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2022-10-18 | 🔗

Listen to episode 724 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Live Up to Your Potential. Edited and adapted from Ready Money by George H. Knox.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Cultivate the faculty of relying upon your own judgment. Stand alone. A person can't develop self-reliance and good judgment by waiting for someone else to take the responsibility. You must begin, must make the effort, even if you don’t do very well at first. Perfection is not a matter of days. It is the work of a lifetime.


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by p azure caps bob The inspirational living podcast today's reading was agitated and adapted from ready money by george H knox, published in nineteen o five. There is not much difference and between the person who is succeeding and the other who isn't between the person, who is taking big strides onward? in the other, who is doing only fairly well, one has discovered themselves, and the other has not one knows vague.
new things and the other is not sure we are more capable than we think we are. We don't expect as much of ourselves as we should. We too frequently judge ourselves by what we are instead of what we may be come by adding just a little more energy and thought to our efforts. The rate at which your capacity for doing things can be developed is wonderful. You can do but a little today, but by doing that little and doing it with snow. Been energy? You are a stronger person tomorrow, you can do more and then stay and new ideas evolved. In your mind, you begin to think and thinking What makes the woman a man not thinking alone but think
I putting those thoughts in new action. The dreamer thinks but doesn't accomplish anything because lay down act. A person so efficiently aroused to know that they can do something in the ideas sets. Long fire with enthusiasm and marks an app Given their life, an emergency comes up and the person is surprised that may did so well may at last have found themselves for doing better than you expect is to find one self. It is also a very hard to do. There is not so much do find out first, but what You do fine grows with amazing rapidity. The possibility is their own needs
is to be brought out into the sunlight and cultivated a person finds in themselves by doing something better or something more than they ever before the first time a bird flies. It doesn't fly very far, but it discovers itself. It learns that I can fly and it named sore is above the clouds. The murderous covers itself when it gets out of the nest. People discover themselves in the same way. It is better to jump out the old environment in of the old nest and fall men, remain there in those away in timing, useless in activity for the glory is not and never falling, but in rising every time you fall better days to do a thing, and
wrong, then billy daily around for a lifetime and never know whether it was best or not, it's all right to be cautious, but all wrong to be over cautious thing must be tried. Some risk must be taken the person who never risks anything will never have any thing. The effort must be made, find yourself and then get efficiency. Dont be satisfied with the first find for larry's is more. Your possibilities are practically unlimited, but beware of rats Turning into a right is the result of being satisfied to drift, along with c mon machinery. same old ideas. In order to keep a necessary enthusiasm you,
Let us put more ideas in new york business or whenever you happened to be doing. Thinking and doing gets you out of a rut, while being satisfied, puts you in constant. operation will keep you out of a rat and make constant success possible. It takes alertness and energy and enthusiasm. To keep a person up on a level where they can move forward without resistance when in a right what we, need is a new line of goods. Keeping up with the times puts the latest invest machinery in the factory in on the farm inputs. Labour saving devices into their home. It puts the best and most up to date, books in the library and sends out of the house, the best and bahraini as young women and men that ever lived abraham.
Lincoln got along with many things that are with us everyday necessities, but he got the very best helps that were to be had in his day, and that is something that no person is rich enough to neglect it is hard to know too many things. It is easy to know too few sometimes company gets into a rut by not keeping up with the times and making improvements as fast as they should. They keep the old machinery and the old ways in order to save and in trying to say they lose and get into the right. So There is only one way to get out. Take quote new blood into the company. Higher young people who are full of energy in ideas to go, win, ambrosch outlay, cobwebs and set things going with a boom.
So keep out of a rat, it's dangerous while you're at it. Don't forget about that. One quality of the human mind on which success so often no pens that decisive force in life, which we call initiative over hubbard, once said that initiated his quote. Doing what needs to be done without being told the world reserves its biggest prizes for one. thing in marries initiative. So his initiative, a quality you do me taken on or a car immediately is something which is the result of formula I can be worked out. It will hardly initiative as a result. The result of constructive thinking and decisive
action plus a desire and willingness to do the task set before you, no matter how hard that task may be. The person who lack same mission, who lacks conviction who lacks purpose and is afraid, we'll have a hard time developing these centres, jeddak and progressive quality The main prizes in this world are waiting for those who not only possess these qualities, but for those who don't know anything about being afraid, new try. People who make up their minds that nothing can be done will be done. Constructive thinking
new dynamics of initiative in constructive thinking is thinking, thoughts which, when putting new action, bring results. How many people fail in our feeling today, in all departments, so public and professional life simply because lay a lack this quality. an initiative is action, intelligent action not only for the sake of pleasing an employer, but for the higher reason own doing something which ought to be done. Women men have initiated. Varro surprisingly small minority for initiative is the ability to work without a boss going ahead in doing your work without being told after finishing a piece of work, many b
sit down and for their hands and wait until they are told what to do. Next. There are people who don't like to attack the letter work in the morning, whether in feel lower in the office. They hesitate employees, sometimes hang around and visit with each other for five or ten minutes in the morning before they get down to business. That's all lack of initiative. She is doing the thing. The way you think it ought to be done and then taking chances a person who won't do a thing. Nonetheless, there, when they already know it ought to be done, is a coward. They are simply waiting for. Someone do tell them to do it so that if we had
In turn out all right, they will now be believe every person has an opportunity to develop initiatives. Few are working for yourself, you must develop. A few are not working for yourself and known, develop initiative. You never will be working for yourself. Or employer goes often forgets to tell you what to do, go ahead and do what you think gotta be done in. Do it as nearly as right is you can that is developing initiative? Whether you do the right thing or not, cultivate love, guilty of relying upon your judgment, stand alone. Person can develop self reliance and good judgment. I waiting for someone else to take the responsibility you must begin, must
the effort, even if you don't do very well at first perfection is not a matter of days, it is the work of a lifetime. You must have great purpose and in time, earnestness and a willingness to undertaking carry out planes. Every business has rules as a guide to its employees. These rights, Those are strictly followed by a large per cent of the employees and they should be, but the people who become partners in the business most do more, and I live up to the rules, a person who knows more or less what their toll is a little better than a machine, the one who becomes a partner or owner has to make decisions for them.
cells. They are likely to meet situations daily which require them new, think and act independently. Decisions must be He made in made on the spot the one who is Unable to meet these emergencies is simply swamped and left in the back. It is a thousand times Better to make an occasional mistake, undue fail do act at all, but the way to avoid mistakes of judgment is to study a business thoroughly study. Every transaction scrutinised, ray detail in this way the largest elemental failure is eliminated in Yeah you're only question should be candor thing be done when that is to say,
you should make up your mind once and for all that it will be done preparedness decision of character and a willingness to go ahead and get the thing done. Mark a woman, a man over initiative. Would you be rich in the wealth of the world. You can be by first being rich in ambition, perseverance and initiated. And our public technical school, I'm learning computer systems technology. My brother is in the green energy technology programme and his friend is trying out different building trade will be able to get great jobs immediately. pursue a degree later? It's not the text. my dad went to buying a wit
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