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2023-01-24 | 🔗

Listen to episode 754 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Keeping Fit in Mind & Body | Greatness Podcasts. Edited and adapted from Be Good to Yourself by Orison Swett Marden.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Always ask yourself, “What is there in this thing I am going to do which will add to my lifework, increase my power, keep me in superb condition to do the best thing possible to me?”

There is nothing which pays greater dividends than self-investment; keeping yourself up to standard by buttressing your health in every possible way and using the utmost care and exactitude in regimen, in work habits, and in life habits.


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Well girl inspirational living had cast today? Stock was added an adapted from be good to yourself. I orison, sweat marty published a nineteen ten. There are thousands of people in every field of life whose careers are most disappointing simply because they do not keep themselves in a physical and mental condition to do their best thing now highest thing possible too, then. I know people
lay jews. Enthusiasm has long since petered out. Their work has become drudgery because they have not the energy enough to make it interesting. Their lack of physical vigour makes life a grinding studded with joy instead of advancing some of them and even retro graded everywhere. We seem men and women who are capable of great things, but doing mediocre ones because they have not enough vitality to push them. way and overcome the obstacles in their path. It is so sad legacy These two vital lies people in every profession and occupation, plodding along without spontaneity buoyancy, worrying
cs in their endeavour. It is everyone's sacred duty to keep themselves up to the highest possible. standard, physically and mentally. Otherwise, you cannot deliver to the world the best that is in you. It is a positive since they keep oneself in enough pleaded run down exhaustive state so that you cannot answer your life. Call. He will make the most of yourself cut away all of your vitality, suppers get rid of every thing which hampers and holds you back every thing which weighs your energy. Cuts down, you're working capital gave freedom for a full expression at any cost. Do not drag about with you a body that is half dead through bad habits.
we are sad. You, your vitality and drain off your life forces do I knew anything or touch anything will lower your vitality, were less in your chances of advancement, always ask yourself: What is there in this thing that I am going to do, which will last and my life work increase. My power me in superb condition. To do the best thing possible to me there is, the thing which pays greater dividends than the self investment keeping yourself up to this standard. I mattress and your health in every possible way and using the utmost care and exactitude in regimen in work habits. in life habits in order to be well balanced, self poised
in broad minded. One must have a great variety of experience in, for this play is just as necessary, as were the person who is everlastingly working, who never gets time no play to see their friends to travel or to go in the country because they think time is too precious. Let me must utilise every minute in practical work is the feeding the very purpose which they are trying to attain? There must be spontaneity buoyancy yield. Stay city in city and in your activities, everyone who wishes to get the maximum of achievement of life. should know all natures methods of rejuvenation.
The jaded mine requires is not so much absolute rest as freshness a view. For instance, Let's say you're mine, which you have been forcing the new things by sheer willpower, is weary reason completely exam stay go well in the country where Entirely new set of faculties will come into play and you will feel I stood immediately. You may be just as active as you were before, but in a different way, for you will be using faculties, which our fresh and eager for exercise, while those which were jaded from me Driven are resting, new surroundings and activities and baronne into action. A new set of brain cells, while those which were exhausted and have a change to renew themselves.
I dare say that everyone has at some time gone home from work: weary, With brain foggy your muscles exhausted, discourage bellew when irritable when, instead of sitting or lying down, you have chased away these distressing feelings in felt refresh after playing with the children or the dog. After passing and delightful evening with an old friend whom you have nots for many a year. They shows that it is not negative rest. So much is change then we need, after her days, were change of conditions, change of activities. the bringing into play of a new set of faculties, which had been lying. Dormant during the daily strain. fun loving more play faculties, are generally
guard, it is not very essential to character or a success, but we find that many in whom those faculties are atrophied from lack of use are either failures or cranks. There are certain of our faculties, whose Gee function seems to meet a lubricate all the others and gave the human where she nursery imperfect order. We do not use them directly and making a living, but indirectly they are of told value, bringing those social and humorous faculties into play. Exercising the affections and indulging no love of fun play an important part in restoring, am preserving both mental and physical equilibrium. For example. Music has a magic charm do put ended
two no human instrument. It is a powerful tonic for many mines. Others are refresh by reading certain books. I know people who were Very much rested, no matter how tired they may have been before Reading the invigorating thoughts of emerson or other uplifting writers, vigorous play clean, healthy fun is a constant lubricate her. a mental refresher renew or a rejuvenate her you must makes it with your work, were both yourself in your work will suffer. It is the monotony of their work, which make so many business and professional people age so rapidly There is not enough variety in their lives. They do the same. thing year. In and year out, with,
very little change. The result is a one sided development with over stimulation and exercise of some faculties and atrophy of others. There is nothing truer than all work and no playing makes jack and jill adore boy and girl. The person who is always grinding, who never relaxes will ultimately become a nervous wreck, or else they will Ro, dough and narrow their social faculties will die and finally, they will not be able to enjoy anything outside of it. mechanical, routine of their business Neither will anybody enjoy their company. We were not made be business or professional machines to fulfil the object. there be. We must be in all around fully develop character
We ought to live work and play so that we will be at the top of our condition every day of the year. You will accomplish much more than you ever dreamed. You could few deep yourself perpetually in an after vacation condition, and you can do this by the right. You severe physical and mental forces. I know people who have so nyssa plan themselves in mental em physical rejuvenation through the exercise of their thoughts that they can throw off that tired feeling in a very few minutes by inviting and entertaining thoughts which him vigorous renew when rob, fresh, harmonious thoughts which, in addition to all this score, our mental latitude as everything to do with our feeling exhausted refresh it is your reserve gathered during sleep and recreation maggie
his buoyancy of mine spring in spontaneity. Your intellect personal powers, the aim of every saying ambition we may now I think about it in just that way, but whether we are bending our energies to make money or to write books to paint pictures or to make machines to win a position in the professional ranks or to build a big business, whatever our immediate ambition is I really need to do more end up being more increase of ability, increase so strength in, he so power to accomplish. Our aim is what we are all after
and there is no way of gaining this increase so effectively as the doing of every thing that will perfect and preserve our health. Whatever else you do husband, your strength Save your vitality hang on the wheel with it, a determination with which a drowning person seizes and clings to a bit of a log and see store up every bit of your physical force. For it is your achievement material. Your characters member, the individual, who has no money, is rich compared with the person who s squandered their vitality, throwing away their precious life. Energy gold is by draws compared with this diamonds by rubbish. It is where you accomplish in a day while leaving yourself a complete man or woman
We have nerves, unshattered, vitality, young wasted by the wear and tear of the days were that really counts. You may crowd two days of work into today, a few, wish, but tomorrow you may be a physical bankrupt. We rob ourselves the more than we can ever compute. Being miserly in the manner of healthy essentials, proper food, necessary rest and refreshing recreation economise on anything else rather than on those things on which we are very well springs of your being doping without health can enjoy no fortune honour, azora riches in all other advantages are useless. Health is the pearl of great price, which can be secured only by right, live.
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