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The Art of Eloquence | Powerful Speaking

2023-09-12 | 🔗

Listen to episode 830 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Art of Eloquence | Speaking Powerfully. Edited and adapted from Personal Efficiency by James Samuel Knox.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Very few people have ever been taught how to talk well, how to express themselves effectively. Yet every person would greatly profit by a good course of instruction in public speaking — for as Elbert Hubbard once said: “Truth badly spoken dies and dries and blows away, while a lie well launched sometimes lives for ages."


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James, same yonah, published in nineteen twenty. Very few people have ever been taught how to talk well, how to express themselves effectively A person would greatly profit my course of instruction in public speaking, brass elbert, hubbard one say truth badly spoken now rise and blows away on a lie with large sum The limbs were ages. How true, that is certainly to the world. Long time, the believe in the truth of democracy and human rights and recognise the falsehood zuzu tyranny and autocracy.
According the William Jennings Brian, the greatest complementarity speaker a campaign to the subject we are discussing to tell the truth about it in tat little effectively. In other words, an older rule is a greater say in itself, but to be able to tell it with skill in power The great liane ones influence in a community ralph, waldo emerson, who knew a thing or two about public speaking said that the work of eloquence is to change the opinions of a lifetime in twenty. A thorough knowledge. One subject is: will beginning of search eloquence or the great public speakers one who inwardly digest banks and whose speech therefore become
Xo living product, whereas socrates say every person can speak eloquent beyond that which they clearly understand well, benjamin Disraeli added eloquence is a logic on fire, way to express the same idea will need to say that I look winces backs on fire, because logic is based upon facts. I want new were talented speaker who said never rowboat one speech and his life one he threw away, but he said he never spoke on. Subject until he was thoroughly familiar with it. It is important, develop your ability to talk well in private conversation and misogynists as well as in public for them.
One who learns do talk well in private conversation and also talk in public, when they have had the necessary practice? The good talkers someone who can speak easily fluently correctly pleasingly in convincingly in daily life every profession, A less ambitious than makers success in life to reach a high position: the attainment of men. Ambition will depend very largely upon what you say and how you say, are your ability to think clearly and talk of. The speaker always hands and advantage their friends in vienna admire their viability well off and enables them to succeed where they would otherwise fail.
those women to make friends, and do please people may make influential Let me would not otherwise main they find welcome in every gathering and often are called upon to speak in public naturally looked upon ass, a leader because we place themselves in a position of lead. ship wherever they are every come. Honey honours its speakers. in the world, honors in all These will honour such great orator, resize, cicero, gladstone when philippines in Daniel Webster, the ordinary provisional is often at a loss to know how to go about low preparation or leave in ten or fifteen minute speech. Whenever I work down a method of my you wish
it's proven to be very simple and very effective. First, get the facts and think them over name makers and blount lying on a piece of paper. You have ten points to talk one minute on each point known as here These numbers from one detain, first idea, comes to your mind, place after number. One second idea after number, two and so to the end. study your outlying, very carefully in relation to the facts. You are very likely to find that statement. Number one is not the logical opening statement so make a new out why in an entirely new arrangement of your facts, you were: low lying will thus be a logical arrangement of low points. You wish to make
preliminary outline paid, no attention to logical arrangement, the person who follows this simple method You'll find themselves well along the road to success. As a speaker, when I first began to do public speed, I carry my outlying with me for fear of forgetting the pact is soon enabled me to remember the outlying without any difficulty. Now I find it entirely unnecessary to ever use and outlining speaking. I am obliged to prepare a talk in a hurry. I often make a mental outline and find no difficulty in following it before Considering the personality, your character of the speaker, there are three basic factors to me: consider preparation and delivery of an address
They are as follows: number one fact, knowing what you are talking about number two sincerity: conviction as to the truth of your facts: number three art the ability to talk of effectively and convincingly very few great public speak he's right out there address oozing commit no memory, in my own and give lemme according new outlying. They do so because The written address is always still pick or I will write things that they would not say they will rise. things in a way that they wouldn't say out loud. Therefore, such an address these usually stiff and formal. For example, the gettysburg
dress deliver my? U s. Senator Edward every was rigid and formal, in contrast to the Informal address of abraham lincoln, which was line on an envelope and given next and perennially the edge. Of every, has now been forgotten, while the address lincoln will live as long as the united states. Helen nor everytime addresses forgotten because it was cold and scholarly. lincoln's is remembered because it was delivered from his heart to the heart of humanity. Jennings Brian used to prepare a careful outlying with sub headings. If necessary, then he would think out his address after a speaker carefully things out thereafter
Make any usually delivery word for word in the same way if they so desire. However, such an address always given from the heart, as a rule is not given twice in exactly the same language, a good lecture is usually a growth process. A person prepare a twenty minute talk, then gates adding to it in improving it until finally, they have a full fledged lecture. I would like to wrap up by offering the following analysis on the subject of public speaking, I jane W bashwood was a prominent preacher college. President ambition for forty years.
eloquence in it's literal, meaning is those speaking out over that which is within you. Herbert Spencer goes a step further and define rhetoric as the art of mental transportation. Thus, he read nice is here to whom alone truth is to be conveyed, as well as the speaker who utters their convictions spencer's. Information does not recognise the end of eloquence. order is indeed a carrier of the truth. They are engaged something more than a mentor postal service. They are not contention leader, convey their thoughts to another mine, and leave them at its door name rather to make their purposes enter into and become all party lou persons to whom may speak
eloquence, therefore romanianus defined as the art of spiritual reproduction. It is measure by the success of this speech. Curving making their thought feeling in will become manifest in another love.
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