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2023-08-29 | 🔗

Listen to episode 826 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The ambitious Determination to Succeed. Edited and adapted from Stepping Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: "It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back," but each straw helps. Your success may seem a long way off, but each step forward (and none backward) will help to bring you nearer. Your goal, whatever your ambition, may seem as a giant mountain, to the top of which seems as an endless climb; but when it is reached how sweet is the rest, and what a pleasure it is to look back over the long, winding road up the steep incline!


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And use the code fifty living twenty three for a fifty percent off plus free shipping, let's hello, fresh dot com, slash fifty living twenty three and use the code, fifty living twenty three for fifty percent off plus free shipping. Thank you. well go on the inspirational, loving podcast These reading was written and adapted from stepping stones to success by hors d. Hitchcock abolish the nineteen. Sixteen. There can be no accomplishments in life without ambition.
the great an all powerful incentive to succeed, ambition, is the dynamo of human energy comes from within, and his colleagues I do so's own limitations, you have ambition, and so has everyone to some degree it is that indeed down in your own nature. That says, go you and do it. India. Determination are playmates. Success itself, come surely in quickly to those who have ambition, by an unwavering the termination. Urim and life is to accomplish something and that something must be the com nation of your opportunity and ambition. You re moves to do something well
they do it. Well, you must have force behind every stroke. You put a stone in the ground. It will the law of gravitation and remained there forever. When you burying acorn, it will lose. you do a higher law and grow by a vital, forcing closed in its tiny walls, nature is whispered into the years of all life grow up your ambition, cedars securely planted within you, Development can be promoted through a combination of physical and mental qualities. The physical to produce energy that is physical and the and told to guide all in a proper channels near a more failures in life due to lack of ambition than the lack of opportunity. The model the achievement is thus be ambitious wishes and needs,
dreams. Are love for runner, reserve ambition, but wishes dreams alone are about prophecies of reality. Thousands and Thousands of men and women in the world today are the pitiable victims of indecision. We have no definite aim and what successfully achieved G by accident everywhere, people are held. because they lack ambition. Many he could achieve wealth bible the of ambition, many could bring fame happiness, sang intent moon into their lives. If they would stop look analysed, in climbing over of bell when you feel the cry within, I can do that, and I'm going Do it. It is time to know they. Your ambition is away whatever your goal
Whatever your opportunity, when we in her soul speaks. He will call for yourself. I will I will. I will. love, compensation is one of the greatest of all laws. In the long run, when the worth of your service to humanity is total long lives, balance sheet. You will ever in just about why you deserve. Whenever you you gave in service to your fellow citizens will come back to you. You give your ass to the world. The best will come back to you. There is a great difference with In what you desire in why you deserve it through vision. The visions of today can be made into the accomplishments of tomorrow throughout the EU.
Jews, humanity has ever been progressing up up through the centuries mrs marsh steadily on under the sharp whip of her, in a way invasion. In the progress of each century reverts to the individual accomplishments of individual men and women. It's the last straw. that breaks the camel's back. Each straw helps you, excess may seem a long way off, but each step forward and none backward Will help to bring you nearer your goal? whatever your ambition may seem the giant mounted to the top of which seems as an endless klein, but when it is reached how sweet is the rest and went on
Pleasure it is to look back over the long winding road up those steeping cry. The page is over three m biography, are filled with the examples of ambition and determination ethically every one of us is possessed with greater powers of accomplishment, namely ever attempt to exert a famous colleges, one said that the ordinary person zoe fifteen to twenty percent of fishing we bring in use only a small part of our capabilities. Nothing strengthens us more than early on to make constant efforts to live up to a certain fixed purpose desires. Are the prophecies of our destinies However, the law marriages discounts a certain percentage of our aspirations. The ambitions of youth
There are those never completely fulfilled in a lifetime, hope courage, determination. All these are the qualities that make opportunity blossom forth into a gorgeous success. To me realisation of constant effort, a thousand successes in any one field means a thousand different successes. Every ambition is in imitation. It is impossible to imitate exactly this is a physical. As well as a mental law. No two things in nature? Are exactly alike no two trees grow up alike. No two planes, are exactly similar in size color or shape the world. it is a world of variation in change, stone, an animal and human beings.
