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Overcoming Our Foolishness | Our Sunday Talks

2023-06-25 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from Adventures in Common Sense by Dr. Frank Crane.

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Our Sunday Talks Excerpt: "What fools these mortals be!" said Shakespeare. And I am inclined to agree with him when we observe: That all our greatness comes from struggle and danger, while we devote our lives to avoiding these things...

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That is an adapted from ventures in common sense by doktor, frank, crane, obliged to nineteen twenty. What fools these mortals be said, shakespeare, I am inclined to agree with him when we observe that all our great news comes from struggle in danger. but we devote our lives to avoiding these things now, only faith that is worth anything is the product of wrestling with doubts. Yet doubts we consider to be irreligious that somebody both toil their life long delay money for their children when This calamity lack campbell folly, youth, to be relieved from the me know, work for a living.
All the world is convinced of the waste stupidity. A man of war while each nay impoverishes itself in the endeavour to prepare for war. Now we lock people up in prison as an antidote to cry and when come out They are more hardened criminals, member for we gather in churches, aim worship, Jesus, yet consider is perfect. We absurd and irrational the teachings. He most insisted upon the writing, his faith in human nature, his love, love and his prey. simple love nonresistance, while the thing again, which he warned us most strictly heaping. Up of money The one thing after which we are all mad,
individually. We love our children better than anything in the world, while collectively as a city, we leave fuse. bases for their playgrounds imparts where they can. Safely rome undiscovered nature there, those of us most favoured my fortune or in a heated pursuit of happiness. While we know very well that nobody who pursued happiness ever found it. We easily believe in selfishness in hate which render son, happy colonies for us to believe in loving goodness, which make us happy politics is universally, despite among us, while the only
Possible way to make a democracy successful is for every citizen to take an active interest in politics that the said the method of preparing our sons and daughters for life is the same them new institutions and I make them debtors and why Well, one person in a hundred is by nature fitted to become a scholar or literary person weak continue, the useless suffer can make schuyler. Percent of those who are to become merchants salespeople, Andy laborers. now, while we all believe in majority rule, our cities are they'll, govern maya, compact, minority composed of men and women of the fishing character that we, Sir, the greatest efforts to me, pleasant to strangers when acquaintances for whom we care little or nothing.
While we are neglectful, indifferent and been cruel than those we love. The most dearly map most of our worries about the past, which is Forever and no future which may never come. While we friend to enjoy today which is all that we have to enjoy that Those who deserve customs zheng conventions are called wise and safe alone who believe in their reason who list. to the dictates of their heart entrust their instincts. Are considered dangerous, if not wicked, and yet. I wouldn't have the world any other way for it is only from here that we can grow better in values,
what life's all about.
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