Fraternities were doing good. Procrastination is the thief of power and happiness, as well as of time Here you are signing, mine are needs that appeal for such ministry is. We can give now is always the acceptable time heal the hurts of today and save tomorrow's pain speak. The true kind word today in save tomorrow's regret when ears deaf with death, cannot receive the tardy tribute of radiation in sympathy bestow your charities now, when with them more gold. Worse of your personal interest and influence rich people Often plan to make large benefactions when they are dead in waste. The opportunity.
of making richer gifts while they live the dead hand, me. Scatter gold, but the law hand scatters with the goal that is of greater worth. We shall save time, by cultivating not only a higher estimate of present opportunities and duties, but also a warmer and more generous appreciation and present companionship. Often we prize our friends only when they are gone. Deaf lays its finger on the lips of fault, finding criticism and hence our eyes to previously unseen, or only have seen virtues how true is that we really know those about us only after they have left our side and pass b the reach of our praise or blame many. A true heart is buying the neglect Many a willing hand is paralysed,
By want of quick and sympathetic cooperation. We look into each whose faces and see a little of what is going on in the soul. The bravest and best often are the least demonstrative and least given to complain. And eyes that meet our gaze calmly weep inwardly, tears of bitter grief in unutterable longing for a little human sympathy. Today, my friends sees this moment to speak a word of comfort, a word of hope. A word of appreciation improve He's save time by doing now, the thing that ought to be done now, if you have read Anyone right the wrong today do the duty that lies next delay.
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