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2023-07-11 | 🔗

Listen to episode 812 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Stay in the Sunshine of Life. Edited and adapted from Invincible Power by John Henry Remmers, published in 1922.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: An old man once said, "I have had many troubles in my life, but most of them never happened." Remember that. Yes, life presents its problems. It would not be worthwhile otherwise. But an overdose of seriousness magnifies them, and in this manner we are often cowed by an imaginary giant, and in the dread of our illusion, turn back on the road of progress.


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John Henry reveries published in nineteen twenty two when the clouds were blackest and the fate of amerika hung in the balance. Abraham, lincoln, In his serene way will look into the downcast This is all about it. Smiling, teller, humorous tail statesmen were astounded at this president. Who dared smile in the face of apparent disaster, but lincoln new than above the clouds. The sun is perpetually shining he knew that the divine has never allowed a just cause permanent lead down before an unjust one. It was his sincere belief.
we live in harmony with truth and, at all times retain our sense of humor would positively work out for the best in this. the great lincoln made patients easy and reinforced is faith for every hour of trial. Now many souls pass through greater trials than lincoln. Therefore, when the clouds the sunshine for a time- and you find yourself in my shadow by all means, hang onto your sense of humor renew your of our faith, and things will positively adjust themselves well for you, when life appears to be going against us. Our first inclination is to frown and become irritable.
This state of mind causes confusion and leads to despair, throwing us out of harmony with faith. We lose the power receptive ness and are unable to receive the divine message, change strength Would otherwise leaders sound of the darkness back into the light? On the other hand, and things seem all wrong and we hold onto faith reinforced by a sense of humour and smile of confidence. We retain a receptive moon, am positively very often swiftly The intelligence to solve those problems confronting us is huge. Truly wish to live successfully. It is important night. You retain always your sense of humour. Of course, there are times for seriousness and also so.
city, but do not allow any occurring sore condition burning your mind that you lose who's, your sense of humour, in other words, do not. look upon life too seriously. It is a bird in a few make it. So why does a bird fly to the topmost branches of a tree and sing so joyfully think we ourselves My answer is that the little life, knowing who shame nor make believe, is in perfect harmony with the divine plain, therefore finds where most people strive a lifetime foreign, never fine, I'm sure that you will know how, after a hearty laugh, you actually feel refreshed, lighter of spirit a more vigorous. This proves that
laughter is beneficial to both spirit embody and what is beneficial Two spirit embody is currently most beneficial to progress, therefore, as progress and happiness or your basic desires realise that is sensible, Homer is far more helpful than an attitude of all true seriousness. Learned alive, and no life, often look about, observe life, we'll be surprised by the many amusing incidents which occur on every side, begin to view mortal existence from a different angle. In wonder why so many people go through life with frown on their faces, avoid low, tragic though more means side of life as much as
possible, never re, nor listen to a description of cry, reading or listening to a description of crime you, in parallel. Leave the ideal plain of life and dropped to a lower plain reaction takes place and more often this occurs the more difficult it is to retain your equilibrium, liberal these factories most clearly, When, straight by watching a movie that deals mostly with an ugly cry, you leave therein and oppressed manner, and it takes some time before the ugliness, which you saw leaves your mind, why dark in your existence, by seeking their shadows Stay in the sunlight of ideal life for even there and occasional clown passes, searches, the laws, if a loved one, a friend or
finding a family in terrible poverty. Tears, fall through these are loop, purees gems, of love, will not tend lower your plane of life, but served me get more ideal sensational divorces, strategy, hilarity of the idle rich robbery, these murders and the like All in one part should be dumped with the balance of the refugees. The mind is the guardian of your soul. Keep a clean, continuous contact with iniquity through reading or in any other manner, develops brain cells or accordingly, now only tend to weaken your sense of humor but retards the growth of your personality. thereby holding you back from that which you desire most true success.
in genuine happiness, seek ever for the pleasant and elevating things of life, there is always more sunshine and rain. Remember this retain your sense of humor. Learn at a scream between all things which are directly responsible for success or failure. Compare them and choose those which tend to lead. You wander better things and discard those which hardish struck to win their action. For example, the direct opposition of a sense of humor is a sense of altruist syria Smith, the first keeps the mind in a healthy mood, simplifies, daily tasks makes friends for us. great use our lives and lanes to progress in happiness while the second,
continuous drain on vitality, takes lou joy, out of work darkened, lose around look upon life and limb he's too morbid. Miss Amelia, The things in this light, the light of comparison. You obtain a clear concept of the factors which oppose each other and go to make up the elements of constructive, and this indeed struck Miss you realize fully that on the one side lies success, while on The other side lies failure and, as you for this habit of viewing things in this way. It becomes easy manner after a while. The quickly choose those things that are constructed, for you rarely see that the others are destructive. This method, if applied, gives you a man's power
goes by it? You fully realise that there are two great elements which control life by comparison. You gain the wisdom to choose retaining what is good for your progress in casting aside that which is harmful, lender structure. this manner you acquire a clear conception of life. You can call me compare all things and with confidence wise, regions only those which build a personality levels that vibrate with power a track success and women. For you, the greatest prize of all happiness. Now you see comparison that a sense of humor is a logical requirement for success. Is it not? Let it go on living day by day in a mood of voters, seriousness you
say, but I am not extremely serious, maybe not, but most people, love and knew not realizing you be one of these, so let us see look into a mirror and study your face. Then ask yourself the following questions: do my sparkle with genuine joy of life. Do I learned from my heart origin. Amid a funny noise. Can I tell you sorry in a way that others enjoy, do my acquaint Susan joy talking with me, they merely say hi impasse on, does the mischief other neighbours, child annoy me or bring if our memories of a time when my own life, these are a few test. Questions answered them sincerely
The truth of one or two things will grip you either you possess. A sense of humor We are living in a mood of ultra seriousness. An old man once said have had many troubles in my life, but most of them never happen. Remember that, yes, life presents its problems. It would not be worth while other wise, but an overdose of serious, News magnifies them and in this manner we are often cowed by an imaginary giant. Read of our illusion turn back. The road or progress, so it all times retain your sense of humor. I have faith in you
calmly view life's problems in their true light? Unafraid razzle, true seriousness, will give them the appearance of barriers to block. You were away when in reality they are nothing more than a stepping stones on the road to greater progress. It was benjamin franklin that he's a cheerful spread around them like a perpetual spring? It what is unremitting the same to me as much the effect of a systematic and salutary exercise of the mine as of its superior organization is where was of the first order, it did not show itself merely an occasional flashes of brilliant
but without any effort or force on his part, each a constant stream of purees light over the whole of his discourse. If, therefore, you sincerely desires, success, there is but one method and none other up route. The weeds of failure turn the soil with supply of truth and with this, free, say you would plan a grain of mustard seed point. Likewise, the seeds of love order, humor friendship, He will live to enjoy a plentiful life. There can be No argument against this theory because it has been handed down to us, I've been normally souls that I've ever live. When it comes to work,
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