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Success Habits for a Successful Life

2022-06-09 | 🔗

Listen to episode 687 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Success Habits for a Successful Life. Edited and adapted from The Secret of Success by Frank Everit Mitchell.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There are at least three kinds of people in the world: 1) those who do not know how to succeed, and do not think it worth their trouble to learn; 2) those who know how but fail because they do not live up to their knowledge; and 3) those who do succeed, because they practice the principles which are consistent with the end they have in view.

I have known people who had all the knowledge they needed to build a thriving business. And yet they were unsuccessful. Why? Because the ...


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join us wherever you get your the welcome to the inspirational living podcast. Today's reading was edited and adapted from the secret of success by frank, everett mitchell, published in eighteen. Ninety four. There are at least three kinds of people in the world, those who do not know how to succeed and do not think it worth their trouble to learn those who know how Fail because they do not live up to their knowledge and those who do succeed because they practice the principles which are consists.
with the aid they have in view. I know people who and had all the knowledge they needed to build a thriving business in yet they were unsuccessful. Why? Because the mere possession of knowledge amounts to but little it is the use we make of it. That carries us forward. Good resolutions not backed by the power of the will are useless. A whim backed by the will, lay possess so potent power. The person who waits for an especially rouble moment. To start a business loses valuable time when lad. Opportune moment they were waiting for, does arrive. The chances are. They will not recognise it, but if they do, they will likely find themselves to be bought or follower where
They usually might have been a leader in every business in every profession, many things about our disagreeable and because they are disagreeable, they are too frequently put off until the best time for doing them has gone by the most irksome. Labour is often the best because it teaches discipline and prepares for future labour. Is the wise woman. A man is the one who overcomes each obstacle, as it presents itself, leaving no tasking complete nor putting off until tomorrow. Anything it can be done today. Success rarely comes to the procrastinator. It is the person who prepared for the
struggle before then is ever on the alert for an opportunity and takes prompt and decisive action when the favorable time comes. That succeeds, faint heart never yet won anything worth having the most valuable
things are worth a narrowly the most difficult to obtain. Even the rose is guarded by thorns. The road to success is not an easy one, however much it may appear to be for other people. The right start being made the requisite knowledge obtained and possessed of the courage and determination necessary to carry it through. The worst is over. After this, each schaeffer bring strings to those succeeding one and, as we begin do realise that each step in the right direction brings ass near the completion of our hoax satisfaction. We feel more than compensates for the laboring self denial. It cost us at the start,
ambition is said to be a spur success, but it is questionable if it is absolutely essential to success. It depends on what is meant by ambition. It's their ruling, passion which forces its possessor do the front, regardless of who they trip up or not down, regardless of who lay impoverish or how much misery they make. Others suffer. so that they may gain their desired, and then it is a misnomer preventative burning, ten selfishness in utter unscrupulousness. On the other hand, your ambition is to mean that dry wheel, which makes one first rate, woman or man of character, carefully consider it of the rights of others, yet just impressed This then in demanding their own ever keeping their eyes fixed upon the topmost round of the latter, which
ultimately mean the reach yet pudding. nothing in the way of anyone who is climbing side by side with them. Such an ambition is laudable and be admired. Now let us talk about failure because of numerous failures in life, both from a business and social standpoint is not a lack of ability to succeed. So It shows a lack of exercising our plain ordinary common sense. Everything curves in life is the result of something which has previously taken place cause The fact is not a new idea: it is as old as the hills and stands beyond question or a controversy must eventually abide by the result of our deeds, be they good or bad
We cannot have it. Otherwise, even if we would, we expect to reap else, we would not sell nowak, which we can do is so trivial. No words spoken, so small, no thoughts so unimportant that it's a fact will not be felt. The impulsive person is rarely a successful one in the success they do. A tang must necessarily be short lived, especially compared with those whose acts are based upon the sound reasoning, in both cases are vagaries, born from on healthy excitement, and they are seldom save to follow. Some even say that we never have a good imports, for it can only be after mature deliberation upon the ultimate result of an act.
You're just a firing committing the act. We both had a proper appreciation of this truth and before taking a step and life would consider the result and aids consequences. The history of our lives would have less mistakes, and its last chapters be more frequently of around in success instead of a wasted life. Many people suppose that success and happiness depends on wealth. What it will purchase or clear. Nothing. Nothing could be more erroneous happiness comes from within, rather than from external surroundings, and, moreover, a happy frame of mind, there is much you're making our surroundings were. We desire them to be while discontent willem buiter life that,
as every other essential element of happiness, one waits for a great wealth to make them happy, not infrequently weights. In vain discontent. Those much did receive the best laid planes. Discontented, embittered mine, impacts everyone. It touches in alike, but a genial, happy disposition brightens, not only our own pathway, butlins cheer to those with whom we associate as well. People successful in business affairs manager has a large enterprises and leaders and every walk of life, or usually those with an abundance of good nature. Such people attract in create friendships, and this are open
two opportunities which the discontented some mistake. Grumbler can never have remember, also to be honest, intruder yourself, upright and faithful with other people, not because it is quote the best policy, but because it is the right thing to do anything worth calling. Success can be obtained by crooked dealings or a shady transactions when it comes to morality there were two ways to do anything. There is no half way between right and wrong the wrong way. No thought for a false step once taken makes the next all stand more easy. You will surely find any easier to prevent all steps, then no walk them back your private life
will make itself felt in your professional life in one way or another. Your private life would not bear close investigation by those who you do business with start changing it be cautious in all. You do or say, rash ericsson, hasty words, often undue in a moment, work like you. labour long to accomplish every act. Every word every thought has its effect. No need is so small that it fails to impact something more important importing somewhere at some time. Do your best at all times and allow yourself to worry worries us more brain force, those more damage to the nervous system.
Then, would ten times the same forest put in the work? It thus canal failed to do you permanent injury and detract from your usefulness to others, although it may seem superficial, good clothes are a badge of respectability therefore address as well as you can afford other things being equal. They will give you a standing among your associates, which carelessness in dress will detract from sion bag companions. The pessimists, the doubters will constantly critical the complainers. No good can come near you through there in seek this society of good people really will strengthen you sociate also with those ordering wisdom than yourself, for it will ten new elevate. You know
you're estimate the value of friendship friend, who is tried and true, is a possession me guardy with the greatest care, and don't forget that you cannot expect to make or retain friends less. You called evade the virtues which are true the other is to you. Lastly, remember that all things must come to an end. Success worldly success is bird temporary. At best the things we work the hardest to gain more some navy left behind forever death said every person's door, irrespective of their bank account or social standing. Death has no favourites and no compunction. Neither can he be bribed when he comes
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