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Listen to episode 831 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Start Elevating Your Ambitions. Edited and adapted from Ambition and Success by Orison Swett Marden.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There is little hope for the person who feels satisfied with themselves, who does not know, “the noble discontent that stirs the acorn to become an oak.”

It is our ambition to improve something somewhere every day, to get a little further on and a little higher up than we were the day before — an insatiable passion for bettering things all along the line — that is the secret of human progress.


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He's reading was at an end and adapted from ambition and success by worsen swear morning obliged to nineteen nineteen. One of the saddest things in life is to see people who started out with high hopes and proud ambitions settled down in mediocre positions. Have satisfying just merely to get a living plot along indifferently watch actually there is in being content with mediocrity, in getting into a state where one is indifferent to the larger, better things of life. When you are satisfied, with the life you are living with the word. you are doing with a sigh. You were thinking,
The dreams you were dreaming satisfied with the correct are you are building with europe ideals you mean Surely you are already beginning to deteriorate. There is little hope for the person who feel satisfied with them, so who does not know the no We'll news contain that's. Thirdly, a corn to become, I know it is our ambition to improve something somewhere every day together. Further on an old were higher than we were the day before. An insatiable passion for men. Things all along the line. That is the secret of his when progress. Do you realize that if you were motive were big enough If you had a powerful incentive, you could material.
prove upon what you now satisfied to consider your best and never, as employee, you may think you are doing your level best and are conscientious Doyle, true and industrious, and yet, if a great prize should be offered you to bring your work up to a certain higher standard for the next sixty days, will you not succeeding greatly improving? What you now think is your best work. Don't you think That is, your name, were over the front door. Ass, proprietor, the name of the company you work for you good jack yourself up about fifty percent. you would find some way of doing it, no use You will be a little more ambitious me a little better use of your time image, I too call out a little more ingenuity and effectiveness
A little more resourcefulness, it is depressing site. to see so many young people, apparently so satisfied with themselves with what they are doing. They have no great yearnings, no ones should longing for something higher and better multitudes of bobo employees are satisfied, applaud along in mediocrity, steadily rising to the heights, where their ability wouldn't naturally carry them, I have a friend who has a much superior mind little pursing he is working for and yet For a great many years. He has been on an ordinary salary, never married, he teeth loan finance easy going way, and whenever
I'm trying to encourage him to go into business for himself to show them how much superior he is the person he is working for, he always says: Why should I exert myself more words gone, greater business, more responsibilities, I have nobody burnt myself to think about. I like to have a good time. and don't want to have a worry and anxiety of running a business of my own, although I know perfectly? Well, I could do it if I wanted to. Of course, my friend is correct in saying that higher up in the world you get the greater your responsibility but thing governing satisfaction which comes from the country There. You are made the most of your accounts that you have buried any of them in a napkin dissatisfaction which come.
from low feeling that you were made good you have delivered your message to the world and the liberty boldly you Four, your mission, You have made the most possible of raw material and opportunities. Given you. The feeling that you have no regrets you have done your level best more than compensate for any additional effort and greater responsibility, we tell Do me come like our aspirations, air, for if we constantly aspiring to strive for something better hiring nobler weakened broadening and improving mission that is dominant in the mind tends to work. It EL filed in the life flower, vision is sorted alone. We,
develop these qualities. Our lives, follow our ideals. Civilization has me the greatest advancement under the stress of necessity, under the leadership of a great ambition, to satisfy my heart's yearnings for better things. we do our best work. While we are trying desperately to match our dreams with their reality, the struggle Humanity to rise a little higher, do good, into a little more comfortable position to do so you're a little better education a little better home who gain a little more culture and refinement to possess that power. It comes from being in a position of broader and wider influence is what has. Well, the character and the stamina of our greatest achievers support
life trend also gives others confidence in us, we have obtained a little success. gay, no little public applause, how many of us think we can relax our efforts. before we realize it, our ambition has disappeared, our Gee evaporated, a sort of lead, reggie comes over us and seem to inaction, first, successes and especially early successes. Like an opiate appalling many people, they are come within inertia. And only in satisfying and determine ambition can overcome it. Take more grid and stronger will to force ourselves to do our level best after we have damaged
radio. Without now that we have the ability to do what we undertake than it does to achieve the actual first success itself, one of them greatest enemies. To ambition is personal inertia one of the hardest things to overcome. The ten Asian news lied along the line of least resistance, and into a comfortable position and take one disease, strong that many allow with the master. Then they re. mission is not persist in enough worse. Drawing EU is enough do shame the amount of their inertia work Lemon do greater things me Our committee is the inevitable outcome of laziness, as the poet tells us they who climb the height sublime Aubrey.
the pure air of life, must not expect to resting, ease brazen themselves for toil moorish, try, one of the most is urging problems in the world is now we're trying to help the ambition lists have satisfied. Those who have not enough this content to push them all. Initiatives have to begin things an persistency enough to keep going if a person is apparently satisfying the drift along in a humdrum way have contain their accomplishments undisturbed by the fact that they have Use but a very small part of themselves, a very small percentage, Their ability- and there energies are running the waste and all sorts of ways you new much with them.
like ambition, life, energy, and vigour are willing slide along the line of least resistance in it. Themselves as little as possible areas upon which to build. It is the individual who is not satisfied with what they do and who is determined to better their best every day who struggles to express the ideal? it will be possible in them all reality that wins act Poverty is the law of growth. The only means of improvement whenever People have all made their lower nature and cease to struggle to better their condition. They have rated physically. Italy and morally well, just in proportion as they ouch
riven honestly and insistently to improve their situation. developed a larger and nobler character. When I ass, one of the most successful business people in the country. I tell me the secret of his success. He replied. I haven't succeeded, no one who strives to make a deal as ever succeeds. There is always a larger goal ahead. It is the small person succeeds in their own estimation the great individuals and never reach their goal, because they are constant, pushing their horizon out further and further no broader vision you're outlook near vision grows with their achievement. If you are again
affairs, salary in a mediocre position, the danger of hypnotizing yourself in the belief that there is no need to exert yourself very much to get up higher is in danger of limiting your ambition so that you, we'll be have content to remain a perpetual mid level employ when you the ability to do much better. This satisfaction with the latter sir, when the greater is possible, often results from Relatives or friends telling you that you are doing well, and I we better. Let well enough alone,. He's advisers say, don't take chances with certainty is true. You are not getting a very big sorry, but it is a sure thing and if you It up with the hope of something better, you, Do worse
lay anyone or any conditions make you think you don't have the ability to match your longings wrapped up in a human being. There are energies which, if unfolding concentrated and give him proper attention will develop. Toward their highest ideal. Longings are creative principles, prophecies indicative of a power equal to the task of actual achievement when you once a glimpse of yourself. You are intended by your maker to be withdrawn, All of you really in possibilities developed into realities when you won't see yourself as lucy urban visual. It is possible for you to be. Nothing and no one, but yourself can prevent you from attaining your ambition.
It is only the person who s stop growing, feel satisfied with their achievements. Growing individual feels a great lack of homeless. Of completeness everything eminem, seems to be unfinished because it is growing the expanse, soul, is always do satisfied with its accomplishments, always reaching out for something larger, fuller, more complete.
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