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Motivation for the Courageous Life

2022-05-31 | 🔗

Listen to episode 684 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Motivation for the Courageous Life. Edited and adapted from Character Sketches for Boys and Girls by Henry Davenport Northrop.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: The world owes much to its women and men and of courage. I do not mean physical courage, but the courage that displays itself in silent effort and endeavor — that dares to endure all, and suffer all, for truth and duty. Such courage is more truly heroic than the achievements of physical valor.


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everything we can to help you be the best parent you can be with free or low cost health coverage for all pennsylvania. Kids, learn more at chip covers ba kids, dot com paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars Welcome to the inspirational living podcast today's reading was set a adapted from characterised sketches for boys and girls by henry davenport Northrop. published in eighteen. Ninety, nine: there is a grand virtue that goes by the name of plug. It would take volumes to record its victories. Those with pluck are able to face.
Duty or trial, walk up to it with determination and a real again action plug is opposed to cowardice it. is not a longer. We characters. You find wherever anything worth doing, is done where anything worth achieving is achieved, it can stand, are sharp without fainting. It's here is not likely disdain straight up through fry, it doesn't run from goes in march. Is right, and the ghost runs pluck is done wonders if you have it, thank god, for it this morning of his encourage outside its praises sung in epics in tone. History does not have. Enough has ever been said about, it runs a marble commemorated but its glory using triumphs
will last when browser marble have grumble courage without wisdom is mere boldness, and there is a reckless bonus that defeats itself we like to see a person who knows they are right, stand like a rock, but we scorn the person who is blown about. Ray when that comes along president garfield once said. A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck, therefore lent now poverty, his stand is an obstacle in your way. Poverty is uncomfortable, as I can attest, but nine times out of ten. The best thing that can happen to a young person is to be tossed overboard and compelled the sink or swim for themselves. It's not an exaggeration
and to that pluck one the american revolution. It is one all feynman fortune. It makes a person a hero and victor It is but the laurel on every brow that ever wore it. The world owes much to its when a man of courage. I do not mean physical courage, but the courage that displays itself in silent effort and endeavour that bears to injure raw and suffer all for a truth and duty, such courageous, more, truly heroic. Then the achievements of physical valor. It is moral courage that occur, derisory, the highest order of manhood in womanhood the courage to seek and speak the truth, courage to be just the courage to be honest with courage to resist temptation.
courage to do one's duty if men and women do not possess this. Virtue that you have no security whatsoever for the as of any other, every step of progress in history, has been made in the face of opposition in difficulty and achieved in secure by people. of intra parity and valor by leaders in the world of thought. I great discoverers, gray, patriots, angry workers in all walks of life. There is scarcely a great truth or doctrine man is not handle. Fight is weighed up public recognition in the face of detraction calumny and persecution, wherever great source gave utterance. The mayor thoughts they are also is a goal. Guitar, the astronomer coup barnacle
was persecuted as an infidel. So well, sir Isaac newton for his discovery of the law of gravitation and similar charge was made against Benjamin franklin for explaining the nature of the thunderbolt. Indeed, there is scarcely been in discovery in astronomy, natural history or physical science. Man has not been tat by the big data and narrow minded That's nearly every enlargement of knowledge which has made us better acquainted with the heavens, with the earth and with ourselves has been established by the energy devotion, self sacrifice and courage of the great spirits of past Who, however, much later than oppose door, while, by their contemporaries now, rank.
the greatest figures of history, while the courage of the martyrs of science is worthy of honor, no less glorious has been the courage of the martyrs of faith those were being content to lay down their lives rather than. random, their conscientious convictions, men and women of moves type of courage, inspired by high sense of duty of imbalance, times exhibiting character. In its most heroic aspects, thus there two kinds of courage: physical and moral performer finds a size type in the warrior.
while the latter is illustrated by those people who have suffered martyrdom rather than sacrifice their love of truth and their conscientious convictions. True, courage is a combination of these moral and physical qualities, so united today is to secure the noblest character, appear: accountants, clear, intelligent mine a strong body or unnecessary, do the highest form of courageous man who knew womanhood person they have the moral courage which will enable them to their any consequence, to do the right thing and, at the same time, a physical weakness which would shrink at the slightest pain of such combination. Martyrs have often been made their morals,
there was a momentary coming, their fear of death and the pangs of torture, really brave woman, a man never exposes themselves needlessly the danger and inform happily and trapped in a quarrel. They will always refused to fight until compel to win self defense. They will suffer in Seoul indignity, permit themselves to be called her name's enemy misrepresented. rather than allow hatred and murder to enter their heart or do something which, in there, homer moments. They would abhor there is nothing attractive in timidity, nothing lovable in fear or weakness, whether a mind or body is equivalent to handicap currencies. Graceful ending the fire
and, while strong filled also with tenderness and gentleness, everybody must expect troubles But there is only one way of looking at fate whatever that may be, whether blessings or afflictions matter is to be he always with dignity. We must now lose heart reward worse both for ourselves and for those whom we love. As it's been said, to struggle then again and again, to renew the conflict that is lice inheritance. Although successes, the prize for which everyone, toils. We nevertheless often have to labour on perseveringly found, a glimmer of success in sight Meanwhile, we have to live upon our courage, showing our seas
may be in the dark, in the hope that it will take root and sprang up and achieved result. The best cause instead of have triumphed only after a long succession of failures. The heroism needed is thus to be measured, not so much by our immediate success as by the opposition encountered and the courage with which the struggle was continued However, the courage most needed in the world is not the heroic tying courage may be played in everyday life, as well as in historic fields of action. Their needs, for example, the common courage to be honest, courage to resist temptation, real courage, too, speak the truth, the courage to be what we really are and not to pretend to be what we are not created.
leave honestly within our own means. This honestly on the means of others, a great deal of the unhappiness and much of the voice of the world is owing to weaknesses, indecision on purpose, in other words, lack of courage. People may know what is right and you have failed to exercise the courage to do it, They understand the duty. They have to do but will not summon up the requisite resolution to perform at the weekend and discipline person is at the mercy of every temptation. Nay, cannot say no, but always are we ass if their companionship be bad
lol, easier, be led away by bad example. In new wrong doing nothing can be more certain than that character can only be sustained and strengthen its own, energetic action. The will, which is the central force of character, must be. Train new habits of decision, otherwise it will neither be able to resist evil. Nor do follow good decision making gives us the power to stand firmly when yielding, however, slightly might have been the first step in it down. he'll course to our ruin. Many volume purposes have been named nearly in words these that were intended, but never done designs drafted, but never
the gun and all for want of a little courageous decision better by far the silent tongue. Back, I eloquent deed for life and in business dispatches better than discourse. Endless short, his answer of all is in doing it is, strong and courageous who led guide in rule the world. The weekend and leave no trace behind them. While the life of a single upright and energetic person is like a beacon of light. Their example is remembered, an appeal to end their thoughts. Spiriting courage continue to be inspiration, forest succeeding generations, it is energy that produces the miracle Well, those Yasmine all ages everywhere. It is the mainspring of what is called for some character, and it is this
sustaining power of all gray action in a righteous cause. We determine individual stains on their courage as upon a granite block like David, they will go forth. Dummy goliath, strong, inheriting fearless. Kids are curious. That would mean a kid is all about, but the curiosity comes challenges and sometimes dangers as apply You do your best to keep them safe, healthy unhappy through at all, so they, can be well kids. Being a can be hard. So we do everything we can to help you be the best parent you can be with free or low cost health coverage for all pennsylvania. Kids, learn more at chip covers ba kids, dot com paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars When you run a business setbacks change, everything can online, they happen fast with role
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