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Listen to episode 806 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: Mastering Your Fate & Destiny | Life Lessons. Edited and adapted from The Book of Business by Elbert Hubbard.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Courtesy, kindness, and concentration — this trinity forms the sesame that will unlock all doors. Good cheer is twin sister to good health. Prepare yourself for good work — for good work means a preparation for higher work. Success is easy. We do not ascend the mountain by standing in the valley and jumping over it. Success is only difficult for the one who is trying to lift themselves by tugging at their own boot-straps.


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Well, maybe inspirational living podcast. Mrs reding was agitated and adapted from the book of business. I elbert hubbard abolished in nineteen thirteen. The driving fema work, leezie ass, they exceed moderation, Bhutto proclaim land greatest word in any language is echoing gwin. William Morris said that the finest blessing of life was systematic, useful work, useful paul, declared that the greatest thing in life was love, moderation, love when equanimity
were, can love, you need know whether physician individual who, as achieve success, This is the one who is alive and well laughed often and loved. Much. The secret of success is this: there is no secret of success. Keep your chain up in your head high. We are guys Chrysalis success is a result of mental attitude right. Mental attitude will bring success in everything you undertake, in fact, There is no such thing as failure accessible to those who were. I them believe in failure. Failure There is no search word in all the bright lexicon of speech.
Unless you yourself have written it. There is a great success. made up of an aggregation of little ones. These finally form a whole new person who feel the position of honour in trust as first field many smaller positions of trust, the leader who overseas ten thousand as has had charge of many small squads, and before that leader had charge of a small squad. They had charge of themselves one who does their work so well that they need no supervision as already succeeded in the now. Men of their success, you sure to follow when no form of our promotion, the world once its work done in civilization,.
simply a search for men and women who can do things successes? it natural thing in the world. The worker who does not succeed, has placed themselves in opposition to the laws of the universe, europe needs you once what you produce, you can survey if you will, it will reward you richly I do in your work we're moving along the line of least resistance. It is a form of self protection you need one others have to give. I need you to resume rick aid is wisdom. Bell is folly to consuming our produce
The grave mistake in upon such a person nature will visit her displeasure. The common idea is that success means great sacrifice and that you must buy it without price. In one sense, this is true to succeed. You must choose. If you want this, you cannot have their success. Demands concentration, oneness, a vain and desire choose this, whom you will serve. Paradoxically, it is true light. You must sacrifice some things. Turkey, in others, if you are you personally and wish to succeed in
Is this you will have to sacrifice of video games, the boozy nights, the tv habit and all the family which saps your strength intends to make you unfit for you. were tomorrow, and do you know what the worse habit of all is the habit of continually looking out for number one? That is absurd? lately fatal to success. Nature his on her guard. Again such a person, and if my accident get into a position of power their release. On the plea sea shore, a great success and demands a certain negation, certain disinterestedness, The person who can lose themselves and their work is the way
who will succeed best, courtesy, kindness and concentration. This trinity, Worms of sesame not will unlock all doors. Good cheer, ease, twin sister to good health. Prepare yourself for good were for good work means, are preparation for higher, were. Success is easy. We do not send the mountain, my standing in the valley and jumping over it successes are we never call for them One who is trying to lift themselves up my tugging their own bootstraps. Would you like to have your name. Chime melodious lee in the ear of future days, then called a vague faith not down and give every person credit through the good. They do never seeking to a tribute base motives to beautiful, lax.
Actions, count, keeping your heart a shrine, your ideals and, upon these alter letter, fire never die called a vain industry which is intelligent. Action motion in movement. Science tells us that I is a physical action, a movement of vibration, of this cells of the brain. One ring dreamy thought, while useful for creativity often becomes a bad habit or more properly lack of a having for it leads nowhere, if not combined with industry, for example, to carry bricks back and forth from one side of the street.
The other is now industry because it lacks intelligent purpose. Likewise, to think and make no headway is simply do carry bricks back in four The difference between the master in the serbian is this. The master is simply a woman, a man who is master of one person themselves. Will you and mastered yourself? You are then fail to take charge of other people. The master is a person who has developed, intelligent industry concentration self confidence, and all these become the habit of their life industry in its highest sense means conscious useful line intelligent ever harry newer certain
with the sensible person will know their limitations, and I carry their industry too low point of exhaustion. Before there hired out. We will turn their attention to something else. The ability to concentrate look players, the ability to relax in order to work. You must know how to play. People will carry great burdens and responsibilities are always those who are able, at times to lay down the burden and be a child with the children they can live there is no menacing equal to enjoy full lie. The individual of power is the one changes their work. They do one thing at a time they do now Do the thing all the time to cultivate concentration practice relaxation
Lie down on the floor for three minutes on your back: breathe deeply lie still. In turn your mind within think of nothing to count. in trade. On your work, you must enjoy your work into Enjoy your work. You must drop it certain hours, no one who lass longest sores highest. is the one who quota maids habit of being care free, for an hour a day. Take a vacation every day. If you want to do good work. Are you on a treadmill at work and in life. well, the only way you can get off is by developing mastership. We are true by our habit. At first, we manage them
later they manage ass. It is happy and changes to the treadmill makes are subject to the will of others, and it is their habit. Lack gives mastership of yourself and others industry is a happy people who go to bed at any old time and get up when. I feel like it are. Never industrious were we are never healthy. The person who has to get up at six o clock Morning never has insomnia if you have to get up at six. You'll go to bed at ten and this means you'll get into the habit of going to see if you can into the habit of reading good books from seven. Already, the nine thirty six- in a week you'll soon find it a delightful habit I know a great writer in england who right
every morning from eight o clock to eleven and then right said no other time fredo's and have to he has acquired the happy at eight o. Clock is brain begins to fire up and he finds the easy am pleasurable necessary to concentrate on his work you develop the habits of industry and concentration. You will, as a result, naturally develop self confidence. Will you have read to point where your work gives you great quiet, joy and because of this joy, you concentrate linkum self. Confidence? You are well along the road to mastership robber, louis Stevenson's
I know what a pleasure is for. I have done good work. The recipe for self confidence is, do good, were courage, says emerson comes from having nothing before a person who does good work There is an. I have to talk, apologize or explain near work speaks for it. And even though there be no one to appreciate it, no person fields I great quiet joy, lay relax smile rest, in ten on taking up their labors tomorrow, doing better than before, for the highest reward The guy gives us we're doing good work is the mill
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