the union in itself. Human beings with our physical. mental, I'm moral qualities our world in ourselves, capable of mastering things of nature in a manner that will bring us hell happiness, sang contentment. You called await your ambition, the same you called evader plant by giving it nourishment in forcing it to grow up as destined by. its own nature, methods of cultivation. you can use made me outlined as follows: number one I means of imitation number two by means of intellectual culture, number three by means of determination, number four
by means of patients. Let's begin with imitation the instinct too limited. Develops from natural law that light produces like animals produce animals. Friction produces heat disease produces disease We desire to learn a new language. We image. one who knows that language desire to rowers swim, we image one who knows how to rower swim. So in all that we learn, we first imitate. The crime the world is the original at all those who are a region or have first hand the imitate all who walk had first to crawl study carefully. What others have done, learn the cause of success.
Others and put it in no practice in your own life through colleges imitation, but in the press This is the elements which constituted success in others and had to this is u programme, your own individual requirements, Individual make up is composed of weak qualities and strong qualities. Each quality must be strengthened, nor a balance in such a manner as to make your achievement. The best there is within you, You have been more, you have lived in europe, mission is to make good, not financially or socially, but with yourself Really is you who have been made to carry out your own mission? It is alone. Who can make your own destiny
For you to obtain your deserving share in health, happiness and contentment late, you ambition, beat again all that is good Noble lame beautiful, let europe vision meet again all these things through a life work best suited to you happiness, contentment, prosperity they all belong to you. They are yours. If you both feet yourself for them ngo after them and get them now. Let us talk about the importance of intellectual culture, no earth and ever made a worthy successors themselves who, whereas now been intellectual in some way and some degree. On the other hand, people over the greatest brilliancy I've been some of the most pitiable failures. Rule looks up
to the individual, who knows and by knowing does things the intellectual cultural most conducive to success be the culture of mine which will enable you to yourself in the most sensible way. for your life's achievement. Intellectual culture up to the point of usefulness, is a necessity Beyond that point, it is a luxury. Your life work, man's a certain amount of knowledge that it is necessary before you can begin result the game that knowledge in the shortest man over time, consistent with thoroughness, leave the fridge then fancies until later, when you time to enjoy them the better advantage. A person who builds a beautiful home leaves
regions until last get a good, sound education? If you and then go ahead and make use of yours specialty, be commas specialist. You can hope to do everything Your ambition will not permit you to do that. Besides, you will not be failure to do everything you were good You may be likened to a railroad train, leaving the great terminal station. When you start out, you encounter hundreds of sign tracks, switches, main lines and, above all, signals signals everywhere. You are destined to Take some main line, some direct round How does the mass of innumerable by ways if you can gain the desired goal. Your ultimate success, quickest by taking the direct route.
side tracking causes, only delays and, let's others pass by you. It is single aim that wins. now behind all this must be the termination that furious several lasting pounding force that drives its way through any difficulty, be termination. One a magic word, whereas being gained in this world. Miley indomitable, whirlwind russia, determination, member All other forces combined ambition without determination. It is a candle mere desire, it is alive A gold mine untouched for lack of initiative, The nation will make circumstances plugin. great our great forces, vital, inspiring and never failing results,
to dare and then do say I'll, do it with all this determination in your soul, determination. In his move mountains. Is made it oceans and divided continents. It stands Supream, we're greatest of all personal forces, The secret of making money is, in fact, mainly a matter of determination, and the same is true impact glee. Every line of endeavour. No matter your ambition called a vague termination, don't letty I heard you on and on before long, your accomplishments, willis down you. Lastly, patience is an essential virtue a veritable guiding star in the course of ambition. Without patients, ambition,
and will wither up, and I too many people. In fact, the majority are ambitious. Spasmodically lack patients to quote: stick it out Haitian, in all that you do, you will live a well balanced life. Don't expect things, do simply turn get out and get them to be patient. This episode is brought to my star field in bonn
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