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2023-01-03 | 🔗

Listen to episode 748 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Saying Goodbye to Anger and Hate. Edited and adapted from The Freedom of Life by Annie Payson Call.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: If you repress an expression of irritability, anger, or hatred, it is there in your brain, just the same; and, in one form or another, you are in bondage to it. Sometimes it will express itself in little meannesses. Sometimes it will affect your body and make you ill. Often it will keep you from being entirely well. But of one thing we can be sure — it will make you the instrument of something harmful, in one way or another.


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The welcome the inspirational living podcast. Today's reading was edited and adapted from the freedom of life by Annie, payson call published in nineteen. Oh far, the most people self control means the control of appearances and not the control over love realities. This is a radical mistake and must be corrected. We are to get a clear idea of self control and if we are to make a fair sir
in acquiring it as a permanent habit. You are what you are by two of your role, motives of thought and action by virtue of what your mind is, what your will. Late in what you are in the result of a combination of my men. Will you are not necessarily what you appear from the outside? If someone is ugly to you and you want to know, them now and refrain from doing so, simply because of while others might think your desire to night a person known, is still part of yourself. You have not control yourself until you are absolutely free from that desire. So long as you feel hatred towards another You are in bondage to your hatred and if, for the sake of appearances, you do not act or speed
From hatred, you are none the less at its mercy and it will find and out late somewhere? Your attempt to control appearances is me. Really outward repression very common example of this We observed in our efforts to control alive. If we repress it, it is apt to assert itself in spite of our best efforts, whereas if we relax our muscles- and let me sensation- no, through us. We can control our desire to laugh and so get free from me when we repress alone we are really holding onto it. in our minds will weaken troll it by relaxing the attention that comes from the desired alive. It's as if the sensation ass dover ran away from us. If you were a press and expression of irritably
letty anger or hatred, it is there in your brain just the same anymore. new form or another. You are bondage to it, sometimes the will expressed itself in the little meannesses. Sometimes it will affect your body and make you ill and it will keep you from being entirely well, but of one thing we can be sure it will make you the instrument of some thing harmful in one way or another repressed wrongdoing malevolent whenever you want to call it isn't, going to lie norman in us forever. It will rise it was ferment Sooner or later he saw two men. Action is just as certain there is a serious and infection is certain new lead to physical disease if it is not a counteracted, so some of you are a problem
lee asking what am I to do with five feel angry and want to hit some one in the face. I am not to actually hit them I rather than repress the urge, no not at all, but you already- Use your will to get him behind the desire to hit them. And by relaxing your mind and body and stopping all resistance to their action. Remove that desire from yourself entirely few drop the anger from your mind and attention from your body you will have gained in. bird tunisia, of helping the other person. They are willing to be helped and if you were cleared the this fear of your mind entirely. You can perhaps understand their point of view and gave them the benefit of some kind.
in relation because you no longer our roused to personal road tallying it, it is enlightening to recognise the fact that we are in bondage to any person, to the extent that we permit ourselves to be roused there or resentment by their words or actions. Will your brain is both fog with the fumes of anger in irritability it can work neither Clearly, nor quietly and when that is the case, it is impossible for you to serve yourself for others to your full ability. Another person has the power to arouse your anger or irritability. And you allow the anger or irritability to control you. You are, of course, subsides
vienna to your own bad state and at the mercy of the person who has the power to excite those bad states, just in so far as such excitement confused your brain, everyone has in them certain inherited impersonal tendencies which are obstacles to their freedom of mind and body. Freedom is eliminated you're. So far as you allow those tendencies to control you, if you can try, them by external repression They are then working havoc within you know How thoroughly you may appear to be master of yourself, we will not let your man tendencies fully willingly refuse to act, speak or think from there. You are taking a straight path towards freedom of life and action.
One great difficulty in the way of self control is that we often do not want to get free from our anger in such cases. We only want to want to, however, if we use the strength of will. That is given new us to draw up our resistance, in spite of it, The desire to be angry. We then begin going toward our freedom and real self control. There is always a capacity for unselfish willpower. The will of the better self No personal selfish will ready and waiting for us to use and grows with use
don't, finally, it overruled the personal selfish will without a higher quality of power. It is only false strength that supports no personal. Well, are false appearance, so strength which might be called wilfulness, which leaves ultimately to that issue, action of its owner. Any true observer of human nature can recognize the weakness of mere selfish wilfulness in another person and can keep entirely free from its trammels. by refusing to meet it in a spirit of resent, in a word. Tellier nation. Real self control as compared to repression, is delightful in it facts when we have any difficult experience to anticipate or to go through. The opportunities for self control are, of course, innumerable. Indeed, they constitute pretty much
the whole of life? We have one our freedom from resistance. We must use that freedom, inaction and put it directly to use Sometimes it will result in our small action some times in a great one, whatever it is. It must be done, but if we drop the resistance not use the freedom game, thereby for active service. We shall simply reacting further bondage from which it will be still more difficult to escape. Having dropped, rain, antagonism, isn t or most bitter enemy. You must do something do serve them. If you can, if you find that it is impossible to serve them, you can at least be of service to someone else
in this action is carried out in a true spirit of own selfish service will go far toward the permanent established. One of your freedom and happiness. If a circumstance which is, atrocious lee wrong in itself makes you indignant. The first thing to do is drop. The resistance of your indignation. and then do whatever may be within your power to prevent the continuance of search wrong, many people were in their powers of service by their own indignation when, if they would see, swear, excited resistance we see clearly how to remedy the wrong that arouses their antagonism, and it is our selfish motives that corrupt us to repression, which is, in truth, counterfeit and for the sake of appearances alone. We must be calm, introspective.
We must see these motives recognise in turn away from them in order to control ourselves. Selves setters those in the line with what is right. We cannot pass Please see our motives unless we look within for them and if we look into ourselves for the sake of freedom, for the sake of our greater power for a service for the sake of true self control what can lead us better to the healthy habit of looking out from ourselves into the lives and interests of others before We work from motives that are truly unselfish. The sooner we shall get out of our own shadows. In the wider rarer horizon will be and the light
our horizon, the greater our power for useful service. There must, of course, be a certain period of self consciousness in the process of finding true self control. It is for the sake of an end, which brings us more and more fully into a state of happy quiet, spot navy. We were carefully for a true self conceit, we will welcome unexpected searchlights from other minds if a searchlight brings in new parameters sir bit of irritation so much the better for how could we free ourselves from it with don't knowing that it was there in the first place and as soon as we discover, we can then control it and cast it all to Hell
The intro inspection is merely the use of our own searchlight. For the sake of personal growth in circumstances, offer will turn in full. upon us great led to our advantage. We do know winesburg act upon the knowledge that it brings a wholesome and true introspective It can indeed bring us every day and better sense of proportion and a clearer out look. So it is somewhat Let us remember that real self control is not self centered, it is the subjugation of selfishness, in whatever form it may exist, and his entire subordination is to spiritual and natural laws in so far as we are Ass, true self control. We are upheld and guided by the power of the divine to a perfect freedom and the
we have a useful life.
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