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Personal Magnetism: Your Life Changing Power

2022-09-13 | 🔗

Listen to episode 714 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Personal Magnetism — Your Life Changing Power. Edited and adapted from Business Psychology by Christian D. Larson.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Everyone knows that personal magnetism is real. But often we think that only some people have it. We don’t realize that this power exists in all of us — and that we just need to learn how to make it stronger.

The first principle to be fully established in the mind is this: your personal magnetism can be used upon yourself alone, and its function is to promote the best possible expression of all the active qualities in your own personality; or in other words, to heighten the effect of everything you may do.


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rational living by today's reading was cited it and adapted from business psychology by christian de Larsson, published in nineteen twelve, as everyone knows that personal magnetism is real, but often we think that only some people have it. We don't realize that this power exists in all of us and that we just need to learn how to make a stronger first principle to be established. In the mind, is this: your personal magnetism can be used upon yourself alone and its function is to promote the best possible expression of all the active qualities in your own personality, or in other words, to heighten the effect of every
then you may do believe. Their personal magnetism is intended, for the influence of others is absolutely true, and what is more, such a thing is impasse. The ball you can, I use this power. Do any extending controlling other people will not work. That way, should you attempt to influence it is with this power. You will not only fail to exercise any perceptible influence, but you will also lose were personal, magnet, Some you may already possess view cannot succeed in life without trying to influence others in promoting your success. You do not deserve success and why you may gain temporarily through force or persuasion
is not. It is taken and will not approve of any worth to you. In the long run. When you have something of value to give to the world, the world will come and get it without being forced. Everybody is looking for the new, the better the superior, and you have simply to announce the fact that is advertise. You will then have no difficulty in selling your product as I believe, as you can produce it, it is the person who has nothing of value do offer, does not succeed. The underlying secretive successes first be of worth. Second, do something of work and third create something that has worked
When you have worth the world will want you, you will be in the main when your work has worth your services will be in such demand that you will have more opportunities than you can take advantage of. Those are the facts and being facts. All of your attention- I am personal power- should be concentrated upon. The cult of shut up their worth, and in this connection, you will find personal magnetism to be indispensable. Now you may, a great deal of ability, but how much you can accomplish through the use of that ability will depend upon how well that ability is express the best qualities in our possession in the express to advantage or the reverse,
great ability? May appear at its best or at its worst, and the presence or absence of the electrical and magnetic forces of the personality determine which it is to be the finest mine become stupid when data, these forces, while even an ordinary mine, we'll be come exceptionally. Brilliant wherein electrify We all know that we can at times bring ourselves up to a place where we are actually superior to our usual cells, and everything we do at such times proves to be a masterpiece, but why should we not be able to bring ourselves
up to their superiors state at any time, when very important work is to be done, fact is that we can in no way should permit themselves to undertake any thing without first placing their entire personality in the best possible working. Can nation, in other words, before your personality is called upon to act. It should be a lecture fry em well charge with those forces that can bring everything up to their very best state of action to cultivate this power. The first essential is to fully established in the mind the true use of this power Who cannot increased power while you were constantly misusing while little of their power you may possess, and in this connection
This fact to be remembered is that this magnetic energy is to be used upon yourself alone. It is not to be used in persuading others to do. Something or you should be used in making yourself more companies to do something for others. Having fix this in your mind, learned deeply learned. A live thing came acting poise through the attitude of boys. All the forces of your system are converted into what may be called curve movement and it is such movements of the vital energies that maker person fascinating, charming, attractive fishing, the opposition movements or what may be called zig zag movements weaken our forces
and in a person without poise, nearly all the forces in their system move more or less in a zigzag fashion. The curve movements of energy are constructive of venner cumulative and will constantly charge and recharge system until the personality actually becomes a living magnet. Animated and electrified. In every item, when you are filled with such a power, you will give a high polish Do everything you do. You will constantly keep yourself up to the very highest point of efficiency and you will heighten the effect both of europe here and saying your actions. When I speak of curve movements or a zigzag movements,
was referring to the physical movement. Some of the body- I am referring only to the movements of the various vital forces that act within the human personality to have a good supply of personal magnetism is to establish curve movements in all the forces of your purse. Only when the forces of your personality move in the zigzag fashion, most of the electricity of your system is lost, that is, it is thrown off at the many sudden turns about your rendered. Please make, and accordingly, your system is not electrified. Your Personality is thus kept in a more or less empty condition, and all your family these are lowered in power and efficiency. To develop this power, it is not, necessary as a rule to increase those,
why a vital energy in your system, most of us, are ready, well supplied with personal power, but we waste most of it through anger. Fear worry, nervousness restlessness, despondency and alive. Go boys. These states a mind. Modes of actions, therefore, must be eliminated amber the harmony of mind and personality established to proceed. It is only necessary to take the power we already possess and train all the forces of the personality to moving curves, to which should be added a deep desire for personal expression.
Curve? Movements in the union system invariably follow the attainment of deep feeling employs depth of feeling brings consciousness in touch with the finer vibrations of our interior forces. Boys causes all those forces move harmoniously, thereby bringing about the results we desire. The fact is, as soon as perfect boys is established in your system and a deep desire for a personal expression is attack, and the power of personal magnetism will increase everyday, provided, of course, that is our is never misused through wrong state. So my being boys does not simply mean to be quiet. There are a great many people who seem to be quiet.
We have no boys whatsoever and who are utterly devoid of personal power, and this is explained by the fact that please The state of mind and personality, we realise when peaceful actions and strong actions are come by. We are in boys when we are full of life and power and, at the same time cause their power to peacefully and harmoniously when you are in boys, You can actually feel strong a mighty forces throughout your entire system. You are literally alive with power, but you are also perfectly serene. You feel like dynamite but everything in your entire system is under a perfect control. There is nothing intense about your reaction. For all these harmony in order.
Within that order. There is a conscious, no sir, laments power. When you are employees, you do not feel simply strength, but you feel strong and there is a difference when you feel strength, you simply feel power passing through your system, but when you feel strong, you feel that you yourself are their power. It is not passing through you, but is you when this state is felt and felt serenely? You are in poise and you should watch closely how that stay. Came about when you discover how it came about. You have found the secret for gaining this power at any time soon. You may not only make boys are permanent possession, but you may concept.
We developed the magnetic powers of your personality too. Greater and greater degree. So remember, the only essential for developing personal magnetism is to gain perfect. Poise the thing actin feel in harmony and do desire deeply fallen, harmonious expression of all the energy using forces in your personality. Be personally alive and employs at all times, and you will, develop. More and more of this life changing power.
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